SODle Other Titles From New Falcon Publications Undoing Yoursel] With En erg ized. S. Pa:cts With ihe.(CD) Sex Magic.folify of Ihe Middle Path. The Chaos Magick Audio.I Principles of Extreme Living BECOME WHO I You ARE-THERE ARE No GUARANTEES Christopher S. Rebels & Devils: The Psycho logy of Liberation. Jason Black A PUBLICATION OF Labyrhlth of Chaos By Brian Wallace THE EXTREME INDIVIDUAL INSTITUTE AND Please visit our website at http://www. Hyatt.Deoil: A Chronicle of Sex. PhD. Meditation Techniquesfor Undoing Yourse. . Hyatt.D. Illustrated by S. Ph. Lon Milo DuQuette. & Dr. by wuu.D. Ph. lack S. Burroughs.D.S. Timothy Leary. Hyatt. Robert Allton Wilson et al. Carroll Condensed Chaos: An Introductionto Chaos Magick Prime Chaos: Adsenturesin Chaos Magick By Phil Hine The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic (New. CDs Pysberlvlagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick By Peter J.lf. with contributions by Wm.ARIzQNA. Edited by Christopher S.newfalcon. Blasphemy & Liberation TH·E BLACK BOOK VOLUME I Urban Voodoo: A Beginner's Guide to Afro~Caribbean Magic By ~ NEW FALCON PUBLICATIONS 'I'EMPE. U. Taboo: Sex. By Christopher S. Jason Black and Christopher'S. Tantra & Tarot: The Way of the S ecret Lover Secrets of Western Tanira: The Sex/.A. A leis tel' & Aeon By Charles Kipp . Hyatt. Religion & Magick By Christopher S.D. Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati Prometheus Rising TSOG: The l1ting That Ate the Constiiutior: TSOG: The CD ByRobert Anton Wilson Neuropolitique By Timothy Leary. Expanded Edition) The Golden Dawn Audio CDs The World of Enoch ian Magic (CD) By Israel Regardie Astrology & Consciousness By Rib Olesky Beyond Duality: The A rt of Transcendence By Laurence Galian ' Zen Without Zen Masters By Camden Benares Astrology. Hyatt. Ph. et al.Ph. PhD.

coDl email: info@newfalcon.S. for that 10% of marginal people who desire to become greater than they are now. However. The methods of the Institute are simple: "work" in the arena of the obvious as well as the sublime. or utilized. Christopher S. Dedicated to Dave B on His 33rd Birthday With Warm Regards to Jon Sellers Tills work is. may be reproduced. Work is done individually via both personal contact and the part or iii whole. recording. in any form or by any means. International Standard Book Number: 1-56184-177-3 First Edition 2003 The symbol you see is that of the "Extreme Individual Institute.A. or by any information storage and retrieval system." The goal of the institute is simple: to assist extreme individuals to become who they are. Hyatt.hewfalcon.A.S. AZ 85282 5 . transmitted. It is not a forum or discussion or argument. #204-286 Las Vegas.Copyright © 2003 CE by Christopher S. Ph. All rights reserved. website: http://www. except for brief quotations in critical articles. There is a strict entrance exam and monthly payments are required for the operation of the Institute.D. plus a yearly coming together done either in the physical or on the intemet. Hyatt. without permission in writing from the publisher. electronic or Address all inquiries to: NEW FALCON PUBLICATIONS 1739 East Broadway Road #1-277 Tempe.D. (or) 320 East Charleston Blvd. books and http://www. No part of this book. Head Coach contact info @newfalcon. NV 89104 U.newfalcon. including photocopying. we are only concerned with results and not moralism-what a person does with his power is his business. Ph.

