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Added by Sankar M, last edited by Anjali Butley on Mar 25, 2008 (view change) /SAPAPO/AMON1 - Alert Monitor /SAPAPO/AMON3 - Alert Overview by Objects /SAPAPO/AMONMSG_SEND - Send Alerts /SAPAPO/AMONMSG_SEND - Send Alerts /SCMB/ANOT_PROF - Create/Change Alert Notification Profile (User) /SCMB/ANOT_PROF - Create/Change Alert Notification Profile (User) /SCMB/ANOTMP - Create/Change Message Profile /SCMB/ANOTMP - Create/Change Message Profile /SCMB/ANOTMP - Create/Change Message Profile /SAPAPO/PE_LOG_DISP - Display PSM Application Log /SAPAPO/PE_SEL - Define Selections /SAPAPO/PE_SEL - Define Selections /SCMB/TDL_BO_COPY - Define Service Profile for Copying Time Series CCMS Related RZ20 - CCMS Monitor Sets RZ23N - Central Performance History (CPH) RZ03 - Control Panel SM66 - Global Process Overview SM49 - Execute External Commands performance related Tcode: ST03N - Aggregated Statistics Records - Local ST03G - Aggregated Statistics Records - Global STAD - Individual Statistics Records (ABAP Only) STATTRACE - Individual Statistics Records (All) and Traces ST07 - User Distribution ST02 - Buffers ST10 - Table Accesses TU02 - Parameter Changes OS06 - Activity OS04 - System Configuration OS03 - Parameter Changes OS07 - Activity OS05 - System Configuration OS03 - Parameter Changes OS01 - LAN Check with PING AL15 - SAPOSCOL Destination

Database: ST04N - Activity DB01 - Exclusive Locks DB02 - Tables/Indexes DB03 - Parameter Changes SM21 - System Log

Process Chain Maintenance RSPC .Process Chain Display RSPC1_NOLOG .SAP Directories SM50 .TemSe Contents SP12 .Global Users RZ10 .System Profile SMLG .Display/Change External Commands DB Admin: DB12 .Central DB14 .Local Users AL08 .Process Chain Display RSPC1_NOLOG .SAP Instances SM04 .Create Statistics DB21 .Process Log RSPC_RESTART .Spool Administration SE73 .Backup Logs DB13 .Process Chain Maintenance RSPC2 .Process Chain via Process RSPCM .Operations Monitor DB20 .ABAP Runtime Errors AL11 .Job Scheduling Monitor *Process Process Chain relatedChain related Transaction codes: Transaction codes:* RSPC .Process Chain via Process RSPCM .Monitor daily process chains RSPCP .Overview and Administration RZ01 .Restart Process Chain Run RSPC1 .Output Controller SPAD .Process Log .Font Maintenance SP11 .Process Overview SM66 .TemSe Administration background Processing: SM37 .ST22 .Monitor daily process chains RSPCP .Restart Process Chain Run RSPC1 .Logon Groups SM69 .Local DB13C .Jobs .Process Chain Maintenance RSPC_RESTART .Global Process Overview SM51 .Process Chain Maintenance RSPC2 .Configuration print related: SP01 .

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