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EDITORIALS May 2, 2012
! "#$%! $%! &'()*++,! -#.! /'0! 1'(! -#.! 23.45-$6.! 27$-'(8! *&7!
Ihe sIaƤ Is lIkely dIshearIened Io ƥnd IhaI hIs words are noI
Ihe ones IhaI ƥll IhIs parIIcular page In Ihe lasI Issue oI IhIs
,.*(9% Thc 5tony 8rook Prcss. ßuI as a Iellow member IhaI
has also been wIIh IhIs publIcaIIon Ior Iour years, Ìŗll do my
besI Io ƥll Ihe gap.
ThIs May sees Ihe graduaIIon oI Ihree Press senIors, Ex:
ecuIIve EdIIor NIck SIaII, ManagIng EdIIor Carol Moran and
me, SenIor Copy EdIIor LIz KaempI. These are Ihree peo:
ple IhaI have IrIed dIlIgenIly Io share responsIbIlIIIes and
IosIer a communIIy wIIhIn our sIaƤ as Thc Prcss saw many
changes In IIs sIrucIure--as II always does. The publIcaIIon
merged wIIh ThInk MagazIne lasI semesIer and Ihere was
much Io be changed as IIme moved Iorward, and we sIIll
had noI quIIe hII our groove aI Ihe begInnIng oI Ihe SprIng
semesIer when we had reIormaIIed our e-board.
Ìn comparIson Io lasI year, In whIch Ì resIgned halIway
Ihrough Ior my own personal reasons, Ihere was always a
busy oƧce Iull oI people IhIs year, lapIops, newspapers
and coƤee cups lIIIerIng Ihe Iables, Ihe desk and Ihe Ʀoors.
There were IImes when personalIIIes clashed and conƦIcIs
arose, buI IImes oI well-oIled work eIhIc pervaded, and a
sleek and clean Issue always made IIs way Io Ihe sIands.
Ì know IhaI Ì can speak Ior NIck and Carol when Ì say
IhaI we are beyond proud oI Ihe publIcaIIon we produced
and Ihe sIaƤ IhaI helped make II happen. Now leavIng IhIs
campus and IhIs organIzaIIon Is ImmInenI and II Ieels hard
Io leI go, Io walk away Irom someIhIng IhaI you have de:
voIed Ihe majorIIy oI your IIme Iowards. ßuI Ihere Is a new
e-board In place, and Ihough II wIll Iake some IIme Io geI
InIo Ihe swIng oI IhIngs, we are conƥdenI IhaI Ihey wIll
conIInue Io make The Press an InIeresIIng, InIormaIIve and
provocaIIve publIcaIIon on IhIs campus.
HavIng been wIIh IhIs organIzaIIon Ior Iour years lIke
NIck, Ì have seen II go Ihrough many changes, boIh good
and bad. Ì have seen people come In and love IhIs place and
ƥnd IheIr nIche wIIhIn Ihe walls oI a cluIIered oƧce. Ì have
seen sIudenIs ƥnd IhaI IhIs was noI Ihe place Ior Ihem, IhaI
Ihe řalIernaIIve publIcaIIonŚ jusI sIrayed Ioo Iar Irom IheIr
comIorI zone.
Ì enIered The Press wIIh lIIIle undersIandIng oI jour:
nalIsm, and II seemed II wasnŗI necessary Io have Io be a
parI oI IhIs group. Ì was warmly welcomed and encouraged
Io wrIIe, and Ì soon IelI aI home. We were preIIy lazy, buI
we had Iun playIng lunch Iray baseball In Ihe hallways laIe
aI nIghI InsIead oI layIng an Issue ouI. Ìn my junIor year,
Ihe new ExecuIIve EdIIor NajIb AmIny was voIed In, and
Ihe nexI semesIer soon saw a deparIure oI a large parI oI
Ihe veIeran sIaƤ. NajIb Is IncredIbly IalenIed, no one could
deny IhaI, buI he was more serIous abouI beIng serIous
Ihan some oI us were InIeresIed In beIng. Ì sIayed Ior as
long as Ì could beIore Ì no longer IelI lIke Ì belonged In IhIs
IamIly, when Ì Iound myselI so unhappy aI a place IhaI Ì
Ì promIsed several remaInIng and graduaIIng Press
members IhaI Ì would come back and Iry Io sIay, and Ì was
delIghIed Io ƥnd an aImosphere IhaI remInded me oI whaI
Ì loved abouI IhIs place when Ì reIurned, whIle also ƥnd:
Ing a more sophIsIIcaIed publIcaIIon had rIsen. Ì quIckly
seIIled myselI back InIo my place aI The Press, and Ihough
Ì sacrIƥced sleep, class assIgnmenIs, and bIologIcal IamIly,
Ì would never have wanIed II any oIher way. Ì was ƥnally
back In a place IhaI Ì adored. When Ì goI Io campus, Ì IelI
lIke Ì was only goIng Io classes so when Ì was ouI Ì could
go Io Ihe oƧce and convene wIIh IhIs IncredIbly InIellIgenI
and IalenIed group oI people.
For all Ihe shII The Press Iakes, people IaIl Io realIze
Ihe amounI oI work IhIs group puIs In Io make IhIs publIca:
IIon. They have IaIled Io see IhaI we have come a long way
and IhIs was a new Press IhaI was able Io easIly produce
InIormaIIve news coverage, IhoughIIul IeaIures pIeces and
dIverse culIure coverage InIo // pages oI paper, whIle sIIll
gIvIng IIs wrIIers IheIr voIces. NIck always remInded us IhaI
IhIs may be Ihe only IIme we are ever allowed Io do some
oI Ihe ouIlandIsh IhIngs we do, and Ihese are Ihe IImes Io
relIsh Ihe opporIunIIIes Ior conIroversIal saIIre, as well.
As NIck, Carol and myselI geI ready Io leave, II appears
Ihere are bIg shoes Io ƥll, and II Is ImpossIble Io replace Ihe
people IhaI are movIng ouI. Those IhaI are spearheadIng
Ihe nexI year oI The Press are noI sImply supposed Io pIck
up where Ihe resI oI us leII oƤ, Ihey should noI remaIn un:
changed In IheIr new reIgn, Ihey should noI be carbon cop:
Ies. TheIr job Is Io IncorporaIe all IhaI Iheyŗve learned Irom
IheIr predecessors, and Ihen Io surpass Ihem, and conIInue
Io exceed expecIaIIons.
Dne IhIng IhaI Ì always have been amazed by Is Ihe
group oI people The Press brIngs IogeIher, and II Ìŗve held
on Io anyIhIng In my IIme here, IIŗs IhaI you donŗI work
hard Ior someIhIng you donŗI care abouI, and you donŗI
care abouI someIhIng you donŗI work hard Ior. And Ihough Ì
Ieel someIImes IhaI Ì should have been hIgher up Ihe Iood
chaIn Ihan SenIor Copy EdIIor, Ìŗve never IrIed Io do any:
IhIng IhaI dId noI beneƥI Ihe group.
We may noI compeIe In IournamenIs and conIerenc:
es, buI The SIony ßrook Press Is a Ieam, and Ìŗve gIven up
much In order Io help make IhIs yearŗs publIcaIIon Ihe besI
II could be. ÌIŗs my hope IhaI IhIs menIalIIy persIsIs In IhaI,
regardless oI edIIorIal posIIIon, Ihe sIaƤ always sIrIves Io
help each oIher grow and succeed as wrIIers, journalIsIs
Vol. XXXIII Issue 14
ThIs campus Is beauIIIul. Ì mean IhaI Ŕ even wIIh all
oI Ihe ongoIng consIrucIIon. There are secIIons, lIke Ihe
SIaller SIeps, or Ihe IounIaIn near Ihe AdmInIsIraIIon
buIldIng IhaI jusI brIng a sense oI relaxaIIon Io anyone
However, IhaI beauIy Is quIckly comIng Io an end. Soon,
one oI Ihe more peaceIul and open secIIons oI campus wIll
be replaced by a Iour-Io-ƥve sIory dormIIory and caIeIerIa
IhaI wIll make one oI Ihe Iew remaInIng open areas on
campus cramped.
ExpecIed Io be compleIed by 2U1/, Ihe new complex
wIll Include Iwo new dormIIorIes and a new caIeIerIa. Also
Included In Ihe plans are Ihe closure oI Ihe SIudenI UnIon
IollowIng Ihe compleIIon oI IhIs projecI.
MosI college campuses, especIally In Ihe NorIheasI,
show IheIr herIIage Ihrough Ihe aged buIldIngs on campus.
The old brIck and morIar buIldIngs sIand as a IesIamenI
Io all IhaI Ihe unIversIIy has accomplIshed. Some oI Ihese
buIldIngs daIe back Io Ihe 17UUs In Ihe case oI Ihe Ìvy
League. ShouldnŗI Ihe older sIrucIures be Ihe ones IhaI are
mosI worIh preservIng?
Weŗre a young unIversIIy when compared Io oIhers
In our area, weŗve jusI passed Ihe halI-cenIury mark.
How would II Ieel Io one day brIng your chIldren back Io
IhIs campus, say 2U years Irom now, and noI be able Io
recognIze mosI oI Ihe buIldIngs? ÌI would Ieel probably as
II you had losI a parI oI your personal hIsIory.
NoI only wIll Ihe buIldIng oI Ihese new dormIIorIes
IurIher decrease Ihe open space on campus, buI Ihey would
also become an eyesore on Ihe skylIne. SIIIIng ouIsIde on
Ihe paIIo oI Ihe Wang CenIer, IIŗs nIce Io look ouI and see
blue sky and Irees. ÌmagIne lookIng aI IhaI same skylIne a
Iew years Irom now, and seeIng dormIIorIes InsIead oI IhaI
once wIde open sky.
ÌIŗs sorI oI IronIc In a way. ßy addIng new buIldIngs,
weŗre acIually begInnIng Io desIroy Ihe herIIage oI our
own unIversIIy.
ThIs IsnŗI Io say IhaI modernIzIng Ihe campusŗ
sIrucIures Is InherenIly bad. ÌIŗs ImporIanI. Even Ihe oldesI
unIversIIIes have consIrucIed new buIldIngs In recenI
years. Theyŗre easIer Io maInIaIn and some people enjoy
walkIng InIo a modern buIldIng Ihe ƥrsI IIme Ihey vIsII a
There jusI sImply Is no need Io aIIempI Io condense Ihe
enIIre campus InIo one very small secIIon oI an enormous
ploI oI land. ÌI we really wIsh Io expand our campus, why
noI venIure InIo areas IhaI arenŗI beIng used? Sure, IhaI
would Involve removIng porIIons oI Ihe larger wooded
areas on campus, buI IIŗd be beIIer Io have some breaIhIng
SIony ßrook has accomplIshed a loI In IIs shorI lIIe, and
we wIll conIInue Io do greaI IhIngs In decades Io come.
LeIŗs jusI be sure IhaI Ihe SIony ßrook we know now, wIll
be Ihe same decades Irom now.
and IndIvIduals. So we push all Ihe members oI Ihe new e-
board ouI oI Ihe nesI wIIh Ihe hope IhaI you Ʀy hIgher Ihan
we could, InsIead oI hIIIIng Ihe pavemenI.
As we bId Iarewell Io SIony ßrook and The Press, weŗll
Iake all Ihe memorIes we have, good and bad, wIIh us
and know IhaI IhIs year we made II someIhIng smarI and
unIque, someIhIng IhaI was ours. To Ihe new sIaƤ and e-
board, donŗI be aIraId Io push boundarIes, always deIend
your publIcaIIon, and do whaI you Ieel Is rIghI.
And never be scared Io ask Ior help. Weŗre never Ioo Iar
away IhaI you canŗI ask Ior help.
L¡z Kccmp]
LETTERS May 2, 2012
by Kenneth Myers
Many oI you may have seen my Iace around campus over
Ihe pasI Iwo weeks. Ì am Ihe guy wIIh blond haIr runnIng
Ior CAS SenaIor. Sadly, IhaI Is Ihe besI descrIpIIon Ì can
gIve Ior you because my Iace on a posIer Is oIIen Ihe only
InIormaIIon IhaI people have abouI me beIore Ì am able Io
Iell Ihem whaI Ì sIand Ior and whaI my qualIƥcaIIons are. Ì
am noI wrIIIng Io campaIgn Ior myselI, raIher Ì am wrIIIng
Io express my overall opInIon oI IhIs elecIIon.
ßy Iar Ihe bIggesI complaInI oI many candIdaIes In IhIs
elecIIon has dealI wIIh Ihe ElecIIons ßoard. From Ihe ƥrsI
day oI InIormaIIon sessIons, when a room was IaIled Io be
booked, poIenIIal candIdaIes were InIormed IhaI Ihe ßoard
would sIrIcIly enIorce Ihe rules and regulaIIons oI boIh
USC and Ihe campus. However, IhIs was never Ihe case.
FIrsI, Ihe board made an Illegal exIensIon oI Ihe deadlIne
Io submII InIenI Iorms because Ihere were vacanI and
unopposed posIIIons. The USC code sIaIes IhaI 2/ hours
oI noIIce musI be gIven Io Ihe sIudenI body In order Ior
Ihem Io submII Ieedback on such an exIensIon. However,
Ihe announcemenI was sImply posIed on Ihe USC websIIe
on Tuesday, March 12 (Ihe day beIore Ihe new deadlIne}.
"#$%! $%! *&! .3-(.).! 6$'+*-$'&! 0.4*5%.! 4*&7$7*-.%8! %54#! *%!
myselI, were denIed Ihe opporIunIIy Io argue agaInsI such
Second, durIng Ihe peIIIIonIng process, mulIIple
people, IncludIng myselI, reporIed InIracIIons such as
elecIIoneerIng wIIhIn 1UU IeeI oI a SÌNC sIIe and peIIIIonIng
wIIhouI a plaIIorm sIaIemenI aIIached. To my knowledge,
people were only dIsqualIƥed because Ihey dId noI have
enough peIIIIon sIgnaIures. Then, durIng campaIgnIng
and elecIIons week, Ihere were more vIolaIIons IncludIng
Illegal posIIng on surIaces such as walls, doors, and glass.
Seawolves Ior Change wore I-shIrIs advocaIIng IheIr parIy
IhroughouI campus IncludIng, buI noI lImIIed Io, Ihe lIbrary,
where Ihey were wIIhIn 1UU IeeI oI a SÌNC sIIe. Members oI
my parIy mIghI as well have walked Ihrough Ihe lIbrary wIIh
sIgns sayIng řS.A.F.E.Ś As currenI USC SenaIor DavId Adams
puI II, řÌI Ì canŗI IrusI you wIIh less Ihan a page oI posIIng
polIcy, how am Ì supposed Io IrusI you wIIh a 137 page long
code?Ś EvenIually Ihe ElecIIons ßoard dId gIve warnIngs
Ior Ihese vIolaIIons wIIh IIme Ior correcIIon buI dId noI
Iake acIIon when vIolaIIons were repeaIed. EvenIually
IhIs Iurned InIo a baIIle Io geI everyone dIsqualIƥed and
no parIy was exempI. Ì was IargeIed by someone wrIIIng
my name on anoIher candIdaIeŗs posIer. And durIng all IhIs
Ihe ElecIIons ßoard dId noI dIsqualIIy one person. ÌI Is IheIr
duIy Io Iake acIIon. ThInk oI how much worse our naIIonal
elecIIons would be II Ihe Federal ElecIIon CommIssIon also
dId noI Iake acIIon agaInsI InIrIngIng candIdaIes.
The ElecIIons ßoard asIde, Ihere were oIher IhIngs
IhaI made me sIck. WhIle IhIs elecIIon saw some oI Ihe
mosI creaIIve campaIgnIng IacIIcs, Ihere was one IhIng In
parIIcular IhaI vexed me. Ì musI be clear IhaI Ì do noI InIend
Io bash Seawolves Ior Change, and Ì do apologIze In advance
because Ì do have IrIends In Ihe parIy, buI Ì belIeve IhaI II
was one oI Ihe mosI IacIless meIhods oI campaIgnIng and Ì
hope IhaI II Is never repeaIed. UsIng Ihe schoolŗs mascoI as
a parIy Icon and slogans lIke, řWe are all Seawolves,Ś gIves
Ihe appearance IhaI II Is sancIIoned by Ihe UnIversIIy. Ì
could noI dIsIInguIsh a řSIony ßrook AIhleIIcsŚ shIrI Irom
a řSeawolves Ior ChangeŚ shIrI. ÌI Is propaganda IhaI could
make sIudenIs Ieel dIsenIranchIsed Irom Ihe school Ior noI
voIIng Ior Ihe parIy.
AgaIn Ì ask IhaI you noI perceIve IhIs as a jab aI anoIher
parIy because Ì have a problem wIIh parIIes In general,
IncludIng my own. Ioseph SanIangelo, a candIdaIe Ior CAS
senaIor, wroIe Io Thc 5tctcsmcn lasI week sayIng, řThe
several parIIes are a lIIIle more Ihan a ruse IhaI employs
a caIchy name Io geI voIes.Ś WhIle Ì dIsagree wIIh almosI
everyIhIng else IhaI he wroIe, IhIs sIaIemenI Is all Ioo
accuraIe. Ìn Ihe USC elecIIons, parIIes are noI abouI
IncreasIng or decreasIng expendIIures, raIsIng or cuIIIng
Iaxes, or wheIher or noI uIIlIzIng socIalIzed healIhcare Is
rIghI, Ihey are abouI us versus Ihem. USC parIIes are abouI
elecIIng people who sIand Ior someIhIng no dIƤerenI Ihan
someone on Ihe opposIng parIy. They are abouI maxImIzIng
Ihe number oI voIes IhaI a candIdaIe can geI. CandIdaIes
Iell IheIr IrIends Io voIe Ior IheIr parIy wIIhouI explaInIng
anyIhIng abouI whaI Ihey sIand Ior.
