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Comprehensive Indexes


Covenant Eschatology

January 2007 Edition


Samuel G. Dawson
Published by:
Gospel Themes Press
2028 S. Austin, Suite 906
Amarillo, TX 79109-1960 USA

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or
transmitted in any form or by any means, without written permis-
sion from the author, except for the inclusion of brief quotations
in a review.

Copyright © 2006, 2007 by Samuel G. Dawson and Patsy Rae

Library of Congress Cataloging in Publications Data.

Dawson, Samuel G., 1943-
Comprehensive Indexes on Covenant Eschatology
102 p.
1. preterism--return of Christ.
2. millennialism--end times--destruction of Jerusalem
3. last days--Armageddon--resurrection--judgment.
Table of Contents
Introduction 5

Scripture Index 7

Topic Index 27
This small volume contains scripture and topic indexes to the
six (presently) larger books authored by Don K. Preston on the
subject of covenant eschatology. At present, those volumes (in
order of publication) are:

Then Shall the End Come, 1996
The Last Days Identified, 2004
The Elements Shall Melt with Fervent Heat, A Study of II Peter
3, 2006
Who Is This Babylon?, 2006
Like Father, Like Son, On Clouds of Glory, 2006
Seventy Weeks Are Determined...for the Resurrection, 2007

This Second Edition also contains index entries for J. Stuart
Russell’s classic The Parousia, 1878, Samuel M. Frost’s Mis-
placed Hope, and Ed Stevens’ Expectations Demand a First
Century Rapture,

All these books are available at

The author, compiler, and editor of these indexes is Samuel
G. Dawson, who appreciates the work of these men, and makes
this contribution to making their work more accessible to their
readers. As the author of this index becomes aware of other
volumes he desires to index, they may be included in this works.

At the bottom of each page opening, you will notice the book
codes EN, LD, EL, WB, LK SW, PAR, MH, and RAP, for the above
volumes. Thus, an index entry like

Christian age has no end EL177,LD24, LD42
indicates that material on this topic is found on p. 177 of the
Elements book, as well as on pp. 24 and 42 of the Last Daysbook

One of the most effective means of Preston’s argumentation
in particular is his drawing the same items from parallel passages
of scripture. Those familiar with his books will recall his charts
depicting these many parallels. Thus, one of the most important
entries in the Topic Index is the term “parallels,” which lists most
all the parallels that Preston draws in his writing.

An additional practical use of the Scripture Index is to gain
access to a variety of authors on a particular passage. If the reader
is teaching a book of the Bible, he can also refer to the Scripture
Index to see comments from various authors on verses in that
book. The Topic Index is also a resource for researching the views
of a variety of authors, including futurists.

Samuel G. Dawson

Amarillo, Texas
January 2007
Scripture Index

Dt. 13.12-18, Preston LF327, SW11,142,
on WB37 WB102, 185
Gen. 4.10, Preston on Dt. 18.18, Preston on Dt. 34.43, Preston on
SW147 LF177, WB204 SW11

Gen. 8.21, Preston on Dt. 28.7, Preston on
EL73, 75, LF263 SW13-14 Joshua
Gen. 15, Preston on Dt. 28.49f, Preston on
LF188 SW16, 19 Josh. 5, Preston on
Gen. 17.10, Preston on Dt. 28.60, Preston on
LF184 WB102 Josh. 21.43-45, Preston
Gen. 28.12-15, Preston Dt. 28.63, Preston on on LF135, 188
on LF118 SW14

Gen. 28.15f, Preston
I Samuel
Dt. 29.18, Preston on
on LD4 WB245
I Sam. 8.7-8, Preston
Gen. 49.1-10, Preston Dt. 32, Preston on EL7, on LD92
on LD3-9 36, LD16, LF108, SW9,
Gen. 49.10, Preston on WB52, 84
I Kings
WB21, 123
Dt. 32.18, Preston on
EL7 I K. 4.20, Preston on
Exodus Dt. 32.19-21, Preston

on SW9 I K. 8.33-34, Preston
Ex. 9.14f, Preston on on SW37
EL133 Dt. 32.19-27, Preston
on SW16, 19 I K. 9.1-9, Preston on
Ex. 19.6, Preston on SW16
SW52, 67 Dt. 32.20, Preston on
Ex. 34.23f, Preston on II Kings
LF122, SW13 Dt. 32.21, Preston on
II K. 2, Stevens on
Leviticus Dt. 32.22, Preston on RAP26
EL39, LD20
II K. 6.17, Preston on
Lev. 26.33, Preston on Dt. 32.29, Preston on LF18
SW24, 37 LF54
II K. 17.20, Preston on
Dt. 32.29-30, Preston WB123
Deuteronomy on SW10
Dt. 32.32, Preston on II Chronicles
Dt. 4.25, Preston on WB_52
Dt. 32.35, Preston on II Chron. 36.15f, Pre-
Dt. 4.26-27 WB185 LD19, LF175, 275, ston on SW145
Dt. 7.6-8, Preston on WB186
Dt. 32.43, Preston on
Dt. 7.15 WB102 EL40, LD14-16, 22,

PAR (Parousia) RAP (Evidence Demands A Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks)
8 Scripture Index

Ezra Isa. 1.15, Preston on Isa. 24.19f, Preston on
LD21 SW39

Ez. 1.1, Preston on Isa. 2-4, Preston on Isa. 24.23, Preston on
SW46 EL34, LD25-26, LF55, WB148

111, 147, WB60, 75, Isa. 24.29, Preston on
Nehemiah 148 LF148

Isa. 2.2f, Preston on Isa. 25, Preston on
Neh. 9.8, Preston on WB60 SW27, 40, 101, 131
Isa. 3.25, Preston on Isa. 25-27, Preston on
LD26 SW39
Isa. 4.4, Preston on Isa. 25.6, Preston on
LD27 SW119, 131, WB149
Ps. 2, Preston on SW66
Ps. 2.4, Preston on 94 Isa. 6.9f, Preston on
LD Isa. 25.6f, Preston on
LF107 SW39, 132
Ps. 2.6-7, Preston on
LD95, PAR204 Isa. 9.6-7, Preston on Isa. 25.7-8, Preston on
EL178 WB148
Ps. 18.7-15, Preston on
LF30 Isa. 11, Preston on Isa. 25.8, Preston on
LF241 LF288, SW119, WB149
Ps. 41.11, Preston on
SW13 Isa. 11.9, Preston on Isa. 25.9, Preston on
EN60 SW39, 41, 132
Ps. 44, Preston on
LF322 Isa. 11.10, Preston on Isa. 26-27, Preston on
WB83 SW197
Ps. 69, Preston on
SW165, 197 Isa. 13, Preston on LF3, Isa. 26.9f, Preston on
WB26-27 SW42
Ps. 78.69, Preston on
LD69 Isa. 13-14, Preston on Isa. 26.19-21, Preston
LF31 on SW39
Ps. 89.34f, Preston on
LD100, SW66-67 Isa. 13.10, Preston on Isa. 26.21, Preston on
EN86 EL89
Ps. 90, Preston on EL85
Ps. 90.4, Preston on Isa. 19-20, Preston on Isa. 27, Preston on
EL85 EL91, WB27 SW116

Ps. 93.1, Preston on Isa. 24, Preston on WB60 Isa. 27.6-13, Preston
LD69 Isa. 24-25, Preston on on SW39
SW120, WB149 Isa. 27.13, Preston on
Ps. 104.5, Preston on
LD69 Isa. 24-27, Preston on WB37
SW53, 60 Isa. 28.11f, Preston on
Ps. 106.36f, Preston on
SW142 Isa. 24-29, Preston on EL52, EN78-79
WB75 Isa. 28.20-22, Preston
Ps. 110, Preston on
LF68 Isa. 24.1-10, Preston on EL50, 54
on SW39 Isa. 28.21, Preston on
Ecclesiastes Isa. 24.5, Preston on EL57
WB148 Isa. 29.19f, Preston on
Eccl. 1.4, Preston on Isa. 24.5-6, Preston on SW42
WB148 Isa. 30-31, Preston on
Isa. 24.19-21, Preston EL91
Isaiah on SW39, 119 Isa. 30.12, Preston on
Isa. 24.19-25.8, Preston LF174
Isa. 1.9-10, Preston on
LD20, WB52 on WB60

WB (Who Is This Babylon?) EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son)
EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
on Covenant Eschatology 9

Isa. 31.4, Preston on Isa. 63.7-10, Preston Jer. 3.2, Preston on
EN90 on LF174 SW160

Isa. 34, Preston on Isa. 63.9f, Preston on Jer. 4.23-26, Preston
EL92, WB27 EL133 on WB27
Isa. 35.1f, Preston on Isa. 63.10, Preston on Jer. 6.1-8, Preston on
EL134 SW142 SW16

Isa. 35.4f, Preston on Isa. 64-66, Preston on Jer. 9.2, Preston on
WB162 EL97, LF25 SW47

Isa. 37.18-20, Preston Isa. 64.1-2, Preston on Jer. 16.13-15, Preston
on EL133, LF4 EL133, WB148 on LF200, WB167
Isa. 40.1-11, Preston Isa. 64.6, Preston on Jer. 18, Preston on SW44
on SW37 SW73-74 Jer. 21.5-6, Preston on
Isa. 42.4f, Preston on Isa. 65, Preston on LF174
LD90, 103 EL132, LD5, SW89, Jer. 22.17, Preston on
Isa. 42.5, Preston on WB75 LD21
SW67 Isa. 65-66, Preston on Jer. 23.5, Preston on
Isa. 50.5, Preston on WB143-147 LF200
EN17 Isa. 65.6-7, Preston on Jer. 23.14, Preston on
Isa. 51.15-16, Preston LF146, 318, WB148 LD20, WB52

on EL172, WB148 Isa. 65.6-8, Preston on Jer. 24.6, Preston on
Isa. 54.17, Preston on SW90 LF200
LF121 Isa. 65.11-17, Preston Jer. 25.11-12, Preston
Isa. 55.3-4, Preston on on WB148 on SW44, 47
SW68-69 Isa. 65.13, Preston on Jer. 26.1-9, Preston on
Isa. 59, Preston on SW90, 121, WB149 SW16
LF148, SW116, 118 Isa. 65.15, Preston on Jer. 27-28, Preston on
Isa. 59.1f, Preston on LF146, WB211, SW121 SW44
SW60 Isa. 65.17, Preston on Jer. 28.3, Preston on
Isa. 59.3, 6-7, Preston EL130, SW90, 121, SW43-44

on LD21 WB148 Jer. 28.9, Preston on
Isa. 59.3-20, Preston Isa. 65.17-19, Preston SW44, 52

on SW42 on LF146, WB148, Jer. 28.9f, Preston on
Isa. 59.5-12, Preston 211 SW52

on SW117 Isa. 65.20f, Preston on Jer. 29.10, Preston on
Isa. 59.14, Preston on WB149 SW44, 47, WB204
SW73-74 Isa. 65.24-25, Preston Jer. 29.10f, Preston on
Isa. 59.16-21, Preston on WB148 SW44

on EN16 Isa. 66, Preston on Jer. 28.16f, Preston on
Isa. 62, Preston on EL159 SW43-44
LF13, 20 Isa. 66.19, Preston on Jer. 29.24f, Preston on
Isa. 62.7, Preston on LF146 SW44
LF126 Jer. 29.29f, Preston on
Isa. 62.11-12, Preston SW79-80

on WB128 Jer. 31, Preston on
Isa. 63.1f, Preston on Jeremiah SW116
EL132 Jer. 31.10-12, Preston
Jer. 2, Preston on LD21
on SW37

PAR (Parousia) RAP (Evidence Demands A Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks)
10 Scripture Index

Jer. 31.29f, Preston on Ezk. 32, Preston on Dan. 7.25, Preston on
SW30-31, 118 EL93 WB48, SW143

Jer. 46, Preston on WB27Ezk. 33.1-5, Preston on Dan. 7.27, Preston on
Jer. 48, Preston on LF107 SW134
SW137 Ezk. 36.24f, Preston on Dan. 9, Preston on
Jer. 49, Preston on SW37 SW80-94
SW137 Ezk. 37, Preston on Dan. 9.2, Preston on
Jer. 50.14, 42, Preston SW40, 53, 183, WB154 SW45

on SW137 Ezk. 37.1-14, Preston Dan. 9.3f, Preston on
Jer. 51.12, Russell on on SW37 SW46
PAR503-504 Ezk. 37.11, Preston on Dan. 9.7f, Preston on
SW37 SW38
Lamentations Ezk. 37.12-14f, Preston Dan. 9.13-14, Preston
on SW75 on SW45
Lam. 1.15, Russell on Ezk. 37.14-27, Preston Dan. 9.19, Preston on
on LF212 SW37
Lam. 2.3, Preston on Ezk. 37.15-28, Preston Dan. 9.23, Preston on
on SW37 SW46
Lam. 4.12-13, Preston Ezk. 37.19f, Preston on Dan. 9.24, Preston on
on WB245 SW75-76 SW3, 22-23, 33, 56,
Lam. 4.22, Preston on Ezk. 37.22-28, Preston 89, 89, 98, 100, 106,
on SW39 113, 128,
Ezk. 37.26, Preston on Dan. 9.24-27, Preston
Ezekiel SW77 on LD51-55, LF84,
Ezk. 2.3-10, Preston on Ezk. 37.26-27, Preston 156, SW47, WB75
WB19-21 on LF143 Dan. 9.24f, Preston on
SW1, 20, 24, 26, 82
Ezk. 5, Preston on WB57 Ezk. 44.9, Preston on
LF137 Dan. 9.26, Preston on
Ezk. 5.1-17, Preston on
WB99 SW16, 18, 31, 34, 65-

Ezk. 6.7f, Preston on Daniel 66, 70
LF5 Dan. 9.26-27, Preston
Dan. 2.28f, Preston on on SW84
Ezk. 12.21f, Preston on LD46, WB4
EL83, LF36 Dan. 9.27, Preston on
Dan. 2.44, Preston on SW1, 87, 125, 157-
Ezk. 15.35-49, Preston EL178, SW115, 134,
on 20LD
Ezk. 16, Russell on Dan. 12, Preston on
Dan. 7.8-14, Preston LD55-58, LF155,
on SW149 SW75, 113, 131,
Ezk. 16.35-49, Preston Dan. 7.10, Preston on WB57, 76
on WB52, 103 WB140
Ezk. 22, Preston on Dan. 12.1, Preston on
Dan. 7.13, Preston on SW133
Ezk. 29-30, Preston on Dan. 12.1-2, Preston
Dan. 7.13-14, Preston on SW158
on EL178, EN14, Dan. 12.1-3, Preston
Ezk. 29-30, Preston on LD48, SW115, 144,
EL93 on WB48
156, WB141
Ezk. 30.25, Preston on Dan. 7.23f, Preston on

WB (Who Is This Babylon?) EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son)
EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
on Covenant Eschatology 11

Dan. 12.2, Preston on Hos. 13, Preston on Zechariah
SW98, 100, 114-115, SW27, 39-40, 63

133 Hos. 13.1, Preston on Zech. 6.12-13, Preston
Dan. 12.2-4, Preston SW37 on LF125
on SW114 Hos. 13.9-10, Preston Zech. 8.19, Preston on
Dan. 12.3, Preston on on SW39
EL208, LD60, SW133, Hos. 13.14, Preston on Zech. 11.6, Preston on
WB73 SW39, 101 SW16

Dan. 12.4, Preston on Hos. 13.14f, Preston Zech. 12-14, Preston
SW100, 114, 133, 165 on SW39 on LF149, 178, WB76
Dan. 12.4-12, Preston Zech. 12.10, Preston
on LF49 Joel on LF194, 264, WB6,
Dan. 12.4, 9-10, Pre- 76
ston on LD113 Joel 1.15, Preston on Zech. 12.10-14, Russell
Dan. 12.5-7, Preston on PAR371
on SW114 Joel 2.10, Preston on Zech. 13.1, Preston on
Dan. 12.6, Preston on
WB49, 188 Joel 2.28-30, Preston Zech. 13.2, Preston on
Dan. 12.6-7, Preston on LD122, LF51 LF194

on SW133 Joel 2.28-32, Preston Zech. 13.8, Preston on
Dan. 12.7, Preston on on EN72ff, LD31-35, LF194
SW10, WB60, 162
SW98, 101, 115 Zech. 14, Preston on
Dan. 12.9, Preston on Joel 3.14f, Preston on LF314, WB163
EL93, WB162
SW100, 133 Zech. 14.1, Preston on
Dan. 12.10, Preston on
LD57 Amos Zech. 14.1-8, Preston
Dan. 12.11, Preston on Amos 5.1-3, Preston on WB162-164
on WB123
Dan. 12.13, Preston on Amos 6.3, Preston on Zephaniah
SW98, 100 EL84
Zeph. 1.7, 14f, Preston
Amos 9.11, Preston on on EL94
Hosea LF70, WB126
Zeph. 3.8, Preston on
Hos. 1.10, Preston on
LD29 Micah
Hos. 2-3, Preston on Mic. 1.3-4, Preston on Malachi
WB122 EL93, EN87, 90
Mal. 3.1, Russell on
Hos. 2.19, Preston on PAR2ff, 213-214
Habbakuk Mal. 3.5, Russell on
Hos. 2.23, Preston on PAR2ff, 292
LD29 Hab. 1.5, Preston on
LF107 Mal. 4.5-6, Preston on
Hos. 3.4f, Preston on LD71, LF200, WB168

Hos. 8.1-10, Preston Haggai
on SW16 Hag. 2.21-22, Russell
Hos. 8.8, Preston on on PAR289 Mt. 3.2, Preston on
SW142 SW45

PAR (Parousia) RAP (Evidence Demands A Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks)
12 Scripture Index

Mt. 3.12, Russell on Mt. 13.43, Preston on Mt. 23.29-36, Russell
PAR14 SW114, 138, WB73 on PAR48-51
Mt. 4.17, Preston on Mt. 13.51, Preston on Mt. 23.29-39, Preston
SW45 LD62, 115 on SW142
Mt. 5.17-18, Preston Mt. 16.27-28 Mt. 23.29f, Preston on
on EL16, 19, 115, Preston on EL90, LF83, SW7, 72, 128

166, 288, EN58, EN85, LF13, 260, Mt. 23.30-32, Russell
LF202, SW77-78, 97, WB135 on PAR497
102, 187, WB168 Russell on PAR103, Mt. 23.32f, Preston on
Mt. 8.10f, Preston on 165, 206, 221 LF155, SW5
SW119 Stevens on RAP39-40, Mt. 23.33-36, Preston
Mt. 8.11f, Preston on 49, 95 on EL41, LD22,
SW119, WB149 Mt. 17.9-13, Preston SW117, WB157

Mt. 10.22-23, Preston on LD71 Mt. 23.37-39, Russell
on EL186, EN85, Mt. 19.27-30, Russell on PAR51-54
LF85, SW154 on PAR36-38 Mt. 23.39f, Preston on
Mt. 10.23, Russell on Mt. 19.28 EN20
PAR26-29, 71 Russell on PAR520 Mt. 23.41, Preston on
Mt. 11.11-15, Preston Stevens on RAP13 WB39

on LD71 Mt. 20.20f, Preston on Mt. 24, Preston on
Mt. 11.20-24, Russell LD87 EL200, LF9, SW95,

on PAR17 Mt. 21, Preston on 172, WB2
Mt. 12, Preston on SW68 SW196 Mt. 24.1-3, Russell on
Mt. 12.1-14, Russell Mt. 21.1f, Preston on PAR66-67

on PAR46-47 SW120, 125 Mt. 24.2, Preston on
Mt. 12.31, Preston on Mt. 21.33f, Preston on LF218
EL173 SW146 Mt. 24.2-3, Preston on
Mt. 12.32, Preston on Mt. 21.33-46 SW158
EN31 Preston on LF86 Mt. 24.3, Preston on
Mt. 12.38-45, Russell Russell on PAR43-46 EL183, EN52, LD59-

on PAR17 Mt. 21.39-40, Preston 60, LF10
Mt. 12.43-45, Preston on LF87 Mt. 24.4-14
on SW10, WB118, Mt. 21.43-44, Preston Preston on EL68
PAR412 on EL55 Russell on PAR68-72
Mt. 13, Preston on Mt. 22, Preston on Mt. 24.5, 11, 24,
SW114 LF278 Russell on PAR330
Mt. 13.16f, Preston on Mt. 22.1-7, Preston on Mt. 24.6, 13-14, Pre-
SW68-69 SW120 ston on EL186
Mt. 13.24-30, Preston Mt. 22.1-14, Preston Mt. 24.9, Preston on
on EL207 on LF86 LF98, 103, SW164

Mt. 13.30, Russell on Mt. 22.11, Preston on Mt. 24.9-12, Preston
PAR473 WB149 on LD74
Mt. 13.31f, Preston on, Mt. 23, Preston on Mt. 24.10-24, Stevens
LD113 LF278, SW5, 112, 117 on RAP53
Mt. 13.39-40, Preston Mt. 23.23-39, Preston Mt. 24.10, 12, Russell
on EL182, EN32, on WB67 on PAR178-179
LD59, SW114

WB (Who Is This Babylon?) EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son)
EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
on Covenant Eschatology 13

Mt. 24.14, Preston on Mt. 24.32-34, Russell Mt. 26.64-66, Preston
EN1-8, 57, LF45 on PAR83-89 on LF18, 78, 162
Mt. 24.14-34, Preston Mt. 24.34 Mt. 27-28, Russell on
on SW162 Preston on LF308, PAR29-33

Mt. 24.15, Preston on SW96, 158 Mt. 27.25, Preston on
SW96, 113 Russell on PAR473 LF157, 163

Mt. 24.15-16, Preston Mt. 24.35, Preston on Mt. 28.18, Preston on
on EN23, LD73 EL127, 164, EN91, EN96

Mt. 24.15-22 LD39, LF186, SW97, Mt. 28.18-20, Preston
Preston on SW158-159 103 on LD63-68
Russell on PAR72-74 Mt. 24.35-36, Russell Mt. 28.19-20, Russell
Mt. 24.15-31, Preston on PAR89-90 on PAR119-122
on SW163 Mt. 24.36, Preston on Mt. 28.20, Preston on
Mt. 24.19f, Preston on LF335, WB183 EL184, EN7, 53
SW97, 102 Mt. 24.37f, Preston on
Mt. 24.21, Preston on EL61 Mark
EL127, SW163 Mt. 24.42f
Mt. 24.22 Preston on LF274 Mk. 1.15, Preston on
LF276, SW45
Preston on EN97 Russell on PAR90-94
Stevens on RAP53 Mt. 24.43-51, Russell Mk. 2.21f, Preston on
Mt. 24.23-28, Russell on PAR94-97
on PAR74-76 Mt. 25.1-13, Russell Mk. 8.38, Russell on
Mt. 24.27-31, Preston on PAR97-99
on LF243 Mt. 25.14-30, Russell Mk. 9.1, Russell on
Mt. 24.29 on PAR99-101
Preston on LF30 Mt. 25.1f, Preston on Mk. 9.12, Russell on
Russell on PAR290 WB149

Mt. 24.29-31 Mt. 25.31, Preston on Mk. 10.18-31, Russell
Preston on EL90, WB157 on PAR36-38
LF219, WB162 Mt. 25.31-33, Russell Mk. 10.29-30, Preston
Russell on PAR76-83 on PAR103 on EL175, EN43-44
Mt. 24.29f, Preston on Mt. 25.31-46, Russell Mk. 10.35, Preston on
EN22, 86, 89-90, on PAR101-115
SW148-149 Mt. 25.31f, Preston on Mk. 12.1-12, Russell
Mt. 24.29-34, Preston SW148, 156 on PAR43-46
on Mt. 25.41-46, Russell Mk. 13.1-4, Russell on
Mt. 24.30 on PAR525
Preston on EN17, Mt. 25.6, Preston on Mk. 13.5-13, Russell
LD21, LF214, LF258 on PAR68-72
SW141-144, WB175 Mt. 26.26f, Preston on Mk. 13.9, Preston on
Russell on PAR371 SW31, 67, 69

Mt. 24.31 Mt. 26.31, Russell on Mk. 13.9-30, Preston
Preston on SW163 PAR174 on EN97
Russell on PAR404 Mt. 26.64 Mk. 13.11, Preston on
Stevens on RAP19 Preston on LF301
Mt. 24.32, Preston on Russell on PAR115- Mk. 13.14-20, Russell
EL63 117 on, Russell on

PAR (Parousia) RAP (Evidence Demands A Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks)
14 Scripture Index

Mk. 13.21-23, Russell Lk. 11.49f, Preston on Lk. 20.9-19, Russell on
on PAR74-76 SW62 PAR43-46

Mk. 13.24, 27, Russell Lk. 12.35-48, Preston Lk. 20.27-37, Preston
on PAR76-83 on EL128 on EL177, EN45-50
Mk. 13.28-30, Russell Lk. 13.1-3, Russell on Lk. 20.35, Preston on
on PAR83-89 PAR20 LD112

Mk. 13.31-32, Russell Lk. 13.6-9, Russell on Lk. 20.35-36, Russell
on PAR89-90 PAR21 on PAR207
Mk. 13.32, Preston on Lk. 13.33, Preston on Lk. 21, Preston on
EL119 LF157, SW62 SW63, WB86

Mk. 13.33-35, Russell Lk. 13.34-35, Russell Lk. 21.5-7, Russell on
on PAR90-94 on PAR51-54 PAR66-67

Mk. 13.34-37, Russell Lk. 14, Preston on Lk. 21.7, Preston on
on PAR94-97 WB149 SW61

Mk. 13.38, Russell on Lk. 14.26, Preston on Lk. 21.8, Preston on
PAR29-33 SW67 LD71, 76, LF246,

Mk. 14.18, Russell on Lk. 16.7, Stevens on WB201
PAR225 RAP105ff Lk. 21.8-19, Russell on
Mk. 14.62 Lk. 17-18, Preston on PAR68-72

Preston on LF242 WB90-93 Lk. 21.20-24
Russell on PAR115- Lk. 17.20-21 Preston on SW61
117 Preston on EL14, LF68 Russell on PAR72-74
Mk. 16.12, Preston on Stevens on RAP54 Lk. 21.20, 22, Preston
LF233 Lk. 17.28-30, Russell on SW62
Mk. 16, 15, 20, Russell on PAR36-38 Lk. 21.22, Preston on
on PAR119-122 Lk. 17.30-37, Preston EL15, LF89, 91, SW62,

on WB91 97
Luke Lk. 18.1-8 Lk. 21.24, Preston on
Preston on LF87, 279 LD26
Lk. 1.6, Preston on Russell on PAR33, Lk. 21.25-26, Russell
394-396 on PAR477
Lk. 1.33, Preston on Lk. 18.6-8, Preston on Lk. 21.25-28, Russell
SW154 on PAR76-83
Lk. 4.18, Preston on Lk. 18.8 Lk. 21.25f, Preston on
Preston on LF113, LF151, WB258
Lk. 4.28-30, Preston WB91, 178 Lk. 21.26, Preston on
on LF231 Stevens on RAP53 SW62
Lk. 9.26-27, Russell on Lk. 18.31, Preston on Lk. 21.28, Preston on
SW94 SW62
Lk. 10.9, Preston on Lk. 18.31-33, Preston Lk. 21.28, 32
on EN58 Russell on PAR83-89,
Lk. 10.9-11, Preston Lk. 19.27, Russell on 243
on LD95, LF65 PAR205 Preston on SW61-62,
Lk. 10.11, Preston on Lk. 19.41-44 165
Russell on PAR42 Lk. 21.30, Preston on
Lk. 11.47-51, Russell Stevens on RAP15 SW16
on PAR48-51 Lk. 21.31

WB (Who Is This Babylon?) EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son)
EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
on Covenant Eschatology 15

Preston on EL63, Jn. 1.51, Preston on Jn. 16.4, Preston on
SW72, 148 LF119 LF15

Russell on PAR16 Jn. 5.19f, Preston on Jn. 16.12, Frost on
Lk. 21.32, Preston on EL67, SW2 MH194
SW63 Jn. 5.19-23, Preston on Jn. 16.13, Preston on
Lk. 21.33, Russell on LF2 EL117
PAR89-90 Jn. 5.24f, Preston on Jn. 16.16, Russell on
Lk. 21.34-36 SW29, 38 PAR132-135

Russell on PAR90-94 Jn. 5.25-29 Jn. 16.22, Russell on
Stevens on RAPxiv Preston on SW75-76 PAR132-135

Lk. 21.39-46, Russell Russell on PAR123- Jn. 17.15, Stevens on
on PAR94-97 125, 419 RAP85

Lk. 21.49-51, Russell Jn. 6.15, Preston on Jn. 18.36, Preston on
on PAR497 LD91, LF60, 67 LF67

Lk. 22, Preston on SW70 Jn. 6.16f, Preston on Jn. 19.37, Preston on
Lk. 22.17f, Preston on LF232 WB7
SW68-69 Jn. 6.40, Russell on Jn. 20.19f, Preston on
Lk. 22.30, Preston on PAR126 LF231
WB149 Jn. 6.44, Russell on Jn. 21.22f
Lk. 22.69, Russell on PAR126 Russell on PAR136-
PAR115-117 Jn. 7.37-39, Preston on 138
Lk. 23.28-31 LF235 Stevens on RAP39-40,
Preston on LD25, Jn. 9.24, Russell on 95
LF21, 111, WB43 PAR126

Russell on PAR117- Jn. 10.27-28, Preston Acts
119 on EN48
Lk. 23.42, Russell on Jn. 10.37, Preston on Ac. 1.4f, Preston on
PAR119 SW2

