Md. Musharrof Hossain Adjunct Faculty, Department of Business Administration Faculty of Administrative Science International Islamic University Chittagong.D.

C Subject: Submission of the internship research paper Dear Sir, I have the pleasure to submit herewith the internship research paper on the topic”Assessment of Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of GrameenPhone Ltd. in order to meet the requirement of internship as an integral part of the MBA program. Basically I worked in this paper to give a broad view”Assessment of Customer Satisfaction” in the context of GrameenPhone Ltd. The information used in this paper comes from various sources. This preparation of the paper was an experience which made me known a lot about the telecommunication sector. It would be a great honor for me if you require me to explain any sort of query. Sincerely yours, ………………...................
Hasan Mahmud Rumman Matric No-M-061327 Section-D



All praise to Allah, the almighty, and the merciful. Without his blessing and endorsement this report would not have been accomplished.

I would then recall my honorable faculty member and the Internship supervisor Md. Musharrof Hossain whose guidance and inspiration helped me completing my report on “Assessment of Customer Satisfaction” in the context of GrameenPhone. I would also put on record my sincere appreciation to the organization supervisor Yeasir Mahmood Khan, Manager, Customer Service, GrameenPhone Ltd. for his guidance and support in preparing the report.

This report also has the blessing of many individuals who took part in preparing the questionnaire survey who are the agents. Without the help and assistance this report would not have been accomplished.

I am also grateful to Customer Service of GrameenPhone to find out time from their busy schedule. I thank to my family members for their patience which they shown during the whole course work.

At last but not the least I am thankful to all of my class mates for giving us the energy during the course work and creating a learning environment.



GrameenPhone Ltd. - the leading organization of mobile telecommunication industry of Bangladesh is now operating its business all over the country with a subscriber base of about 13 million. The project is designed to assess the satisfaction level of GP’s subscribers. The hypothesis is “Present service quality has satisfied customer that increase the number of subscribers.” The organization is still growing rapidly and the present scenarios of the organization have been described in the Organization Part of this report. The initial Part describes organization’s mission, vision, objectives, products, services, market share, and industry analysis. The later part contains the essence of the report, describes the research problem, which is the study of the customer perceptions about the Customer service provided by GrameenPhone. In the data collection method I have used primary sources and secondary sources. In broad sense subscribers satisfaction depends upon many factors, like Internet speed should be faster, Product Tariff, Help line is accessible for the customer. Employee satisfaction is one of them. So management should concern about it.


Table of content
Letter of transmittal Acknowledgement

Organizational Part
Chapter: One Origin of the Report Historical Background of GrameenPhone Company Overview Shareholder of GrameenPhone Vision Mission Statement Objectives of the organization Corporate strategy Purpose Technology People Service Organ gram of GP Product and services Offered by GP GSM features of GP Other Important services and aspects Present State of GP Corporate Responsibility Corporate Business Strategy Achievement SWOT Analysis of GP Chapter: Two Telecommunication Industry Overview Telecommunication Industry in SAARC Countries 13-14 14 14 15 15 16 17 17 17 18 19 24-28 28 28-29 30 30 32 33-39 5-11 12-13



Telecommunication Industry in Bangladesh & Market share


Project Part
Chapter: Three Survey result on customer satisfaction Research reporting Presenting the Survey Results in Graphical mood Analysis of the Survey Recommendations Appendix: Sample Questionnaire Reference 51-53 54 41 41 43-48 49-50 51

GrameenPhone has been recognized for building quality service with widest network coverage, different services. It is the leading telecommunications service provider in the country with more than 12 million subscribers across the country while offering innovative products and services and committed after-sales service. GrameenPhone can retain this present position only when they do continuous research on customer satisfaction and alleviate the lacking. So for the greater interest of GrameenPhone I


Significance of the study The present study is worthwhile in various aspects. To find the potential areas for GP coverage and areas where improvement is required. To make recommendations Implementing the approach in professional life. Specific objectives: • Attaining a preliminary idea on GP’s approach: “In meeting the needs of rapidly expanding customer base in pace with the ever changing business environment in alignment with the vision & objective of the corporate”. All the mobile service providers are trying their level best to achieve customer acceptance with providing different services. understand and analyze the current level of consumer satisfaction of GrameenPhone subscribers regarding the customer service provided by GP. • • Market share of GrameenPhone Ltd. in this era of free market economy and competitive business. • • • SWOTof the Corporate in present market scenario. aktel etc) are doing their operation. Corporate therefore need to come up with new ideas for business development. However. They believe that after 5 years all of the telecommunication companies of Bangladesh 6 . it is very difficult to maintain this monopolistic approach without mitigating the day-to-day problems in the structural and operational segments and making demand-driven improvements. At present GP is controlling the communication sector with a huge lead of 63 % market share and the present yearly growth trend is more than 3%. In a competitive business scenario this trend is not only high. considering the consumers’ average earning level and the high call charge of GP.would like to prepare my report on “Assessment of Customer Satisfaction: A case study of GrameenPhone Limited” Objectives: Broad objectives: • To measure. So many mobile companies (banglalink. Nowadays unexpected competition is prevailing in telecommunication arena. it is remarkable.

a close ended questionnaire was prepared for survey. Primary Data Collection In this report I have used primary data that was collected through direct survey even though Customer Satisfaction is a vague term and can not be converted in numerical form to have any assumption on the over customers view.will be in a same row. There are few open-ended questions too and some questions are even a blend of open and closed-ended. Customer loyalty is usually demonstrated in the form of satisfaction. To know. WARID TELECOM which has already invested an amount of Tk. At that time their survival will mostly depend on the customer service and customer satisfaction. Hypotheses: Present service quality has satisfied customer that increase the number of subscribers. Methodology: In this report I have used both primary data and secondary data. However. research & continuous monitoring on customer satisfaction is inevitable. how much motivated they are. direct interaction 7 . The present study is going to aid the GrameenPhone management to ensure better service & understanding about the existing customer needs and wants. Considering the forthcoming business competitions from Global Leaders in telecommunication technology. present services are useful to the customers. can it actually retain customers and influence and attract other customer. 50000 million subsequent to that GP is going face the most challenging business situation in the communication sector of Bangladesh. Considering the near future challenges GP is more focused on securing a loyal customer base by assuring customer satisfaction to mitigate the business risk factors prior to the start of operation of WARID TELECOM. Moreover.