. we are writing for people of action who do not require 100% proofs or guarantees. In fact.. Life 'is all too short when it is enjoyed. Joy is replaced by drudgery and individuality surrendered to the social collective. We invite you to join with us in a journey into the wonder of life. Your own knowledge is your only guide -you need no one's permission to be stupid or smart. life is a11too long when it is suffered.Principles of Extreme Living DEATH ISAN ABSOLUTE LIFE IS CONDITIONAL ~ too many people are corks On the sea of life. Accept nothing that someone tells you unless it is provablemost people don't think-they have random thoughts and live like zombies All assertions of infallible knowledge are false. Look at young children: they live life in wonder. excitement and joy is defiled by parents and teachers.. the spontaneity must be torn from our breast. seek your own welfare-your ment . THIS [S IT! Most people don't think. excitement and joy. Our initial wonder. but we can take a solemn oath to recapture. The giggle must become the polite laugh. BECOME WHO YOU ARE-THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. Thus is "lifepassed in stupidity. The Extreme Individual Institute is dedicated to the proposition that many people can become creations of their own will for life. own enlighten- 6 7 . THE FIRST AND ONLY COMMANDMENT First and foremost.. they are lived by life. the fun must be only when appropriate. They don't live life.. Keep in mind that what we are presenting is not for hair-splitters. To those we say: seas however high and a bountiful journey. BECOME WHO YOU ARE-THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. wonder and power we were born with. They substitute belief for argument and prejudice for thinking.. they simply repeat what they have been told.. As adults we can not begin anew. that means psychoanalytical institutes or castrated academics who need to consult the oracle before they can make a move . There is no one to protect and preserve you-simply no one. To exist is easy-to live is an accomplishment. there is no one to give you permission. there is no one who cares. We dedicate this little book to the those among you who are willmg to live the full life. as much as possible of that joy. And if you don't want to follow this commandment. The first great error is believing there is Someone who can.

. The cause of stupidity is the structure of the human brain.. Do not steal from others.~_ ... ..sss::ny-it is dirty work and time consuming-be swift-Annihilate Karma. If you are capable=-srand above and-beyond the outcry ofthe fool.-_. and then be Do not use mean language-unless devastating. Do not lie uiiless it is beneficial te you. Human beings are-their own enemies.Jav. It is the brain ~f the s. All is stupidity ..__ •__ . Just say no-to stupidity.and 'childl'iood-Lust is 110t proof of your value-It is proof of your being owned.. Lust is the result of calture . Sex is pieasurable-chowever it bas been turned intQ sorrow.j"'~ --~ Do no harm to anyone unless it is.. BECOME WHO YOU ARE-THeRE ARE NO GUARANTEES. Teach them to gi~e you what you want. . "'_"'""". 8 9 .THE FOUR NOBLE .m. Do not make up stories-unless you can sell them. The cure is btain-changewilled. The method is the eight -fold path.e and not that of' a self-determined being.nee. Do not say more than is necessary unless you are being paid. it is called for.TRUTHS THE EIGHT-FOLD PATH RIGHT UNDERSTANDING --.

Avoid wrong views such as altruism and collective religion. your wishes will not save you. RIGHT MINDEDNESS Avoid all obsessions. just take your revenge when the time is right. Don't harbor thoughts of ill will. do them or drop them. ARE NO GUARANTEES. © 2002 Jonathan Sellers Keep away from life wasters-cultivate BECOME WHO YOU ARE-THERE yourself. only reality can do that. 10 11 . Anxiety is a tool for learning about your own weakness. BECOME WHO YOU ARE-THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. Do not bear ill will-just do it and get it over with. All that keeps you safe is Y0l'l-.Do not preoccupy yourself with other's toys unless you can convince them to give them to you. Guilt is the acid of life-if you think you are guilty of something either correct it or forget it. Do not obsess over thoughts of revenge.

Most relationships are simply diversions from facing the void. BECOME WHO YOU ARE-THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. Avoid mindless talk..RIGHT SPEECH RIGHT ACTION Be sympathetic concerning the welfare of others as long as it benefits you..then be a vampire ." Few do.. and then strike with no is to your advantage and you win not get caught. do not get emotionally involved with them. .. Do no harm unless absolutely necessary .. You are better off masturbating . BECOME WHO YOU ARE-THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. only take jf you have been taken and then take everything. Avoid lying unless. A void sexual relations with idiots. "Be mindful of your words and note their effects. 12 13 . if you do not abstain. In order to say "1 love you" you must firsthave an "J. Always act like you are a person on an expense account. Take nothing from anyone. disappear as quickly as possible. morons and the severely emotionally disturbed. and kind until it is time to be mean. Be gentle.This requires patience and skill.. Avoid making up stories about yourself or others unless they increase your power. let them give it to you put them in your debt.

