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The Grad Class of 2009 held their first major fundraising event of the year, the
third annual Grad Fashion Show. The event was hosted by our own Mat
Pereira and Kayla McGowan. As the Grads worked the runway, the girls spar-
kled and wearing beautiful gowns and the guys shone wearing fancy tuxedos.
The fashion show also included some casual wear and sports wear. The event
showcased some of Delview’s very talented grads. The audience was enter-
tained by singing, contemporary dance and traditional Bhangra dancing. The
fashion show committee would like to thank all of their sponsors for making this
event a success. Congratulations goes out to all the students and staff in-
volved in organizing this event which raised over $1000 for the grads.
Del Views

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Fine Arts Night/Grad Fashion Show

Gotius Awards

Student Teacher Ms. Talbot and the Comparative
Civilizations 12 students celebrated the conclusion of
their Ancient Greece unit with the 1st Annual Gotius
Awards. The prestigious ‘best picture’ trophy was
awarded to the highly acclaimed IX 0 II I 0, an ancient
soap opera about the Greek gods (and goddesses).
Other video entries (which both won some of the
smaller awards) included Troy and The Olive Tree.
Nominees and their guests enjoyed authentic Greek
food and music in their togas throughout the block
while they viewed and judged the films.

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Principal’s Message
It has been a very busy Fall at Delview. classes regardless of whether an exam has been
Congratulations to the teachers and students who scheduled or other class activities are taking place.
organized Delview’s Grad Fashion Show on No- The following week, Jan 26 through Jan 30th has
vember 27th. The night was a success with dozens been set aside for the Provincial Exam schedule.
of grad models displaying gowns and tuxes as well During this week students need only attend for their
as more casual “sporty” wear. Numerous students scheduled exams. However, due to exam conflicts
volunteered to take part in the show, a half-dozen in the in-class exam period some grade 8 and 9 ex-
teachers sponsored the show and…..over 200 peo- ams may be scheduled to occur during the Provin-
ple sat in the audience! From December 9th through cial Exam schedule. For classes where this conflict
Dec. 11th, our Fine Arts students presented the first has occurred, the teachers will be informing the stu-
of four student directed plays. The drama Steel dents of their new exam time
Magnolias was outstanding with the actors doing a
On behalf of the entire staff at Delview, may
great job of making their characters believable and
I extend our Best Wishes for a safe and happy holi-
having the audience connect with the characters.
day to you and your families over the upcoming
Congratulations to the actors, the tech people be-
break. We’ll see you all on January 5th, 2009!
hind the scenes and our director Cathie McMillan on
the great performances. December 16th was our
Grad Cruise, despite the cold, the evening was a
great success with 140 grade 12’s and their guests
dancing the night away as we cruised through False
Creek and the Vancouver harbour. Finally, we are
looking forward to celebrating the fine arts at the Vancouver Whitecaps FC
Visual/Media Arts Night on December 17th. Delta School District Soccer
In December, Delview hosted two basketball
tournaments – the Delview Invitational grade 8 Boys
tournament and the Delview Invitational senior girls
tournament. Congratulations to Mr. Nikic, Mr. Fer-
nandes and Mr. Babiuk for their work in organizing The Soccer Academy at Delview Secondary
those events. Upcoming in January we will be host- has openings for second semester, starting
ing two more basketball tournaments, The Delview February 2, 2009. This academy is open to
Classic senior boys tournament and also the Del- boys in Grades 8 – 10. Students will partici-
view Invitational junior boys tournament. pate in the soccer academy every day during
Block F. There will be two on field sessions
As you are no doubt aware, the first report during the winter increasing to four on field
card was issued on November 19th. I was im- sessions in the nicer weather. Classroom
pressed with the strong start many students have sessions focus on game analysis, systems of
made to the school year. Out of 650 students at the play, nutrition and other sport science compo-
school, 194 achieved the Honour Roll (3.4+ GPA) nents. The fee for this program is $225/
and 204 students earned a G Award (4 G’s for work month. To register download an application
habits). from the district website at
As we move into the winter vacation, we are programs/academies. Send completed appli-
also rapidly approaching the end of the first semes- cation, along with the deposit fee, to the Re-
ter and the culmination of the students’ current cord Clerk at Delview Secondary. For more
courses. Upon our return to school on January 5th, information contact T. Phillips at 604 946-
we will have three weeks of classes before the se- 4101.
mester ends. Thursday Jan 22nd and Friday Jan
23rd we will be running an altered schedule to al-
low for in-class final exams to occur. While the
timetable is altered for these two days, the expecta-
tion is that all students will be in session in their

