A Good Knight Sharon Maria Bidwell
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A Good Knight Sharon Maria Bidwell
Licinius is an adamite-knave, an ancient but largely dishonourable profession. He doesn’t expect much from life and silently bemoans his existence, yet he does what he does to take care of his family. He certainly never expects to have his wish -- to spend one good night with one good knight -- fulfilled in the arresting form but strange and confusing personality of Crassius de Chartres. Overcome with lust (and love) at first sight, Licinius is willing and eager, especially when the knight insists, “Your pleasure is my pleasure.” Licinius is about to experience an incredible knight, one that is going to leave him a quivering wreck come morning, caged in a way he never expected, and possibly vagrant. He must be mistaken because Crassius wouldn’t do anything to hurt him, would he? Will he finally understand the true meaning of the knight’s motto and share his idea of pleasure? One good night with one good knight: is that really too much to ask?

Author’s Note
I take full responsibility for messing with history. I’ve taken the names used in this story from Marcus Licinius Crassius, one of the “triumvirate” of Rome and one of the wealthiest, although I hope my characters have much gentler natures than their namesakes. There is no such thing as an adamite-knave. Adamite is an ancient lower class term meaning nudist usually in reference to a poor person, beggar, or hermit. It’s also a mineral but that’s not going to interest you, Dear Reader, as it has nothing to do with the following story. A knave was a boy working as a lowly servant. There were such things as pardoners, men who sold absolutions for perceived sins, but they had no connection to a ‘choosing house’. Indeed, as far as I’m aware no such thing ever existed unless one wants to call it by the more generic term of brothel. The motto on Crassius’s shield does indeed exist as a Latin phrase but it is not a knight’s crest. I quote poetic license in order to create a story the way I wanted, that I hope you will enjoy.

“You always look so . Like always. Licinius had cast his questioner a glance. those broad shoulders and the flash of manly chest in the open neckline of the linen tunic. From the medium-length dark wavy hair to the dark eyes. arms folded by the open “inviting” entryway. They rode into town weary but exultant. the long procession of knights-errant in search of war. one particular wish had. that meant good business and that was where young men such as he came in. and had no say in who lived or died. he’d begun the day wondering whom it would be tonight. Licinius stared at the tall. “Why torture yourself?” one of the other young men had asked coming up behind him and staring out from his side where Licinius stood. Physicians and surgeons rushed forward as did leeches. he couldn’t help. At least if this was Crassius. some of them mercenaries. muscular dark-haired knight who stood dripping in the doorway of his tent and could only gape. He’d seen Crassius de Chartres at the choosing house. He’d gazed out from the door of the choosing house at the approaching cavalcade. Things like this just didn’t happen to him. they had found one… and won. Well. he could see nothing but gorgeousness. would only get in the way.Chapter One Wishes did come true. those monks so named after the creatures they used to cure the sick. They were in the mood to celebrate. Licinius wasn’t paying mind to the injured or dying or those who would try to heal them. He was looking at the knights who had fared better. His mind flashed back to earlier events. the lesser injured attending to those who needed urgent attention. but never had he suspected he could ever be so lucky.

The moment said knight climaxed in Licinius’s mouth. hence the dripping. One knight had forced Licinius to his knees. What wouldn’t he give for one evening spent with a clean. he’d shouted for his squire to put his battle gear to rights. some knights demanded attention the moment they returned from the field of battle. He’d heard it all before. insisting he only remove the most essential pieces necessary for the performance of his task. If you get a fat one. The man was handsome… and clean. that and the fact Chartres had saved the king’s life this day. Carefully placing the knight’s belongings on the ground. The knight wasn’t wearing his armour. He’d bathed. and from what Licinius saw. What does it matter the type of man? Close your eyes. maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. Fat was fat and by their very nature. lie back and think of…” Licinius tuned the rest out until the other lad had his say and turned away. That was what shocked Licinius to silence. they had to be if they wanted to survive for long. but how could he not wish for that which his heart most desired? A good night with one good knight: was that truly too much to ask? Apparently not.” the knight said. and then he was off again to find the next conflict. “Careful. What they wanted to do with him was never as rough as their manner. So what if he was always a little anxious? Mayhap he had sold his body to this life.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 7 anxious. While this wasn’t unusual in itself being that he’d come here for physical pleasure. The rumour was the king intended to honour him with property and land. did that mean he had to sell his soul? It wasn’t a fat knight he feared. they left as swiftly as they had entered. Their armour alone weighed more than most men could carry. most of these men were fit. freshly shaved man? The saying went be careful what you wished for. This one looked as if he was well prepared to settle down for the night. never taking his gaze from Licinius’s face though directing the word at two men who ducked into the tent. That didn’t mean all of them washed and some came to him with spilled wine or food in their beards… or worse. .

The knight was sure to have noticed his reaction. surcoat. They often took back some of what they paid out to their adamite-knaves -their fancy word for male prostitutes -. knights walking by had cast interested looks his way. not if he wanted salvation for his soul. Glancing down. make his mark by terms agreed. he would have to put his name on the register at the choosing house. No knight dared deceive the choosing house. shield. As long as the knight had paid the required price. Licinius closed his mouth. and that this knight had wealth. which was his home and place of business. Even at a glance. each evening blue morphed into yellow and then pink. indeed.in exchange for celestial pardons. forsaking the sight for the sanctuary of canvas.” Licinius had inclined his head. To think he’d not wanted the knight to catch him waiting at the entrance to his tent and to appear eager. His helmet. The fact that he was here said he had. “I may be in the mood for a blond tomorrow. Licinius could tell the chainmail was of fine quality. Even so. The house had a resident pardoner. they had no argument.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 8 Water pooled off his free-flowing hair even as the knight stood there. Mayhap I will seek you out. he’d torn his gaze from the sunset he knew so well. The knight had looked him up and down. In these parts. but they had already chosen and he was not theirs for the taking upon a whim. a licensed man who could sell indulgences and offer absolution… for the right price. Even now. gradually became just another curious shape in a sea of such shapes. and some weaponry lay where the men had left it. moisture soaking into the simple linen undershirt he wore. set out in an orderly fashion to one side of the tent. one had stopped to ask his name and Licinius had given it. Now look at him. was soon to have more. . A while ago. If the knight so wished. Licinius would then know to expect him. chainmail. Licinius took in a glimpse of underpants with hose. the knight began to remove his gambeson. This very evening. the quilted jacket knights wore to keep their armour from chafing. No one deceived the choosing house. though that hardly mattered. His tent. Realising he still gaped. The house would hold the payment and hand Licinius his share after the deed. finally to mauve before tones of grey edged the evening sky to black.

each designed to cover the most vulnerable parts of the body. Of the knight’s body. to turn the man within into a living stronghold. He asked for no pardon. He’d seen Crassius earlier without knowing his name. To . though he could guess his build from the finely formed and close-fitting armour.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 9 Licinius asked no forgiveness. having only removed the visor. that wasn’t the only reason he was here. They continued to stare even now. more rugged man. he always found the waiting the worst part. Licinius realised now. Licinius was barely on his feet when the knight entered. Both had stopped and stared at each other. Crassius. Never had Licinius believed that such dark eyes could sparkle. without entertaining the idea that such a magnificent specimen of a man would choose him. heavyset and ogreish. Tonight as every other night he’d tried to calm his beating heart and had sat waiting to see who had paid for his services. Licinius had experienced desire. No doubt the man’s squire was cleaning the body armour even now. He saw no sin in wanting another man. What would the knight look like? Would he smell of horse and sweat as most of them did? What desires would he demand satisfied? When finally the tent flap had jerked back. he would have guessed the man possessed a full suit of body armour even if he hadn’t seen him in one. but he felt no remorse for the path his life had taken. The knight had been wearing his full body armour. A knight’s armour was complex. he’d had to use his imagination. Time had ticked by. startling him. His profession was hardly one he would have chosen given a better option. Judging by the quality of the chainmail alone. probably because of his taking the time to bathe. The knight was late. lust if not love at first sight. Besides. consisting of many individual pieces. He didn’t know why but the name given him had made him expect an older. His imagination ran wild. His eyes had been so striking. not his. He wished he’d known. That was the world’s sin. He certainly wouldn’t pay for one. Even with the knight’s body shielded. simply in that this was what the world had forced him to in order to have that need fulfilled without fear of torture or death.

Beside such a man. The wine hit the back of his throat and exploded with the ripe taste of red berries mingled with anxiety. heavy on the palate yet smooth. His clothes. the comment set Licinius’s heart pounding. he was next aware of someone slapping him on the back while holding his wine cup for him. as was Licinius. he’d laid out a few refreshments. but the soft candlelight and richly coloured cloths Licinius had used to adorn the interior gave the tent a warm. certainly none had ever washed beforehand. which he hurried to pour even now.and was lice free. Taking the jug. it was Licinius’s job to polish the man’s knob. By all that was merciful. “Here. bursting with fruit. the tent hardly deserving of the word pavilion.the paltry mattress of fresh hay and blankets on the ground -. he felt inadequate. Spluttering. His throat was suddenly unbearably dry. He’d provided a bowl and jug of water on a stand. the poor attempt he’d made to make it appear inviting suddenly struck him as undeniably shabby. A wooden table and two chairs stood to the left. then set it aside. he took too large a glug and almost choked.” he said. His bed lay to the right -. A small gasp escaped his lips as the knight’s hands came down over his. romantic glow that contradicted what went on inside. rifling through his belongings and pulling free a wineskin. not that many chose to use it. “I think we will both find this more palatable. what must the knight think of him? . His hands shook as he attempted to tip the heavy jug containing a wine he knew this knight would find sour. Licinius tried not to gulp it down. and yet he was so nervous after the first taste. The wine was rich. the knight sniffed at it and winced. To his knowledge. Some knights appreciated this and paid him extra.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 10 think of the irony: where the squire’s job would be to polish the knight’s armour. On this. The knight was palatable indeed.” For some peculiar reason. The accommodations were poor. “No refreshments?” The mild chiding served to make Licinius feel as if he shrunk before the knight’s gaze.