Lk. 24.16, Preston on Jn. 11.26, Preston on Ac. 1.6, Preston on
LF199, 329, WB166,
LF233 EN48

Lk. 24.25f, Preston on Jn. 12.31, Russell on 321
SW134 PAR127 Ac. 1.6f, Preston on
Lk. 24.26-27, Preston Jn. 12.48, Russell on
on LF118, 239, SW66 PAR126 Ac. 1.9f
Lk. 24.44, Preston on Jn. 13.11, Russell on Preston on LF228, 238
SW94 PAR127 Stevens on RAP95,
Lk. 24.44-47, Preston Jn. 14.3 133
on EN59 Russell on PAR132- Ac. 1.11, Russell on
Lk. 24.47, Russell on 135
PAR119-122 Stevens on RAP12 Ac. 2 SW50
Jn. 14.18, Russell on Ac. 2.1-4, Preston on

Jn. 14.26, Preston on Ac. 2.15, Preston on
LD122, LF51, 314,
John WB184
SW10, 181
Jn. 14.28, Russell on
Jn. 1.1-3, Preston on PAR132-135 Ac. 2.15f, Preston on
LF236 EL140, LD38

Ac. 2.16f

PAR (Parousia) RAP (Evidence Demands A Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks)
16 Scripture Index

Preston on LD64 Ac. 7.17, Preston on Ac. 26.22-23, Preston
Russell on PAR148- WB186 on EN62, SW110
149 Ac. 7.52, Preston on Ac. 28.19f, Preston on
Ac. 2.29-37, Preston SW145-146 LF107

on WB166 Ac. 8.5-6, Preston on Ac. 28.20f, Preston on
Ac. 2.39-47, Preston Preston on EN81Ac. SW131

on LF199 13.15f, Preston
Ac. 2.40 on LF199, WB166 Romans
Preston on SW10 Preston on EN82
Russell on PAR149- Ac. 13.17f, Preston on Ro. 2.5-6, Russell on
150Ac. 10.9f, Pre- LF322

ston on EN81 Ac. 13.26f, Preston on Ro. 2.28, Preston on
Ac. 3, Preston on LF107, 226
LF199, 202, SW50 Ac. 13.33-34 SW68-69 Ro. 3.21-22, Preston
Ac. 3.1-26, Preston on Ac. 13.38-39 SW86-88 on SW78-79, 83-84
EN80 Ac. 13.46, Preston on Ro. 5.12f, Preston on
Ac. 3.18, Preston on EN70
SW94 Ac. 14.1f, Preston on Ro. 5.20f, Preston on
SW74, 83, 87
Ac. 3.19-21, Russell EN82

on PAR150-153, 241 Ac. 14.22f SW72 Ro. 6.1-10, Preston on
Ac. 3.19-24, Preston Ac. 15.13, Preston on
on LD38 LF199, WB167 Ro. 6.23, Preston on
SW29, 59
Ac. 3.19f, Preston on Ac. 15.16-17, Preston
SW21-23, 111 on LF70, WB126 Ro. 7-10, Preston on
Ac. 3.21, Preston on Ac. 17.3, Preston on
WB140, 165-172 LF199, WB167 Ro. 7.4f, Preston on
Ac. 3.21f, Preston on Ac. 17.30-31
SW23, 111, 144 Preston on LF278 Ro. 7.7f, Preston on
Ac. 3.22-23, Preston Russell on PAR153-
on LF171, 184 154 Ro. 7.8, Preston on
Ac. 3.24, Preston on Ac. 18.6, Preston on
LF200, WB59 LF107 Ro. 7.8f, Preston on
Ac. 3.24f, Preston on Ac. 23-28, Preston on
LF177 LF199 Ro. 7.9, Preston on
SW74, 83
Ac. 3.28, Preston on Ac. 23.6f, Preston on
WB151 LF290 Ro. 7.10, Preston on
SW74, 83
Ac. 4.23-31, Preston Ac. 23.8, Preston on
on LF199, WB166 WB207 Ro. 8.1f, Preston on
Ac. 4.26-27 Ac. 24.13, Preston on
Preston on WB255 LF290 Ro. 8.1-4, Preston on
Russell on PAR494 Ac. 24.14-15, Preston
Ac. 4.30-31, Preston on SW76, 97-98, Ro. 8.18
on EN81 103, 110, 128, 131 Preston on LF104
Ac. 5.12-14, Preston Ac. 26.6f, Preston on Stevens on RAP14
on EN81 SW131 Ro. 8.18f, Preston on
SW51, 111, 154
Ac. 5.31, Preston on Ac. 26.21f, Preston on
LF199, WB166 SW76, 128 Ro. 8.18-23, Russell
on PAR212-232

WB (Who Is This Babylon?) EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son)
EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
on Covenant Eschatology 17

Ro. 8.18-9.5, Preston Ro. 11.29f, Preston on I Cor. 4.5, Russell on
on SW112 SW116 PAR164, 195

Ro. 8.23f, Preston on Ro. 12.19, Preston on I Cor. 4.9, Preston on
SW76, 110, 128 LD19 LF103, SW6, WB108

Ro. 9.1-5, Preston on Ro. 13.11-12 I Cor. 4.9f, Preston on
SW76 Preston on EN95, SW6, 72, WB234-236

Ro. 9.4-5, Preston on SW51, 81-82 I Cor. 5.5, Russell on
SW111 Russell on PAR232- PAR195

Ro. 9.5, Preston on 235 I Cor. 6.9f, Preston on
WB63 Ro. 14.17, Preston on EL252

Ro. 9.24f, Preston on LF68 I Cor. 7.26f, Preston
SW116 Ro. 15.6f, Preston on on EL71, LD19
Ro. 9.28, Preston on LD112 I Cor. 7.28f SW154
EN95, WB63 Ro. 15.8, Preston on I Cor. 7.29-31, Preston
SW68 on EN97, PAR196-197
Ro. 10-11, Preston on
SW16, 23 Ro. 15.12, Preston on I Cor. 9.17, Preston on
Ro. 10.13, Preston on LF241 WB217
SW181 Ro. 15.16f, Preston on I Cor. 10.11
Ro. 10.16-18, Preston SW67 Preston on EL184,
on EN95, SW121 Ro. 16.5, Preston on EN97, LD19, 39,

Ro. 10.19, Preston on SW161 SW82, 94, 194
EL37, LD18, SW10 Ro. 16.20 Russell on PAR197-
Ro. 10.20-21, Preston Preston on EN95, 199
on SW121, WB210 SW35, 51, WB59, I Cor. 13, Preston on
Ro. 11, Preston on 69, 179, 186 SW135
SW23, 116-119 Russell on PAR235 I Cor. 13.8f, Preston
Ro. 11.7, Preston on Ro. 16.25-26, Preston on LD64
LF73, SW50, 86-87, on SW86 I Cor. 14.21-22, Pre-
156 Ro. 16.26, Preston on ston on EN78-79
Ro. 11.7f, Preston on SW85 I Cor. 15
EN95 Ro. 22.7f, Preston on Preston on LF239,
SW50 SW24-32, 40, 55,
Ro. 11.15f, Preston on
SW76, 132 100, 128, 131,
Ro. 11.25, Preston on I Corinthians 135
WB295 Russell on PAR199-
Ro. 11.25-26, Preston I Cor. 1.4-8, Preston 212
on EL17, LF264, on EL21, 187, EN97 I Cor. 15.19, Preston
SW23-24, 32, 116- I Cor. 1.7, Russell on on SW133
117, 126, 130, I Cor. 15.21-28, Pre-
Ro. 11.25-28, Preston I Cor. 1.10-11, Preston ston on SW34
on LF88 on LD42 I Cor. 15.22, Preston
Ro. 11.26, Preston on I Cor. 1.14-18, Preston on SW1
SW36, 111 on LD64 I Cor. 15.22-28, Russell
Ro. 11.26-27, Preston I Cor. 3.13, Russell on on PAR199-208
on EN64, 05, SW36, I Cor. 15.24-28, Pre-
112, 117, 191 I Cor. 3.18, Russell on ston on WB263-269

PAR (Parousia) RAP (Evidence Demands A Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks)
18 Scripture Index

I Cor. 15.24f, Preston II Cor. 3.6f, Preston on Galatians
on EL178 SW32, 73-74, 83

I Cor. 15.26f, Preston II Cor. 3.9, Preston on Gal. 1.4, Russell on
on SW24-25, 28 SW74

I Cor. 15.50, Preston II Cor. 3.12-16, Preston Gal. 2.21, Preston on
on SW133 on SW81-82
I Cor. 15.50f, Preston II Cor. 3.13, Preston Gal. 3, Preston on SW81
on EN97 on SW78-79 Gal. 3.5, Preston on
I Cor. 15.50-51f, Pre- II Cor. 3.16-18, Preston
ston on SW25, 30, on SW81 Gal. 3.15, Preston on
SW31, 79, 82, 84
133 II Cor. 3.18, Preston
I Cor. 15.51 on LF211, SW84-85 Gal. 3.20-21, Preston
Russell on PAR208- II Cor. 4-5, Preston on on SW70, 73-74, 87
211 SW153 Gal. 3.26-29, Preston
Stevens on RAP39-40, II Cor. 4.1-2, Preston on SW79
95 on SW32, 81 Gal. 3.28, Preston on
I Cor. 15.51-54, II Cor. 4.14, Russell on
Stevens on RAP59-63 PAR214-216 Gal. 4.3, 9, Preston on
I Cor. 15.52, Preston II Cor. 4.16f, Preston
on SW25 on SW154 Gal. 4.4, Preston on
I Cor. 15.54, Preston II Cor. 4.10, Preston
on SW83, 100, 111, on SW72-73 Gal. 4.22f, Preston on
LF173, 182, SW125,
131, 133, II Cor. 5.1-4, Stevens
I Cor. 15.54-56, Pre- on RAP59-63 154
ston on SW24-25, 28, II Cor. 5.1-10, Russell Gal. 5.1-4, Preston on
31-32, 41, 76, 84, on PAR216-219
101, 111, 182 II Cor. 5.4, Stevens on Gal. 5.5, Preston on
SW77, 79-81
I Cor. 16.15 SW161 RAP39-40

I Cor. 16.22 II Cor. 5.5, Preston on Gal. 6.14f, Preston on
Preston on EN97 SW81-82

Russell on PAR213- II Cor. 5.8, Stevens on Gal. 6.15, Preston on
RAP101 SW79
I Cor.15.54-56, Preston II Cor. 5.11, Stevens Gal. 6.16, Preston on
on SW182 on RAP14
II Cor. 5.18f, Preston
II Corinthians on LF241 Ephesians
II Cor. 5.19, Preston
II Cor. 1.13-14, Russell Eph. 1.9-10, Russell on
on SW64-65 PAR237
on PAR214 II Cor. 6.14-15, Preston
II Cor. 3-4, Preston on Eph. 1.10, Preston on
on LF143, SW78, LD41
II Cor. 3-5, Preston on Eph. 1.12-13, Preston
II Cor. 6.16, Preston
SW84 on SW82
on LF143, SW76-77
II Cor. 3-6, Preston on Eph. 1.13-14, Russell
II Cor. 10.7, Preston
SW76 on PAR243
on LF268
II Cor. 3.5f, Preston on Eph. 1.21
II Cor. 12.2-4, Stevens
SW82, 118 Preston on EL178
on RAP50, 112
Russell on PAR244

WB (Who Is This Babylon?) EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son)
EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
on Covenant Eschatology 19

Eph. 2.1-5, Preston on Phil. 3.20, Preston on I Thes. 1.10, Preston
SW29 LF234, SW88 on EL217
Eph. 2.7, Russell on Phil. 3.20-21 I Thes. 1.14-17, Russell
PAR244 Preston on LF239, on PAR165-169
Eph. 2.12f, Preston on SW88, WB227 I Thes. 2.14-16, Preston
EL289 Russell on PAR245 on LF108
Eph. 2.20, Stevens on Phil. 4.5 I Thes. 2.15-16, Preston
RAP20 Preston on SW88 on SW5, 72, 147, 154
Eph. 3.3, Preston on Russell on PAR246 I Thes. 2.15-17, Preston
WB223 on LF157-158
Eph. 3.10, Russell on Colossians I Thes. 2.16, Russell
PAR228 on PAR162-163
Eph. 3.21, Preston on Col. 1.23 I Thes. 3.13, Russell
WB217 Preston on EN3, 19 on PAR163-
Russell on PAR 225
Eph. 4.8-10, Preston I Thes. 4.5-17
on WB223 Col. 1.24-26, Preston Preston on EL218
Eph. 4.8-13, Preston on LF52, SW6, 72, Stevens on RAP27, 39-
on EL20 116, WB67, 224 40
Eph. 4.11-13, Frost on Col. 1.24-27, Preston I Thes. 4.13f, Preston
MH175ff on SW80-81, 102-103 on SW112
Eph. 4.32, Preston on Col. 2.8, 20, Preston I Thes. 4.13-17,
SW82 on EL190 Stevens on RAP91-
Eph. 5.25-27, Preston Col. 2.9-10, Preston on 134
LF102, WB234-236
on LF259 I Thes. 4.13-18, Preston
Col. 2.11f, Preston on on SW163
LF185, 322, SW29
Philippians I Thes. 4.17, Stevens
Col. 2.12-14, Preston on RAPviii, 108ff
Phil. 1.6 on EL289 I Thes. 5.1f, Preston on
Preston on LF179 Col. 2.14, Preston on EL219
LF124, 133, SW35
Russell on PAR245 I Thes. 5.1-10, Russell
Phil. 1.10, Russell on Col. 2.14f, Preston on on PAR169-170
PAR245 SW35
I Thes. 5.23
Phil. 1.21-23, Preston Col. 2.15, Preston on Preston on EL220
on SW29 SW72
Russell on PAR170
Phil. 1.23, Stevens on Col. 3.1-3, Preston on Stevens on RAP27
RAP101 SW166, 180

Phil. 3, Preston on Col. 3.4, Russell on II Thessalonians
LF182 PAR236

Phil. 3.2f, Preston on Col. 3.6, Russell on II Thes. 1, Preston on
LF177 PAR237 EL26

Phil. 3.3, Preston on Col. 3.10f, Preston on II Thes. 1.4f, Preston
LF184, WB227 WB210 on EL220, LF279
Phil. 3.9f, Preston on II Thes. 1.4-8, Preston
SW87 I Thessalonians on LF105
Phil. 3.16-18, Preston II Thes. 1.4-10 SW155
on SW143-144 I Thes. 1.9-10, Russell II Thes. 1.4-12, Preston
Phil. 3.18, Preston on on PAR158-162 on LF20, 158

PAR (Parousia) RAP (Evidence Demands A Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks)
20 Scripture Index

II Thes. 1.6-10, Stevens II Tim. 3, Preston on Heb. 7.12, Preston on
on RAP10 SW45 LF147

II Thes. 1.7-10 II Tim. 3.1-9, Russell Heb. 7.19f, Preston on
Preston on LF261 on PAR259-261 SW31

Russell on PAR171- II Tim. 4.1, 2 Heb. 7.22, Preston on
173 Preston on SW153 SW31

II Thes. 1.9, Preston on Russell on PAR262 Heb. 7.27, Stevens on
LF23 II Tim. 4.8, Russell on RAP105ff

II Thes. 1.10, Preston PAR258 Heb. 8, Preston on
on EL221 II Tim. 4.16f, Preston LF125

II Thes 1.10-12, Pre- on WB45-46 Heb. 8.6, Preston on
ston on LF161 SW118

II Thes. 2, Russell on Titus Heb. 8.13, Preston on
PAR504-505 EL17, LF147, SW32,

II Thes. 2.1, Stevens Tit. 2.11, Preston on 77-79, 84, 108, 118,
on RAP11 WB228

II Thes. 2.1-12, Russell Heb. 9-10, Preston on
on PAR173-190 SW62, WB86

II Thes. 2.2f, Preston Heb. 1.1, Preston on Heb. 9.6-10, Preston
on EL124, 227, LD74 LD43, SW34 on SW59, 62, 179
II Thes. 2.3f, Preston Heb. 1.1-2 Heb. 9.8-28, Preston
on EL228 Preston on SW59 on LD9-11
II Thes. 2.5-8, Preston Russell on PAR264- Heb. 9.9-10, Preston
on LD74 266 on SW107
II Thes. 2.6-7, Preston Heb. 9.11f, Preston on
on EN25, 27, LF315 Heb. 2.14f, Preston on

LF266, SW35 Heb. 9.15, Preston on
I Timothy Heb. 2.5

Preston on EL179 Heb. 9.15-16, Preston
I Tim. 4.1-3, Russell on SW82
on PAR246-247 Russell on PAR266-
267 Heb. 9.24f, Preston on
I Tim. 6.14, Russell on SW55
PAR256-257 Heb. 3-4, Preston on
LF125 Heb. 9.25, Russell on
I Tim. 6.20-21, Russell PAR273-274
on PAR258 Heb. 3.6, Russell on
PAR267 Heb. 9.26
Heb. 3.6, 14, Preston Preston on EL185,
II Timothy EN54, LD43,
on EL187
LF266, SW20, 33,
II Tim. 1.13, 18, Heb. 3.14, Russell on
Russell on PAR258 PAR267 35-36, 54
II Tim. 2.10f, Preston Heb. 4.1-11, Russell Russell on PAR272
on SW29 on PAR268-272 Heb. 9.26-27, Preston
II Tim. 2.17-19 Heb. 6.4-6, Preston on on LD68, SW33
Preston on LF284, 293 EL259 Heb. 9.26-28, Preston
Stevens on RAP73 Heb. 6.11 on LF126
II Tim. 2.18, Preston Preston on EL187 Heb. 9.28
on 174 Russell on PAR267 Preston on SW54-56,

WB (Who Is This Babylon?) EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son)
EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
on Covenant Eschatology 21

Russell on PAR272 Heb. 12.28, Preston on I Pet. 2.12, Stevens on
Heb. 10.1f, Preston on LD50, WB61 RAP15
SW55 Heb. 13.14 I Pet. 3.18-20, Russell
Heb. 10.19f, Preston Preston on LF147 on PAR299-304
on SW31 Russell on PAR291 I Pet. 4.5, Preston on
Heb. 10.25 EL28

Preston on WB319 James I Pet. 4.5-7, Russell on
Stevens on RAP121ff PAR304-307

Heb. 10.26-37, Preston Jas. 1.1, Preston on I Pet. 4.6, Russell on
SW161-162, WB65
on SW57, 62-64 PAR307-314, 421

Heb. 10.30, Preston on Jas. 1.18, Preston on I Pet. 4.7, Preston on
LD19 EL28, 63, 188, EN91,

Heb. 10.32-37, Preston Jas. 5.1-10, Preston on LD39, 43, WB69, 186
on SW108, 155 I Pet. 4.12-13, Russell
Heb. 10.32-38, Preston Jas. 5.1, 3, Russell on on PAR314
on LF105 I Pet. 4.13, Preston on
Heb. 10.33-37, Preston Jas. 5.7-9, Russell on SW73, 155
on SW10 I Pet. 4.17, Preston on
Heb. 10.35-38, Preston Jas. 5.8, Preston on EL29, EN91, WB69
EL63, EN91
on SW96 I Pet. 4.17-19, Russell
Heb. 10.37 on PAR315-316
I Peter
Preston on EN91, I Pet. 5.1, Russell on
LD20, SW57, 62 PAR317-318
I Pet. 1.3f, Preston on
Russell on PAR134, SW155 I Pet. 5.4, Russell on
274 PAR317-318
I Pet. 1.5
Stevens on RAP85 Preston on LF325 I Pet. 5.13, Russell on
Heb. 11.13-16, Preston PAR346-350
Russell on PAR296-
on LF188 298
Heb. 11.39, Russell on I Pet. 1.7, Russell on II Peter
PAR276 PAR298
Heb. 12, Preston on II Pet. 1.16-18, Preston
I Pet. 1.10-12, Preston on LF207, 210, 237
on LD36, 43, SW70-71 II Pet. 1.16-21, Preston
Heb. 12-13, Preston on I Pet. 1.13, Russell on
LF187 PAR298
on EL1
Heb. 12.18-24, Russell II Pet. 2.1, Preston on
I Pet. 1.19-20, Preston EL24
on PAR285-287 on EL46
Heb. 12.22, Preston on II Pet. 3, Preston on
I Pet. 1.20, Preston on LF25, SW50
LF329, SW161-162, LD28
WB65 II Pet. 3.1-2, Preston
I Pet. 2.5, Preston on on EN89, SW89-90,
Heb. 12.22-28, Preston SW89
on WB97-98 112-113
I Pet. 2.6, Stevens on II Pet. 3.3-4
Heb. 12.25f RAP20
Preston on EL168, Preston on EL31, 48,
I Pet. 2.7-8, Preston on 70
SW77-78, 84 EL55
Russell on PAR288- Russell on PAR318
I Pet. 2.9, Preston on II Pet. 3.7, 10-12,
291 LD29
Russell on PAR319-

PAR (Parousia) RAP (Evidence Demands A Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks)
22 Scripture Index

II Pet. 3.8-9 I Jn. 4.1, Russell on Rev. 5.5, Preston on
Preston on EL79, PAR333-335 LD11, WB21
LF50, WB174, 196 I Jn. 4.3, Russell on Rev. 5.10, Stevens on
Russell on PAR320- PAR333-335 RAP82

323 I Jn. 4.7, Russell on Rev. 6, Preston on
II Pet. 3.10 PAR335 WB29-31

Preston on EL88, 190 Rev. 6.1-2, Russell on
Russell on PAR323 II John PAR388-389

II Pet. 3.12, Russell on Rev. 6.3-4, Russell on
PAR324 II Jn. 7, Russell on PAR389-390
II Pet. 3.13 Rev. 6.5-6, Russell on
Preston on EL130, 201 PAR390-392

Russell on PAR324-
Rev. 6.7-8, Russell on
325, 354-356 PAR392-393
Rev. 1.1
II Pet. 3.15-16 Preston on EL119, Rev. 6.9, Preston on
Preston on EL217, 230 WB179 LF111, 162

Russell on PAR325- Russell on PAR367 Rev. 6.9-11
327 Rev. 1.1-3, Preston on Preston on EL24, 40,
II Pet.3.12, Preston on WB3-6, 173 LD22, SW72, 155
Rev. 1.3 Russell on PAR394-
Preston on EL63 396
I John Russell on PAR368 Stevens on RAP18
Rev. 1.7 Rev. 6.11, Preston on
I Jn. 2.15-17, Preston LF154
on EL75 Preston on LF195,
230, 302, WB6-9 Rev. 6.12-17
I Jn. 2.17-18, Russell Preston on WB22-25,
on PAR328-329 Russell on PAR368
Rev. 1.7-8, Preston on 255
I Jn. 2.18 LF18-19 Russell on PAR397-
Preston on EL10, 28, 401
63, EN91, LD44, Rev. 1.13f, Preston on
LF228 Rev. 6.17-18
Rev. 1.19, Russell on Preston on LF111
Russell on PAR329- PAR369 Russell on PAR5
333, 357-361 Rev. 7, Preston on
I Jn. 2.19, Russell on Rev. 1.10, Russell on
PAR371 WB31-36
Rev. 2.1, Preston on Rev. 7.1-17, Russell on
I Jn. 2.22, Russell on WB10-11 PAR401-406
Rev. 2.9, Preston on Rev. 7.9
I Jn. 2.28, Russell on WB11-12 Preston on WB64
Rev. 3.9-10, Preston Stevens on RAP19
I Jn. 3.1f, Preston on Rev. 7.14, Preston on
LF236 on WB13-17
I Jn. 3.2 Rev. 3.10, Preston on
WB17-19 Rev. 8, Preston on
Russell on PAR335 WB36-41
Stevens on RAP12, 50 Rev. 3.11, Russell on
PAR369 Rev. 8.1, Russell on
I Jn. 3.2-3, Preston on PAR406
LF239 Rev. 5.1-4, Preston on
WB19-21 Rev. 8.7-12, Russell on
I Jn. 3.8, Preston on PAR407-408

WB (Who Is This Babylon?) EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son)
EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
on Covenant Eschatology 23

Rev. 8.13, Russell on Rev. 11.15-19, Russell Russell on PAR472-
PAR409-410 on PAR444-447 475
Rev. 9.1-12, Russell on Rev. 11.16f, Preston Rev. 14.20, Preston on
PAR410-414 on SW100, 152 WB81

Rev. 9.3f, Preston on Rev. 11.18, Preston on Rev. 15, Preston on
WB42 SW98 SW62

Rev. 9.6, Preston on Rev. 11.19, Preston on Rev. 15-19, Preston on
WB43 SW61-62 SW62, WB86

Rev. 9.13-21, Russell Rev. 12, Preston on Rev. 15.1-5, Preston
on PAR414-417 WB58-60 on WB82-84
Rev. 10-11, Preston on Rev. 12.1-2, Russell on Rev. 15.1ff, Russell on
SW98 PAR449-450 PAR475

Rev. 10.1-11, Russell Rev. 12.3-4, Russell on Rev. 15.1, 8, Preston
on PAR417-423 PAR450 on SW61-62
Rev. 10.5-6, Preston Rev. 12.5ff, Russell on Rev. 15.8, Preston on
on WB188 PAR451-457 SW62, WB85-86

Rev. 10.6, Preston on Rev. 12.7-9, Russell on Rev. 16.6, Preston on
LF279, WB43-44 PAR455-457 WB86-93

Rev. 10.6-7, Preston Rev. 12.10-11, Russell Rev. 16.6f, Preston on
on EL18 on PAR457 SW62

Rev. 10.6-8, Preston Rev. 12.12, Preston on Rev. 16.14, Preston on
on WB221-223 WB186 WB94-97

Rev. 10.7, Preston on Rev. 13.1-10, Russell Rev. 16.15, Russell on
SW97-101, WB45-46, on PAR457-465 PAR369

222 Rev. 13.11-17, Russell Rev. 16.17f, Preston
Rev. 10.7f, Preston on on PAR465-469 on SW61-62
SW98, 101-102 Rev. 13.18, Russell on Rev. 16.18, Preston on
Rev. 10.11, Preston on PAR555ff WB97-98
SW99 Rev. 14, Preston on Rev. 16.19, Preston on
Rev. 11, Preston on WB63 WB98-102, 258
SW99, 152, WB39, 57 Rev. 14.1, Preston on Rev. 16.21, Preston on
Rev. 11.1-2, Russell on WB60 WB102
PAR422-430 Rev. 14.1-5, Stevens Rev. 17, Preston on
Rev. 11.2, Preston on on RAP20 WB103
WB46-47 Rev. 14.1-13, Russell Rev. 17.1, Preston on
Rev. 11.3-13, Russell on PAR469-472 WB250

on PAR431-443 Rev. 14.4, Preston on Rev. 17.1-6, Preston
Rev. 11.8, Preston on EL209, SW160-161 on WB148
LD20, LF154, SW61, Rev. 14.6f, Preston on Rev. 17.3, 7-11, Russell
101, WB51, 53 WB68-70 on PAR498-505
Rev. 11.12, Stevens on Rev. 14.9-11, Russell Rev. 17.4, Preston on
RAP95 on PAR471 WB110-114

Rev. 11.15, Preston on Rev. 14.13, Russell on Rev. 17.4f, Preston on
WB37, 144 PAR471 WB105-110

Rev. 11.15f, Preston Rev. 14.14-20 Rev. 17.6f, Preston on
on SW97-98, 199 Preston on WB71 SW152, WB250

PAR (Parousia) RAP (Evidence Demands A Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks)
24 Scripture Index

Rev. 17.10f, Preston Rev. 20.12-17, Preston Rev. 22.17, Preston on
on WB114-118 on EN20 LD30

Rev. 17.16, Preston on Rev. 21, Preston on Rev. 22.20, Russell on
WB114, 252 SW90 PAR370

Rev. 17.18, Preston on Rev. 21-22, Preston on
WB253 SW36, 112, 48,

Rev. 18, Russell on WB165-172
PAR506-509 Rev. 21.1f, Preston on
Rev. 18.2, Preston on WB143-148
WB118 Rev. 21.1-22.6, Preston
Rev. 18.13, Preston on on SW113
WB256 Rev. 21.2-5, Preston
Rev. 18.19f, Preston on SW91
on WB255-257 Rev. 21.2f, Preston on
Rev. 18.20-24, Preston WB147-151

on SW62 Rev. 21.2, 9f, Preston
Rev. 18.24, Preston on on WB149
WB119-120 Rev. 21.3, Preston on
Rev. 19, Preston on WB148, 151-155
SW62, WB134-136 Rev. 21.4, Preston on
Rev. 19.7f, Preston on WB149
WB120, 149 Rev. 21.5-6, Russell on
Rev. 19.11-15, Preston PAR369

on LF237 Rev. 21.11, Preston on
Rev. 19.11-21, Russell WB155-161

on, PAR509-513 Rev. 22.1, Preston on
Rev. 20, Preston on WB162
SW36, WB136-142, Rev. 22.3, Preston on
259-269 WB148

Rev. 20-21, Preston on Rev. 22.6, 10, 12, 20,
SW99-100 Preston on EN86
Rev. 20.1-3, Russell on Rev. 22.6, Russell on
PAR513-519 PAR370

Rev. 20.4-6, Russell on Rev. 22.7, Russell on
PAR519-521 PAR370

Rev. 20.7-10, Russell Rev. 22.10
on PAR522-523 Preston on LD57, LF49
Rev. 20.9f, Preston on Russell on PAR370
EN20 Rev. 22.10-12, Preston
Rev. 20.10f, Preston on SW63
on SW36, 149, 152 Rev. 22.11, Preston on
Rev. 20.11-15, Russell WB200

on PAR523-525 Rev. 22.12
Rev. 20.12, Preston on Preston on WB175
WB140 Russell on PAR370
Rev. 20.12f, Preston Rev. 22.16, Preston on
on SW92 WB180

