I would like to personally thank each and every member of the Dothan Composite Squadron for their hard work and contributions since February. Since I took command, we have passed a Subordinate Unit Inspection, reorganized the unit into working sections, increased our membership in seniors and cadets, flown hundreds of hours in support of the CD program, proficiency flying as well as SAREX’s and have renovated the front half of the building. I know it is easy to get burned out in an organization when you put the tireless efforts you have into making this into a successful squadron and I appreciate every hour each individual gives. If there is a position or duty you feel you would like to try, let me know. There is nothing wrong with moving around and trying other jobs. Our squadron is one of the shining stars of this wing as stated by COL Lisa Robinson, and we will continue to work to make this squadron the example for the units to emulate. I have not forgotten that this is YOUR squadron and I’m proud to be a part of it. Our concentration, until the end of February 2011, will be on Emergency Services. Therefore, please complete the IS and ICS tests when you can. We have a busy schedule ahead with a lot of goals. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your commander. Respectfully, Brett Lewis, Lt Col, CAP Commanding



What the Future Holds
• Model Rocketry Launch.
Since July, the cadets have been learning about Model Rocketry and preparing for the capstone event of launching the rockets at 0900 on September 11th 2010 at Green’s Grass Farm in Sampson. Directions to the farm can be found at: Please be there to support your cadets

SEPT 2010


• Wing Emergency Services School (WESS).
Starting on October 1st, the Alabama Wing will be holding their annual Emergency Services School to help cadets and senior members to become Ground Team qualified. Pack your bags and survival gear and join us. An application, packing list and timeline will follow soon.

New Cadet ES Qualifications
C/1st Lt M. Paulson: UDF Team C/2

this issue
Southern AL SAREX P.1 Online Cadet Testing P.2 It’s a Cadet Life P.3 What the Future Holds P.4

Lt C. Paulson: UDF Team

C/ Amn A. Mathis: UDF Team

• USS Alabama Overnight Stay.
1st Lt Lewis has been organizing the USS Alabama overnight stay for not just our squadron, but for other squadrons to join us. The first night, September 17th, the girls will go. The next night, September 18 , will be for the boys. Contact 1Lt Lewis for more info and costs.

C/Amn D. Mathis: UDF Team

Cadet Promotions
C/2nd Lt C. Paulson C/TSgt M. Messer

The Southe r n A la ba m a SAR EX wa s a S uc c e s s
On August 28 , 2010, Civil Air Patrol Squadrons from all over Alabama closed in to Dothan, Alabama to take part in the Southern Alabama Search and Rescue Exercise,

• Mission Aircrew Training.
The Alabama Wing has approved funds for Mission Pilots and trainees to build proficiency. Please get out there and fly until the money is gone. Make sure you are appropriately rated and marked as a trainee if appropriate. Only Maj John Neil or Capt Ande Boyer may release the flight.

After receiving aircrew briefs, the CAP mission trainee aircrews took off to conduct 4 different types of missions. The

New Senior Member ES Qualifications
Lt Col Lewis: Mission Pilot UDF Team Mission Staff Assistant 1st Lt Lewis: Mission Scanner 2nd Lt Gray: Public Info Officer SM Mathis: UDF Team

first mission was a visual recognition mission. The aircrew flew a pattern looking for an orange target signifying medical attention was needed. The second aircrew searched for an ELT. The third aircrew conducted a

hosted by our dedicated members at the Dothan Composite Squadron. Aircrews and ground teams signed in while the Incident Commander, Maj John Neil, organized the crews to ensure the most efficient means of training personnel while conserving resources maximizing the training effort. The SAREX

surveillance of the Chattahoochee River evaluating the infrastructure like bridges, power lines and roads along the river after a notional hurricane. The fourth mission was a search for a stranded boater along the river. As aircrews completed their missions,

750 Flightline Drive Dothan, AL 36305 334-475-3374 ph 334-503-9481 fax

Senior Member Promotions
SM Jungell to Major

resulted in numerous members of Dothan Composite Squadron as well as others in the wing becoming qualified as UDF Team Members, Mission Scanners and Observers and 2 Mission Pilots. The exercise had over 35 members attend from throughout the wing flying over 20 hours and driving over 600 miles. We completed 17 air sorties and 4 ground sorties with no mishaps. Overall, the SAREX was a resounding success resulting in an increase in the Alabama Wing’s and Dothan Composite Squadron’s Emergency Services capabilities to ensure Civil Air Patrol can conduct its Emergency Services mission.