Licinius stood in the bright light of the knight’s twinkling gaze. and for the first time in his life. of the desire that simmered barely contained under the confining layer of skin. lifted his head. The third time and Crassius’s lips worked against his. “I suggest you sip. sharing life. Once more. the intoxicating effects began to assault him immediately so that by the time the knight once more removed the wine cup from his hand and turned him around. it took Licinius a moment to realise what was happening. became more insistent at the end. dazed. and sharing breath. He knew only a sweet connection with someone who felt the same way he did. looked upon with little more favour than the women who sold themselves on the streets. A kiss. holding him in place by desire rather than force. and gave as much as he took. Crassius kissed him as if he was something delectable. Crassius’s lips were nothing more than a gentle pursed pressure bestowing warmth and a lingering connection. . only this time it slowly grew harder. He knew only this. That hungry demand sought out a swirling response. He was aware of his body. his needs. and for a time the kiss was all that existed. laughter in his tone. gentle pressure. he felt that lingering. some movement. “It is a heavy wine. such a delicate encapsulation. tongues entwining. He was ready but ill prepared when the knight dipped his head. Even so. but it was a vague thing. and he caught another flash of Crassius’s dark gaze before the man’s face came back down to his. Examined.” the knight said. Licinius forgot he was a man who liked other men. A coil of desire took Licinius in shock just before Crassius’s tongue forced his lips apart and snaked in.” Licinius did just that. His focus was this man’s mouth on his. His eyelids fluttered open. more to allow him time to recover than because he wanted to drink. Hands took a gentle hold of his chin. He forgot he was little better than a slave to the local authorities. Not all the knights kissed and none kissed like this. who understood his desires. demanding a response. Licinius swayed.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 11 All he saw on the man’s face when he finally glanced up was merriment. The connection broke. fingers and thumbs.

Licinius would have stumbled back if the knight hadn’t kept hold of him. Stunned.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 12 The next time Crassius broke the kiss. he looked up into the other man’s face. to bed. refreshed. as if the kiss had set everything in the world to rights. “There now.” he added.clean. guiltless -. That dancing gaze stared back.” Crassius said. The way Licinius felt -.maybe it had. “So. after some indeterminate time passed. .

Licinius watched.” So had the knight. He doubted it. more than a little amused despite feeling slightly mournful. He shouldn’t forget that… but it had been bliss to forget.Chapter Two Bed? Licinius blinked. Crassius bounced gently on the bed. although the interior of the tent was quite warm. completely swayed by scent alone.” He smelled dampness. he was free of thought. owing either to the words or the expression on the knight’s face. “Come to me. He couldn’t help wondering if the knight had gone out of his way to wash just for him. and beneath this a warm musk that was entirely male. For precious seconds. How could he have forgotten? As much as he hungered for what was to come. This man had paid for him.” he announced. Crassius carried the wineskin in the other hand. Crassius went down first. something herbal. as if testing it. dark gaze flicking up to Licinius’s face. Licinius turned his face into man’s body as the knight escorted him to “bed.” Crassius said. he longed more for whatever spell it was the knight had weaved around him. “You’ve made an effort. Tucking Licinius tightly against him beneath one arm. His sorrow was that they had not met in another way at another time. if only for a few minutes. “Comfortable and clean. but Licinius didn’t say so. . Licinius couldn’t help the small shiver of pleasure that sped through him. but it was a nice daydream to think so. Feeling strangely cold. Although he didn’t want to bask in such dubious praise. setting the wine aside.

Many knights never required him to speak at all. or during it. breathing heavily. “Cat stolen your tongue?” Crassius asked.” “I know. Licinius was on his back. many knights liked to grasp and grope him through the garment as if they wished to learn that which they would so soon set eyes upon by touch alone. Hands at once grabbed his sides. but instead of moving over him and roughly kneading. “Yes. Crassius fed. “I’m Crassius.” He spoke his name at a loss for anything else to say. “Your name is Licinius?” He nodded. Crassius just held him there. his lips drawing desire up from depths Licinius hadn’t even known he possessed. we can save the talking for later. pressed hard against that solid form. I’m Licinius. Licinius became once more captivated. Long and free flowing.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 14 Knowing an order when he heard one.” Talking? Later? He didn’t have time to question the idea of talking after sex. A finger blazed a trail along his jawbone.” “Of course. head tilted up even as his ear pushed against the man’s linen tunic. and to his amazement. “Here. then realising that the knight was trying to get him to speak. gripping his hips. He heard the knight’s heart beating and then their bodies rolled. That Crassius would note this though surprised him. uncertain if the knight wanted him to remove his nightshirt. Only then did Licinius realise he’d not said a word since the knight’s arrival. Usually he said very little even prior. By the time the knight pulled backwards. Crassius’s lips found his. tilted. Licinius went down on one bended knee. smiling. turned. He hesitated. he said. and embraced. This time the kiss was even more demanding. it being the only thing he wore. and now that introductions are out of the way.” Crassius said. staring down into his face. Licinius was surprised to find himself pulled down. . reaching for him with open arms.

He hadn’t done it with any sexual intent. Licinius longed for the knight’s hair to dry completely. He couldn’t help wondering what had made the knight choose him over another. his limbs rather delicate when compared to such brawn. he used the linen to wipe more moisture from his hair before he cast it aside. It would take a great deal to conquer this man’s heart. As well as bathing. The dark eyes held a knowing warmth as well as experience. It surprised Licinius to have such a man choose him. a scar here and there lent interest to the man’s face. aware that Crassius watched him as he did. There was still a shadow of growth on his chin. the stubble. He could see pain in the lines around the knight’s eyes and mouth but also a certain humour that battle hadn’t yet defeated. The drops were tepid. Almost as if he heard his wish. grinning. Licinius was small. “You like?” the knight asked. Lifting the tunic over his head. that along with his blue eyes and blond hair. revealing a broad expanse of chest crested with a dark smattering of curls. but the lines. but it probably looked that way. he’d shaved. The knight’s hair was drying. He wanted to bury his face in those dark locks. as befitting his class. falling about his shoulders. A few that fell close to his mouth he licked away with a snaking tongue. That such a man as this would always find admirers was understandable. Licinius gazed at that hard plane of flesh and swallowed. He’d never thought about it before. but he could tame his curls no more than he believed Crassius could tame his. ensnare his fingers. He tried to concentrate on the knight’s face. People aged not just in years but also by what they had done and what they had seen. . but he didn’t even flinch. turning wavy. but this knight seemed happy to be examined so Licinius compared. The man was teasing him but he also liked being desired. His locks were shorter. Licinius knew all about hair that had a tendency to curl as it wanted. Some of the other adamite-knaves told him that was part of his appeal. Licinius couldn’t blame him. Crassius sat back on his heels.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 15 Small drips of water fell from the knight’s hair to sprinkle Licinius’s face. Something told Licinius that nothing would.

Licinius didn’t know what to say to that. Most of the other young men didn’t bother or they were too work-hardened by the time they came here that their skin was already rough. but he’d never noticed the subtle difference in sensation between the back of his fingers. He reacted by reaching out with his free hand. semi-hideous torture made him aware of his body. over the nail.” Crassius said. yet Crassius had only reached the middle finger when Licinius squirmed. Crassius’s touch changed on the instant. Licinius gasped when Crassius took hold of his questing hand. preparing to pull his arm free despite his resolve to keep still. Crassius glanced at him. long lean limbs. He closed his eyes. “You keep your skin soft. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t realised how sensitive his fingers were. it was easy to see the difference in their forms. The touch was such a light tickling caress that it shouldn’t have aroused him. ropey muscle was definitely a contrast against pale. hard. up one side. Olive-toned. the sides and underneath culminating in the sensitivity of his palm where Crassius now wove small circles that amazingly drove Licinius wild. running his fingertips . smooth. Licinius couldn’t understand why. He grew hard even as he gasped. Fingertips were sensitive. not just for touching but being touched. the tips. all the time trying not to pull back his hand. He wanted to writhe.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 16 The sleeves of his nightshirt had fallen back so that. and then stroked and examined first his hand and then the arm belonging to it. Licinius fell back trying to remain still. as he reached up toward Crassius. The knight gazed at each finger running a fingertip along each length. He took care of his body because he could charge more. down the other side into the small dip of webbing between each digit. He didn’t think that was something Crassius wanted to hear. but even as he resisted he became aware of how this semi-pleasant. before continuing. The knight sounded surprised as well as thoughtful. tightening his shoulder. The touch was tickling to the point of torment. maybe even a little peeved. heavy. clasped it in his warm grasp. turning away his head. a sharp flash of his gaze. One hand held his wrist while the other slid up his arm in a slow glide. not much more but a little. It shouldn’t have felt as intimate as it did. not to pull his hand away.