WB (Who Is This Babylon?) EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son)
EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
Topic Index

42 months PAR429-430, WB48-51 Eusebius on EN24
666 if not in Jesus’ generation EN25
number of first beast’s name in in this generation EN23
Hebrew PAR462-465 man of sin and EN25
Reuss on PAR555ff no future SW18
70th week of Daniel outpouring of Mosaic covenan-
only end is the end of the LD53 tal wrath SW14
postponement theory invalid If sign of the end of the age EN19
Messiah cut off during LF65 Abraham, land promise to LF188
the last days? LD2 abyss PAR478
1000 years Acts
See also millennium fourfold pattern of preaching,
loosing of Satan after PAR522- power, persecution,
523 parousia EN116
prophecy, not vision PAR513-519 parousia in Jesus’ generation
Russell thinks still future to PAR147-154

John’s time PAR513-519 purpose of to chronicle comple-
1260 days WB48-51 tion of world mission WB166
1600 furlongs, Ogden on WB81 AD 34-35
144,000 Gentry and Mathison say cannot
Christian Jews WB65 extrapolate Dan. 9 beyond
first generation of Jewish Chris- SW127

tians EL209 Gentry, DeMar think seventy
firstfruits of those redeemed by weeks complete by SW56
Christ SW161 seventy weeks not fulfilled in
Hebrew-Christian church of SW20

Judea PAR405, 469 AD 70
in heaven, but how and when church deviated from original
did they get there? RAP18 preterist message after MH15
standing on Mt. Zion RAP20 did pre-AD 70 Christians live
the righteous remnant of Israel and remain beyond?
WB63 discussed RAP23-34
nothing is said about them
A living beyond it RAP24
silence demands absence
abomination of desolation RAP25
a sign of the end LD73 why such a silence? RAP26
and mystery of iniquity EN25 escape to Pella? RAP28
and world mission EN25 options to explain the si-
brought about the Great Tribula- lence RAP35-66
tion SW164

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
28 Scripture Index

didn’t John and others live be- Mt. 24.3 and EL183
yond? RAP48-52 Mt. 28.20 EL184
didn’t Melito claim fulfillment? vs. this age LF56
RAP54-59 was to be eternal LD39
Gentry and Mathison say cannot age without end EL178
extrapolate Dan. 9 beyond age, the
SW99 Christian, will never end EL44
Ice says Lk. 21.30 fulfilled in consummation of the EN51
SW16 end of See end of the age
if millennium ended then, all fu- no end to Christ’s LF56
turist eschatologies are falsi- present evil of Gal. 1.4 PAR219-
fied SW193 220
Jackson discounts significance present vs. the coming PAR244
of LF150 that vs. this age EN46
Jerome thought seventy weeks the end of
completed by SW97 See also end of the age
McKnight: Jesus saw no further discussed PAR267
than AD 70 SW176 this one and the one to come
Paul martyred before WB68 EL173, EN31

Adams, Jay this vs. that age EN46
on new creation EL152 vs. the world PAR410
on Rev. 10.7 WB222 ages to come, the PAR244
afflictions of Christ ages, the end of PAR272
Paul and what is lacking in ages, the, in Heb. 1.1-2 PAR264-266
WB234-236 air, in the, I Thes. 4.17 RAP126-132
what is lacking? LF102 Alford, Dean
afflictions of Rom. 8.18 not normal on I Thes. 4.13-17 PAR167
problems of human existence on Jn. 14.3 PAR133
LF104 all things fulfilled, millennialists be-
age to come, the lieve very little was fulfilled LF91
a cardinal doctrine of eschatol- Almighty, Jesus called the LF18
ogy LD111 already but not yet
a response to Ice on the age to See also progressiveness of last
come LD111-127 things EN30-55
discussed LF55 discussed LF323
discussed PAR266-267 tranformation of Old Covenant
Epistle of Pseudo-Barnabas, The in transfiguration LF210
(79-135 AD) MH74 America, hated for her support of Is-
eternal life in EN43-44 rael LD107
Heb. 9.26 and EL185 amillennialism
how many this ages are there? claims Mt. 24.14 fulfilled, but
LD116 not Mt. 28.19 EN7
I Cor. 10.11 and EL184 Dan. 7.13-14 and EN14
Lk. 20.27-37 EN45-50 does Mt. 5.17-18 teach all the
marriage and giving in married law would pass when some
in Lk. 20.27-37 EN46 of it was fulfilled? EN58
Mt. 13.39 and EL182

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 29

doesn’t know what to do with Antiochus Epiphanes, the man of sin
Dan. 9.24f SWI of his age PAR186-187
implications of anti-Semitism
fulfillment of Mt. 24 EN125 and replacement theology
I Cor. 1.10-11 LD42 WB276-281

implications on traditional are these things? WB279-280
views if Jerusalem is charge is ignorant of Biblical
Babylon WB292-293 facts WB272-273
is false EL154 dispensationalists worst sort of
misses point on great tribulation WB285
WB32 irony of the charge WB281-285
refuted by Isa. 2-4 EL34 Jews not under a curse today
says God was through with Is- LF157

rael at cross EN70 preterism and WB271-276
sees no connection between Is- preterism isn’t anti-Semitic ENvii
rael and the time of the end were New Testament writers
WB324 guilty of? WB272
view of the millennium WB261 were Old Testament authors
view of vengeance of martyrs guilty of WB273
LD23 what is it? WB271-276
vs. post- and pre-millennialism Zionists have created new defini-
EL22 tions WB272
world mission and ENiii Apocalypse
An Interpretation of Matthew 24-25 See also Revelation
WB331 Paul and the WB206-240
anachronism, hermeneutic of EL117 apostasy, the
animal sacrifices a sign of the end LD74
and Mt. 5.17-18 EL19 already manifesting itself in I
Charles Spurgeon on LF141 Tim. 6.20-21 PAR258
Spurgeon on LD6 discussed EL259
antichrist II Thes. 2.1-12 PAR178-179
a principle, not a person PAR331- Mt. 24.10, 12 PAR178-179
333 must precede parousia PAR173-
comes at the last hour PAR329- 178
331 of the last days PAR246-247
in Mt. 24.5, 11, 24 PAR330 of the last days imminent
many shows not exclusive desig- PAR259-261

nation of an individual predicted by Christ, John, Jude,
PAR332 Paul, Peter PAR250-255
marks of PAR333-335 table of passages PAR250-255
not the papacy PAR332 vs man of sin, Dollinger on PARi
antichrists apostles
a sign of the Christian age LD45 atheists know more than EN76
many, not exclusive designation delivered up to tribulation LF103
of an individual PAR332 Jesus warned of false prophets
Anti-Defamation League defines in Lk. 21.8 LF246
anti-Semitism WB271

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
30 Scripture Index

MacArthur makes them false introduced MH127
prophets LF246 mentions last times MH128
mstaken says little about eschatology
about the end? EN75 MH128

in Ac. 1.6? WB321 introduced MH26, 50-174
modernists know more than Justin Martyr (150-165 AD)
EN76 MH129

set forth as condemned to die mistakes concerning John and
LF103 Domitian RAP22
skeptics know more than EN76 Origen (185-254)
understood the end of the age introduced MH132
LD62 age to come future to him
were they false prophets? LD76 MH133

were they lying in Mt. 13.51? on new heavens and new
LD115 earth MH134
wrong and scoffers right? EL63 patristic implications of the rap-
Apostles’ Creed on the resurrection ture RAP21-22
of the dead MH214 Polycarp (150 AD)
apostles of denial, millennialists are introduced MH145
LD123 believed in future parousia
apostolic and judgment MH146
is premillennialism? MH18 right on order of things at
is preterism? MH18 parousia MH149
apostolic church thought they were the terminal
eschatology not immune from generation MH22
gross distortion by MH36 used to support everything from
how did it survive without purgatory to Mariolatry
creeds MH44 MH165

apostolic fathers value of MH170-171
brief history of MH50ff apostolic ministry
Clement, I (before 70 AD) necessity of
MH117 discussed MH187ff
Clement, II (120-170 AD) Clement, I saw MH188
introduced MH141 Hermas saw MH188
resurrection and parousia fu- archangel, the, of I Thes. 4.16 and
ture MH141 Rev. 10.1-11 PAR418
on II Peter 3 MH144 Armageddon
conclusions on MH147ff at time of vindication of martyrs
Frost on fallacy of drawing firm of God EL107
conclusions on anything discussed PAR479, WB94-97
from their writings RAP46-47 discussed with Dan. 9.27 SW172
Hermas, Shepherd of judgment of Babylon EL108
aware of Jewish and Gentile syllogisms on WB96-97
missions MH105 technically not a battle, but a
deals with delay of parousia gathering WB96
MH107-109 the Great Day of the Lord WB96-
Ignatius (before 108 AD) 97

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 31

vengeance of martyrs on Baby- Augustine
lon WB96-97 on creeds MH34
Ashkenaz Jews of Gentile origin on Hymanaeus RAP71
LF318 on the rapture RAP134
assembling together avenging blood
See also gathering together and Dt. 32.43 EL40
I Thes. 4.17 RAP121ff and Mt. 23.33-36 EL41
at hand avenging martyrs
Ezekiel’s contemporaries sought Dt. 32 SW13
to mitigate LF36 in Israel’s last days SW13
fall of Babylon at WB173-206
in Ac. 7.17 WB186 B
Mathison on use of WB296
not time at all? WB173 Babylon
Athanasius a habitation of demons WB118
on deity of Christ LF236 and Ezekiel 16 WB103
taught believers in Christ no and opening the books WB140
longer die SW173 and shedding of blood on the
atheists, most Jews in modern Israel earth WB119
are LD14 and the blood of the saints
belongs totally to seventy and the book of life WB136-142
weeks SW56 and the bride WB120-133
complete before Christ per- and the Exodus motif WB82-84
formed high priestly serv- and the merchants of the sea
ice? SW55
didn’t stop at cross SW54 and the new tabernacle WB151-
finished at the parousia SW96 155
forgiveness a direct result of the and the plagues of Egypt WB102
completed SW57 and the resurrection WB57
Gentry thinks complete prior to and the resurrection in Rev. 11
parousia SW56 and Dan. 12 WB57
if complete and the river of life WB162
the parousia has occurred and the time for the harvest WB71
SW61 and the treading down of the
where do the righteous go at city WB46-47
death SW58 and world mission of Paul WB68-
making SW54-72 70
making, Boutflower on the He- Armageddon the judgment of
brew for SW65
millennialists problem with com- being Jerusalem, objections con-
pleted SW65 sidered WB248-271
not completed at the cross SW95 book of John, and signs of
unfinished Christ’s rule WB134-136
before Christ returned from Campbell said it was Roman
Most Holy Place SW55 Catholic Church LF325,
before resurrection SW55
destroyed by the beast WB252

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
32 Scripture Index

divided into three parts WB98-99 ruled the kings of the earth
fall of WB253

Josephus on PAR506-509 sitting on many waters? WB250
Rev. 18 PAR506-509 sitting on seven hills WB250-252
flowing of blood and WB81 summary and conclusions on
God’s use of in punishment in identification as Jerusalem
Ezek. 30.25 LF8 WB299-300

I Pet. 5.13 PAR346-350 that great city WB51
identification of harlot in Revela- the consummation of vengeance
tion PAR482-498 WB85-86

identity of the entrance into the most holy
introduction WB1 place WB85-86
spectrum of views WB1 the great earthquake and WB97-
key to eschatology WB287 98
implications on traditional views the harlot WB104-105
if Jerusalem WB291-298 vengeance of martyrs on was Ar-
in Revelation mageddon WB96-97
discussed PARi where the Lord was slain WB21
Herder on PARii Bales, James D., on new creation
Michaelis on PARii EL154

is Jersualem LF154 Balyeat, Joseph, Mt. 28.19 much
Jerusalem the great city WB55 broader commission than Mt.
judged when mystery of God 24.14 EN7
completed WB222 banquet, Messianic See Messianic
judgment of PAR506-509 banquet
judgment when cup was full banquet, wedding See wedding feast
WB110-111 baptism for the dead PAR208-211
literal restoration required in Isa. Barclay, William
13-14? LF31 Jesus mistaken LF58
millennialists believe in restora- on I Jn. 2.15-17 EL75
tion of literal SW194 Barnes, Albert
Mt. 24 and WB1 on
Paher argues Jerusalem not the I Thes. 4.13-17 RAP95
great city WB51-57 Isa. 28.21 EL57
paralleled with Jerusalem EN41- barren fig tree PAR21
43, WB55 Beasley-Murray, G. R.
Paul identifies in Revelation on this generation EN29
WB206 on Transfiguration LF14
persecutor of prophets WB86-93 beast
Peter wrote from, John wrote Babylon destroyed by the WB252
about WB111 judgment of the PAR509-513
remembered before God WB99- number of first beast’s name in
102 Hebrew PAR555ff
Rev. 17 a partnership with beast Rev. 17 a partnership with Baby-
WB115 lon WB115
Rome called? WB269-271 the first, of Rev. 13.1-10
introduced PAR457-465

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 33

characteristics of PAR458- vindication of martyrs and LF92
459 blood of the saints
the number of PAR459-465 Babylon and the WB105-110
the scarlet, of Rev. 17.3, 7-11 Paher negates Jerusalem’s guilt
discussed PAR498-505 of WB106
ten horns PAR501-504 Bock, Darrel
the second, of Rev. 13.11-17 Mosaic Law forever removed
a governor of Judea? LF189
PAR465-469 on Gal. 3.16 LF173
characteristics of PAR465- body of Jesus, not seen in transfigu-
469 ration LF208
introduced PAR465-469 body, the, involved in both rapture
religious aspect of PAR465- and resurrection RAP68-74
469 Boettner, Loraine
Bell, William on eschatology’s relation to the
Old Covenant not fulfilled at hope of Israel SW111
cross LF213 significance of fall of Jerusalem
on generation EN10 LF152

Berkhof, Louis, on creeds MH29 The Millennium SW178
betrothal bondwoman, Israel not cast out, but
discussed WB120 the LF178
vs. marriage WB130 Boobyer, G. H., on transfiguration
between the testaments PAR8ff LF208

Bible book of life, Babylon and the WB136-
says what it means and means 142
what it says book, sealing up the, Revelation vs.
discussed EL171 Daniel LF49
many times we don’t know books, opening of, and Babylon
what it says EL194 WB140

modern westerners say Boutflower, Charles
things differently EL194 In and Around the Book of
one of every 26 verses deals Daniel SW182
with eschatology LD109 on Hebrew word for making
two-thirds of deals with eschatol- atonement in Dan. 9 SW65
ogy LD109 bowls of wrath PAR475-481
bigamist, millennialism makes bride of the Lamb vs. the harlot
Christ a WB133 WB120

binding of Satan PAR410-414, bride, the, of Rev. 21-22 PAR525-537
PAR513-519 brimstone and fire PAR471
biological death, resurrection has bringing in everlasting righteous-
nothing to do with SW40 ness SW74-94
blood Bruce, F. F., The Time is Fulfilled
Babylon’s shedding of WB119 SW178

flowing of See flowing of blood burned earth, over anger with Is-
blood atonement rael? EL39
and Israel’s salvation LF92 burned up, what elements are? EL190
discussed LF21

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
34 Scripture Index

C atheists know more than EN76
deity of See deity of Christ
Caiphas dead in AD 70? LF242, 301 descent into Hades PAR299-304
Caird, George B., on vindication of dispensationalism based on fail-
martyrs LF114 ure of LD82-104
Calvin, John had prerogative of judgment
creeds and MH29 from God LF1
thought disciples mistakenly as- modernists know more than
sociated fall of Jerusalem EN76

with the end of the age WB72 on David’s throne in heaven
Camp, Franklin LF68

on importance of Joel 2.28ff preached to spirits in prison
EN74 PAR299-304

significance of fall of Jerusalem predicts apostasy PAR250-255
rejection of See rejection of
Campbell, Alexander, on Babylon Christ
being the Roman Catholic Church signs of sovreignty WB134-136
LF325, WB302
skeptics know more than EN76
Carrington, Cliff, on significance of the day of PAR245
destruction of Jerusalem WB287- vindicated by a doctrine that
288 makes him a false prophet?
Carter, Jimmy, support of national LF264

Israel LF121 wrong about the end? EN76
certainty of approaching consumma- Christian age, the
tion PAR320-323 anti-Christs have come LD45
charismata Dan. 9.24f not concerned with
See also miraculous gifts end of SW3
and great commission EN82 end of SW3
and last days of Israel con- entirety of the last days? LD2
nected EL292 eschatology has nothing to do
Charles, R. H., paralleled Mt. 24 with the end of SW111
with seals of Revelation WB2 has no end EL177, LD24, 42
chiliasm and the early church MH86 Jesus died to deliver from the
Chilton, David present evil? LD119
on Mt. 5.17-18 EL19 no end to LF56
regrets futurist views LF333 second coming doesn’t bring to
chosen people close LF198
is modern Israel? SW17 will never end EL44
modern Israel not God’s SW17 Christians
unfaithful Jews cut off from fleshly seed vs. LF127
among the people LF177 never die physically? EN48
Christ persecuted by Jews in great
afflictions of, what is lacking? tribulation LF98
sons of God, or Jews? WB13
approaching revelation of in I chronology
Pet. 1 PAR298 God and EL79
arose with imperfections MH131 of gospels not strict PAR48-51

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 35

church age perfection of
Ice, Thomas apostolic ministry MH175ff
contradicts himself on LD114 introduced MH175ff
on LF53 Hermas saw need of apos-
says temporary LD124 tolic ministry MH187ff
if not foretold in Old Testament miraculous spiritual gifts
LF70, 74 necessary for MH187ff
LaHaye on LF53 Clement, I saw need of apos-
purpose of rapture to end the tolic ministry MH188
LD48 Pentecostal, Roman Catholic
Spargimino affirms not in Old and Greek Orthodox
Testament LD38 views MH204
spoken of in Old Testament? premillennialism asserts no-
LD28 where in Old Testament
temporary? LD124 prophecy SW86
church babies, church fathers re- replaced by millennial king-
ally? RAP23 dom? LF120
church councils, why none on escha- the mystery of LD120
tology? MH158 circumcision
church fathers prior to Mosaic Law LF134
See also apostolic fathers restablished in millennium LF130
Frost on fallacy of drawing firm restoration of LF137
conclusions on anything restored, Isa. 52.1 LF132
from their writings RAP46-47 with resurrection LF133
mid-second century shifted without it, no land LF136
away from imminent cities of the nations WB258
parousia RAP4 Clement, I (before 70 AD)
really church babies? RAP23 delay of parousia a serious prob-
church, the lem MH119
deviated from original preterist introduced MH117
message after AD 70 MH15 mentions destruction of temple
effect of the rapture on RAP81 as future MH118
if still partakes of Lord’s Supper saw necessity of apostolic minis-
in anticipation of parousia, try for perfection of the
God unfaithful SW182 church MH188
is the new creation LF179 Clement, II (120-170 AD)
Israel introduced MH141
ceased as persecutor of on II Peter 3 MH144
LF105 resurrection and parousia future
not in Ro. 11.25f SW173 MH141

not established because God’s clouds
plan for Israel failed WB276 God riding on LF18
not on earth at time of parousia in the RAP122
(MacArthur) LF262 Jesus coming on LF18, PAR472-
not predicted by Old Testament 475
prophets? LD120 Coffman, Burton
perfected by AD 70? MH175ff law removed at the cross LF331

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
36 Scripture Index

Mt. 24 a type of final judgment of the age EN51
EL126, 128 of the kingdom PAR343
on delayed fulfillment in Lk. vs. initiation WB192
12.35-48 EL128 contradictions on signs EL68
on dual fulfillment of Mt. 24 Corinth
EL126, 128 attitude toward parousia PAR190-
on II Pet. 1.16f LF210 193
on protracted parousia EL126 doubts of resurrection in PAR201
on the two ages EL175 Corinthians, fourfold pattern of
significance of fall of Jerusalem preaching, power, persecution,
LF153, WB290 parousia EN97
Colossians EN99 corporate view of resurrection See
coming resurrection
See also parousia councils, the judgment still future in
also called theophany LF9 MH13

in the glory of the father LF80 covenant eschatology
of the day of God EL112 See also preterism
purpose of Jehovah’s LF4, 7 concerned with last days of Mo-
Wharton on imminence of EL114 saic Law LF191
coming of the Lord defined LF59, SW169
apostles expected imminently did first century church forget?
EN85 MH20

associated with Zion WB60 early Christians believed in
atheists, skeptics, modernists, MH15

prophetic pundits think Je- existed in first century of the
sus was wrong about EN85 church MH16
imminence of EN85-93 fellowship on RAP70
in the glory of the father WB135 first century fulfillment beliefs
Isa. 13.10 and the EN86 of the resurrection MH19
was Jesus wrong about? EN85 no despair for the future PAR550
commission, great See Great Com- objections considered See objec-
mission tions considered
communion table, and the seventy opposed to the creeds EL237
weeks See Lord’s Supper positive influence of LD35
conditional covenant, Ice says Mo- covenant meal
saic Covenant was SW15 Lord’s Supper is SW68-73
confessions, the judgment still future passover was SW68
in MH13 covenant transformation, the
confidence in the flesh, Judaizers’ parousia as LF198
LF185 covenantal judgment on Israel
construction language, in reference discussed EL51
to temple EL196 in Lamentations WB241
consummation covenental transformation, relation
certainty of approaching PAR320- to resurrection and forgiveness
323 SW27-28

nearness and finality of PAR288- crass literalism, Wright on EL99
291 creation

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 37

in Col. 1.23 PAR225 high priestly service shows
in Mk. 14.18 PAR225 atonement not complete at
in Rom. 8.18-23 PAR225 SW54

creeds initiated victory over Satan,
all reflect futurist view of escha- parousia consummated it
tology MH22 SW36

Augustine on MH34 Israel’s prophetic hopes didn’t
Berkhof MH29-30 end at the WB169
boundary of scripture, or vice millennialists think not in sev-
versa? MH46 enty weeks SW65
Daille on MH34 millennialists think not in sev-
eschatology and MH30 enty weeks SW65
Frost refutes inordinate appeal Mosaic Law not removed at
to EL297 EL289, EN63, LF211

Hodge on MH33 most think Mosaic age ended at
how did church survive without EN56

them? MH44 not manifestation but defeat of
in reformed theology MH28-49 Satan’s power LF272
in Roman Catholicism MH27 pathway to the kingdom, not a
John Calvin on MH29 postponement LD87
Nicene See Nicene Creed preconceived ideas put Jesus on
nothing more than misplaced the EN35
hope of second century Satan not in charge at the LF268
MH115 stood in way of kingdom accord-
preterism opposed to EL237 ing to millennialists LD85
Sandlin on usefulness of MH42 transition from Old Covenant to
Seraiah thinks reliable MH41 New empowered by but not
the judgment still future in MH13 consummated at LF212
cross, the two things of Mosaic Age ex-
acceptance of kingdom would tended beyond EN60
have prevented the LD87 unbelieving Jews the enemies
amillennialism says God was of SW144
through with Israel at EN70 unfaithful Jews enemies of
atonement not completed at the LF177

cross SW54, 96 was atonement complete before
can it show Satan is now rul- Christ performed his High
ing? LF66 Priestly service? SW55
Coffman argues law removed at crucifixion
LF331 See also cross
didn’t remove Mosaic covenant in God’s plan LF117
EL17 Cullman, Oscar, on that which
filling measure of Israel’s sin restraineth EN27
not accomplished at SW5 cups, God’s WB235
from world’s perspective LF268 curse
fulfilled Zech. 12.10 WB9 removal of the WB148
Gentry thinks atonement com- violation of the Law brought
plete prior to SW56 the WB148

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
38 Scripture Index

D an event in history, not to end
history LF3
Daille, John, on creeds MH34 and deity of Christ WB28
Daniel as a thief in the night EL103
and Ezekiel the source for Jn. as he had come in the past EL97
5.28-29 SW76 basic assumption of modern
did Jesus know Daniel’s prophe- Christendom WB26
cies? LD49 became Day of the Lord Jesus
Jesus knew his prophecies better Christ LF24
than anyone LD53 coming in II Pet. 3.10-12 EL88,
Jesus opened his sealed book 112
comings were non-literal EL137
prophecies of and last days LD46 defining WB26
Wright says used as basis for en- destruction of Jerusalem by Ne-
tire teaching SW145 buchadnezzar LF9
Daniel, tribulation, and the resurrec- discussed EL56
tion SW157-166 France on EL99, LF10
Daniel’s 70th Week great See Great Day of the Lord
Ice on LF62 Ice on LF36
introduced LF62 in Ezek. 29-30, 32 EL93
Darby, J. Nelson in II Pet. 3 EL22
cross stood in way of kingdom in Isa. 13 EL90
in Isa. 19-20 EL91
Satan now ruling this world LF66 in Isa. 30-31 EL91
dating Revelation See Revelation, in Isa. 34 EL92
dating in Joel 1.15, 2.10, 3.14f EL93
Daube, David, The New Testament in Micah 1.3f EL93
and Rabbinic Judaism SW196 in Mt. 16.27-28 LF13
David’s throne in Mt. 24.29-31 EL90
Christ on in heaven LF68 introduced LF3
Jesus on not seen in transfigura- Isa. 13 and WB26
tion LF207 Isa. 19-20 and WB27
day and hour Isa. 34 and WB27
discussed PAR89-90 Isa. 64-66 EL97
father knew WB184 Jer. 4.23-26 and WB27
in Mt. 24.36 WB183 Jer. 46 and WB27
day of Christ, the PAR245 Jesus applies Isa. 2-4 to LF22
day of God, the, table of passages judgment language EL99
judicial nature of PAR193-195
day of judgment, the, table of pas- Ladd, George Eldon EL99, LF10
sages PAR247-250 McGuiggan on EL100
day of redemption meaning of near LF41-44
discussed PAR243 Minear on EL99, LF24
table of passages PAR247-250 not a physical return of Christ
Day of the Lord, the LF111

See also day of Christ, the Old Testament concept EL89

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 39

Old Testament parallels New Christians never die physically?
Testament on LF80 EN48

Old Testament prophecies of destruction of See destruction
LF302 of death; resurrection
Paul applies II thes. 1.4-12 to forgiveness the solution to that
LF22 of I Cor. 15 SW29
predictions of LF13 if atonement complete, where do
same as Lord’s day? PAR371-372 righteous go at? SW58
summary on LF27 in Isa. 25 and Hos. 13 not bio-
table of passages PAR247-250 logical SW40
vindication of martyrs on LF162 Mosaic Covenant gave way to
Witherington on LF23 city with no sin and no
Wright on EL99, LF10 SW183

Zech. 14.1 EL95 New Covenant removes sting of
Zeph. 1.7, 14f EL94 SW30

Zeph. 3.8 EL94 Paul not contrasting biological
Day of the Lord, the Great See death with spiritual righeous-
Great Day of the Lord ness SW84
day of wrath, the physical
discussed PAR221 See also physical death
table of passages PAR247-250 physical resurrection not in
day or the hour, North on EL116 Ezk. 37 SW183
day, that, table of passages PAR247- discussedEL209
250 seeking in Rev. 9.6 WB43
day, the great, table of passages death of Christ, postponement the-
PAR247-250 ory invalid as it was in the seventy
day, the last, table of passages weeks SW71
PAR247-250 Deaver, Mac, disciples not necessar-
day, the, table of passages PAR247- ily correct to associate fall of Jeru-
250 salem with the end of the age WB72
days of vengeance, MacArthur on debate, Pope allowed Luther to
Lk. 21.22f LF91 LF295

dead, the debates, Highers laments lack of
baptism for PAR208-211 LF298

gospel preached to defeat of Satan WB267
discussed PAR307-314 deity of Christ
in I Pet. 4.6, Rev. 10.7 and the day of the Lord WB28
PAR421 and the parousia LF78
rest of PAR521 involved in gap theory LF64
resurrection of See resurrection Jesus’ claim to LF1
of the dead parousia to reveal LF60
those in Christ presented at the delay no longer WB43-44
parousia PAR214-216 delay of parousia
death a serious problem in Clement,
biological See biological death I’s time MH119
cast into lake of fire PAR523-525

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
40 Scripture Index

apostolic fathers stretched out destruction of Babylon, wedding of
delay in second century Christ at and at destruction of Jeru-
MH100 salem WB121
began in second century MH50 destruction of death WB149
Coffman on in LK. 12.35-48 destruction of earth, ignores promise
EL128 of Gen. 8.21 LF263
Hermas deals with MH107-109 destruction of heaven and earth
Ice believes parousia planned See also heaven and earth, de-
for first century, but post- struction of
poned EL295 discussed EL49, EN86-87
Impe on EL42 for violation of everlasting cove-
MacArthur on unbelief pro- nant WB148
duced by LF29 destruction of Jersualem
McKnight on LF301 Christ vindicated by LF265
most of church bought Hermas’ Josephus’ account of PAR110
delay MH110 a type of final judgment EL126
no longer, Rev. 10.6 LF279 a universal judgment SW8
none in Heb. 10.32-38 LF105 and the mystery of God WB226-
one who preaches is an evil ser- 233
vant LF274 Boettner on LF152
Shepherd of Hermas, The (140 brought redemption, Heb. 10.26-
AD) taught MH92 37 SW64
tests people’s faith LF279 by Babylon on Pentecost LF122
deliverance accompanies judgment by Nebuchadnezzar on Day of
PAR171-173 the Lord LF9
DeMar, Gary by Romans on Pentecost LF122
cannot extrapolate Dan. 9 be- Camp on LF151
yond AD 70 SW127 Carrington on significance of
Last Days Madness SW170 WB287-288

on law of double reference LF32 church perfected by the time of
on millennial concept of immi- the? MH175ff
nence LF48 city divided into three parts
on sign of son of man in heaven WB98-99
LF214 Clement, I, mentions as future
on the end of the age LF56 MH118

postmillennialist LF28 Coffman on LF153, WB290
thinks seventy weeks complete Eusebius on WB159, 163, LF215
by 35 AD SW56 fulfilled the resurrection of the
demons dead SW43
habitation of See habitation of Harnack on LF152, WB289
demons has nothing to do with modern
spirits PAR410-414 Israel SW8
Demonstration of the Gospel SW171 how to deny as the end of the
denial, apostles of LD123 age EN117
destroyed, documents? RAP35-39 I John written on very eve of