Errors Doing a research of such proportions may have resulted in errors. Secondary Data Collection Apart from primary data. However. Bulletin board and intranet of GP to find the annual company report. Information is collected through direct interviews with the subscribers. this 8 . The Sample Size is 100. Internal and External. Thereby. The findings of the paper would be analyzed through MS WORD.with the customers assisted to assume the over all feed back of the customer base. The Target Population is GrameenPhone Subscribers aged between 18-50. This potential error may be minimize by random selection of sample and avoid biasness on data collection and analyze. newsletters. direct interaction with the customers assisted to assume the over all feed back of the customer base. papers developed by company personnel etc. EXCEL and SPSS.The Sampling Frame is GrameenPhone Subscribers residing in Dhaka Metropolitan City. More over. Even though Customer Satisfaction is a vague term and can not be converted in numerical form to have any assumption on the over customers view. Secondary data are of two kinds. After we collect the required data I will do the tabulation and then analyze the findings from the research. Tabulation and data analysis Data are useful only when I analyze them. leaflets etc. secondary data is very essential for this study. Internal secondary data was gathered from the organization itself and it includes Image Guide Book. Limitation of the study: The scope of the study is not limited within the periphery of telecommunication sector. External secondary data was gathered by the sources outside the organization such as internet. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate word in revenue generation. a close ended questionnaire was prepared for survey.

These are – • • • • • The Study results might not be completely representative or all-inclusive as the survey area is limited to Dhaka city only. To-day most successful companies have taken the strategy of are raising expectations and delivering performance to match. The success of such companies mostly depends on the satisfaction of the customers . it presents an opportunity for companies that can deliver superior customer value and satisfaction. perceived company performance.The buyers are happy if the product and/or the services perceived value meet their expectations and the vice versa. if they raise expectations too high. It is very difficult to identify actual satisfaction level because some customers are price sensitive and some are quality sensitive. they may satisfy those who buy but fail to attract enough buyers. sales people. Depends upon the sensitivity customer satisfaction factors are different. So. the marketer main task is to match the product’s perceived value with customer expectation. buyers are likely to be disappointed. and customer satisfaction. Some subscribers were not interested to convey information due to lack of availability of time and other constraint. Customer usually build expectation level through past buying experiences. profit oriented organization. Dissatisfaction can arise either from a decrease in product and service quality or from an increase in customer expectations. Marketer must be careful to set the right level of expectations. In contrast. Highly 9 . The time constraint Customer Satisfaction: Actually customer satisfaction is a vague term. competitor information and promises lead to the expectations. various media information means advertisement. In either case. The Customers are in the mainstream of sales oriented services. It was not possible to get all required internal information of the company as these are treated as confidential to the company.experience can easily be customized in any revenue generating. Getting all required information of other company was not possible. the suggestion of reference group. Such companies track their customers’ expectations. If they set expectations too low. There are some limitations.

For the greater interest of Subscriber GP also introduced dialect base 10 . It is done through a research survey to find out the customer satisfaction level of GrameenPhone.satisfied customers produce several benefits for the company. Here focus on these step by step. When any problem is identified. Helpline: GrameenPhone has introduced some hotline through which Subscriber can get 24 hours customer service from GP. quality of airtime depends on the ratio of subscribers and transmission base station. Thus. Here focus on the most important factors that influence customer satisfaction. It the numbers of subscribers are increased without developing the network. Airtime: Air time is the core offering of GrameenPhone. it becomes easier to solve the problem. are the most important customer satisfaction factors. but it may result in lower profits. the purpose of marketing is to generate customer value profitably. Satisfied customers are fewer prices sensitive remain customers for a longer period and talk favorably to others about the company and its products and services. quality of airtime goes down After Sales Services: After sales services is very important in the mobile telecommunication industry. A company can always increase customer satisfaction by lowering its price and increasing its services. 1. there are direct and indirect factors that influence customer satisfaction. quality of communication network availability. It is also important for the company to know about the satisfaction level of the customers. So. In mobile telecommunication industry. In this hotline Subscribers can talk in Bangle and English language. etc. The next part of this paper has been focused on the “Customer Satisfaction Factors of GrameenPhone”. Customer Satisfaction Factors of GP: GrameenPhone is a fast growing mobile company. GP has extensive after sales customer care tools.

If the inquiry is regarding general information. After dialing 121. the subscriber just keeps the complaint/ request and later action is needed to be taken. In this dialect Subscribers are served in regional language.language. These after sales services are very crucial to keep subscribers satisfied regarding GrameenPhone. Customer need to pay TK. CM starts the conversation with a greeting. but the operations are done manually. edge problem etc. In some case. It is a computer aided information base to afford immediate access to the information about the subscribers. Chittagong. Sylhet. With the beginning of 2006 the company completed its ten years of 11 . Information Centers: Most of the problems of the subscribers are solved by the helpline service. In these information centers the subscribers can come directly with their problems like billing. Subscriber need to come physically to deal with those problems. The subscriber explains his/her problems to the CM. So. the customer relations officer does not need to take help of information system. 2 per minute to take the service from helpline. SIM change. 2. subscribers are first welcomed by an automated and standarilized process. GrameenPhone has 18 GPC and 602 GPSDs which provide services all over the country. is the market leader in the telecommunication sector in Bangladesh. Then he needs to wait for few seconds. These Customer Relation Centers are situated in the prime divisional head quarters like Dhaka. After that the subscriber reaches the Customer Manager. this service keeps a continuous relationship with the subscribers A GP subscriber needs to dial 121 to reach GrameenPhone Helpline. Historical Backdrop of GrameenPhone GrameenPhone Ltd. She/he just provides the information and the subscriber keep the phone. But there are some problems that can not be solved by over phone. address change. There are some queries that are much more personalized and the CM needs to get into the account of that particular subscriber to provide the service. Rajshahi and Khulna and GPSDs situated all most everywhere in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a developing country with a per capita income of US $ 300. In this socio-economic situation GP started their operation. Principally GP was established in 1995. customer service. the widest (GP) is the market leader in the mobile telecommunication industry of Bangladesh. GP is a joint venture between Bangladesh and Norway. GrameenPhone has almost 13 million subscribers as of January 07 and the present growth rate is 3. GP’s aim was to develop one GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) cellular mobile communications network in Bangladesh in competition with two other GSM operators and one AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) operator. However. This turn around time is also considered as one of the land mark in telecommunication sector of developing countries. the biggest subscriber base and more value added services than any other mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. Access to telecommunication was considered as luxury than a necessity. After ten years of operation.000 in seven districts. GP was not permitted to start the operation. 1997 with an initial customer of 5. 1996. GP started developing the infrastructure facilities in the country. It is now able to say that it has the largest network. 12 . 1996: GrameenPhone was offered a cellular license in Bangladesh by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. and coverage also in the rural areas at the most reasonable prices. to as many customers possible in Bangladesh. and started the commercial operation on March 26. The company achieved remarkable success during this period. March 26. The license agreement was signed on October 31. 1997: GrameenPhone launched its service on the Independence Day of Bangladesh. GP has a very strong competitive position in the telephone industry in the country. GrameenPhone: The Beginning 1 2 3 November 28. GP aims to provide the best possible technical quality. due to some revisions of government policy. GrameenPhone Ltd.