Even before the knight moved to undress him. Crassius stroked his brow. He blinked. Surely his expression gave away his confusion. Are you all right with that arrangement?” Licinius nodded. “Yes.” Crassius rocked his hips rubbing against Licinius through the shift. They looked at one another. the comment surprised him. he hadn’t known what to expect… then. “Your pleasure is my pleasure. His skin grew even hotter. once more speechless. “I really wish you’d speak. Crassius’s skin was a little tougher than his was. Licinius nodded. The knight was obviously aware of his erection. Crassius sighed. Of course. He was pleasantly surprised. but those blemishes drew attention to the knight’s masculinity. Crassius bent over him.” “I don’t know what to say. He flushed. “Good. he was lost.” Licinius answered truthfully. so they were eye to eye. he would have thought the question one of vanity but not from this man.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 17 in turn over the knight’s skin where he could reach the man’s hands and arms. Licinius was certain his blush deepened. studying his movements. Even so. little one. Coming from any other knight. heat rising to his face. “Are you soft all over?” Crassius asked. “You may be used to lying back and thinking of your country. but it is not going to be that way with me.” “Are you pleased?” It took Licinius a moment to work out what Crassius meant. and there were rough patches and scars. Yes. “Will you answer questions?” “If I can.” No? Licinius couldn’t help his mind flashing back to this morning when another young man had advised him to do just that. he was very pleased to have Crassius in his bed. . He became aware of that dark gaze staring down at him. As I wish my pleasure to be yours. hands clasped.” he finally managed to say.

He just wasn’t sure he could stand it. “Do you always disobey your… patrons in quite this way?” The slight hesitation didn’t go amiss but Licinius ignored it. Licinius was well aware he lay submissive beneath the much larger man. Crassius laughed and moved back enough so they could look at each other. slowly to the point of painful. Crassius caught his wandering hands and placed them back down on the bed. refusing to let their bodies touch even though Licinius wanted to reach up and drag the man’s body down over his. Why weren’t they embracing? Every time he reached up. biting gently as if he were an animal and at any moment might rip out his Adam’s apple. Crassius wanted to take things slowly it seemed. Licinius had no doubt. He concentrated there until Licinius’s chest heaved with his ragged breaths. the knight was here for the . They were both naked now. The knight leaned over him.Chapter Three Your pleasure is my pleasure. What could he say? Crassius had actually chosen a delicate word and besides. I wish my pleasure to be yours. That the knight took pleasure in this. The heat of Crassius’s mouth scorched his skin. Then he’d moved back around and now latched his teeth against the lump in Licinius’s throat. He’d spent several minutes just kissing and licking Licinius’s neck. seeking out sensitive spots until he reached a delicate place behind his ears that made Licinius quietly squeal. As his hands took to wandering again.

“We have time. “Did they not tell you I planned to be here all night?” They had. When you come. all the while staring down at him. gentling him. Don’t rush this. “Savour this. He arched.” Crassius whispered.” Crassius pulled Licinius’s hand away again. “I want all night. every movement involuntary. Licinius couldn’t help it. What was the point in lying? He laid there. “then you’re very much mistaken. The knight didn’t exactly have the entitlement to be self-righteous. As he spied the knight’s hard member. He was oddly aware of his stomach leading down to the aching. sob at your side. sweet heaven.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 19 same thing as any other man. you’ll beg and be very happy to do so.” Licinius admitted. jutting need between his legs. “You need something to take the edge off?” “Yes. pressing Licinius back into the bed. “I just…” He didn’t know how to explain what he wanted. Savour that need. “Before I’m finished with you.” Oh. His mouth yearned for attention. you’ll cry. Make it yours. as did his nipples.” Crassius shook his head. then lowering them and lifting his head. He glanced down the knight’s body. wasn’t he? That made Crassius a customer. grinning at him. meeting the knight’s gaze. As much as Licinius already pulsed with need. and indeed the knight’s rigid length was hot.” Licinius opted for truth. longing to see the focus of his desire. If you think I don’t burn for you. to the touch. Crassius allowed their lips to brush and then he was taking hold. “I don’t usually… want my patrons in quite this way. tilting his hips. Hush. Crassius’s cock lounged against the . as well as hard. Crassius took hold of his hand. His testicles throbbed. sat there looking thoughtful. That gaze held his. his eyes widened. wondering when he’d developed such an honest tongue.” and here he took Licinius’s hand down to his cock. Sshh. the knight’s pledge rolled around in his mind and coated his tongue with anticipation. but even those men that spent the night usually fell asleep after one or two rough couplings. the sum of his parts. and I’ll share every tear with you.

“A little of both. Licking his lips. The knight’s eyes positively flashed with humour. Licinius concentrated on Crassius. relaxed and as confident as its owner was. Even as Crassius shifted. he could feel the knight’s heart beating. Was it so heavy it failed to jut from the man’s body? Looking up. every sound.” Crassius said when Licinius just lay there stunned. That another being could take such delight in being with him spoke to emotions Licinius had never acknowledged.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 20 man’s thigh as if it were a creature apart. he knew. taking hold of and lifting his hands to press them against his chest. drawing it into his mouth between his teeth. The knight’s chest lifted and fell with each breath. every demand would be something this man relished. The connection complete. afraid it would make him shed the tears currently prickling the back of his eyes. thumbs brushing over his already . it certainly didn’t rise. Licinius accepted only truth would do. just knew the other man was taking the time to experience the moment. Beneath his right palm. let alone make sense. Licinius started to see Crassius staring at him. “You may touch me. so Crassius spread his hands against Licinius. As the knight’s hands made a gentle exploring caress down his body to his ribs and then up again. but as the knight’s fingers swept upwards.” Licinius risked opting for a joke and breathed a sigh of relief when Crassius bellowed in laughter. He tried to tell himself he couldn’t afford to feel such things. that cock failed to do more than twitch.” A hand stroked down over his chest. “Delighted or frightened?” It took a moment for the question to filter through to his mind. He was afraid he’d cry out otherwise and make a fool of himself. Licinius bit his lower lip.” The reassurance and warmth in such a short sentence was anything but simple. “Still nothing to say?” “You… um… have a magnificent weapon. his hands spread against the heat of the man’s skin. Struggling not to blink. “I won’t hurt you. As his hands lay extended on Crassius’s chest. He was afraid he might cry out in any case. Every touch. Licinius had never seen such a hard protuberance hang so heavy.

not like this. it wasn’t. lick. When he could breathe again his hands still pressed against that splendid chest and he wanted to appreciate this man’s body as much as Crassius clearly appreciated his. This was being discovered. He checked Licinius’s face often. By the time Crassius made any indication he was ready to move on to more intimate areas. He was used to men handling him but not like this. kissed him. they urged him to grip them where they so desired. Oh. He didn’t know what he wanted more: to touch or be touched. body slamming back down. . He eagerly ran his tongue over the knight’s sweet skin for he was clean and any sweat that sprung out was fresh. Licinius couldn’t get enough of him. not old and sour. he wove his fingers into his pale locks. A moan escaped between his lips and then he gasped for breath.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 21 hard nipples. nip. but there was enough concern in the knight’s gaze to silence any protest he might have at such treatment. pulling Licinius’s head back. and caress Crassius bestowed. He was sure one stroke of his cock and he would explode. In some ways. Then his fingers fisted. The man was perfect. forcing his body into a bow. and yet still Crassius seemed in no hurry. While discovered. Licinius lost the battle.how long had it been? -. he was also very much aware of every reaction. and then set out to enjoy every inch of him. eyes closed. he went on his own exploration. it was a form of dominance Licinius understood. curves and planes of his body. swirls. He never got to touch his customers. but Crassius navigated the dips. In a way. The knight’s gaze and concentration seemed centred on his hair so that for a few moments Crassius appeared fascinated. head pressing back into bed. In the last -. wanting to know how each movement felt to give.hour he’d come to understand that as lost in what they were doing as Crassius appeared to be. Burying all thoughts of what had come before or what would come after for either of them. caressed him. Licinius quivered. Pulling Licinius onto his lap. he was gentling him as one would an animal. Licinius copied whatever kiss. as well as to receive. Licinius thanked creation for the gift of this man and this night. He was a demigod. At the same time. He arched.

“Oh Lord. and he couldn’t be sure if he meant Lord Knight or Lord in Heaven. body laid back for his use. All he could do was writhe and groan. please.” . display his body. Licinius gazed up at him from beneath heavy lids with the angle of his head awkward. I’ll have you completely ravished and without inhibition by morning. “That was meant to hurt. still forcing Licinius to tip his head back at an awkward angle. They couldn’t have been. He was suddenly very aware of how part of him yearned to be plundered. Crassius at once looked to his face. “It’s difficult to find someone with such patience… or stamina. Yes.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 22 Lying across the other man’s lap. “From demure to pure abandonment in the span of an hour. and beg. “I’ve yet to find someone to match me let alone outlast me. playing with every part of him except for the most vital parts as if he were an instrument. He could only do as the knight had proclaimed he would. Perversely the different sensations caused Licinius to buck in pleasure.” he whispered. Uncertain if he was stating the obvious or declaring his obvious disappointment.” He’d take that as a compliment. he used his index finger to circle one of Licinius’s nipples. He moaned more in complaint than pleasure. This time Licinius moaned in objection. His cock would have turned gangrenous by now if they had. With his other hand. Tears flooded his eyes but failed to spill as Crassius pinched each nipple. Licinius had nothing to say to that. Crassius chuckled. Crassius tightened the grip on his hair until the roots screamed.” Crassius said. dread.” Crassius told him. but seriously how long was any man able to maintain an erection? It felt as if they had been here all night. Licinius could feel that marvellous hard-on pressing against the curve of his buttocks. and it had nothing to do with how Crassius currently held him still.” Next level? Shock. longing and hope all kicked Licinius’s emotions into a higher gear. “Tell me you want up and I’ll let go of you. I think you’re just ready for the next level of torture.