exercise. If a technique doesn't work. without Keep your Honor and your integrity-i-keep clean-avoid clutter. Use them to Serve you and do oat he come the slave of your goals. your goals can also change. Loyalty to yourself is essential. Eat right. Goals are chosen. Maintain your status but be subtle. BECOME WHO YOU ARE-THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. a company or a teacher is secondary. 15 14 . Avoid owning useless things. Loyalty to a profession. Set your own goals and then go after them. Overcome failure and mistakes. a job. keep away from losers.RIGHT LIVING RIGHT EFFORT Discipline your life . Cut your losses-learn self abuse. flush it. Make yourself into a piece of art. When conditions change. throw it out. but do not be ostentatious Do not lower yourself for anyone or anything unless there is a great gain. Go above and beyond the smilingvsneering neighbor.. monkey called your . BECOME WHO YOU ARE-THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. Avoid stupid people and ideas If an idea doesn't make sense.

Luck only counts when it is mixed with the utmost focus and skill. Attend to your mind. Attend to your body. but don't stay on a train going in the wrong direction. Do not get lost in possessiveness-s-learn to let go of junk. Attend to your benefit. An unfocused thought is a contradiction in terms. 16 17 .RIGHT ATTENTIVENESS RIGHT CONCENTRATION Stay focused on your goals. but your OWnenjoyment and gain is the objective. If you are not thinking clearly. BECOME WHO YOU ARE-THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. Attend to your Surroundings. Treat life like a poker game. Attend to your own enjoyment. Sell it at a profit or sell it at a loss. If others also enjoy. you are the walking dead. that is a benefit. Death is defined as brain death. Set and seek your own goals. BECOME WHO YOU ARE-THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. Attend to your feelings. a zombie.

but thehighest cost is to "live" a meaningless life." If you are reading this we offer our condolences .BUT JUST INCASE You MISSED THE POINTe Live life as a journey of personal pleasure. If you know that you are to die one hour from now and you can not review your life with pride and satisfaction. to be nothing. No choice is without cost. then you have changes to make. we quoteSilenius. decay and disease.and our best wishes for a successful future. In the face of death. WHeEl it is time for it to end you should be able to look back with a smile. Butthe second bestis to die soon'. BUT YOU ARE IiERE-NOW-SO18 19 . BECOME WHO YOUARE-THElfE ARE NO GUABANTEES. "whatis best for human beings is utterly unattainable: not to have been bomcnof to be.

This was thetime of the great-often misgaided-c-freedom revolu~ tion.'" DEATH IS AN ABSOLUTE LIFE IS CONDITIONAL All too many people are corks on the sea of life . defiled by parents and teachers. Dr. We invite you to join with us in a journey into the wonder of life.They don't live life.p9Iite laugh" the fun must be only when appropriate.~y. from our breast. 20 21 . To those we say: 'seas however high and a bountiful journey.PRlNCIPLES OF EXTREME LIVING . the spirit and the author. In comparing that period to the results which have followed. the spontaneity must-be torn. W. To exist is easy-to live is an accomplishment.e dedicate this little book to the those among you who are willing to live the full life. they are lived by life. The only similarity to this -pie'ce isthe title. The giggle must become tbe.. Look at young children: they live life in wonder. in Hollywood California. wonder and power We were born with. excitement and joy. Joy is replaced by drudgery and individuality surrendered to the social collective. Hyatt lost the original document but not before it wa§ published in a now defunctavant-gardejournal based in New England. freedom-as well as Liberty-have lost more ground than we care l:qimagine. butwe can take a solemn oath to recapture as much as possible of that joy. excitement and joy is. The Extreme Individual Institute is dedicated to the proposition that many people can become creations of their OWn will for life. Thus is life passed in stupidi.NO GUARANTEES. I. As adults we can not begin anew. THECAUSE-! THE CAUSE-?l BECOMEWHO yOU ARE-·THERE ARE. Our initial wonder. "The Cause-The Cause" was originally penned circa 1965-66.