Company Overview Shareholders of GrameenPhone The shareholders of GrameenPhone contribute their unique. It owns 62% shares of GrameenPhone Ltd. Telenor have played a pioneering role in development of cellular communications.GP had its success from the very beginning of their operation and has successfully maintained the consistency of success through out the decade due to its strong customer’s service and relationship. TelenorMobileCommunications Telenor is the leading Telecommunications Company of Norway listed in the Oslo and NASDAQ Stock Exchanges. in-depth experience in both telecommunications and development. It has substantial international operations in mobile telephony. satellite operations and pay Television service. 13 .

supplies them with handsets and handles all service-related issues. Both are dedicated to Bangladesh and its struggle for economic progress and have a deep commitment to GrameenPhone and its mission to provide affordable telephony to the entire population of Bangladesh. is a not-for-profit company and works in close collaboration with Grameen Bank. The internationally reputed bank for the poor has the most extensive rural banking network and expertise in microfinance. administers the Village Phone Program. Grameen Telecom trains the operators. which owns 38% of the shares of GrameenPhone. with the help of Grameen Bank. Vision: 14 . Figure: Share holder of GrmeenPhone The international shareholder brings technological and business management expertise Share Holde De rs' tails Te nor le Gra e Te c me n le om 3% 8 6% 2 while the local shareholder provides a presence throughout Bangladesh and a deep understanding of its economy. Grameen Telecom. through which GrameenPhone provides its services to the fast growing rural customers.GrameenTelecom Grameen Telecom. in particular the women from the poorest households. It understands the economic needs of the rural population.

in collaboration with Grameen Bank. Thereby a massive network expansion can be located in past years of GP.Grameen Phone’s vision is “We are here to help” Mission: 1 2 3 4 Knowing customer expectations Satisfying Customers in accordance to the identified expectations Knowing us Organizing us Slogan: "Let's not expect the customers to travel to get the service rather let service travel to the customers" Objective of the Organization: The objective of GP is in two folds: To generate revenue & To contribute in the economic development of Bangladesh where telecommunications can play a critical role. As a matter of fact to ensure customer satisfaction GP has invested a huge amount in network expansion comparatively which is more than any other operator. The Corporate Strategy GrameenPhone’s basic strategy is ensuring services. In contrast to the “island” strategy followed by other operators. While the intensity of coverage may vary from area to area depending on market conditions. The preliminary step in assuring this service is wide network coverage in both urban and rural areas. cell after cell. is aiming to place one phone in each village to contribute significantly to the economic uplift of those villages through Village Phone. GrameenPhone builds continuous coverage. which involves connecting isolated islands of urban coverage through transmission links. the basic strategy of cell-to-cell coverage is applied throughout Grameen Phone’s network. The ultimate result is reflected in the following chart: 15 . This is why GrameenPhone.

Sylhet Rajshahi Dist: 16 Upa: 134 Dist: 6 Upa: 41 Dhaka Dist: 17 Upa: 144 Khulna Dist: 10 Upa: 66 Barisal Dist: 6 Upa: 41 Chittagong Dist: 8 Upa: 82 GP has largest network coverage with 61 districts out of 64 districts. 16 . 506 Thana indoor and highway coverage.

a service that leads to good business and good 17 . Thus. The recent fall in SIM taxes and taxes on mobile hand sets. Notably GrameenPhone has already added more 1000 base stations to its network in the last six months. producing – in about three years – the biggest coverage and subscriber base in the country. Anders Jenson added that the taxes need to drop even further as the initial cost of getting connected and price of handsets are still major barriers for new subscribers. All of them are well educated at home or abroad." the GP CEO added. with both sexes and minority groups in Bangladesh being well represented. currently used by over 300 million people in 172 countries. The Resource People The people who are making it happen – the employees – are young. bringing the total number of base stations to 4500. this investment was mandatory to ensure a satisfied and strong customer base. The Service: GrameenPhone believes in service. consumers get the best for the least. GSM brings the most advanced developments in cellular technology at a reasonable cost by spurring severe competition among manufacturers and driving down the cost of equipment. dedicated and energetic. According to Anders Jenson. it took 5 years for GP to cross the break even point. This is reflected in the interview of CEO of GrameenPhone with BBC World’s Asia Business Report. Technology GrameenPhone’s Global System for Mobile or GSM technology is the most widely accepted digital system in the world. They know in their hearts that GrameenPhone is more than just about phones. the CEO of GP. This sense of purpose gives them the dedication and the drive. "We are looking to roll out another 1000 for the rest of the year. And we believe in a good growth for the country and a good growth of this industry and we will invest to cover for the growth.Due to this huge investment in network expansion.

PROJECTS MD. Category CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER EMAD UL AMEEN LUTFOR RAHMAN Prepaid Smile M2M Postpaid DIRECTOR. isd incoming outgoing connectivity. Smile PSTN Smile PSTN is a pre-paid product with mobile-to-mobile. with which any one can move around the country with his GP mobile phone (within GP coverage). Any one can make and receive calls to and from all mobiles using Smile 18 . It has network mobility feature. COMPANY SECRETARYmobiles AHMED RAIHAN SHAMSI FARHAD F AHMAD (within GP coverage)HEAD OF INTERNAL AUDIT using Smile M2M Pre- paid. Any one can make and receive calls to and from all DEPUTY DIRECTOR. Anders Jensen MANAGING DIRECTOR KHALID HASAN DIRECTOR. NEW BUSINESS STEIN NÆVDAL-LARSEN CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER ProductSHAFIQUL ISLAM MD. ARIF AL ISLAM Smile M2M Smile M2M is a pre-paid product with mobile-to-mobile connectivity. S. REGULATORY & CORPORATE AFFAIRS FRANK FODSTAD DEPUTY MANAGING DIRECTOR KAFIL H. To assure complete satisfaction of the customers GP formulated a separate Customer Management Division which goal is to: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF GRAMEENPHONE LTD. Thus development and business go together. Telephony helps people work together. Here access fee and bill cycle is not applicable. raising their productivity. which in turn enables them to afford a telephone service. HUMAN RESOURCES Xplore Package 1 HEAD OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Smile PSTN Djuice SYED YAMIN BAKHT HEAD OF INFORMATION Xplore Package 2 DIRECTOR.development. FINANCE GPPP N K A MOBIN DIRECTOR. MUYEED DIRECTOR. This gain in productivity is development. generating a good business.

This phone can connect all mobiles within the home zone and all GP mobiles throughout GP’s coverage area as well as all BTTB fixed line telephone connections. It has National Roaming facility. It has 1200tk Commitment fee without vat. which was specially launched recently. Djuice Another popular product of GrameenPhone is Djuice. This phone can connect all mobiles within the home zone and all GP mobiles throughout GP’s coverage area as well as all BTTB fixed line telephone connections. It has 1000 Commitment fee. Here access fee and bill cycle is not applicable. GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) Features of GrameenPhone GrameenPhone subscribers enjoy the following GSM features without bearing any additional costs: Caller ID: Display of the phone number of an incoming call in from one’s handset before the call is answered. It has National Roaming facility. It has National Roaming facility. This product is mainly designed for the young generation.PSTN Pre-paid. This phone can connect all mobiles within the home zone and all GP mobiles throughout GP’s coverage area as well as all BTTB fixed line telephone connections. Call Waiting: 19 . GPPP GPPP is the prime post-paid products of GrameenPhone. Xplore Package Xplore Package 2 is the prime post-paid products of GrameenPhone. It is designed only for business purpose. Xplore Package Xplore Package 1 is the prime post-paid products of GrameenPhone.

