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Squadron Commander Maj. Jim Gosnell Deputy Commander for Cadet Programs Capt.

Cindy Bennett
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SFC Aaron Causey, Oxford native and former member of the Pell City Civil Air Patrol along with his brothers, was severely injured September 7 by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. Aaron lost both legs and is suffering from a broken arm and damage to both hands. Aaron is still in ICU at Walter Reed National Military Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. His wife, father and mother are by his side. A Caring Bridge site has been set up and is regularly updated by Aarons family. You can visit this site at: Cards may be sent to:

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SFC Aaron Causey/Army General Delivery 8901 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, Maryland 20889

Jim Gosnell

2nd Lt. Elizabeth Shurbutt, PAO and Newsletter Editor

To serve America by developing our Nations youth; accomplishing local, state and national emergency and humanitarian missions; and educating our citizens on the impact of aviation and space.
- CAP Mission Statement

Calendar . . .

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October 2011
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Please note that the time officially changes November 6.

2 3 4 5 Happy Birthday Timothy Gamblin 6 7 Cadet MtPT 6:00 p.m.
New Location Avondale track across from Fire Station then Community Center


Columbus Day (Federal Holiday)




13 Cadet Mt 6:00 p.m. Happy Birthday Jason Lane 20 Cadet Mt 6:00 p.m.


Helena, Alabama 8 a.m.1 p.m. Helena Amphitheater

WESS at Vigilant Warrior 21 22



19 Happy Birthday Thomas Randolph

WESS . . . 23 24 Happy Birthday Noah Thomas 25

26 27 Cadet Mt NEWSLETTER 6:00 p.m. DEADLINE! Happy 28 29

Birthday Jeannie Scott



Cadet Schedule and Uniform for October 2011:

October 6 PT, Iron Man Team Training, Safety Brief How to Run Class (UniformP.T.) October 13 Leadership Drill, Lead Lab, Advanced drill for higher NCOs (UniformBlues) October 20 Character Development, ES, Custom and Courtesy (UniformBDUs)

October 27 Aerospace, AEX, Mentor Time (UniformBDUs)

Safety Corner . . .

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SAFETY Most of you should have received a notice from our CAP headquarters concerning the use of cellphones while in flight. The author, Col. Joe Smith, gives us a brief history of CAPs involvement with the use of cellphones and some special phones with different frequencies other than the normal cellphone. The special ones, he says, are approved for use in flight while the normal ones are prohibited by the FCC. Note that this is not the FAA but the FCC. This is not the first time the FCC has put restrictions on aircraft communications, and this is not even the most threatening. The worst thing the FCC has done to general aviation (CAP is a part of general aviation), even more recently, is its approval of the plans of a private company called LightSquared that proposes to cover the USA with a canopy of 40,000 towers that will endeavor to provide rural communities with high speed internet connections. This sounds like a good idea, one that president Obama ran on in the last election, but the way it is to be implemented is deadly to general aviation. In test after test, it has been proven that LightSquareds towers completely block GPS signals many miles away from the tower locations. Not only does it affect aviation, it interferes with agricultural uses of GPS and with your own automobile usage as well. Thanks to the efforts of the FAA, AOPA, and many other grass roots organizations, LightSquared has been slowed down for the present but maybe not defeated as they need to be. I urge your support for the effort to maintain the integrity of our GPS signals. They are vital to the missions of the CAP, General Aviation, and many other segments of our society! Now back to cellphones. Personally, I have tried several times to get my cellphone to work at relatively low altitudes (about 1,000 AGL) with absolutely no success. I was flying with a another pilot one time, and he was able to get his text messaging working famously and helped us get a problem solved while on a mission without having to land and call on the ground. But that was then and this is now. We have been advised, and we must comply, that CAP will conform with the FCC regulations and not use cellphones while in flight for voice, texting, email or any other use..period! Some time ago, I wrote to you about an incident that happened on take off with the crew of a major airline. During the take off roll, the co-pilots cellphone rang, and it was almost interpreted to be an Abort Take Off alarm and nearly resulted in such until it was determined to be the members cellphone. As it turned out, the airlines rules and the FAAs did not prohibit the phone being on at takeoff or even in the air, as long as he didnt use it to call or receive a call. I subsequently offered my suggestions for cellphone use in our aircraft that I believe complies with all regulations and gives us the safest way to use our cellphones. Cell phones can be used while the aircraft is on the ground to get IFR clearances, a flight release, or any other business related to the mission at hand. However, I suggested that, when used, the pilot should pull over to a safe parking spot and keep the aircraft stationary until the cellphone use is completed. Dont have the copilot do it while you are taxiing because it distracts them from helping you avoid ground incursions or other errors. In the air, we are all aware of the tremendous aid that pinging towers by cellphones has been in finding lost aircraft. I advise that, even though you cant use the phones in the air, keep them turned on to provide a cellphone tower tracking pattern as you fly. Yes, it will tax your battery severely but it may be the key to your rescue in the event that you go down. STAY SAFE, Ron Harlan, Safety Officer

