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Copyright Issues: Collaborate Project

"Fair Use Harbor"

While copyright issues are boring. . .they are necessary!

For this project, we are going to try to use Google Documents to create
a collaborative copyright resource for educators. In this way, we are
not only learning about important issues surround copyright issues in
education, but you will learn how to use web-based word processing
programs as a collaboration tool!

1. Sign in to your Google account (either Gmail or Blogger). This will
allow you to access Google Documents (remember: until they develop
a version for Safari, you must use Firefox).

2. In groups of 3, decide who is going to start the document and then
add the other two (in rare cases, 3) as collaborators.

3. You group will collaborate to complete the Fair Use Harbor Activity .
This will be accomplished by taking the tutorials and quizzes that
accompany each section listed below for Fair Use Harbor. For each of
the six areas, write a summarizing paragraph on each of the 6 areas
(ensure that each of the Six areas are easy to distinguish by
category heading and author!!).

4. The summarizing paragraph will define the topic and give specific
information relevant to the topic. I expect that each section should
be approximately ½ page, typed. After the summary, explain
how this applies to you as a future or current
classroom teacher. This can be accomplished in a very small

5. The final document, which will be a collaboration using Google
Docs, should be saved as PDF, include all group members’ names and
which section(s) they contributed, and submitted via webCT. Even
thought there is only one document, I want each group member to
submit a PDF of the assignment.
6. I expect the final document to be an outstanding future resource
for your group!

Background Beach to find out a little history of copyright and
fair use, and why they are important to educators.
Multimedia Wharf to find out about your fair use privileges in
the creation of multimedia.
Single Copying Inlet to find out about your fair use privileges
in making copies of print materials for scholastic purposes.
Cove of Multiple Copies to find out about your fair use
privileges in making copies for students.
Audio Visual Lagoon to find out the fair use and performance
of videos and other media in the educational setting.
Dist-Ed Point to find out about copyright issues and distance
education (as opposed to face-to-face teaching).

NOTE: This is going to be an artifact for NETS IV, so you need to go
into as much depth as possible in your summarizing paragraphs as
necessary to really show you understand ALL ASPECTS of the issue.