One can send and receive text messages of up to 160 characters. Call Barring: Enables one’s to restrict certain types of calls to be made from one’s mobile. Call Conference: Receiving calls from multiple callers can be supplemented by joining these multiple callers so as to enable them to talk to each other. One can use this service even when you are on the move 20 . At that moment he/she can put the first caller on hold and talk to the second caller. This feature is especially important for security purposes. Busy or 3. customer will hear a special tone informing him/her about the second call on the line. Outside GP's coverage area or 2. It provides a subscriber with a personal electronic mail box in our voice mail center. Fax and Data Service (currently available only to corporate clients): One can use your mobile phone attached to a computer to send faxes or transfer data. Simply switched off your mobile. No need to have connection with a fixed line. Value Added Services The following additional services are available upon request: Voice Mail Service (VMS): VMS is a unique answering machine. directly from one GP mobile to another GP mobile. It records incoming voice messages if you are: 1. Call Divert: Call Divert lets you redirect or re-route one’s call to another GrameenPhone mobile or any other fixed (if you have BTTB connectivity) or mobile phone. Short Message Service (SMS): SMS in your mobile acts like an advanced pager. He/she will be able to communicate with a group consisting of maximum five callers. It records your personalized greetings as well as stores your incoming voice messages.While talking to the first caller.

You do not have to entail separate investment for WAP. Emergency. Portability. The possibility of having personalized services. 5. News. secure access to the Internet in text format through the mobile phone within the GP coverage area. and so on. Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Service: WAP provides easy. This value added service provides easy. 4. Fashion/Beauty. Very recently they have launched this service. Easy to use. convenient and efficient access to services. WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol. No need to have connection with a fixed line. Travel.within GP’s coverage area. Games/ Puzzles. Access to a wide variety of services on a competitive market. Fast. 2. You can also access your yahoo e-mail account through GP WAP service. All GrameenPhone users can avail the service provided who have WAP enabled hand-set and Data enabled SIM card. 3. This is a tool to access WAP-enabled information from the Internet through GP mobile phones. Fax and Data Service (Available only to corporate clients): One can use his mobile Phone attached to a computer to send faxes or transfer data. City Guide. Key benefits for a subscriber are of WAP: 1. 21 . Initially GP is planning to launch WAP service in the contents like: E-mail. secure access to the Internet in text format through one’s mobile phone within GP coverage. One can use this service even when he/she is on the move within GP’s coverage area. Entertainment.

Discount through SMS With Thankyou SMS Discounts. They will also enjoy exceptional service at all our customer touch-points. Thankyou Crown Grameenphone offers the prestigious Thankyou crown membership to especially cater to subscribers. because not only has your loyalty touched us but has also made us the preferred mobile operator. you will receive discounts and bonus talk-time for Post-paid and Pre-paid voice calls respectively.Thank you A Grameenphone connection is not just simply a mobile connection. it is the beginning of a new relationship. Inforev Limited a local ICT solution 22 . Thank you is our way of expressing our gratitude. based on a combination of your total voice call bill and the number of years you have been with GrameenPhone. Cell E-mail: Cell E-mail is a state-of the art Technology which offers e-mail service through SMS. Our thankyou program provides you with a number of rewards that will make your mobile phone experience with us even more satisfying. Shop with any one of our Thankyou Partners and send us an SMS (with the store code) at the cash counter to receive an immediate discount at the store. there are shopping surprises with every SMS. Discount on Voice Calls: As part of the Thankyou program. Thus providing a way to use email to the subscribers who don’t have access to Internet. Thankyou crown membership offers subscribers special personal service and care. But this offer is unavailable at this moment. Since the start of our operations in 1997. It possesses almost all the aspects of standard web mail and most importantly it is compatible with almost all GSM handset. we believe that a special relationship is formed with each new connection – a time-nurtured attachment that deepens with every call you make and receive.

Channel-I GP Information Services (2626): 2626 is Channel -I and GP information service whereby a subscriber can avail information on news. any one can 23 . Cox's Bazaar as well as various International Hospitals. with many more to come. A subscriber can call 2221 (Bengali)/2222 (English) from his/her GP mobile phone and listen to the latest news highlights. In respect to special sport's events for Ex. Singapore. A subscriber can call this number from his/her GP mobile phone and listen to Channel I program (daily) highlights. events of the day. transport schedule and horoscope. including Bangkok Medical Centre. Thailand and the Raffles Hospital. EDGE: GrameenPhone brings you EDGE an advanced mobile technology which enables highspeed mobile Internet and data services. which can be accessed by dialing 2002.Provider company is providing the solution on behalf of GrameenPhone Ltd. News Service (2221/2222): This is a news broadcasting service jointly provided by Prothom Alo and The Daily Star. Channel-I Program Schedule (2525): 2525 is a Channel -I Program schedule service. GrameenPhone updates the latest news. Event Based Sports Update (2002): This is an event based Sports Update service. you will enjoy special discounts at Seagull Hotel. Exclusive Discounts Enjoy a wide variety of wonderful discounts with your thank you crown membership at various exclusive local and International thank you crown partners. It is up to 8 Times Faster Than GPRS Benefits of EDGE: With EDGE. As an esteemed crown member. international and national Cricket events. You will also enjoy wonderful discounts at more than 200 Thankyou partner locations in Bangladesh.

1 2 3 4 5 6 Get Internet access any time. polyphonic tones. and have a great Web surfing experience Surf the Internet with super-fast speed from his/her handset Browse contents more easily on his/her mobile phone Send and receive e-mails through his/her mobile phone Send and receive multimedia (pictures. animations. remain connected all the time wherever he or she is. wallpapers. sounds. video clips.) Send and receive MMS (pictures. Once the call ends. Currently GrameenPhone has 311 International Roaming partners with networks spread across115countriesasofFebruary2007. wallpapers. animated logos. Subscribers of those Roaming Partner Operators’ can also enjoy network coverage and facilities of GrameenPhone while visiting Bangladesh. sounds) messages Download better quality content: high-quality ring tones. and themes that let his/her customize his/her handset in many ways. In addition. etc. songs. movie clips. color logos etc. videos. text) Download games. 24 . a GP IR subscriber can use and enjoy all the operators’ network coverage and other facilities (with whom GP has International Roaming Agreement). true tones. any one can also use his/her handset as a dial-up modem. Google. video and audio clips. his/her data transfer will resume automatically. 7 Receive telephone calls even while browsing. themes. Other Important Services and Aspects of GP: International Roaming About GP International Roaming: GrameenPhone has been offering International Roaming facility to its subscribers since March 1999. While traveling abroad. What are the EDGE services? GrameenPhone offers the following services: 1 2 3 Web surfing (yahoo. GrameenPhone is the first Cellular Operator providing this premium service to its valued subscribers and till today it is the only company offering International Roaming Service in Bangladesh.