The resulI Is InIormal sIraIghI-IIckeI voIIng. WhIle IhIs
meIhod oI voIIng Is pracIIced In many sIaIes II causes many
undergraduaIe sIudenIs Io voIe Ior people IhaI Ihey know
noIhIng abouI. ÌI ruIns Ihe democraIIc process oI voIIng
Ior represenIaIIves IhaI acIually represenI oneŗs InIeresIs.
ÌnsIead oI voIIng Ior Ihe mosI qualIƥed person, people who
have no knowledge abouI SenaIe, Rules oI Drder or how
USC operaIes are elecIed In. Many IImes Ì heard people
as myselI, were denIed Ihe
opporIunIIy Io argue agaInsI
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
What fcIIcws beIcw is the Ietter tc the editcr that
I sent tc the 5tatesman shcrtIy after they pubIished an
ancnymcus Ietter tc the editcr. I sent it with the hcpe that
a miId chastisement, embeIIished with a humcrcus Iine,
wcuId cause the 5tatesman's editcrs tc at Ieast ccnsider
their pcIicy aIIcwing the pubIicaticn cf ancnymcus Ietters
tc the editcr. WhiIe I can accept that a newspaper has the
abscIute right tc pubIish cr withhcId frcm pubIishing any
materiaI they see Ʃt, I Ʃnd it unusuaI that an ancnymcus
Ietter tc the editcr smearing scmecne is freeIy pubIished,
whereas a miId ccndemnaticn cf that practice is withheId.
As 5tcny ßrcck is beccming mcre rencwned fcr its
1curnaIism schccI, I thcught that the tcpic cf pubIicaticn
cf ancnymcus Ietters tc the editcr is tcc impcrtant fcr
any cne media cutIet tc bury, and I hcpe that ycur Ʃne
magazine wcuId be wiIIing tc pubIish my Ietter, in crder
tc spur discussicn cn this tcpic.
Dear EdIIor,
Ì wrIIe Io you Ioday In order Io condemn your
newspaperŗs polIcy oI publIshIng anonymous leIIers Io
Ihe edIIor (LTEs}, whIch was done by The SIaIesman as
recenIly as Ihe AprIl 16, 2U12 (Volume LV, Ìssue 26} edIIIon.
PublIshIng anonymous LTEs provIdes a Iorum Ior personal
aIIacks wIIhouI any accounIabIlIIy, provIdIng a powerIul
avenue Ior smearIng a IargeI wIIhouI needIng Io reIerence
Io dIsrupIIve remarks IhaI dImInIsh Ihe qualIIy oI dIscourse,
as Is doubIless your experIence and IhaI oI your readers
who Iake parI In dIscussIons on onlIne Iorums. AnonymIIy
onlIne oIIen leads Io vulgarIIy, řIrollIngŚ and řƦamIngŚ,
whIch have no place In respecIable prInI medIa.
WhIle LTEs wrIIIen by Ihe publIc can be a powerIul Iool
Io crIIIcIze a polIcy or even Ihe characIer oI a polIIIcIan,
whIch may serve Ihe publIc good, anonymous LTEs IargeIIng
a polIIIcIan can easIly be wrIIIen by a rIval In order Io gIve
Ihe appearance oI publIc opposIIIon. AnonymIIy deprIves
auIhor. As a comIcal example, suppose IhaI an anonymous
LTE derIded The SIaIesman as řa rag whose dual purpose
Is Io kIck-sIarI Ihe recyclIng programs oI Ihe communIIIes
where II Is dIsIrIbuIed and Io serve as IoIleI paper Ior poor
college sIudenIs.Ś The sIIng oI such an aIIack would be
greaIly mIIIgaIed, however, II Ihe auIhor was known Io
be Ihe edIIor oI a rIval newspaper. The publIcaIIon oI an
anonymous aIIack can InƦaIe Ihe prIvaIe grudge oI a rIval
or deIracIor InIo Ihe publIc condemnaIIon oI Ihe sIlenI
FInally, conIrary Io journalIsIIc sIandards IhaI gIve
Ihe IargeI oI a crIIIcal sIory Ihe opporIunIIy Io respond Io
allegaIIons oI wrongdoIng, LTEs ambush IheIr IargeIs, who
musI waII unIIl aIIer Ihe damage Io IheIr repuIaIIon Is done
beIore beIng able Io respond.
Ì IhereIore urge The SIaIesman Io modIIy IIs guIdelInes
Ior submIssIon, Io sIaIe IhaI opInIon pIeces and LTEs
cannoI be publIshed anonymously. AddIIIonally, where
LTEs dIrecIly crIIIcIze an IndIvIdual, Ì urge you Io gIve an
opporIunIIy Ior Ihe IargeI oI an LTE Io wrIIe a rebuIIal IhaI
Is publIshed sImulIaneously, so IhaI your readers have Ihe
beneƥI oI boIh sIdes Io Ihe sIory In IormIng IheIr opInIons.
SIncerely yours,
Esam Al-ShareƧ
by Carol Moran
sayIng IhIngs such as, řVoIe Ior my parIy because we wIll
Iry Io geI IraIernIIIeslsororIIIes IundIng.Ś SIaIemenIs such
as IhIs err In Iwo ways: USC Is unable Io Iund IraIernIIIes
and sororIIIes because Ihey are selecIIve In membershIp
(Ihe same wIIh honor socIeIIes} and voIers are led Io
belIeve IhaI Ihese candIdaIes and IheIr parIIes are capable
oI ImpossIble Iasks. The eƤecI Is people receIvIng voIes
Ior lyIng Io sIudenI body and leavIng Ihem wIIh hIgh
expecIaIIons oI IhaI parIy.
UnIorIunaIely we may never be able Io rId USC oI large
parIIes as people would argue IhaI II would be IakIng away
Ihe sIudenIsŗ rIghI Io collecIIvely assemble. However, II Is
possIble because Ihe laws Ior IormIng parIIes are ouIlIned
In Ihe USC code, a documenI whIch Is much easIer Io amend
Ihan Ihe USC consIIIuIIon.
As IhIs elecIIon comes Io a close Ì ƥnd myselI Io be
IncreasIngly sIck Irom all IhaI has happened. Ì have been
pIIIed In supporIIng IrIends over oIher IrIends and aI IhIs
poInI In IIme (Thursday, Ihe nIghI beIore voIIng ends} Ì sIIll
have yeI Io casI my voIes. Ì have seen rules go unenIorced,
aIIempIs Io IarnIsh my name, Ihe schoolŗs mascoI beIng
used as a Iool agaInsI oIher sIudenIs and sIudenIs ƥghIIng
agaInsI each oIher Io be Ihe one Io brIng change Io campus.
ÌI Is abhorrenI. Ì may noI be elecIed, buI Ì only hope IhaI
Ihese Issues wIll be correcIed by nexI yearŗs governIng
AnonymIIy oIIen leads
Io dIsrupIIve remarks
NEWS May 2, 2012
SIony ßrook UnIversIIyŗs beloved IradIIIon, Ihe RoIh
Pond RegaIIa, Iook a IrIp back In IIme Io 5Us pop culIure
IhIs year, wIIh a ßaywaIch lIIe guard boaI buIlI by resIdenIs
oI HamIlIon College as IIs wInner. The sIudenIs rowIng Ihe
boaI have won Ihe RegaIIa Ior Ihe lasI Ihree consecuIIve
From replIcas oI Ihe TIIanIc Io FurbIes, Pokémon and
Power Rangers, parIIcIpanIs relIved all Ihe good memorIes
oI IheIr younger years.
řA commIIIee oI sIudenIs decIded IhaI II would be a
Iun Iheme,Ś saId Dr. Susan DIMonda, AssocIaIe Dean and
DIrecIor oI SIudenI LIIe. řThereŗs loIs oI dIƤerenI carIoons
and dIƤerenI IhIngs IhaI happened In Ihe 5Us.Ś
CraduaIe sIudenI Iason Chen, saId IhaI he and Ihe
CompuIer and EngIneerIng Honor SocIeIy had IhoughI
abouI doIng TIIanIc and Pokémon, buI evenIually, aIIer a
joke suggesIIon Irom a IrIend, chose Power Rangers. The
Ieam chose Chen, who had Ihe same ƥrsI name as one oI
Ihe characIers Irom Ihe show, Io dress up as Ihe Red Ranger.
řÌŗve parIIcIpaIed In RoIh RegaIIa sInce my Ireshman
year, buI IhIs Is IoIally dIƤerenI,Ś he saId. řÌ IhInk Ihe
sIudenIs puI a loI oI eƤorI InIo II. Weŗre noI a bIg group buI
our boaI was decenI.Ś
SIudenIs may noI remember MIchael WIlson
specIƥcally, buI Ihey may remember hIs boaI: a baI IhaI had
ƦIpped over aI Ihe begInnIng oI Ihe race. NoI Io be easIly
deIeaIed, WIlson carrIed Ihe boaI over hIs head all Ihe way
Io Ihe ƥnIsh lIne.
ThIs year, IeamIng up wIIh IrIends AnnIe KromhouI and
Angela HorsIman, Ihey buIlI a Pokémon-Ihemed boaI and
dressed up as members oI Team RockeI. WIlson was Iames
whIle KromhouI and HorsIman were IessIe.
WIlson claImed IhaI boaI was sIurdIer and beIIer Ihan
whaI he had lasI year. řThe prospecI oI redempIIon Irom
lasI year,Ś he saId, laughIng. HorsIman was lookIng Io
double Ihe Irouble. řThIs Is my ƥrsI year and IIŗs Ions oI
Iun,Ś saId HorsIman.
řWeŗve had more boaIs Ihan ever,Ś Dr. DIMonda saId.
řThe weaIher Is greaI, a bII cold, buI IIŗs been a Iun evenI. Ì
IhInk everybody had a good IIme.Ś
řThe people go all ouI wIIh Ihe desIgns,Ś saId HorsIman,
a ƥrsI-IIme-boaI-buIlder. řTheyŗre probably all goIng Io
sInk, buI Ihey look awesomeʖŚ
There were more Ihan jusI a Iew Pokémon-Ihemed
boaIs, one oI whIch was InIrIcaIely desIgned Ior Ihe
purpose oI lookIng greaI raIher Ihan wInnIng Ihe RegaIIa.
MarIIna SukenIck and Sally Lau Ieamed up wIIh a group oI
several arI-based majors, Io creaIe IheIr sunglasses-clad
SquIrIle boaI as řsomeIhIng Io look preIIy.Ś
řWe wanIed Io make II InIeresIIng, Io make II
memorable,Ś saId SukenIck. AlIhough Ihe Ieam ended up
By Beatrice Vantapool & Caithlin Pena
Photos by Samuel Liebrand
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
WIIh nearly 2UU sIudenIs In IheIr underwear, Ihe
excIIemenI blew over Ihe crowd almosI as sIrongly as Ihe
gusIs oI wInd on Ihe sunny-buI-chIlly day.
SIony ßrookŗs ƥrsI underwear run, Ihe řßare ßecause
We Care UndIe Run,Ś hosIed by Ihe UndergraduaIe SIudenI
CovernmenI, drew runners and onlookers. SIudenIs
sIrIpped down Io IheIr underwear, Ihough mosI women
wore a Iank Iop and whIIe shorIs were oƤered Io every
runner, Io donaIe cloIhIng and make a poInI. Many oI Ihe
sIudenIs came Io supporI Ihe cloIhIng drIve buI Ihe unIque
IwIsI helped dIsIInguIsh Ihe cause.
řÌIŗs someIhIng Iun Io do,Ś saId DanIel EsIevez, a junIor
hIsIory major. řÌ lIke gIvIng back Io charIIy, buI IhIs puI an
exIra kIck Io II.Ś
SIudenIs wore IheIr underwearŕIrom Spongeßob
boxers Io gray boxer-brIeIs, IrIckled wIIh chocolaIe syrup
Ior a comedIc Iouchŕbecause Ihey lIIerally Iook Ihe
cloIhes oƤ IheIr bodIes Io help oIhers. All cloIhIng was
collecIed In garbage bags by Ihe regIsIraIIon Iable aI IavIIz
lecIure hall where Ihe race began. ÌI exIended Ihrough Ihe
academIc mall, ƥnIshIng aI Ihe SAC Plaza.
The Idea, orIgInally proposed by USC Treasurer, Thomas
KIrnbauer, was execuIed alongsIde USC VIce PresIdenI
oI CommunIcaIIons SIephanIe ßerlIn and USC AssIsIanI
Treasurer Sam Cushner.
Some sIudenIs jumped up and down Io keep warm,
shakIng IheIr arms sporadIcally and usIng IheIr palms Io
sooIhe Ihe goose bumps on IheIr legs and arms.
řÌ Ieel lIke aI oIher schools II would be a loI cooler,Ś
saId sophomore Samuel Cross, a psychopaIhology major.
řHere, [sIudenIs] know abouI II buI Ihey donŗI really care.Ś
ßerlIn was more enIhusIasIIc abouI Ihe IurnouI.
řWe ended up wIIh more parIIcIpanIs Ihan we ever
could have bargaIned Ior,Ś she saId.
SIudenIs were assIgned a race number, Ihough pInnIng
II on was challengIng Ior some oI Ihe racers as Ihere was
more skIn Ihan IabrIc and because mosI, unconcerned wIIh
Ihe bureaucracy, were jusI ready Io run.
řÌ wanIed Io run around In my undIes. Ìŗm goIng Io be
compleIely honesI,Ś saId Paul SIaller, a bIology major. řÌIŗs
a good way Io end senIor year.Ś
By Vanessa Ogle
losIng In IheIr ƥnal heaI, II was sIIll a way Ior Ihem Io have
one lasI campus evenI Io bond over.
řÌIŗs our senIor year and Ihe lasI IIme weŗll be IogeIher,Ś
saId Lau. řWe IhoughI II would be a cool projecI Io do
The 2U12 RoIh Pond RegaIIa was a success, Ihanks Io Ihe
hard work oI Iormer UndergraduaIe SIudenI CovernmenI
VIce PresIdenI oI AcademIc AƤaIrs, AdIl HussaIn. SIony
ßrook sIudenIs had a greaI day ouI In Ihe sun, regardless oI
who came ouI on Iop, celebraIIng Ihe characIers oI Ihe 5Uŗs
and waIchIng IheIr Iellow classmaIes Iall ouI oI IheIr boaIs,
and InIo Ihe green waIers oI RoIh Pond.
Photo by Gregory A. Shemitz
NEWS May 2, 2012
10 10
A celebraIIon oI EarIh Day, SIony ßrook UnIversIIyŗs
EarIhsIock IesIIval showcased many clubs and local
organIzaIIons IhaI were dedIcaIed Io raIsIng awareness oI
Io brIng abouI a greener IuIure.
Each club broughI a dIƤerenI envIronmenIal Issue Io
lIghI Io raIse awareness, wheIher II be proIecIIng wIldlIIe
or reducIng negaIIve envIronmenIal ImpacI by noI smokIng
and makIng your own organIc producIs.
MosI unusual Io SIony ßrook durIng Ihe celebraIIon
were Ihe exoIIc anImals Irom Ihe wIldlIIe preservaIIon
organIzaIIons, whIch Included Ialcons, snakes, and owls.
The SweeIbrIar NaIure CenIer In SmIIhIown, a wIldlIIe
rehabIlIIaIIon and educaIIonal cenIer IhaI reInIegraIes
Injured and orphaned wIldlIIe back InIo Ihe wIld, broughI
a Ialcon and screech owl Io EarIhsIock. The cenIer also
permanenIly houses some anImals IhaI are unable Io be
released and uses Ihem Ior programs, such as goIng Io
schools and oIher publIc IuncIIons, Io educaIe Ihe publIc
abouI bIrds oI prey, repIIles and mammals.
řWe have people come Io Ihe naIure cenIer IIselI, IIŗs
open Io Ihe publIc Io vIsII and see Ihe wIldlIIe,Ś saId Iohn
FIeger, a member oI Ihe organIzaIIon. řWeŗre IryIng Io
educaIe Ihe publIc abouI wIldlIIe and whaI Io do II you ƥnd
Injured wIldlIIe, and who Io brIng II Io.Ś
PermanenI resIdenIs oI SweeIbrIar Include bald eagles,
gray horned owls, red IaIled hawks, goaIs, chIckens, pIgs,
ducks, Ialcons, and screech owls, Ihe lasI Iwo oI whIch Ihe
organIzaIIon had broughI wIIh Ihem Io EarIhsIock. ThIs IIme
oI year Is especIally busy Ior SweeIbrIar because oI all oI
Ihe anImals gIvIng bIrIh, such as squIrrels, rabbIIs and bIrds
IhaI are Injured or orphaned and In need oI rehabIlIIaIIon.
TheIr purpose Ior seIIIng up aI EarIhsIock IhIs year was
Io educaIed people abouI whaI SweeIbrIar Is and whaI
Ihey do. TheIr 5U-acre reserve Is only 1U-15 mInuIes away
Irom Ihe SIony ßrook campus, and has IraIls IhaI are open
Io Ihe publIc. SweeIbrIar also adverIIsed IheIr 32nd Annual
NaIure and CraII FaIr IhaI wIll Iake place on Iune 2.