Ice on LF153

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 41

Ice says fulfilled Diet of Worms, state of Luther at
Dan. 9.26 SW18 EL239

Dt. 28.49f SW19 disciples
Jackson on significance of confused about fall of Jerusalem
EL236, LF150 at the end of the age? WB73
Jewish restoration theology were they lying in Mt. 13.51?
MH77 LD115

Josephus’ appeal to Jews LF176 dispensationalism
Josephus on WB214 affirms Jesus didn’t intend to es-
Paul martyred before WB68 tablish kingdom LD90
Robinson says all New Testa- apostles of denial LD123
ment written prior to WB135 based on failure of God and
significance of WB287-290 Christ LD82-104
Spatafora on significance of consequences if he didn’t fail
WB288 LD105-107

Sproul on LF153, WB290 contradictions on Lk. 4.18 LD121
Stevenson on LF152 differs from Hermas on material
the greatest tribulation EL127 possessions MH98
typical of future judgment? Ice
EL128 affirms if postponement not
wedding of Christ at and at de- true, no LD99
struction of Babylon WB121 says falls apart if no gap be-
Wright on significance of WB289 tween 69th and 70th week
destruction of planet of Daniel LD23
denied in if Christ failed before, why
Eccl. 1.4 LD69 should he succeed the next
Ps. 104.5 LD69 time? LD102
Ps. 78.69 LD69 implications of fulfillment of
Ps. 93.1 LD69 Mt. 24 EN120
destruction of temple requires? knows better than Peter LD123
LD60 openly denies Elijah came per
did not result from destruction Mal. 4.5-6 LD71
of temple LD61 pessimism of LD107
implied in Olivet Discourse? teaches two forms of replace-
WB74 ment theology WB277
destruction of Satan worst sort of anti-Semitism
See also Satan, destruction of WB285

MacArthur on LF266 Dispensationalism: Rightly Dividing
destruction of temple the People of God? SW178
demands destruction of material divorce and remarriage, God’s
world? LD60 WB131

did not occur with destruction of Dobbs-Preston Debate on Eschatol-
material world LD61 ogy SW189
with end of time WB75 documents lost, hidden, or de-
Deuteronomic Tradition LF107 stroyed RAP35-39
die physically, Christians never? Dollinger on the man of sin PARi
EN48 Domitian

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
42 Scripture Index

church fathers not sure of his could Rome be? WB53
identify RAP48 Jerusalem is WB51-57
mistakes concerning RAP22 Paher asserts never used of Jeru-
Wallace on uncertainty of his salem WB52
identity RAP49 Paher asserts Rome is WB53
Domitianic persecution plagues of See plagues of Egypt
little evidence of WB108 Rev. 11.8 interprets as Jerusa-
problems with WB106 lem WB53
double reference, law of LF31 elasticization of prophecy when fail-
double-fulfillment theory of interpre- ure perceived MH16
tation PAR141-142 elements
dragnet, parable of the PAR22-26 Lightfoot on EL192
dragon, the great red of Rev. 12.3-4 not atoms and molecules EL190
discussed PAR450 not referring to Second Law of
judgment of PAR513-519 Thermodynamics EL193
dual fulfillment of Col. 2.8, 20 EL190
Cullman on EL126, 128 of Gal. 4.3, 9 EL190
Russell on PAR544 of II Pet. 3.10 EL190
dying to vs. removal of Old Cove- Terry on EL192
nant WB228 what are burned up EL190
E a sign of the end LD71
John the Baptist and PAR13-16
early date of Revelation millennialism openly denies he
Gentry’s defense the best WB248 came per Mal. 4.5-6 LD71
how millennium fits WB259-269 raptured? RAP110
Paher’s objections considered end of all things, the nearness of in I
Pet. 4.5-7 PAR304-307
reliability of Iraneus WB249 end of Israel’s history, the
Rev. 17 pivotal WB114 See also Israel’s history
Rev. 20 and WB259-269 Isa. 24-27, Dan. 9, and SW120-
earth, the 126
burned over anger with Israel? resurrection, Mt. 8, and SW120-
burned up LD20 Ro. 11, Dan. 9, and SW127-132
destruction of ignores promise end of the age, the
of Gen. 8.21 LF263 and miraculous gifts LD64
often means the land (of Israel) Calvin thought disciples mis-
taken associated fall of Jeru-
vs. the land PAR410 salem with the WB72
earth-burning event, burned over an- Deaver thinks disciples not nec-
ger with Israel? EL39 essarily correct to associate
earthquakes the fall of Jerusalem with
Ephraem sounds like Lindsay WB72
and Jeffrey LD79 DeMar on LF56
the great one and Babylon WB97- disciples understood LD62
98 discussed EL44, EN30-55, PAR267

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 43

end of the world properly trans- Kik thought Olivet Discourse
lated LD59 implied WB74
eschatology has nothing to do never occurs in Scripture EN37
with the end of the Christian not used in Scripture WB74
age SW111 Olivet Discourse without? WB74
fall of Jerusalem at the WB73 vs. the time of the end WB49
great commission a sign of the End Times Controversy
EN7 discussed SW178
how to deny destruction of Jeru- LaHaye and Ice’s definitive refu-
salem as the EN117 tation of preterism LD136
millennial view of LF57 end, Christian age has no EL177
miracles, the world mission, and end, the
the EN72-84 See also the end
one, one mission, and one gos- amillennialists see no connec-
pel EN8 tion with time of WB324
resurrection at end of Jewish anticipations of in II Tim. 4.1, 2
age LF291 PAR262

resurrection not at and of Chris- apostles mistaken about EN75
tian age LF291 atheists know more than Christ
table of passages PAR247-250 and the apostles EN76
used in Mt. 13.36-47 PAR22 Christ wrong about EN76
were the disciples confused Christian age has no end LD24
about? WB73 has come! LD35-40
world mission and LD64 imminence of felt everywhere in
end of the ages, the Pseudo-Barnabas MH52
already arrived in I Cor. 10.11 modernists know more than
PAR197-199 Christ and the apostles EN76
discussed PAR272 of Mt. 24.14 EN2
Ice on LD126 same in Mt. 24.14 and Mt.
in I Cor. 10.11, the goal of all 28.20 EN7
previous ages SW194 signs of See signs of the end
what was the goal of the ages? skeptics know more than Christ
LD40-46 and the apostles EN76
end of the law, the EN56-71 table of passages PAR247-250
end of the world, the the arrival of PAR76-83
See also end of the age were there two? EN8
in Heb. 9.26-27 LD68 what was the goal of the ages?
in Mt. 13.39f LD59 LD40-46

in Mt. 24.3 LD60 world mission and EN94-118
properly translated end of the end, time of See time of the end
age LD59 enemies of the faith, MacArthur
surely it hasn’t occurred LD59-69 agrees with ones he calls LF245
world mission and the LD64 enemies, in Lk. 19.27 PAR205
end of time Englesma, David, on II Pet. 3.8 EL81
destruction of temple occurred Enoch, raptured? RAP110
without the WB75 Ephraem
Jeffrey quotes LD79

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
44 Scripture Index

sounds like Lindsay and Jeffrey futurists See futurist eschatology
LD79 Holy Spirit and EN74-77
epiphany of Jesus in Revelation LF19 identity of Babylon key to
Epistle of Pseudo-Barbabas, The (79- WB287

135 AD) if millennium ended in AD 70,
believed in conflagration of the all futurist ones are falsified
earth MH76 SW193

evidence for early date, in the John the Baptist’s significance
70s MH60 EN12-29

expects judgment and resurrec- New Testament
tion soon MH52 is Old Testament eschatol-
imminence of the end felt every- ogy reiterated, not rede-
where MH52 fined EL32
never mentions a resurrection of is based on Old Testament
the flesh MH67 SW111

order of events correct MH65 not immune from gross distor-
sabbath years/days theory MH65 tion by apostolic church
summary of MH73 MH36

the age to come MH74 nothing to do with the end of
eschatological prophecies Christian age SW111
no new ones in New Testament of parables LF312
EL15 Old Testament, is reiterated in
none apart from Israel WB209 New Testament EL32
eschatology Paul’s PAR212-232
age to come a cardinal doctrine Peter’s PAR319-320
LD111 related to the hope of Israel
all creeds reflect futurist view SW111

of MH22 scholarship changes in 19th cen-
all futurists believe in a false es- tury MH15
chatology in one form or an- seriousness of LF242
other SW170 significance of Paul EN27
and ethics EL211 Sproul appeals to take seriously
and tongues EN78-79 LD137

and universalism EL242 summary of Israel’s LF107
completion of world mission Terry on hermeneutics and SW2
and EN6 two-thirds of Bible deals with
covenant See covenant eschatol- LD109

ogy why no major church councils
creeds and MH30 on? MH158
Dwight Pentecost says not con- world mission and ENiii
cerned with Mosaic Law eternal life in age to come EN43-44
LF191 eternal, meaning of LD134
early Christians believed in real- ethics
ized MH15 and eschatology EL211
every 26 verses deals with LD109 and universalism EL242
futurist view based on earth before the end EL244
church error MH210

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 45

New Covenant demands for Ezekiel and Daniel the source for Jn.
EL214 5.28-29 SW76
post-parousia EL263
pre-parousia EL246 F
Demonstration of the Gospel faith, unity of See unity of the faith
SW171 faithfulness, God’s to Israel, Ps.
on abomination of desolation 90.4 EL85
EN24 fall of Babylon at hand WB173-206
on church fleeing Judea LD73 fall of Jerusalem
on destruction of Jerusalem and the river of life WB163-164
WB159 at the end of the age WB73
on fall of Jersualem LF215 Calvin thought disciples mistak-
on passing of Mosaic Law LF203 enly associated with the end
on putting an end to sin, Dan. of the age WB72
9.24f SW5 Deaver thinks disciples not nec-
on seventy weeks SW64 essarily correct to associate
on Zech. 14 and destruction of the end of the age with WB72
Jerusalem WB163 genealogies destroyed in WB137
The Proof of the Gospel SW180 vindicated Jesus LF221
everlasting covenant, violation of were the disciples confused
brought on destruction of heaven about the end of the age?
and earth WB148
everlasting righteousness Zech. 14 and WB163-164
a covenental concept SW75 false christs, same as antichrist?
bringing in SW74-94
what is the world of? SW75 false Messiahs, Ice says none ap-
why promised to Israel SW74-75 peared in first century LD135
every eye shall see him LF229, WB6-9 false prophets
Exegetical Essays on the Resurec- Gummerlock’s collection of
tion of the Dead SW167 false predictions LD80
exile Jesus warned apostles of in Lk.
resurrection the end of Israel’s 21.8 LF246
SW39 MacArthur makes aposlles
the end of, forgiveness, Dan. 9,
and the end of SW37 Mathison and Pratt agree that
Exodus motif, Babylon and the Jeremiah’s prophecy failed

expectation of the parousia PAR245 Peter, James, and John? EL63
Expectations Demand A First Cen- same as antichrist? PAR330
tury Rapture RAPiii tests for EL82
Ezekiel warnings against PAR74-76
envisioned time of the end WB19- was the Holy Spirit one? EL118
21 were the apostles? LD76
like Jesus WB157 why condemn if time means
parallels with Revelation WB19- nothing? WB205
21 Falwell, Jerry, doesn’t believe Joel
2.28-32 has been fulfilled LD33

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
46 Scripture Index

famines forgiveness
Ephraem sounds like Lindsay and Dan. 9, the end of exile, and
and Jeffrey LD79 the resurrection SW37
last days a time of LD26 and the resurrection of I Cor. 15
Farrar, F. W., on rapture PARivff SW28

fasting, Wright on SW176 direct result of the completed
father, glory of See glory of the fa- atonement SW57
ther if a current reality, the parousia
fathers, the has occurred SW60
discussed EL70 linked to resurrection SW175
of Israel EL71 no true under Mosaic Covenant
of the church? EL71 SW28

fellowship on preterism RAP70 relation to resurrection and
female, neither male nor EN47 covenantal transformation
fiery trial, the SW27-28

I Pet. 4.12-13 PAR314 solution to the death of I Cor.
Rev. 3.16 WB17-19 15 SW29
fig tree, parable of barren PAR21 former things not remembered EL135
figurative language See metaphoric forty and two months PAR429-430
language fountain of cleansing WB162
figurative-rapture preterists RAP100 fourfold pattern of preaching,
filling up sin power, persecution, parousia
in Dan. 9.24-27 LF155 in Acts EN116
Guldenhuys on LF156 in Colossians EN99
final judgment in Corinthians EN97
Mt. 24 a type of? EL126 in I John EN107
not seen in transfiguration LF207 in I Peter EN105
finishing transgression SW7 in John EN116
fire and brimstone PAR471 in Jude EN99, 109
first century, end of millennium near in Mark EN98
in SW193 in Matthew EN99
first day of the week, the Lord’s day in Philippians EN98
not the PAR371-372 in Revelation EN110
first resurrection PAR521 in Thessalonians EN100
firstfruits in Titus EN104
first generation of Jewish Chris- France, R. T.
tians EL209 Jesus and the Old Testament
martyrs are WB81 SW195

flesh, Judaizers put confidence in New Testament Commentaries,
LF185 Matthew SW191
flowing of blood, Babylon and the on Christ’s coming in Mt. 24.3
WB81 LF10

forced interpretation, theological ne- on crass literalism LF10
cessity the mother of EN59 on Day of the Lord EL99
foreshortened perspective in II Pet. on judgment language EL99
3.8? WB174 on true Israel LF184
forever, not always without end EL76 from glory to glory LF211

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 47

Frost, Samuel M. delay of parousia began in sec-
church fathers, fallacy of draw- ond century MH50
ing firm conclusions on any- of rapture RAPix-x
thing in their writings
RAP46-47 G
Exegetical Essays on the Resur-
rection of the Dead SW167 gap theory
on Eph. 4.11-13 MH175ff See also Daniel’s 70th week; re-
on Jn. 16.12 MH175ff jection of Christ; postpone-
refutes inordinate appeal to ment theory
creeds EL297 apostolic fathers stretched out
responses to published objec- delay in second century
tions of preterism MH222ff
Fruchtenbaum, Arnold consequences of LF63
doesn’t believe Joel 2.28-32 has delays test people’s faith LF279
been fulfilled LD33 Ice, Thomas
rejects shadow vs. reality view believes in Dan. 9 SW48
of Israel LF120 on SW11
using New Testament to inter- on necessity of LF62
pret Old LF118 Impe on EL42
fulfilled, all things, millennialists be- invalid as death of Christ was in
lieve few things fulfilled LF91 the seventy weeks SW71
fulfillment involves deity of Christ LF64
delays in See delays in fulfill- John and Jesus wrong if valid
initiation of doesn’t mean con- McKnight on LF301
summation? WB180 nevertheless a key word SW51
full end of sin of Israel LF84 one who preaches is an evil ser-
fulness of Gentiles vant LF274
completion of Paul’s missionary Peter and Paul wrong if valid
task WB225
McGuiggan on WB225 problem with completed atone-
Thompson on WB225 ment SW65
fulness of times, dispensation of the Garden of Eden
PAR237 Rev. 12 a commentary on WB58
future of Israel river of life and the WB165
See also Israel, future of gathering of all nations, not seen in
MacArthur on LF264 transfiguration LF207
futurist view of eschatology gathering together
all creeds reflect MH22 discussed PAR404
all futurists believe in a false es- in II Thes. 2.1-12 PAR173-178
chatology in one form or an- in Mt. 26.31 PAR174
other SW170 Gehenna, no eschatological prom-
based on early church error ises apart from Israel WB209
MH210 genealogies destroyed in fall of Jeru-
Chilton regrets LF333 salem WB137
Bell on EN10

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
48 Scripture Index

invariably people living at the believes putting an end to sin un-
same time EN10 related to Christ’s redemp-
John the Baptist and EN12 tive work SW5
Josephus on corruption of Je- cannot extrapolate Dan. 9 be-
sus’ PAR18 yond AD 70 SW99, 127
Lindsay realizes meaning of charges preterists as heretics
EN11 WB307

of Mt. 24.14 fulfilled when? confused on new creation EL140
EN9-29 contradicts Peter on II Pet. 3
perverse, Ac. 2.40 SW10 EL144

race of people? EN9 early date defense the best
ways of escape EN9 WB248

generation, terminal See terminal five reasons II Pet. 3 is future
generation EL141

generation, this guiding principles for interpret-
abomination of desolation in ing Revelation EL143
EN23 Ice agrees on Old Testament lan-
Beasley-Murray on EN29 guage LF59
discussed LF308 modified his view of mello
if abomination of desolation not EL281

in EN25 on Dan. 9.24f SW4
manipulated by Ice SW172 on everlasting righteousness in
Gentile mission Dan. 9 SW74
See also world mission on I Pet. 4.5 EL188
Hermas aware of MH105 on II Thes. 1.10 EL221
Gentiles, the on last trump WB39
fulness of See fulness of Gen- on millennial concept of immi-
tiles nence LF48
gospel to on Mt. 24.29f EL145
See also world mission on new heaven and new earth
Acts chronicles completion EL131

of WB166 on Rev. 1.1-3 WB173
none at Pentecost EN61 on the harlot’s clothing WB112
parousia a concern to? PAR172 on time statements in Revela-
Paul’s unique mention to the tion WB296
WB217-221 The Great Tribulation: Past or
sometimes used of immediate Future? SW178
neighbors of Jews PAR427 thinks seventy weeks complete
the times of PAR428-429 by 35 AD SW56
Gentry, Kenneth vacillates on meaning of sealing
applies II Thes. 1.4f to the fu- up vision and prophecy SW95
ture LF159 view of millennium WB261
applies II Thes. 2.1 to AD 70 glorified body after resurrection of
LF159 Jesus LF234
atonement complete prior to glory of God
parousia SW56 departed from the temple WB156
Ezekiel saw it WB156

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 49

new Jerusalem and the WB156 denies has been preached to
glory of the father all the nations LD67
discussed WB135 doesn’t believe world mis-
Jesus coming in LF80 sion completed before end
parousia in the LF1 of the age LD65
glory to be revealed, the PAR317-318 in effect in the millennium LF187
glory, kingdom is LD87 never to pass away LF186
gnostics taught a spiritual resurrec- one, one mission, one end of the
tion MH129 age EN8
goal of the ages preached in whole world
new covenant world of the Mes- before end LD65
siah LD41 discussed EN1-8, LF46
the new creation LD41 Lindsay, No one has done
what was it? LD40-46 that yet EN1
God prophecy and fulfillment EN4
can he tell time? LF49 preached to the dead, Rev. 10.7,
chronology and EL79 I Pet. 4.16 PAR307-314, 421
dispensationalism based on fail- prophetic element in the PAR142-
ure of LD82-104 144
divorce and remarriage of WB131 summary of their teaching on
dwelling with his people in parousia PAR139-140
Zion WB148 to Gentiles
gave prerogative of judgment to See also world mission
Christ LF1 Acts chronicles completion
glory of See glory of the father of WB166
has three cups WB235 why it’s good news LD105-107
Jesus coming in the glory of Great City
LF80 Babylon the WB51, 55
judgment and LF2 divided into three parts WB57
kingdom of PAR337-346 Jerusalem WB55
knows what time means WB197- great commission
199 See also world mission
patience of, MacArthur on LF278 discussed PAR119-122
presence of See presence of God Kik on EN8
riding on the clouds LF18 one, one end of the age, one gos-
tests people’s faith by delays pel EN8
LF280 prophecy and fulfillment EN5
timelessness of from II Pet. 3.8 sign of the end of the age EN7
LF50 were there two? EN2
God’s comings See coming when fulfilled? EN2
good news, why the gospel is LD105- Great Day of the Lord
107 Armageddon was the WB
gospel, the discussed EN20, WB94-97
chronology not strict PAR48-51 Holy Spirit’s coming a sign of
good news to martyred Chris- EN18

tians PAR420 in Mt. 24.29f EN22
Ice, Thomas

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
50 Scripture Index

John the Baptist a sign of the if righteous still go to, Mosaic
EN18 law still valid SW59
John the Baptist and the WB22-25 Hagee, John
martyrs vindicated on EN21 on signs of the end LD70
great day, the, table of passages predictions of the end LD80
PAR247-250 hail, Josephus on significance of
great tribulation, the PAR480

brought about by abomination of harlot city, the
desolation SW164 Babylon the WB104-105
Ice affirms Israel the persecuted clothing of
LF97 discussed WB112-114
immediate precursor to resurec- Gentry on WB112
tion SW160 identification of Babylon in
in the last days SW197 Revelation PAR482-498
Jews persecuting Christians in implies idolatry or spiritual adul-
LF98 tery PAR495
no future SW18 Jerusalem or Israel WB104-105
occurred in first century WB66 Nineveh, Babylon, Edom were
outpouring of Mosaic covenan- called PAR489
tal wrath SW14 Paher vs. Jerusalem being WB105
questions about holocaust raised vs. the bride of the Lamb WB120
by SW172 Harnack, Adolph
rapture immediately after RAP19 on significance of destruction of
resurrection the deliverance Jerusalem WB289
from SW157 significance of fall of Jerusalem
Rev. 7 and WB31-36 LF152

those coming out of PAR405 harvest
what amillennialism misses Babylon and the time of the
WB32 WB71

Greek Orthodox Church, view of connected with parousia EN16
perfection of the church MH204 time of is come PAR472-475
Guldenhuys, Norvel, on filling up Hays, Richard B., on Song of
sin LF156 Moses WB237
Gummerlock, Francis, The Day and heaven
the Hour LD80 kingdom of PAR337-346
Mt. Zion in RAP20
H war in, not in the vision?
habitation of demons, Babylon a heaven and earth
See also destruction of heaven
Hadean view of resurrection See res- and earth
urrection destruction of EL49, EN86-87
Hades destruction of at Zion WB60
cast into lake of fire PAR523-525 Old Covenant temple? EL164
Christ’s descent into PAR299-304 passing in Mt. 24.35 EN91
if atonement complete, where do passing of in II Pet. 3.1-2 EN89
righteous go at death? SW58 shall pass away PAR89-90

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 51

heavens and earth High Priest, Jesus’ declaration be-
burned up LD21 fore the PAR115-117
new High Priestly service
See also new heavens and shows atonement not complete
earth at cross SW54
discussed EL71 under Moses compared with
Owen on PAR354-356 Christ’s SW54
Hebrews was atonement complete before
before Revelation? PAR287 Christ performed? SW55
last book in New Testament? Highers, Alan, laments lack of de-
PAR287 bates LF298
passing of the scepter from Hinn, Benny, on signs of the end
Judah LD9-11 LD70

Paul probably wrote LF328 History of the Christian Church
hemeneutics, Bible says what it RAP29

means and means what it says History of the Jewish People RAP29
EL194 Hitchcock, Mark
Hendriksen, William, on time state- End Times Controversy SW194
ments in Revelation WB196 view of revived Roman Empire
Herder, Johann Gottfried von SW137

on Babylon in Revelation PARii Hodge, Charles, on creeds MH33
on Jerusalem’s seven hills PARii Holland, Tom, on New Testament
heresy quotations from Old Testament
Gentry charges preterism as EL50
WB307 holocaust
Hymanean LF284 for violations of Mosaic Cove-
is preterism a damnable? MH212 nant? SW17
Pope allowed Luther to debate Joel spans time from Pentecost
LF295 to? LD138
what constitutes one? MH212 question about the great tribula-
Hermas tion SW172
aware of Jewish and Gentile mis- holy city, the, of Rev. 21-22 PAR525-
sions MH105 537
deals with delay in parousia holy living, Ice on if preterism true
MH107-109 EL211

saw necessity of apostolic minis- Holy Spirit
try for perfection of the a false prophet? EL118
church MH187ff and eschatology EN74-77
hermeneutics coming a sign of the Great Day
Bible says what it means and of the Lord EN18
means what it says EL171 guarantee of the resurrection
of anachronism EL117 SW82

Terry on eschatological SW2 nature of outpouring EN72
theological necessity the mother North on world mission and
of forced interpretation EN59 EN80

hidden, documents RAP35-39 outpouring of a sign of the end

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
52 Scripture Index

purpose of outpouring EN72 Hymenaeus and Philetus SW174
termination of outpouring EN72 hyper-preterism, When Shall These
time of outpouring EN72 Things Be, A Reformed Response
world mission and EN80-84 to Hyper-Preterism SW3
hope of Israel, the
and restoration of all things I

Boettner on eschatology’s rela- I Corinthians, an Introduction and
tion to SW111 Commentary SW174
eschatology related to SW111 I John
four elements in Isa. 24-25 fourfold pattern of preaching,
SW120 power, persecution,
new heavens and new earth parousia EN107
promised to Israel SW113 written on very eve of destruc-
not end of space-time world tion of Jerusalem PAR328
SW78 I Peter, fourfold pattern of preach-
Paul and Dan. 9 SW80-94 ing, power, persecution, parousia
restoration of all things in Ac.
3.21 WB165-166 I Thessalonians, parousia in PAR158-
the New Covenant world SW80 170
the resurrection and SW111-126 Ice, Thomas
the wedding as the WB121 a response on the age to come
hope of righteousness, the SW80
Hosea affirms Jesus didn’t intend to es-
entire book is Paul’s outline for tablish kingdom LD90, 121
resurrection doctrine SW177 agrees on the two ages LD111
Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John all agrees with Gentry on Old Testa-
quote as fulfilled LD30 ment language LF59
Hosea’s marriage WB122 An Interpretation of Matthew 24-
house of God, the judgment begins 25, available on the Web
at the PAR315-316, 349
Hymanaeus believes 2000 year gap in Dan.
a judaizer LF286 9 SW48
Augustine on RAP71 believes parousia planned for
grounds for being right on time first century, but postponed
of resurrection LF289
had nature of resurrection cor- church age
rect, but not time LF285 is temporary LD124
off on more than just the timing is in the Old Testament LF53
of the resurrection RAP73 contradicts himself on
origin of his teaching LF286 II Pet. 3 EL137
worst sort of prooftexting LF293 rejection of Christ LD102
wrong on nature and time of the church age LD114
resurrection? RAP69-74 Daniel predicted Jesus’ failure
Hymanean heresy
defined SW170 dative of sphere argument on
discussed LF284 world mission LD66

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 53

dispensationalism falls apart if on II Pet. 3 EL137
no gap between 69th and on importance of Dan. 9.24-27
70th week of Daniel LD23 LD51

doesn’t believe gospel preached on Joel 2.28-30 and Ac. 2.15
in whole world before the LD122

end LD65 on Lk. 21.22 SW97
doesn’t discuss identity of last on meaning of imminent LF40
days in The End Times Con- on Mt. 24.14 LF45
troversy LD128 on Mt. 5.17-18 EL288
End Times Controversy is defini- on necessity of earthly kingdom
tive refutation of preterism LF110
LD136, SW178 on necessity of gap LF62
gospel hasn’t been preached to on necessity of physical return
all the nations LD67 LF82

if postponement not true, there on postponement of kingdom
is no dispensationalism LD99 LD53, 83

if preterism true, no motive for on postponement theory SW11
holy living EL211 on regathering of Israel LF189
inserts words into Ac. 2.15f on rejection of Christ LF61
EL140 on replacement theology WB276
Israel must be restored in the fu- on restoration of Israel LD14
ture LF130 on signs of the end LD70
Israel to be delivered from the on the mystery of the church
great tribulation LF97 LD120

law of double reference LF31 on world mission LF46
literal restoration of Babylon re- purpose of the rapture LF120
quired? LF31 says fall of Jerusalem fulfilled
Lk. 21.30 fulfilled in AD 70 Dan. 9.26 SW18
SW16 Dt. 28.49f SW19
manipulates this generation says Mosaic covenant condi-
SW172 tional SW15
millennium will not return to says no false Messiahs appeared
Mosaic Law LF130 in first century LD135
Mosaic covenant forever ful- significance of fall of Jerusalem
filled and discontinued LF153

through Christ LD15, LF189, signs of last days of church age
SW14 LF112

on Ac. 2.15 LF51, 314 surprising admission on Mt.
on acceptance of Christ vs. post- 13.31f LD113
ponement LD88 The End Times Controversy
on Daniel’s 70th Week LF62 LD82

on Day of the Lord LF36 The Great Tribulation: Past or
on end of the ages LD126 Future? SW178
on faithfulness of God’s prom- view of I Jn. 2.18 LF57
ises LD83 identity of Babylon See Babylon
on gospel preached in whole Ignatius (before 108 AD)
world LF46 introduced MH127

