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Name:Wong Hong Yik ID: 09U8M09094

Work Completion Seminar Master of EngineeringScience Title: Glass-based Multi-layeredReflectarray and


The main function of a reflectarray similar to that of a reflectorantenna; is it of andphased array.It is meanwhile, retains someof the bestfeatures boththe reflector broadlyusedto steerreflection to Whenan incomingwave beams the desired directions. impinges a ref'lectarray, resonating on each unit imposes certainphase the reflected a to As the signal. a result, mainbeamcanbe switched any direction simplycontrolling to by It is the phase shiftsof all the elements. is obvious that the main objective reflectarray of to achieve focused far-fieldbeamthroughphase a compensation. Varyingthe resonator element among mostcommon sizeandaddingloading are the techniques to provide used phaseshift in the design of a reflectarray. this thesis,, In with severalreflectarrays elements havebeenintroduced. r,vork be dividedinto differenttypesof radiating My can (DRA), circularand threeparts.Radiating elements suchas dielectric resonator antenna patches elliptical microstrip havebeenselected demonstrate design to the ideas. In the first part,the feasibility usingDRA as radiating element of will be explored for a newly proposed reflectarray. hasbeenshownthat the top-loading lt inclinedstripon

a rectangular DRA can introduce somedegree phase of shift to the reflected signal.The bandwidthof a DRA is usuallybroaderthan that for a metallicpatch because the of absence conductive of loss,especially the millimeter-wave in ranges. However, tuning a strip stuckto a resonator be quite challenging. can Later,it has beendemonstrated that loadinga metallicstrip to the bottom surface a DRA can also introduce of phaseshift, which has largerdynamicrange.In this case,the strip is directlymadeby the standard process. PCBetching For the secondpart, the multilayerconcepthas been introduced designing for differentreflectarrays. the first case,circular microstrippatch of differentradiusis In deployed the radiating as element. demonstrate designidea,the resonator made To the is on a double-layered foam-backed and substrate. Foamis one of the mostfrequently used low-costmaterials. Tuningthe foamthickness providean additiondegree freedom can of here.It has also beenfound that this reflectarray element has a wide dynamicrangeof phase shift with lesssensitivity. This can facilitate design the process greatly. further To improve the bandwidth performance, subsequently, elliptical patch is used as the resonator. was foundthat a much broader It antenna bandwidth, comparing with that for patch,is achievable changing major-to-minor circular by the ratioof the elliptical patch. Both of the reflectarrays designed work in the frequencyrangeof 5.5GHz are to 7.SGHz. In this thesis, can be seen, as differentnew refleatarrays havebeenproposed and studied. Both the waveguideand infinite array methods are used to design the reflectarrays. Experiments havebeencarriedout to verify the theoretical findings.