AnoIher wIldlIIe reIuge presenI aI EarIhsIock was
a non-proƥI organIzaIIon Irom RIverhead IhaI houses
rehabIlIIaIed anImals ƥxed up by rescue cenIers. Many oI
Ihe anImals can Io be broughI Io bIrIhday parIIes and publIc
evenIs, lIke EarIhsIock, Io promoIe educaIIon and řIhe
responsIble sIewardshIp oI Ihe envIronmenI,Ś accordIng Io
socIeIy represenIaIIve ßrendan DIckson.
The organIzaIIon also holds varIous programs such as
nIghI and naIure hIkIng, kayakIng Iours, publIc semInars
and summer ecology camps Ior kIds Irom pre-school al Ihe
way Ihrough hIgh school. EveryIhIng Is Iree oI charge, buI
by Beatrice Vantapool
Photos by Caithlin Pena
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
11 11
Ihey accepI donaIIons.
TheIr reservaIIon Is In Ihe mIddle oI PIne ßarrens,
whIch Is very ImporIanI Io Ihe area because people and
anImals alIke rely on PIne ßarrens Io ƥlIer waIer. WIIh so
much consIrucIIon oI new housIng, Ihe PIne ßarrens need
Io be proIecIed Io conserve wIldlIIe.
They Ieach responsIble eIhIcs oI Ihe land Ihrough
programs Ior ßoy and CIrl ScouIs. They emphasIze all
Ihe small IhIngs you can do, lIke IurnIng oƤ lIghIs and
conservIng waIer.
řWe Iry Io Ieach lIIIle IId-bIIs IhaI everyone can kInd oI
Iake home and do IheIr parI because IhaIŗs really whaI IIŗs
down Io,Ś saId DIckson. řÌI everyone helps jusI a lIIIle bII, II
goes a long way.Ś
Many sIudenIs on campus had Iables seI up In honor oI
EarIhsIock as well, and were noIhIng buI passIonaIe abouI
IheIr cause. Dne sIudenI In parIIcular, LIndsay AmabIle, who
Is currenIly sIudyIng EnglIsh and susIaInabIlIIy, sIood ouI
AmabIleŗs Iable promoIed IoxIn-Iree cosmeIIcs and
personal care producIs, and encouraged sIudenIs Io sIgn
Ihe SaIe ChemIcals AcI peIIIIon, whIch would puI a ban on
chemIcals IhaI are known Io cause cancer. She also aImed Io
raIse awareness oI Ihe dangers oI many common producIs
IhaI conIaIn carcInogenIc chemIcals.
řWe lIsI websIIes IhaI are guaranIeed chemIcal-Iree
and you can geI anyIhIng Irom essenIIal oIls Io cosmeIIcs Io
shampoos and deodoranIs, and weŗre sendIng ouI a recIpe
book, whIch Is a loI cheaper Ihan you IhInk,Ś saId AmabIle.
Everyday IIems such as bakIng soda, honey and
dIƤerenI Iypes oI IruIIs can be used Io make saIe, organIc
personal care producIs, whIch Is beIIer Ior people and Ihe
envIronmenI. HolIsIIc producIs were also among Ihose
promoIed, and are saId Io be able Io cure Illnesses such as
colds and even eczema.
řThIs Is a huge envIronmenIal Issue,Ś saId AmabIle. řÌIŗs
noI jusI harmIng us as people. These chemIcals are harmIul
Io our envIronmenI, Ior InsIance, wIIh IhIngs lIke naIl polIsh
remover IhaI have really heavy aromas are leachIng InIo
our envIronmenI and IIŗs jusI really noI good.Ś
Every club and organIzaIIon aI Ihe IesIIval relaIed Io
Ihe Iheme oI susIaInabIlIIy and savIng Ihe EarIh In some
way, buI each had IheIr own opInIon on whaI EarIhsIock
řWe have a rIghI Io know whaI weŗre eaIIng, we have
a rIghI Io know whaI weŗre drInkIng, IhaI our waIerŗs noI
polluIed,Ś saId AmabIle. řWe have a rIghI Io good, clean aIr,
waIer, Iood and producIs. You canŗI mIslabel lIke IhaI, IIŗs
The MarIne ScIence Club, whIch aImed Io geI more
people InIeresIed In IheIr club and raIse awareness abouI
coral bleachIng, also had a unIque perspecIIve oI Ihe
řÌIŗs abouI Ihe sIudenI body geIIIng IogeIher Io raIse
awareness abouI how ImporIanI our planeI Is,Ś saId Molly
VogI, a member oI Ihe MarIne ScIence Club. řDur school
Is a beauIIIul campus, everybody loves Io be ouI on Ihe
SIaller SIeps and Ì IhInk everybody needs Io be aware oI
how ImporIanI II Is Io preserve IhIs kInd oI sIuƤ.
12 12
NEWS May 2, 2012
Dr. Iohn Donoghue and a Ieam oI scIenIIsIs aI ßrown
UnIversIIy In Rhode Ìsland are workIng on a projecI IhaI
wIll gIve paralyzed people Iull resIoraIIon oI IheIr lImbs.
Dr. Donoghue came Io SIony ßrook Io speak aI Ihe 16Ih
Annual MInd ßraIn LecIure, on Monday AprIl 16.
Donoghue began hIs speech by IalkIng abouI
debIlIIaIIng dIseases IhaI can be IreaIed Deep ßraIn
SIImulaIIon. He showed a sIde-by-sIde vIdeo oI a woman
suƤerIng Irom ParkInsonŗs dIsease. The leII screen showed
her hand quIverIng, Ihe rIghI screen showed Ihe same hand
noI movIng. The woman been IreaIed wIIh DßS, a IreaImenI
where elecIrodes are placed In Ihe subIhalamIc nucleus, a
TIc-Tac-sIzed area deep In Ihe braIn. DßS has been shown Io
Improve hyperacIIvIIy, ADHD, DCD, epIlepsy and demenIIa.
More Ihan 8U,UUU people have gone Ihrough DßS Io help
ClaIre CladsIeIn oI Roslyn, New York was InIrIgued by
Ihe possIbIlIIy IhaI Donoghueŗs research could possIbly
help chIldren who suƤer Irom menIal handIcaps. CladsIeIn
was a specIal educaIIon Ieacher Ior /U years, and she can see
Ihe possIbIlIIy oI IhIs helpIng chIldren wIIh hyperacIIvIIy
and ADHD.
řÌ would be very happy wIIh Ihe success oI hIs research
II Ihere was no need Ior specIal educaIIon Ieachers,Ś saId
The Ieam aI ßrown Is currenIly workIng on a ßraIn
CompuIer ÌnIerIace, or as Donoghue called II, řßraInCaIe.Ś
řßraInCaIeŗs vIsIon Is Io re-connecI Ihe braIn Io Ihe
exIernal world Io recreaIe acIIons perIormed by Ihe arm
and hand,Ś saId Donoghue.
Dne oI Ihe subjecIs Ior ßraInCaIe, a man named MaII,
was sIabbed In hIgh In Ihe neck aI Ihe second cervIcal
verIebrae. ThIs Iype oI Injury usually produces paralysIs.
UsIng ßraInCaIe MaII was able Io conIrol a cIrcle on Ihe
screen and play a sImplIsIIc vIdeo game usIng only hIs
Donoghue and hIs Ieam ImplanIed a IIny chIp InIo
MaIIŗs braIn IhaI was pIckIng up sIgnals oI hIs InIenIIons Io
move hIs arm and Ihey IranslaIed II InIo a command sIgnal.
The command sIgnal was Ihen senI Io Ihe compuIer and Ihe
compuIer reacIs as Ihough II was beIng conIrolled by Ihe
mouse- buI II was really MaIIŗs braIn. ßraInCaIe bypassed
Ihe Inoperable IuncIIons oI MaIIŗs nervous sysIem.
Seems complIcaIed aI ƥrsI. ÌIŗs acIually quIIe sImple.
ßeIng paralyzed IsnŗI a dIsease. The braIn Is sIIll IuncIIonal,
IIŗs jusI IhaI Ihe braIn has losI communIcaIIon wIIh Ihe
muscles andlor Ihe spInal cord. ßraInCaIeŗs goal Is Io
bypass Ihe mIssIng lInk by grabbIng sIgnals In Ihe braIn and
decodIng Ihem so IhaI machInes can read Ihem, and Ihen
The IargeI Ior IhIs experImenI was Ihe prImary moIor
corIex, Ihe regIon oI Ihe braIn responsIble Ior sendIng
sIgnals Io Ihe arm IhaI make II move.
The mIcroelecIrode array ImplanIed In Ihe braIn Is Iour
mIllImeIers In lengIh. ÌI goes on Ihe ouIsIde oI Ihe cerebral
corIex, whIch Ihen goes Io a connecIor In Ihe skIn, abouI
Ihe sIze oI a penny. The connecIor has abouI 1UU sIgnals on
II, and Ihose sIgnals are Ihen broughI Io Ihe ouIsIde world.
Donoghue and hIs Ieam Ihen ImplanIed Ihe elecIrode
InIo Ihe moIor corIex oI a monkey. The monkey had Io
make Iwo doIs on a screen Iouch usIng a joysIIck whIle Ihe
%4$.&-$%-%! )'&$-'(.7! *4-$6$-,! $&! #$%! 0(*$&;! 26.(,! -$).! -#.!
monkey dId IhIs, he was rewarded wIIh a drop oI juIce. They
realIzed II Ihey could decode Ihose sIgnals, Ihey could Iake
away Ihe joysIIck and hook up Ihe elecIrodes In hIs head
sIraIghI Io Ihe compuIer so II could decode acIIvIIy sans-
joysIIck. They Ihen ran Ihe same experImenI on MaII.
Donoghue Iold Ihe audIence abouI a paIIenI named
CaIhy who suƤers Irom locked-In syndrome. She Is Iully
awake and aware oI her surroundIngs, buI she canŗI move
or Ialk, she can only blInk. CaIhyŗs IechnIcIan asked her Io
ImagIne her openIng and closIng her hand. As she opened
her hand, her moIor corIex produced sIgnals as II she was
openIng and closIng her hand. The roboIIc arm IhaI was
lInked Io her braIn reacIed Io Ihe commands. The moIor
corIex was sIImulaIed and Ihe sIgnals were decoded so Ihe
roboI arm could read Ihem and CaIhy, who cannoI move
Irom Ihe neck down, was able Io make a roboIIc arm move
a glass oI waIer.
The ßraInCaIe projecI sIIll has many IacIors Io explore,
%54#! *%! %*1.-,8! 75(*0$+$-,8! (.+$*0$+$-,8! *&7! $1! -#.,! *(.!
cosmeIIcally accepIable.
řÌn 15 years, hopeIully people who are paralyzed, and
lIIerally cannoI move, wIll be able Io conIrol roboIIc arms,
Io aI leasI Iake care oI some oI Ihe day-Io-day IuncIIons,Ś
saId Dr. CraIg EvInger, a proIessor oI NeurobIology, ßehavIor
and DphIhalmology.
by Briana Neuberger
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
13 13
AlmosI Iwo monIhs aIIer Ihe shooIIng oI Trayvon
MarIIn, SIony ßrook sIudenIs gaIhered Io InIorm IheIr
peers and express IheIr opInIons.
A SIony ßrook club, Free Ihe ChIldren, held a panel on
Monday, AprIl 16, Io dIscuss Ihe deIaIls relaIed Io MarIInŗs
shooIIng, Ihe IrIal and Ihe enIIre ordeal as porIrayed by
Ihe medIa. The dIscussIon panel was one oI several beIng
hosIed aI SIony ßrook as a medIum Ior sIudenIs Io venI IheIr
IrusIraIIons and voIce IheIr opInIons on Ihe conIroversy
The panel was made up oI Ihe clubŗs execuIIve board
and some members, who InsIead oI pIckIng a sIde weIghed
In wIIh IacIors IhaI conIrIbuIed Io Ihe publIcŗs IormaIIon oI
an opInIon on Ihe case. They scruIInIzed Ihe medIa, and IIŗs
handlIng oI Ihe case.
řThe whole enIIre medIa sensaIIon happened a monIh
aIIer IhIs occurred,Ś saId PaIrIck LIm, head oI publIc
relaIIons Ior Free Ihe ChIldren.
They also dIscussed Ihe medIaŗs use oI old pIcIures oI
MarIIn, noI ones IhaI accuraIely porIrayed how he looked
Ihe day he was shoI.
The panel also observed IhaI Ihe medIa has been
clearly pro-MarIIn. řThe medIa always pIck a sIde. Trayvon
Is a vIcIIm, whIch Ì IoIally agree wIIh,Ś saId club secreIary
Shawn Chacko.
Every sIudenI Ihere was clearly angry aI Ceorge
ZImmerman, Ihe man who shoI MarIIn.
řHe claIms heŗs Ihe neIghborhood waIchman, buI heŗs
noI,Ś saId Chacko, as Ihe resI oI Ihe panel agreed.
řÌIŗs worse when people In power do II and donŗI suƤer
any repercussIons because Iheyŗre In power,Ś added LIm.
The polIceŗs handlIng oI Ihe case also prompIed a
dIalogue. ÌI was agreed on by Ihe enIIre board IhaI Ihe
polIce could have handled Ihe enIIre sIIuaIIon more
řPolIce have done all IhIngs wrong IhaI Ihey possIbly
could have done,Ś saId Chacko.
Free Ihe ChIldren was dIscussIng Ihe shooIIng oI
Trayvon MarIIn because IhaI Ihe club aIms Io prevenI
sImIlar cases Irom occurrIng, accordIng Io Chacko.
řThe purpose oI our club Is Io shIne a lIghI on Ihe
InjusIIces happenIng around Ihe world [so] IhIs kInd oI
IhIng can be avoIded,Ś saId Chacko.
LIm recalled a IweeI Irom a WIll SmIIh parody accounI:
řWe lIve In AmerIca where a gIrl IhaI Ihrew Ʀour on KIm
KardashIan was arresIed on sIIe buI Ihe man who kIlled
Trayvon MarIIn Is sIIll Iree.Ś ÌI sIudenIs are upseI abouI how
Ihe aIIermaIh oI Ihe murder plays ouI, aI leasI sIudenIs on
campus have somewhere Io Ialk abouI II.
by Teena Nawabi
The onlIne polls on SDLAR closed FrIday aIIernoon,
AprIl 26, sIgnalIng Ihe end oI Ihe runoƤ elecIIon process
Ior SIony ßrook UnIversIIyŗs UndergraduaIe SIudenI
CovernmenI. The runoƤ elecIIons occurred as a resulI oI
none oI Ihe candIdaIes In Ihe runnIng Ior ExecuIIve VIce
PresIdenI and VIce PresIdenI oI SIudenI LIIe receIvIng a
majorIIy oI voIes casI In Ihe InIIIal elecIIons. KIa Valkonen
and TyrIk IIang were elImInaIed Irom IheIr respecIIve
elecIIons aIIer Ihe ƥrsI round oI voIIng by Ihe sIudenI body
ended lasI FrIday, AprIl 2U.
AImee Pomeroy was elecIed Ihe new ExecuIIve VIce
PresIdenI, replacIng Iormer EVP Deborah Machalow, and
deIeaIIng S.A.F.E. ParIy member Iason SockIn by a margIn
oI over 3UU voIes.
PaIrIck AbeleIn, a Seawolves Ior Change parIy member
alongsIde Pomeroy and new USC PresIdenI Anna LubIIz,
was elecIed Ihe new VIce PresIdenI oI SIudenI LIIe. He
deIeaIed NIck Ela, anoIher S.A.F.E. ParIy candIdaIe, by 155
voIes. AbeleIn replaces Ihe Iormer VP oI SIudenI LIIe,
Deron HIll.
Ìn comparIson Io Ihe orIgInal elecIIons, Ihere were
approxImaIely 7UU less voIes IoIal Ior each oI Ihese
posIIIons In Ihe runoƤ elecIIons. SupporI Ior Seawolves Ior
Change parIy members Pomeroy and AbeleIn, decreased
by 286 voIes, whIle S.A.F.E parIy members, SockIn and Ela
saw a 355 voIe drop-oƤ.
Ìn Ihe InIIIal elecIIon Ior VP oI SIudenI LIIe, Ela losI Io
AbeleIn by a mere 25 voIes, buI saw a more sIgnIƥcanI loss
In Ihe runoƤs. SockIn suƤered much more In Ihe second
elecIIon, losIng 15U voIes. Pomeroy losI only 157 sIudenI
voIes, buI sIIll earned enough Io beaI her compeIIIor by
almosI IwIce as many voIes.
The runoƤ elecIIons have broughI Ihe ƥnal Ially
oI Seawolves Ior Change members presenI In USC Io a
whoppIng 22 seaIs, IncludIng Iour oI Ihe seven oƧcer
posIIIons and Ihree class represenIaIIve posIIIons. The
parIy also holds 13 ouI oI Ihe 17 SenaIe seaIs Ior Ihe
College oI ArIs and ScIences, one oI Iwo SenaIe seaIs Ior
Ihe College oI EngIneerIng and ApplIed ScIences, and Ihe
only SenaIe posIIIon Ior HealIh ScIence. ßy holdIng 22 ouI
oI 32 IoIal posIIIons, Seawolves Ior Change wIll have over a
Iwo-IhIrds majorIIy In USC II Ihey all voIe cohesIvely.
by Tom Johnson
FEATURES May 2, 2012
Nora ßoujIda goes Io a loI oI evenIs on campus. LasI
yearŗs sold-ouI ßruno Mars and Ianelle Monáe concerI,
however, was her IavorIIe.
řÌI was probably Ihe besI concerI Ìŗve ever been Io,Ś Ihe
sophomore saId. řÌ had a really good IIme.Ś
And ßoujIda had already planned on goIng Io IhIs
years end-oI-Ihe-year evenI concerI, even wIIhouI knowIng
who wIll Iake Ihe sIage.
