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SAS Institute Inc.

("SAS") World Headquarters SAS Campus Drive Cary, NC 27513 USA Tel: (919) 677 8000 Fax: (919) 677 4444

Proctor Guidelines and Confidentiality Agreement (Agreement)

In discharging my responsibilities as exam administrator or proctor for one or more SAS Global Certification Exams (each an Exam, and collectively, the Exams), I agree to abide by the following guidelines to ensure fair and proper testing and to protect the confidential information of SAS contained in the Exams. General Guidelines:

I will be physically present at all times while any Exam is being conducted. I will not access an Exam for any purpose other than administering an Exam to a legitimate candidate. I will not take an Exam while proctoring. I will verify the identity of all exam candidates by photo identification. I will ensure that cell phones, pagers, and all other noise-making devices are silenced or turned off before an Exam session begins. I will not answer any question related to specific Exam content before, during or after an Exam session.

Also, to avoid a conflict of interest or the appearance of any impropriety, I will not:

1. Be involved as an instructor or student in any courses, workshops, or tutoring activities, whether public or private, whether
on a paid or volunteer basis, that involve drilling or coaching on exam questions similar in content to those in the Exams that I will be administering on behalf of SAS, or any other exam preparation or coaching activity whose purpose is to address specific content of Exam questions.

2. Administer, or provide access to, any Exam to a member of my household, any immediate family member, or any third party
who has not followed SAS certification exam registration procedures. 3. Tamper with or manipulate SAS equipment or software in any manner for purposes other than delivering the Exams.

4. Disclose, by any of the following or similar means: copying, photographing, screen view printing, digital transfer, transfer by
handwritten notes, audio or video recording, any electronic means or technology, or relay by word of mouth, examination content that I or any exam candidate is exposed to during the performance and normal course of my duties as a exam administrator or proctor.

5. Take an Exam that I have proctored or administered for a period of 14 days following my involvement in the administration
of, or proctoring of, that Exam.

6. Register or administer Exams in a manner that does not comply with SAS exam procedures.
7. Fail to comply with SAS exam delivery policies and procedures.

I understand and agree that SAS reserves the right to invalidate other persons' exam scores or exam results where I have violated the guidelines above. Under no circumstances will I provide or allow access to any Exam or to any proprietary exam delivery software to any third parties, except for persons who are registered to take the Exam. I further understand that legal action can be brought against me for any failure by me to discharge my responsibilities hereunder. Accepted by: 30/04/2012 Date Signature Madalina Olteanu Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne

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