Reminder: Read the newsletter and receive a Safety Briefing Credit. Please email Ron Harlan at -


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Fall is finally in the air, and the beginning of fall brings cooler weather. It is this time of year that we start thinking about how we are operating our aircraft engines. Unlike the summer when the engine was already warm before we ever started it, now the engine will be cool or cold. Of course, this applies to the temperature of the oil as well. We know that when oil gets cooler it gets thicker. We are operating the engine with some very good multi-viscosity oil which helps in these cooler temperatures. Why is this an issue? Well, the engine has ports throughout it which the oil moves through to keep all the parts inside well lubricated. If the oil is too thick to move through the engine, these parts will start to wear and the engine will not last as long as it was designed to last. So, how can we help the oil warm up and move throughout the engine to keep everything well lubricated? We, as a squadron, have some tools available to assist us with this. Our first tool is a hanger, and while the hanger is not heated it does keep some of the moisture off the airframe. Second, some of our members have constructed an engine compartment heater that will help pre-heat the engine. Also when operating in a cool or cold environment the engine should not be increased to a high RPM until you have some oil temperature showing on the cockpit gauge. If you are flying an aircraft with cowl flaps, close the cowl flaps until you see signs of temperature on the oil temperature gauge. When starting the engine, do so in a low RPM setting (i.e. low throttle) as this will keep the engine from racing as it starts. If we will use these techniques during this time of year, our aircraft engine should serve us for a very long time.

Fly Safe, Maj Chris Iddins ALWG Assist DOV / AL-118 Stand/Eval officer

Looking for Writers!!!

The Flight Log needs writers who would be willing to submit articles that pertain to the mission of CAP. Cadets, wed love to hear about your trips to WESS, Encampment, NESA, special training, volunteering ventures, etc. . . This applies to all senior members as well. Photos always add a lot to the articles. Please consider writing an article for the next newsletter.

Character Development and PAOs CORNER . . .

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Character Development
A very old statement found in a very ancient book (that still happens to be on the best sellers list), says, Do to others as you would want them to do to you. It is sometimes referred to as the Golden Rule, but however it is classified, it is the secret to any organization or relationship being successful. The writer of the statement knew that if one treats others with respect, honor, courtesy, and kindness, it would come back to the person giving. If an organization treats its members or subordinates as if they were the most integral part of the organization, the members would in turn feel like giving more of themselves to that organization. I recently watched a television program called Undercover Boss in which the CEO of a major company went undercover as an entry-level employee to see how his organization was running and how the employees felt about their jobs and management. It was an eye opening experience for the CEO, needless to say. When he gave the employees the appreciation that they needed and deserved, they in turn worked harder to please the company and management. Both were in a win-win situation. If you dont really believe in the power or truth of this old adage, I challenge you to experiment with it. I can almost guarantee that you will see positive results and in turn, will feel so much better about yourself and the job that you do. We all have important jobs in CAP. Lets encourage each other to excellence! Our great organization will be a better one, and we will become better leaders and followers!
2nd Lt. Elizabeth Shurbutt, PAO and Character Development Director


