1Mahabaleshwar seeks GI tag for its strawberries

Typically, such a name conveys an assurance of quality and distinctiveness, which is essentially attributable to the fact of its origin in that defined geographical locality, region or country, according to the government definition.

After the Puneri pagdi, Tirupati laddoo, basmati rice, the Mahabaleshwar strawberry is seeking geographical identification (GI) status. “We are seeking to brand the strawberry, which will help us fetch better prices for our fruit in the domestic and overseas markets. We want GI status for the Mahabaleshwar strawberry based on the quality of our produce: it is juicier than the strawberry that grows in Nashik, Bangalore or Uttarakhand, since it has a high water content (70%). It also has a higher glucose level, of 8.5-10 when the average level is 5 and its acidic level is lower,” said Balasaheb Bhilare, president of All India Stawberry Growers Association, an industry organisation. GI refers to a country or place of origin of that product. Typically, such a name conveys an assurance of quality and distinctiveness, which is essentially attributable to the fact of its origin in that defined geographical locality, region or country, according to the government definition. Added Krishna Khilare, chairman, Shriram Fruit Processing, a strawberry grower from Mahabaleshwar, they have received export orders which will be finalised by December, when the season begins. Ganesh Hingmire, chairman, Great Mission Consultancy, which offers consultancy on IP protection, stated that the process of obtaining GI status for the fruit is underway. “We are now waiting for the examination report after the consultative meeting held a few days ago. Once that report is published, there is a three-four month wait for objections. We do not expect objections to be raised since all the 1,100 farmers of the region are part of the organisation,” Mr Hingmire said, indicating that the registration of the GI could happen by the next fiscal. He further said: “The benefits of GI status is a higher, premium pricing and since the fruit meets standards, it gets a stamp of quality. This will benefit growers in the international market.” There are 110 Indian products that have received GI registration and another 165 applications are pending. Mr Hingmire said his organisation has filed four such applications from Maharashtra, proposed seven from Uttarakhand and 30 from Madhya Pradesh. Mahabaleshwar's strawberry growers may not get the benefit of higher prices through branding this season. There has been a fall in the acreage (area under cultivation) to 1,700 acre from last year's 2,000 acre due to poor rains and damage to the root stock. Mr Khilare said that growers received, on average, Rs. 46 per kg of strawberries last year while declining to

Ravana and Lanka Con t en ts : Preface. ethnic history of Ravana's tribes.” he said. Weapons used in the Lanka war. "This title is a critical and historical analysis of Ravana and geographical identification of Lanka. Geographical identification of Ravana's Sri Lanka. 7. The Ramayana describes clearly about three clans of the Raksasas: Viradha. We need cold weather now and if we get that. Hikayat Maharaja Ravana in the Indonesian version of the Indian Ramayana. 4. 6. life history of Ravana described in the Indonesian version of the Indian Ramayana. 2. Lanka in Sinhalese Ramayana. This work has been classified into seven chapters: the characteristic features of Ravana and his empire Lanka. Bibliography. “Weather conditions in the next few weeks will decide the output. and Raksasas. Introduction. Literary justification of Ravana's Lanka. The grand and glittering centuries-old zari-making craft of Surat district in Gujarat has been . Sri Lanka in Sinhalese Ramayana. and weapons used in Lanka war. literary justification of the location of Lanka. Ravana and his tribes. Lanka is popularly believed to be the home of the Raksasas (demon). 3.comment on the likely price of the fruit this year. we could do as well as last year despite a fall in acreage. 5. Raksasas were inhabitants of Lanka under the rule of Ravana." (jacket) Surat's zari craft shine with GI status Ahmedabad. geographical identification of Lanka. Danavas. Index. 1.

LADOO AND SMASH HIT Tirupati laddoo offered to devotees at the Lord Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh has been awarded geographical copyright. This bars others from naming or marketing the sweetmeat preparation under the same name.granted Geographical Indication (GI) status. had applied for Geographical Indication (GI) with the Chennai-based Geographical Indication Registry in March 2008. member of Federation of Indian Art Shilp Weaving Industry Association told news agency PTI 4 GI ." Arun Zariwala." a member of FICCI (Western Region) said. "The grant of GI status to Surat's zari craft will prevent others from duplicating it. It is one of the oldest industry in Surat linked to changing prices of gold and silver from which it is made. reputation and distinctiveness. The Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanams. GI of goods refer to the geographical indication referring to a place of origin of that product. .50 lakh stakeholders directly or indirectly earning their livelihood. It has brought cheers to over 1. protecting it against infringement. which attributes it the quality. "The Geographical Indication office in Chennai has accorded GI status to Surat's zari craft recently. a trust that administers the Venkateswara Temple in the Tirumala hills.

Tirupati Laddoos are not produced anywhere in the world and are very unique in terms of quality. Designs. Tirupati Laddoo is the popular name for Sri Vari Laddu that is offered as prasadam (sacred food) to the devotees after they worship Lord Venkateswara. couldn't be reached for comments. Popular items that have been granted GI tag world over include Champagne and Tequilla. Primarily there are two types of laddoos . reputation and other characteristics. which go into its making. The GI status provides legal protection and facilitates for action in case of infringement. GL Verma told PTI.“The GI certificate for Tirupati Laddoo has been granted to the trust (TTD). the right to marketing a product is tied to a definite geographical territory and the manufactured goods should be produced or processed or prepared in that territory.” Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks and GI. GIs are covered as an element of Intellectual Property Rights.small and big. also confirmed granting of GI status to Tirupati Laddu. “The size and flavour are typical characteristics of Tirupati Laddoo. whereas the big ones weigh between 700 and 720 grams. TTD. Under GI. The Laddoo is now protected under law and nobody can copy it. Controller-General of Patents. and Trade Marks.” TTD had claimed in its application. A small laddoo weighs about 174 grams. and the procedure helps in preventing others from surreptitiously exploiting a brand name that has evolved over a period of time. P H Kurian. however. 5 .

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