Just as Crassius intended the hard pinch to his nipples to hurt. He rolled the two balls together as much as the surrounding skin would allow. “and these. Crassius changed his grip. he pulled down on them as if he intended to separate the balls from the knave’s form. Licinius trusted Crassius spoke the truth. Licinius believed him. defiance rose up inside him. Licinius whimpered. His cock leapt but Crassius ignored it. his fingers encircling.” he murmured.” Was that threat or promise? As for trust. For now. Even so. “Of course.” he reached down and cupped the ripe orbs between Licinius’s thighs with his free hand. As much as Licinius resented it. That touch. His heart raced. He wanted to be defiant just “because. felt so good even though the ache spread outwards. “have been begging for my touch for some time. This kiss was not searing as the others had been. He would get . radiated into his guts and then increased. but this was a different type of use. his cock burned. Licinius moaned. even I have only so much stamina.” They weren’t the only things begging. he was a mess. Surely now. “I know just what you need. There was pleasure underlying it but it was a delicate balance. weighing his testicles as if he were examining fruit for purchase. that hand would move to his yearning. weeping cock? It didn’t. This kiss was to calm him. creating a vice between testicles and body. one about to tip over the precipice into agony when Crassius stopped. It was meant to hurt.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 23 It shocked Licinius to realise he didn’t want to be released. That pull was slow and steady but relentless. He clearly wanted Licinius to experience this other type of pain.” Unfortunately.” Crassius said. he welcomed the knight’s embrace. Licinius understood that. the heat of the man’s hand. His limbs felt shaky. He was used to men exploiting him. his body beckoned. Crassius chuckled. a sob escaping him even as Crassius gathered him up for yet another kiss. As for the rest of him. the knight fondled him. He very much wanted Crassius to continue. It hurt. His balls ached. “Trust me you’ll get what you long for and more. and despite hating him for saying it. as Licinius had just known he would… for now. With a tight grip.

Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 24 what he longed for… and more. That was partly what he feared. “First. I want you to do something for me.” .

Some made a joke. Some didn’t care if their slaves choked to death. He was a champion of controlling his need and even concealing it. He’d been right in his earlier assessment. From this angle. the strong hips. Crassius seemed able to take all the time in the world. It took Licinius a moment to nod. topped by a broad chest and weighty. “Do you know irrumatio?” Crassius asked. for the first time tonight more than a little afraid. Others considered it an act of debasement. No. Despite the dubious pain of pleasure prolonged. the rippling stomach muscles. what bothered him most was the underlying “meaning” behind the act. I’m not going to hurt you. Despite preparing for some discomfort. but he was more aroused than he let on. I just want you to do the best you can. Licinius looked up the long line of the knight’s body. That phallus didn’t jut so much as struggle to rear its heavy head. He could also see the man’s cock straining out from his body.Chapter Four On his knees. Had he paled? He swallowed. Irrumatio was something the soldiers did to some slaves. dependable arms. referring to irrumatio as a means of silencing someone.” The best he could? Licinius almost laughed. he had to admire the man’s endurance. Even among the adamite-knaves who were used to using their mouths as a way to bring forth pleasure. he had a marvellous view of the man’s muscular thighs. they understood that for most it was an act of dominance. he doubted Crassius wished to damage him. . “Don’t be afraid. but that heated gaze and the dark purpling of such a noble crown gave him away. Crassius had clearly seen the fear in his eyes because he said.

yet at the same time the look in the other man’s eyes sent shivers of excitement through him.” Mayhap it wasn’t a good idea to let the knight know that he’d guessed his thoughts correctly. his hand and hips working to draw the skin back and forth. “I mean none of it. and something darker that Licinius couldn’t put a name to. but with Crassius. “It’s a game. to point directly at Licinius. or was it just that others didn’t care? “So. to me. “Not your mind. as if he knew what Licinius was thinking. Did he always give so much away on his face? Was Crassius the first to notice. glowing purple. he felt no doubt and remained on his knees. Even as Licinius adjusted his position to bring his mouth in line with that offering of flesh and to tilt back his head to allow as free an access as he could manage. He nodded his acceptance even as his heart and cock pulsed in unison. Crassius grinned.” Crassius instructed. smooth and shiny. “I did say it was a suggestion. He wasn’t even sure he dared. No violence or violation. “I’m not suggesting this as a way to defile you or even as a show of power. there appeared to be no hiding such things. Just your expression. “I want you to enjoy this as much as I will. Crassius spoke up. Crassius pumped.” Crassius caressed his scalp. Crassius took his member in hand.” Crassius’s expression was a mixture of reassurance. his hand wrapped tightly around his dick. causing the hefty girth of his cock to jut out.” Although there was no reason for Licinius to believe the knight. passion.” Crassius said. “yes or no?” Licinius blinked.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 26 Once more. there is no violence behind my intention.” “If I didn’t know better I’d wonder if you can read my mind.” “You mean I can refuse?” “Of course you can but if you give permission then I want you to give yourself over to this. “Remember.” Fingers rifled through Licinius’s hair.” . “no matter how aggressive this may be. Droplets of excitement seeped from the slit. the bulbous head. aware that his expression surely exposed his shock.” That surprised him.

Crassius’s hips moved gently in comparison to what he had expected. he closed his eyes as Crassius wiped dew drops of desire against his lips. dragging his tongue along the underside of that solid length.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 27 Licinius knew that for a lie even before Crassius wove the fingers of his free hand once more into the pale locks of hair on his head. The pain helped. he was not as violent as to make Licinius fear he would vomit or . head pulled painfully into position. Licinius opened his mouth. Gagging. he was able to catch sight of Crassius’s face. Glancing up. he desperately sucked in air before the thrust forward cut off his breathing once again. Licinius tried to accommodate all that he could. he experienced an echo of the knight’s feelings and he suddenly wanted to give himself over. hang on to what he had always known of his life here. He would have slavered the head but the rhythm wouldn’t allow for it. but loved it on a level beyond Licinius’s understanding. Used to less-forceful fellatio. pumping easy. He loved what he was doing. Even so. The roots strained once more. Licinius closed his mouth. A pause ensued. Rather than fight. As Crassius withdrew. Which one of them stood truly dominant instantly blurred on that one bright thread of understanding. Crassius drove deeper. He even twisted his head a little. allowing him to breathe. A gag reflect ended in an abrasive cough and even that cut off as in response. but even as Crassius held his head in place and presented his erection to Licinius’s lips. A moment later thick hot meat filled his mouth. at first he had to fight the urge to gag. The knight was enjoying this. forming a perfect “O” with his lips. He had said yes when he’d had the power to say no. Grabbed by the hair. though Licinius knew not why. Wanting to suck. Licinius had no choice but to open his mouth. took a deep breath. he couldn’t cling to anything he’d known before this night. faster. Licinius began to experience a certain pride in meeting each of the knight’s thrusts with equal compliance. Crassius let go of his cock and pushed in deeper. seeking a better angle. but as aggressive as Crassius’s movements were. True. Some perverse part of him wanted to do so. He tried to remember his place. The touch went away.

He’d fully expected Crassius to spill down his throat. hands forward. For true irrumatio. “Enough!” Crassius pulled away.” Orders. Licinius swayed. Chest heaving as much as the knave’s. His head buzzed. Which of them did the knight now perceive as dominant? He tried to keep the pleased smile off his face and knew he failed. he couldn’t help the small pleasure it gave him to see Crassius stumble. Although he felt closer to the knight than any other man who had ever come to his bed. he should have done nothing but kneel there passively and allowed the knight to use his mouth. When things got too much. Licinius concentrated on resisting the natural convulsions that threatened at such an intrusion. Licinius couldn’t help the rebellion that once more rose up inside him. Crassius gasped out. finally pressing down against the floor as his body gave itself over to the brutal gasps for air he so desperately required. If his expression bothered Crassius. accepting each thrust. and relax his throat. Breathe. Licinius once again gave over control to Crassius. his breathing ragged. letting Crassius do all the work. his chest heaving. Pressure built up in his chest as if there was a weight upon it. Licinius could hear the hissing breaths Crassius drew in and expelled out through gritted teeth. He became aware of the smooth push and pull of the other man’s hips. the knight wasn’t about to let him know or simply dismissed it. Bend over. When he’d breathed enough to give his heaving lungs a rest. but Crassius certainly saw . Mouth and throat fucked. His reward came when the grip on his head relaxed then left him completely.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 28 choke on saliva. His body screamed but breathing was impossible. He made a monumental effort to hold his breath. He didn’t know what expression he had on his face. He was elated as well as feeling disappointment. “Now for what you need. Even as his senses began to clear. He would soon pass out. hands and knees.” “On the bed. Crassius even let Licinius wrap one hand around the base of his penis to help control the thrust and depth. Despite the harsh noise issuing from his abused throat.

