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The bathroom is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life and at the same time also a place for relaxation and unwinding so it should reflect a taste in modern design and give the feeling of spaciousness. Geberit installation systems are created to fulfil all your ex­ pectations. By replacing the common floor standing toilet you achieve easy and effective cleaning of the entire bathroom floor. Geberit technology works reliably, even if you do not see it. It is safely hidden in the wall and operated only by sty­ lish actuators of various materials, colours and shapes. Make your bathroom dream come true!

Contents 3 1. Actuator plates . Benefits Designed to withstand a heavy load Easy to clean Accessibility at any time Dual flush saves water Optimal use of space A B Different heights for different situations 2. Technical part Duofix Kombifix and concealed cisterns 3.

. to which the hanging toilet is securely fastened. even though it hangs.4–5 Benefits Designed to withstand a heavy load Geberit concealed installation systems are designed to enable wall hung toilets. It is strong. The Geberit frame. is easy and fast to install to any wall. Its construction was designed and tested for loads up to 400 kilograms. A steel­made fitting frame is a guarantee that the toilet bowl fixed to the wall will support anyone.

the floor beneath it is easily accessible. . The wall hung toilet is in this respect much more practical and hygienic.Easy to clean Geberit installation systems not only hide the entire flushing system in the wall. in addition they allow you to clean the entire floor beneath it. As the bowl hangs off the wall.

After removal of the actuator plate. the filling valve as well as the flush valve can be removed and easily replaced without the use of tools. which is of course essential when using an in­wall installation. Operation components are accessible at any time. This eliminates the risk of leakage.6–7 Benefits Accessibility at any time The concealed cistern is blow­moulded in one piece. .

Dual flush saves water Flush buttons for two different amounts of water are Geberit’s contribution to water saving. Environmental protection is also good for your family budget. The dual flush system. with buttons for 3 or 6 litres of water. brings real water savings in every household. .

you will find extra shelf space for storage on top of the cistern. drains and connections. the pipes. . This makes the Geberit installation system with wall­hung toilet suitable for any space. On the contrary – a bowl attached to the wall will give you a feeling of open space. And besides that. Big and small.8–9 Benefits A B Optimal use of space A wall hung toilet in combination with a Geberit concealed installation system does not take up more space than a com­ mon floor standing toilet. The sanitary wall hides the cistern.

Different heights for different situations Different height frames give solutions for all kinds of bath­ rooms. The actuator plate can be either front operated or top operated. Even fitting under low windows. .

There are also Geberit Duofix installation elements for mounting a washba­ sin. The Geberit Duofix is optimised for dry wall installation. Elements for wall­hung WCs are available in 2 standard heights that are all adjustable. .10–13 Technical part Duofix Installation elements with concealed cistern for dry wall installation The Geberit pre­wall systems are suitable as all­purpose and fast installation choice for both new and renovation work in your bathroom. urinal or a bidet.

00.1 Accessories: wall fastening set article number: 111.325.1 (for corner installation) 0 0 0-20 48 73 � 9/11� � � Duofix installation element for WC with UP300 (for Balena shower toilets) Element height: 112 cm Article number: 111. Rumba.00. Twist.815.1 (standard) 111. and Bolero.00.50 R1/2 100 12 6 100 18/23 23 112 1045 41 Duofix installation element for WC with UP300 Element height: 112 cm Article number: 111. UP200 for actuator plates Kappa20 and Kappa50.300.00. for actuation from top or front.00. Tango. for actuation from front.240. Mambo.418 UP300 for actuator plates Samba.1 Duofix installation element for WC with UP200 for Kappa actuator plates Element height: 82 cm Article number: 111.1 Geberit concealed cisterns for Duofix elements 816.835. .

The Geberit Mepla water supply system offers flexibility making it ideal for such installation walls. II. V. It is a universal mounting element for inside or in front of a dry wall. as well as in front of massive constructions. I. wall and ceiling. without affecting the building structure. VI. Stand-alone The fastest installation solution is Geberit Duofix. No bricks are needed. The self-supporting frame gives stability to the WC bowl. Moving parts are accessible at any time. They are the outlines of the wall. In case of the presence of a brick or concrete wall. When using acoustic insulating strips between rail and building. you can prevent the transmission of noise to your neighbours. Click in the elements The elements can be clicked in place easily and then fixed to the rail. The rail ensures that all elements are aligned. VI. Clad the elements After doing all the installation in the wall. . Mounting the rail The installation starts with the mounting of the rail to the floor.Installation steps I. V. Water supply Use the remaining free spaces of the installation wall to install the water supply pipes. the element only needs 4 fastening points before cladding with plasterboard and tiling. Do the installation elements first. With a screwdriver and a spirit level you can align the elements vertically. you can start cladding with plasterboard. II.

