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DLMS for Smart Metering

Device Level Messaging Specification

Device Level Messaging Specification (DLMS) for 16-bit MCUs

Application Layer User Layer Application Control Function (CF)

Data Interface and Connection Manager API

Configuration Interface API

COSEM/Application Layer (62056-53)

Need for DLMS

The energy market is being liberalized and there are multiple vendors providing energy measurement solutions. This has created a need for interoperability among different metering systems, power grids and products. DLMS is emerging as the standard of choice in smart metering and it addresses interoperability among: All energy types electricity, gas, heat, water All communication media RS-232, RS-485, PSTN, GSM, GPRS, IPv4 PPP, PLC

High Level Data Link Control (HDLC) Datalink Layer (62056-46) MODE E Switch to HDLC (62056-21: Mode E only)

DLMS Wrapper Layer* (62056-470)

Microchip TCP/IP Stack

Physical Layer (62056-42)

Microchip Peripheral Library RS-232/PSTN/GSM Modem

*Future DLMS Stack (Kalki Technologies) Microchip Stack and Library Meter OEM

Optical Port


DLMS Solution
Microchip has partnered with Kalki Communication Technologies Ltd. (Kalkitech) to offer the DLMS library for 16-bit PIC microcontrollers and dsPICDSCs.

DLMS UA certied PC Client Test Tools for testing and validating the DLMS implementation Supports serial prole Support for IEC 62056-21 Mode E Implementation AES-128 encryption Getting Started example codes
5K 25K $7,500 $12000

Getting Started
Step 1: Purchase Microchips Explorer 16 Development Board and tools Step 2: Download DLMS evaluation library from: User guide and examples projects will be provided for understanding the library and its implementation. Step 3: Download a trial version of the DLMS Explorer for in-house testing of the meter. DLMS Explorer is a windows-based DLMS client application with user friendly GUI. For download instructions, visit:

DLMS-Lite Stack for 16-bit MCUs (Limited meter parameters) DLMS Stack for 16-bit MCUs DLMS Explorer DLMS Evaluation Library DLMS Explorer Trial Version

$3,900 $4,800

Learn more at:

$2800 per unit Free Free

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