he had been happy to do so at the time. but he did! Licinius had taken orders to do this.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 29 something. The quivers of sensation shot up into him. Yes. Now Licinius did a mental check. Crassius’s lips pressed hard against his. Crassius couldn’t mean to… Oh. devouring. teeth and tongue down his spine. as tiny tickling licks fluttered over his buttocks moving swiftly in toward that most intimate cleft. . cupping his chin. bunching the blanket into a twisted representation of such sweet torment. Those large hands gripped Licinius about the head. but he’d never known how it felt. lifting him straight up on his knees. “Now comes the part where you cry. expecting a hard. When you come. The kiss was demanding. you would beg. He was going to explode in an instant just from that feeling. He’d worried if the knight who would come to him would be clean. He braced his body on all fours and waited.” Licinius blinked. devastating. hands stroking over his shoulders. He’d never felt something so incredible. this saucy kiss. He remembered exactly what the knight had said. The reaction of the one receiving was usually so wild. you’ll cry. before I was through with you. Crassius stared down into his eyes. sob at your side. he had and yes. the recipient swiftly lost in bliss. “I promised you. but now… oh sweet… Licinius gasped. crude pummelling. cried out. Even so. He’d never understood why. You’ve done that and were happy to do so. he’d enjoyed giving this kiss if he was attracted to the knight in question. Tilting his head. and then to his feet as he’d moved to obey. blazing a trail with touch. although he already knew how well he’d prepared his body and mind for this evening. He was as clean as any person could be. to feel Crassius move up behind him. then fingers delving. profoundly through him. for he reacted. Licinius nodded as much as the knight’s grip would allow.” The knight made the last part of that sentence a question. At times. By the time it ended. Licinius went to his knees too shaken to do anything else. He snarled great wads of cloth into his hard fast grip. and I’ll share every tear with you. separating and finally… Oh merciful… He lost the thought. What he got was a gentle kiss on the back of his neck. A tongue dipped into the valley and Licinius gasped.

Wicked that tongue. Licinius was only too aware of his body tightening. and then the licks turned to sucks as well as licks. attentive. It hurt. some incoherent mumble. this knight. maybe more than it should . His body was open. He was turning into water. that rebellious kiss.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 30 He said something. slowly working his way back up to that craving orifice. that small orifice acting as a fuse and the knight’s tongue a burning taper. The knight was cursing though the swear words had nothing to do with anger.” he insisted and reaching forward he squeezed Licinius’s cock in such a way that the need eased even as the agony of waiting increased. The teasing round the rim pressed in.” Licinius gasped out. soon to melt as though he was a man made of ice. Now another hot solid heat began to ease into him. dainty tracings mapping out a delicate torture. The pressure back there increased. barely able to complete one whole word. “You can. “I can’t. As embarrassed as he was. That evil tongue took to flicking and plunging. to indicate how close he was to orgasm just from that sensation. The moment burned in his mind all the more poignant because it was this man. Nothing else mattered except that this feeling continued. in and out. detailed and precise. tongue flickering as a flame. He surely gaped in longing even as Crassius used his tongue as a diminutive cock. Licinius couldn’t believe it was happening and yet once again. hot and slick. drawing toward a detonation. intelligent with knowledge. back and forth. that set his hole on fire and seared him deeper than just from igniting his desire. Crassius then went down. Licinius felt too aroused to care. Short of blubbering. it came.” Licinius wasn’t sure either of them was certain he could obey the order.” he stammered. licked at those swollen balls. Crassius pulled back long enough to say “Not yet. though there was nothing frigid in the exchange. offering up a rambling entreaty for release. Behind him. “Pl-please. Only then did Licinius realise he was once again mumbling. and only then did Licinius realise the kiss had ended. Licinius was sure that secret opening fluttered in response. ready for pillaging. he didn’t know how to beg for relief. the knight’s tongue prying his body open.

His final thought before he passed out was that his eyes were wet from crying. Licinius felt that tight ring deep inside him pulse around the knight’s rigid length. begging. His devastation fed itself to the knight. His body too long tortured took him over the precipice. all the while holding him fast. gripping his shuddering body. easing him down even as he sunk toward oblivion. Crassius stopped both their movements. A curse accompanied every sweet pulse as the knight emptied into him. . There was no time for thrusting. His body was too busy opening. Buried deep. The last he felt was a gentle sweep of the knight’s thumb brushing over his eyelids. He moaned even as the knight swore.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 31 owing to his experience. and less than it might have done otherwise. Then all Licinius knew were Crassius’s strong arms enveloping him. swallowing the knight’s cock in the only other way it could.

They sold their bodies for a loan and then spent their nights trying to earn enough to pay off the initial advance as well as an income. “Circumstance. “Such as?” He didn’t see why he should answer the knight’s questions. feed his ailing mother. felt drugged. That was how young men came to work for the choosing house.Chapter Five “What brought you to this life?” What type of question was that? Licinius blinked trying to rouse his weary head. “And you couldn’t find… more honest employment?” Angry now. So far. My mother and sisters find work where they can. he’d had enough of this existence. but he couldn’t leave. they wouldn’t be so eager.” It was only the truth. His body replete. his gaze sparkling. “And you can’t find a lover you don’t need to pay for?” He rose up. Unlike him. . what did it matter? A thousand adamite-knaves would have similar stories.” he mumbled. I send money home to them. “My father died. his mouth split wide. That didn’t mean the experience was always pleasant. but then really. he’d never met a man like Crassius before tonight and would henceforth compare every man to him. Licinius found it easy to fight off sleep. In truth. Meeting Crassius had made this life so much harder. he’d only paid back half of his agreed bond. lifting his head to glare at the knight-errant. He sent home part of his earnings to sustain his family. sated. not until he’d earned enough to satisfy the choosing house. To his surprise the knight was silently laughing. and to keep his sisters from doing the very things he was contemplating even now.

I just wondered…” The knight’s voice trailed off. “Yes?” Licinius prompted.” Licinius glanced shyly at the knight’s eyes.” Crassius glanced around the tent. Indeed. You choose to hang brightly coloured drapes that look warm and seductive.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 33 “Easy now. perhaps you long to one day share .” That was true enough.” “Not so.” Crassius’s arms pulled him back down into his embrace. “I wondered if you had taken to it. Licinius wasn’t one of them.” “You know nothing about me. Some like it well enough and never want to do anything else. but you’ve done what you can to make this space not only inhabitable but also inviting. there were those who earned their reputations as whores. Can you find no other way to make money?” “Not so much so quickly. this way of life. A hand reached up to graze his face. Therefore.” The knight seemed to consider this. “As I intended. so you understand emotion and romance. many thought him too proud. I make no accusations. “You know I… enjoyed you. surprised at his own audacity. “You keep yourself and your bed clean. little one? Do you dream of not having to sell your body?” “Why do you ask? What matters it to you?” Once more Licinius moved to gaze down at the other man. “Granted. If you could not stand to leave it. I’ll rephrase. They enjoy experiencing a new man almost nightly.” he said at last. Crassius wasn’t finished. Even among the adamite-knaves. You responded to my touch without reservation. I suspect you long to share pleasure on a deeper level than most of your patrons are interested in. And I mean no harm with my questions. “Do you dream of a new life. “So do you like men at all or do you simply grin and bear it?” What could he say to that? “Yes and no. It’s a poor attempt. “Because I feel you are deserving and capable of so much more than this.

you read it but didn’t understand it. And these curls of course.” “The truth as known by only you. The point is the fact that you could read was partly what made you catch my eye.” Licinius shook his head.” Licinius blinked unable to hide his surprise. Yes. “You are bright. “Maybe I did read it. That gaze seemed too bright. Lowering his gaze was the wrong thing to do. ways that Licinius longed to understand. but Licinius couldn’t disguise his reaction. From what he had seen and heard of the knight.” No one had ever called him intelligent before.” “Naturally. “You read my family motto from my shield this morning. So what?” “Oh.” Crassius ran his fingers through Licinius’s golden locks. No one does. “Not the true meaning of it. chuckling. Don’t worry.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 34 love?” The lilt of the knight’s voice made it a question but Licinius could only stare. “and the bright.” Most took it as a vow against material wealth.” “On everything or the reading part?” Crassius’s gaze searched his. so calm. made out its significance and then wondered if it meant something more meaningful. he never rejected the accumulation of assets. He had read Crassius’s motto. quick intelligence in your eyes. Amor Sceleratus Habendi meant “Accursed love of possessing. You can read when many of your class cannot. he had done that. but that didn’t seem to apply to Crassius. and the thought of spending another four years in this service made his soul quail.” “Really and what else caught your eye?” “The fact that you took time to think over what you read and to search for the truth of the motto. He was of a higher intelligence than most of the other adamite-knaves. . Crassius continued. A knight’s shield bore his coat of arms. I saw your lips murmur it and you frowned and looked lost in contemplation. “You’re mistaken. all knowing. his family crest or motto.” Crassius replied. so relaxed he appeared rich in other ways. yet the man was so confident.

he could expect a smaller share. it would likely take him another four years instead of two before he was free. The truth was after four years the local authorities could put an adamite-knave out on the streets with little more than he had arrived with save his share of his earnings if he hadn’t squandered it. they had no such obligation. Free.although officially the church did not condone or have anything to do with such goings-on -. something Crassius voiced now. Those who tried to sell themselves on the streets. In just a few days.had to take care of any knaves who fell ill. if one’s features were desirable. Some who spent too much on wine and other vices never managed officially to clear their debt. but it didn’t stand to reason that he should have to put up with his abuse.” A bond was for four years or that was the lie given. What then? The future of a “tainted” man was dubious. or had it stolen. You are more fitted for another life. He could only hope to keep his . Licinius had another two years to term in order to pay back his bond.” “What use it is to tell me things I have the knowing of and yet can do nothing to change?” Licinius allowed his anger to show in his voice. Once the four years were up.in order to save to pay off his original bond. “You know they set a higher interest on your bond after the first two years?” “I know. Mayhap this knight had a point and even understood his suffering. During that term the church -. One could remain in service for longer.which he couldn’t do -. “How much of your term have you served?” He didn’t want to answer but he suspected the knight already knew. “Two years. “See. One could remain… if one’s body was still presentable enough to provide service. sent it all home. Two years served.” There was no point in lying. but with no guarantees of treatment or protection.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 35 Indisputably. but that wasn’t quite the truth. the knight saw this in his face. were not free until the authorities rejected them. and if he didn’t stop sending money home -. the authorities burned alive for the very thing they condoned when they were able to partake of the wages.