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
54 Scripture Index

mentions last times MH128 in that day, tracing in Isa. 2-4 LD26
said God had raised the Old Tes- incarnation
tament dead MH229 MacArthur on LF226
says very little about eschatol- necessity of LF223
ogy MH128 individual view of resurrection See
II Thessalonians, parousia in resurrection
PAR170-189 indivisibility of Olivet Discourse
imminence PAR63

DeMar on millennial concept initiation vs. consummation WB192
LF48 interpretation
first century time of the end ENiv Bible says what it means and
Gentry on millennial concept means what it says EL171,
LF48 194
Hermas (140 AD) taught MH92 double fulfillment theory
in relation to known events PAR141-142
WB186 interpreting literalism without
mello with the infinitive ex- understanding EL195
presses EL121, LF317 theological necessity the mother
of both the kingdom and judg- of forced EN59
ment EN15 invasions of Israel only for viola-
of fulfillment of world mission tions of Mosaic Covenant SW15
EN96 Iraneus
of parousia objection to early date of Revela-
in Rom. 8.18f, 13.11f, tion WB248-250
16.20, Lk. 10.9, Lk. 10.11 reliability of WB249
SW51 Israel
MacArthur on LF244 See also land promise
of salvation PAR232-235 144,000 the righteous remnant
of the coming of the Lord EN85 of WB63
of the consummation PAR288- America hated for her support
291 of LD107
of the parousia PAR246, 294- amillennialists see no connec-
295, 384 tion with time of the end
vindication of the martyrs WB324
SW155-156 ceased as persecutor of the
vs. protraction WB187, 189 church LF105
imminent church not established because
but not near LF334 God’s plan for failed WB276
doesn’t mean near? WB181 covenantal judgment on EL51
Ice on meaning of LF40 fathers, the EL71
meaning of LF40, 45 filling up sin See filling up sin
immortality at the parousia PAR404 fleshly seed vs. Christians LF127
importunate widow, parable of the Fructenbaum rejects shadow vs.
PAR33-35 reality view of LF120
In And Around the Book of Daniel full end of sin LF84
SW182 future of, MacArthur on LF264
in like manner LF228, 238

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 55

God would again marry (Hos. Paul’s ministry to summarized
2.19f) LD30 LF109

God’s chosen people? SW17 promise of the resurrection be-
God’s faithfulness to in Ps. 90 longed to Old Testament
EL85 SW112

Jesus accepted by true LD92 reestablishment of national EL3
judgment on PAR8 regathering
Lamentation has nothing to do See also regathering of Israel
with modern-day WB247 discussed LF189
land promise to remnant of in last days LF171
always conditional LF188 restoration of
discussed LF188 See also restoration of all
last days of, connected to charis- things; restoration of Israel
mata EL292 discussed WB166
modern, an enemy of Christ resurrection promised to LF291
LF123 Revelation is placed in the land
Mosaic covenant along counts of PAR380
for her punishment SW13 salvation hopes of SW113
most Jews in are atheists and salvation of all in Ro. 11.26
skeptics LD14 SW191

mostly Ashkenaz Jews LF318 salvation of in Revelation WB206
natural vs. spiritual LF127 salvation through judgment
no eschatological promises apart LF110, 170

from WB209 shadow of better things LF116
no longer God’s chosen people spiritual, from the shadow of
SW17 Old Covenant Israel LF124
not cast out, but the bond- summary of her eschatological
woman LF178 history LF107
not the church in Ro. 11.25f support of national
SW173 in Isa. 54.17 LF121
not truly ethnic LF318 U. S. presidents LF121
not under any curse today EL107 the body of Christ is the true
object of persecution in Mt. 24 LF180
LF99 the friend turned enemy LF174
Old Covenant the vine of the earth WB79
not God’s chosen people true See true Israel
LD106 why rejected Jesus LF74
doesn’t exist today LF123 Yom Kippur war shows not in
shadow of real Israel LF124 covenant relationship with
old, as persecutor of new LF99 God LF122
paralleled the resurrection and invaded only for violations of
the millennium WB259-261 Mosaic Covenant SW15
Paul identifies true LF177 Israel’s history
Paul the eschatological prophet Isa. 59 and the end of SW118
to LF107 Ro. 11 and the end of SW117-119
Paul’s last days mission to LF106

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
56 Scripture Index

J Jerome, seventy weeks completed
by AD 70 SW97
Jackson, Wayne Jersualem
discounts significance of AD 70 a commercial center? WB255-257
after Masada, capital crime for
little horn represents Roman Jews to be in MH62
Catholic Church SW196 and the cities of the nations
on future fulfillment in Revela- WB258

tion LF169 Babylon is LF154
significance of destruction of Je- being Babylon
rusalem EL236 objections considered
The Menace of Radical Preter- WB248-271

ism EL280 what about Iraneus? WB248-
James 250
and vindication of martyrs LF112 city on seven hills PARii, 492
one of the false prophets Jesus destruction of
warned about? EL63 See also destruction of Jeru-
one of the two witnesses of Rev. salem
11.3-13 PAR431-443 Christ vindicated by LF265
premature declarations of the divided into three parts WB98-99
end? EL63 fall of
Jeffrey, Grant See also destruction of Jeru-
doesn’t believe Joel 2.28-32 has salem
been fulfilled LD31 only a local event? WB15
Ephraem sounds like LD79 five month siege of WB42
on Ac. 2.15 LF51 is Babylon WB51-57
on meaning of imminent LF40 is Sodom and Egypt WB51-57
on signs of the end LD70 Jeremiah foretold reconstruction
on Yom Kippur war LF122 of SW178
on Zeph. 3.8 EL95 Jesus’ lamentation over PAR42
previous prophetic failues prove new See new Jerusalem
imminence now LF251 new vs. old PAR486
quotation from Ephraem LD79 only city spiritually called
viewing of coming requires ob- Sodom LD20
servation LF69 Paher
Jehovah’s Witnesses argues not the great city
MacArthur, Lindsay, Van Impe Babylon WB51
no better than LF253 asserts Egypt never used of
signs of the end fulfilled in 19th WB52

Century LD80 asserts Sodom never used
Jeremiah of WB52
foretold reconstruction of Jerusa- paralleled with Babylon EN41-
lem SW178 43, WB55
Mathison and Pratt agree that his passing of and the mystery of
prophecy failed SW47 God WB226-233
Pratt makes a false prophet restored, no room for in millen-
nialism LF183

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 57

Rev. 11.8 didn’t intend to establish king-
interprets Egypt as WB53 dom? LD90
interprets Sodom as WB53 died to deliver Christians from
ruled the kings of the earth the very age he died to estab-
WB253 lish? LD119
second lamentation over PAR51- first lamentation over Jerusalem
54 PAR42

site of slave trade WB256 glorification of body of LF234-
sitting on many waters? WB250 235
sitting on seven hills WB250-252 glory of, surpassed Old Cove-
spiritually called Sodom LD20 nant in transfiguration LF209
summary and conclusions on had work of the judgment EL67
identification as Babylon Ice thinks Daniel predicted his
WB299-300 failure LD89
the great city (Babylon) WB55 if failed before, why should he
the harlot WB104-105 succeed the next time?
treading down of WB46-51 LD102

wealth of, cited by Josephus kingship, rejected by Jews LF60
WB257 knew Daniel’s prophecies better
where the Lord was slain LD20 than anyone LD53
woes on PAR117-119 like Ezekiel WB157
Jerusalems, two See two Jerusalems lived in last days EL46
Jesus necessity of incarnation LF223
alludes to Isa. 2-4 in Lk. 23.28f opened Daniel’s sealed book
LD25-26 LD57

and fasting SW176 parallels Paul on Isa. 2-4 LF23
appeared at the last days EN56 parousia of See parousia
called the Almighty in Rev. 1.7- Paul, Revelation, and the minis-
8 LF18 try of WB218-219
cites Dan. 12.3 in Mt. 13.39f preconceived ideas put him on
LD60 the cross EN35
claim to deity LF1 resurrection body
consequences if he didn’t fail and the parousia LF230
LD105-107 not immortal LF231
declaration before High Priest revelation remarkably similar to
PAR115-117 the transfiguration LF219
deity of second birth See second birth of
See also deity of Christ Jesus
revealed in parousia LF2 second lamentation over Jerusa-
Athanasius on LF236 lem PAR51-54
and the parousia LF78 second Moses SW144
did he come to restore a symbol uses Isa. 28 EL50
of rebellion? LD93 vindicated by fall of Jerusalem
did he know Daniel’s prophe- LF221

cies? LD49 warned apostles of false proph-
did he know of a postpone- ets in Lk. 21.8 LF246
ment? LD54

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
58 Scripture Index

was offered kingship by the Jews Not Zionists opposes Zionism
Jews LD91 WB275

why Israel rejected him LF74 Joel, spans time from Pentecost to
wouldn’t fail (Isa. 42.4f) LD90 holocaust LD138
Jesus and the Victory of God SW171 John
Jesus Christ, revelation of EL119 at Ephesus? RAP22
Jesus’ body in clouds, not seen in didn’t he and others live beyond
transfiguration LF207 70 AD? RAP48-52
Jesus’ ministry, parallel with millen- fourfold pattern of preaching,
nium WB263 power, persecution,
Jesus on David’s throne, not seen in parousia EN116
transfiguration LF207 if lived into his 90s, why didn’t
Jesus, The Tribulation, and the End he correct preterist view?
of the Exile SW176 MH57

Jewish Christian church (the not one allusion to parousia in
144,000) PAR405 gospel of PAR122-140
Jewish offer of kingship, rejected by one of the false prophets Jesus
Jesus LF60 warned about? EL63
Jewish pogroms, for violations of predicts apostasy PAR250-255
Mosaic Covenant? SW17 premature declarations of the
Jewish restoration theology MH77 end? EL63
Jews to live till the parousia PAR136-
as persecutors 138
Setzer on LF161 John the Baptist
Wright on LF161 a sign of the Great Day of the
Ashkenaz of Gentile origin Lord EN18
LF318 and generation EN12
destruction of Jerusalem has as a sign of the end LD71
nothing to do with modern compared to Elijah PAR13-16
SW8 eschatological significance of
in modern Israel mostly atheists EN12-29, WB22-25

and skeptics LD14 paraousia predicted by PAR13-16
Jesus accepted by true LD92 sign of last days EN18
Josephus’ appeal to LF176 the Great Day of the Lord and
not under a curse today LF157 WB22-25

offered kingship to Jesus LD91 John’s epistles, parousia anticipated
persecuting Christians in great in PAR335
tribulation LF98 Josephus
Preston’s broad use of SW197 account of destruction of Jerusa-
sons of God, or Christians? WB13 lem PAR110
unfaithful appeal to Jews LF176
cut off from among the peo- cited Jerusalem’s wealth WB257
ple LF177 on a theophany RAP114
enemies of the cross LF177 on corruption of this generation
no longer the people LF184 PAR18

why they rejected Jesus LF61 on destruction of Jerusalem

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 59

on fall of Babylon PAR506-509 begins at house of God PAR315-
on his wicked generation PAR412 316, 349
on significance of hail PAR480 connected with harvest EN16
on temple LF214 connected with parousia EN16
on the rapture RAP114 expected soon in Epistle of
Jubilee, bound to resurrection WB38 Pseudo-Barnabas (79-135
Judah AD) MH52
focal point until Messiah would given to Christ LF12
come LD4 God’s prerogative LF12
Hebrews and the passing of the imminence of, along with the
scepter from LD9-11 kingdom EN15
Walvoord says kingdom taken imminent, tongues a sign of
from in A. D. 70 LD8 EL273

Judaizers in I Pet. 4.17 EL29
ahead of their time? LF137 in Rev. 20.11-15 PAR523-525
God the supreme? LF137 Jesus applied time of the little
Hymaneas one LF286 horn to Israel’s SW145
millennialism a modern form of Jesus didn’t come in at Trans-
LF185 figuration LF16
putting confidence in the flesh Jesus had work of EL67
LF185 judgment of the seen and the un-
Jude seen PAR206
fourfold pattern of preaching, Mt. 24 a type of final? EL126,
power, persecution, 128
parousia EN99, 109 Mt. 25.41-46 PAR525
parousia in PAR336 nearness of in I Pet. 4.5-7
predicts apostasy PAR250-255 PAR304-307

Jude 3, Preston on WB68 of Israel in last days LD25
judgment language of righteous and unrighteous
Day of the Lord EL99 PAR206

France on EL99 of Satan PAR127-132
McGuiggan on EL100 of the living and the dead EN21
Minear on EL99 of the prince of this world
Wright on EL99 PAR127-132

judgment, day of, table of passages of this world PAR127-132
PAR247-250 on Babylon when cup was full
judgment, the WB110-111

a universial judgment EN21 on Israel EL51, PAR8
and deliverance PAR171-173 parousia a time of PAR101-115
and the father LF2 parousia focuses on in Rev. 1.7
associated with Zion WB60 LF230

at the last trump, Rev. 11.15-19 parousia the time of PAR99-101
PAR445-446 Paul a prophet of LF107
at time of Messianic Banquet, Polycarp (150 AD) envisioned a
and the resurrection SW121- future MH146
122 salvation through See salvation
through judgment

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
60 Scripture Index

Shepherd of Hermas taught its if Christ failed before, why
imminence MH92 should he succeed the next
still future in creeds, councils, time? LD102
confessions MH13 imminence of, along with the
the resurrection, the last day, judgment EN15
and PAR126-127 is glory LD87
the time for the WB71 Jesus offered the LD91
time of PAR315-316 millennialists think cross stood
transfer from God to Christ LF1 in way of LD85
universal, not local SW8 necessity of earthly
judicial nature of the day of the Ice on LF110
Lord PAR193-195 Ryrie on LF110
Justin Martyr (150-165 AD) MH129 not of this world LF67
of God PAR337-346
K of heaven PAR337-346
postponement theory and LF61
Kampen, Robert Van, denies first regeneration is EL176
century application of Mt. 21 replaced by the church? LF120
the parousia and the nature of
Kik, J. Marcellus the LF60
Olivet Discourse implied the though Jews rejected Christ, Je-
end of time WB74 sus still established his king-
on fulfillment of great commis- dom LD95
sion EN8 would rapture force a rupture
on the two ages WB77 in? RAP74-81
King, Max R., on II Peter EL70 kings of the earth
kingdom at time of Messianic Ban- Babylon ruled WB253
quet, resurrection, and judgment Jerusalem ruled? WB253
or land? PAR493-498
kingdom, the kings
acceptance of would have pre- dating Revelation by the WB114
vented the cross LD87 seven See seven kings
cometh not with observation Kistemaker, Simon
LF68, 76
on II Pet. 3.8 WB174
consummation of PAR343 on Rev. 1.1-3 WB173
cross the pathway to, not a post-
ponement of LD87 L
delivering up of PAR199-212,
204 Ladd, George Eldon
didn’t come on Pentecost PAR16 on crass literalism LF10
earthly a symbol of rejection of on Day of the Lord EL99
God LD92 on judgment language EL99
established in last days LD25 LaHaye, Tim
establishment of at Zion WB60 affirms Jesus didn’t intend to es-
Grant Jeffrey on coming with ob- tablish kingdom LD90
servation LF69 church age is in the Old Testa-
ment LF53

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 61

contradicts himself on II Pet. 3 land promise
EL137 fulfilled
doesn’t believe Joel 2.28-32 has even more than promised
been fulfilled LD31 LF136

doesn’t discuss identity of last in Ps. 44, Ac. 13.17f LF322
days in The End Times Con- no circumcision, no land LF136
troversy LD128 to Abraham fulfilled LF188
End Times Controversy to Israel
discussed SW178 always conditional LF188
is definitive refutation of pre- fulfilled LF188
terism LD136 was it ever fulfilled? LF135
law of double reference LF31 land, the, earth vs. PAR410
literal restoration of Babylon re- Lange
quired? LF31 on Jerusalem’s seven hills PARiii
Mosaic Law forever removed series of cycles in Mt. 24 PAR55
LF189 language, metaphoric See meta-
new creation at end of millen- phoric language
nium LD6 last day, the
on faithfulness of God’s prom- last hour of the LD46
ises LD83 of the last days LD46
on II Pet. 3 EL137 table of passages PAR247-250
on postponement of kingdom the resurrection, the judgment
LD83 and PAR126-127
on regathering of Israel LF189 Last Days According to Jesus SW190
on restoration of Israel LD14 Last Days Madness SW170
on signs of the end LD70 last days, the
predictions of the end LD80 70th week of Daniel LD2
says generation that saw WWI a time of famine LD26
would see the coming of the already come in Heb. 1.1, 2
Lord LD135 PAR264

signs of last days of church age and Dt. 32 EL36
LF112 and Song of Moses (Dt. 32)
lake of fire, death and hades cast EL36, LD16-24

into the PAR523-525 apostasy of PAR246-247
lamb and wolf, Jews and Gentiles are Israel’s last days EL42
WB83 avenging blood EL42
lamb, the, on Mount Zion PAR469- avenging martyrs SW13
472 come PAR292-294
lamentation compared with latter times or
over Jerusalem PAR42 days PAR247
second over Jerusalem PAR51-54 covenant eschatology concerned
Lamentations with for Mosaic Law LF191
and Revelation WB241-247 discussed EL31
covenantal language WB241 Dt. 4.30-31 LD14
has nothing to do with modern- entirety of Christian era? LD2
day Israel WB247
land beast See beast, the first

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
62 Scripture Index

Falwell doesn’t believe Joel. millennialists think they ended
2.28-32 has been fulfilled at Mt. 12 or 21 LD34
LD33 miracles, the world mission, and
Fruchtenbaum doesn’t believe the EN72-84
Joel. 2.28-32 has been ful- not suspended by the Jews LD18
filled LD33 of church age
Gen. 49.1-10 LD3-9 Thomas Ice on LF112
God would judge Israel LD25 Tim LaHaye on LF112
Grant Jeffrey on LF51 of Israel, connected to charis-
great tribulation in SW197 mata EL292
Hos. 3.4f LD27-30 of Old Covenant world of Israel
I Pet. 1.19-20 EL46 EN36

Ice and LaHaye don’t discuss of the Christian age? LD24
identity of last days in The parallels the millennium WB264
End Times Controversy passing of the scepter from
LD128 Judah, and Revelation LD10-
Ice on LF51 11
in Dan. 12 LD55 Paul’s mission to Israel LF106
in Dt. 4 means merely a later postponed? LD29
time LD16 present or past? LF51
in Dt. 32 LF55 prophecies of Daniel and LD46
in Dt. 32.29 LF54 remnant of Israel in LF171
in Isa. 2-4 LF55 scoffers and EL48
in Mt. 28.18-20 LD63-68 scoffers in PAR318
Israel’s SW7 seventy weeks was Israel’s
Jeffrey doesn’t believe Joel 2.28- SW12

32 has been fulfilled LD31 started before Pentecost EL46,
Jesus appeared at the EN56 EN35

Jesus lived in EL46 started before Pentecost EN56
Joel 2.28-32 and the LD31-35 summary on LD108
Joel’s are Peter’s these days table of passages PAR247-250
PAR148 the apostasy of imminent
John the Baptist a sign of the PAR259-261
EN18 Van Impe doesn’t believe Joel
kingdom would be established 2.28-32 has been fulfilled
LD25 LD31

LaHaye doesn’t believe Joel. Van Impe on EL42
2.28-32 has been fulfilled vindication of martyrs EL42
LD31 we’re not in them, and they are
last day of LD46 not in the future EN38, LD35
last generation of Mosaic age Wharton on EL47, EN36
LD2 what about all the signs? LD70-
MacArthur on LF51 82
martyrs avenged in the LD23 last hour, the
Mathison on EL32 antichrist comes at PAR329-331
McGuiggan on EL48 discussed EL28
of the last day LD46

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 63

last time, the Ephraem sounds like LD79
discussed PAR357-361 man of sin alive today LD74
in I Jn.2.17-18 PAR328-329 no better than Jehovah’s Wit-
salvation ready to be revealed nesses LF253
in PAR296-298 on Mt. 24.14 EN1
last times on signs of the end LD70
Ignatius mentions MH128 on world mission, No one has
table of passages PAR247-250 done that yet EN1
last trump, the realizes meaning of generation
See also trump, last EN11

announcement of kingdom of said end would be in 1988 LD80
God PAR445-446 literal fulfillment of Old Testament
consummates Israel’s history prophecies, MacArthur on LF241
SW99 literal rapture view
Gentry on WB39 See also rapture, the
in Rev. 11.15-19 PAR444-447 based on silence of history, not
judgment of the dead PAR445- of scriptures RAPxiii
446 has no documentation problem
literal and audible? WB40 RAP16

Paul’s ministry and WB232 literalism
resurrection at WB40 crass
latter days, the France on LF10
compared with last days PAR247 Ladd on LF10
table of passages PAR247-250 Wright on LF10
latter times, compared with last MacArthur on LF11
days PAR247 fails MacArthur in Lk. 21.22
law of double reference LF91

DeMar on LF32 interpreting without under-
discussed LF31 standing EL195
Ice and LaHaye on LF31 MacArthur complains of LF243
Law of Moses See Mosaic Law; little horn of Dan. 7
Mosaic Covenant arises in Roman Empire LD49
law, end of the See end of the law Jackson says represents Roman
law, the Catholic Church SW196
which was the strength of sin? Jesus applied to Israel’s judg-
SW182 ment SW145
without modifiers invariably re- judgment of SW150-153
fers to Mosaic Covenant Old Testament Israel? SW143
SW25 living saints changed at the parousia
legalism EL254 PAR208-211

Leupold, H. C., on Isa. 65.6-7 and local event, fall of Jerusalem only
mass guilt LF318 a? WB15
Levirite marriage, Wright on EL177 locusts, Revelation compared with
Lightfoot, John, on II Pet. 3 EL192 Old Covenant WB42
Like Father Like Son, on Clouds of Longenecker, Bruce, Jesus’ recogni-
Glory SW195 tion of two ages WB77
Lindsay, Hal loosing of Satan PAR522-523

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
64 Scripture Index

Lord, day of See day of the Lord Hymaneas argument the worst
Lord’s day sort of prooftexting LF293
Jesus’ day PAR371-372 knows more than New Testa-
not the first day of the week ment authors EL113
PAR371-372 language of imminence unambi-
same as day of the Lord PAR371- guous LF254
372 Lk. 21.22f not days of venge-
Lord’s Supper ance LF91
a covenant meal SW68-73 makes apostles false prophets
and the seventy weeks SW66 LF246

differences in pre-parousia and New Testament authors believed
post-parousia churches SW73 coming imminent EL113
if church still anticipates no better than Jehovah’s Wit-
parousia, God unfaithful nesses LF253
SW182 no cosmic signs like Mt. 24.29
parallel with Dan. 9 SW70 in AD 70 LF30
vital when kingdom fully ar- on Ac. 2.15 LF51, 314
rived SW72 on crass literalism LF11
lost, documents? RAP35-39 on destruction of Satan LF266
Luther, Martin on Dt. 32.35-36 LF275
even the Pope allowed him to de- on expectations of imminence
bate LF295 LF29

saw signs of the end LD79 on future of Israel LF264
statement at Diet of Worms on II Thes. 1.7-10 LF261
EL239 on imminence of parousia LF244
thought coming near in his day on incarnation of Jesus LF226
LF252 on Isa. 13 LF3, 241
on literal fulfillment of Old Tes-
M tament prophecies LF241
on Mk. 14.62 LF242
MacArthur, John on Mt. 16.27-28 LF260
agrees with skeptics on immi- on Mt. 24.27-31 LF243
nence of parousia LF245 on Mt. 24.42f LF274
all Bible writers affirmed Jesus’ on patience of God LF278
coming near in first century on Rev. 22.12 WB175
on Thessalonians LF160
Caiphas dead in AD 70? LF242 on unbelief produced by delays
Christ vindicated by a doctrine in fulfillment LF29
that makes him a false on wedding of Christ LF257
prophet LF264 pronounces preterism as heresy
church not on earth at parousia LF284
response on bodily return LF240
complains of literalism LF243 says enemies of the faith agree
delays test people’s faith LF279 with him LF245
denies Jesus’ teaching in Lk. setting up straw men LF295
21.22 LF91 making atonement for sin SW54-72
gives false hope LF272 male, neither female nor EN47

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 65

man child, the first century fulfillment beliefs
faithful Christians in Judea? of the resurrection MH18
PAR451-457 premillennialism apostolic?
of Rev. 12.5ff PAR451-457 MH18

man of sin, the martyrs
a person PAR332 firstfruits are the WB81
a sign of the end LD74 reign of PAR519-521
and abomination of desolation vengeance of See vengeance of
EN25 martyrs
discussed EL296, PAR160, 179- vengeance of on Babylon was
190 Armageddon WB96-97
in II Thes. 2.2f EL124 vindicated on the Great Day of
Lindsay affirms alive today LD74 the Lord EN21
must precede parousia PAR173- vindication of See vindication
190 of martyrs
Nero PAR182, 188, 459 Masada, afterwards, capital crime
restrained in first century EN25 for Jews to be in Jerusalem MH62
Rev. 17 and II Thes. 2 PAR504- mass guilt, Leupold on LF318
505 material possessions, dispensational-
the Pope? PAR189 ists today differ with apostolic fa-
vs. apostasy, Dollinger on PARi thers on MH98
Manichaeans on the resurrection Mathison, Keith
RAP71 agrees with Pratt that Jerer-
many waters mish’s prophecy failed SW47
discussed PAR503-504 argues out of both sides of his
Jerusalem sitting on? WB250 keyboard SW49
refers to people WB250 believes gap theory? SW48
Maranatha believes putting an end to sin un-
discussed PAR213-214 related to Christ’s redemp-
Sproul on SW177 tive work SW5
Mark, fourfold matter of preaching, cannot extrapolate Dan. 9 be-
power, persecution, parousia EN98 yond AD 70 SW99, 127
marks of antichrist PAR333-335 Dispensationalism: Rightly Di-
marriage viding the People of God?
and giving in marriage in Lk. SW178

20.27-37 EN46, LD112, editor, When Shall These Things
PAR207 Be? A Reformed Response
in this age, Wright on EL177 to Hyper-Preterism SW169
king’s son, parable of the PAR46- flip-flops on time statements
47 EL275

vs. betrothal WB120, 130 Isa. 2-4 unfulfilled finally EL34
marriage feast, at the time of the res- Mathison asserts premillennial-
urrection SW121-122 ism apostolic MH18
martyr vindication See vindication Most Holy Place to be anointed
of martyrs SW185

Martyr, Justin on end of the age EL44
on II Pet. 3 EL8

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
66 Scripture Index

on II Pet. 3.8 EL79 history took another course
on Lk. 21.22 EL15 LF301

on Mt. 5.17-18 EL19 Jesus saw no further than AD
on rejection of Christ LF61 70 SW176
on the last days EL32 measuring rod or line PAR424-425
on use of at hand WB296 Melito, claimed AD 70 fulfillment
Postmillennialism: An Eschatol- RAP54-59

ogy of Hope SW170 mello
says sealing up vision and proph- Gentry modified his view of
ecy refers to the eyes and EL281

ears of the Jews SW95 meaning of EN16
scripture alone leads to heresy not a simple future EL122
EL238 not just will be EL120
which one do we believe? SW49 with the infinitive expresses im-
Matthew, fourfold pattern of preach- minence EL121, LF317
ing, power, persecution, parousia merchants of the sea, Babylon and
EN99 the WB255-257
Mauro, Philip, The Seventy Weeks messiahs, false, Ice says none ap-
and the Great Tribulation SW186 peared in first century LD135
McClish, Dub, on new creation messianic banquet
EL153 See also wedding feast
McCray, John, on unity of faith at the time of the resurrection
WB223 SW121-122

McGarvey, J. W., on Mt. 5.17-18 at time of kingdom, resurrection,
WB168 and judgment SW121-122
McGuiggan, Jim for those whose death has ben
denies Jerusalem a commercial swallowed up SW125
center WB255 introduced EL170
doesn’t press wedding feast on Zion in Isa. 25.6f SW132
WB132 one of Jesus’ favorite themes
makes Revelation a 400-year WB149

panorama of Roman history metaphoric language, power of LF30
WB252 Michaelis, John David, on Babylon
on fulness of Gentiles WB225 in Revelation PARii
on judgment language EL100 millennial views
on last days EL48 See also postmillennialism; pre-
on new creation EL154 millennialism
on Rev. 18.9f WB255 end of the age, the LF57
on the regeneration EL176 Israel the persecuted, not the per-
turns where into by whom in secutor LF96
Rev. 11.8 WB54 millennialism
McKnight, Scott a contrived contorted eschato-
destruction of Jerusalem the cli- logical scheme LF280
max of Israel’s history a doctrine that vindicates Christ
SW184 by making him a false
draws parallel between Mt. 8 prophet? LF264
and 22 SW126

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 67

affirms Jesus didn’t intend to es- circumcision re-established
tablish kingdom LD90 LF130

apostles of denial LD123 elements of WB262
circumcision re-established end near in first century SW193
LF130 Gentry view of WB261
clearest form of replacement the- God the supreme Judaizer?
ology LF120 LF137

contradictions on Lk. 4.18 LD121 gospel in effect in the LF187
cross stood in way of kingdom how fits early date WB259-269
LD85 I Cor. 15.24-28 and WB263-269
Daniel predicted Jesus’ failure if ended in AD 70, all futurist
LD89 eschatologies are falsified
demands restoration of many an- SW193

cient kingdoms LF305 immense implications of trans-
form of judaizing of first cen- figuration LF209
tury LF185 Israel, the resurrection, and the
gives false hope LF272 WB259-261

implications of fulfillment of John lived toward end of WB262
Mt. 24 EN120 LaHaye places new creation at
knows better than Peter LD123 end of LD6
openly denies Elijah came per parallel with Jesus’ ministry
Mal. 4.5-6 LD71 WB263

perfection of new creation a parallels the last days WB264
problem for LF179 parousia at end of WB259
Song of Moses destructive to postmillennial view of WB261
LD23 Spurgeon, Charles, on restora-
millennialists tion of animal sacrifices
believe in restoration of literal LF141

