Joel R Clawson

North Texas Food Bank
Dallas, TX

4525 Junius Street, Dallas, TX 75246

Mobile: 214-228-2797

October, 2008 – Present Director Information Technology

Director Information Technology

Manage the day-to-day operation of the technology department. Evaluate business needs, objectives, and goals, researching products available and designating procedures to best meet those needs. Establish IS/IT policies, standards, practices and security measures to ensure effective and consistent information processing operations and to safeguard information resources. Build and maintain vendor relationships and manage the purchase of hardware and software products. Develop and motivate team to effectively carry out departmental functions and provide for the continuity of managerial and specialized skills. Direct implementation and execution of new/upgraded information systems via well-defined plans including procedures, deadlines, and accountability In addition to the day-to-day duties I also executed several projects during my tenure. • Implementation and full upgrade of all network, desktop and server infrastructure • Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2009 ERP system locally and participated in the nationwide rollout of the ERP throughout the Feeding America Network • Implementation of Blackbaud Enterprise CRM including the migration of our existing data • Upgrade and replace 90% of infrastructure including all switches and routers • Replace existing VOIP system with Cisco Call Manager VOIP • Participate on Strategic Planning project as a member of the Food Sourcing Team

Atlas Capital Management
Dallas, TX

May, 2005 – October, 2008 Director Information Technology

Director Information Technology

Manage the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the IT infrastructure. Ensure 99% uptime during business operations of all IT systems. Maintain all aspects of IT functions including, Security Updates and Virus protection, patch management for servers and desktops, application rollout and installation, licensing compliance, desktop and sever support. Regularly monitor, analyze and respond to, HP Hardware notifications and alerts, spam filtering and tuning, windows system event logs, backup logs for both Veritas ans LiveVault and Blackberry server management. Develop and maintain in house database system to track financial information on equities. Database consisted of Access frontend with SQL 2005 backend. Support and maintain office equipment including phones, fax machines, scanners, printers and copiers. In addition to the day-to-day duties I also executed several projects during my tenure.  Upgrade and migrate email from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange  Upgrade all servers from Windows 2000 to 2003  Re-Design website to include secure login and tracking  Developed business continuity plans for compliance manual  Implemented strict IT budgeting

Maintain all aspects of physical space including maintenance and physical security. UBS Investment Bank
Dallas, TX

October, 2004 – May, 2005 Manager Client Technology Services Own the relationship with internal and external Hedge Fund clients to facilitate their IT support

Manager Client Technology Services

Responsible for all aspects of the safe and efficient operations of tenant clients, and was instrumental in building client confidence in both the division and the product.
As the main conduit to all other technology groups, I was responsible for being familiar with all aspects of our products and services, from installation to operation. Additionally, I was required to direct and provide guidance on an ever-increasing array of technology issues, from remote access to specialized market

and contribute to the budget process and insure that the operation is functioning within the financial parameters established in the budget  Maintain relationships with customers in order to facilitate open communications. email and any other business applications or services.  Improved customer experience by reducing Average Speed of Answer (ASA) by 2 minutes and Call Abandonment Rate from 19% to 5%  Integrate technology systems with staff in order to provide a seamless hassle-free experience for the customer. 2001 to August 2001 Dallas. 2003 to October 2004 Houston. TX Manager IT Customer Service December. application support. Customer Service / Support Services Plan. redundancy.  Interacted with senior management to initiate company-wide objectives  Coordinate with finance to stay within financial staffing cost parameters  Develop and maintain customer satisfaction through customer contact and satisfaction survey verbatim analysis  Interact with customers on critical and politically charged issue to facilitate satisfactory outcomes.  Hire. coordinate and support all aspects of client network technology for both tenant and non-tenant clients. and process to ensure an effective and efficient call center. Develop project plan for the ramp of 180 Technical Support Representatives (TSR) in Mumbai and 450 Technical Support Representatives in Silver City. Design and implement Nortel ACD system. Customer Service / Support Services June.  Complete client overhaul of all workstations at multiple location including hardware and software systems. practices.  Developed quality call coaching programs to increase customer satisfaction. evaluating and disciplining a professional staff. 2001 – August 2001 Manage the day-to-day operations of a Customer Contact Center/Call Center and Helpdesk. TX Stream International Dallas. understand customer perspectives.  Developed departmental mission statement to align with current and future service levels  Established new-tiered support structure for department to increase customer satisfaction and first contact resolution. analyze and research policies. TX I2 Technologies Dallas. 2001 – October. Market Data services. Mariner Health Care Houston. Manage human resources including hiring. TX Acting Service Delivery Manager Silver City NM and Bombay India October. 2002 to June 2003 Houston. Services provided include customer service oversight. effective. Responsible for the daily operations of all aspects of support center. TX December. NM . and monitor customer satisfaction. Communicate the overall objectives of the company and the site to management and other levels as appropriate and ensure that all contractual goals are achieved.. 1999 – February 2001 Manage the implementation of Microsoft's MSN ISP contract in a Customer Contact Center. June. 2004 Director. Coordinate all vendor deployments for installation of cabling and computer installation. develop. 2001 Silver City. file sharing and other server functions. Develop alternatives and take corrective action to meet goals. Establish core objectives for team and provided guidance to achieve these goals in accordance with established policies. process reengineering and application / systems oversight. organize and manage the operation of the Operations Service Center (OSC) Support Services organization responsible for providing a wide range of supporting services to the OSC organization.  Develop deployment process for installation of new computer equipment. Report performance of department against established goals.  Developed project plan for deployment Manage 15-person customer contact center within IT organization. Develop and improve policies and procedures in service and the call center to improve the level of customer satisfaction and the negotiated service levels. Established and recommended policies which affected the immediate department and corporate operations. Resolve critical and complex issues. Deployment Manager Manage the implementation of new technology at 300 facilities. Lead and manage department to effectively and efficiently provide in-scope services.  Redesigned team structure to enhance organization  Develop and implement performance metrics.  Participate in. and mentor management team and technical support staff that are In addition to the client liaison responsibilities I would design. and fully capable of executing the responsibilities of their positions  Trained all staff on-site at India operation in all aspects of call center procedures including Senior managers and the Director of Finance. TX Manager Information Systems February. including WAN connections to other sites and services.  Implement new design of Goldmine/Heat CRM to work within the requirements of the organization  Reworked organization in accordance with industry standards and best practices. knowledge management. 2000 to February. quality assurance. Director. TX Deployment Manager October. 2001 to October 2002 Houston. performance management. February.

