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Triveni Naini Allahabad Enginering Works L.T.D YEAR 1995 FR 14 M Turbine SL NO 14 M O 55 POWER 3000 K.W Rotar/ Gear Speed 8325/ 1500 Revs / min Steam pressure 43 / kgs /cm2 g Exhust Pressure 1.5 / kgs/ cm2 g Steam temperature 420 c

B.H.E.L Generator.
Seriol No 432204 261 11 . 01, Dikision- BHOPAL Year 1995, Weight 1500 kg, R.P.M 1500 K.W 3000 Startor volt 420 , phase 3, 50 H2 Connection star , start amp 5155

Step:-[1] Saft end bearing :- Saft end bearing used for hand trip oil system is using for a safty device. When our turbine R.P.M is high so we are eat the oil pressure for hand trip oil system as well as throttle value down and steam pressure inlet is stop and aur turbine trip. Step:-[2] Sencining Wheel :- Sencining wheel is a device for measuring the R.P.M in the turbine. Step:-[3] O.S.T Assembly :- Over speed trip assembly is a system for using in the over speed casig in the turbine when our turbine is reached in over speed. Step :-[4] Disc :- Disc is a mield steel wheel is used for the seafty device. When our shaft is axiel movement the our oil pressure nozile close and oil pressure is down and turbine is trip.. Step :-[5] Nozzel :- Nozzel is safty devicein the turbine its used for the purpose of increase the pressure of steam for the heigh motion to rotar. Step :-[6] Woarm Gear :- Woarm gear is set on the roter shoft for the arrangement the automatically system for requirement the inlet steam for a slt R.P.M. With the help of woarm gear the throttle value is controlled by automatically. Step :-[7] Oil seal Baring :- Oil seal Bearing is used of locking the oil in the bearing far less the friction in the bearing white metel. Step :-[8] Thrust Coaler :- Thrust coaler is a hard material component. Its main work to attatchment of the rotar shaft. Step :-[9] Roter For Bearing :- Roter Far Bearing is set in this position far using the less friction. Step :-[10] Oil seal holder :- the oil seal holder is used in the bearing for stopped yhe leackeg lubricant. Step :-[11] Impeller :- Impeller is used for out strock the leackeg stem. Step :-[12] Lubricent holder :- Lubricent holder is a device for using the locking the steam pressure the lubriceant holder is set in the three part but space between in the one part to another part far dreain the leacking steam is outlet. Step :-[13] Nozzel :- Nozzel is a device far reach the steam. Steam line to roter. Step :-[14] Diafram :- Dia fram is a system device of change the direction from roter output steam to next roter. It is used in the multistag roter turbine these are set on the body. Step :-[15] Lubricent holder :- Lubriceant holder, impeller, oil seal Bearing after roter. Step :-[16] H.S.F.C :- Heigh speed flang cupling is set on the roter saft al last this cupling is joient in the gear box and the gear box R.P.M ratio is adjust 8325/1500 R.P.M far output the Generator.

Step :-[17] Roter :- Roter is a rotating device of heigh speed with the help of steam pressure. It is convert to the steam energy in the mechanical energy.