allowing payment in a GP partner bank without a deposit slip. Tensionless traveling around the world 6. The barring will come into effect the moment the Credit Limit is exceeded. 3G and other types of operators as Roaming Partners. Once the total charges (billed or to be billed) exceeds the Credit Limit. A subscription will be permanently disconnected if the outstanding dues are not paid within three months of barring of the services. if any. However GrameenPhone also has some GSM 1900. It can happen any time after the Credit Limit is crossed. anytime without any notice Billing Format and Credit Policy: GrameenPhone Limited has its own billing format and credit policy. 1000 plus the amount of security deposit. Same mobile handset 4.5G. introduced from January 1. The service will be restored immediately after receiving the payment information. The corporate client of GP receives the total charges of all the mobile phones under the account on the first page while the details of the charges for each individual mobile phone are provided in the subsequent pages. The upper portion is to be retained by the subscriber while the two bottom portions are to be kept by the bank and GP respectively. But now. the credit limit of a subscriber will be equal to Tk.GrameenPhone is a GSM 900/1800 network and most of its Roaming Partners have GSM 900 or 1800 networks. Reduce high bill 5. According to the Credit Policy. Using the same mobile number 2. the connection will be automatically barred at any period of the month. Benefits of Roaming: 1. The bill has three perforated sections. This billing format describes the different types of charges. 2. Reachable at one number 3. GrameenPhone subscribers enjoy the new flexible credit policies and online banking service: 25 . CDMA. Move anywhere. The barring is not related to the monthly bills. 2000. with a “paid” stamp placed by the bank on all three portions.

GrameenPhone is bringing the revolution to the doorsteps of the rural poor and unconnected. contributing to the profitability of this segment. In collaboration with Grameen Bank.The Services provided for rural subscribers GrameenPhone believes in service. GP utilizes the bank borrowers to retail telecom services in the rural areas. a service that leads to good business and good development. By bringing electronic connectivity to rural Bangladesh. Service for the Rural Poor People: Establishing a nation wide network gives fair access to all geographical areas. Telephony helps people work together. generating a good business. raising their productivity. This gain in productivity is development. which provides micro credit only to the rural poor. This emphasis on rural coverage brings a much needed infrastructure in the underdeveloped rural areas. From a business point of view. this strategy serves the long distances as well as the rural markets. Village Phone Program The Village Phone program is GrameenPhone's unique method of bringing connectivity 26 . Thus development and business go together. Leveraging on Grameen bank borrowers reduces the distribution costs of GrameenPhone rural services. which in turn enables them to afford a telephone service.

a telephone also acts as an income generating mechanism for a borrower. and has the potential to penetrate the rural areas rapidly and effectively. This program enables Grameen Bank's borrowers to retail telephone service in their respective villages. Health Line: Health Line service is the most key concern service provided by the GrameenPhone. The process allows the poorest of the poor to stand up on their feet. It creates a self-employment opportunity in each village and provides access to telephones to all.000 from the Bank and purchases a handset and sell telephone services to the villagers. say.Standard and internationally used medical triage software -. a cow. GP subscribers will get medical information and services from Health Line medical call center. In the case of Village Phone. typically selects women by considering past borrowing records with the Bank.Pharmacy & Laboratory Information System software The hotline number for Health Line that will act as the "First Point of Contact" both for emergency and non-emergency medical needs of GP subscribers. Health Line is the Health Information Service (HIS) for the GrameenPhone (GP) valued the rural areas of Bangladesh. The cow would then produce milk that the borrower could sell to her neighbors enabling her to make a living and pay off the loan." A woman borrows about Tk 20. a telephone serves as another "cow. making a living and thus paying off her loan. Grameen Telecom. A typical Grameen Bank borrower takes a loan of Tk 6000 without collateral from the Bank to purchase. For this service GrameenPhone has got the GSM award. Product and Service: • • • • Doctor and Medical Facilities Information Drug and Pharmacy Information Laboratory Test Interpretation Medical Advice/Consultation (Member’s Only) 27 . Grameen Bank's arm for administering the Village Phone operators. Health Line program will deliver medical advice/consultation for both adult and pediatric patients over mobile phone using: -. There are 2144 Village Phones in operation today and soon thousands of Village Phones around the country are expected across rural Bangladesh.

758.000 Growth: 132% 5.000.GP’s present State: At 1997 March 26.000 Growth: 47% Growth: 64% Growth: 146% Growth: 219% Growth: 100% 18.000 SUBSCRIBER BASE (1997.362 Growth: 109% 4.000 1. After ten years of operation.000 Growth: 3% Growth: 94% 8.000.158 2.388.000.000 2.076.371 191.000 6.690 0 19 97 19 98 20 00 20 02 20 03 20 04 20 05 20 06 19 99 20 01 Year 28 20 07 .542. 12.531 Growth: 67% 774.708 10. From 1997 to 2007 market growth and customer base can be shown in the follows figure.000.000. GrameenPhone has almost 13 million subscribers as of January 07 and the present growth rate is 3 & current market share is 63%.000 60.EOY January ‘07) 10.881 471.00030. 1997 GrameenPhone launched its service on the Independence Day of Bangladesh.

GrameenPhone has always considered Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to be an important function of the company. providing direct income earning opportunities to a large number of people and being one of the top corporate taxpayer in the country. The Program enables mostly poor village women to own a Village Phone subscription and retail the phone service to her fellow villagers while providing them with a good income-earning opportunity.The Corporate Responsibility: The shareholder of GrameenPhone believes that “Good business is good development”. It is administered by Grameen Telecom in cooperation with Grameen Bank. the internationally renowned micro-credit lending institution. Along with providing telecommunication service to almost 13 million people. GrameenPhone has an extensive CSR program. GrameenPhone has developed a very strong CSR program over the years. some of which are highlighted below: The Village Phone Program of GrameenPhone is a unique initiative which provides access to telecommunications facilities in remote rural areas where no such service was available before. Since its inception. 29 .

The company takes an active interest in spreading IT education through both urban and rural schools. Over the years. Moreover. National Poetry Festival.GrameenPhone supports a number of national socio-cultural activities including sponsoring the national book fair (Ekushey Boi Mela). GP has also restored the exterior of the historic Old Railway Station Building in Chittagong as per its original architectural design. It has sponsored a scholarship fund for the poor and meritorious students of the Finance and Banking Department of Dhaka University in cooperation with the Finance and Banking Alumni Association. GP has also donated 16 computers to two schools for underprivileged children. Premier cricket league etc. A donation of BDT two million was made to the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society’s earthquake preparedness and awareness program. GP was actively involved in helping flood. GrameenPhone supports the Acid survivors Foundation and a project for austistic children by providing supports for their education and improvement of earning ability. GrameenPhone also sponsors the President’s Cup Golf tournament and other sports events. GrameenPhone builds continuous coverage. The company actively participates in the city beautification program initiated by Dhaka and Rajshahi City Corporation and supports improvement of the traffic systems in major cities. It has also sponsored the national under -17 team. The Corporate Business Strategy GrameenPhone's basic strategy is coverage of both urban and rural areas. GP has donated more than 100 computers to a number of mostly rural schools. Children’s art competitions. During the floods of 2004. and other events.affecting people by donating and supplying medicine. While the intensity of coverage may vary from area to area depending on market conditions. cell after cell. benefiting thousands of poor students. GrameenPhone actively participates in development of cricket in the country and is presently the official sponsor of the Bangladesh National Cricket Team. drinking water and arranging health camps. the basic strategy 30 .