Is this the Cause? ' KiU the unique and free individual.what? God in disguise? But what is man's problem? An Itch? Scratching for The Cause? The way we describe "reality" creates problems which demand answers which create more problems.fortress by whichthe whole planet has gone mad. This is the great joke: the more society tries to be in control. Is it the Cause? "Obey. The Cause-The Cause. We must find the CulpritThe Cause-. but never is it foundnever in its purity. Why? The Cause-The Cause IS? Is man a malignancy searching for the Cause of himself? The fortress society is built on shifting sanels. Is this The Cause? W€ are' taught that if we feel discomfort or pain something must be done and this something mustoe Done-Now.. Watch this society crumble as it tightens the screws on the citizen. The Cause?' 22 23 . the weaker it becomes. But what is The Gause? Why is man so fearful of abundance? Abundance is unpredietable=-out of society'scon1iroL.s. It did this by destroying the Cause. Have we found The Cause yet? Each and every society has and will destroy itself. But what is it? Where did it comefrcm? Society=-culture-c-is dead.IQ.~ead _ I posit that man's fear to live in the infinite luxury of life 18 the prime root of his misery. story for the walking Society Is-. The Cause" The We must find it.~ society? It is the. Is this the Cause? What was Rome's new face? Pity-Bat even Pity has not found the Cause? I propose that enough time has been spent on suffering .Remember ancient Rome-it killed itself by fostering mediocrity. don't stand out" is the cry. Don't stop the painFind the Cause. Serfdom is the ultimate standard. be safe. So the great ones went underground. Is_ this The Cause? a wonder story-it . what IS is a. Find the Cause=Now: We must find the culprit"The Cause-.

Not guns Not sex Not loss of values Not criminals Nor freedom Not liberty Not stem cells Not abortions Net science Not drugs Not queers Not Etc. elect a new CauseBlind Ballot-but find that Cause. The Cause . But man himself. Not Cod. Simply Kill the Man. Caste the bones the Cause The Cause-The Cause IUs DNA? His most sacred creations? His Gods? His society? The Cause. But the Cause is Man his creationsso kill the Causeput an end to It. Who says so? The invention-God-Society. The Cause-The Cause is in the Sauce. just Kill Him. and get the Cause. Lift the Sheets. 24 25 . Why? He is evil.answer. The Cause must be found! Police CauseCause CastersLaws CauseLeaders CauseCause CausesARd from these we have-Cause Librariesstrangled CausesOne NationUnder Sheep With liberty and justice For WE .In the Closet. Do you want to find out what to do? Consult Dead Causes-you will find the . Look under the Bed. He Dis-Obeyed the first Cause. Man is at fatilt-the Cause. If not..

it doesn't matter-just return-to -the Cradle? Look to psychology. satan. science. liberty. reasonKill your pet Cause everything will be better -but what if the Cause is YOU? where-? 26 27 l ___________. Poverty clothes. Daddy Please Daddy Please Please Find Something has to go-either man or the Cause but something has to go-so Kill IT. . sex. intelligence. just keep looking. look to jesus. drugs. the neighbor. porno abortion. IT is the Cause just Kill IT . Now . the wife. go -to the Garden? the Dark Ages? Atlantis? return return to family values-? which ones-I pray. guns. look to the Oracle" look at the screen.Every idiot knows The Cause -tbejew the negro the queers the devil the kids the oil the dow jones. Or return to the pastwhich past? whose fiction-? how far back shall we. Or maybe just Killfreedom.

'hang it.chamber door searching for porno God setting His books-> God Cod-the' Idiot's Higher Power" forever lurking. The Cause The Cause But how can.gain OhD~ddy Big Daddy Oh! Big Daaadddeeeeeeee Off to God OfftoAA Off to the wedtling bed. Holy Ghost-Matrix DNA. Off to the CIA Under the GUbUnder the white Cl(}Mc but please Dadtly' find it. 28 29 . man live without The Cause? How can he live without the Sauce? FIe can't. poison it-but quicK-' for the 'Cause must die-. Now. find it daddy"Please Before I come ~.the Cause the CauseWhere isit hiding?-' In the GraveThe Cause-The Causesomewhere sometime. in the little girl's scribbles a remarkable achievement to be born? -masturbating behind the closet door-Please Daddy Don't let m€ come a.gain. So let us Invent and Invent we haveGodin his Stadic--. God the Son-Kill Bill. ]Sut where is IT Daddy? the cause. gas it. God in His Sauce- God the Father-Pay TV:. [urking lurKing S@ft1y lurking under her . shoot it. burn it. the cause. God the. but always-lookWhenyou find it just Kill IT.

