John Aster and Vinny Eastwood attack John Anderson for helping people get their stories about

corruption out to the world. We are now going to take over exposin g John Aster and now vinny eastwood for supporting a pedo. And in the open aids the pedo/child abuser. John Anderson is now to rest and let us take over. We won t stop tearing apart those who choose to follow John Aster and his crimes agains t innocent people and children. Be far warned that Vinny Eastwood in NZ is also friends with Chris Jarvis and Chris Wardill whom have also been exposed to the p ublics eye by John Anderson, a full hero. Vinny Eastwood has been profiled as on e who uses his show to hide all ghosts in his own closet. Screen Shot all that I speak. For we are to remove these entities from our innocent ears. Thus Making the world aware about how child porn is infecting our world that even NZ radio h osts are in on it. Lawyers, Judges and much much more. When one child molester f inds another, they will do anything to help each other to make sure the secret t hat they bestow are kept secret. Backing one another just as on the latest Vinny Eastwood low budget show in NZ. Any person with a sane mind can research and find that John Aster is in fact gui lty of downloading several images of child porn. Now for a low budget host of a small NZ blog radio show does a show knowing well enough about the history of Jo hn Aster, Make one assume that he is in some sort of agreement with Aster as he is trying to clean Asters slate by means of a media terminal. This is what is ca lled a blind side to the people. By working on the publics subcon, by speaking a s if John Aster is innocent, the world is more prone to let go of the thought, h ence media control today. Vinny East wood is doing just that, using the right way of speech and such to cl ear John Aster from The publics eye. We have sat back long enough and seen the d amages John Aster has done, exploiting childrens pics of John Andersons and his family and friends kids also is pure sick. And for Vinny Eastwood to like and ag ree with the acts of a pedo, and yet to publicly support one is showing how torn our world really is. Please friends, we warn you that even people speaking as h eros are also corrupt and will use what ever they can to help remain in closed d oors and secret. Please, If your a victim of either John Aster, Chris Wardill, Michelle Stewart, or any one in relation to the fake organization calling itself AXJ. Please write in comments and we will copy.and post it world wide. Thank You Earthlings.

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