Senior Member PD Awards
Maj Jungell- Level 2 Capt Owen- Level 2 1st Lewis- Level 2 SM Mathis- Level 1 SM Shakoor- Level 1

another crew would take off and conduct their mission. The ground teams were assembled and immediately put on standby awaiting the results of the aircrews on their missions. Upon notification that the aircrews found the target, the ground crews were dispatched to the target area. The crews would conduct air to ground coordination in order to find and secure the accident locations. This included providing medical care to survivors at one of the crash sites.

New Senior Members
SM Wylie Mathis SM Omar Shakoor SM Nathan Franklin

Civil Air Patrol
USAF Aux iliary

Lt Col Lewis

Notes from the Deputy Commander for Cadets
For those of you that are interested in being awarded the Model Rocketry Badge at the end of this current Model Rocketry class, here are the requirements for the award. The requirements to earn the model rocketry badge are broken down into three stages. In each stage you must build two rockets and take a written examination. In our squadron, Stage One is complete. In stage two, you must build your first engine powered rocket. The second rocket must be a scale model of an actual rocket that was a significant part of aerospace or military history. Stage three of the Model Rocketry Program requires you to build a two stage rocket. With the second rocket, you have your choice of building a rocket that carries an egg as its payload or you can build a boost glider. The squadron will provide the two stage rocket for stage three. You must decide what scale rocket you want to build for stage two and what rocket you will build for stage three (egg lifter or boost glider). Go online and type in "model rocket" in you search engine and a list of all the companies that sell model rockets will be displayed. Shop around for simple and inexpensive rockets. If you still have questions, contact your first sergeant or commander and let them know you would like more information about the program. Good luck in your model rocketry endeavors and be safe!

How do I take a Civil Air Patrol Test Online? IT”S A CADET’S LIFE

UNIFORM TIPS Wear of Jewelry
For men, wallets, pencils, pens, watch chains, fobs, pins, jewelry, handkerchiefs, combs, cigars, cigarettes, pipes, and sunglass cases will not be exposed on the uniform. The wear of wrist watches and rings, identification bracelets are permitted provided they present a neat and conservative appearance. Conservative sunglasses may be worn, except in military formation.. Wear of earrings, ornamentation on eyeglass lenses, or visible ornaments around the neck are prohibited while in uniform. Additionally for women, one small spherical (ball), conservative, diamond, gold, white pearl, or silver pierced or clip earring per earlobe may be worn. The earring worn in each earlobe must match. Earring should fit tightly without extending below the earlobe. (EXCEPTION: Connecting band on clip earrings.) Other visible ornaments around the neck or on the head, ornamentation on eyeglass lenses, and ankle bracelets are prohibited. Wristwatches, identification bracelets, and a maximum of three conservative rings are permitted. Appropriate undergarments will be worn to present a conservative, feminine appearance.

After numerous cadets and parents have asked about how to use the new Cadet Online Testing program, I thought I would do my best to provide a little insight on how to transition into the future of probably all education. The Civil Air Patrol has redesigned the program so that it may keep up with changes in the way we conduct training and are also able to update information more smoothly.

