CHAPTER PHILANTHROPY AWARD Chapter: Sigma Phi Epsilon Date: March 5, 2011

Nominator’s Signature: Sigma Phi Epsilon


1. This award shall be presented to one fraternity and one sorority. 2. Each chapter must submit a report of its philanthropic activities and other events that have
contributed to the betterment of citizens. NOMINATION FORMAT 1. Identify the philanthropic activities of your members and/or chapter during the 2010 calendar year. List and describe the activities and include the amount of money raised from each. Sigma Phi Epsilon was involved in several philanthropic events that supported large charities and local places in their community. Sigma Phi Epsilon participated in the Bic For Good foundation and had several brothers and anyone else who wanted to shave their head in order to raise money for one of the participating charities. Sigma Phi Epsilon also continued their tradition of the “Sig Ep Belly Flop” which was held in the Meek Aquatics Center. They invited representatives from local clubs to belly flop into the pool in order to raise money for the relief efforts in Pakistan. The fraternity exceeded their estimated goal and as a reward had the large but nice Public Safety officer jump off the high dive in uniform. Sigma Phi Epsilon also had brothers participate in Moustache Madness in which they grow moustaches in order to raise money for prostate cancer. The Fraternity also plans to hold their annual Ms.OWU this spring and participate in Relay For Life.

2. Indicate who and how these recipients benefited from these philanthropic activities and include any other pertinent information.

3. What community service activities has your chapter (as a whole or as individual members) been involved in? The fraternity had several members volunteer their Valentines day night to the Womens City Club in which brothers catered and waited on women who went through domestic relationships in the past. The dinner was a huge hit and the women were shown how a true gentleman behaves.

4. What positive outcomes have resulted from participating in charitable philanthropic activities within your chapter? A big outcome that comes with any of our events is the impact it has on our campus. Ohio Wesleyan is a small campus and events such as the Belly Flop For Pakistan give the students a chance to see the global issues other countries are facing. As a liberal arts college this fraternity has really helped follow the ideals upheld by the college of making students well rounded individuals. PROGRAM OF THE YEAR AWARD Program: Sigma Phi Epsilon’s “Balanced Man Program” Nominator’s Signature: Sigma Phi Epsilon AWARD DESCRIPTION Date: March 5, 2011

1. This award shall be presented to one fraternity OR one sorority for the 2010 calendar year. 2. The selection of this award recipient will not be based solely on the success, financial or otherwise,
of the program, but rather the intrinsic value and significance of the program, its planning and execution, and the originality and creativity of the program idea. NOMINATION FORMAT 1. Identify the program that your chapter has selected to nominate and describe in detail the content of this program and list all involved parties.

2. Thoroughly describe all planning and preparation processes designated to the program. Include any examples of publicity or program guides and any other information deemed necessary to demonstrate the efforts put forth in the implementation of the program.

3. Why did your chapter consider this program to be a success? How does the program relate to the values of your chapter?

THE ROBERT K. MARSHALL AWARD Nominating Chapter:_______________________________ Position:_____________________________ Dept. or

Nominee:________________________________________ AWARD DESCRIPTION


1. This award shall be presented to one faculty member, Ohio Wesleyan University community
member, or administrator who has displayed outstanding interest and leadership in the Ohio Wesleyan University Greek community. 2. The nominee need not be a member of a fraternity or sorority, but her/she must have demonstrated support, guidance, and a commitment to the improvement of the fraternity and sorority community. 3. Chapter may nominate more than one individual. NOMINATION FORMAT 1. Identify all specific contributions which you believe qualify the nominee to be a recipient of this award.

2. Personal comments regarding the nominee.

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