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Febuary 27, 2009
Miami Florida

“Mixed Martial Arts has exploded onto the sports
mainstream. Its athletes are tremendous
competitors and the sport is one of the fastest
growing in the world. Pose to be a leader in
this sport, FFC will deliver a nonstop heart
pounding thrill ride for its fan’s show after show.

FFC is the premiere South Florida
mixed martial arts (MMA)
promotion company, offering
maximum, exposure and value to
all fighters, fans and business
partners by providing a focused,
customer – oriented experience.

We provide a seamless production resulting from first class MMA fights
and growth opportunities for the company and sport.
Reach Out With Our Events

With a broad demographic, audience
including men and women ages 16-50, our
events provide sponsors with great
opportunity to get maximum exposure of
their products and/or services to an alert
local audience.
Who are OUR Fans
Gender: Male: 80%
Female: 20%

Marital Status: Married 40%
Single 60%

Household Income: $25-49K
Education: High School 20%
40% $50-99K 40%
College 40% $140-249K 20%
Professional 20% $250K+ 20%
Who Believes In Mixed Martial Arts
• Anheuser- Busch
• Xbox
• Harley Davidson
• Rockstar Energy Drink
• Spike
• Monster Energy Drink
• Miller Brewing Company
• Dish Network
• No Fear Energy Drink
What sets Us Apart
The core difference of our organization versus other professional Mixed Martial
Arts organizations is that we are “Pro-Fighter”. Typically athletes are signed
to an extended exclusive contract that locks the fighter into competing only in their
own club. In contrast, Fierce Fighting Championship LLC will allow our fighters to
compete in other professional sports organizations’ events as long as it does not
compromise the safety and health of our fighters or conflict with our fighting events or
promotional campaigns.
To draw the level of talent that will allow Fierce Fighting Championship LLC to
prove unequivocally our fighters
In a nutshell, arefighters
we put the the bestand
in the world
their in comparison
needs first. to other
Mixed Martial
Why?Arts professional sports organizations.

To allow our fighters to do what they do best : FIGHT!
What Others are saying
What surprised me…is that (MMA) was number
two against males 21-27, right next to the NFL…
That’s when we said, We better look at this ”
Anheuser-Busch VP/Global Media & Sports
Marketing Tony Pouturo

“Advertising to such an engaged group of young
males is important to us because we want and
need to be selling to the next generation .”Mark –
Hans Richer, Harley Davidson CMO.

“If you are marketing to young men, this is the sport
you need to be associated with. The athletes have
credibility with this target.”-Senior Dir of Marketing ,
XBOX, Bill Neison.
Our Mission

On February 27,2009, Fierce Fighting Championship will come to
the James L Knight Center in Miami, Florida to put together an
extravaganza of MMA cage fighting. We’re committed to promoting
first class MMA action, as well as showcasing businesses to
thousands of fans.
Public Weigh-In

Date of Weigh-in February 26, 2009

Location: James L Knight Center
River Front Hall

Address: 400 SE 2nd avenue
Miami, Florida 33131

Time of weigh-in 5:00pm Sharp

Thiago Alves Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
UFC Welterweight Superstar” “UFC Heavy weight Champion”
“UFC Middle Silva
weight Champion”
Name: Marcus Silveira Name: Dan Severn
Nick Name : Conan Nick Name: The Beast
Record 6 - 4 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw) ( 1 NC ) Record 86 - 15 - 7 (Win - Loss - Draw)
Wins 2 (T) KOs ( 33.33 %) Wins 13 (T)KOs ( 15.12 %)
3 Submissions ( 50 %) 53 Submissions ( 61.63 %)
1 Other ( 16.67 %) Losses2 (T) KOs ( 50 %) 20 Decisions ( 23.26 %)
2 Submissions ( 50 %) Losses 1 (T)KOs ( 6.67 %)
Association: Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu 8 Submissions ( 53.33 %)
6 Decisions ( 40 %)
Height: 6'3" (191cm) Height 6'2" (188cm)
Weight: 242lbs (110kg) Weight : 250lbs (114kg)
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu City: Coldwater
City: Rio de Janeiro Country: USA
Country: Brazil
Why FFC?
Opportunities include:
• On-site interactive product displays • National Pay-Per-View and DVD’s
• In –arena advertising Hospitality • Advertising National & Local
opportunities • Event Sponsorship
• Marketing and promotional collateral • Cage and mat logo placement
• Internet advertising

Associate Yourself with the FFC Team and Have all Eyes on You
Still Wondering Why Us?
As a FFC sponsor you will be
included in various marketing
efforts and entitled to join all FFC Radio Print Ads
events. FFC promotions spans Internet Newspaper
across live event’s, radio ads, Television Magazines
television production, print ads
such as newspaper and magazine
coverage, web marketing as well
as an aggressive promotional
street teams, hosting live events,
appearances, contest, interview, Flyers
posters, flyers and mobile Posters
billboards. Mobile Billboards
Ring Graphic Example
Platinum $40,000
All broadcast as your Name Presents FFC Proving Ground.

Logo displayed on two mega screens during event with announcer

Logo on center of MMA mat, three corner pads and three cage post
inside the cage.

Five display banners at event.

Sponsorship of three fights plus the Main Event with announcement by
ring announcer that this fight is sponsored by your name or brand.
Gol $30,000
Sponsorship of 2 fights plus co
main event fight with
announcement by ring announcer
that this fights is sponsored by
Three display banners at the event.
15 ringside tickets.
your company name or brand. Promotional booth in lobby with table
banner with company name and logo
Inclusion of your name and in all
press releases and radio Logo and link inclusion on FFC
advertising website and myspace page.

Your company logo incorporated Company name and logo on all web
inside all advertising, including blasts, newsletter and email.
print ads, magazine, newspaper,
flyers, and posters, mobile Your banner at public weigh-in.
Passes to post party and public
Logo displayed on two mega
screens during event with logo on two sides of mat two corner
announcer mention. pads and cage post inside cage.
Newspaper, flyers, and posters, Logo displayed on two mega
mobile billboards. screens during event with
announcer mention your banner at
One corner pad and top bar public weigh-in.
inside the cage with logo or
website address. Passes to post party and public
Two display banner in the arena.
10 Ringside tickets. Sponsorship of 2 fights with
announcement by ring announcer
Promotional booth in lobby with that this fight is sponsored by your
table banner with company name company name or brand.
and logo display.
Inclusion of your name in all press
Logo and link inclusion on FFC release and radio advertising.
website and Myspace page.
Your company logo incorporated
Company name and logo on all inside all advertising, including print
web blasts, newsletter and email. ads, magazines.
Your company logo 7 ringside tickets.
incorporated inside all
advertising, including print Promotional booth in lobby
ad’s, magazine, newspaper, with table banner with
flyers, posters and mobile company name or logo
billboards. displayed .

Sponsorship of one fight with Company name and logo
on all web blasts,
announcement of this fight is
newsletter and email.
sponsored by your company
name or brand. Company Logo Banner at
Logo displayed on two mega public weigh-in.
screens during event with Passes to post party and
announcer mention.
public weigh-in
Contact Information
Fierce Fighting Championship LLC

1825 Ponce De Leon Blvd #474
Coral Gables, Fl 33134

Whilly Bermudez (305)807-1621