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Complete Results of FY2013 Budget Survey

Q1: How should the City Council balance the budget given the continued aftermath of the fiscal crisis?

Q2: This is a selection of some of the cuts the Mayor has proposed in order to balance the budget. Which should be prevented? Proposed Cut Cut senior services such as transportation, elder abuse services and home attendants ($16 million) Reduce 2,750 teaching positions through attrition, continuing the trend of increased class sizes and more elementary school students in classes of 30 or more students Eliminate 159 of 251 shelter beds for runaway and homeless youth and reduce drop-in and street outreach services ($7.2 million) Close 40 library branches, significantly reduce hours to 2-3 day service, and lay off 1,830 library workers ($96.2 million) Cut 2,300 slots in Out-of-School Time, an academic & recreational program that operates after school, during school holidays and in the summer ($19.5 million) Eliminate 15,900 child care seats and vouchers ($104 million) Close 20 fire companies ($43 million) Cut 7 of 66 school-based Beacon community centers and reduce hours or locations for the Cornerstone Average Score* 73 71 70 69 62 61 59 56

program, which provides youth and community programing in public housing ($6.1 million) Cut funding for HASA supportive housing ($5.1 million) Reduce HIV-prevention contracts, including reducing free condom distribution by 35-40% ($1.4 million) Scale back STD clinic services on Saturdays and eliminate school-based STD testing and education from 86 campuses ($1 million) Eliminate 800 Parks Department positions, continuing the ongoing headcount reduction which has decreased by 2,000 positions since 2009 Halt expansion of adult literacy services to 1,000 additional participants ($1 million) Reduce cultural programs, events and exhibitions and raise ticket prices for cultural institutions ($48 million) Close four pools and shorten the outdoor pool season by two weeks ($1.4 million) 55 51 50 45 34 28 25

*Average score based on 100= Prevent cut, 0 = Maybe, -100= Don't prevent cut .
Q3: Which revenue-raising options would you support? Revenue-Raising Option Close a loophole in business taxes (a/k/a carried interest exemption) for partners at private equity companies and hedge funds so they are taxed like regular business income ($200 million)** End future subsidies to four major banks who failed to create 19,000 jobs out of a promised 33,000 in exchange for a collective subsidy of $783 million ($100 million) Increase collection of fines for failure to correct violations of the Housing Maintenance Code ($66 million)** Eliminate the tax credit given to unincorporated business owners on annual income above $500,000 ($100 million) Eliminate tax breaks for vacant residential property ($79 million)** Eliminate the Manhattan Resident Parking Tax Abatement ($12 million) Require private universities to pay property tax on student and faculty housing ($80 million)** Eliminate the existing tax exemption on dry cleaning, laundering and similar services ($30 million) Enact a fee for garbage pickup for universities, religious institutions, and not-for-profits that is currently provided free by the city while keeping recycling pickup free ($17.2 million) Raise property tax bills by 4% ($750 million) Average Score* 95 94 79 79 75 53 50 38 19 -22

*Average score based on 100= yes, 0 = maybe, -100= no **Requires State law change to be enacted
Survey Methodology From April 18-25, 2012, 751 people were surveyed via the internet using SurveyMonkey. Of the 751 responses, four from non-NYC zip codes were filtered out of final results. There were respondents from every Council District in the survey sample, based on self-reporting. Only 54 respondents did not provide a Council District. Q2 and Q3 average scores were calculated by creating an average of all scores where 100 = yes/prevent cut, 0 = maybe, and -100 = no/ dont prevent cut.