News From the Career Centre

Health & Careers Education Career Centre News
(HACE) 8 & 9:
Reminders for Seniors!
Many parents are curious about what HACE is
and how marks are collected and recorded. Hope
the following “crash course” in HACE helps: “Home for the Holidays”
Each December, we invite Delview grads to return
What is HACE? and speak to the grade 12 class about post-
Health & Career Education 8 & 9 is a mandatory secondary life. Some of the tips and words of ad-
course that is implemented into existing school vice from this year’s event:
courses. In other words, students in Grades 8 & 9 “Don’t procrastinate – get things done”
are meeting the prescribe learning outcomes “Apply for scholarships as there’s a good
(PLO’s) for HACE by completing coursework in chance you’ll get some money”
their other classes, such as Math, Science, Eng- “Apply to your program early so you can get
lish, Social Studies, IE, PE, French, and Info the courses you want”
Tech. “If you’re thinking of UBC, apply to residence –
it’s a long commute!”
How are marks collected?
Teachers give and mark assignments that fit With the above advice in mind, use your time over
naturally into their existing courses, and in a the holidays wisely. Check your First Class e-mail
sense, that meet the PLO’s for both their course for links to scholarships, awards, program informa-
and for HACE. These marks are passed along to tion etc. Work on your Graduate Transitions booklet
the teacher who records and enters them into the as it will help in formulating your post-secondary
course HACE 8 or 9, and the culmination of all plan. Talk to your family about your ideas and plan
the marks collected then becomes the grade that to visit the campus of the college or university you
appears on students’ report cards. are interested in attending.
When are Gr. 8 & 9 HACE students finished DEADLINES TO NOTE:
the course?
Students are enrolled in HACE all year long. Be- January Look at
cause students in a semester system are taking and BC Awards online for
different courses at different times, the marks scholarships with Jan due
continue to be added as assignments are given date
by teachers in the previously mentioned courses. February 28 Application deadline for BC
Therefore, students’ marks will continue to Universities through PASBC
change as they continue to learn material in their February & March Various deadlines for En-
basic courses. Students’ final mark in HACE 8 or trance Scholarships (check
9 will appear on the final report card for the 2008- your college or university for
09 school year. specific dates)
February onwards Conditional offers will begin for
On the Term 1 report card, all students currently college & some university pro-
enrolled in Grades 8 & 9 received a grade for grams
HACE. This grade is a reflection of the students’
learning to this point only. Please keep in mind FINAL REMINDER:
that student learning is ongoing, and the grade
will change as new material is completed and The Career Centre is open on Monday, Tuesday &
added to the existing marks. Wednesday from 8:30am to 3:30pm. Grade 12’s
are encouraged to check in with Mrs. Livingston
during those hours – especially if you have a spare
block. You do not need to sign up for an appoint-
ment. There are 2 computers available and a study

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School Information

The Delview Boys Basketball teams have begun a very
HEART successful season. To date the senior boys currently
Delview is celebrating its third annual Kiss A have 5 wins and 2 loses and the junior boys are 7 and 3.
Fish Fundraiser this year, with all proceeds go- The Coaches Mr. Nikic and Mr. Dasanjh note that both the
ing once again to the Salvation Army. The idea junior and senior boys teams are playing against very
behind Kiss a Fish is that the staff member competitive teams from BC and should be proud of their
play. On the weekend of December 19th, the teams are
whose jar holds the most cash gets to kiss a
going to an elite tournament in Penticton where they will
fish at our school Christmas assembly on Fri- be facing top teams from junior boys and AA senior boys
day, December 19. leagues. Good Luck Boys!