Civil Air Patrol Cadet Services Alabama Wing of Civil Air Patrol Pell City Civil Air Patrol Wing Emergency Services School (WESS) Photo Files on Flickr collections/72157615727997818/ On Facebook: Civil Air Patrol, AL WingCivil Air Patrol, Pell City Composite Squadron, SER-AL-118, Civil Air Patrol


A Yahoo Email group has been set up to make communication between members easier. Invitations were sent to all the cadet members. If you are not receiving updates and reminders from the Yahoo Group, you most likely are not a member of it yet. Please contact Beth Shurbutt at: and request that she add you to the group. You can also go to the Yahoo Group site and join:

PAO continued . . .

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It has recently come to my attention that by January 1, 2012, all CAP members will be required to have a photo on file with CAP Headquarters for your membership card and CAP Form 101 Specialty Qualification Card. Once youve taken or had your photo taken, it needs to be uploaded to eServices. From there is will be sent to your commander for validation prior to use. If it is rejected for any reason, you will be notified by email. CAP Photo Guidelines:
Must be a color picture with a full face and frontal view Must have a white or off-white background Photos should capture from just above the top of the head to the bottom of the neck line. Photo should be in normal street attire or appropriate CAP uniform. Photo must have been taken within the last 12 months. If you normally wear prescription glasses, wear them for the picture. If they are transition lenses, wait until they become transparent before taking the picture. Head should be centered in the picture and eyes open and looking forward at the camera Preferred electronic photo format is .jpg, although .png and .gif are acceptable. Photo needs to be replaced with a current over every five years

Reasons for Photo Rejection:

Wearing of headgear, hat, cover, etc. . . . Wearing of sunglasses Dark or multi-colored background Flag in background Vertical or horizontal distortion Shot from the waist up

Instructions for Uploading Photo to eServices:

1. Go to or (look for eServices link on the left side toolbar) 2. Login to eServies (Note: If you have not registered before, click on First Time eServices users click here to activate your account! below the login box) * You will need the following to register: your last name, last four digits of your SSN, your email address and your birth date. 3. Once you have logged on to eServices, click on CAP Photo Upload under CAP Utilities on the left side of the page. 4. Click on the Browse button and go to where the picture file is located on your computer. 5. Double click the picture file and click the Continue to Crop button. 6. Resize and drag the box to highlight/ center your head and neckline as shown in the photo on the front of this update. 7. Click Crop Photo in order to save it 8. Once you click Crop Photo, your photo will be submitted to your unit commander for validation.

Beginning October 13, I will be taking photos for those who would like for me to capture their photo and edit it. Please let me know ASAP if youd like for me to take your photo for your records. I will also be offering this service for the Senior Side of our squadron. My deadline for taking your photo will be December 15. This will give me time to edit and send the photo to you so that you can submit it and have it approved. There will be no charge for this service. Please contact me with any questions you may have. 2nd Lt. Elizabeth L. Shurbutt, PAO -

W.E.S.S. ( . . .

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The time is quickly approaching when W.E.S.S. (Wing Emergency Services School) will begin the 2011-2012 cycle. If you are participating in W.E.S.S. you must let Cpt. Bennett and Cadet Jonathan Watkins know ASAP. Here are some important things you need to be aware of: Date of 1st WESSOctober 14-16 LocationVigilant Warrior Compound Participant Requirements
All participants must be cadets or senior members in good standing. Cadet participants must be at least a Cadet Airmen. Basic school participants should have completed General Emergency Services (available on-line) by the end of the cycle. Advanced school and Team Leader school participants must be a qualified GTM-3 in Ops/Quals (eservices). Team Leader school participants must be senior members, or cadets at least 18 years of age. Finally, all participants must bring a completed WESS Medical Form to the first school session. (you can open the form online at:

The fee for this cycle is $15, due at the October session. This fee covers the entire cycle. This money is used to provide all the training materials for the participants. In addition, Basic Students must pay an additional $15 fee to cover Basic First Aid. This additional fee is due during the January Event.