Babylon SW194 syllogisms on WB268
church age not mentioned in the Minear, Paul S.
Old Testament LD28 on Day of the Lord EL99, LF24
create false expectations LF254 on judgment language EL99
have two future Jerusalems miracles
LF182 duration of in I Co. 1.4-8 EL22
make Christ a bigamist WB133 the world mission and the end of
problem with completed atone- the age EN72-84
ment SW65 miraculous gifts
teach two forms of replacement and the end of the age LD64
theology WB277 I Cor. 14.21-22 quotes Isa. 28
think death of Christ not in sev- EL52

enty weeks SW65 miraculous works
think last days ended at Mt. 12 operative until day of redemp-
or 21 LD34 tion SW83
millennium the resurrection and SW82
amillennial view of WB261 missionary journeys See world mis-
animal sacrifices, Charles Spur- sion
geon on LF141 mistaken, Barclay affirms Jesus LF58

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
68 Scripture Index

modernists know more than Christ says forever fulfilled and dis-
and the apostles EN76 continued SW14
Montanism MH88 says conditional SW15
morality says forever fulfilled and dis-
before the end EL244 continued through Christ
pre-parousia EL246 LD15

Morris, Leon invasions of Israel only for SW15
I Corinthians, an Introduction Jewish pogroms for violations
and Commentary SW174 of? SW17
on strength of sin SW29 millennium will not return to
Mosaic Age LF130

See also Mosaic Law nigh unto vanishing away in
most think ended at cross EN56 Heb. 8.13 EL17
two things extended beyond the no true forgiveness under SW28
cross EN60 not abrogated at cross EN63
Mosaic Covenant not fulfilled on Pentecost EL21
alone counts for Israel’s punish- not fulfilled until Jews finally re-
ment SW13 jected God EN70
and seals of Revelation WB29-31 not removed at cross EL17, LF211
being abolished in II Cor. 3.13 parousia and the end of the
EL17 LF204

Coffman argues removed at pass of and restoration of all
cross LF331 things EL157
covenant eschatology concerned passing away in first century
with last days of LF191 EL45

did not pass away at the cross passing of and Ac. 3 LF202
EL289 predicted completion of world
end of mission EN60
See also end of the law removed in Christ WB228
Bock on Gal. 3.16 LF173 resurrection occurred when
eschatology not concerned with, strength of sin was removed
according to Dwight Pente- SW85

cost LF191 resurrection part of SW98
Eusebius on passing of LF203 still in effect if restoration of all
finally fulfilled at destruction of things hasn’t taken place
Jerusalem EN69 LF204

foretold its own demise SW79 still in effect? EL21
forever removed for Ice, La- still valid if righteous still go to
Haye, and Bock LF189 hades SW59
gave way to New Jerusalem the law without modifiers invari-
with no sin and no death ably refers to SW25
SW183 transition to New Covenant em-
glory of surpassed by glory of powered by, but not consum-
Jesus in transfiguration mated at cross LF212
LF209 two things extended beyond the
Ice, Thomas cross EN60

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 69

valid today if resurrection hasn’t nation, generation doesn’t mean
occurred SW27 PAR84

violation of broght the curse national Israel See Israel
WB148 nations
Moses are tribes WB258
Song of See Song of Moses in Mt. 25.31 PAR103-108
the Second See Second Moses Jerusalem and the cities of the
Most Holy Place, the WB258

a closer look at entering SW62 nature
Babylon the entrance to the does time determine LF29
WB85-86 of man, Russell on the PAR217
Mathison says it will be of resurrection See resurrection
anointed SW185 prophetic, vs. time LF29
open in Rev. 11.19, 15.8 SW62 Neander on judgment of Satan
Mount Zion PAR131

See also Zion, Mt. near
the lamb on PAR469-472 but not imminent LF334
Munck, Joannes meaning of LF41-44
importance of Paul’s work SW81 meaning of, looking closer LF45
Paul and the Salvation of Man- nearness of the end LF55
kind SW183 Nehemiah records Jeremiah’s proph-
mystery of God ecy of reconstruction as fulfilled
and the passing of Jerusalem SW178
WB226-233 Nero
Babylon judged when com- and Revelation WB116
pleted WB222 characteristics of PAR459-462
finished WB45-46 identified as the man of sin
in Eph. 3.3 WB223 PAR182, 188

Jew and Gentile equality in body persecuted Christians in Asia Mi-
of Christ WB45-46 nor PAR373
Paul and John on the WB226 the eighth king PAR501
Paul, Revelation, and the WB221- the man of sin PAR459
223 worship of PAR468
Paul’s pivotal role in the WB224 Neronic persecution, Paher argues
mystery of iniquity and abomination limited to Rome WB107
of desolation EN25 Neteuri Karta opposed Zionism
mystery of the church, the WB274

contradictions on Lk. 4.18 LD121 nevertheless
Ice on LD120 a key word SW51
Pentecost on LD120 and the rejection of Christ LF65
though Jews rejected Christ, Je-
N sus still established his king-
dom LD95
naherwartung, imminent expecta- New Covenant demands for ethical
tion of parousia LF29, 102 living EL214
Nanos, Mark New Covenant world, goal of Dan.
on eschatology EL11 9 SW185
The Mystery of Romans SW179

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
70 Scripture Index

New Covenant, the cannot be split rom judgment of
anticipated by Jeremiah and Israel LD6
Daniel SW69 discussed EL71, PAR324-325,
emphsis on the SW181 WB143-147

goal of seventy weeks SW70 Gentry on EL131
removes sting of death SW30 II Pet. 3.13 on EL130
new creation Isa. 65.17f LD5-6
See also new heavens and new not physical Edenic uptopia
earth SW75

Adams on EL152 of II Pet. 3 EL14
an eschatological expectation of Isa. 65-66 EL14
WB210 Origen on MH134
and universalism EL242 Owen on EL131
Bales on EL154 promised to Israel SW113
cannot be split from judgment of required removal of Old Cove-
Israel LD6 nant world SW78
former things not remembered New Jerusalem
EL135 and the glory of God WB
Gentry confused on EL140 composes of both Jew and Gen-
Heb. 12.25f and EL168 tile WB212
introduced LF179 discussed WB147-151
Isa. 63.1f EL132 full of citations from Isa. 60-66
Isa. 65 on EL132 WB210

Isa. 66 surveyed EL159 in new creation EL136
LaHaye places at end of millen- Mosaic Covenant gave way to
nium LD6 city with no sin and no
McClish on EL153 death SW183
McGuiggan on EL154 new name
New Covenant creation SW79 discussed WB128
new Jerusalem EL136 in new creation EL136
new name EL136 new people, in new creation EL135
new people EL135 new tabernacle, Babylon and the
of II Pet. 3 and Rev. 21-22 are WB151-155

the same SW92 New Testament
perfected at the parousia LF179 Holland on quotations from Old
perfection a problem for millen- Testament EL50
nialism LF179 no new eschatological prophe-
prophesied in Old Testament cies in EL15
WB210 Robinson says all written prioer
Seraiah on EL149 to destruction of Jerusalem
the church is LF179 WB135

was the goal of the ages LD41 New Testament eschatology, based
new heavens and new earth on Old Testament eschatology
See also new creation SW111

and restoration of all things New Testament writers vs. Old Tes-
EL156 tament writers WB189
Nicene Creed

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 71

background of MH80 Old Covenant world, transfiguration
Seraiah differs from MH81-86 a visition of the end of the LF209
no eschatological promises apart Old Testament
from Israel WB209 See also Mosaic covenant; Mo-
no tears, like Paul under Law of saic law
Moses in Rom. 7 WB149 church age spoken of in? LD28
Noah’s day vs. Peter’s day EL74 every element of parousia origi-
Noe, John, how futurists produce nates in EN87
skeptics LF335 Holland on New Testament quo-
non-fulfillment is no option RAP35 tations from EL50
North, Gary imminence vs. protraction
on Holy Spirit and world mis- WB189

sion EN80 neglect of study of WB137
on Mt. 13.39-40 EN32 new creation prophesied in
postmillennialist EN32 WB210

North, Stafford, on the day or the quotations in New Testament
hour EL116 See quotations of Old Testa-
number of the beast PAR462-465, ment in New Testament
555ff removed in Christ WB228
Spargimino affirms church age
O not in LD38
criticism for preaching from
objections considered EL232-239 SW189
observation Old Testament language, New Testa-
See also optical ment writers use of EN88-89
coming not with LF76 Old Testament prophets
kingdom cometh not with LF68 church not predicted by LD120
without PAR210-211 imminence vs. protraction
Odes of Solomon, first century ful- WB189
fillment beliefs of the resurrection vs. New Testament writers
Ogden, Arthur Old Testament saints PAR275-285
on the vine of the earth WB79 Olivet Discourse, the
The Avenging of the Apostles a series of cycles? PAR55
and Prophets LF154 alludes to Dan. 12 three times
Old Covenant WB76
See also Mosaic Covenant and the two ages LD112
dying to vs. removal of WB228 common view PAR54-55
fulfilled at the parousia WB169 compared to Rev. 11 WB39
no access to presence of God day and hour PAR89-90
while valid WB170 double-fulfillment theory of in-
removed in Christ WB228 terpretation PAR141-142
restoration of Israel and passing exhortations to watchfulness
of WB168 PAR90-94
study not encouraged EL230 fourfold pattern of LF312
Old Covenant Israel not God’s cho-
sen people LD106

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
72 Scripture Index

fourfold pattern of preaching, P
power, persecution,
parousia EN97 Paher, Stanley
fulfilled without the end of time asserts Egypt is Rome WB53
WB74 asserts Sodom never used of Je-
implications of fulfillment rusalem WB52
in dispensationalism EN120 denies Jerusalem a commercial
in millennialism EN120 center WB256
discussed EN120-130 exceptional use of prophets
in postmillennialism EN121
in amillennialism EN125 Jerusalem not the great city of
imply the end of time or destruc- Rev. 11.8 WB51
tion of the planet WB74 negates Jerusalem’s guilt of
indivisible PAR63 blood of saints WB106
introduced PAR54-65 Neronic persecution limited to
Kik thought implied the end of Rome WB107
time WB74 objections to early date consid-
Lange’s series of cycles PAR55 ered WB248-250
parallel to I Thes. 2.15-17 LF157 on I Pet. 4.7 WB186
quotes or alludes to Dan. 12 four on Jerusalem’s slave trade
times EN52
Revelation on Rev. 16.6 WB88
an expansion of EL200 turns where into by whom in
is John’s account of PAR374- Rev. 11.8 WB54
376 vs. Jerusalem being the harlot
sixth seal and PAR398
the disciples’ questions PAR66-67 papacy, the
unity and continuity of whole antichrist not PAR332
discourse PAR63 in Revelation? PAR424
why no account in John? PAR374 parables of Jesus
“oops” not in God’s vocabulary LF65 crisis content of LF313
opening of the books eschatology of LF312
Babylon and WB140 general ignorance of LF312
Rev. 20.12 and Dan. 7.10 WB140 not homiletic exercises LF312
optical See observation of the barren fig tree PAR21
Origen (185-254) of the dragnet PAR22-26
age to come future to him MH133 of the good man of the house
first century fulfillment beliefs
of the resurrection MH18-19 of the importunate widow PAR33-
introduced MH132 35
on new heavens and new earth of the marriage of king’s son
MH134 PAR46-47

Owen, John, on new heaven and of the pounds PAR38-41
new earth EL131 of the talents PAR99-101
of the tares PAR22-26
of the wicked husbandmen

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 73

of the wise and foolish virgins I Thes. 2.14-15, Mt. 23.1, and
PAR97-99 Revelation LF163
vindication of martyrs LF86 I Thes. 4 and Mt. 24 EN102
parallels I Thes. 4.13-5.1 EL218
Babylon and Ezekiel 16 WB103 I Thes. 4.16 and Rev. 10.1-11
Babylon and Jerusalem EN41- PAR418

43, WB55, 119 II Cor. 3-5 and Ezek. 37 LF212
banquet, kingdom, resurrection, II Cor. 3-6 and Ezk. 37 SW77
and the judgment SW121-122 II Pet. 3 and Col. 2 EL190
Christians vs. fleshly Israel II Thes. 2 and Mt. 24 EN26
LF127 Isa. 11 and Gen. 49 LD12
Col. 2 and II Pet. 3 EL190 Isa. 2-4 and Revelation WB94,
Dan. 2 and Dan. 7 LD50 153
Dan. 2, 7, 9, 12 SW135-136 Isa. 2-4, Dan. 12 and Revela-
Dan. 7 and Rev. 11-22 SW154 tion WB138
Dan 7.13-14 and Mt. 24.29f Isa. 2-4, Jesus, and Paul LF23
SW149 Isa. 24-25, 65 Dan. 9.24-27, and
Dan. 7 and Rev. 17-22 SW153 Mt. 8 SW123-126
Dan. 9 and Heb. 9 SW107-110 Isa. 24-25, Isa. 64-66, and Reve-
Dan. 9 and I Cor. 15 SW25 lation WB148
Dan. 9 and Mt. 24 SW96 Isa. 24-27, Dan. 9, and the end
Dan. 9, 12 SW114 of Israel’s history SW120-126
Dan. 9, 12, I Cor.1 5, Rev. 10- Isa. 25, Dan. 12 and I Cor. 15
11 SW101-102 SW132-134

Dan. 9, Mt. 5.17-18, Mt. 24 Isa. 25, Ro. 11, I Cor. 15 SW133
SW98 Isa. 62 and Revelation WB127
Dan. 9.26 and Isa. 59 SW118 Isa. 64-66, Revelation, and Isa.
Dan. 12 and Mt. 24 EN34 24-25 WB148
Daniel and Ezekiel the source Isa. 65 and Revelation WB146
for Jn. 5.28-29 SW76 Israel the fleshly seed vs. Chris-
Ezekiel 16 and Babylon WB103 tians LF127
Ezekiel 37 and II Cor. 3-5 LF212 Israel, the resurrection, and the
Ezekiel and Jesus WB158 millennium WB259
Ezekiel and Revelation WB19-21 Jer. 31.38f and Neh. 3.1, 27f
Gal. 4 and Revelation WB215 SW178

Gal.4.21 and Revelation WB212 Jer. 51.12 and Rev. 17.3, 7-11
Gen. 49 and Isa. 11 LD12 PAR503-504

Gen. 49 and Mt. 21 LD7 Jerusalem and Babylon WB55,
Heb. 12.18-24 and Revelation 119
PAR287 Jesus and Ezekiel WB157-158
Heb. 12.22f and Rev. 7, 14 WB61 Jesus and Paul on Isa. 2-4 LF23
High priestly service compared John and Peter on Babylon
with Christ’s High priestly WB111

service SW54 Lamentations and Revelation
I Cor. 10.11 and end of seventy WB242-243

weeks SW184 Lk. 21 and Rev. 11 WB47

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
74 Scripture Index

Lk. 21, Heb. 9-10, Rev. 15-19 Rev. 10.7 and I Pet. 4.6 PAR420-
SW63-64, WB86 421
Lk. 21.49-51 and Rev. 18.24 Rev. 11 and Lk. 21 WB47
PAR497 Rev. 11 and Mt. 24 WB39
man of sin in Rev. 17 and II Rev. 11 and Rev. 20 WB144
Thes. 2. PAR504-505 Rev. 11, 14 and Mt. 24 EN111,
millennium and Jesus’ ministry WB70
WB263 Rev. 11.15-19 and I Cor. 15.
Mt. 12.43-45 and Rev. 9.1-12 PAR444-447
PAR412 Rev. 14 and Mt. 13 WB79
Mt. 13 and Mt. 24 EN33 Rev. 14 and Mt. 24 EN40, 113
Mt. 13 and Rev. 14 WB79 Rev. 14.14-20 and Lam. 1.15
Mt. 13.30, Mt. 24.34, and Rev. PAR474

14.14-20 PAR473 Rev. 20 and Rev. 11 WB144
Mt. 16.27-28 and Mt. 25.31-33 Rev. 6, 12, 20 WB265
PAR103 Rev. 6.9-11 and Lk. 18.1-8
Mt. 21 and Gen. 49 LD7 PAR394-396

Mt. 23 and Rev. 6, 20 WB266 Rev. 7, 14 and Heb. 12.22f WB61
Mt. 23, I Thes. 2.14-16, Revela- Revelation and Ezekiel WB19-21
tion LF163, WB236 Revelation and Isa. 2-4 WB94,
Mt. 24 and Dan. 12 EN34 153
Mt. 24 and I Thes. 4 EN102 Revelation and Isa. 62 WB127
Mt. 24 and I Thes. 4.13-5.1 Revelation and Isa. 65 WB146
EL218 Revelation and Mt. 24 WB2
Mt. 24 and II Thes. 2 EN26 Revelation and Zech. 12-14
Mt. 24 and Rev. 11, 14 EN111, LF195
WB39, 70 Revelation and Zech. 14 WB164
Mt. 24 and Rev. 14 EN40, 113 Revelation, Isa. 24-25, and Isa.
Mt. 24 and Revelation WB2 64-66 WB148
Mt. 24.14 and Col. 1.23 EN3 Revelation, Mt. 23.1, and I
Mt. 24.31 and Rev. 7.1-17 Thes. 2.14-16 LF163
PAR404 Revelation, Paul, and the resur-
Mt. 8 and Isa. 24-25 SW121-122 rection WB208
Old Testament Day of the Lord Ro. 11, Dan. 9, and the end of Is-
vs. New Testament Day of rael’s history SW127-132
the Lord LF80 Ro. 11.25-27 and Dan. 9.24-27
Paul, Jesus, and Revelation SW127
WB218-219 sixth seal and Olivet Discourse
Paul, Revelation, and the resur- PAR398

rection WB208 trumpets and vials of wrath
Peter and John on Babylon PAR475-476
WB111 Zech. 12-14 and Revelation
resurrection, Paul, and Revela- LF195

tion WB208 Zech. 14 and Revelation WB164
Rev. 10.1-11 and I Thes. 4.16 parousia, the
PAR418 a concern to Gentiles? PAR172
a time of judgment PAR99-115

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 75

a time of judgment and deliver- deity of Jesus and LF78
ance PAR171-173 delay of began in second cen-
an act, not a process PAR132 tury MH50
and Jesus’ resurrection body denial of the purpose of II Pet.
LF230 LF216

and second birth of Jesus LF223 did all who saw it die? RAP39-40
and the end of the Mosaic age didn’t John and others live be-
LF204 yond? RAP48-52
and the last trumpet PAR212 discussed EN85-93
and the nature of the kingdom doesn’t denote travelling, but
LF60 presence LF299
and the restitution of all things early Christians’ attitude toward
PAR150-153 PAR324

and the restoration of all things elasticization of prophecy when
EL158 failure perceived MH16
and the transfiguration LF207 ethics after the EL263
and vindication of martyrs ethics and morality before the
See also vindication of mar- EL246

tyrs events accompanying PAR165-
discussed LF83 169, 199-212
anticipated every element originates in Old
in II Tim. 1.13, 18 PAR258 Testament EN87
in Titus PAR263 every eye shall see him LF229
anticipation of in John’s epistles expectation of
PAR335 in Heb. 9.28 PAR272
apostasy must precede PAR173- in Phil. 3.20-21 PAR245
178 future blessedness at
apostolic fathers right on order PAR216-219

of things MH149 first mention of in Mt. 10.23
approaching in Heb. 9.25 PAR26-29
PAR273-274 focuses on judgment in Rev. 1.7
approaching manifestation of LF230

Christ PAR236 fourfold pattern with preaching,
as covenant eschatology LF198 power, and persecution
associated with Zion WB60 in Thessalonians EN100
at end of millennium WB259 in Titus EN104
at time of reformation or restora- in I Peter EN105
tion LF205 in I John EN107
attitude of Corinthians toward in Jude EN109
PAR190-193 in Revelation EN110
Christ’s speedy return PAR132- in Corinthians EN97
135 in Mark EN98
connected with judgment EN16 in Philippians EN98
consummated victory over Sa- in Colossians EN99
tan, cross initiated it SW36 in Jude EN99
dead in Christ presented with the in Matthew EN99
living PAR214-216

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
76 Scripture Index

future to Clement, II (120-170 Lord wouldn’t delay, Heb.
AD) MH141 10.37 RAP85
Gentry thinks atonement com- Lord’s Supper vital when ar-
plete prior to SW56 rived SW72
has occurred if atonement is Luther thought near in his day
completed SW61 LF252

Hermas deals with the delay MacArthur
MH107-109 on imminence of LF244
I John written on very eve of agrees with skeptics on im-
PAR328 minence of parousia LF245
Ice, Thomas says all Bible writers af-
believes planned for first firmed Jesus’ coming near
century, but postponed in the first century LF249
EL295 thinks church not on earth
on necessity of physical at LF262
LF82 man of sin must precede PAR173-
if church partakes of Lord’s Sup- 190
per in anticipation of, God mid-second century church fa-
unfaithful SW182 thers shifted away from im-
if forgiveness a current reality, it minent RAP4
has occurred SW61 millennialists create false expec-
imminence of tations LF254
Paul final player in LF102 nearness a motive to diligence
MacArthur on LF244 PAR325

imminent in Heb. 10.37 PAR274 nearness of
immortality possessed at PAR404 discussed LF55, PAR246
in Ac. 1.11 PAR147-148 in Jas. 5.7-9 PAR294
in Acts PAR147-154 salvation PAR232-235
in I Thessalonians PAR158-170 new creation perfect at the LF179
in II Thessalonians PAR170-189 not one allusion in gospel of
in Jesus’ generation PAR83-89 John PAR122-140
in Jude PAR336 Old Covenant fulfilled at the
in lifetime of disciples PAR29 WB169

in like manner LF228 Old Testament saints and the
in Mt. 24.3 LF10 PAR275-285

in Revelation PAR365ff only one PAR32, 114
in the glory of the father Paul and the imminence of
a claim to deity LF1 LF102

discussed WB135 Paul and vindication of martyrs
John the Baptist predicted LF104
PAR13-16 Paul said all would not die but
John to live till the PAR136-138 be changed RAP39-40
living expected to experience it Paul, martyr vindication and
RAP95 LF102

living saints changed at the Peter alludes to Paul’s teaching
PAR208-211 PAR326-327

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 77

post-AD 70 silence regarding why pre-AD 70 Christians silent
RAP1 its fulfillment RAP5
power and the LF207 Workman on EL114
prospect of speedy deliverance world-wide aspect of PAR173
PAR235 Zech. 14 predicted WB163
protracted EL126 partial preterists
purpose of LF1 have a documentation problem
purpose of Jehovah’s comings RAP16
LF4, 7 need a gap in Dan. 9 SW35
rapture accompanies PAR165-169 think atonement stopped at
regeneration contempoaneous cross SW54
with PAR36-38 passing of scepter from Judah
response to John MacArthur on and Hebrews LD10-11
bodily return LF241 the last days and Revelation
restoration of Israel fulfilled at LD10-11

the WB169-171 Passover
resurrection accompanies a covenant meal SW68
PAR165-169 Wright on how Jesus scheduled
reveals deity of Jesus LF2 it SW180
Revelation mentions? RAP17 patience of God, MacArthur on
reward of disiciples at PAR36-38 LF278

second birth why Jesus not bod- patristic implications of the rapture
ily manifested at parousia RAP21-22
LF226 Paul
second coming doesn’t bring and the Apocalypse
Christian age to close LF198 the new creation See new
seeming delay of PAR325 creation
Stevens’ chronology of RAP136 discussed WB206-240
Stevens’ three and a half year Dan. 9 and the hope of Israel
presence RAP136 SW80-94

suddenness of PAR323 eschatological prophet to Israel
summary of the gospels’ teach- LF107

ing on PAR139-140 eschatological significance of
symbolism of prophecy concern- EN27

ing PAR350-354 eschatology of PAR212-232
Timothy and PAR256-257 filled up the afflictions of Christ
to reveal Jesus’ deity LF60 LF102

Transfiguration final player in imminence of
a vision of the LF14, 207 parousia LF102
refutes it’s in the flesh LF237 fulness of Gentiles the comple-
used of Old Testament theo- tion of his missionary task
phanies LF9 WB225

vision of in II Pet.1.16 LF213 he who restrains EN27
Wharton on imminence of EL114 his ministry
what did pre-AD 70 Christians and Revelation WB217
expect to see? RAP5-9 and the last trumpet WB232

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
78 Scripture Index

and the song of Moses unity of faith goal of ministry
WB237 WB223

identifies Babylon in Revela- uses Isa. 28 EL51
tion WB206 what is lacking in affliction of
Jesus, Revelation, and WB218- Christ WB234-236
219 Paul and the Salvation of Mankind
last days missionary to Israel SW183
LF106 Paul’s afflictions, eschatological sig-
martyr vindication and parousia nificance of LF103
LF102 Paul’s ministry
martyrdom and Revelation and the song of Moses LF108
WB234 summarized LF109
martyred Paul’s teaching hard to understand
before A. D. 70 WB68 EL230

for his faith EN28 Pella
ministry to the Gentiles LD18 Schaff on escape to RAP28
missionary journeys See world Schurer on escape to RAP29
mission the rapture and the escape to
Munck on important of his RAP30

work SW81 penitent thief, prayer of PAR119
parallels Jesus on Isa. 2-4 LF23 Pentecost
parousia, and vindication of mar- Babylon destroyed Jerusalem
tyrs LF104 on LF122
Peter alludes to his teaching fulfillment of Dan. 7.13-14
PAR326-327 WB141

Peter comments on his teaching Joel spans time from to holo-
EL217 caust LD138
pivotal role in the mystery of last days started before EL46,
God WB224 EN35-36

predicts apostasy PAR250-255 Mosaic Law not fulfilled on
probably wrote Hebrews LF328 EL21

prophet of judgment LF107 no Gentiles there EN61
Revelation Rome destroyed Jerusalem on
and the resurrection WB208 LF122

and the mystery of God Transfiguration not fulfilled at
WB221-223 LF16

salvation of Israel in Revelation what Peter did not say LF52
WB206 Pentecost, Dwight
Song of Moses blueprint for church age not in Old Testa-
EL270 ment LF52
specially chosen instrument eschatology not concerned with
SW81 Mosaic Law EL15, LF191
teaching hard to understand no re-establishment of Judaism
EL230 LF130

unique mission to Gentiles omits Isaiah’s words from cite
WB217-221 of Isa. 4 LF20
on Ac. 2.15 LF314

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 79

on Col. 1.24 LF52 anticipated fulfillment of Dan.
on delay of God’s plan with Is- 9.24f in Ac. 3.19f SW21-23
rael LD41 comments on Paul’s teaching
on order of the resurrection EL217
LF243 eschatology of PAR319-320
on the mystery of the church millennialists know better than
LD120 LD123

two future Jerusalems LF182 one of the false prophets Jesus
Pentecostalism’s view of perfection warned about? EL63
of the church MH204 one of the two witnesses of Rev.
people, the 11.3-13 PAR431-443
Jews cut off from WB59 predicts apostasy PAR250-255
righteous are WB59 premature declarations of the
perfection of the church See church, end? EL63
the uses Isa. 28 EL54
persecuted Peter’s day, vs. Noah’s day EL74
in vindication of martyrs LF96 Petrie, Brant, Jesus, The Tribulation,
Israel was not LF96 and the End of the Exile SW176
persecution Pharisees, woes on the PAR48-51
Domitianic, problems with Philip, raptured? RAP110
WB106 Philippians, fourfold pattern of
fourfold pattern of with preach- preaching, power, persecution,
ing, power, and parousia parousia EN98
in Thessalonians EN100 physical death
in Titus EN104 Christians never die physically?
in I Peter EN105 EN48

in I John EN107 continues after the harvest EL209
in Jude EN109 physical Israel vs. spiritual Israel
in Revelation EN110 LF127

in Corinthians EN97 plagues of Egypt, Babylon and the
in Mark EN98 WB102

in Philippians EN98 plagues, Ephraem sounds like Lind-
in Colossians EN99 say and Jeffrey LD79
in Jude EN99 planet, destruction of
in Matthew EN99 See also destruction of planet
persecutors discussed WB74
in vindication of martyrs LF96 ignores promise of Gen. 8.21
Israel was LF96 LF263

Jews as pneumatology, Joel 2 foundation of
Setzer on LF161 New Testament EN74
Wright on LF161 pogroms, Jewish, for violations of
personal study produces preterist Mosaic Covenant? SW17
thinking RAP77 Polycarp (150 AD)
perverse generation SW10 believed in future parousia and
Peter judgment MH146
alludes to Paul’s teaching introduced MH145
PAR326-327 Pope, the, the man of sin? PAR189