Mr. Waldman’s class is the host of this fun
event and they have been working hard to get
the students to participate. They have hosted
samosas days, hot chocolate days and have
plastered the walls and airwaves with informa-
tion on how to get involved.

The “victims” this year are Mr. Johnstone, Vice
Principal, Mr. Hoskyn, Music teacher and Larry
Helme, Custodian. Larry has the dubious hon-
our so far of earning the most money ($204.31).
Mr. Johnstone is second with $143.28 and Mr.
Hoskyn is third with $96.57. The contest does-
n’t end, however, until Friday morning, so stay
tuned for the final count in the next newsletter!

The grade 8 boys season is off to a good start this year.
They have earned some wins and have learned from
some losses. The coaches Ryan Joannes, Mr. Waldman
and Mr. Choy are excited about the remainder of the sea-
son after the break. They have further commented on the
great group of young men they are working with on the
SWIM CLUB NEWS team and are looking forward to seeing the group develop
over the next 5 years!
The grade 8 girls are continuing to work on improving their
Thanks to Jason Wait, Stephanie game under the guidance of Mrs. Karpun and Mrs. Bo-
Demidas and Johnny Wong for chen. There are a number of key matchup they are look-
their participation in Delview’s Swim Club this ing forward to in the remainder of the season.
year. Jason and Stephanie enjoyed the oppor-
The Senior Girls team certainly had a lot of work cut out
tunity to get into shape, even if it was at 6:00
for them at the beginning of the season as the team is
a.m.! Congratulations to Johnny Wong who carrying more grade 9s than grade 12s. The group of
competed at the Fraser Valley Swim Meet and girls are being lead by Mr. Babiuk and Mr. Fernandes
qualified to and competed in the Provincial Swim through a very steep learning curve. Both coaches have
Meet. Thanks for another great year! commented on the significant learning of the game that
has gone on so far. Check out the schedule on the Del-
Mrs. Chan view website for their home matches in the new year!

PAC and Community News

Spike University will be running a winter
session of volleyball camps for all girls in grades 5, 6 or 7.
Each session will be limited to 40 girls so be sure to register
soon as this always sells out early. Camp includes a t-shirt
for all participants.

Camp instructors will include:
Todd Clarke Seaquam Varsity Coach
Bill Tereposky Head Coach Spike U
Dara Connolly Seaquam JV/Assistant Coach Spike U

Location: Seaquam Secondary School
11584 Lyon Road
North Delta, BC
V4E 2K4
Times: Sundays
Session A 500-700 pm Session B 700-900pm
Dates: Jan 11, 18, 25 Feb 1, 8, 15
Price: $100

How to register: http://
604 940 5550
Follow the links to Spike U Winter Camp!

Parent Advisory Council ( PAC)
Thursday January 22h, 2009
Delview Library at 7:00 p.m.
Clothing Drive ....
Grad 2009...... coming soon !

Just in time for spring cleaning - Jan/Feb 2009 As a game, lacrosse is unparalleled in developing skill,
speed, intelligence, fitness, endurance and dexterity.
Delview will be having a clothing drive to help raise funds for Lacrosse has been played in North America for over
our Grad's of 2009 and also support The Developmental 10,000 years.
Disabilities Association. Their mission is to encourage chil-
dren and adults with development disabilities to reach their Play lacrosse! The North Delta Minor Lacrosse Asso-
full potential. ciation is looking for boys and girls who are interested
in playing lacrosse. If you would like more information
So hang on to all your new and used clothing/bedding on how to register your child, please check out the
items. following website: or telephone
More info to follow...end of January - beginning of February. 604-597-7332. No previous experience necessary.
Let us teach your child to play Canada’s National
Summer Sport.

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