GrameenPhone had expanded the resources and extended its services in accordance to its inclining customer segments and needs as a mandatory requirement: Resources Vs Customers Subscriber (Figure in '000) No. To assure Customer Satisfaction.of cell-to-cell coverage is applied throughout GrameenPhone's network. 2007 among them prepaid subscribers are 12248824 and post paid subscribers are 31 . 0f Employee Base Station Roaming Partners 2002 775 695 500 127 2003 1.2 0 50 00 93 64 2002 2003 2005 June'06 Year Achievement: GrameenPhone has been recognized as the market leader with 12832374 upto march 29.200 795 590 199 2005 5000 2100 1515 275 June'06 9634 3953 1750 317 Resources VS Custom rs e 18000 16000 14000 Inclining Ra tio 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 75 7 10 .

Ministry of Post and Telecommunication. As a key tool of analyzing internal and external environment of the company almost all the companies of modern age frequently use SWOT. is brining the digital revolution to the doorsteps of the poor and unconnected. Grameen bank borrowers are engaged in a business by providing valuable phone service to their fellow villagers. world famous institutions like IMF. This is the great achievement of GP. National Board of Revenue (NBR). Besides this. By bringing electronic connectivity to rural Bangladesh. This capital is about 4000 core Tk. senior lender etc. Now people are able to get communication benefit from GrameenPhone. Strength: Capital Grameenphone was started their operation with huge amount of capital mainly invested by the shareholders. Good Owner Structure GrameenPhone has the best owner structure in the telecommunication industry of Bangladesh. have sanctioned loan for GP. opportunities and threats is SWOT. Grameenphone is going to enter into capital market to ensure more investment. Bangladesh Telephone and telegraph Board (BTTB) and Bangladesh Railway (BR) are Government bodies that are directly or indirectly benefited by Grameen Phone Ltd. As a telecommunication service provider GrameenPhone Ltd. which is operating in different 32 . World Bank. For them mobile phone is a weapon against proverty SWOT analysis of Grameenphone at a glance The overall evaluation of a company’s strengths. plays a very important role in the economic development of Bangladesh. Telenor is one of the largest company. In fact. weakness.583550. It indicates a strong capital background of Grameenphone. The Capital size is $191 million.

GP has installed network in 61 out of 64 districts and 506 thana in the country. Effective Support Organization GrameenPhone have shared the idea from the employees of Bangladesh Railway and Grameen Bank. In every day the network is being developed. Market Leader GrameenPhone is the first organization in Bangladesh. So. This is a huge advantage of GrameenPhone. There is a contract between GrameenPhone and Bangladesh Railway that GP will use this network for the next 25 years. Again. the people are being used to with GrameenPhone. which has the better communication all over the country. GrameenPhone is opened to receive new ideas. They always involve in active participation in decision making. This advantage enables GP to set a Nations Wide Network in a very competitive cost. in Bangladesh. Grameen Bank is one of the largest NGO. That’s why the company can provide better connectivity in most of the area of the country.574 Motivated Employees at different age groups are involved in doing different operation in Grameenphone. but they were unable to reach the general people. we can say that Grameenphone has a dynamic management team that consists of expert from both home and abroad. Active Management Team 4. Innovative For the continuous improvement. who are experienced and were able to provide precious guideline for the operation of GrameenPhone. Optical fiber network GP is using the optical fiber network of Bangladesh Railway.countries around the world. They 33 . which have reached to the general people. Network Availability GP get the recognition as a market leader with almost 13 million for their emerging network coverage. So. Though City Cell had started their operation beforehand. This helps GP to always remain on leading position and move forward at a consistent rate.

These subscribers can avail this facility after fulfilling some requirements. Besides focusing on customers and communities. responsible and supported by the authority as well as by their colleagues. So. For the greater interest of Subscriber GP also introduced dialect base language. International Roaming GrameenPhone has inaugurated a new era in international roaming facility for GP post paid subscribers. The organization’s intent is to establish good working relationship through a mutual understanding of expectations. this service keeps a continuous relationship with the subscribers Face to Face Service GrameenPhone subscribers can get prompt and instant service from GPC. In this hotline Subscribers can talk in Bangle and English language. GrameenPhone believes in working in a team and demonstrate the team spirit to maximize and excel in standard quality service to their valued subscribers in the area of telecommunication. dignity and respect. High Ethical Standard To keep the quality of service. employees work in an environment where they feel valued. GrameenPhone is strict to follow its ethical standard. GP promotes international roaming with internet access. GPCF etc. they are committed to treating their employees with integrity. 24 hours customer services: GrameenPhone has introduced some hotline through which Subscriber can get 24 hours customer service from GP. Nevertheless platinum crown member subscribers can get better service 34 . GPSD. Currently GrameenPhone has 311 International Roaming partners with networks spread across 115 countries as of February 2007. Beside this. In this dialect Subscribers are served in regional language. THE CULTURE GrameenPhone has a conducive and safe working environment.continuously find new and better ways to serve subscriber through technology and service and have even introduced products that did not exist in the telecommunication industry previously.

stay at home. Network development problem Here mentioned that GP has an emerging network throughout the country. Maulvibazar. Incomplete Messages through Promotional Activities Most of the time. Habiganj. The pricing of these products and their billing policies are different which also difficult for a user to understand. Cox’sBazar and so on. some district’s subscriber like nohakali Netrokona. Suppose. Culture Gap In GrameenPhone management. Naogaon. It is always a problem to keep a consistent service in a situation of frequent development. some times there may be lack of understanding due to cultural gap. That’s why. Sometimes it creates problem because employees are used to with the previous strategy. can not communicate effectively in these weak networks. The Managing director is a Norwegian. Director from technical is Indian and many more employees come from different country. Laxmipur. Whenever GP offer a new promotion some valuable subscribers can not get connected. the advertisement of GrameenPhone do not convey the appropriate 35 . Pirojpur. Different Ideas create problem: In GrameenPhone. GrameenPhone has opened 18 GPC and 602 GPSD for providing face to face better service. Complicated Pricing Structure GrameenPhone has lots of products. Recently these subscribers are facing this problem due to 12 pm to 4pm promotional offer. employees from different country are existed. Weakness: Weak Coverage Although GrameenPhone claim that country wide network with coverage of 61 districts and 506 thana in the country. this is highly encouraged to apply new strategy for the better performance.

messages. Opportunities: Government taking steps Bangladesh Government recently getting the submarine cable connectivity. By using this. GrameenPhone is also delaying to solve those problems which is only raising the dissatisfaction level of its subscribers. there is a huge change in telecommunication sector. Not only that. Declining Prices for Handsets Few years ago the people of low income could not effort mobile phone services due to the high price of handsets. For example recently xplore subscribers and business solution are offered respectively 300 and 450 minutes free talk time for FnF number but they cannot active FnF number. Economic Growth of Bangladesh The economic growth of the country will increase the expansion of telecommunication industry. 36 . From 1995 to 2007. So GP has the opportunity to become the leader in the industry within the country. Now the price of handset has decreased and the low income people want to get connected through mobile phone. which brings dissatisfaction of international roamer. As a result subscribers get the wrong meaning of what has been said to them. Not only that. most of them are also so confusing to understand. Problem Contained Offers Recently all most all of the new offers of GrameenPhone are having some technical problems. No International SMS GrameenPhone does not ensure international SMS. people can brows & communicate with others people with very minimum cost all over the world. Either they are not working at all or part of the services of those offers is disabled.