Rapper WIz KhalIIa oI řßlack and YellowŚ Iame
and RBß sInger MIguel perIormed as Ihe lasI show In IhIs
yearŗs SIony ßrook ConcerIs serIes. The SIudenI AcIIvIIIes
ßoard (SAß}, whIch planned Ihe concerI, Is responsIble Ior
such evenIs Ior sIudenIs. Ìn addIIIon Io ßruno Mars, Ihe
SAß broughI bands and arIIsIs such as ßesI CoasI, ÌmmorIal
TechnIque and WhIIe Panda Io campus wIIhIn Ihe pasI Iwo
KhalIIaŗs headlInIng Ihe show dIdnŗI change ßoujIdaŗs
plans Io aIIend when she heard Ihe news. řYeah, Ìŗd
deƥnIIely go,Ś she saId beIore IIckeIs wenI on sale.
The concerI dIdnŗI sIIr excIIemenI lIke lasI yearŗs dId,
Ihough. UnlIke wIIh Crammy-wInner ßruno Mars, a loI oI
sIudenIs saId Ihey are noI IamIlIar wIIh KhalIIa, who does
noI have many Top /U hIIs or a bIg presence on Ihe radIo.
Sophomore Amy Marshall, who saw ßruno Mars and saId
řHonesIly, Ìŗm noI Ioo IamIlIar wIIh hIm,Ś she saId. řÌ
IhInk a loI oI people arenŗI IamIlIar wIIh Ihe names IhaI
come Io SIony ßrook.Ś
SIIll, lIke ßoujIda, Marshall plans on aIIendIng Ihe show.
MIhIr Pandey, a senIor anIhropology major, dIdnŗI
aIIend Ihe concerI and has a problem wIIh Ihe unIversIIyŗs
>Ì IhInk heŗs noI as bIg or maInsIream as ßruno Mars,Ś
saId Pandey. řÌ IhInk Ihey need Io geI arIIsIs wIIh a bIgger
The showŗs budgeI Is well over lasI yearŗs ʙ1UU,UUU
one, mosIly because Ihe SAß dId noI use Ihe majorIIy oI
IIs ƥnances IhIs year Io brIng a loI oI bIg names Io campus
*%! 0.1'(.;! ?*(%#*++! %*$7! %#.! 7$7&9-! &'-$4.! -#.! 7.4(.*%.! $&!
řÌ usually hear abouI Ihem Ihrough IrIends. Thereŗs noI
IhaI many posIers up,Ś she saId. řÌIŗs mosIly Ihrough socIal
Zane HopkIns, a junIor busIness major, Is excIIed Ior Ihe
concerI, buI says IhaI Ihe lack oI adverIIsIng wIIh IhIs and
oIher on-campus concerIs boIhers hIm.
řÌ #*-.7! -#*-! -#.,! 7$7&9-! *76.(-$%.! -#.! 4'&4.(-! -#*-!
much and IhaI only Ihe ƥrsI 1,5UU people could geI on Ihe
Ʀoor,Ś saId HopkIns.
Even wIIh Ihe lack oI hype, mosI sIudenIs IhInk Iheyŗll
be aIIendIng Ihe concerI jusI Ior Ihe enIerIaInmenI.
HopkIns plans on aIIendIng sImply because Ihe prIce Is Ioo
good Io pass up.
řÌ mean, IIŗs only ʙ5, so Ì canŗI really complaIn.Ś
by Nick Batson & Alyssa Melillo
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
15 15
WIzard KhalIIa had jusI ƥnIshed hIs seI aI SIony ßrook
and Ì waIIed In hIs van Ior hIm Io arrIve so Ì could InIervIew
hIm. He enIered Ihe van and Iook a deIensIve posIIIon,
noI expecIIng me. Ì showed hIm my credenIIals usIng my
psychIc paper and he Iook ouI a large paper plane, abouI
Ihe sIze oI my Iorearm. Ì Iook a Iew large hIIs Irom Ihe
massIve paper plane and Ihe room sIarIed wavIng abouI
whIle Ihe color orange sIarIed drIppIng Irom Ihe rooI onIo
my Iongue. ÌI IasIed remarkably lIke yellow. Ì asked hIm
whaI IhaI joInI was laced wIIh buI all he saId was, řWe gonŗ
parIy now.Ś ConIeIII snakes swam ouI oI hIs mouIh aIIer
he spoke.
Ì wasnŗI aware Ihe van was drIvIng us anywhere buI we
arrIved In whaI Ì belIeve was ManhaIIan where Ihe sIreeI
was neon blue and Ihere were dolphIns swImmIng In Ihe
pavemenI. Ì looked up aI Ihe sky Io Iry and ƥgure ouI whaI
IIme II was and a gIanI, blInkIng eye looked aI me. The IrIs
and pupIl were a clock and a comIc book speech bubble
came ouI oI Ihe eye Io Iell me II was mIdnIghI. ÌI Iurns ouI
Ihe cosmIc eye was wrong Ihough as Ihe gnome eaIIng a
dolphIn Iold me II was acIually, řßanana, jusI lIke Ihe IruII.
Dpen your mInd and consume Ihe Ʀesh oI Ihe dolphIn. LeI
Ihe colors oI IaIe bleed InIo your soul and paInI Ihe canvas
oI your lIIe.Ś WIzard pushed Ihe gnome away and dragged
me InIo a whaleŗs mouIh.
ÌnsIde Ihe whale, Ihere were nebulae ƦoaIIng In Ihe aIr
whIle snakes wIIh mulIIple IenIacles jumped Ihrough Ihe
clouds. The PIllars oI CreaIIon were on a sIage and glowed
orange. The color slIpped Ihrough my nose and II smelled
lIke lIlIes. WIzard ƦoaIed onIo Ihe sIage and pulled me up
wIIh hIm. The ghosIs oI my ancesIors sIood beIore me and
Iook my shoes. Ì loved Ihose shoes. WIzard grabbed my arm
agaIn and we Ʀew back InIo hIs van, whIch IransIormed
InIo a porcupIne IhaI had haIr InsIead oI quIlls. Ì saI on
Ihe porcupIneŗs lIver and IIs lungs breaIhed Io Ihe Iune oI
řC.R.E.A.M.Ś by Ihe Wu Tang Clan.
The porcupIne crawled Ihrough a gIanI green pIpe and
we enIered a IoresI wIIh Irees made oI glowIng screens
projecIIng Images oI my ex-gIrlIrIends and Ihe Iormulas
Ior varIous vecIor ƥelds. WIzard produced a guIIar made
oI drIed and hollow pIneapples and played a beauIIIul
melody. The musIc hopped oƤ oI Ihe sIrIngs and crawled
InIo my ears. Ì could Ieel my head ƥllIng and all Ihe haIred
Ì had kepI InsIde oI me poured vIcIously ouI Irom beneaIh
my ƥnger naIls. WIzard pulled on me once and we Ʀew
ouIsIde oI Ihe porcupIne InIo Ihe wIld unknown.
Iagged rocks sIabbed ouI Irom Ihe gelaIInous EarIh and
we bounced abouI on Ihe surIace, beIng careIul Io avoId
Ihe rocks. We sIopped Io observe a road movIng down a
hIll lIke a solId waIerIall. The porcupIne had abandoned us
Io be one wIIh IIs kIn and so we bounced Io Ihe nearesI
IradIng posI. The IradIng posI was run by a gIanI slug
wIIh a humanŗs Iace. ÌI Iold me Ihe dangers oI gluIIony
and Ì Iraded II my shIrI Ior IhIs knowledge. A roboIIc man
approached WIzard and Ì and spoke Ihese words, řThe
pursuII oI knowledge Is Ihe pursuII oI IruIh. Do noI waver
In Ihe sIruggle oI conquerIng Ihe Ignorance oI your mInds.
DeaIh Is buI Ihe reIurn oI your beIng Io Ihe EarIh. Now
gIve me your panIs.Ś Ì Iook oƤ my panIs and a gusI oI wInd
carrIed WIzard and Ì InIo a gIanI bosom.
The bosom opened and Ihere was a rIver oI mIlk ƦowIng
wIIh groups oI ƥsh dressed lIke scuba dIvers walkIng around
whIle varIous ßaIman-cosIumed raInbow beIngs danced
around poles IhaI Ʀashed Ihe words, řTD THÌNK ÌS TD STEAL
could Ieel myselI sweaIIng my IhoughIs away as Ihe Adam
WesI-era raInbow sIarIed dancIng upon me. Ì grabbed Ior
Ihe words řUNÌVERSAL TRUTHŚ as Ihey slId down my leg buI
couldnŗI reach Ihem. SaIchmoŗs řLa VIe En Rose,Ś sIarIed
drIppIng Irom my ears and Ì cupped my ears Io hear Ihe
lIquId vIbraIe as besI Ì could. The raInbow dancIng upon me
vaporIzed and roses sprouIed around me, vIbraIIng Io Ihe
The rhyIhmIc poundIng conIInued as Ihe lIquId oI
SaIchmo evaporaIed. The peIals oI Ihe roses wIIhered
InIo a green, eIhereal mIsI IhaI lIngered abouI my IeeI and
lIIIed me Irom IhaI poIsonous place InIo a dreamy, hazy
envIronmenI. Ì looked aI my IeeI and saw IhaI my socks
were now mIssIng buI Ihey IelI so Iree IhaI Ì dIdnŗI mInd.
EveryIhIng was a blur and Ì could Ieel lIke paIn In my sIde
now. A consIsIenI poundIng on my rIb unIIl Ì ƥnally gasped
Ior aIr and opened my eyes.
Ì Ihen woke up In an alley cluIchIng a bald and naked
doll. Ì was only wearIng boxers and socks whIle a polIce
oƧcer prodded me wIIh hIs nIghI sIIck. Ì Iold hIm Ì arrIved
here on a spIrII quesI, Io whIch he replIed, řYou Iook a
spIrII quesI and ended up halI-naked In Hoboken, New
Iersey?Ś HIs logIc was Ʀawless Ŕ Ì had been drugged. WhIle
Ì may have been drugged and spenI some IIme In jaIl unIIl
someone could IdenIIIy me, Ì wIll never IorgeI my nIghI
wIIh Ihe WIzard. ʘYDLD
by Dan Cashmar
WIzard pulled on me once
and we Ʀew ouIsIde oI Ihe
porcupIne InIo Ihe wIld
16 16
FEATURES May 2, 2012
Twelve years ago, MIke Youdelman saI wIIh hIs ƥrsI
sIudenI ouIreach coordInaIor, IessIca VIIo-ßuckley,
dIscussIng Ideas and ways Io reach ouI Io Ihe sIudenI
communIIy abouI Ihe ImporIance oI recyclIng and beIng
envIronmenIally IrIendly. The DeparImenI oI RecyclIng
and Resource ManagemenI had jusI been creaIed aI SIony
ßrook and Youdelman, Ihe manager oI Ihe deparImenI, was
eager Io make a name Ior Ihem.
řWhaI do Ì do wIIh IhIs new deparImenI?Ś Youdelman
recalls askIng hImselI. řWe had Ideas buI we dIdnŗI even
have a buIldIng aI Ihe IIme.Ś
AIIer a Iew monIhs, VIIo-ßuckley and Youdelman
decIded on a IesIIvalŕone IhaI would IncorporaIe musIc,
acIIvIIIes and awareness abouI Ihe envIronmenI. The
IesIIval would Iake place rIghI around EarIh Day, whIch
usually Ialls on AprIl 22, Io make sIudenIs more conscIous
abouI Ihe ImporIance oI EarIh Day and whaI Ihey can do
Io help.
řWe wanIed Io creaIe an evenI IhaI would become
a parI oI Ihe culIure and IabrIc oI Ihe unIversIIy,Ś saId
Youdelman and VIIo-ßuckely ended up doIng jusI IhaI.
EIghI years ago, Ihe ƥrsI ever EarIhsIock IesIIval, Ihen
called řEarIhIesIŚ was born. ParInerIng wIIh Ihe CommuIer
SIudenI AssocIaIIon, Ihe Iwo deparImenIs were able Io
brIng abouI 25-3UorganIzaIIons Io Ihe IesIIval Irom boIh
on and oƤ campus Io Ialk abouI IheIr eƤorIs Io help Ihe
envIronmenI. Even wIIhouI Ihe musIc, lIve perIormances or
clowns on sIIlIs, Ihe IesIIval was a hII and Ihe EarIh Day
celebraIIon was here Io sIay.
As Ihe years progressed, EarIhsIock wenI Irom a small,
unheard oI evenI Io a campus-wIde IradIIIon. EvenIually
boIh Ihe SßU PresIdenIŗs oƧce as well as Ihe Dean oI
SIudenIŗs oƧce became Involved allowIng Ihe IesIIval Io
reach more and more vendors each year. As Ihe IesIIval
grew In popularIIy, Ihe numbers oI vendors Increased year
aIIer year, rangIng Irom campus organIzaIIons lIke Campus
ResIdences and Ihe DƧce oI SusIaInabIlIIy Io oƤ-campus
organIzaIIons such as local hIgh schools and busInesses.
řÌIŗs Iruly a communIIy evenI and we wanIed Ihe enIIre
communIIy Involved,Ś saId Youdelman. řÌI puIs Iun InIo
raIsIng awareness abouI Ihe envIronmenI.Ś
Today, EarIhsIock has evolved InIo a week-long
celebraIIon hosIIng varIous lecIures, keynoIe speakers,
presenIaIIons and panels on envIronmenIal IopIcs
IhroughouI Ihe week and endIng Ihe week wIIh Ihe IesIIval.
WIIh Ihe help oI varIous deparImenIs and organIzaIIons
on campus, Ihe IesIIval comes IogeIher lIke řclockwork,Ś
accordIng Io Youdelman, where In Ihe begInnIng řII was
very sIressIul.Ś
WIIh each progressIng year, Ihe IesIIvalŗs popularIIy
grows as more and more vendors Iry Io book a Iable.
LasI year, Ihere were 88 exhIbIIors IhaI showed up Io Ihe
IesIIval, whIch was up Irom Ihe 85 IhaI booked a spoI
Ihe prevIous year. ThIs year, accordIng Io RoberI Drago,
Ihe UndergraduaIe SIudenI SIaƤ AssIsIanI Io Ihe Dean oI
SIudenIs who Is In charge oI vendors, Ihe IesIIval booked
over 5U exhIbIIors, a record hIgh.
řWe lIIerally ran ouI oI Iables and had Io sIarI IurnIng
people away,Ś saId Drago. řThere are a loI oI people ouI
Ihere IhaI wanI Io help and IIŗs really InspIrIng. We wanI Io
gIve Ihem a venue Io broadcasI whaI Ihey are doIng Ior Ihe
Today, Ihere Is a greaI deal oI varIeIy among vendors
as Ihey range Irom sIudenIs dIsplayIng IheIr work Io local
busInesses showcasIng whaI Ihey are doIng Io be more
envIronmenIally IrIendly and aware. Some oI Ihe more
unlIkely candIdaIes, lIke RewInd ßoard Shop In SI. Iames,
made a ƥrsI-IIme appearance aI IhIs yearŗs EarIhsIock
dIsplayIng IheIr longboards as a Iorm oI carbon-Iree
řCeIIIng local busInesses Io sII nexI Io sIudenIs Is
powerIul and really ImporIanI sInce Ihose sIudenIs can
one day work Ior Ihem,Ś saId Drago. řÌIŗs ImporIanI IhaI
we conIInue Io push Ihe agenda on ImporIanI Issues lIke
shape dIscourse sInce SIony ßrook has become such a Iocal
poInI on Long Ìsland.Ś
AlIhough IhIs year, Youdelman claIms IhaI Ihere were
noI as many chIldren or people Irom Ihe greaIer communIIy
as In prevIous years, he expecIs nexI year Io be beIIer Ihan
řÌIŗs Is a musI-have,Ś saId Youdelman. řWe have a
responsIbIlIIy as an InsIIIuIIon oI hIgher educaIIon Io lead
by example and EarIhsIock Is IhaI example.Ś
by Amanda Douville
Photo by Caithlin Pena
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
17 17 17
The RoIh Pond RegaIIa Is an evenI IhaI
has been IakIng place annually aI SIony
ßrook daIIng all Ihe way back Io 1585.
Cardboard conIrapIIons dIsguIsed In paInI
and Iape lIne Ihe edges oI SIony ßrook
UnIversIIyŗs InIamously mucky RoIh Pond,
seI Io saIl across Ihe glIsIenIng green
lIquId, pasI Ihe sIrIng oI red, whIIe and
blue plasIIc Ʀags markIng Ihe ƥnIsh lIne.
@5-! -#$%! -(*7$-$'&! $%! )54#! )'(.! -#*&!
a unIversIIy-wIde phenomenon ŕ II lIes
wIIhIn Ihe communIIyŗs hIsIory, whIch Is
laden wIIh Iales oI Ihe buIldIng and saIlIng
oI wooden boaIs.
řWe do lIve on an Island, and we lIve
In a marIIIme communIIy, and people
are InIeresIed In marIIIme herIIage,Ś
saId Charles F. Kenny, a member oI Ihe
orIgInal group oI dIrecIors IhaI creaIed a
IradIIIonal small boaI buIldIng program In
PorI IeƤerson In 1585. řThere are a number oI people IhaI
sIIll saIl and recreaIe on Long Ìsland Sound.Ś
Kenny and oIher communIIy members opened Ihe
ßayles ßoaI Shop In 2UU6. The shop resIdes on Ihe sIIe
oI Ihe ßayles ßoaI Yard, one oI abouI 3U yards In Ihe PorI
IeƤerson Harbor complex IhaI consIrucIed vessels durIng
Ihe 18UUs up unIIl abouI 151U, Kenny explaIned.