Gear (also refer to: Gear Requirements and Explanationsee above web link)
There is generally concern over the amount of equipment that must be purchased in order to participate. The following details a list of equipment that is the necessary equipment to participate in the training. If individuals do not have each item on this list, they will not be able to participate. At some point during the training cycle, each individual must have all the equipment listed in task O-0001 in order to complete the task. However, not all the task equipment is required up front. We attempt to curtail the amount of equipment that is required to participate in the first few weekends. After participating in ES training, many individuals decide that emergency services activities simply do not interest them. Consequently, new (and possibly unused equipment) simply goes to waste. However, if participants feel as if ES activities interest them, they can acquire equipment slowly over time as they complete their training. Our squadron does own some equipment that can be issued out to cadets on an as-needed basis; however, this equipment must be returned to the squadron after the weekend is complete. Most of this equipment can be purchased relatively inexpensively at discount stores or military surplus depots.

Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs), 1 set, complete with all required name tapes and patches, cutouts, and grade insignia in accordance with CAPM 39-1 BDU cap Combat boots, at least one pair (well broken in) Blue belt w/subdued tip and buckle for wear w/ BDUs Coat appropriate for climate Underclothes and socks sufficient for three days (There are bathrooms where you can clean up but not shower) Toilet kit, including: soap & toothbrush (in cases), toothpaste, razor and shaving cream (as necessary), comb or brush (as necessary), items of feminine hygiene (as necessary), deodorant or antiperspirant, shampoo, other items as necessary (enough to last you for your entire stay). A towel and washcloths may be useful! At least two quarts of water . (Canteens or camelbacks are suggested. Youll have a place to fill them up.) International orange reflective vest Pocket knife Flashlight (With Red Lens) Pocket note pad (3" x 5"), pen and pencil. Inexpensive wristwatch. Shelter material, preferably 8' x 10' (spare military poncho meets the need). Food for two days (NO JUNK FOODhigh protein, dried fruit and nuts, breakfast bars, canned meat and fruit) You will not have a means for heating or cooling your food. Sleeping bag, bedroll or poncho liner (It will get very cold during the winter.) Compass Whistle

** If you cannot find any of the above items, please ask someone in the squadron. There may be extras that can be loaned to you. You MUST have all your gear by October 13**

Cadet Corner . . .
Cadet Corner

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Well, it doesnt seem like summer should be gone.but it is! Officially we have seen school start back, the football season begin and the first day of fall come and go. The National Cadet Special Activities are history, but those who attended them have their wonderful memories forever. During this summer we have had Pell City cadets attend Basic Encampment at Ft. McClellan, Al., Advanced Technologies Academy at the Air Force Academy in Colorado, and let us not forget NESA in Camp Atterbury, Indiana. We are now gearing up (literally) for the start of the 2011-2012 Wing Emergency Services School (WESS) and the Iron Man competition. We have had a cadet change of command and we welcome our new Cadet Commander C/1Lt Rachel Shurbutt. I know she will face some awesome tasks and meet the challenges with grit and determination. For all those that are interested in attending the WESS cycle this year, you will find the basic information at . If you go to the documents tab, you can read the documents that are listed there and I would print out everything except the staff assignments and reimbursement procedures. You will need to bring the filled out medical form with you to the first cycle you attend. The first weekend this year is Oct 14-16, that is just around the corner. The announcements letter, and the how to prepare document have important information you will need to know and a list of some things you need to do in order to attend. Also, print out the map because you never know when you might need to get to our training grounds on your own. Before you can attend WESS you will need to have your first achievement (Curry) completed. If you cant have this done by the first session in Oct, you can still start in Nov. The cost of the WESS cycle is $15 due the first session you attend and another fee for the first aid training in January. Also, remember that you should not invest in a lot of expensive gear until you decide if this training is for you. Iron Man training is also underway. Our Iron Man team is meeting 30 minutes before the regular meeting each week to prepare for this years competition. Iron Man weekend is Nov 4-5 at Auburn University. This years competition will be a little different from previous years so you need to be ready to think as well as do push ups. If you dont know how to read a map using UTM, better start finding out what that is and practicing! Also it might help if you are familiar with the Auburn campus. If you arent why dont you check out and see if there is a map available to study. Aerospace knowledge and current events in the aerospace field should be another area to study. You never know what you will face at Iron Man. Are you ready? The web site has a lot of information available as well as the rules for this event. All team members should read the rules and know them so you dont get penalized. It looks like it is going to be an awesome competition. Check it out!
Cpt. Cynthia Bennett, Deputy Commander of Cadets

