Name_______________________ Theme 10, Week 2: Skills Assessment 1.

What was Nathan’s father’s favorite thing to do when he was young in the story “Fireflies for Nathan”? His father liked to visit his grandparents. His father liked to catch fireflies . His father liked to catch butterflies. 2. Why were the bears afraid to divide the cheese? They were not allowed to use a knife. They were afraid the other bear would get a bigger piece. It was time to go home. 3. How did the fox trick the bears? She ate most of the cheese while she pretended to help the bears. She grabbed the cheese and ran away as fast as she could. She threw the cheese away. 4. What does it mean to be greedy? always wanting to win wanting more than your fair share hungry and thirsty 5. Which word has an r-controlled vowel ? red rust car 6. Which word has an r-controlled vowel ? farm free rip

7. Which word names the picture? high horn horse 8. Which word names the picture? fork forest free 9. Which word is an adjective (describing word)? loud walk bear 10. Which word is an adjective ? fox sad cheese Comprehension Skill: Making Predictions Read each passage and predict what will happen next. 11. A woman cooks soup on a stove. Her family comes to the table. They sit. They will eat the soup. They will go to bed. They will play. 12. Kids play at recess. The bell rings. The kids freeze until a whistle blows. They keep playing. They line up. They run home. 13. A girl takes out her AR book. She reads it three times. She passes the test. She keeps the book. She hides the book. She exchanges it. 14. A boy puts a leash on his dog. They go outside. He looks both ways. He walks his dog. He walks his cat. He goes to bed.

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