ÌnsIde Ihe IImber Irame consIrucIIon, labeled by a
sIrIp oI dark wood wIIh Ihe words řßayles ßoaI ShopŚ
engraved In gold, abouI 3U volunIeers pracIIce Ihe craII oI
boaIbuIldIng on Wednesday and SaIurday mornIngs Irom 5
a.m. Io 12 p.m.
"#.! 6'+5&-..(%! #*6.! 4'&%-(54-.7! '(! (.&'6*-.7! *0'5-!
1/ vessels Io daIe, and recenIly buIlI a 17-IooI kayak.
řWe are an educaIIonal program, so we do spend a
loI oI IIme IeachIng, and learnIng ourselves,Ś Kenny saId,
noIIng IhaI communIIy members who parIIcIpaIe In boaI
consIrucIIon projecIs regularly develop IheIr skIlls Ihrough
Ihe work.
SIudenIs aI SIony ßrook educaIe Ihemselves every
year, as Ihey Iorm Ieams Io buIld boaIs IhaI wIll race In
Ihe RoIh RegaIIaŕan evenI InIamous Ior IIs sInkIng shIps.
UsIng only cardboard and ducI Iape, sIudenIs aIIempI Io
consIrucI boaIs IhaI wIll ƦoaI.
Deborah Machalow, UndergraduaIe SIudenI
CovernmenI ExecuIIve VIce PresIdenI, saId Ihe RegaIIa
brIngs sIudenIs IogeIher.
řWhen you really IhInk abouI II, buIldIng a boaI ouI
oI cardboard and ducI Iape Is comIcal,Ś Machalow saId.
řPeople geI pulled In by Ihe IradIIIon and Ihe laughs.Ś
Iawad MourabeI, a sophomore engIneerIng major,
compeIed In Ihe RegaIIa Ior Ihe second IIme In hIs college
career FrIday, AprIl 27 and saId IhaI people come Io Ihe
RegaIIa noI only Io see Ihe race, buI also Io see Ihe dIƤerenI
and creaIIve boaI desIgns.
řÌI you only have ducI Iape and cardboard, Ihere Is
only so much you can do, buI wIIh Ihe ImagInaIIon oI some
people you can geI so exIravaganI wIIh II, whIch Is why II
Is so successIul,Ś saId MourabeI, who parIIcIpaIed In Tabler
Çuadŗs Douglass College boaI buIld.
ßuI MourabeI does noI IhInk abouI Ihe areaŗs hIsIory
or marIIIme surroundIngs when he IhInks oI Ihe RegaIIa.
He sees II as a day when everyone on campus, Ior once,
parIIcIpaIes In evenIs planned by USC.
řWe should be havIng more days lIke IhaI,Ś he saId.
Evan ßurke, a junIor busIness major, parIIcIpaIed In Ihe
RegaIIa Ior Ihe ƥrsI IIme IhIs year, and saId IhaI he enjoyed
Ihe boaI buIldIng as well as Ihe compeIIng.
řThIs was my ƥrsI RegaIIa, and sInce Ì had so much
Iun II wIll deƥnIIely noI be my lasI,Ś saId ßurke, who also
worked wIIh Ihe Douglass Ieam.
ßurke also noIed IhaI parI oI Ihe boaI buIldIng was
socIalIzIng wIIh Ihe people In hIs buIldIng.
řWe were always playIng a loI oI musIc, eaIIng snacks
and havIng a good IIme,Ś ßurke saId.
ßuI wheIher sIudenIs see Ihe evenI as a bondIng
experIence or Ihe manIIesIaIIon oI Ihe areaŗs rIch hIsIory
oI boaI buIldIng, all agree IhaI boaI buIldIng brIngs people
IogeIherŕjusI as people aI Ihe ßayles ßoaI Shop come
IogeIher IwIce a week Io keep IradIIIon alIve.
by Arielle Dollinger
Photo by Samuel Liebrand
FEATURES May 2, 2012
As SIony ßrook UnIversIIy does more and more Io make
a řgreenerŚ campus, Ihe huge IesIIval IhaI Is EarIhsIock
4'&-$&5.%! -'! 0.! *! -(*7$-$'&! -#*-! $&1'()%! %-57.&-%! *&7!
IaculIy oI some oIher eco-IrIendly opIIons avaIlable Io
Ihem, as well as changes one could make In hIs or her day-
Dne oI Ihe sIaples oI Ihe IesIIval Is Ihe InIormaIIon
abouI FaIr Tade pracIIces and companIes. FaIr Trade aIms
Io creaIe susIaInable pracIIces and Iarms, recyclable
producIs, produce Iree oI chemIcals and ensures labor
rIghIs and approprIaIe wages Ior workers. Dne oI Ihe mosI
popular areas oI FaIr Trade Is In Ihe coƤee IndusIry, wIIh
companIes lIke SIarbucks and Creen MounIaIn CoƤee boIh
helpIng workers and Iarmers Io earn a sIable lIvIng Ihrough
IheIr produce.
AI EarIhsIock, SßUŗs DxIam AmerIca chapIer and
SobornosI Ior Ihe World FoundaIIon, Ìnc. had Iables
promoIIng FaIr Trade. The Iwo groups are non-proƥI
organIzaIIons IhaI are supporIed by donaIIons and Iry Io
raIse money and awareness In an eƤorI Io end exIreme
hunger and poverIy.
AccordIng Io IheIr websIIe, DxIam AmerIcaŗs mIssIon Is
Io řcreaIe lasIIng soluIIons Io poverIy, hunger, and socIal
InjusIIce.Ś The DxIam Iable aI EarIhsIock gave away FaIr
Trade mIlk and dark chocolaIe, as well as accepIIng meal
poInI donaIIons Ior Ihe organIzaIIon. The maIn aIIracIIon
Io Ihe Iable came Irom Ihe clubŗs Iree poIs IhaI IesIIval
aIIendees could ƥll wIIh soIl and planI seeds In, rangIng
Irom marIgolds and dahlIas Io cIlanIro and hoI peppers.
Club PresIdenI Nader Nouraee explaIned Ihe message Ihe
DxIam AmerIca Iable was spreadIng.
řRIghI now weŗre launchIng a grow campaIgn. ÌIŗs
abouI spreadIng awareness oI FaIr Trade, because Ihere
*(.! *! +'-! '1! 1*().(%! *&7! %)*++! 1*()! 4'))5&$-$.%! -#*-! *(.!
beIng exploIIed by larger corporaIIons, and Ihereŗs a loI oI
InjusIIce goIng around regardIng who geIs how many crops
and who geIs properly paId Ior IheIr labor,Ś Nouraee saId.
DxIam AmerIca Is currenIly consIdered one oI Ihe
besI non-governmenIal organIzaIIons In Ihe world and
Is supporIed by many oIher groups, and bands such as
Coldplay and RadIohead. NoI only does Ihe humanIIarIan
organIzaIIon supporI FaIr Trade pracIIces IhaI beneƥI
workers and Iarmers, buI Ihe club members aI Ihe Iable
were also InIormIng sIudenIs oI Ihe wIdespread Issues oI
hunger Iaced by many In ImpoverIshed counIrIes.
řÌIŗs esIImaIed IhaI one bIllIon people go Io bed
hungry every nIghI,Ś Nouraee saId. řThaIŗs one In seven
people, so weŗre IryIng Io brIng an end Io IhaI by spreadIng
by Liz Kaempf
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
FurIher down Ihe academIc mall Iowards Ihe IounIaIn
was Ihe Iable Ior Ihe World VIllage FaIr Trade MarkeI. The
sIore In HampIon ßays, opened by SobornosI Ior Ihe World
FoundaIIon, Ìnc., supporIs counIrIes and IheIr workers In
makIng recyclable and susIaInable producIs In order Io
earn a lIvIng. Members oI Ihe organIzaIIon also help Ieach
Ihese same workers In AIrIcan and ÌndIan counIrIes how Io
Iurn Ihe resources avaIlable Io Ihem InIo sellable producIs.
Some oI Ihe IIems Ior sale were Ihree-dImensIonal
magneIs In Ihe shape oI varIous anImals and jewelry
made Irom recycled paper, wall sculpIures creaIed Irom
'+7! ).-*+! 7(5)%! *&7! 0(*4.+.-%! )*7.! 1(')! (.4,4+.7! %*($%!
In ÌndIa. PaInIed pan ƦuIes, whIsIles and messenger bags
were some oI Ihe oIher popular IIems aI Ihe Iable, and also
avaIlable aI Ihe sIore and on IheIr websIIe.
EIleen McPhelIn, Ihe sIoreŗs manager who helped Io run
Ihe Iable aI EarIhsIock, saId Ihe doors oI Ihe World VIllage
FaIr Trade MarkeI have been open Ior Ien years sellIng
producIs Irom across Ihe globe. She explaIned whaI FaIr
Trade means and Ihe mIssIon oI Ihe IoundIng organIzaIIon,
SobornosI Ior Ihe World FoundaIIon, Ìnc.
řFaIr Irade means IhaI all Ihe people who make [Ihe
producIs], all Ihe arIIsans, are guaranIeed a IaIr lIvIng wage
and Ihere Is no chIld or slave labor Involved,Ś she saId.
McPhelIn saId IhaI Ihe prIces oI Ihe goods sold are
marked up so IhaI Ihe proƥIs made are puI Iowards IakIng
care oI orphans In Kenya and ZambIa. řSo IIŗs a double-
mIssIon IhaI we have goIng on,Ś she added.
The producIs on sale aI Ihe sIore In HampIon ßays and
aI Ihe Iable aI EarIhsIock were made In several dIƤerenI
counIrIes IncludIng CambodIa, CuaIemala, ThaIland and
ÌndIa, as well as counIrIes across Ihe AIrIcan conIInenI.
McPhelIn descrIbed some oI Ihe varIous maIerIals Ihe
arIIsans used Io make Ihe pIeces IhaI were Ior sale, such
as used rIce bags, newspaper clIppIngs and ƦIps Ʀops,
buI saId IhaI noI everyIhIng Is recycled, many IhIngs are
jusI IndIgenous Io where Ihe workers lIve. DrganIzaIIon
members also employee Ihemselves Io Ihese counIrIes Io
aId In Ihe manuIacIurIng oI Ihese IIems.
řUsually abouI sIx monIhs oI Ihe year [members oI
Ihe organIzaIIon are] lIvIng wIIh Ihese people and helpIng
Ihem Io develop so IhaI Ihey can markeI someIhIng...
oIher Ihan whaI Ihey may be used Io doIng Ior hundreds
oI years. Theyŗre IradIIIonally doIng whaI Ihey lIke, buI
Ihen IncorporaIIng [ways] Io be a lIIIle bII more sellable,Ś
McPhelIn saId.
Dne oI Ihe pledges Ior Ihe World VIllage FaIr Trade
MarkeI was on Ihe IronI oI Ihe pamphleIs handed ouI Io
buyers aI Ihe evenI: řProvIdIng FaIr Trade ProducIs Made
wIIh PrIde, Sold wIIh Hope, ßoughI wIIh ConscIence.Ś ThIs
remInded evenI-goers IhaI Ihey were purchasIng producIs
IhaI beneƥIed a jusI cause. DxIam AmerIca and SobornosI
Ior Ihe World FoundaIIon, Ìnc. wIll assuredly conIInue Io be
deƥnIIIve and easIly accessIble non-proƥI organIzaIIons
IhaI wIll spread awareness and help supporI ImpoverIshed
IamIlIes and workers around Ihe globe Io creaIe beIIer
workIng and lIvIng condIIIons Ior as many people Ihey can
reach ouI Io as possIble.
20 20
FEATURES May 2, 2012
Anna LubIIz manages Io look puI-IogeIher and
proIessIonal even on a SaIurday mornIng. WhIle mosI SIony
ßrook sIudenIs meander IheIr way InIo SIarbucks wearIng
IheIr mosI comIorIable sweaIs, LubIIz wears a blazer In
Seawolves red and Is enIhusIasIIc and upbeaI wIIhouI even
orderIng a coƤee. ÌIŗs clear IhaI she Is Ihe kInd oI person
who geIs more done beIore 8 a.m. Ihan many oI her peers
would In an enIIre day.
ThIs semesIer LubIIz managed Io balance her 23 credII
schedule wIIh sIngIng Ihe naIIonal anIhem aI ßaskeIball
games, parIIcIpaIIng In and helpIng organIze on campus
evenIs such as EarIhsIock and ElecI Her, and heavIly
campaIgnIng Ior Ihe presIdency.
LubIIz, an avId 5tcr Wcrs Ian and commuIer who grew
up very close Io campus lIkes Io say sheŗs been aIIendIng
SIony ßrook sInce Ihe sIxIh grade, when she sIarIed
spendIng her summers here aI scIence camp.
řÌ have a drIvIng passIon Ior Ihe UnIversIIy,Ś LubIIz saId
oI her decIsIon Io run Ior presIdenI.
As a very acIIve member oI Ihe campus communIIy,
she Ieels she undersIands whaI USC could do Io have a
sIronger presence among Ihe sIudenI body.
řÌIŗs sad IhaI a loI oI sIudenIs donŗI know who Is
represenIIng Ihem,Ś she saId. řÌ wanI Ihe senaIors Io geI
ouI oI Ihe oƧce Io really Ialk Io people and see whaI Is
happenIng and whaI needs Io happen.Ś
LubIIz Is a member oI many on campus clubs
and organIzaIIons, IncludIng Ihe CommuIer SIudenI
AssocIaIIon and Ihe Pre-VeI SocIeIy. Her InvolvemenI wIIh
clubs, as well as her posIIIon as a senaIor, has gIven her a
unIque perspecIIve oI Ihe relaIIonshIp USC has wIIh such
řThe combInaIIon oI everyIhIng Ìŗve done has prepared
me Ior IhIs,Ś LubIIz saId.
LubIIz, a member oI Ihe Seawolves Ior Change parIy,
promIsed Improved communIcaIIon as a major parI oI her
řWe need Io open up and reach ouI Io more
organIzaIIons,Ś LubIIz saId. řPeople need Io know and be
remInded oI deadlInes and ImporIanI daIes.Ś
Her ƥrsI sIep In closIng Ihe gap beIween USC and clubs
would Include makIng sure USC has up-Io-daIe conIacI
Ihey can send ouI e-maIls and noIIces Io groups eƧcIenIly.
řÌI does no good II we have Ihe emaIl address oI Ihe
club presIdenI Irom 2UU5 lIsIed,Ś LubIIz saId.
She also would
lIke Io hold more Iown
#*++! 7$%45%%$'&%! 1'(!
řÌ wanI Io make
SIony ßrook a much
closer communIIy,Ś
LubIIz saId. řWe are
all represenIaIIves oI
Ihe same school.Ś
AnoIher oI
her proposed
ImprovemenIs Ior USC
Includes workIng wIIh
Ihe SIudenI AcIIvIIIes
ßoard Io plan bIgger
řÌI youŗre goIng Io
do II, you have Io do II rIghI,Ś LubIIz saId oI Ihe major evenIs
on campus. řÌ wanI evenIs IhaI people wIll remember.Ś
Ìn response Io all Ihe budgeI Issues SAß has Iaced
In Ihe pasI Iwo years, LubIIz IhInks a beIIer waIch oI Ihe
agency Is necessary.
řThey need a subsIanIIal budgeI Io do whaI Ihey do,Ś
she saId. řWe have Io closely monIIor IhaI large amounI Io
make II work.Ś
DI all Ihe IhIngs she has done on campus, Ihere are
several IhaI sIand ouI as InspIraIIon Ior her choIce Io run.
The ElecI Her evenI, oI whIch LubIIz served as a sIudenI
lIason and spoke aI as parI oI a panel, held In mId-March
was a major mIlesIone Ior her campaIgn.
řÌI was a wonderIul experIence,Ś LubIIz saId oI Ihe
IraInIng sessIon. SIony ßrook was chosen Ior II based on an
applIcaIIon submIIIed by ExecuIIve VIce PresIdenI Deborah
řÌ was able Io apply Ihe lessons learned Ihere Io my
campaIgn,Ś LubIIz saId. řÌI made me more wIllIng Io Iake on
IhIs challenge.Ś
LubIIz also Ieels Ihe class SDC 268: Theory and PracIIce
In SIudenI LeadershIp was beneƥcIal Io her campaIgn.
řÌ really learned abouI myselI as a leader,Ś she saId oI
As Ior all Ihe clubs and organIzaIIons LubIIz Is currenIly
Involved In, she wIll have Io waII and see II her schedule
nexI year wIll allow her Io conIInue.
řMy elecIed posIIIon comes ƥrsI,Ś she saId. řÌ donŗI
wanI Io spread myselI Ioo IhIn.Ś
by Jodie Mann
ÌIŗs clear IhaI she Is Ihe kInd
oI person who geIs more
many oI her peers would In
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
21 21 21
Dn an unusually warm March evenIng, Ihe members oI
Ihe EnvIronmenIal Club gaIher In Ihe small yellow room In
RoIh, jusI lIke Ihey do every Wednesday nIghI aI 7:UU.
řWeŗre here Io Ialk abouI nuclear energy,Ś says
CzernIawskI, Ihe club presIdenI,Io begIn Ihe meeIIng.
řAnyone know whaI day EarIh Day Is?Ś CzernIawskI asks
lIke an elemenIary school Ieacher addressIng her class.
řAprIl 22Ś somebody shouIs ouI. řßIngoʖŚ she responds.
