Era 1 Brave New World 1492-1754 Chapters 1-5 Era Problems 1A: At the time of the columbus contact in 1492

, Britain is not a dominant nation. How, then, does it emerge as the lasting power in North America by the 17th century? 1B:Are the three British colonial regions three seperate civilizations, or are they more one American civilization? "The foundations for the nation were laid during the colonial period. If this is accepted, then in studying the colonial period an important focus would be to idenify these foundations" (Kellogg, 35) Major Topics: I. Rising Exploration: Important because the desire for cheaper routes toward Asia in order to obtain spices without the heavy tolls of muslim middlemen causes eventual European discovery of the North American continent in 1492 by Columbus. Important Terms: Crusades, Rise in Exploration, Columbus, The Great Biological Exchange, Treaty of Tordesillas. II. Native American/ European Culture Conflict: It is important to hold a fundemental understanding of the differences in values the two sides held. In addition, the events/conflicts that follow become representative of the contrasting cultures. Impotant Terms: Aztec Indians, Mississippi Valley Indians, South-West Indians, Mayan Indians, Cortez and the Spanish Conquistadors, Pueblo Revolt, (additional) Encomienda. III. Dawning of the Spanish/ Rise of the English: Turning point within hisotry, as the Spanish Empire is significantly weakened after a failed invasion of England in which the Spanish Armada was destroyed by a storm while crossing the English Channel. In turn the English fill the gap left open by the Spanish by establishing a prescene in the New World. Be sure to understand colonization of all three countries and their purposes (France, England, and Spain). Important Terms: Defeat of the Spanish Armada, Sir Walter Raleigh, Viginia Company, Jamestown, Head-Right System, John Smith. IV. Northern Englanders, a.k.a Puritan society: Understand the developments that led to colonization of the Northeren Amercian coast-line. Puritans belived in participation in society and analyze its effects on individuals, social trends, and political developments. In addition be sure to take note at the Religious developments/tensions that develop as time progressed. Important Terms: Prodestant Reformation, Puritans, Seperatists, Mayflower Compact, "City upon a Hill" (important), Bradford/Winthrop, Huctchinson, Half-Way Covenant, Salem Witch Trials, New England Culture and Life. V. The Middle Colonies: Understand the Cultural and ethic origns of each middle colony and their specific difference from the South and North: their moderatism. Middle Colonies practiced many American Ideals like

VIII. Bacon's rebellion. Chief Poniac/War. -Religion eventually loosens on colonial life. -Tabbaco becomes cash-crop of South. Important Terms: Great Awakening. Important Terms: Squanto. This in turn would lead toward other policies established by the American Gov like the Dawes and Reservations. VI: Colonisl Diversity. -Many English colonized privatly with encouragement from Gov. Southern Culture and Way of Life. Introduction of Slavery. Era 1 Outcomes: -Establishment of England as Dominant force on the American Continent. -Trend of pushing Indians farther inland. therefore dubbed the breadbasket. Important Terms: Stono rebellion.Freedom of Religion. Relgion in America: Analyze and. -Immigration to colonies other than English spurs diversity and an unquie "American". Indian/Colonist Relations: Understand that the indians relationship with the colonists is often a strained one in wheich invovled raids. VII. The trend exists in which switches from pre-destination to benevolant and loving creator. IX. compare and contrast the religion in English America from early colonization to 1754. -Seperation of State and Relion by Roger Williams. Religion in America. Indentured Servitude. Folkways. When referencing the South think economic gain and Aristrocracy. -Begginings of Slavery in America. King Phillips War. -Colonial political doctrines of self representation are held sacred. Glorious Revolution. In addition remember Georgia's purpose as a "Buffer". Virginia House of Burgesses. The Tabacco South: Realize the extreme difference within the social and economic and political developments in the South in contrast to the rest of the English Colonies. V. -Grain is main export of middle colonies. and manipulation on both sides. . --------> Overall Terms for IV. Also realize the South's turning toward slaves after indentured servitude and why this had happened. Structure/Patterns of Colonial Society. fighting.

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