Name:________________ Poetry Follow Up

Read, “Under the Ground” three times practicing your fluency and expression. Then complete the follow up below.

Under the Ground
What is under the grass? Way down in the ground, Where everything is cool and wet With darkness all around? Little pink worms live there; Ants and brown bugs creep Softly round the stones and rocks Where roots are pushing deep. Do they hear us walking On the grass above their heads; Hear us running over them While they snuggle in their beds? By: Rhoda Bacmeister

1. What question can be answered by reading the second stanza? a. How does it feel under the ground? b. What lives under the ground? c. What is making noise above the ground? d. What grows in the grass? 2. In which word is the “ly” used the same way as in “softly”? a. lily b. jolly c. safely d. safely 3. What is the MAIN IDEA of this poem? a. It is wet under the ground. b. Worms live under the ground. c. It is dark under the ground. d. Different things are living under the ground. 4. Search and find a synonym for the following words: damp ________________ crawl ______________ 5. In the last stanza, what are the things underground are doing? a. walking b. sleeping c. pushing d. running 6. Put the following words from the poem in ABC order. stones snuggle softly wet worms walking

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