The EnvIronmenIal Club doesnŗI have many members
and doesnŗI geI much recognIIIon, buI, under CzernIawskIŗs
leadershIp, II works hard Io make Ihe campus a beIIer place
řThe ƥrsI IIme Ì saw Ihe campus, Ì was In elemenIary
school,Ś she saId. řThere was Ivy on Ihe buIldIngs Ihen, and
a loI oI green space. Now IhaI Ìŗm here, almosI Iwo decades
laIer, Ihe campus has gone Ihrough urbanIzaIIon. ÌIŗs a
shame Io lose Ihe envIronmenIal aspecI.Ś
Ever sInce she sIarIed aIIendIng SIony ßrook, she has
been helpIng Ihe EnvIronmenIal Club Iry and brIng more
green Io a campus IhaI always seems Io be undergoIng
consIrucIIon. The club has creaIed a Iask Iorce Io Iry and
geI more vegeIables on campus In Ihe hope IhaI campus
dInIng mIghI be InIeresIed In usIng Ihe Iood IhaI wIll be
grown, řIIŗs more susIaInable and healIhIer,Ś she saId.
AI Ihe momenI, Ihere are only Iwo vegeIable gardens
on Ihe enIIre SIony ßrook campus. Dne, near Ihe SouIh
ParkIng LoI, was sIarIed by a random group oI sIudenIs and
has been Iaken over by Ihe EnvIronmenIal Club. The oIher
Is aI Ihe hospIIal and Is maInIaIned by Ihe HealIh ScIences
The club occasIonally pays vIsIIs Io Ihe garden In
Ihe SouIh ParkIng LoI durIng IheIr meeIIngs. The 21
envIronmenIalIsIs Irek Io Ihe loI and congregaIe In IronI
oI Ihe paIch.
The small garden, whIch can go unnoIIced by passersby,
Is crammed on Io a ploI on Ihe sIde oI Ihe large parkIng loI.
ÌIŗs ƥlled wIIh IomaIoes, poIaIoes, parsley, basIl, Ihyme and
MosI oI Ihe vegeIables are gIven Io Inner cIIy IamIlIes
who canŗI aƤord Iood or are donaIed Io organIzaIIons IhaI
dIsIrIbuIe Ihe Iood IndependenIly. The garden requIres a
loI oI workŔeach sprIng Ihe area has Io be cleared, planIed
DurIng Ihe school year, volunIeers and members oI
Ihe EnvIronmenIal Club maInIaIn Ihe garden. The maIn
problem Is IhaI Ihere are Iewer people avaIlable Io do II
over Ihe summer. There are noI many sIudenIs on campus,
and Ihe garden needs a loI oI waIer.
The unIversIIyŗs admInIsIraIIon Is workIng Io creaIe
Iwo InIern posIIIons Ior sIudenIs who wIll receIve sIIpends
Ior maInIaInIng Ihe garden, accordIng Io CzernIawskI.
RIghI now, Ihe IIny garden, surrounded by a black Ience,
doesnŗI look lIke much. Small yellow dandelIons and large
brown Iree sIumps are sprInkled around Ihe green area. The
club hasnŗI sIarIed geIIIng Ihe ploI ready Ior planIIng yeI.
MaInIaInIng a IIny garden IsnŗI Ihe only IhIng
EnvIronmenIal Club members do. The club also worked on
an InIIIaIIve Io replace plasIIc bags wIIh reusable bags by
sellIng Ihem aI EarIhsIock.
The EnvIronmenIal Club also pools people and
resources wIIh boIh Ihe MarIne ScIence Club and Ihe
CommunIIy ServIce Club Io help Improve Ihe campus
and Ihe communIIy. Sal Caldarello, a member oI Ihe
EnvIronmenIal and MarIne ScIences clubs assIsIs PresIdenI
Val NeampIu and VIce PresIdenI ßrIan Callagher oI Ihe
MarIne ScIence Club as an unoƧcIal evenIs coordInaIor. He
belIeves boIh clubs are pushIng Ihe řgreenŚ menIalIIy onIo
řWe have members IhaI never would have conIacIed
each oIher buI have sImIlar goals and aspIraIIons,Ś
Caladrello saId In an emaIl InIervIew.
řThIs combIned wIIh Ihe accepIance oI all sIudenIs
and majors allows Ior Ihe unIversIIy as a whole Io become
closer Io each oIher,Ś he saId. řEvery IIme you go Ihe many
dInIng halls on campus and see more recyclIng bIns, solar
powered Irash compacIors, [Ihe] use oI envIronmenIally
IrIendly Iableware, [Ihese] were all broughI abouI by Ihe
[clubŗs] abIlIIy Io change Ihe world, and Ihe campus.Ś
WhIle Ihe Iwo clubs have dIƤerenI agendas, Ihey
manage Io work IogeIher Io help Ihe campus communIIy.
They plan evenIs lIke beach clean-ups, IundraIsers lIke a
IashIon show Ior charIIy, and IrIps lIke kayak IrIps and seal
walks. CzernIawskI and Caldarello hope Io spread Ihe word
across Ihe campus. He says Ihey wanI Io enlIsI sIudenIs
wIIh dIƤerenI IalenIs, such as arI or communIcaIIon skIlls
Io help connecI Io Ihe resI oI Ihe sIudenI body.
ßuI Ihere mIghI be a more ImmedIaIe problem IacIng
Ihe EnvIronmenIal Club. The UndergraduaIe SIudenI
CovernmenI cuI Ihe clubŗs budgeI Ior IhIs year. For Ihe
2U1U-2U11 school year, Ihe club had a budgeI oI ʙ6,5UU.
ThIs year, II was reduced Io ʙ3,5UU. The money goes
Iowards evenIs, seeds, soIl, IransporIaIIon, arIs and craIIs,
and anyIhIng else IhaI Ihe club mIghI need Io Improve Ihe
For Ihe second Io lasI meeIIng enjoyed a poIluck oI
vegan Iood whIle dIscussIng Ihe dIƤerences beIween
pesceIarIanIsm, vegeIarIanIsm and veganIsm. AIIer Ihe
Ihey dIscuss IheIr eaIIng habIIs. AlmosI all parIIcIpanIs
have someIhIng Io say. The vIbe In Ihe room Is relaxed as
Ihe members eaI and socIalIze, II Is a welcomIng aImospere
by Priscila Korb
CULTURE May 2, 2012
Producer Ioss Whedon (%XƱ\8!)LUHƳ\} and dIrecIor Drew
Coddard gIve a reIreshIng perspecIIve on Ihe concepI
oI selI-awareness In horror ƥlms wIIh IheIr laIesI ƦIck
Thc Ccb¡n ¡n thc Woods. To reveal Ioo much oI whaI Is
accomplIshed In IhIs movIe would spoIl II, buI IIŗs a clever
and unIque Iake noI jusI on horror movIes, buI Ihe process
oI wrIIIng Ihose movIes.
Thc Ccb¡n ¡n thc Woods Is abouI ƥve college kIds who
go Io an abandoned cabIn Ior a weekend geIaway. Sounds
IamIlIar, rIghI? Whedon and Coddard know II, and IheIr
aIIempI Io revamp II Is boIh InspIrIng and surprIsIngly
ThIs movIe Is essenIIally a breakdown oI a bunch oI
dIƤerenI horror ƥlms, and Is presenIed as a governmenI
experImenI IhaI wanIs Io make a real-lIIe horror movIe Ior
reasons only explaIned aI Ihe end. The endIng Is noIhIng
shorI oI over-Ihe-Iop and oƤers a comedIc and InIeresIIng
IwIsI on Ihe enIIre movIe.
There Is an exIernal Iorce reIerred Io IhroughouI IhaI
nudges Ihe ƥlm In IypIcal horror clIchés IhaI. RaIher Ihan
seemIng overdone, IhIs Iorces Ihe vIewer Io reƦecI on pasI
ƦIcks such as Thc Ev¡l Dccd8! Thc Tcxcs Chc¡nscw Mcssccrc
and oIhers. The movIe comes oƤ as predIcIable wIIh Ihe
reIerences. The IwIsIs, however, are puI InIo Ihe ƥlm rIghI
when you Ieel you know whaIŗs goIng Io happen and really
WhIle noI phenomenal, Ihe acIIng geIs Ihe poInI across.
The sIereoIypIcal roles are all Ihere, buI Ihey donŗI sIarI oƤ
IhaI way. The řpuppeIeersŚ In Ihe movIe have Io use gases,
InjecIIons and even poIson haIr dye Io make Ihe InIIIally
Ihree-dImensIonal characIers sInk InIo IheIr horror clIchés.
"#$%! *77%! -'! -#.! 4($-$4$%)! *&7! 15(-#.(%! -#.! $7.*! -#*-! -#.!
scrIpI Is beIng wrIIIen as Ihe movIe plays. ÌI also allows Ihe
vIewer Io InsIanIly care abouI Ihe characIers. MarIy, who
Is Ihe sIoner wonderIully played by Franz Kranz, capIures
,'5(! #.*(-! 1(')! -#.! )').&-! #.! 4').%! '&! -#.! %4(..&;! B.!
adds a very Iunny Iouch, whIch causes you Io Iall deeper In
love wIIh hIs characIer as Ihe movIe progresses.
The ƥlm IsnŗI really scary due Io Ihe predIcIabIlIIy, buI
IhaI IsnŗI whaI IIŗs goIng Ior. There Is gore Ior Ihose who are
seekIng loIs oI blood, buI noI Ioo much IhaI IIŗs unbearable
Io waIch. ÌIŗs Iunny and ulIImaIely a brIllIanI commenIary
on Ihe horror ƥlm genre as a whole. Dverall, Ihe movIe
oƤers a Iresh ouIlook on horror ƥlms and capIures Ihe
audIence. WIIh luck II may even revIIalIze Ihe enIIre genre,
whIch has been on Ihe declIne IhIs pasI decade.
The movIe IraIlers say řyou IhInk you know Ihe sIory,Ś
and IIŗs Irue. ThaIŗs Ihe sIarIIng plaIIorm, and aIIer IhaI
II wIll Iake you on a rIde IhaI you wIll never expecI. So
wheIher youŗre beIng chased by zombIes or sIalked by a
creepy serIal kIller, you should deƥnIIely run Io Ihe nearesI
IheaIre and check II ouI.
by Brianna Peterson
ÌIŗs a clever and unIque Iake
Ihe process oI wrIIIng Ihose
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
Clossy naIls, never-seen-IwIce wIgs, sequIned cosIumes
and ƥve-Inch heels were Ihe order oI Ihe day In Ihe Tabler
ArIs CenIer ßlack ßox TheaIre Thursday, AprIl 15 and FrIday,
AprIl 2U. ThaIŗs rIghI, Ihe queens had arrIved In a Ʀurry oI
IIghI dresses and, on occasIon, leoIards.
SIony ßrookŗs LCßTA hosIed Ihe Drag Show, provIdIng a
sIlver IInsel sIage door Ior kIngs and queens regal enough
Io brave IheIr peers In a Iwo-nIghI drag show exIravaganza.
Each acI IncorporaIed dance, musIc and a lIIIle bII oI raunch
Io appeal Io Ihe Iull-house audIence boIh nIghIs.
ÌI was Ihe ƥIIh annual Drag Show Ior Ihe LCßTA and
Ihe evenI has aIIracIed crowds sInce IIs InauguraIIon, wIIh
some proIessIonal and amaIeur perIormers comIng back
The perIormers werenŗI jusI SIony ßrook sIudenIs.
IusIIn DIaz, aka Sasha, a 2/-year-old proIessIonal queen
who perIorms In clubs around Long Ìsland, was ouI In
Iull regalIa and sashayed her way Ihrough Iwo ßeyoncé
AccordIng Io MIke KasIner, a sophomore cInema and
culIural sIudIes major, Sasha was Ihe sIar oI Ihe show.
řShe was deƥnIIely my IavorIIe, II was so much Iun,Ś
saId KasIner.
IudgIng by Ihe erupIIon when Sasha came ouI on sIage,
Ihe audIence agrees.
řA loI oI work goes InIo a perIormance and II Is very
expensIve,Ś saId Sasha as she pushed long honey blond
curls Irom a heavIly made up Iace.
Sashaŗs ouIƥI reƦecIed Ihe same panache: a meIallIc
grey, lIzard skIn leoIard IhaI leII lIIIle Io Ihe ImagInaIIon,
coupled wIIh skIn color sIockIngs and lIIIle grey booIIes.
ßuI Ior DIaz, Ihe eƤorI Is worIh II.
řÌ lIke makIng enIerIaInmenI Ior people,Ś she saId.
řSome people, when Ihey go Io a concerI, IIŗs such an
adrenalIne rush.Ś
DIher perIormers were somewhaI less experIenced,
makIng IheIr ƥrsI drag ouIIng aI Ihe show.
Dne such group oI perIormers were DavId MorrIs, a
SIony ßrook alumnus, MelIssa KaIz, a senIor psychology
major and ChrIsIIan CasIro, a senIor.
The IrIo danced and lIp-synced IheIr way Ihrough Ihe
song řThe ßoysŚ Irom Korean band SNSD (CIrlŗs CeneraIIon},
buI pracIIced Ior sIx Io eIghI weeks beIore hand.
MorrIs saId řII was really nerve-rackIng,Ś due Io IheIr
IechnIcal rouIIne, buI Ihe booIIe shorIs and black wIgs dId
Also ouI In Iorce was Ihe Long Ìsland AssocIaIIon Ior
AÌDS Care, who were presenI boIh nIghIs Io provIde on sIIe
HÌV IesIIng Io hand ouI proIecIIon Ŕ řWeŗve goI exIra large
In here,Ś was Ihe cry oI LÌAAC represenIaIIve, Io whIch one
vocal member oI Ihe audIence responded řrIghI over here.Ś
Many oI Ihe audIence members IhIs reporIer spoke
Io had been reIurnIng every year oI IheIr Ienure aI SIony
ßrook, sayIng IhaI II was a Iun show. They showed IheIr
approval by shouIIng, whoopIng and cheerIng on each acI,
mosI were comIng ouI Io have a gay old IIme In Ihe TAC.
by Olivia Burne
CULTURE May 2, 2012
The sexy hearIIhrob Zac EIron Is Ihe Iocal poInI oI Thc
Lucky Dnc, based on Ihe novel by NIcholas Sparks, buI Ì
dIdnŗI even need Io poInI IhaI ouI, dId Ì?
The kId Irom H¡gh 5chool Mus¡ccl Is back and he Is
all grown up. So go ahead and Ieel Iree Io gawk because
besIdes Zac EIron heaIIng up Ihe bIg screen by IakIng oƤ
The sIory begIns wIIh a marIne named Logan (EIron},
servIng In Ihe Ìraq War. The mornIng aIIer a nIghI raId , he
comes upon a pIcIure oI a beauIIIul young woman layIng In
IronI oI hIm In Ihe sand. As he moves Iowards Ihe pIcIure,
an explosIon goes oƤ In Ihe place he was jusI sIandIng, and
he Iakes II as a sIgn IhaI IhIs pIcIure Is hIs good luck charm.
AIIer reIurnIng home Irom Ìraq, Logan seIs ouI Io ƥnd IhIs
woman, whom he learns Is named ßeIh (Taylor ShIllIng}.
When he does meeI her, he ƥnds IhaI IellIng her Ihe IruIh
Is easIer saId Ihan done. So he doesnŗI. ÌnsIead he Iakes a
job workIng Ior her IamIly-run kennel. As Ihe monIhs pass,
Ihe Iwo grow closer, buI Logan Is sIuck beIween a rock and
a hard place when he realIzes Ihere Is no oIher opIIon Ihan
Io Iell her Ihe IruIh, or rIsk losIng her Iorever.
Zac EIron was Indeed nIce Io waIch, buI Thc Lucky Dnc!
Is jusI Ihe laIesI aIIempI oI IryIng Io Iurn hIm InIo a major
dreamy movIe sIar, and Io puI hIs H¡gh 5chool Mus¡ccl 7*,%!
behInd hIm. ßuI, he wIll always be Ihe kId who goI your
head In Ihe game, when II comes Io playIng baskeIball.
Ì do gIve a hand Io SchIllIng, whom we havenŗI seen on
Ihe bIg screen Ior quIIe some IIme now. Her perIormance
was excepIIonal, and she has IhIs mysIerIous qualIIy abouI
her IhaI makes you belIeve she has endured all Ihe same
experIences as Ihe characIer she porIrays.
Dverall Ihough, Ihe movIe was a dIsappoInImenI,
especIally Io Ihose who read Ihe novel, sInce Ihey changed
a loI oI scenes Irom Ihe book. How can you make a movIe
based on a NIcholas Sparks book, II you donŗI Iollow whaI
happened In Ihe novel?
Sparks knows exacIly whaI kInd oI Ians he has, and he
knows IhaI Ihe key Io ƥndIng success Is Io wrIIe dIrecIly Io
Ihem. ThaIŗs whaI makes hIs book so lIkable Io so many. HIs
novel was one IhaI Ì could noI puI down, and Ihe sIory oI
Logan and ßeIh Is a IanIasy IhaI people can easIly geI losI
DespIIe whaI you may hear abouI Ihe ƥlm, donŗI leI IhaI
dIscourage you Irom openIng up Ihe pages oI Ihe novel and
experIencIng Ior yourselI Ihe power IhaI IaIe has Io brIng
Iwo people IogeIher. ÌI Is a shame IhaI Ihe ƥlm couldnŗI lIve
up Io Ihe novel, buI lIke Ì always say, řdonŗI judge a book
by IIs movIe.Ś
by Nicole Kohn
How can you make a movIe
based on a NIcholas Sparks
book, II you donŗI Iollow whaI
happened In Ihe novel?