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
80 Scripture Index

postmillennialism Coffman on in Lk. 12.35-48
See also millennialism EL128

affirms Jesus didn’t intend to es- condemned in Amos 6.3 EL84
tablish kingdom LD90 consequences if he didn’t fail
and world mission ENiii LD105-107

apostles of denial LD123 cross not a postponement, but
based on failure of God, Christ the pathway to the kingdom
LD82-104 LD87

church age not mentioned in the Darby on LD85
Old Testament LD28 delay no longer, Rev. 10.6 LF279
claims Mt. 24.14 fulfilled, but delays test people’s faith LF279
not Mt. 28.19 EN7 did he come to restore a symbol
consequences if he didn’t fail of rebellion? LD93
LD105-107 did Jesus know of it? LD54
contradictions on Lk. 4.18 LD121 discussed EL80-83, LF61
cross stood in way of kingdom earthly kingdom a symbold of re-
LD85 jection of God LD92
Daniel predicted Jesus’ failure family illustration of nonsense
LD89 of LD101
Ice affirms if postponement not Ice, Thomas
true, no LD99 affirms if not true, dispensa-
if Christ failed before, why tionalism falls LD99
should he succeed the next and LaHaye on LD53, 83
time? LD102 believes parousia planned
implications of fulfillment of for first century, but post-
Mt. 24 EN121 poned EL295
implications of I Cor. 1.10-11 contradicts himself on
LD42 church age LD114
implications on traditional views on acceptance of Christ vs.
if Jerusalem is Babylon postponement LD88
WB294 on SW11
knows better than Peter LD123 thinks Daniel predicted Je-
North and EN32 sus’ failure LD89
pessimism of LD107 if your theology says God failed,
refuted by Isa. 2-4 EL34 you need to change your the-
view of the millennium WB261 ology LD104
view of vengeance of martyrs invalid as death of Christ was in
LD23 the seventy weeks SW71
vs a- and premillennialism EL22 invalid if Messiah cut off in 70
Postmillennialism: An Eschatology weeks LF65
of Hope SW170 Jesus wouldn’t fail (Isa. 42.4f)
postponement theory LD90

See also gap theory; rejection of John and Jesus wrong if valid
Christ SW180

based on failure of God, Christ McKnight on LF301
LD82-104 nevertheless a key word SW51
no delay in Heb. 10.32-38 LF105

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 81

not one Bible verse speaks of a needs twofold postponement of
delay LD99 kingdom SW45
one who preaches is an evil ser- on Ac. 2-3 SW50
vant LF274 on Dan. 9.24f SW43-44
Pentecost on LD41 preaching, fourfold pattern of with
Peter and Paul wrong if valid power, persecution, and parousia
SW181 in Colossians EN99
Pratt needs twofold postpone- in Corinthians EN97
ment SW45 in I John EN107
rejection didn’t delay God’s plan in I Peter EN105
Isa. 42.4f LD103 in Jude EN109
Ps. 89.34f LD100 in Jude EN99
requires restoration of all the pre- in Mark EN98
requisites LD97 in Matthew EN99
Satan defeated God? SW49 in Philippians EN98
Van Impe on EL42 in Revelation EN110
wedding not postponed because in Thessalonians EN100
of recalcitrance of guests in Titus EN104
LF87 pre-AD 70 Christians
pounds, parable of the PAR38-41 did they live and remain beyond
power and the parousia LF207 AD 70?
power, fourfold pattern of with discussed RAP23-34
preaching, persecution, persecu- nothing is said about them
tion and parousia living beyond it RAP24
in Colossians EN99 silence demands absence
in Corinthians EN97 RAP25

in I John EN107 why such a silence? RAP26
in I Peter EN105 escape to Pella? RAP28
in Jude EN109 options to explain the si-
in Jude EN99 lence RAP35-66
in Mark EN98 raptured or disillusioned? RAP11
in Matthew EN99 sleepers didn’t discern what hap-
in Philippians EN98 pened RAP26
in Revelation EN110 vanished without a trace RAP28
in Thessalonians EN100 watchful vs. sleepers RAP24
in Titus EN104 what did the apostles actually
Pratt, John promise them RAP9-15
on Rev. 22.12 WB175 what did they expect to see?
prophecies rarely fulfilled as RAP5-9

written WB204 why silent on fulfilled parousia?
prophecy rarely fulfilled EL82 RAP5

Pratt, Richard Jr. preconceived ideas put Jesus on the
makes Jeremiah a false prophet cross EN35
SW43-44 predictions of the Day of the Lord
Mathison agrees that Jeremiah’s LF13

prophecy failed SW47 premillennialism
See also millennialism

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
82 Scripture Index

affirms Jesus didn’t intend to es- presidents, supporting national Is-
tablish kingdom LD90 rael LF121
and world mission ENiii pressure, relief from in II Thes. 1.4-
apostles of denial LD123 8 LF105, 158
asserts church nowhere in Old Preston, Don K.
Testament prophecy SW86 broad use of Jews SW197
asserts New Covenant world criticized for preaching from
promised by Daniel and Jere- Old Testament SW189
miah not established SW87 Like Father Like Son, on Clouds
based on failure of God, Christ of Glory SW195
LD82-104 Seal Up Vision and Prophecy
church age not mentioned in the SW1

Old Testament LD28 preterism
consequences if he didn’t fail See also covenant eschatology
LD105-107 a damnable heresy? MH212
contradictions on Lk. 4.18 LD121 and anti-Semitism WB271-276
cross stood in way of kingdom apostolic? MH18
LD85 church deviated from original
Daniel predicted Jesus’ failure message after AD 70 MH15
LD89 defined SW169
demands restoration of many an- definitive refutation of in La-
cient kingdoms LF305 Haye and Ice’s End Times
Ice, Thomas Controversy LD136
affirms if postponement not early Christians believed in
true, no LD99 MH15

says falls apart if no gap be- existed in first century of the
tween 69th and 70th week church MH16
of Daniel LD23 fellowship on RAP70
if Christ failed before, why figurative-rapture RAP100
should he succeed the next foundations of Roman Catholi-
time? LD102 cism shaken badly if correct
implications on traditional views MH25

if Jerusalem is Babylon Gentry charges heresy WB307
WB292 if true, Ice holds no motive for
knows better than Peter LD123 holy living EL211
makes Christ a bigamist WB133 in early Christianity MH15
openly denies Elijah came per isn’t anti-Semitic ENvii
Mal. 4.5-6 LD71 MacArthur pronounces it her-
pessimism of LD107 esy LF284
refuted by Isa. 2-4 EL34 no despair for the future PAR550
teaches two forms of replace- objections considered See objec-
ment theology WB277 tions considered
vs. a- and post-millennialism opposed to the creeds EL237
EL22 partial See partial preterism
presence of God, no access to while positive influence of LD35
Old Covenant valid WB170 responses to published objec-
tions MH222ff

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 83

preterist thinking, as a result of per- protraction vs. imminence WB187
sonal study RAP77 punishment, God’s use of Babylon
preterist universalists EL243 for LF8
preterists putting an end to sin, Dan. 9.24f
are they the last days scoffers? and the resurrection of I Cor. 15
EL48 SW24-32

view of rapture RAPix-x Eusebius on SW5
prince of this world, judgment of Gentry and Mathison believe un-
the PAR127-132 related to Christ’s redemp-
prison, Christ’s preaching to spirits tive work SW5-7
in PAR299-304 not accomplished at cross SW5
promises, no eschatological ones Paul didn’t believe fulfilled in I
apart from Israel WB209 Thes. 2.15f SW5
prooftexting, Hymaneas argument same in Dan. 9 and Ro. 11
the worst sort of LF293 SW128

does time determine nature or Q
vice versa. LF29
dual fulfillments? PAR544 quickly
elasticized when failure per- means certainty? WB177
ceived MH16 not time at all? WB173
postponements of See postpone- quotations
ments of prophecy of Old Testament in New Testa-
Pratt affirms rarely fulfilled as ment
written WB204 Dt. 32.35 in Heb. 10.30 and
Pratt says rarely fulfilled EL82 Rom. 12.19 LD20
sealing up See sealing up vision Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John
and prophecy all quote Hosea as ful-
Strimple believes it doesn’t have filled LD30
to be fulfilled in time or discussed WB154
manner foretold SW50 with regard for original context
symbolism of concerning the
parousia PAR350-354
time element in See time ele-
ment in prophecy race, generation doesn’t mean EN9,
time vs. nature LF29 PAR84
prophetic element in the gospels rapture, the
See also literal rapture view
prophets 14 uses of harpazo RAP116
Babylon the persecutor of WB86- a signless event? EL68
93 accompanies parousia PAR165-
false See false prophets 169
of II Pet. 3 EL10 and the escape to Pella RAP30
Paher’s exceptional use of WB87 anything like this before?
restoration of Israel in the WB167 RAP137-138
test of See test of prophets Augustine on RAP134
protracted parousia EL126 bodies preserved until RAP27

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
84 Scripture Index

defined RAPix patristic implications RAP21-22
difference between futurists and Philip was raptured in Ac. 8.39
preterists RAPix-x RAP110

Enoch, Elijah, and Philip exam- purpose to end church age LD48
ples of? RAP110 Revelation mentions? RAP17
event vs. process RAP101 Russell believe in viability of
Expectations Demand A First RAP25

Century Rapture RAPIII Russell on PARiii
Farrar on PARivff Russell’s literal position RAPvii
figurative-rapture preterists sign of EL68
RAP101 silence of history, not of scrip-
Ice on purpose of LF120 tures RAPxiii
II Cor. 12.2, 4 RAP112 sleepers vs. watchful RAP91-134
immediately after the great tribu- small number involved in? RAP53
lation RAP19 Stevens’ timeline for RAP136
in Elijah’s day RAP26 the 144,000 in heaven RAP18
interpretation of I Thes. 4.13-17 theophany and RAP116
RAP91-134 was to be visible, audible, tangi-
Josephus on RAP114 blle RAP41
many of these in the past what did the apostles actually
RAP137-138 promise pre-AD 70 Chris-
meaning of the word RAP108ff tians RAP9-15
objections to literal view consid- when did it occur? RAP135-136
ered why a literal one is hard to ac-
why isn’t silence a problem? cept RAP140-147
RAP67-68 wicked not dealt ith in I Thes.
body involved in both rap- 4.13-17 PAR165
ture and resurrection? Reagan, Ronald, support of national
RAP_68-74 Israel LF121
would it force a rupture in realized eschatology
the kingdom? RAP74-81 See also covenant eschatology;
effect on the church RAP81 preterism
Jesus asked father not to defined SW169
take disciples out RAP85-90 fellowship on RAP70
occur in a spiritual way? RAP40- no despair for the future PAR550
41 redemption
occurred in AD 66 RAP135-136 miraculous works operative un-
of live Christians RAP18 til SW83
only viable option to silence of predicted when all things ful-
pre-AD 70 Christians RAP64- filled in Lk. 21.28-31 SW62
66 redemption, day of
others believing literal RAP139- discussed PAR243
140 table of passages PAR247-250
our gathering together unto him Rediscovering Passover SW180
PAR173-178 reestablishment of national Israel,
overreaction to false doctrine not seen in transfiguration LF207
RAP141 reformation, time of

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 85

See also time of reformation if your theology says God failed,
synonymous with restoration of you need to change your the-
all things LF204 ology LD104
reformed theology, creeds and Keith Mathison on LF61
MH28-49 no surprise to God from Dan. 9
refreshing, times of PAR241 SW66

regathering of Israel not one Bible verse speaks of a
Ice on LF189 delay LD99
LaHaye on LF189 “oops” not in God’s vocabulary
regeneration LF65

contemporaneous with parousia postponement theory and LF61
PAR36-38 postponement theory invalid as
discussed PAR241 it was in the seventy weeks
is the kingdom EL176 SW71

McGuiggan on EL176 Ps. 2.4 LD94
reign of saints and martyrs PAR519- true Israel accepted him LD92
521 why did the Jews reject him?
rejection of Christ LF61

nevertheless a key word SW51 why should he succeed the next
acceptance of would have pre- time LD102
vented the cross LD87 relief from pressure in II Thes.1.4-8
after Jesus rejected their offer of LF105

kingship LF60 remembered, former things not
and nevertheless LF65 EL135

and Lk. 10-9-11 LF65 remembrance by God, a covenental
consequences if he didn’t fail concept WB99
LD105-107 remnant
created need for second coming all saved WB63
LF309 discussed LF171
did he come to restore a symbol salvation of EL51
of rebellion? LD93 salvation of at Zion WB60
didn’t delay God’s plan would follow Second Moses
Isa. 42.4f LD103 LF171

Ps. 2.6 LD95 replacement theology
Ps. 89.34f LD100 anti-Semitism and WB276-281
family illustration of nonsense defined WB276
of LD101 Ice on WB276
God would not alter his plan, Ps. kingdom replaced by the church
89.34f SW67 LF120

God’s servant would not fail, millennialism clearest form of
Isa. 42.5 SW67 LF120

Ice, Thomas millennialists teach two forms
contradicts himself on WB277
LD102, 114 New Testament writers were
on LF61 teaching? SW112
“rest” of Rev. 14.13
beginning of new epoch PAR472

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
86 Scripture Index

introduced PAR471 Jesus resurrection body not
restitution of all things PAR150-153 physical LF239
restoration of all things not of a biologically dead body
and new heavens and earth LF239
EL156 resurrection body of Jesus LF231
and passing of Mosaic Law resurrection of human corpses, not
EL157 seen in transfiguration LF207
and the hope of Israel EL157, resurrection of Jesus, a second birth
WB165-166 LF226

and the parousia EL158 resurrection of the dead, the
discussed WB140 See also destruction of death
if not fulfilled, Mosaic Law still accompanies parousia PAR165-
in effect LF204 169
in the prophets LF200 and putting an end to sin, Dan.
introduced LF198 9.24f SW24-32
nature of the restoration LF199, and the cessation of miraculous
201 works SW82
occurred at end of seventy Apostles’ Creed on MH214
weeks SW76 associated with Zion WB60
parousia and the LF205 at end of Jewish age LF291
Revelation and WB165-172 at last trump WB40
shows Dan. 9.24f not fulfilled at time of Messianic Banquet,
when Ac. 3.19f written SW22 kingdom, and judgment
summary on LF199 SW121-122

synonymous with reformation of atonement unfinished before
all things LF204 SW55

the object of restoration LF199 based on Old Testament themes
the restoration of Israel LF199 EL16

restoration of Israel body involved in both rapture
and passing of the Old Cove- and the RAP68-74
nant WB168 bound to Jubilee WB38
discussed WB166 brief summary of preterist view
fulfilled at the parousia WB169- LF291

171 connected with world of right-
in the prophets WB167 eousness SW88
occurred at end of seventy corporate, individual, Hadean?
weeks SW76 LF338

spiritual nature of WB168 Dan. 9 a resurrection prophecy
vs. reformation WB170 SW86

restoration vs. reformation WB170 Dan. 9 predicted SW40
restored Jersualem, no room for in Dan. 9, I Cor. 15, and SW25
millennialism LF183 Dan. 9.24f and SWi
restrains, that which or he who? Dan. 12.2 predicted SW115
Cullman on EN27 Daniel, tribulation, and SW157-
discussed EN27 166
Paul is he who EN27 deliverance from great tribula-
resurrection body tion SW157

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 87

deliverance from sin-death, not interpretation of the righteous
physical death WB149 shining forth as the son
doubts about in Thessalonica EL207

and Corinth PAR201 Isa. 25, Hos. 13, Ezk. 37, and
Epistle of Pseudo-Barbabas, Dan. 9 lie behind I Cor. 15
The (79-135 AD), never SW40

mentions fleshly general res- Israel, the millennium and
urrection MH67 WB259-261

events accompanying the linked to forgiveness SW175
parousia PAR199-212 Manichaeans on RAP71
expected soon in Epistle of Messianic banquet and marriage
Pseudo-Barnabas (79-135 feast at the time of SW121-
AD) MH52 122, 125
first century fulfillment beliefs Mt. 8 and the end of Israel’s his-
of Justin Martyr MH18 tory SW120-126
forgiveness, Dan. 9, the end of nature of LF288
exile, and SW37 no difference between the resur-
fulfilled in the fall of Jerusalem rections of Rev. 11, 20
SW43 SW100

fulfilled Isa. 25.8f SW42 not at end of Christian age LF291
future to Clement, II (120-170 not corpses out of the ground
AD) MH141 SW1

gnostics taught spiritual resurrec- occurred when law that was
tion MH129 strength of sin was removed
has nothing to do with biologi- SW85

cal death SW40 occurs
Hosea is Paul’s outline for his after seventy weeks SW173
doctrine SW177 at the seventh trumpet of
Hymaneas Rev. 11.15f WB144
had nature right, time of two witnesses after being mar-
wrong LF285 tyred PAR442
off on more than just the tim- only the righteous in I Cor. 15
ing of the RAP73-74 PAR218

I Corinthians 15 PAR199-212 part of the law SW98
if hasn’t occurred, Mosaic Cove- Paul not contrasting biological
nant valid today SW27 death with spiritual righeous-
if ours is like Christ’s, why did ness SW84
Christ rise with imperfec- Paul, Revelation, and the WB208
tions? MH131 Paul’s potential attainment SW88
Ignatius (before 108 AD) said Pentecost on order of LF243
that God had raised the Old physical and physical death not
Testament dead MH229 in Ezk. 37 SW183
in Ezk. 37 SW76 Polycarp (150 AD) envisioned a
in Rev. 11 and Dan. 12 WB57 future MH146
in Rev. 20.11-15 PAR523-525 promise belonged to Old Testa-
individual vs. collective body ment Israel SW112
RAP62 promise of in Ezek. 37 WB154

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
88 Scripture Index

promised to Israel LF291 return, Christ’s speedy PAR132-135
prophets foretold EL115 Revelation
relation to forgiveness SW28 and the world mission WB217-
relation to forgiveness and 221
covenantal transformation Babylon in
SW27-28 discussed PARi
restoration of life lost in Adam Michaelis on PARii
SW1 date of writing PAR371-374, 559
resurrection of the flesh not a dating PAR371-374, 559
scriptural term MH215 dating by the kings WB114
resurrection promises to Israel early date
the fountain for the New See also early date for Reve-
Testament doctrine of SW77 lation
Rev. 20-21 is the time of SW99 Gentry’s defense the best
salvation of Israel in Revelation WB248
WB207 Iraneus WB248
Spirit the guarantee of SW82 Paher’s objections consid-
the end of Israel’s exile SW39 ered WB248-250
the final salvation of Israel SW40 epiphany of Jesus in LF19
the first of Rev. 20.4-6 PAR521 expansion of Mt. 24 EL200
the hope of Israel SW111-126 fall of Rome not pertinent to
the judgment, and the last day WB16
PAR126-127 fourfold pattern of preaching,
the time of fulfillment of all power, persecution,
prophecy SW99 parousia EN110
those living under covenant of future fulfillment, Jackson on
death coming to life SW93 LF169

time of Gentry’s guiding principles for
discussed LF288 interpreting EL143
Hymaneas’ grounds for be- imminence of parousia in PAR384
ing right LF289 Iraneus and the early date
tribulation the immediate precur- WB248-250

sor to SW160 Jackson on future fulfillment
unseen? PAR210-211 LF169

was Hymanaeus wrong on na- John’s account of Olivet Dis-
ture and time? RAP69-74 course PAR374
why visible? LF290 Lamentations and See Lamenta-
with circumcision LF133 tions
would occur when the law that limitation of time PAR367-371
was the strength of sin was mentions a rapture RAP17
removed SW182 mentions the parousia? RAP17
Wright on the eschatological Nero and WB116
SW38 not progressive history PAR378
resurrection of the flesh not a scrip- of Jesus Christ EL119
tural term MH215 opening fifth seal PAR394-396
resurrection, Dan. 9. doesn’t use the opening first seal PAR388-389
word SW4 opening fourth seal PAR392-393

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 89

opening second seal PAR389-390 introduced SW135-138
opening seventh seal PAR406 Rib Todah prayer
opening sixth seal PAR397-401 a call to remember the covenant
opening third seal PAR390-392 promises SW38
parallels Daniel offers in Dan. 9.3 SW45
on two Jerusalems between discussed SW176
Zech. 12-14 and LF195 righteous, judgment of the PAR206
with Ezekiel WB19-21 righteousness
with Mt. 24 WB2 a covenantal concept SW75
passing of the scepter from bringing in everlasting SW74-94
Judah, and LD10-11 everlasting See everlasting right-
Paul identifies Babylon in WB206 eousness
Paul, Jesus, and WB218-219 resurrection connected with
Paul, the mystery of God, and world of SW88
WB221-223 shining forth as the sun
Paul, the resurrection, and WB208 and the resurrection EL207
Paul’s martyrdom and WB234- from Dan. 12.3 EL208
236 wherein dwelleth in II Pet. 3.13
placed in the Land of Israel EL201
PAR380 hope of SW80
remarkably similar to the trans- river of life
figuration LF219 and fall of Jerusalem WB163-164
Roman Catholicism not perti- and Garden of Eden WB165
nent to WB16 and Israel’s hope WB162
salvation of Israel in WB206 Babylon and the WB162
sealing the servants of God in the Old Testament WB162
PAR401-406 no connection with Rome WB164
seals of Zech. 14 WB163-164
discussed WB2 Robinson, John A. T., all New Testa-
and God’s covenant with Is- ment books written prior to de-
rael WB29-31 struction of Jerusalem WB135
sixth seal and Olivet Discourse Roman Catholic Church, Jackson
PAR398 says little horn represents Roman
structure and plan of PAR376-378 Catholic Church SW196
summary and conclusion Roman Catholicism
PAR538ff Campbell said Babylon was
the number seven in PAR378-379 LF325, WB302

the parousia in PAR365ff creeds in MH27
the theme of PAR379-381 foundations shaken badly if pre-
time element in PAR367-371, terism correct MH25
WB3-6 in Revelation? PAR424
time statements of WB173-206 methodology of MH25
two Jerusalems in LF194 not pertinent to Revelation WB16
written before Hebrews? PAR287 view of perfection of the church
revived Roman Empire? MH204

discussed LD49 Roman empire
Hitchcock on SW137 little horn arises in LD49

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
90 Scripture Index

revived? LD49, SW135-138 of the remnant at Zion EL51,
Roman governors in Judea PAR499- WB60

502 ready to be revealed PAR296-298
Rome salvation hopes of Israel SW113
called Babylon? WB269-271 salvation through judgment
fall of not pertinent to Revela- discussed LF88, 110, 170
tion WB16 not from judgment LF91, 116
focus of Revelation? WB103 outline of LF116
little evidence Domitian perse- Sandlin, Andrew, on usefulness of
cuted Christians WB108 creeds MH42
Neronic persecution limited to? Satan
WB107 binding of PAR410-414, 513-519
Paher asserts Egypt is WB53 cross initiated victory over,
rumors of war, Ephraem sounds like parousia consummated it
Lindsay and Jeffrey LD79 SW36

Russell, J. Stuart cross not manifestation but de-
believed in viability of a rapture feat of Satan LF272
RAP25 defeated God if kingdom post-
literal rapture position RAPvii poned SW49
on nature of man PAR217 destruction of LF266
on rapture PARiiiff final defeat of WB267
Ryrie, Charles, on necessity of judgment of PAR127-132
earthly kingdom LF110 loosing after 1000 years PAR522-
S not in charge at the cross LF268
now ruling this world according
sabbath rest PAR268 to Darby LF66
sabbath years/days theory MH65 outisde his realm, evil would
saints still exist LF266
blood of See blood of the saints scepter, Hebrews and the passing of
living changed at the parousia from Judah LD9-11
Schaff, Phillip, on the escape to
Old Testament PAR275-285 Pella RAP28
reign of PAR519-521 scholars, change on eschatology in
vindication of 19th century MH15
discussed EL25 Schurer, Emil, History of the Jewish
an eschatological theme People RAP29
from Gen. To Rev. SW146- scoffers
148 and the last days
salvation are preterists? EL48
accompanies judgment PAR171- discussed EL48
173 denial of the parousia the pur-
nearness of PAR232-235 pose of II Pet. LF216
of Israel in Revelation identified EL28
introduced WB206 in the last days PAR318
fulfilled in the resurrection in these last days EL31
of II Pet. 3 EL12

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 91

prophesied in Isa. 28 EL50 would follow Second Moses
referred to in Mt. 24.37f EL61 LF171

vindicated? EL63 Second Law of Thermodynamics, II
were they right and the apostles Pet. 3 not referring to EL193
wrong? EL63 second Moses
scribes, woes on PAR48-51 Jesus the SW144
scripture the boundary of creeds, or second exodus would follow
vice versa? MH46 LF171

sea beast See beast, the second PAR Seraiah, Jonathin C.
Seal Up Vision and Prophecy SW1 differs from Nicene Creed MH81-
sealed book, opening the WB19-21 86
sealing the servants of God PAR401- introduced MH24
406 on new creation EL149
sealing up the book, Revelation vs. thinks creeds reliable MH41
Daniel LF49 seriousness of eschatology LF242
sealing up vision and prophecy servants of God, sealing the PAR401-
Dan. 9, 12 the fulfillment of all 406
prophecy SW99 Setzer, Claudia, on Jews as persecu-
Gentry vacillates on meaning of tors LF161
SW95 Seven Day War of 1967 See Yom
introduction SW95-106 Kippur War
Mathison says sealing up eyes seven hills
and ears of the Jews SW95 Babylon sitting on WB250-252
seals of Revelation Herder on PARii
and God’s covenant with Israel Jerusalem’s PAR492
WB29-31 Lange on PARiii
Charles paralleled Mt. 24 with seven kings
WB2 identity of in Rev. 17.3, 7-11
second birth of Jesus PAR499-502

a resurrection LF226 Jewish kings, or Roman gover-
Ac. 13.26 LF224 nors? PAR499-502
and the parousia LF223 seven trumpets WB36-41
introduced LF221 seven, the number, in Revelation
necessity of incarnation LF223 PAR378-379

why not bodily manifested at Seventh-day Adventists, signs of the
parousia LF226 end fulfilled in 19th Century LD80
second coming seventy week countdown
See also parousia; coming of the and I Cor. 15 SW24-32
Lord and Rom. 11.25-27 SW23-24
doesn’t bring Christian age to a atonement belongs totally to
close LF198 SW56

rejection of Jesus created need completed within this genera-
for LF309 tion SW97
second exodus discussed SW7
introduced LF171 Eusebius on SW64
theme WB33-36 goal was the New Covenant

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
92 Scripture Index

I Cor. 1.10-11 and SW184 Ephraem sounds like Lind-
Israel’s last days SW12 say and Jeffrey LD79
Lord’s Supper and the SW66 Luther sounds like Lindsay
millennialists say cross doesn’t and Jeffrey LD79
belong in SW65 Elijah was to come LD71
not complete in AD 34-35 SW20 Ephraem sounds like Lindsay
restoration of Israel occurred at and Jeffrey LD79
end of SW76 famines
when over, resurrection occurs Ephraem sounds like Lind-
SW173 say and Jeffrey LD79
seventy weeks, fulfillment of WB50 Luther sounds like Lindsay
shadow, Israel one of better things and Jeffrey LD79
LF116 fulfillment of world mission
Shank, Robert LD72

on Dt. 4.26-27 WB185 Gummerlock’s collection of
on II Pet. 3.8 WB174 false predictions LD80
Shepherd of Hermas, The (140 AD) Hagee on LD80
contained the idea of delay MH93 Jehovah’s said fulfilled in 19th
dispensationalists today differ Century LD80
on material possessions Jesus warned of false prophets’
MH98 use of LD71
further deviation from scripture LaHaye on LD80
MH93 Lindsay on LD80
introduced MH91 Luther sounds like Lindsay and
Late Great Planet Earth of the Jeffrey LD79
apostolic fathers MH91 Luther sounds like Lindsay and
taught an imminent judgment Jeffrey LD79
MH92 man of sin LD74
this age vs. age to come MH94 of Mt. 24.4-14 EL68
shortly means rapidly? WB178 of the last days LD70-82
siege of Jerusalem, five months of outpouring of the Holy Spirit
WB42 LD72

sign plagues
of son of man in heaven, Gary Ephraem sounds like Lind-
DeMar on LF214 say and Jeffrey LD79
tongues a EN78-79 Luther sounds like Lindsay
significance of destruction of Jerusa- and Jeffrey LD79
lem WB287-290 prophetic pundits on LD70
signs of the end rumors of war
abomination of desolation LD73 Ephraem sounds like Lind-
Adventists said fulfilled in 19th say and Jeffrey LD79
Century LD80 Luther sounds like Lindsay
all appeared in first century LD70 and Jeffrey LD79
apostasy a sign of LD74 super sign of the end EL68
contradictions on EL68 Van Impe on LD80
earthquakes silence after AD 70 regarding the

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 93

discussed RAP1 Paul didn’t believe fulfilled
not of scriptures, but of history in I Thes. 2.15f SW5
RAPxiii Gentry and Mathison be-
of history, not of scriptures lieve unrelated to Christ’s
RAPxiii redemptive work SW5-7
silence of pre-AD 70 Christians Sinai vs. Zion WB213
demands absence RAP25 sin-death, resurreection is deliver-
options to explain ance from WB149
non-fulfillmenet is not an op- skeptics
tion RAP35 how futurists produce LF335
writings lost, hidden, or de- know more than Christ and the
stroyed? RAP35-39 apostles EN76
discussed RAP35-66 MacArthur agrees with on immi-
did all who saw the parousia nence of parousia LF245
die? RAP39-40 most Jews in modern Israel LD14
Paul said all would not die produced by expectations of im-
but be changed RAP39-40 minence LF29
occur in a spiritual way? slave trade in Jerusalem WB256
RAP40-41 sleepers vs. watchful RAP24, 93
did their memory get scram- Smyrna, did it exist at an early
bled? RAP42-43 date? WB11-12
did everyone misunderstand Sodom
and miss the rapture? could Rome be? WB53
RAP43-44 Israel the vine of LD20
a conspiracy of silence? Jersusalem
RAP44-48 is WB51-57
didn’t John and others live only city spiritually called
beyond 70 AD? RAP48-52 LD20

why didn’t those left behind Paher asserts never used of Jeru-
say something? RAP52-54 salem WB52
didn’t Melito claim AD 70 Rev. 11.8 interprets as Jerusa-
fulfillment? RAP54-59 lem WB53
put on and clothed upon used figuratively WB52
RAP59-63 Son of man on the cloud in Rev.
rapture only viable option 14.14-20 PAR472-475
RAP64-66 Song of Moses
Simmon, Kurt, on wormwood WB328 and the last days EL36, LD16-24
sin blueprint for Paul’s ministry
filling up See filling up sin EL270

full end of Israel’s LF84 destructive to millennial view
making atonement for SW54-72 LD23