a cause be cause cause cause da cause he cause r cause me cause she cause the cause they cause we cause Cause-The Wizard of Oz causebecause of the wonderful things He does. The Cause-The Cause 30 31 . Eight for We We. yes! We the Ghost the holy host knows The Cause God Please Help me find the Decoder Ring I want more Ovaltine. The Cause-The Cause There is a need to know but only the Cause Knows only He knows not She knows but only he knows what He knows not you not me Only He-the We Knows Count Three for You One for Me .

the forms. We believe that we can change what already has happened. humiliated or brutalized are continually being repeated in the present. Keep in mind that our early thoughts and feelings have been contaminated by our youthful imagination. Many individuals in an attempt to uodo the past will attempt to alter their mood state through chemicals. You can use past pain and failures for motivation-but remember it will still not undo the past. it is true. apxious.) There is. No matter what you do now you will not undo those original events or feelings. We could not end this first Black Book Without briefly mentioning the single most significant flaw in the human brain. Switch your attention from the past to what is happening now and what you are capable of doing. This process is automatic. There is only one answer to this past: simply accept it. and compulsions of all types. The original incidents and failed repetitions have since governed our life in more ways than you can imagine. the patterns. the most significant error in our nature. we repeat the conditions in different situations and guises. But regardless of what you try. you can't alter the historic facts. (A full discussion of this subject will be presented in a subsequent publication by The Extreme Individual institute. This means that some of these unpleasant feelings will live with you until the end. felt weak. you must first become aware of how you are repeating the past. between people are simply a matter of degrees. Though this s0U11ds absurd. Others will attempt to do the opposite of what they grew up with thus defining themselves in the negative. power and wealth. the situations and the conditions. Here we will provide a glimpse. helpless. thoughts and conditions of the past. in all human beings. This will not work. learn how to transform it into success. For example if you have a lot of hate. Those incidents where you were shamed. defeated.PREVIEW OF UPCOMING ACTION We repeat the traumas. Strive for power in the now-for the present and future only. However. but more importantly we can't undo the feelings. Differences We can not undo the past. No one is immune from this condition-e-no-c-one. but do not focus on them. 32 33 . We spend our life compelled to repeat the traumas and conditions of our childhood because we believe we can change them. in an attempt to undo them. Live with it and move on. This is the most difficult task. a compulsion to repeat. terrified.

It is only when you accept. There is no completely satisfactory solution to this human condition. the At the Falcon website you can: • • • • • Browse the online catalog of all of our great titles Find out what's available and what's out of stock Cet spedal discounts Order our titles through our secure ortlineserver Find products not available anywhere else including: . accept that you did not have control over the situation at that time. • • • • • • • • - 1 Get online today at http://www. much more BECOME WHO YOUARETHERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. to throw and catch a ball. New Fafcon Pu6[ications Invites You to Visit Our Website: http://www.One of a kind and limited availability products . Christopher Hyatt!) Read excerpts of many of our titles Find links to our author's websites Discover links to other weird and wonderful sites And much.Children are inherently 34 . the fin.newfalcon. to excel in sports or academics. Accept defeat.newfalcon. This is not bad or a flaw. Accept the truth. It is what.drives them to attempt to walk.auty of the past injuries that you can begin the difficult journey to extreme individualism and getting all that awaits you now. There is a way to reduce the effect.' s narcissism is crushed or deeply wounded-it does not matter whether maliciously or innocently-the resulting damage haunts that child throughout his adulthood and he tries 'to recover it historically by re-enacting the situations in the present. No Blame-no Fault. Narcissism is partially responsible fro developing social relationships.Special pricing Get free gifts Join our email list for advance notice of New Releases and Special Offers Find out about book signings and author events Send email to our authors (including the elusive Dr. When the child.Special packages . to dress themselves. the actuality of those early traumas.

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