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Done By: Omar Jasem Al-Marzouqi

ID: 1006175

Question 1)

First of all I would like to mention that what I have done is analyze the
British Airways performance since 2005 and the current year 2008.We will
see some changes that occurred whether it was in their return on asset, or
Revenue, Current ratio, Shareholder equity and other more. Bear in mind
that the number here are in £ million. Here I will be analyzing the British
Airways and showing you some diagram stating how is British Airways
financial condition, whether it is in good performance or no.

Performance Performance
for the three for the three
months ended months ended
June 30, 2008 June 30, 2005
Revenue 2,259 2059 6.1
Operating profit 35 176 -80.0
Profit before tax 37 124 -77.4
Profit after tax 27 90 -78.0
Net assets 1,955 1783 0.1
Basic earnings per
share 2 8.3 -80.6
Passenger revenue 7.10 6.09 16.58
per RPK

Total fixed asset 11336 8492 33.4
Total equity 3033 2465 23
Total liability 8652 7890 9.6

Financial Challenges:

As you can see here for the operating profit it decreased a lot, by 80
percent and that’s because consumer confidence were weak, and this

resulted in reduction traffic volumes. In addition to increase in fuel prices,
employee cost, engineering cost, Landing fees and en-route charges,
Handling charges and other operating costs increase due to costs linked
with the delayed moves to Terminal 5, cargo handling and trucking
charges, and the Stronger Euro, Accommodation, ground equipment and
For the revenue there was small increase because, the ratio of selling
costs/revenue was falling, and this prevents them in obtaining a great
amount of revenues. Asset is so far in good condition, British Airways is
always on time to purchase many Boeing Aeroplan in order stay in a good
financial position, because the more asset the greater return of money

You will see in this diagram, that so far for the performance over time,
British Airways are in an uptrend, with a 1.5 percent increase since
2005.So British Airways are in good condion,but they might still be aware
of economical changes, just like the financial challenges that was explains.

Tool Analysis:
Current ratio =Current asset/Current liability

(Year 2008) =11336/8652=1.31
(Year 2005)= 8492/7890= 1.07

As you can see there is increase in the current ration, that mean British
Airways are more capable the company is of paying its in addition to they
will also be able to turn its product into cash. But this may need time,
because of the challenges that they are facing now such as fuel and
terminal 5 and others. And increasing in current ration also indicate that
short-term liquidity has improved constantly throughout the period.

Return on Assets (ROA) = Net Income/Average Total Assets

In our case we will take Profit after tax because Net income mean income
after deduction, and here tax is the expense that is deducted.
Year 2008=27/11336=0.002
Year 2005=90/8492=0.010
Here in year 2008 the company is earning less money on their less
investment. The higher the ROA number, the better, because the company
is earning more money on less investment

Return on Equity (ROE) =Net Income/Total equity shareholder
Year 2008=27/3033=0.0089
Year 2005=90/2465=0.0365

British Airways here is less likely to be is capable of generating cash


British Airways is one of the largest airline, specially after some
acquisition and opening subsidiaries this will lead it to be one of the top
leader in the world capturing a huge market, thus being 1st largest
international airline.Offcourse dedicating to deliver world-class service,
whether in business class or econmomy.And lastly will be the highest in
financial growth, either for profit or stockholder equity.

Question 2)

In my opinion British airways to enter business only airline business is a
posisitive impact and best move. Airline's strategy to business class is
switching and would concentrate on business travel at the expense of the
cut-throat economy travel market. British airways move is to concentrate
more on the business traveler rather than chasing huge amount of
discounted traveler within the economy class. They even found that people
who want manage and organize their live and business affair in many

countries need peace of mind, and need a solution to transfer money
wherever they are

And what they did is had opened a subsidiary called Open skies, The first
step towards a freedom US-EU aviation market which mean that any
people now can fly anywhere where in US to Europe destination. and in
which they offer an incredible product packages and with a great value of
customer money. They are able to do that because they only got business
class passengers. In addition, there is a big gap in the market and demand
for their product .Every business man would like to have a great customer
benefit package. And business people are very big market. And the reason
they opened the subsidiary is to reduce the reliance on their Heathrow
Airport and that’s by taking off between the US and cities founded in
continental Europe

British Airways Subsidiary open skies will be traveling through Europe –
North America. and why is that ,is it because Europe-North America
international market is the largest air transport market in the world, And as
you can see that a large market to catch up with.

In this Subsidiary, British airways will be able to get a more profit than
ever before. What British airways did here, is they subcategorized the
classes into economy level, biz level, Prem + And they will be able to
benefit from a relationship with one of the world's largest and most
esteemed airlines to create a totally new, premium airline.

To meet the requirements of their increasingly discerning customers, some
airlines are having to invest heavily in the quality of service that they
offer, both on the ground and in the air. Ticketless travel, new interactive

entertainment systems, and more comfortable seating are just some of the
product enhancements being introduced to attract and retain customers.