Morris on strength of SW29 discussed WB52
putting an end to in Dan. 9.24f Dt. 32 WB84
same as in Ro. 11 SW128 Hays on WB237
Eusebius on SW5 Paul’s ministry and the LF108,
not accomplished at cross WB237
SW5 quoted

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
94 Scripture Index

by Paul in Rom. 10.19 EL37 discussed EL60
in Rom. 10.19 LD18 Last Days According to Jesus
in Rom. 10.19, Heb. 10.33- SW190

37 SW10 on Maranatha SW177
significance of LD16-24 preterism a damnable heresy
sons of God MH212

Christians or Jews WB13-17 Spurgeon, Charles, on restoration of
manifestation of WB13-17 animal sacrifices LD6, LF141
soon Stallings, Joseph, Rediscovering
in Dt. 32.35 WB186 Passover SW180
in Dt. 4.26-27 WB185 Stevens, Ed
sound of archangel, not heard in on I Thes. 4.13-17 RAP91-134
transfiguration LF207 others believing literal rapture
sovereignty of Christ, signs of RAP139-140
WB134-136 parousia a three and half year
Spargimino, Larry, affirms no presence RAP136
church age foretold in Old Testa- timeline for the rapture RAP136
ment LD38 Stevenson, Gregory, significance of
Spatafora, Andrew, on significance fall of Jerusalem LF152
of destruction of Jerusalem WB288 sting of death, New Covenant re-
speedy vengeance See vengeance, moves SW30
speedy straw men, MacArthur on LF295
spirits in prison, Christ’s preaching strength of sin
to PAR299-304 Morris on SW29
spirits, demons, in Mt. 12.43-45 and which law was the? SW182
Rev. 9.1-12 PAR410-414 Strimple, Robert B.
spiritual doesn’t mean unreal LF304 on Rev. 1.1-3 WB173
spiritual gifts prophecy doesn’t have to be ful-
See also miraculous gifts; charis- filled in time or manner fore-
mata told SW50
and the resurrection SW82 Stuart, Moses, on Heb. 12.25-29
connected to last days of Israel PAR289
EL292 study, personal, produces preterist
necessary for the perfection of thinking RAP77
the church MH187ff suddenness of the parousia PAR323
operative until day of redemp- Sunday, the Lord’s day not PAR371-
tion SW83 372
spiritual Israel vs. natural Israel super sign of the end EL68
LF127 surely, means maybe? WB175
spiritual resurrection, gnostics
taught MH129 T
Sproul, R. C.
appeals to take eschatology seri- tabernacle, new See new tabernacle
ously LD137 table of passages
on significance of destruction of apostasy, the PAR250-255
Jerusalem LF153, WB290 day of redemption PAR247-250
Sproul, R. C., Jr. day of the Lord, the PAR247-250
day of wrath, the PAR247-250

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 95

end of the age, the PAR247-250 The Avenging of the Apostles and
end, the PAR247-250 Prophets LF154
last day, the PAR247-250 The Day and the Hour LD80
last days, the PAR247-250 the end
last times, the PAR247-250 discussed EL186
latter days PAR247-250 ethics before EL244
of last times PAR247-250 Heb. 3.6, 14 and EL187
of the apostasy PAR250-255 Heb. 6.11 and EL187
redemption, day of PAR247-250 I Cor. 1.4-8 and EL187
talents, parable of the PAR99-101 I Pet. 4.7 and EL188
tares, parable of the PAR22-26 morality before EL244
Temple Discourse See Olivet Dis- Mt. 10.22-23 and EL186
course Mt. 24.6, 13-14 and EL186
temple, the nearness of LF55
construction language in refer- premature declarations from the
ence to EL196 apostles? EL63
covenantal signifcance of fall of super sign of EL68
LF215 the end of all things, I Pet. 4.7 and
destroyed by Babylonians EL183 EL188

destruction of See destruction The End of All Things: A Defence of
of temple the Future MH24
glory of the God departed from The End Times Controversy LD82
WB156 The Great Tribulation: Past or Fu-
heaven and earth? EL164 ture? SW178
Josephus on LF214 the judgment See judgment, the
measurement of in Revelation The Land Called Holy SW183
PAR423-430 the last days See last days
spiritual, II Cor. 6.16 alludes to The Menace of Radical Preterism
Ezek. 37.26-27 LF144 EL280

was it God’s when Revelation The Millennium SW178
written? PAR423 The Mystery of Romans SW179
temporary, is church age? LD124 The New Testament and Rabbinic Ju-
ten horns of the beast PAR501-504 daism SW196
terminal generation, the apostolic fa- The Proof of the Gospel SW180
thers thought they were MH22 The Seventy Weeks and the Great
Terry, Milton Tribulation SW186
on hermeneutics and eschatol- The Spirit of Prophecy EL70
ogy SW2 The Time is Fulfilled SW178
on II Pet. 3 EL192 Theodoret of Cyrus, commenting on
test of prophets Isa. 65.19 WB149
Dt. 18.18 WB204 theological necessity the mother of
Jer. 29.10 and WB205 forced interpretation EN59
why condemn false prophets if theophany
time means nothing? WB205 described RAP118-119
testaments, between the PAR8ff in Mt. 24 LF9
that day, the parousia anticipated introduced LF9
PAR258 Josephus on RAP114

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
96 Scripture Index

many of these in the past can God tell? LF49
RAP137-138 does nature determine? LF29
parousia used of Old Testament God knows what it means
LF9 WB197-199

Thessalonians prophetic, vs. nature LF29
brief survey of time element
I Thes. 1.10 EL217 in prophecy EL80-83
I Thes. 2.15-17 EL218 in Revelation WB3-6
I Thes. 4.5-17 EL218 limited in Revelation PAR367-
I Thes. 5.1f EL219 371
I Thes. 5.23 EL220 time is fulfilled, never said before Je-
II Thes. 1.4f EL220 sus and John the Baptist LF50
II Thes. 2.2 EL227 time no more WB43-44
II Thes. 2.3f EL228 time of reformation
doubts of resurrection by the at the parousia LF205
PAR201 discussed LD10
fourfold pattern of preaching, Preston on the SW179
power, persecution, reformation and restoration are
parousia EN100 synonyms LF204
parallels with Mt. 24 EL218 time of resurrection See resurrection
thief in the night EL103 time of the end
thief, prayer of penitent PAR119 different from the end of time
things to come, in Jn. 16.13 EL117 WB49, 76

this age Ezekiel envisioned WB19-21
how many this ages are there? first century imminence of ENiv
LD116 time statements of Revelation
the age of Israel, Moses, and the consummation vs. initiation
law? LD120 WB192

vs. the age to come EL173, LF56 correlation with other texts
this generation introduced WB194
discussed LF308 Mt. 16.27-28 and Rev.
Josephus on corruption of PAR18 22.12 WB194
need help to misunderstand Mt. 23 and Rev. 6.9-11
PAR84 WB194

not race or nation PAR84 Rev. 6.9-11 and Mt. 23
parousia in Jesus’ PAR83-89 WB194

seventy weeks completed Rev. 22.12 and Mt. 16.27-
within SW97 28 WB194
usage of in gospels PAR18 definitions of words WB193
this is that, or this is not that? LD122 discussed WB173-206
Thompson, James, on fulness of elasticized into meaninglessness
Gentiles WB225 WB189

thousand years is one day with the foreshortened perspective in II
Lord EL79 Pet. 3.8? WB174
throne of David a symbol of rejec- God knows what time means
tion of God LD92 WB197-199

time Hendriksen on WB196

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 97

II Pet. 3.8 most popular court of I Cor. 14.21-22 cites Isa. 28.11f
appeal WB174 EN78-79

imminence in relation to known Transfiguration
events WB186 a vision of the parousia LF207
imminence vs. protraction WB187 about covenantal transforma-
imminent but not near? WB181 tion LF210
initiation vs. consummation and II Pet. 3 EL1
WB180, 192 and Mt. 16.27-28 LF14
let the wicked remain wicked and the scoffers of II Pet. 3 EL5
WB200 Beasley-Murray on LF14
Lindsay on WB194 Boobyer on LF208
listed WB173 Coffman on LF210
Lk. 21.8 WB201 denial of millennial paradigm
McGuiggan’s inconsistency on LF210
WB194 did not include EL3
Mt. 24.30 WB175 final judgment seen LF207
Old Testament vs. New Testa- fulfilled six days later? LF14
ment writers WB189 gathering of all nations not seen
quickly means certainty? WB177 LF207

shortly means rapidly? WB178 Jesus’ body in clouds not seen
surely means maybe? WB175 LF207

time means time WB196 Jesus didn’t come in judgment
ways imminence is expressed at LF16
WB185 Jesus on David’s throne in Jeru-
why condemn false prophets if salem not seen LF207
time means nothing? WB205 millenenial view LF15
word definitions WB193 millennial implications im-
time, times, and half a time WB48-51 mense LF209
timelessness of God LF50 not fulfilled at Pentecost LF16
times of refreshing nothing like body of Jesus seen
discussed LF198, PAR241 LF208

turned into days of vengeance occurred before Jesus’ passion
PAR152 LF15

times of the Gentiles, the PAR428- parousia and the LF207
429 progressive transformation
Timothy and the parousia PAR256- LF210

257 reestablishment of national Is-
Titus anticipated the parousia PAR263 rael not seen LF207
Titus, fourfold pattern of preaching, refutes Christ’s parousia in the
power, persecution, parousia flesh LF237
EN104 remarkably similar to the revela-
tongues tion of Jesus LF219
a sign EN78-79 resurrection of human corpses
a sign of imminent judgment not seen LF207
EL273 Rev. 19.11-15 and the LF237
eschatological significance of

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
98 Scripture Index

surpassing of Old Covenant by Rev. 8.7-12 PAR407-408
transcendent glory of Jesus Rev. 8.13 PAR409-410
LF209 Rev. 9.1-12 PAR410-414
trumpet sounding not heard seven See seven trumpets
LF207 the last of Rev. 11.15-19, I Cor.
vision of end of Old Covenant 15 PAR444-447
world of Israel LF209 two ages
vision of the parousia LF14 age to come a cardinal doctrine
what the disciples did not see of eschatology LD111
EL2 Coffman on EL175
what the disciples saw EL3 died to deliver Christians from
what was not seen LF207 the very age he died to estab-
what was seen LF208 lish? LD119
transformation, covenant See cove- discussed EL180, LD39
nant transformation how many “this” ages are
transgression, finishing See finish- there? LD116
ing transgression Ice agrees on LD111
transition from Old Covenant to in Olivet Discourse LD112
New, empowered by cross, but not introduced EL173
consummated at cross LF212 Kik on WB77
tribes of the earth Lk. 20.27-36 and EL177
are nations WB258 Longenecker on WB77
indicative of judgment on Israel Mk. 10.29-30 and EL175
LF301 Mt. 12.31 and EL175
tribulation two Jerusalems
apostles delivered up to LF103 at stake in Zech. 14 LF314
destruction of Jerusalem the in Revelation LF193
greatest EL127 introduced LF170
great millennialists have two future
See also great tribulation LF182

discussed LF97 parallels between Zech. 12-14
would never happen again and Revelation LF195
EL127 seen in Gal. 4.22 LF172
greatest was the destruction of seen in Heb. 12-13 LF187
Jerusalem EL127 seen in Phil. 3 LF183
tribulation, Daniel, and the resurrec- summary on LF196
tion SW157-166 two witnesses
true Israel characteristics of PAR432
France on LF184 discussed PAR559
Wright on LF184 Peter and James? PAR431-443
trump, the last, and the parousia raised after being martyred
PAR212 PAR442

trumpet sounding, not heard in
Transfiguration LF207 U
trumpet, last See last trump
trumpets unclean spirits in Mt. 12.43-45 and
in Old Covenant liturgy WB36 Rev. 9.1-12 PAR410-414
unity of the faith

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 99

goal of Paul’s ministry WB223 Caird on LF115
McCray on WB223 Dan. 9.24-27 and LF84
universal judgment See judgment discussed LF83, WB60
universalism and eschatology EL242 eschatological theme from Gen.
universe, hope of Israel not destruc- to Rev. SW146-148
tion of SW78 foretold in Isa. 2-4 LF111
unreal, spiritual doesn’t mean LF304 God’s judgment on Israel set
forth by Paul LF109
V in Jesus’ generation LF167
Isa. 59 and LF92
Valentinianism MH17 Jas. 5.1-6 and LF112
Van Impe, Jack Jesus spoke of in Lk. 23.28-31
doesn’t believe Joel 2.28-32 has LF111
been fulfilled LD31 Lk. 18.1-8 and LF87
on last days EL42 Mt. 10.22-23 and LF85
on signs of the end LD70 Mt. 21.33-46 and LF86
said end would be in 1999 LD80 Mt. 22.1-14 and LF86
vengeance nature, time, and realm of LF83
Babylon the consummation of New Testament prophecies of
soon coming SW155-156
of martyrs on Babylon was Ar- of saints EL25
mageddon WB96-97 of the blood of the righteous
speedy WB90-93 LF20
times of refreshing turned into on the Day of the Lord LF162
days of PAR152 parallels between Mt. 23, I Thes.
vengeance of martyrs 2.14-16, and Revelation
amillennial view LD23 LF163
in the last days LD23 Paul and parousia LF104
introduced LD21 persecutors and persecuted LF96
postmillennial view LD23 prayed for in Rev. 6.9 LF111
vindicated as per Dt. 32.43 LD22 Rev. 6.17-18 LF111
vials of wrath See bowls of wrath; Rom. 11.25-28 and LF88
wrath, bowls of solidarity with their fathers’
vindication of Christ deeds LF84
by destruction of Jerusalem to be done speedily LF114
with Paul and the parousia LF102
that makes him a false prophet? vine of Sodom, Israel the LD20
vine of the earth is nation of Israel
Wright on LF265 WB79
vindication of martyrs vision, sealing up See sealing up vi-
See also avenging blood; venge- sion and prophecy
ance of martyrs visitation, time of, day of RAP15
and Dt. 32.43 EL40
and Israel’s salvation LF92 W
and Mt. 23.33-36 EL41
and the parables of Jesus LF86 Waldron, Samuel, on Mt. 24.36
at Armageddon EL107 WB183

blood atonement and LF21, 92

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
100 Scripture Index

Wallace, Foy, church fathers not Josephus on PAR412
sure of Domitian’s identify RAP49 Mt. 12.43-45 and Rev. 9.1-12
Walvoord, John PAR412

on Rev. 22.12 WB175 wicked husbandmen, parable of
says kingdom taken from Judah PAR43-46

in A. D. 70 LD8 wicked, let them remain WB200
war in heaven, prophecy not vision? Wilken, Robert, The Land Called
PAR455-457 Holy SW183
warnings against false prophets winepress PAR474
PAR74-76 Winkler, Wendel, on II Pet. 3.10
watchful vs. sleepers RAP24, 93 EL190

watchfulness Witherington, Ben, on Day of the
exhortations to in I Thes. 5.1-10 Lord LF23
PAR169-170 without observation PAR210-211
exhortations to in Mt. 24.42 woes
PAR90-94 on scribes and Pharisees PAR48-
waters, many See many waters 51
Watts, John D. W., on Isa. 28.21 pronounced on Jerusalem
EL58 PAR117-119

wealth, Josephus cited Jerusalem’s wolf and lamb, Jews and Gentiles
WB257 WB83

wedding banquet or feast WB123 woman and her son in Rev. 12 WB58-
wedding feast 60
introduced LD30 woman, the, of Rev. 12.1-2 PAR449-
not postponed because of recalci- 450
trance of guests LF87 Workman, Gary, on imminence of
wedding of Christ Christ’s coming EL114
at destruction of Jerusalem and world mission
Babylon WB121 Acts chronicles completion of
covenant promises to Israel WB166
LF257 and abomination of desolation
MacArthur on LF257 EN25

the Hope of Israel WB121 and eschatology ENiii
Wharton, Ed and Mt. 5.17-18 EN63
on imminence of Christ’s com- and the end EN94-118
ing EL114 and the end of the world LD64
on last days EL47, EN36 Babylon and WB68-70
When Shall These Things Be? A Re- charismatics and EN82
formed Response to Hyper-Preter- complete before the end of the
ism EL15, SW3, 169 age LD65, LF45
wherein dwelleth righteousness See completion of and eschatology
righteousness EL201 EN6

wicked fulfillment of a sign of the end
judgment of the PAR206 LD72

not dealt with in I Thes. 4.13-17 Holy Spirit and EN80-84
PAR165 Ice doesn’t believe completed
wicked generation, this before end of the age LD65

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
on Covenant Eschatology 101

Ice’s dative of sphere argument Christ vindicated by destruction
on LD66 of Jerusalem LF265
imminent fulfillment of EN96 comments on Mt. 24.2 EL11
Kik on EN8 end of the age EL11
Lindsay, no one has done that eschatological resurrection of
yet EN1 the dead SW38
millennialism and ENiii how Jesus scheduled the Pass-
miracles and the end of the age over SW180
EN72-84 Jesus and the Victory of God
Mosaic law predicted comple- SW171

tion of EN60 Jesus made Daniel basis for en-
North on Holy Spirit and EN80 tire teaching SW145
not fulfilled until Jews finally re- looking at cross from world’s
jected God EN70 perspective LF268
one mission, one end of the age, on crass literalism EL99, LF10
one gospel EN8 on Dan. 9.24f SW7
Paul quotes Dt. 32.21 LF54 on Day of the Lord EL99
Revelation and Paul’s WB217- on Jews as persecutors LF161
221 on judgment language EL99
sign of the end of the age EN19 on Levirite marriage EL177
Song of Moses blueprint for on significance of destruction of
EL270 Jerusalem WB289
to provoke Jews to jealousy LF55 on true Israel LF184
work of two witnesses WB69 writings lost, hidden, or destroyed
world, the RAP35-39

Barclay on meaning of in I Jn.
2.15-17 EL75 Y
destruction of the EL73, 74
gospel preached into all the EN1- Yom Kippur war
8, LF46 Jeffrey on LF122
Heb. 1.1-2 PAR264-266 shows Israel not in covenant re-
the judgment of PAR127-132 lationship with God LF122
to come PAR266-267
vs. the age PAR410
world-wide aspect of parousia Zion
144,000 standing on RAP20
wormwood and salvation of the remnant
significance of WB245 WB60
Simmon’s discussion of WB328 discussed EL169
wrath God dwelling with his people in
bowls of, significance of WB148
heavenly, not earthly LF71
the coming PAR237 in heaven RAP20
vs. the day of See day of wrath, Lamb on WB60
the significance of LF310
Wright, N. T. the lamb on PAR469-472
vs. Sinai WB213

EL (Elements Shall Melt) LD (Last Days Identified) MH (Misplaced Hope)
EN (Then Comes the End) LF (Like Father Like Son) PAR (Parousia)
102 Scripture Index

America hated for her support of
Israel LD107
anti-Zionist Web sites WB275
Christian, a shameful theology

Jews Not Zionists opposes

many orthodox Jews oppose

Neteuri Karta opposes WB274
have created new definitions of
anti-Semitism WB272
ignore atrocities against Palestin-
ian Christians LF319

RAP (Evidence of a Rapture) SW (Seventy Weeks) WB (Who Is This Babylon?)
How to Study the Bible:
A Practical Guide to Independent Bible Study
Samuel G. Dawson
446 pages with comprehensive indexes
A tradition-challenging publication without
denominational bias!
If you’ve listened to this popular cassette album, you know how valuable
this material is. However, the book contains significant new material not on
the cassettes. It begins with a new chapter on "Jesus’ Call for Disciples" that
demonstrates what it means to be a true disciple or student of God’s word,
rather than just a spectator sitting in a pew. Another chapter explores "The
Importance of the Old Testament to New Testament Christians," while it
exposes many of our unfounded prejudices against the Old Covenant. A great
help is a list of "Old Testament Passages Quoted in the New Testament,"
which points us to the inspired commentary on those prophetic verses.
Also, the 42-page "Outline of the Bible" provides a valuable tool for
grasping the overall view and context of the Bible and is a fascinating read
in itself. Other items of importance are a strategy for both individuals and
churches to use in teaching and studying all of the books and topics of the
Bible in a timely fashion and an analysis of how all of us have two reservoirs
of Bible knowledge: topical and book-by-book.
You can read a detailed table of contents at www.gospelthe- You can also read what others say about the material.
When one Christian used the material to teach a class, the elders asked him
to repeat the class the next year.
Although written by a serious non-denominational Bible student,
preacher, and teacher of nearly 40 years, this book is not for the professional
Bible scholar or theologian. It is for the independent Bible student who would
like to know more of the Bible’s teaching without a denominational slant or
dependence on a professional. In recent years, the availability of helpful
reference works has exploded, as have resources on the Internet. As modern
Bibles and the religious world are becoming more premillennialistic and
Calvinistic, the emphasis on online easy-to-use Bible aids helps today’s
student remain true to God’s word-for-word inspired text. You can take
advantage of these new opportunities for yourself.
This book brings the Bible to life and makes it relevant for today. Lessons
progress from examining basic attitudes toward the Bible to choosing a
dependable translation to rules for interpretation to dealing with difficulties
in the Bible. Not only will you learn how to study the Bible, but you’ll also
come away with good, basic Bible knowledge from all the examples given
in the book.
Marriage, Divorce
& Remarriage
The Uniform Teaching of
Moses, Jesus & Paul
Samuel G. Dawson
350 pages with comprehensive indexes

This groundbreaking material differs from others on the sub-
ject in that it proves that Moses, Jesus, and Paul all taught the same
thing about divorce and remarriage. Most efforts on this issue
don’t deal with Moses’ teaching in the Old Testament; and thus,
they take Jesus’ and Paul’s teaching out of the context of explain-
ing divorce and remarriage to the Jews: “men who understood the
law” (Rom. 7:1). By studying the consistencies between what
Moses, Jesus, and Paul taught, as one preacher explained, “Sam
has finally cracked the nut on MDR.” Undoubtedly, this work will
aid other serious students in their quest for truth and open up new
avenues for study.

Is sexual intercourse a right or a condition of marriage?
• In the Bible, betrothal was marriage. • What is civil gov-
ernment’s interest in marriage? • Common-law marriage in
the Bible. • Is fondling sexual intercourse? • Why were
most adulterers in OT not stoned to death? • Was God loose
on divorce in OT? • Is the Sermon on the Mount OT or NT
teaching? • Two problems that must be worked. • What are
the three ways a person can commit adultery? • Does
God hate all divorce? • Every exception clause contains a
necessary implication. • Is there a guilty party in Mt. 5.32
or Mt. 19.9? • Can an unjustly put-away person put away a
fornicating spouse? • Four questions that lead to a solution
of every situation. • Church limitations in dealing with di-
vorce. • Fellowship.• Can a local church study these issues
for itself? If not, let’s not hear any more about local church
Denominational Doctrines:
Explained, Examined, Exposed
Samuel G. Dawson
384 pages
This Book Will Help You Explore These Controversial Topics:
Jehovah’s Witnesses—Are They Really? • Was Jesus a Created Be-
ing? • Modern-Day Tongue-Speaking—Is It from God? • I Corin-
thians 14 & the Charismatic Movement • Matthew 24 & Prophetic
Speculation • Revelation 20 & Premillennialism • The Indwelling
of the Holy Spirit • Are Babies Born Totally Depraved? • Is Any-
one Unconditionally Elected to Be Saved? • May a Christian So
Sin as to Be Lost? • Should Christians Keep the Sabbath? • An-
swering Sabbatarian Arguments • Was Joseph Smith a Prophet of
God? • Theistic Evolution • How to Be Just a Christian • Argu-
ments Against Baptism Answered
Ideal for: Individual Study, Preaching, Elders, Adult Classes,
Personal Evangelism, New Converts, Gifts

Fellowship: With God and His People
The Way of Christ Without Denominationalism
Samuel G. Dawson
New Expanded Edition - 432 pages!

This Book Will Significantly Affect Your View of:
Your Own Fellowship with God • Every Single Christian in the
World • Every Single Congregation in the World • Fellowship
with a Local Church • The Harm of Denominationalism• Every
Religious or Irreligious Person You Meet • Those Deceived by
False Teachers • Every Controversial Question You Confront •
The Non-Denominational Way of Christ • Squandering Less Time
on Things God Never Intended • Minoring in Majors and Major-
ing in Minors • Spending More Time on Things God Really De-
sires • Confidence in Christ, Not an Organization • Doctrinal
Disagreements Between Brethren • Non-Denominational Personal
Evangelism • Dealing with Uncommitted Christians • The Devel-
opment of the Crossroads Denomination • Practical Applications
in Church Discipline • “Are You the Only Ones Going to
Heaven?” • How Public Confession of Sin Should Be
• The Restoration Movement in America
Christians, Churches, & Controversy:
Navigating Doctrinal & Personal Clashes
Samuel G. Dawson
216 pages with comprehensive indexes
An eighteenth century Scottish poet wrote concerning war: “Rash,
fruitless war, from wanton glory waged, is only splendid murder.”
An older preacher used this quotation when he wrote concerning
a particularly brutal doctrinal attack on another elderly preacher by a
group of younger, treacherous preachers. While many controversies
among Christians and churches aren’t this vicious, many Christians
and congregations simply don’t know how to navigate personal and
doctrinal clashes; and thus, do more harm than good. Such situations
expose some noble and naïve souls to some pretty treacherous Chris-
tians. Yet, many Christians consent to much worse than Saul did at
Stephen’s stoning while “consenting to his death” by just holding the
coats of the stone-throwers.
Most members, whose jobs aren’t even on the line, refuse to ratchet
up their courage to be bothered by congregational problems and
decisions. They may just want difficulties handled by the congrega-
tional leaders so they can avoid being involved. Consequently, many
Christians go blithely on, consenting through ignorance to mistreat-
ment of others that goes on behind the scenes.
This book is not for you if:
• You’re not a serious student of the Bible
• Your concept of Bible study is listening to your teacher
go through a quarterly class book
• Your concept of being a Christian consists mainly of “going
to church”
• You depend on the preacher to do your studying for you
• You’re in a denomination where all the thinking is done at
the top
• You’re an elder who is afraid for the congregation to
study controversial subjects
Ideal for: Individual Study, Preaching, Elders,
Adult Classes, Personal Evangelism, New Converts, Gifts
The Teaching of Jesus
From Sinai to Gehenna: A Faithful Rabbi Urgently
Warns Rebellious Israel

446 pages
Samuel G. Dawson

This Book Will Change Your View of Jesus’
Teaching and the Entire New Testament as It
Exposes Many of Our False Concepts

This work begins with a study of covenant concepts in
the Bible, the reign of God prior to the coming of Christ, and
the sophisticated expectations God has always had of non-
covenant people. After demonstrating that forgiveness of
sins existed under the Mosaic Law, the author develops the
preaching of John the Baptist and Jesus as an urgent attempt
to turn the Jewish nation back to God through faithful
obedience to the Mosaic Law in order to avoid imminent
national destruction.
The Sermon on the Mount is viewed, not as a contrast
between the Mosaic Law and the teaching of Christ, but as
Jesus correctly interpreting Moses to the Jews of his day.
Thus, every syllable of that sermon is Old Testament teach-
ing. That most of that teaching is also contained in the New
Covenant is demonstrated.
The parables of Jesus are then briefly analyzed, showing
that each one of them is first related to the attempted reform
of the Jews by Jesus. The theme of the relative importance
of one’s treatment of his fellowman over his formal religious
service is traced throughout the Old and New Covenants.
The study of The Teaching of Jesus concludes as Jesus
concluded it, with a study of his pronouncement of imminent
national destruction in Matthew 24.
Samuel G. Dawson
A physics and mathematics graduate from Texas Tech Univer-
sity, Samuel G. Dawson did research in celestial mechanics and
intercontinental missile guidance in the aerospace industry before
preparing to preach the gospel of Christ. In twenty-two years of
public teaching, he did extensive live call-in radio work daily for
eight years and participated in a number of religious debates. Sam’s
scientific background has given him an inquisitive, logical, and
thorough approach to the scriptures and a reputation for making
Bible students re-think teaching they’ve taken for granted.
Sam drew on decades of experience working with local congre-
gations to write Fellowship: With God and His People: The Way
of Christ Without Denominationalism; Denominational Doctrines:
Explained, Examined, Exposed; and Christians, Churches, & Con-
troversy: Navigating Doctrinal & Personal Clashes.
In Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage: The Uniform Teaching
of Moses, Jesus, & Paul, Sam demonstrates how Moses, Jesus, and
Paul all taught the same thing about this controversial subject. It
deals frankly with issues confronting many Christians today and
the people they are trying to teach.
The Teaching of Jesus: From Sinai to Gehenna: A Faithful
Rabbi Urgently Warns Rebellious Israel shows how many people
take Jesus’ teaching out of the context of the people he preached to
and misapply it to our day. His sixth book, How to Study the Bible:
A Practical Guide to Independent Bible Study, helps students avoid
depending on professionals for their Bible knowledge.
Sam worked mostly in the western part of the United States and
presently lives in Texas with his wife Patsy, author of the Marriage:
A Taste of Heaven series.