“Amor Sceleratus Habendi.” . his heart throb in agony.” he repeated struggling beneath that weight and bulk that even now made his body pulse with longing.” What did the knight mean? Why say such a thing? Why gaze at him as if he saw something beautiful? Licinius stopped struggling. Licinius had to ask. the tone of his voice. Those dark eyes gazed at him. Accursed love of possessing. Crassius said that very thing now.” “What?” “My motto. He didn’t want to. This time it felt as if Crassius struggled with some decision. I…” Crassius hesitated. I don’t mean to hurt you. Maybe more to you than any other who has suffered my attentions. studying. “To make you see possibilities should they present themselves.” “I know. unable to fly free. Tears threatened and he fought them valiantly. Once more Licinius experienced the strangest feeling that the knight was thinking. “Fuck you. “You’ll be my downfall.” As much as he believed him.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 36 looks well enough for employment in the house of a licentious man who liked to grope him in every darkened corner. “What future have you except as a rich man’s whore?” “Fuck you!” Licinius tried to pull away only to have the knight’s amazing strength bear down upon him. It applies to you.” “I don’t understand. hush. although he knew not why. “Why?” It was all he could ask. You read it.” The knight tried to calm him but Licinius still fought. “Why then? Why ask questions to which you already know the answer? Why torment me with a glimpse into my worthless future?” “Hush. but soon they spilled. Fingers played gently over his face. all of this made him want to give in. In Crassius’s gaze. he lay as an insect pinned. to fall into the knight’s embrace. “Hush. The way the knight held him. to accept his comfort.

He only cared for this. Crassius smiled down at him. and like the first time. “Rest easy. “When we wake we’ll share pleasure once again. Crassius widened the spread of his fingers until Licinius moaned in abandonment. He was open and wet. Every moment spent with this knight only showed him what he was soon to lose. as if he meant it. He pushed back.” At once. The shock of the violation made his body fight the intrusion even as his desire soared.” Crassius said.” Crassius murmured.” Wish? What use were wishes? See what they got him: longing for something that could never be. He chose to ignore his earlier reluctance. I’ve given you only glimpses into who I am. Would that we had more time. I don’t understand you. sleepyhead. “Um… hmm.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 37 Despite his mixed emotions. “There.” As much as that sounded wonderful and certain parts of his anatomy quivered or leapt for joy. that Licinius swallowed. *** “Wake up.” was all the sounds he could manage. Something . In reply.” Crassius stroked his face. “Slick and hot.” Crassius instructed. Licinius couldn’t think of anything to say that his body wasn’t speaking of already. that’s better.” The knight sounded so plaintive. Licinius was lost fully to understand the knight’s meaning. driving the intrusion deeper. wishing that very thing. “Only because I’ve not allowed it. “I think another finger. “Still not talking?” Crassius chided. “I see you wish the same. and so a second finger swiftly followed without resistance. He didn’t care. He gasped as it slid inside. another digit forced his entrance to widen. those distant thoughts of what he was to lose and ideas of refusing. circling. Licinius laughed though the sound was somewhat rueful. “You know for all my apparent intelligence.” Licinius opened one eye but even before he did so he became aware of a finger prying at his hole. and wanting to understand a man who talked in riddles. Licinius almost wished it was within his power to refuse.

ending in another tease. Crassius filled him up. Unlike Crassius’s heavy tool. A strong arm caught him around the waist. I take it?” Licinius nodded. Licinius wanted to know. Even the mild pain that ensued chased back his erection. To his horror. Licinius was backing up. “You mean this. Even before it crossed his mind to wonder what his patron might want of him. his cock jutted out. his crack tight against the knight’s groin. Every pull out drew breath between his teeth in a hiss.” Crassius whispered in his ear. “Eyes closed. The entry was slow but easy. Whatever the knight . a small spur of pain shot through Licinius. teasing with Crassius pulling out just enough to rim the entrance with his smooth cockhead before plunging in slow and deep. Even so. Licinius could hardly complain when the knight had done such intimate things with his tongue. it did nothing to lessen the moment. Every push in pulled a moan from him. pulling Licinius up onto his knees so that his back pressed against the knight’s chest. Licinius couldn’t tell which he liked more. the steady pull out or the push homeward. and yet. Even though he was stretched and needy. forced him back. or maybe because of it. nice. Licinius could only turn to his other senses. “I have plans for this.” Giving himself over to darkness. Without sight. He heard Crassius’s breathing turn up a notch. rising up pointing like an arrow so that when the knight used a finger to press that organ downwards it bounced back to smack against Licinius’s stomach. just like last time. “Close your eyes.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 38 larger pushed into him.” Crassius commanded when Licinius tried to look. Crassius didn’t touch him there. Crassius managed to keep them in place even as the position forced his cock in deep. His cock was hot and throbbing. there was only feeling. With a steady pressure. The fucking was slow. unable to speak. “Why won’t you touch me?” Crassius chuckled. Despite the difference in their size. That somniferous voice danced with notes of delight. long and slender. The withdrawal was just as slow. Licinius gasped to feel Crassius withdraw and then slap at his testicles a few times.

He’d seen such things before but they were rare. and although he hadn’t given permission. whether the man sounded wistful. Licinius only felt excitement. to concentrate their efforts on those who had hired their services. He felt wanted. He feared that if he grew hard while wearing such a contraption it might prove impossible to get it off but he quickly saw this wasn’t the case here. the focus of this man’s attention. he’d never felt as if he was a slave. his cock filling the confines of the cage. and not just an object. That exhilaration amplified when Crassius stroked his hair and asked. His cock lay encapsulated in a cage formed from metal and leather. he backed up the pummelling with small slaps. It didn’t feel as if that was the reason here. The feeling was enhanced when Crassius whispered.” Now he couldn’t tell if Crassius was asking how he felt about that idea. “You look so beautiful in your suffering. Fingers threaded through his hair. “Little slave. me. or if he made a statement. your master. then Licinius was pleased to do it. His cock was soon straining. little slave? Do you mind being my little slave?” The emphasis was on the “my” and breathed into his ear. As much as the choosing house owned him for now. the slaps made him grow hard at once. “This will keep you from enjoying yourself too much until I’m finished with you. Instead of keeping Licinius from hardening.” the knight murmured but despite the feeling that he should feel insulted over the use of such words. he could only stare at his . “Do you mind that. If it aroused Crassius. “My slave. shivering down into his mind. Gazing down the length of his body. Licinius opened his eyes and looked. The design meant that the cage would fall apart into two halves and if all else failed one could loosen or cut the leather strips to divide the sections. That strain swiftly built into an ache. little one.” Now. as Crassius thrust in and out of him. firing up his body and filling his soul.” Crassius moved around behind him. They were usually used to make young men such as him work extra hard. That surprised him but it was the truth. A slave to Crassius or to Crassius’s desires: now that was something worth contemplating. he clearly found it arousing.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 39 was about to do. He gasped once more when he felt something slip over his cock and click into place. alighting in his heart.

he gave himself over to pleasure . “I spear ye. some fundamental understanding.” “Maybe I’m your master.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 40 cock. Where had this man come from? How had he found him? Had they sought out one another? Worse. in other ways. Licinius barked out a laugh that died in an instant. He was asking for something deeper. immediate attention.” Crassius whispered teasingly. a cold thought lanced throughout his being turning his anguish into a shout of sound: how could he go back to living the life he’d lived before tonight? The pain of loss made the ache in his cock pale by comparison. a family crest. but this was not the same as his couplings with men who chose to ignore his cock or give it a hasty fumble. Licinius moaned. “I knew you would respond like this. “I knew your appetite matched mine. Now to give you what you need. flexing. A hand encircled his throat as though it were a noose.” Licinius understood nothing of what the knight said. Slave yes. the “little slave”might have laughed. As it was. lips to his ears. to the right master. Prepared to hang by such a touch that promised so much more. “Little slave. could grant release or withhold it.” This time the whisper brought forth no anger. That Crassius controlled his desire. incoming. nuzzling him. It was not to be. how it struggled to rise further to brush against his body. If only they had time… His cock demanded urgent. and yet he instinctively knew that tonight was merely a glimpse into the pleasures such a man could and would share with him.” Crassius said. “Who are you?” He wasn’t asking for a name.” He spoke in a low tone laced with promise. breath puffing against his face. surprisingly excited him. and yet. and if he hadn’t backed up his words with an impaling thrust of his cock. He twisted in the knight’s embrace. pulsing with need. Licinius closed his eyes. spiking into Licinius’s body in one stroke. he did. Slave for a night to awakening desires he could put no name to but feel throughout his entire being. Needing this was something he had never imagined. at how it rose despite the weight of cage.