British airways will also be able to appeal to prospective shareholders and
that off course by being more efficient and competitive. In addition they
will able to tackle their costs and improve their products, thereby securing
a strong presence in the key world aviation markets.

They will be having a unique culture in airline, in a way they are a very
customer focus, everything they do is driven by listening to customer, and
they act on it. Huge market will be attracted from such a strategy, in which
they will make their services different as possibly from any other airline;
in which it is really innovative, really different. And by providing
good product and value for money(good cost and stress free journey).

Another good strategy for British airways is purchasing the Lavion Paris
airline so that it works with their other subsidiary Open Skies, from Paris
to New York only. In addition to this , it will keep Open skies mission in
expanding the British airways, in operating landscape under the agreement
adopted by US and European union(open Skies agreement).British
Airways had to take this move ,because their business class had collapsed
after Silverjet airline took place in business class leader . And once both
Open skies and Lavion are working together, they will provide the best
experience benefit to customer, and thus increasing sales. And by then
they can provide more packages and privileges clubs. Both Lavion and
Open skies will keep hold of two products so diverse.

Such strategies will build be a great success as we build the strength of
British Airways brand, both US and Europe. In addition to it will enable

airline to grow faster and strengthen their base too. Both Open Skies and
Lavios will even let them compete on other international routes outside of
the UK.See buying Lavio is a great strategy, because there is a huge
market for such flight to Paris(attracting over 30 million foreign visitors
per year) and New York, and it is Lavion is the first business class airline
in French. So Having it and Openskies will have a competitive advantage
over others.

Question 3)

British airways so far is doing its best in order to stay one of the major
player in the global airline, in which it is are being more creative ,opened
to alliances ,and acquisition. See in order for them to be top player, they
have and must be in full potential to reach for any opportunity that is
waiting for them .Such as opening in new subsidiaries' to gain new niche
market. In which they will also concentrate on business class passenger,
offering them the best customer package, leading them to gain huge
revenues return. They always watch out for ways to minimize their

expenses and get a value for their money and shareholder money. Doing
so, leads them to cost savings, and finally making them to stay on the top
competitive the desire to stay on top in an increasingly competitive

British airways are always prepared; they always adapt their plan to
indicate the challenging conditions. What they have done is reduced the
volume in the winter arrangement without conflicting their network .They
also are rich with the flexibility in business in getting the most out of
when conditions get better.

In addition to buying many Boeing 777-300ERto reduce their expense,
because it is sais that these fuel will reduce their fuel about 23% and by
that they will get more profit leading them to be a the big airplane cost
saver and an environmental plane .These plane believed to be more
flexible in long run. This move ,will indeed place them to be one of the
major player in the airline, because what make a company profit is not
only generating profit ,but trying to reduce as much expanses as possible.

Even though there is an increase in fuel British Airways still know how to
manage that through adding extra charge on tickets sold. By that the
company is still in good financial position.

Merger with Iberia, was a brilliant move for British Airways, the reason is
they can add to their many year of success a relationship with a doubling
their efficiencies, teamwork and an outstanding network shape.

British Airways have also released Terminal 5, in which they said it had
been functioning well with more than 6 million passengers traveling
through it. They even carried on in implementing the Terminal 5 to build
an a nice feeling experience to customer, with a place to dine,relax,shop
and the most important is giving out real value to their customer . Terminal
5 have many advantages to British Airways in keeping them in which they
will be able to make things easier for their processes, guarantee faster trip
links. For example, now it takes only 20 minute to move off from the plan
and to get to other flight. Connections of flights occur in Terminal 5.And
this had increased the speed of transfer process, by eliminating out
needless walking. So here Terminal 5 do have a major role in keeping the
British Airways ahead from the other competitor.

Being creative as mentioned above, is other way British Airways are
trying to be. Creating an application for Iphone (Apple), in which it let
people to access real time schedule of British airways flights. They did
state, since the time customer use the Iphone the passenger number
doubled in one day. And that’s a nice strategy, because this move will
increase their sale. And by that day by day it will promote them to be the
top airline over the globe. As we all know first mover first advantage, and
British Airways was the first to launch such service, and so that will make
them unique from the others.

Along with Openskies strategy ,in which their target are business
passenger are one of the best move they have done, Here as explains
before, the OpenSkies will be available for any passenger to fly from US
to Europe in any city. In addition to Lavio acquisition, making them to

have double business airline, here Lavion will be delivering passenger
only USA to Paris. See this is a big market, here British Airways have
captured huge customer, in return for a big profibiilty sales.

In conclusion, we could see that all what it is done so far by British
Airways is for its own benefit and their shareholder. And by time British
Airways will be the most favorable airline and best airline ever. And what
make it a success is their hard work commitment to deliver values to
customer and shareholder.