Huge Demand for Telecom Services The market of telecommunication is expanding. New International Gateway As BTTB has established new gateway to connect internationally. Threats: More Rigid Government Regulations Government is becoming restricted for taking away currency from the country. AKTel and City Cell are planning to develop country wide network and take many promotional activities. GrameenPhone has a very good reputation in the country.New and Better Interconnect Agreement GrameenPhone is going to have agreement with T&T to have better connection from land phone. Land Phone: Bangladesh Government has already started to provide license to private sector to setup land phone. The organization has agreement with other operators like AKTEL. City Cell or BanglaLink to have better internal connectivity. this is easy for GrameenPhone to achieve the major portion of expanded market because of its leading position. Foreign Company are threatened because they may have risk to payback their investment to the country. So. Political Instability 37 . Banglalink. The government also put restriction for the work permit of foreign employee. So. They can capitalize this goodwill and take initiatives to enter the market of land phone. This may make hindrance to take current advantage enjoyed by GrameenPhone alone. Other existing operator Among the existing competitors. this is easy for mobile phone companies to provide services of ISD call and international roaming.

92 Number of 1.19 India 5.Political instability is another threat because. this is difficult for any multinational & national organization to cope with new policies. the telecommunication revenue as a percentage of the GDP is also low in Bangladesh compared to the other regional countries. If GP can utilize all the advantage properly and minimize the weakness & threat then GP can retain its leading position and can continue forever. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report.1 Maldives 16. Country Nepal Bhutan 2. Price War Recently this has become the most important concern for any mobile operator. In the above discussion it is clear that GP has huge strength and opportunity.9 4.34 Telephone per 100 38 .03 Bangladesh Pakistan 3. To remain competitive in the market. with the change of Government. Among the SAARC countries per 100 inhabitants Maldives has the highest tele density while Bangladesh has the lowest. that’s why the devaluation of Taka decrease profit from financial point of view. As the investments occurs in foreign currency. which causes of reduction of revenue. Devaluation of Taka The rate of devaluation of money is very high. operators have to reduce prices. policies are also changed. Telecommunication Industry overview Telecommunication Industry in SAARC Countries Bangladesh has one of the lowest tele-density and the lowest telephone penetration rates in the world and even in the South Asia.01 Sri Lanka 8. So.

particularly which of mobile phones. The concept of mobile telephony has become largely familiar and phenomenal in Bangladesh from the early 90s. is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy.9 49 .1 5 1 . There are five telephone operators in 39 . The sector.0 3 . But the emerging of new mobile operators broke the monopoly.3 N ep al India Sri Lanka Maldives Country Figure: Number of telephone per 100 inhabitants in SAARC countries.Inhabitant Source: GP Annual Report 2007 Num r of Te phone pe 1 0Inhabitant be le r 0 1 8 1 6 1 4 1 2 1 0 8 6 4 2 0 1 .1 2 3 .0 Bhutan Bangladesh Pakistan B hu ta n Ba ng la de sh Pa ki sta n Sr iL an ka M al di ve s In di a Per 1 User 00 14 . Telecommunication Industry in Bangladesh Mobile telecommunication industry in Bangladesh is in growth stage because still most of the people can not afford its high operating cost. In the early 90’s City Cell started the journey of mobile industry in Bangladesh. The growth potentials will continue to remain robust for the foreseeable future.9 6 2 Nepal 8 . In the first few years it was the only company in the industry and made the mobile industry monopoly. The telecommunication sector in Bangladesh is poised for rapid growth in the early 90s.

921 10. 0 0 0 GrameenPhone broke the monopoly and took the necessary steps to 3 0 19 98 19 99 20 00 20 02 20 03 20 04 20 05 20 06 20 07 19 97 20 01 Growth: 67% 471.89% Market Share Growth: 3% 12 .67% Citycell 4.388.0 0 0.37% Aktel 19.708 10 .0 0 0.0 0 0.Bangladesh at the moment.00 0 GP Aktel Banglalink Citycell Tele Talk Growth: 132% Warid 8 . of 0 . Tele-giant Orascom owned Banglalink and Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd (PBTL) & SingTel jointly owned “Citycell”.362 4 . 0But.00 0 77 .00 0 Growth: 146% Survey result on customer satisfaction Growth: 219% 2.0 0 0.076.00 0 Growth: 47% Growth: 64% 5.00 0 Figure: Mobile operators. The recent market shares of mobile industry occupied by different mobile company are as follows: Company Market Share GP 48. 0 0 06 0 .542.17% Tele Talk 2.158 In the early 90’s City Cell started the share (November’07) Growth: 109% 6 .17% Warid 5.371 40 Year . 6 9 0 1 8 . In the Growth: 100% 1 1 4 mobile 2 .0 0 0. 81 first few years it was the only company 4in8 the industry and made the mobile industry monopoly.0 0 0.00 0 Growth: 94% 11. 5 3 1 industry in Bangladesh. Among them one is Government owned telephone operator: Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB) announced “Teletalk” and the other four are privately owned companies namely Grameen Phone Ltd.758. 0 0 01 9 1 .73% Banglalink 19. Telecom Malaysia International Bangladesh (IMIB) owned “Aktel”.

the report has been presented in a written format. The telephone is a weapon against poverty. Research reporting Finally. GrameenPhone has increased the living standard. based on the analysis of the data collected. at last in conclusion of survey result it is clear that the subscribers of GP are satisfied. Thus. I come up with necessary recommendations and conclusion. They brought their big hand towards the poor and unconnected. So. GP still now is the only operator whose network coverage is country wide and is offering some unique services that’s why number of subscriber is growing gradually. GrameenPhone is the only mobile company in Bangladesh who not only concentrated on urban people but also village people. GrameenPhone also take active part in the social welfare. Grameen Bank borrowers who provide the services are uplifting themselves economically through a new means of income generation while at the same time providing valuable phone service to their fellow villagers. The findings from these questions have been represented below: 41 . In this way GP is contributing in the total GDP in Bangladesh. a significant part of the report has been presented in statistical measurements and graphs. As the research includes a survey on customer satisfaction. a series of questions were asked to the customers with the help of a questionnaire.connect the people in communication arena. For getting a moderate knowledge on customer satisfaction of the GP in figure.