   Provided technical support for dial-up Internet users Configured Mail. 1989 Shoreline Community College. and Dos. Dial Up Networking and related software applications.  Develop and implement unique client specific solutions to meet or exceed the client’s expectations. Increased sales revenue at least 45% in each office. Designed and Developed cross platform relational database Developed software manual and on-line documentation for custom database Designed website for ordering and company information Developed and designed marketing packages using Photoshop. STI Knowledge formerly Helpdesk 2000 Certified Instructor STIKnowledge Call Center and HelpDesk Manager Certified.emphasis in Mathematics and Chemistry ITT Technical Institute Concentrated study of computers and electronics . Manage the staffing needs and contribute to the development of the staff's skill sets. these problems were not only mission critical and technically complex. manage related costs. TX Technical Escalations and Supervisor September 1999 to January 2000 Carrollton. Represented Stream and communicated with corporate customers via telephone.      Exceptional proposal and project development skills. Excellent customer/client relations and problem resolution. develop and implement corrective actions. Windows all versions. Able to effectively manage customer and client expectations and provide thorough follow up. ensure follow through on all agreed upon actions between sales and operations. Proficient in Microsoft Office.  Monitor client satisfaction metrics and recommend. Routed customers to the appropriate departments or companies. Frequently. Successful management of projects that are both time and mission critical. manage telephone coverage. Able to assess and resolve customer technical issues quickly and efficiently. TX MKKFC. 1995 – June 1999  Regionally managed four remote offices with a total staff of 250 people.  Monitor call volume.  Seek ways to increase and improve client's relationship with Stream. 1999 Carrollton. Maintained ownership of issue until resolved completely or routed to the appropriate department. STI Knowledge formerly Helpdesk 2000 President And Regional Manager         Summary of Skills      Education August. Apple Mac Certified Helpdesk Director. or electronic service regarding technically complex escalated problems and managed relationships with those customers. 2000 to October.Stream International Continued Manage the delivery of support services and operational requirements in a Customer Contact Center for a nationwide broadband provider. TX September. Ensure customer contractual goals are achieved while providing Support Service Representative staff with operational support. 1999 to September.  Ensure service level and availability. Dallas.  Solved highly complex level of escalated problems  Acted in supervisory and second level technical support role  Provided on phone technical support of National Internet service provider Provided technical support over the phones for a Nationwide ISP. 2000 Carrollton. Sold three franchise offices. but were often politically charged situations requiring the highest level of customer skill. Browsers. TX Services Support Representative June. review/respond to statistical reports and ensure overall team productivity and customer satisfaction. written correspondence. 1993 September. Designed and implemented marketing packages for fortune 500 companies including Philip Morris and British American Tobacco. WA Associates of Arts and Sciences . Seattle. Reworked day to day business processes and reduced staff hours by 50% resulting in a net profit gain of 17% Maintained all hardware for company and franchise offices. email.  Interface with department/project team managers and conduct monthly meetings aimed at expedient communication regarding a variety of issues. Illustrator and QuarkExpress Developed franchise paperwork and system. News clients and desktop operating systems Troubleshot network adapters and TCP/IP and Dial Up Networking Manager January. Develop training materials and curriculum for staff and customers on operational and technical subject matter. Assisted customers in the configuration of their operating system. Inc.  Increased pilot contract’s profit by 35% during the first five months. Troubleshoot customer issues until resolved. conduct annual performance reviews and provide training.