Initial Consultation Questionnaire (Fill out the gray box for your answers and save before sending

) Company profile 1. Name of Company / Organization? TIP Mileage Team 2. Overall goal of the company / organization? The TIP Mileage Team aims to build a fuel-efficient, diesel powered, car that will run the farthest distance with the least consumption of fuel. 3. Who are your main target markets? What are their specific needs that the website can serve? Do you have secondary audience like job seekers, board members or supplier? Academic institutions, Hobbyists, Shell eco Marathon Asia Participants, Prospect sponsors who are willing to help the team, Shell Eco Marathon Asia Organizers. 4. Who are your competitors? (List of companies / organization and websites, if any) 5. Who are the decision makers on this project? Julius C. Cordero 6. Contact persons and details: Name/s: Julius C Cordero Primary (cell phone, email address, availability) 09056510547 Secondary (cell phone, email address, availability) Others (cell phone, email address, availability) Objective 1. What is the purpose of the website? What are you trying to accomplish? (Possible answers: e-commerce, information portal, online catalog, customer service) information portal 2. What do you want your customers to do/get on the website? All Team actions throughout the year, all activities that successfully promote the Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2012, its name, its founding principle, its educational aspects, etc. 3. How is the website supposed to help your business / organization? (Goals for the website in relation to company / organization goals. Increase sales? Brand Awareness? Launch a new product or service?Others?) To invite companies to sponsor our team and to be recognised as a team which makese outstanding communications effort concerning Shell Ecomarathon Asia, a criterion for the communications award in th competition. Domain Names and Hosting 1. Do you already have a domain name (Ex. and hosting server? If yes, what is your domain name and what is the hosting company? Design and Format 1. Do you already have predefined design guide? Yes 2. Samples of website you particularly like (list URLs) 3. Samples of website you particularly dislike (list URLs) 4. What are the main sections of the website? (Home, About Us, Contact Us, Products, FAQ...etc) Shell Eco Marathon(about the competition) Home (Team update articles,some featured pictures and videos ), About us(team mission and vission, decription the team members) , Gallery(pictures and videos), News(clippings, media interviews) Sponsors(invitation for companies bid for sponsorship,logos and descriptions of companies who sponsored lastyears car), and this years car), contact us(contact numbers) 5. Additional sections and features you are particular with? (Forum, Blog, News and Events, Gallery, Calendar of Activities…etc) Content 1. Who will supply the text and images? Texts and images willl be provided by the team. 2. Will it come in brochures and other materials or in electronic digital format? Yes, but not everything that comes on the website will come in other media. Dates (tentative) 1. Start of Development and design date: 2. Launch date: April 20, 2012 Security and Privacy 1. Do you need a restricted area where only registered users can view the restricted content? No Other Specifications? Please explain.

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