First, you need to log in to the Civil Air Patrol Website. there by You can get going to We haven’t finished yet. We still test, the new passing score is an 80%. You must take the test by We rely heavily on your If you pass the test and meet the requirements for promotion, the After you have been tutored, the senior member can release you to take the test. We know there is

need to download the Aerospace Modules. Scroll down the page to and select the

WWW.GOCIVILAIRPATROL.COM Select “MEMBERS” at the top of the page. Then select “CADET

yourself. integrity.

squadron DCC will promote you. Do not come to the meeting with your rank already pinned on. Promotions are NOT automatic based on testing. We still take attitude and participation into account. If you fail a test on the 1 try, you will have to wait a week to try again. If you fail a second time, you will have to seek out a senior member in the Cadet Program and ask them for help. You may just need a little


going to be a learning curve on how the system works. The senior Just

“Aerospace: The Journey of Flight” link. When the new page comes up, you will have to log-in to the eServices website. Go to the left side of the page under “My Favorites” and select “Aerospace Downloads”.

In order to take the test, you must have your OPSEC Course

PROGRAMS” on the left side of the page. appear You will see a list of links under the CADET

members are learning too.

completed. There have been some cadets that have completed the OPSEC Course, but the computer is getting confused and will not allow you to take test. When you try to

remember though, if you don’t try to take the test, you can’t be promoted.

PROGRAMS title. “Select Library”. This will open up a new page.

Good luck! I hope this explanation has helped.

Currently, if there is a change or discovery in the aerospace field, it takes time and a significant amount of money to change the books and tests to reflect the new information. These new tests will make testing more accessible to cadets and will allow them to study at home in a comfortable environment to get the most out of their studies. As you can see, this page shows all of the manuals the Civil Air Patrol has to offer for the Cadet Programs. You may download any of these manuals for yourself, but you must download at least the “Learn to Lead Volume 1” for your cadet if he or she is a Cadet Senior Airman or below. If your cadet is a Cadet Chief Master Sergeant or below, you need to download the “Learn to Lead Volume 2”. I would recommend downloading both manuals anyways, because the Mitchell Exam will have questions from both manuals. It also allows

Once the new page comes up, select

“The new passing score is 80%, so study hard and pay attention to the objectives of each lesson”



take the OPSEC Course again, it tells you that you have already taken the test. Just let the DCC know and we will get it fixed.

Dimensions Modules” .Click on each module and select “save” to save each module on your computer. are now ready to study for your test. When you think you are ready, you can leave the book open on your computer while simultaneously You

Lt Col Lewis Squadron Commander AL-029


Trivia for Cadets
CAP Senior Member and Air Force Col Eric Boe piloted NASA’s space shuttle Endeavour in the latest shuttle mission, a highlight of a sterling career that has included fighter and test pilot experience in the Air Force. But did you know that his first solo flight was as a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol?

tutoring or clarification on an area in the leadership or aerospace book.

The Chaplain’s Corner
by Lt Col (Ch) Tom McGonegal

Additionally, instead of having to wait until testing night, the can take a test when they feel they are ready. Don’t worry, the computer will make sure you take the right test.

Mission: Choose what you want to be. There are many attention-getting activities in the 2010 culture. Time and effort must be used in order to achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves. For example, to become a pilot and a flight instructor, I have to continually study the many facets of general aviation flying and then practice what I learn in airplanes. This requires time and effort, not to mention a lot of money.

opening up the test. To open up the test, you must click on “eServices” at the top of the webpage. You may need to sign in again. Once logged in, go to the

After retiring from the FAA, I set a goal to learn as much as I could about God. I spent two years in graduate school acquiring a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies. Again this requires continual study, not to mention a lot of money. There’s an old saying among ministers, “Don’t tell me what you believe; show me what you do”. In short, look to where your time, effort, and money go to learn about yourself or others. Choose your goals, learn how to get there, and then do it.
Continuation of the comment or question.

“CADET ONLINE TESTING” link on the My Favorites column. Once

Maj Jungell Deputy Commander for Cadets

you as a leader to help your fellow junior cadets if they have a question.

there, you can select your test. Remember, since it is an open book

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