Trivia Question(s)
Question: What is the chain of command, how does it work, and sketch our current cadet chain of command for the cadet side. Bonus Question: Name the Senior side chain of command. Email your answers to:

"I pledge to serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly and advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state and nation."

Aerospace . . .
Aerospace Hi

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Have you been keeping up with the latest current events in the aerospace world. At the top of the news lately was the six ton satellite that re-entered Earths atmosphere. For a week the world watched as scientists wondered where it would re-enter the atmosphere and hoped it would not be in a populated place. This satellite was put into orbit before NASA started equipping them with guidance systems for re-entry. As it was it came down in the Pacific ocean, Did you see the connection to CAP in the airshow tragedy that killed 9 people. In the audience was a cadet with his father and they rushed to aid the injured after the accident. This is the type of behavior that exemplifies CAP and we should all be very proud to be a part of this fine organization. Seniors, once again a gentle reminder about obtaining your Yeager award. Read or download the book. Take the online open book, untimed test and receive the Yeager. It helps for your promotion requirements. No down side to this, nice award and a little history lesson too. There are Journey of Flight books in the ops room for you to study, get one today. Cpt. Cynthia Bennett

CAP receives 2nd Lightspeed Aviation Foundation Grant September 23, 2011
Col. Cassandra Huchko, Connecticut Wing commander and Col. Christopher J. Hayden, Northeast Region commander hold the $10,000 Lightspeed Aviation Foundation check presented to Civil Air Patrol at the AOPA Summit in Hartford, Conn., as the foundations founder and president, Allan Schrader (center, behind check) looks on. Also present were (from left) Lt. Cols. Tony Vallillo, Connecticut Wing chief of staff, and Matt Valleau, Connecticut Wing vice commander; Col. Dan Leclair, Maine Wing commander; (from right) Maj. John deAndrade, standardization/evaluation officer for the Connecticut Wings Thames River Composite Squadron; and Capt. Oran Mills, aerospace education officer for the Connecticut Wings Silver City Cadet Squadron. Photo courtesy of Lightspeed Aviation Foundation NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS For the second straight year, Civil Air Patrol is the recipient of a $10,000 grant from the Lightspeed Aviation Foundations gift and grant program as one of the nations best aviation charitable organizations. Allan Schrader, Lightspeed Aviation president, made the contribution to CAP this morning at the Pilots Choice Awards at the AOPA Aviation Summit in Hartford, Conn. Col. Christopher J. Hayden, commander of the Northeast Region, accepted the grant, which recognizes CAP as one of the top five aviation charitable organizations in America in 2011. Twenty aviation charities were nominated as potential grant recipients, but only the top five as chosen by pilots and other aviation enthusiasts from across the country received grants. The pilot community has spoken and, once again, the Civil Air Patrol stands out as one of the most valued and respected aviation charities in our nation, Schrader said. On behalf of the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation, it is truly an honor to support the incredible work of Civil Air Patrol. Maj. Gen. Charles L. Carr Jr., CAPs national commander, was pleased with the recognition and the contribution. I would like to extend our gratitude to citizens across America who cast their vote in support of CAP, Carr said. The grant will be put to good use promoting aerospace education through CAPs Aerospace Connections in Education, or ACE, program, which benefits more than 100 schools and 15,000 students across the nation The Lightspeed Aviation Foundation launched the gift and grant program in 2010. Since then, the foundation has produced millions of impressions through social media, the web, public relations and events on behalf of CAP and the other finalist charities. The other 2011 grant recipients were Mission Aviation Fellowship, The Ninety-Nines, Recreational Aviation Foundation and Wings of Hope.