still Licinius did nothing to plea for an end to this. Why was he letting the knight do these things to him? It certainly wasn’t because he had paid. This was nothing as simple as someone tying him. his backside burning. Mayhap his body would explode from the torture before he couldn’t bring himself to call for cease. pain mingled with so much pleasure he could no longer tell which part of his body ached or burned. no more to flow within his veins. the knight seemed to know. May I? Licinius couldn’t imagine why he would refuse.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 41 mixed with pain. Crassius turned his attention to playing Licinius with his hands. Despite the awkward angle. Inside. Having rushed toward his imprisoned cock. soft curling swirls culminating in small bites short of painful. his blood congealed there. and this time he wasn’t asking whether Licinius found him desirable. his body fluttered. When Crassius tilted him back to lean against him without any other direction. decisive sweeps of his fingers followed by scratches and ending in digs. trapped. So much for intelligence when your body was one aching. He should be afraid to hand his will over to another. He was asking. pulsed. and utter peace. contracted. Against his consent. motionless. but if one was willing to do so. He should have been afraid but he wasn’t. “You like?” Crassius asked. Part of him was frantic. Another part of him hung outside of time. Licinius already bathed in the afterglow of Crassius’s strange kind of love. Meanwhile. Was it truly his body or his mind that smouldered? He wanted to tell the knight that he was almost mindless. pulsing need. the knight’s lips and teeth working as did his hands. He was asking whether Licinius liked the things he was doing to him. That was what he instinctively felt he should fear. suspended. Licinius turned his head for a kiss. As in everything. experiencing utter contentment. They’d hardly begun yet may as well have been nearing the end. This man was asking to torture him with pleasure and with pleasure too long withheld. His cock aching. He did. tightened as though it would happily squeeze every drop of desire out of Crassius’s cock. was that person truly out of control? . their mouths met. Licinius’s body had to do the work.

his hole full. He existed “within” his skin and yet as something separate from flesh. “Smiling as you cry. He didn’t care. He wanted to feel good. he repeated the exercise as he pulled out. the ache refused to ease. A flickering tongue drank them down. lingering at first as though that small opening in the knight’s cock bestowed the larger entrance with a kiss. it felt as if every other part of his body swelled. yet part of him had gone beyond the mere experience of pain. He’d never felt so achingly. He was crying but he knew not why. A small fear broke through the storm. If he grew any harder. He went unharmed. essentially trapped in skin and flesh with an unearthly need. Crassius set his lips against Licinius’s neck and sucked in flesh even as he entered. for then that velvet-head pushed in again. “Please fuck me. He was bereft for a moment only. “You’re smiling. painfully aroused and yet they weren’t doing anything. binding. Crassius’s arms surrounded him. They knelt. his cock denied. As tight as the cage on his cock. Maybe he cried knowing that this was only a promise of what pleasure the knight could wring from his body if they only had the time. If he went on like this. Even so.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 42 The thought was too much to contemplate and too distracting. Maybe with knowledge of what the dawn would bring. and he would have fallen face first into the bed if not for Crassius’s arm around his waist. Was he? Quite possibly. The knight’s movements were so slow they were antagonizing. would the cage cut into him? His body fought the constriction but could only lose. Licinius mused as how he would bare a necklace of marks come morning. Odd that discomfort and such vibrant aching need should make him feel good. . His body snapped. Maybe with need. so full.” Fingers took up his tears. His cock deprived. pressed together. The burn inside him eased as the knight’s cock left him completely.” Licinius begged and against his neck. Crassius’s chuckle vibrated. The knight finally began to move. as solid as the metal of the knight’s armour. Moving his mouth along a little.” Crassius breathed into his ear.

yet his body wasn’t listening. Licinius lost his mind. clawing his way back to the surface to find Crassius had toppled him over. Dragged to the edge of the mattress.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 43 When the knight made no move to speed up the process. it wasn’t enough. demanding. he was afraid to orgasm. each stroke cutting him. “Now. wrapping his tongue around Licinius’s aching helmet. He shouldn’t allow a mighty knight to lick a lowly adamite-knave’s cock. He rode the knight’s staff. and yet his cock remained as caged as his thoughts. . If only there was time for Crassius to fully teach him and free his mind. The chuckle cut off as Crassius angled his throat and took Licinius in deep. Just like the saucy kiss. It would be so explosive he would feel pain. burning. Crassius gave Licinius another new experience this night. fill his willing body with hot seed. He didn’t understand and yet he did. knees bent. yet for all he knew it could have been a cry of ecstasy or despair. He lingered on a precipice. No knight did this. lowered his face. Licinius cried out as though injured. His hips lifted. dissecting his heart. pushing him deeper than even his starving body was quite prepared for. Despite his desperate need. rolled him onto his back. Crassius curled his body. There was simply no option. this time the movement even deeper yet slick. Crassius chuckled and the vibration went through his flesh like an earth tremor. His body. He was stunned that Crassius happily suckled. he screamed. unable to voice the shock of sensation. his groin was an open “v” in which his cock hung free. The only thing Crassius could free was Licinius’s cock. What? No! Oh! Devoured! In his head. He yelped yet still arched. Yet he had to climax. no longer able to function independent of his need. cling onto him. heels pressed back toward his buttocks. aching with need. He bucked up against the knight even as Crassius pushed forward. shuddering. The “little slave” shook. Even as he frowned in question. When he felt the knight spasm. slicing into his mind.” Crassius said loudly and pushed home. betrayed him more than his words had. fearing the strength of his longing might undo his mind.

As if he needed to taste salt of another kind. It wasn’t a climax so much as giving birth to himself over and over. but that wasn’t the reason his vision blurred. Crassius eased him down though Licinius knew not . Licinius would have dragged his cock from his lover’s mouth and finished it off by hand if he hadn’t known he would wail to pull away from such a sinful. His sweat even snaked over his lips and past his teeth until he tasted salt. knowing tongue and throat. He blinked. Beyond desperate. easing it with his spittle and gently stroking tongue. each sweet pulse tearing something out of him. please. He was mindless in a sense. Crassius’s throat worked like a greedy man’s. Crassius swallowed. It was too much. only a few bright sparks of thought concentrating entirely on his lust. Crassius turned up the suctioning. moist heat. another lick. Would it never end? He wanted it to and yet he never wanted it to stop. another squeeze. trying to clear his eyes of the sting. Crassius milked him with his throat. watching Crassius’s head bob up and down between his legs. almost screamed. So it seemed. drawing out the last drops and Licinius’s agony with it. Your pleasure is my pleasure. his testicles swelled. Keeping that softening member in his mouth. making him less as well as more. please. He was sure of it and yet seconds passed and he was still here. his cock throbbed as though something unspeakable was trying to work out from within.” The litany fell from his mouth like pre-cum. and still begging with every little twitch and turn of his body. swallowing so that Licinius cried out. another suck. holding it. pulling. Even as his cry turned into sobs. The salt of his sweat ran down his face as he stared down the length of his body.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 44 “Please. Now Licinius’s cock pounded along with his heart’s rhythm. His hips jerked. his need for release. sucking that burning cock into tight. closing his throat around that erection as if he didn’t need to breath. He couldn’t believe the knight went down on him. A few seconds more and he would go insane. Squeeze. something far more destructive than semen. The sounds that issued from his lips now were one long howling groan. He moaned through the ivory gritted bars of his teeth for fear that he might bite through his tongue by accident if he opened his mouth. still writhing.

his heart beat a shuttering. He was free. at his side always. the knight’s lover.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 45 how. As he had learned. . His whole body throbbed now. As soon as Crassius released him. dreams were sweeter than reality. he dreamt. drumming melody in his chest. Licinius turned to dreams.

still smelled of the knight’s musk. he noted he lay naked beneath the blanket. He cast a glance at the other side of the bed. That wasn’t the only ache of which he became aware. He shivered in the morning air. He was alone and both the knight and the knight’s belonging had gone. The yearning in his cock and arse intensified it. The longing in his heart sat like a rock in his chest. He moved to his knees and stared around wildly. Not now. He needed to pee. Throwing back the blanket.Chapter Six When Licinius woke. Licinius lifted it to his face and sniffed -. He wasn’t mistaken. but maybe things were easier this way. The man’s scent as well as the sex they’d shared permeated the tent. What the… Licinius tore his gaze from the confinement to take in his surroundings.yes.even the lightest touch caused his cock to lurch and swell a . The bedding was still ruffled and the blanket -. He was fooling himself. Licinius discovered he once again wore the cock cage. No. Licinius blinked. and yet even as he thought it. he immediately saw the knight was gone. aware that the temperature outside would be less temperate. Sitting up. but examining it gingerly -. He needed to remove this thing. After the sex he’d had last night. his cock flexed like a traitorous bastard. Don’t you dare! He sent the unspoken command down to his dick. He at once mourned Crassius’s leaving but it was the way it had to be. It might have been nice if the good knight had waited until he awakened or shook him from sleep to say goodbye. Looking once more down to his lap. He was flaccid. No way. he doubted he would be able to get an erection for the rest of the day.