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
Dne oI Ihe many secreI messages In Fcz reads, řTrapped
In a Iez IacIory. Please send help.Ś ThIs plea comes sIraIghI
Irom Ihe mouIh oI Ihe gameŗs creaIor, PhIl FIsh, who Ior
nearly ƥve years, was Irapped wIIhIn Ihe padded walls oI
hIs own creaIIon. ThIs game all buI kIlled hIm, clawIng away
aI hIs healIh, psyche and relaIIonshIps.
! Fcz Is Ihe chronIcle oI PhIl FIshŗs descenI InIo madness
as he sIruggled Io develop Ihe game, and Ihrough endless
mysIery, obIuscaIIon and complexIIy, II InvIIes Ihe player
Io suƤer Ihe same IaIe.
Dn Ihe surIace, Ihe game appears Io be Ihe nexI IndIe
plaIIormer du jour: an homage Io Ihe games oI Ihe 158Us,
compleIe wIIh a clever core-mechanIc, charmIng pIxel-arI
graphIcs, and a hIp soundIrack. ßuI IIs Irue Iorm, Iucked
behInd IhaI veneer oI neo-reIroIsm, Is someIhIng Iar more
! Fez Is abouI puzzles. ÌIs sIory Is a puzzle. ÌIs world, and
even navIgaIIng II, Is a puzzle. ÌIŗs made oI puzzles.
You know Ihe Iamous WInsIon ChurchIll quoIe, Ihe one
abouI Ihe rIddle wrapped In a mysIery InsIde an enIgma?
ForgeI abouI RussIa. ThIs Is whaI he meanI.
And Ihese arenŗI your sIandard vIdeo game puzzles.
Ic scrIbblIngs oI a mad man on hIs cell wall. There are secreI
languages and codes, a puzzle IhaI lIIerally Iakes days Io
compleIe, and rooms In Ihe very ƥrsI area wIIh secreIs IhaI
you wonŗI realIze exIsI unIIl you are hours InIo Ihe game.
Every posIer and every chalk drawIng has a meanIng. You
beIIer copy Ihem onIo some graph paper or Iake a pIcIure,
because youŗll be needIng Ihem laIer.
Ìn IhIs sense, Fcz Is a reIreshIng reIurn Io Ihe old days
oI vIdeo games, when manuals came wIIh blank pages Ior
řNoIesŚ Ŕ hell, a IIme when games came wIIh manuals aI
all. ÌI doesnŗI hold your hand and II mosI cerIaInly doesnŗI
Ieed you soluIIons or even hInIs. A player could reach Ihe
endIng oI Ihe game wIIhouI solvIng Ihe more ƥendIsh puz:
zles or even realIzIng Ihe secreI codes exIsI. ßuI Ihen agaIn,
Ihey wouldnŗI really be playIng Fcz;
Youŗre noI really playIng Fcz unIIl youŗre ƥllIng up a
noIebook wIIh drawIngs oI TeIrIs blocks, cIphers and clocks
or holdIng your phone up Io your TV Io scan ÇR codes.
Youŗre noI really playIng Fcz unIIl glIIchIng Ihrough a wall
and IallIng Io your deaIh seems lIke an InIended IeaIure
and noI a bug.
ÌIŗs a madness-InducIng prospecI oI LovecraIIIan pro:
porIIons IhaI burrows InIo your braIn and wonŗI ever sIop
pokIng aI Ihe one, weIrd, squIshy parI IhaI loves a good
mysIery. Even when you IhInk youŗre done, you really have
no way oI beIng sure. CheckIng your rankIng on Ihe lead:
erboards reveals a compleIIon percenIage, buI oI course,
II doesnŗI cap ouI aI 1UU percenI. Ìŗm currenIly sIIIIng aI
2U5.3. Yep. HelpIul.
ßuI IhaI IInge oI manIa and obsessIon you Ieel? ThaIŗs
whaI PhIl FIsh wenI Ihrough In creaIIng IhIs. Fcz mIghI have
sIarIed ouI as a clever plaIIormer wIIh an emphasIs on dIs:
covery and exploraIIon, buI II Iurned InIo a wIndow Io Ihe
mInd and hellIsh experIence oI IIs creaIor.
WhIle noI dIrecIly abouI Ihe creaIIve process, Fcz! 1'+:
lows In Ihe IooIsIeps oI Ihe greaI works oI arI dedIcaIed
Io Ihe sIruggle IhaI accompanIes II and In a manner only
vIdeo games can produce, Ihe player Is creaIed, noI jusI Io
wIIness IhIs sIruggle, buI Io Ieel II. ÌI was PhIl FIshŗs de:
scenI InIo madness IhaI buIlI Ihese puzzles, and only yours
IhaI can unravel Ihem. Dr you know, you could jusI check
Ihe ÌnIerneI.
by Matt Gerardi
CULTURE May 2, 2012
WIz KhalIIa, archIIecI oI such albums as Kush B Drcngc
Ju¡cc!*&7!Roll¡ng Pcpcrs, perIormed aI SIony ßrook UnIver:
sIIy on FrIday, AprIl 27.
WIz KhalIIa, whose real name Is Cameron IIbrIl Thom:
az, makes a lIvIng oƤ rappIng abouI weed and oIher sImIlar
moIIIs IhaI have pervaded hIp-hop ever sInce Snoop Dogg
Iound hIs lazy drawl.
FreezIng ouIsIde oI Ihe PrIIchard Cym along wIIh Ihou:
sands oI sIudenIs and a handIul oI cops Ì Iook ouI my head:
phones and IPod. The ƥrsI song Io play was ßob Dylanŗs
řRaIny Day Women ʘ12 B 35,Ś whose bellow oI a reIraIn
goes, řeverybody musI geI sIonedʖŚ
WIz Is lIke Ihe basIard son oI Ihe ŗ6Us, sympaIhIzIng
wIIh Ihe IreewheelIng, anII-auIhorIIarIan menIalIIy oI IhaI
IIme. Dylanŗs song was so conIroversIal IhaI II was banned
on ßßC when II came ouI In 1566 Ior Iear oI Ihe prevalence
oI řdrug songs,Ś yeI hIs songs are Iame by WIz KhalIIaŗs
sIandards. WIzŗs work houses such song IIIles as řYou Can
PuI II In a Zag, Ìŗmma PuI II In a ßlunI,Ś řCood DankŚ and
řReeIer ParIy.Ś
ÌIŗs no surprIse IhaI WIzŗs mosI well-receIved song aI
Ihe concerI was hIs collaboraIIon wIIh Snoop Dogg, řYoung,
WIld and Free.Ś The crowd joIned In sIngIng along Io Ihe
chorus IhaI goes, řSo whaI we geI drunk?lSo whaI we
smoke weed?lWeŗre jusI havIng IunlWe donŗI care who
seeslSo whaI we go ouI?lThaIŗs how IIs supposed Io bel
LIvIng young and wIld and Iree.Ś
There was a reason WIz perIormed In IronI oI a large,
whIIe-graƧIIed peace sIgn, a modernIzaIIon oI an old
Iheme. MusIc and marIjuana have gone hand-In-hand even
earlIer Ihan IhaIŕIn IImI HendrIxŗs řPurple HazeŚ and The
ßeaIlesŗ řCoI To CeI You ÌnIo My LIIe,Ś Ior exampleŕbuI
never quIIe Io IhIs exIenI. řAll Ì do Is mary, mary, marylÌ
aInŗI IuckInŗ wIIh no oIher drug,Ś WIz raps In řMary 3x,Ś per:
Iormed halIway Ihrough WIzŗs seI, whIch was sandwIched
beIween perIormances by RBß sInger MIguel and dubsIep
ThIs was Ihe ƥrsI song In whaI can be descrIbed as a
marIjuana medley, seguIng In řÌn Ihe CuIŚŕas In, řIn Ihe
cuI, rollInŗ doobIes upŚŕIhen InIo řSIIll ßlazInŗ,Ś ƥnally
IoppIng II oƤ wIIh cover oI ßob Marleyŗs řNo Woman, No
WIz, wearIng an embellIshed jean jackeI and dark blue
by Ethan Freedman
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
The Tabler ArIs CenIer ßlack ßox TheaIre was ƥlled wIIh
Ihe sound oI řdo wopŗsŚ and řahhhŗsŚ as SIony ßrookŗs all-
male a capella group, Ihe HIgh Cŗs, sang a medley oI classIc
songs Ior Ihe enIhusIasIIc crowd on FrIday, AprIl 2U.
The chemIsIry Ihe eIghI boys had was obvIous Irom
Ihe momenI Ihey walked on sIage. They sIood IogeIher In
IormaIIon unIIl VIce PresIdenI oI Ihe group, IImmy DeaIs,
approached Ihe mIcrophone. řWe love you, you love us,
weŗre goIng Io sIng some songs,Ś he saId. They kepI Ihe
audIence sIngIng along wIIh popular songs such as řAnImalŚ
by Neon Trees, řFor Ihe LongesI TImeŚ by ßIlly Ioel, řÌ WanI
ÌI ThaI WayŚ by The ßacksIreeI ßoys and more. The songs
were all meI wIIh cheers and dancIng Irom Ihe excIIed Ians
sIIIIng In Ihe black chaIrs In IronI oI Ihe small sIage.
However, aIIer InIermIssIon II was a compleIely
dIƤerenI show. The lIghIs were low and AmII Curuprasad
approached Ihe sIage. Suddenly, Ihe room bursI wIIh
Ihe sound oI hIs vocal percussIon as Ihe audIence saI In
dIsbelIeI. The sounds IhaI came ouI oI AmII were unnaIural,
soundIng more elecIronIc Ihan human. AIIerwards, Ihe
room exploded In applause as he walked oƤ.
The IalenIed group oI sIngers compeIed aI Ihe
NorIheasI qualIƥers Ior Ihe ÌnIernaIIonal ChampIonshIp oI
CollegIaIe A Capella (ÌCCA}, where Ihey placed IourIh. They
also aIIended Ihe SocIal MedIa and A Capella ConIerence
and placed well.
Ioey SpIIalerI, who has been sIngIng wIIh Ihe HIgh
Cŗs Ior Iwo years, IhInks IhaI Ihe IuIure oI Ihe group Is
řPeople are showIng more InIeresI on Facebook,Ś he
saId. řWeŗre comIng up wIIh new arrangemenIs.Ś
As Ihe HIgh Cŗs ended wIIh IheIr Irademark song, a cover
oI AmerIcaŗs řSIsIer Colden HaIr,Ś Ihe already-pumped
crowd sang and clapped along. When Ihey ƥnIshed, Ihe
enIIre crowd leII wIIh seemIngly saIIsƥed smIles on IheIr
skInny jeans, began hIs seI wIIh řWhen Ìŗm Cone,Ś Ihe lead
Irack oI hIs major label debuI RollIng Papers. řWhen Ìŗm
ConeŚ Is a song abouI spendIng your money Io enjoy Ihe
hIgh lIIe. řßack In Ihe day money was shorI, Ìŗm makIng
II IallerlYou know whaI Ì mean, some say IIŗs a probleml
ßlowIng my greens, noI savIng my collardslNo NßA, Ihey
say Ìŗm a ballerlLIve Ior Ioday, IIŗs noI lIke my IaIher,Ś WIz
rapped, Io adorIng cheers. WIz cerIaInly holds up Io II. Ìn a
2U1U YouTube vIdeo, he claImed IhaI he spenI ʙ1U,UUU on
weed a monIh.
As WIz KhalIIa rapped abouI Mary Iane and bIIches,
InIo a mIcrophone covered In aIghans, Ihe sIench oI weed
permeaIed Ihe crowd, and II wasnŗI even comIng Irom Ihe
arIIsI who jusI Ihe day beIore was busIed Ior poI posses:
sIon. Every once In a whIle, a puƤ oI smoke would rIse Irom
Ihe pII In IronI oI Ihe sIage, Io whIch WIz would respond
wIIh hIs cackle oI a laugh, aƧrmIng a connecIIon wIIh Ihe
by Priscila Korb
CULTURE May 2, 2012
WIIh summer jusI around Ihe corner, Ihose who reIuse
Io Iake summer classes are goIng Io have a loI oI days Io ƥll.
And, unIorIunaIely, as greaI as IIŗd be Io have every day Iull
oI brIghI sunlIghI and beach-IrIendly IemperaIure, chances
are Ihereŗs goIng Io be aI leasI a Iew days oI raIn, days IhaI
*(.! %'! #'-! -#*-! .6.&! -#.! 0.*4#! $%! *! +$--+.! '&! -#.! +.%%! 4'):
IorIable sIde. So whaI beIIer way Io spend Ihose days IhAn
In a nIce aIr-condIIIoned movIe IheaIre? Take advanIage oI
oIIen-lower-prIced maIInee IIckeIs on exIremely hoI days,
and enjoy some movIes IhaI are sure Io please.
WHAT TD 5EE DN: May 18
MDVÌE: Whct to Expcct Whcn You´rc Expcct¡ng
STARRÌNC: ElIzabeIh ßanks, ßrooklyn Decker, IennIIer Lo:
pez, DennIs ÇuaId, Cameron DIaz, Anna KendrIck, Chace
CrawIord, ChrIs Rock, MaIIhew MorrIson
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: The sIory acIually looks preIIy
lame, Ihough II could surprIse, consIderIng IIŗs a comedIc
approach Io Ihe besI-sellIng pregnancy guIde oI Ihe same
name. The real draw here Is Ihe all-sIar lIneup oI acIors
who venIure InIo Ihe řno judgIngŚ sysIem oI parenIIng
MDVÌE: Thc D¡ctctor
STARRÌNC: Sacha ßaron Cohen, Megan Fox, Anna FarIs, ßen
KIngsley, Iohn C. ReIlly
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: Cohen wIll be goIng InIo char:
acIer once agaIn, IhIs IIme as an ouI-oI-IhIs-world dIcIaIor
wIIh a mIssIon: do whaIever II Iakes Io sIop democracy Iro
geIIIng Io hIs counIry. WIIh reIerences Io Saddam Husse:
In and Muammar Caddaƥ, II wIll deƥnIIely be oƤensIvely
IurnIng some heads.
WHAT TD 5EE DN: May 25
MDVÌE: Mcn ¡n 8lcck 3
STARRÌNC: WIll SmIIh, Tommy Lee Iones, Iosh ßrolIn
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: ÌIŗs been Ien years sInce Mí8 íí;!
ÌIŗs abouI IIme we geI Ihe IhIrd InsIallmenI In Ihe govern:
menI agencIes ƥghIIng alIens saga. ßesIdes IhaI, usually
when anoIher InsIallmenI oI a movIe saga comes ouI a de:
cade aIIer Ihe lasI one, IIŗs good. Really good.
WHAT TD 5EE DN: 1une 1
MDVÌE: 5now Wh¡tc cnd thc Huntsmcn
STARRÌNC: KrIsIen SIewarI, ChrIs HemsworIh, CharlIze
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: Really dark accounI oI Ihe classIc
Iale. Ì personally wanI Io auIomaIIcally skIp anyIhIng IhaI
sIars SIewarI, buI IhIs looks lIke II may acIually be some:
IhIng oI a wInner. ÌI Iakes Ihe orIgInal Snow WhIIe Iale and
adds IoresI monsIers and knIghIs In medIeval baIIles. ÌI
keeps Ihe spIrII oI Ihe ßroIhers CrImm In IhIs versIon oI
WHAT TD 5EE DN: 1une 8
Ìgnore Ihe movIe IheaIers Ioday. NoIhIng sIellar Is goIng Io
grace us wIIh IIs presence.
WHAT TD 5EE DN: 1une 15
MDVÌE. Rock o] Agcs
STARRÌNC: Tom CruIse, DIego ßoneIa, IulIanne Hough
by Lauren DuBois & Agata Michalak
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: MovIe musIcals usually arenŗI
a popular choIce, and IIŗs rare IhaI movIe adapIaIIons oI
ßroadway musIcals are really good. ßuI, IhIs one celebraIes
noI jusI rock musIc, buI Ihe classIcs. CranIed Iheyŗre cov:
ers, buI any movIe IhaI allows me Io lIsIen Io DavId Lee
RoIh, PoIson, SIyx, TwIsIed SIsIer, WhIIesnake and Iourney
Is worIh II In my book.
WHAT TD 5EE DN: 1une 22
MDVÌE: To Romc w¡th Lovc
STARRÌNC: Woody Allen, Penelope Cruz, Alec ßaldwIn, Ies:
se EIsenberg
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: The lasI IIme Woody Allen Iook
us Io Europe Ior one oI hIs masIerpIeces, II was M¡dn¡ght ¡n
Pcr¡s and we were hangIng ouI wIIh ErnesI HemIngway. ÌI
he werenŗI a legend Ior hIs wrIIIng and dIrecIIon, Ì wouldnŗI
gIve IhIs ƥlm a second IhoughI. ßuI IIŗs Woody Allenŕheŗs
worIh II.
MDVÌE: 8rcvc
STARRÌNC: Kelly Macdonald, Emma Thompson, KevIn McK:
Idd, RobbIe ColIrane
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: Through her archery skIlls and,
oI course, her bravery, an unlIkely prIncess makes her own
way In order Io puI Io resI an old curse IhaI brIngs chaos Io
her kIngdom. ThIs anImaIed ƥlm could be PÌXARŗs bIggesI
WHAT TD 5EE DN: 1une 29
MDVÌE: Mcg¡c M¡kc
STARRÌNC: MaII ßomer, ChannIng TaIum, Alex PeIIyIer, MaI:
Ihew McConaughey, Ioe ManganIello
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: HoI guys playIng male sIrIppers.