Change of Command . . .

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September 15, 2011, marked the Change of Command for the position of Cadet Commander at the Pell City Squadron. C/1Lt. Rachel A. Shurbutt officially became the new Cadet Commander , taking over from C/2ndLt. Trent Johnson. Rachel, a senior, homeschooled student, has been an active member of Civil Air Patrol since February, 2007 and is excited to have this new opportunity of service with CAP. Rachel has also completed Basic and Advanced Ground Team certification with Wing Emergency Services and will be serving on staff at WESS this year. Proud parents of Rachel are Cpt. Eddie Shurbutt and 2Lt. Elizabeth Shurbutt. Congratulations, Rachel!!! You will do a great job!

Pell City Cadet Staff

Cadet CommanderC/1st Lt. Rachel Shurbutt Executive OfficerC/1st Lt. Brain Scott Cadet Deputy CommanderC/2nd Lt. Jerrod Finlay Flights Commanders C/Chief MSgt Michael Norwood (Bravo Flight) C/Chief MSgt Jonathan Watkins (Alpha Flight) Flight Sergeants C/MSgt Christian Norwood (Alpha Flight) C/Chief MSgt Allaina Howard (Bravo Flight) Leadership OfficersC/TSgt John Smith and Christian Norwood Aerospace OfficerC/Chief MSgt Jonathan Watkins Safety OfficerC/2nd Lt. Daniel Smith Emergency Services OfficerC/2nd Lt. Jerrod Finlay P.T. OfficerC/Maj. Peter Randolph

Fun Night . . .

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The 5th Thursday of the month marks CAP Fun Night. This month, all the cadets met at the Community Center and had finger foods and played games. The Howards provided delicious cupcakes in honor of Allainas 16th birthday!! After a brief game of Apples to Apples, the cadets migrated to the basketball court where they ALL played a very competitive game of basketball. The next 5th Thursday will fall on December 29th. Be thinking about something fun and exciting to do that night!!!

Iron Man . . .

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IRON Man Competition 2011

This year's Iron Man Competition will be held a little earlier than normal due to a change in football schedules here at Auburn University. The dates will be Friday and Saturday, November 4th & 5th. As always, Friday evening will be your check-in time, in-processing, safety/ORM briefings, and the first part of the competition. Saturday, all day, we will continue the competition. We look forward to being able to get everyone out no later than 5pm this year, as some of the issues that kept us a little late last year have been addressed and tweaked. Things to look forward to this year: 1) New Friday night schedule and in-processing procedure 2) Completely new Compass/DF event 3) Me (as always of course) 4) Fantastic new run route with a lot of fun and difficult challenges along the way (I've already been on part of it...good stuff!) 5) What else could you be doing with your time? Re-lacing your tennis shoes?!? Checking the elastic in your socks?!? Get down here and have some fun and fellowship with other CAP members from around the Wing and Region! Again, November 4-5 will be the dates for this year's CAP Iron Man Competition. We look forward to seeing everyone out there. Registration packets will be put out to the squadrons and uploaded to the website as soon as possible once the ALWG FY12 budget is finalized/approved and we know exactly what the final IMC budget will be. For more information on the competition in general, visit the website at Time to start getting those brains and lungs into shape!!!!! Christopher Tate, Maj, CAP Commander
SER-AL-113 (c) 205.240.4169

Recent Cadet Promotions . . .

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Cadet MSgt. Tiffany Chandler

Cadet MSgt. Christian Norwood

Recent Cadet Promotions . . .

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Cadet SrA Alena Scott

Cadet Amn. Gabriel Sweatt

Recent Cadet Promotions . . .

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Cadet SrA David Thompson


Identify this man and give 5 interesting facts about him. Send your answers to:

HAMFEST at Helena . . .

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