Otherwise. but this time the knight had fastened it around his balls as well as his cock.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 47 little -. “This tent has been passed to another for use. The officer didn’t take the cue. the officer would have been back and there would be nothing left. Licinius scrambled to his feet as soon as the tent flap fell back into place. “I would have thought you packed and out of here by now. how was he supposed to keep sending money back home? How was he to keep the landlord from forcing his family on to the .” His bond… paid? No! Oh no! Forgetting that his cock lay imprisoned in a cage. The commanding officer from the choosing house glanced into the tent. but doing it himself and all the time his cock hardening.” “Paid?” He shook his head confused. He had no idea what the officer meant. Bet you didn’t think what was to become of you now. He couldn’t believe Crassius had done this to him.” Licinius blinked. the tale would be around the town by nightfall. he found the notion arousing. glancing back. He would find everything confiscated.” He paused once. You have until I return. Oh yes he could! This was just the sort of thing Crassius would do.he could see no way to get rid of it. Wake up. By the time he returned. If he needed to seek out one of the other adamite-knaves to help. left waiting… Someone pulled back the flap of his tent. and then I’ll drag you out of here by your hair and flogged out of town into the bargain. “I don’t know what you did to persuade such a man to pay your bond but more fool you. seeing as you’ve paid your bond. He dressed with haste and then collected what few possessions were his including his coin stash. He couldn’t afford to leave them here while he went to the choosing house to argue his case. He could only hope they believed he had nothing to do with the payment of his bond and would retain his services. He was sure he could remove it. “Stop dallying. it wouldn’t be easy. He’d been so flaccid upon waking it was a wonder the thing stayed on. Thoughts flashed into his mind of his body bound. He’d never live it down. and Licinius only had just enough presence of mind to flick the blanket over his lap to hide his predicament. and perversely as much as the idea bewildered him.

The more distance he could put between him and those who would happily hang him as fuck him was fine by Licinius. He knew what would follow as well as they did. Having inadvertently made things even worse for himself in his desperation. He quickly saw he could cut through the straps as long as he remained flaccid but he needed to push his balls through the tightly formed loop to remove it completely. When he hadn’t been walking during the last hour. When he could ignore the urge no longer. They would not hear his plea and it was only when they threatened him with the stocks and a public flogging did he give up contending his case.but it was difficult. Hadn’t they discussed it only last night while the man held him in his arms? To think soon after he’d knelt with the man’s cock stuffed up his arse. . Worse. and he still had to remove the cage. his cock in the very cage in which it lay in now. Licinius glanced up and down the road and. his hairs caught and he flinched. He couldn’t yet he did. he’d been at the choosing house arguing. the church could order his execution. to get you off. That didn’t stop his needing to pee.he could not wait even to try to remove it before relieving himself -. Licinius had subsequently lost no time heading out of town. bending over. He managed with the cage in place -. Better to hold him up as an example against ingratitude. That reminded him. Even as he made his first attempt. Without protection. seeing it clear. “Right. They would rather kill him than take him back into service even if they believed he’d had nothing to do with the payment. his body reacted in surprising ways to the pain. His erection was not currently a problem. turning his head. and the knight had still done this. headed off the path behind a tree.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 48 streets? What manner of employment could he possibly hope to find and what would become of him? He couldn’t believe that Crassius had realised what he was doing. The choosing house viewed anyone paying off their bond early as ungrateful and held no qualms playing the hypocrite. treated him so abysmally.” he said to the cage and set about trying to figure out the best way to do that.

conceding he might have to lose a few hairs in haste. “You’ve ruined my life!” Licinius screamed. Tucking his member back in his breeches. and he was stepping out onto the road before he thought about it. There was more light in your eyes by the time I’d finished using you for my pleasure than when I first set eyes on you. what use does it serve to pay off my bond. taking a few deep breaths before trying again. While he plucked up his courage. use me for your own pleasure. fighting the despair that welled up inside him. with rage. There’s more life in you now.” “How dare you!” Licinius couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “You!” Licinius snapped. he became aware of another sound. ignoring the young lad sitting at the knight’s side who was his squire no doubt. The driver of the carriage spied him immediately and pulled back on the reins. he paused. to my bed. easing the two horses in front to a stop. and then dare to criticise the way I live?” “You weren’t living. in your anger. Another more magnificent animal brought up the rear. but your eyes lit up when you saw me. “How dare you… you… you…” Oh. You can glare at me all you like. Its black skin gleamed dark like the hair on its owner’s head. What he saw made his jaw drop. glowering. tied by its reins to walk in tow. a carriage approached. “Only four years before it would have been ruined anyway. glowing almost. than there was when I first stepped into your tent. “Even if that’s true. “You come to me. he was lost for words! He stood at the side of the road. leave me nothing but a vagabond?” “Are you saying you can’t go home?” . Crassius’s only response was to raise an eyebrow. That was not life. Such fine stock was too good to pull a carriage. Horses on the road and the sound of something else.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 49 Swearing softly.” Was that true? As angry as he was. He swallowed. He wanted rid of the cage but maybe he could cadge a ride. if it wasn’t ruined already. Licinius peered out from behind the tree. The horse’s eyes appeared to twinkle with equal amusement. the knight’s word dampened his temper.

Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 50 Licinius shook his head. “Did they not tell you to wait for me?” Licinius shook his head. you were nowhere in sight. I was further delayed finding which road you’d taken. The officer in charge was rather annoyed.” “Way?” What on Earth was the knight talking about? Crassius stepped down from the carriage. “If you had let me finish. Licinius was shocked to see the young lad was grinning.” Crassius glanced at his squire and then handed the reins to him. bewildered. Why does that surprise you?” . I left note that you were to wait for me by my carriage. Then by the time I went looking for you. My mother and sisters will welcome me but…” “Well that’s good --” “They’ll welcome me. No one had said a thing. The knight raised his hand and brushed his fingers along Licinius’s face. or that I would pay out such an exorbitant fee for nothing?” “I don’t…” Crassius came up to him. his indignation flared but before it could fully blaze.” Licinius interrupted. I don’t mean that. not understanding.” “You meant to take me with you?” “You sound shocked.” “As you’ve already told me. “Did you think I changed your life on a whim? Did you think I had no sense of responsibility. I should have expected as much. I did what I did to pay their rent. but when I got there. “Ah. “No. I heard you’d already headed out of town. “but unless I can find some other type of work that pays half so well. I was trying to tell you that it’s a good thing your family will welcome you as that will make it all the more simple to pick them up on the way. they’ll soon be out on the road with me. the knight continued speaking. Licinius looked to his face. Was the squire making fun of him? Once more.

Crassius had paid his bond and meant to take him with him.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 51 “I…” Licinius swallowed. Master and slave? The last time Crassius had said that… No. his body a line of heat that beckoned.” Crassius purred. yet who is the master and which the slave?” Licinius stared at him. I think we can settle things nicely. little slave. Marcus. “How does that sound to you?” . Crassius stepped in closer. “Accursed love of possessing. “Mayhap you own me. He didn’t have the strength to push the knight away.” “Us?” “Me and my squire. I now own a large estate. “Little slave. Licinius slapped his hand away and paced off a few steps before turning back. and I have a home and gardens to run.” Those dark eyes twinkled. still grinning. his face tightening in a frown. but what makes you think you can own my family into the bargain? What do you want with them?” “Only to help. I’m not just any knight.” Crassius boomed out. my little knave.” Crassius ordered.” “For how long?” “Ever and ever. turning his head to smile at the young lad still holding the reins.” “Quite the nobleman. I know you’ve heard of my good fortune with the king. “And I? What will I be to you?” Crassius once more touched his face and this time Licinius let him.” he whispered.” the young squire piped up. It couldn’t be. You can travel with us. That sounded fine but why and exactly in what manner? “You paid for me. “You and your family need gainful employment. “Be silent. Master and slave. You and I will share each other’s pleasure. “I never spoke of what I longed to possess. but there was no malice in his voice. I have fought my last battle and will take to jousting when I’m not playing the landowner. Crassius couldn’t mean… “We suit each other. You… own me?” Licinius made it into a question.

” “It’s as true as you requiring help to get out of that cock cage without damaging yourself. Licinius.” . Marcus can see us on the way while I take care of you.” Heat rose to his face even as Crassius laughed. but he took the good knight’s hand when offered.Sharon Maria Bidwell A Good Knight 52 “Too good to be true. “Come into the carriage.

praise for her novels. thus crime. horror. and several books now available.K. A garden has always been her oasis even though it requires almost as much work as she puts into her stories.Sharon Maria Bidwell Sharon is a writer from the U. She gave her website the title of “Aonia” for in Greek myth that is where the muses lived and with numerous small publishing credits. and slipstream. when not fretting over her latest story. adventure. who. are themes she uses in any combination. the muses have definitely found a home at Aonia. gothic. fantasy. frets over the fish. Her work often crosses genres. frogs and newts that live in the pond she never wanted that came with the house that she otherwise longed for. erotica. fairy tales. romance. action. .