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The band list for MJS ANGELS is as follows: Ben Lyons vocals Marianna Zafeireli Vocals (Absent) Maiken

en Sundby vocals Burton Dredge Guitar Alessio Marongiu Guitar SamThiery Bass Guitar Sophie Watson Alto saxophone/ Backing Vocals Jang Myungjae Tenor saxophone Enrique Parra Drums/ Backing Vocals Additional song members: Samuel Meakin Trombone Joe Carter - Trumpet Alessando Carnevali Alto Saxaphone When starting our rehearsal schedule for our band we had to think of a name for our band, and when thinking it through, we decided to go through with a comical name, so we took the title of Charlies Angels, and changed it to our saxophonists nick name, Mj. The name of the band was decided and thought of by Ben lyons and Burton Dredge. When it came to moving the equipment to the venue, this was the responsibility of Ben lyons as he was the contact between MJS ANGELS and the other three bands playing on the night. When it came to the printed copy of the set list, Ben lyons, took over and devised the copy himself as unfortunately the job was originally for Marianna Zafeireli, however she was absent due to illness in the last weeks previous the gig. Ben also listed who was playing what in which song. The devised stage plan for the performance was under the responsibility of Maiken Sundby to design and then lay it out on the night, which in the end proved difficult, but because of her plan, this was due to the size of our band, and the small size of the stage.

Due to this being treated as a professional performance we needed to do some research of the workings of PRS in relation to a live performance, this was also taken to do by Ben Lyons. Treating the gig like a professional performance, we needed to treat our rehearsals as professional rehearsals and this being the case, we had to devise a dummy rehearsal budged and search around the local areas of south/south central London, for cheap, essential rehearsal space. This part of the project was given to Alessio Marongiu. For this part of our project, we were required to research and receive quotes from insurance companies about the enquires of insuring the instruments of the band and how much it would cost each. This part of the project was taken on by Burton Dredge. During the rehearsal process, we were also required to do some research on the musicians union and what it does in relation to us musicians and how it can support musicians performing around London. This part of the process was given to Sam Thiery to research. When it came to publicity for our performance, our drummer really came through, (Enrique Parra) and straight away went to work on designing a poster and setting up social media pages promoting our gig to the general public and other music students. Even though it seems Mj hasnt done a lot outside of rehearsals, he transcribed and arranged all the horn section parts for nearly every number we performed on stage, which ended being extremely helpful and necessary in our last song of the night in which we had 2 Alto saxophones, 1 Alto saxophone, 1 Trumpet and 1 Trombone. As you can see, we all did our fair share of work outside of rehearsals leading up to and after gig.