45 years 46 years .50 years 3 ya –3 ya 1 e rs 5 e rs 1% 6 2 ya –3 ya 6 e rs 0 e rs 2% 0 51 years and above Years of using GP Connection (Loyalty Indicator) 42 .Presenting the Survey Results in Graphical mood S urve : Age Bre y akdow n 4 ya -5 ya 6 e rs 0 e rs 6 % 4 ya -4 ya 1 e rs 5 e rs 6 % 3 y a – 4 ye rs 6 e rs 0 a 1% 6 2 ye rs .2 y a 1 a 5 e rs 1% 4 5 ye rs a a e 1 a nd bov 4 % 1 ya – 2ya 5 e rs 0 e rs 1% 8 15 years – 20years 21 years .25 years 26 years – 30 years 31 years – 35 years 36 years – 40 years 41 years .

The EDGE service of GrameenPhone is very good Cus e Attraction to GP's Products tom r No 3% 4 Ye s 6% 6 Ye s No 43 .Loya of Custom rs to GP lity e More t n 5 Ye rs ha a 6 % 4 Ye rs a 4 % Le t n 1Ye r ss ha a 2% 6 Le stha 1Ye r s n a 1Ye r a 2Ye rs a 3Ye rs a 4Ye rs a Moretha 5Ye rs n a 3 Ye rs a 1% 0 2 Ye rs a 3% 0 1Ye r a 2% 4 1. I use GrameenPhone because it is the best: Custom r Fe dback on ove GP e e rall Good 6% Better than Others 1 2% S atisfactory 4% Below S atisfactory 0% The Be st Be t r t n Ot rs t e ha he Good Sa isfa ory t ct Be low Sa isfa ory t ct The Best 78% 1.

No 4% Ye s No Yes 96% 44 . Network Coverage of GP is the best.3. Different packages offered by GrameenPhone match with my convenience. No 24% Yes No Yes 76% 4.

Thank You partner. After Sales Service of GP is prompt.5.g. The extra benefits offered by GP e. Ye s 5% 2 No 4% 8 Ye s No 6. No 1 8% Ye s No Yes 82 % 45 .

GP helpline can address my queries and fulfill my needs. No 2 % Ye s No Yes 9 8% 46 . Billing rate of GP is Moderate.7. No 36% Yes 64 % Ye s No 8.

9. GrameenPhone concentrates on quality services. would you still be loyal to Custom r Loy e ality GP in Change Busine to d ss S nario ce No 34 % Ye s No Yes 66 % 47 . GP? If another company comes up with the similar offers. No 38% Yes 62% Ye s No 6.

GP has largest network coverage with 61 districts out of 64 districts. According to the 4th survey result 96% people use for its wide network coverage. GP has successfully covered satisfaction of the 90% subscribers. At last. its better than others. after that GP has almost 13 million subscriber and present growth rate is 3%. which is an indicator of customer satisfaction. Extra benefit offered by the GP like thank you bonus. missed call alert. 12% straight agrees to the point that. 82% subscribers are satisfied with present after sales service. Besides this presently GP is offering so many services that are desired by subscriber. 602 GPSD.Analysis of the Survey: The first question was a understated way of identifying the length of consuming the services which is an indicator of loyalty to GP. some active hot line. Thereby. GPCF and many other supporting desk. GP is high after sales service provider than other operator. 50% of the total subscribers have been using GP phone for more than 2 years. As GP has 18 GPC. pay for me etc that is able to fulfill their current need. maximum number of subscribers had chosen GP for the network coverage. The main 48 . As it could be observed from the above tables and the charts. For example. This concept had motivated majority (78%)of them to decide that GrameenPhone is the best. thank you partner also satisfy 52% subscriber. GP is offering. According to 2nd survey result. 506 thana indoor and highway coverage. it is seen that GP call rate is moderately high than other operator in Bangladesh. 66% people use GP because EDGE service of GP serve their present need in comparison to other operators.

49 . wide network coverage. In the SWOT analysis of GrameenPhone. After analysis all the findings I can come into the conclusion that GP still in the leading position for service quality that satisfy customer and results in increase the number of subscribers that I have mentioned in the initial portion. prompt after sales service.reason behind this success is only quality service. I have mentioned that GP is opened to receive new ideas. Nevertheless GP also provide some other facilities like international roaming. motivated employees etc. 24 hours customer services etc also responsible for customer satisfaction. They continuously find new and better ways to serve subscriber through technology and service and have even introduced products that did not exist in the telecommunication industry previously. than other operator.

Many are using EDGE service from GP. In broad sense subscribers satisfaction depends upon many factors. So it should not be. So management should increase human agent and channel capacity because it is the most crucial touch point. more information centers should be opened in all over the country. For greater satisfaction of subscribers in the long term. So management should concern about it. Sometimes for any activation it takes more time. As I think it is most promising aspect. Call rate of GP is high than any other operator. concern unit should be concerned about it.Recommendations Some subscribers complain that Helpline is not so easy to reach. call rate should be reduced. It may be the one reason of customer dissatisfaction. 50 . Customer information center is not sufficient yet. But some subscribers complain that they cannot use it properly and get less speed. employee’s satisfaction is one of them. So.

000 16.000 21. Your active participation will enable conducting the research work successfully.00025. The result would be used only for the preparation of internship report as required to complete MBA degree under the school of business. I use GrameenPhone because it is the best! 5: The Best 4: Better than others 3 : Good 2 : Satisfactory 1: Below Satisfactory 2 The EDGE service of Grameen Phone is very good Yes No 3. Network Coverage of GP is best. Yes No 4. International Islamic University Chittagong. 51 .000-10.Dhaka Campus.000 above Occupation: For How many years have you been you using GP? (Please give √ ): <1 1  2  3  4  5> Do you use SIM of any other Operator? Yes No If yes. Monthly Income: 5.000-15.000  30.Age: Gender: Approx.000 11. have designed this questionnaire.000-20. please name the other operator(s): _______________________ For conducting research on ‘Assessing Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of Grameenphone Ltd. Different packages offered by GrameenPhone match with my convenience. 1.

The extra benefits offered by GP eg Thank You bonus. Yes No 10. Thank You partner. GP helpline can address my queries and fulfill my needs. If another company comes up with the similar offers. Yes No 6. GrameenPhone concentrates on quality services. Billing rate of GP is Moderate.Yes No 5. would you still be loyal to GP? Yes No 52 . Yes No 9. After Sales Service of GP is prompt. Yes No 7. Yes No 8.

Reference 4.Senior Financial Analyst.BSHRM. Internal Infocube 3.http://www.Mohammad Adil. 2. ICMC.grameenphone.Md.President. 1. GrameenPhone Ltd. 7. Musharrof Hossain. DM. Customer Service.bttb. Telenor Portal Khaled Mahmud Raihan.Survey from the customers 5. 53 6.

54 .

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