Partial or full height installation walls. VIII. The frames are clicked in place and anchored. like here with Geberit HDPE. IV. even as internal walls. . special system studs can be used that can go up from the floor to the ceiling. clad the remainder of the installation wall and fill all the gaps and holes with a filler material. A spin off benefit is noise insulation. No additional connection to the building is needed. The installation wall is ideal for placing the water pipe and drainage. VIII.III. Make the duct In case of needing a duct up to the ceiling. like for washbasin or bidet. wall and ceiling. rail mounting with Geberit Duofix allows you to make an installation with minimal tools in a very short time using a rail mounted to the floor. VII. III. The entire system can be installed using only three tools: metal saw. VII. Drainage The installation wall is ideal for placing the drainage pipes. IV. the sanitary ware. spirit level and electric drill. rail mounting is the ideal solution. Assembly of sanitary ware The wall is ready for the final step. You can fit the tiles and after that. Rail mounted Especially when combined with other elements. Clad the rest After cladding the elements.

There are also Geberit Kombifix elements for mounting a washbasin. urinal or a bidet.14–17 Technical part Kombifix Installation elements with concealed cistern for solid construction A pre-wall can also be made out of bricks in order to create stability. . The Geberit Kombifix is optimised for such a solid construction. Elements for wall-hung toilets are available in 2 standard heights and 2 installation depths.

1 . Article number: 109.1 Article number: 109. They must be used in combination with a floor standing toilet.418 UP300 and UP700 for actuator plates Samba. UP200 for actuator plates Kappa20 and Kappa50.765. Article number: 109. actuation from top or front.00.00.1 (49 cm high) Kombifix installation element for WC with UP700 Element height: 110 cm Installation depth: 8 cm Article number: 110. actuation from front. 816. Mambo.1 Geberit concealed cisterns Geberit concealed cisterns can be installed inside brick walls.00.00.26. actuation from front.872. Rumba.1 UP700 for installation depth 8 cm.00. and Bolero.00. Installation depth adjustable.1 (86 cm high) support legs short – article number: 457.340.350. Twist.201.888. Tango.300.1 Accessories: support legs long – article number: 457.00. UP300 for installation depth 12 cm.1 Kombifix installation element for WC with UP200 Element height: 82 cm Article number: 110.418 Kombifix installation element for WC with UP300 Element height: 108 cm Installation depth: 12 cm Article number: without support legs 110.26.816. The installation steps are similar to the installation with a Kombifix element.250.765.1 with support legs short 110.

It has a good noise reduction quality. Kombifix elements are available not only for toilets. VI. Installation of elements Elements should be simply hanged with the assistance of anchor kit. while it is important to consider the location of appliances as well as plumbing.Installation steps I. the reliable and flexible multilayer system. Walling the installation As Geberit Kombifix elements are not self-supporting. II. Water supply For water supply we recommend using Geberit Mepla. urinals and bidets. II. I. but also for washbasins. highest functional reliability and is designed to carry weight up to 400 kilograms. In the lower part it is fixed with safety clamp. Preparation for construction The place of future pre-wall installation needs to be marked on the wall. . V. Installation elements need to be carefully positioned inside a brick wall. V. Geberit Kombifix Kombifix is the solution created especially for solid constructions. Over the years Geberit Kombifix has proven itself as a very reliable system for pre-wall installations. VI.

Installation plastering After installation is walled in. you can fit the tiles and install the sanitary ware. to give the toilet its stability and to hide the piping.III. IV. For drainage you can use our polyethylene program Geberit HDPE. VIII. you can begin plastering. vertical piping of water supply and drainage needs to be installed. . VII. Assembly After plastering. III. Vertical piping After the mounting of the elements. VII. Method of installation The Kombifix element is mounted to a construction wall. VIII. Around the element a wall needs to be built made out of bricks. Drainage After the vertical piping you can connect the element. IV.

The dual flush system. . colours and from various materials. unmistakable design – Geberit actuators will give each bathroom special charm. brings real savings of water consumption in every household. the only visible element will be the stylish actuator plate.18–21 Actuator plates Attractive actuators appeal to the senses Our actuator plates can be distinguished by reliable and attractive. with buttons for 3 or 6 litres of water. Flush buttons for two different amounts of water are Geberit’s contribution to water saving. Geberit actuators are made in different shapes. whether it is dual flush or with a single flush function. Once the Geberit flushing system is installed. Environmental protection is also good for your family budget.

Samba Dual flush Rumba Single flush Tango Single flush Twist Dual flush Mambo Single flush Bolero Dual flush Kappa20 Dual flush Kappa50 Dual flush .

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0 Geberit International Sales AG CH-8640 Rapperswil Switzerland int.e 11003-06/ www.geberit.

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