ThaIŗs enough saId Io make any Iemale wanI Io go ouI Io
see IhIs ƦIck. ÌI youŗre a dude, you mIghI enjoy waIchIng
Ihe more experIenced oI Ihe sIrIppers IraIn Ihe ƦedglIng
one In Ihe arI oI makIng money Iorm parIyIng and pIckIng
up chIcks.
WHAT TD 5EE DN: 1uIy 3
MDVÌE: Thc Amcz¡ng 5p¡dcr-Mcn
STARRÌNC: Andrew Carƥeld, Emma SIone, DennIs Leary
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: Ìŗve been waIIIng Io see how
Ihey would redo Ihe prevIously successIul SpIder-Man
IranchIse, aIIer Ihe deparIures oI Ihe orIgInal sIars (Tobey
MaguIre and KIrsIen DunsI}, and Ihe orIgInal dIrecIor (Sam
RaImI}. Carƥeld, oI Thc 5oc¡cl Nctwork Iame, wIll have quIIe
a superhero suII Io ƥll In IhIs rebooI.
WHAT TD 5EE DN: 1uIy 13
STARRÌNC: Mark Wahlberg, MIla KunIs
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: The premIse sounds really sIu:
pIdŕwhaI grown man would keep a IalkIng Ieddy bear as
hIs besI IrIend? ßuI Ihe IraIler managed Io make II appear
as Ihough II would acIually be Iunny. So whaI Ihe heck, why
noI? ÌIŗs raIed R, so weŗll surely see some dry adulI humr
wIIh some sexual Innuendoes sprInkled In.
WHAT TD 5EE DN: 1uIy 20
MDVÌE: Thc Dcrk Kn¡ght R¡scs
STARRÌNC: ChrIsIIan ßale, Tom Hardy, Anne HaIhaway, Io:
seph Cordon-LevIII
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: AgaIn, why wouldnŗI you see
IhIs? ÌIŗs noI Ihe IypIcal superhero adapIaIIon. ÌIŗs beIIer.
WAY beIIer. The vIllaIns we have Io look Iorward Io In Ihe
lasI ƥlm In Ihe ChrIsIopher Nolan IrIlogy are CaIwoman and
ßane, and Iheyŗre sure Io keep addIng Io Ihe psychologIcal
IorIure oI Ihe Dark KnIghI. ÌIŗs only sad knowIng Ihere canŗI
be any HeaIh LedgerlIoker cameos.
WHAT TD 5EE DN: 1uIy 27
SkIp Ihe new releases and go see Thc Dcrk Kn¡ght R¡scs! $1!
you couldnŗI geI IIckeIs lasI week.
WHAT TD 5EE DN: August 3
MDVÌE: Thc 8ournc Lcgccy
STARRÌNC: Ieremy Renner, Rachel WeIsz, Edward NorIon
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: ÌIŗll be InIeresIIng Io see how Ihe
ßourne movIes are wIIh Ihe oIher secreI agenIsşand no Ia:
son ßourne In sIghI.
WHAT TD 5EE DN: August 10
MDVÌE: Thc Ccmpc¡gn
STARRÌNC: WIll Ferrell, Zach CalIƥanakIs, Iason SudeIkIs
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: AnyIIme Ferrell has done an Im:
pressIon oI a polIIIcal ƥgure, II has been some oI Ihe IunnI:
esI work heŗs produced. For IhaI reason alone, IhIs Is worIh
WHAT TD 5EE DN: August 17
MDVÌE: 5pcrklc
STARRÌNC: IordIn Sparks, Carmen Ejogo, WhIIney HousIon
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: Ì normally would never Include
IhIs mosI lIkely wanna-be Drccmg¡rls rIp-oƤ on IhIs lIsIş
buI II Is WhIIney HousIonŗs lasI ƥlm, so II deserves Ihe re:
WHAT TD 5EE DN: August 24
MDVÌE: L¡ttlc Wh¡tc L¡cs
STARRÌNC: MarIon CoIIllard, Iean DujardIn
WHY YDU SHDULD SEE ÌT: Cenerally, French dramas have
noI been dIsappoInIIng, and IIŗll be InIeresIIng Io see Du:
jardIn In a role where we acIually hear hIm speak. A musI
Ior Ihose who have a Iendency Io lIke arIhouse-sIyle ƥlms.
CULTURE May 2, 2012
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
CULTURE May 2, 2012
WIIh a IIIle lIke 8lundcrbuss8!
Iack WhIIeŗs ƥrsI solo album
was expecIed Io come ouI wIIh
a bang, ImmedIaIely ImpressIve
and sharp.
He has InsIead produced a record wIIh some serIous
sIayIng power.
UnlIke days gone by, WhIIe no longer hIdes behInd a
band. ThIs record Is all abouI hIm, ƥndIng IIs rooIs deep In
8lundcrbuss Is noI Ihe grown-up versIon oI WhIIeŗs
garage days, nor Is II a melancholy IrIbuIe Io hIs love lIIe,
IncludIng hIs dIvorce Io model Karen Elson.
ÌIŗs Ihe closesI any musIcal composIIIon can come
Io beIng WhIIe hImselI. VarIed and composed wIIh Ihe
hImselI. ÌIŗs a vIsIon InIo Ihe braIn oI Ihe arIIsI who has
kepI hIs personal lIIe pracIIcally cloIsIered sInce he gaIned
Iame In Ihe early 2UUUs.
The sIngle, řLove ÌnIerrupIIonŚ Is powerIul and
wrenchIng, as WhIIe croons, řÌ wanI love Io roll me over
slowly, sIIck a knIIe InsIde me, and IwIsI II all around.Ś
řWhoŗs jealous, whoŗs jealous, whoŗs jealous oI who?Ś
WhIIe sIngs In řSIxIeen SalIInes.Ś řÌI Ì geI busy Ihen Ì
couldnŗI care less whaI you do. ßuI when Ìŗm by myselI Ì
IhInk oI noIhIng else Ihan II a boy jusI mIghI be geIIIng
Ihrough and IouchIng you.Ś
Along wIIh a cover oI LIIIle WIllIe Iohnŗs 156U classIc
řÌŗm ShakInŗ,Ś Ihe songs span Ihe musIcal specIrum, Irom
Ihe power rIƤs In řSIxIeen SalIInesŚ Io Ihe slow-rollIng
serenade oI IIIle Irack, řßlunderbuss.Ś
Ìn Ihe world oI IndIe rock, Ihere exIsIs a crIpplIng
obsIacle: Ihe maIh-rock conundrum. For bands oI IhaI ƥnger-
IappIng, IIme-sIgnaIure-jumpIng caIegory, IhIs aIIempI
Io change pace can prove Io be Ihe make-or-break hurdle,
eIIher Iorever condemnIng Ihem Io Ihe slIver oI guIIar-
droolIng nerds or plungIng Ihem oƤ Ihe pop clIƤ, away Irom
Ihe InIellIgenI Ian base IhaI undersIood and respecIed Ihe
progressIve musIcIanshIp
For Maps B AIlases, Ihe ChIcago Iour-pIece IhaI once
earned mounds oI maIh-rock credIbIlIIy wIIh IIs vIrIuoso
InsIrumenIals, Ihe maIh-rock conundrum was comIorIably
surpassed wIIh IheIr sophomore release ßeware and
ße CraIeIul. ÌI noI only washes away any sense IhaI Ihe
eIghI-year-old band has long been sIale, buI II also does
Ihe seemIngly ImpossIble: IusIng a near-perIecI blend oI
heIghIened InsIrumenIals wIIh a unIque vocal aesIheIIc and
a splash oI IndIe musIcŗs now-popular elecIronIc warblIng.
AIIer a handIul oI EPs IhaI esIablIshed Ihem In prog
and maIh-rock cIrcles, MBA released IheIr debuI album Pcrch
Pctchwork In 2U1U. ÌI was overwhelmIngly medIocre, IaIlIng
Io weave In enough oI Ihe blIsIerIng energy IheIr earlIer EPs
exhIbIIed and comIng up shorI In Ihe pop deparImenI boIh
vocally and In song sIrucIure. ßuI 8cwcrc cnd 8c Crctc]ul $%!*!
Iruly dIƤerenI breed, granIIng MBA Irue sIayIng power and
IrumpIng Ihe IorgeIIable debuI eƤorI.
The openIng Irack řDld B CrayŚ buIlds Iremendous
momenIum Ihrough swIrlIng, aIry elecIronIcs conIrasIed
wIIh sIrangely IuncIIonal sIrIng arrangemenIs and keyboard
parIs. EveryIhIng Is pulled IogeIher Ihrough a swell oI
coalescIng vocal melodIes and a pulsIng drum and bass
combo. And II leads rIghI InIo řFever,Ś an alarmIngly poppy
Irack IhaI does a ƥne job oI IllusIraIIng jusI whaI kInd oI band
Maps B AIlases Is now, wIIh chIrpIng, ƦuId guIIar parIs Irom
Ihe hIgh end oI Ihe IreI board layered over an exIremely
danceable drum Irack and lead sInger Dave DavIsonŗs mosI
ImpressIve vocal perIormance Io daIe.
The resI oI Ihe album, whIch Is a succIncI 1U
Iracks comIng In aI /2 mInuIes, does well Io meander Ihe
new Iramework oI Ihe pop-meeIs-maIh blend IhaI Maps
B AIlases has ƥnally pulled oƤ successIully. řWInIerŚ
channels a sIraIghI-Iorward, pop aesIheIIc sImIlar Io Ihe
besI Iracks oI Pcrch Pctchwork, lIke řLIvIng DecoraIIons,Ś
buI does so In a way IhaI makes whaI seemed so hard Ior
Ihe band a Iew years ago seem eƤorIless IhIs IIme around.
And řSIlver SelI,Ś Ihe longesI Irack oI Ihe album aI sIx and
a halI mInuIes, ends In a Iuzz-laden solo, showcasIng Ihe
IasI-ƥngerIng guIIar prowess lasI seen on powerhouse
maIh-rock Iracks lIke řEvery Place Is a House.Ś
So even Ihough dIe-hard IansŕIhe guIIar-
droolIng nerds IhaI someIImes can never be convInced
IhaI change can be a good IhIngŕmIghI claIm IhaI Ihe
group has IaIled In IhIs audacIous eƤorI, IIŗs clear IhaI
evolvIng Is prIorIIy number one. And whIle maIh rock
mIghI be aI IheIr core, Maps B AIlases has proved IhaI
IheIr scope and accessIbIlIIy Is sImple a maIIer oI IheIr
1ack White:!8lundcrbuss
Maps and AtIases:!8cwcrc cnd
bc Crctc]ul
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
Eve 6 - 5pcck ¡n Codc
Everyoneŗs IavorIIe 5Us grunge band, Eve 6, Is back wIIh IheIr new album,
5pcck ¡n Codc, In whIch Ihey do noI sIray anywhere away Irom IheIr IradIIIonal
rooIs oI unIversal Ihemes and oƤbeaI lyrIcs seI Io IasI-paced rock musIc. ThaI
beIng saId, IhIs album doesnŗI gIve Ihe band any credII Ior maIurIIy, buI II does
provIde an escape back Io sevenIh grade Ior Ihose who Iondly remember Ihe
hII sIngle, řHereŗs To The NIghI.Ś The ƥrsI sIngle oƤ Ihe new record, řVIcIorIa,Ś
deIaIls a relaIIonshIp gone awry when your gIrlIrIend hIghIaIls II Io anoIher
counIry Io do body shoIs oƤ oIher dudes when youŗre sIuck aI home waIIIng Ior
her phone call. HalIway Ihrough, Eve 6 enIers IheIr classIc ballad secIIon IhaI
remInds lIsIeners IhaI when you love someone you need Io IrusI Ihem Ioo. ÌIŗs
an album you donŗI have Io IhInk abouI, buI can sIIll blasI Irom Ihe speakers oI
your Dodge Neon.
Dragcnfcrce -Thc Powcr W¡th¡n
ÌI youŗre a Ian oI DragonIorce, youŗll enjoy Thc Powcr W¡th¡n. ÌI youŗre a Ian
oI musIc, you wIll noI enjoy IhIs album. LIke IheIr prevIous albums, guIIar skIll Is
subsIIIuIed Ior quIckness. WhIle IheIr speed was unIque and InIeresIIng orIgI:
nally, II has sInce become dull and predIcIable. The ƥrsI 3U seconds oI řWIngs
oI LIberIyŚ represenI everyIhIng wrong wIIh IheIr musIc mInus IheIr super-IasI
guIIar playIng.
Iascn Mraz:!Lovc ¡s c Four Lcttcr word
Mrazŗs laIesI album Iocuses on Ihe bluesy and jazz-lIke sounds IhaI
he Is known Ior. ÌI Is ƥlled wIIh Iresh guIIar rIƤs and upbeaI rhyIhm IhaI wonŗI
dIsappoInI hIs Ians. The album Is loaded wIIh opIImIsm remInIscenI oI Iracks
such as řÌŗm Yours.Ś řÌ WonŗI CIve Up,Ś Ihe ƥrsI hII sIngle oƤ oI Ihe album
oƤers a mellow, ƦuƤy Iowel IeelIng wIIh hIs love-ƥlled lyrIcs and genIle
guIIar. Dverall, Ihe record wonŗI dIsappoInI Ihose who are a Ian oI hIs prevIous
(.+.*%.%!Wc 5¡ng. Wc Dcncc. Wc 5tccl Th¡ngs;
HIs conƥdence Is palpable, as II should be aIIer such a prosperous career. Dn
IhIs record, WhIIe works wIIh whomever he lIkes, makIng only songs he Is proud
Io produce as hIs own.
AIIer Ihe garage band sound oI Ihe SIrIpes, Ihe all-boys RaconIeurs, and Ihe
Dead WeaIherŗs wonderIully weIrd IrIp, WhIIe can aƤord Io have a record IhaI has
He doesnŗI need Io beaI lIsIeners over Ihe head wIIh rIppIng guIIar solos and
shrIekIng vocals Io prove IhaI he has IalenI. He Irades Ihese Ior poIgnanI vIolIns,
pIano parIs and backIng vocals by Chana-born sInger Ruby AmanIu.
Dne oI Ihe Irue masIerpIeces oI Ihe album comes In Ihe ƥnal Irack, řTake Me
WIIh You When You Co.Ś For Ihe duraIIon oI Iour mInuIes, WhIIe, AmanIu and
oIher backup sIngers rIcocheI oƤ each oIher, puncIuaIed IhroughouI by drummer
Carla Azar, oI AuIolux, WhIIeŗs sIgnaIure guIIar screech and a pIano parI IhaI IrIps
and skIps around Ihe vocals.
řTake me wIIh you when you go, gIrl,Ś harmonIzes WhIIe. řTake me anywhere
you go. Ìŗve goI noIhIng here buI me babe, Iake me wIIh you when you go.Ś
8lundcrbuss Is one album IhaI wIll Indeed sIay wIIh lIsIeners long aIIer IheIr
InIIIal hearIng. Iack WhIIe has always had Ihe abIlIIy Io dIg a song InIo peopleŗs
heads and keep II Ihere Ior a good long IIme.
OPINION May 2, 2012
ǫǠǤǜǪ ǣǠǢǜ ǫǟǜǪǜ ǤǘǢǜ Ǥǜ ǞǣǘǛ ǠʓǤ ǞǩǘǛǬǘǫǠǥǞ
by Liz Kaempf
! ElecIIons have ƥnally reached a close and aIIer a mass
oI candIdaIes, graduaIIng oƧcers and sIudenIs senI In leI:
Iers Io Ihe edIIors oI campus publIcaIIons II has become
evIdenI IhaI IhIs Is one oI Ihe mosI wIdely publIcIzed elec:
IIons Ior USC posIIIons--buI noI necessarIly In a good way.
There are roughly 2U,UUU sIudenIs on campus, and yeI,
only over 1,UUU sIudenIs voIed on SDLAR Ior Ihe new USC
oƧcers and senaIors.
UnIorIunaIely, IhIs yearŗs elecIIons seemed more lIke
a hIgh school popularIIy conIesI Ihan a polIIIcal elecIIon.
There were Ʀashy posIers, cuIe IaglInes and Facebook pro:
moIIonal evenI groups rampanI Ihrough campus In Ihe lasI
Iew weeks, Ihe resulI beIng Ihe Seawolves Ior Change parIy
capIurIng 22 ouI oI 32 seaIs In USC. HopeIully IheIr vague
noIIons oI IosIerIng change and communIIy IranslaIe InIo
acIual beneƥIs Ior USC and Ihe campus.
When Ihe Iorch Is passed on Io Ihe nexI generaIIon
oI any club, agency or organIzaIIon, II should be wIIhouI
Ihe menIalIIy oI sImply cleanIng up aIIer IheIr predeces:
sors messes. The new oƧcers should aIm Io do beIIer Ihan
Ihose beIore Ihem, Io ƥx mIsIakes, learn Irom hIsIory and
allow Ihe communIIy as a whole Io prosper.
AIIer a LeIIer Io Ihe EdIIors Irom USC ExecuIIve VIce
PresIdenI Deborah Machalow, II seemed SßU polIIIcIans
and sIudenIs Iar and wIde jumped on Ihe bandwagon Io
emaIl IheIr IhoughIs and opInIons Io Thc Prcss! *&7! Thc
UnIorIunaIely, IhIs does noI mean IhaI all Ihese leI:
Iers were gold. WhIle Machalowŗs leIIer was well wrIIIen,
well InIormed and arIIculaIe, II Is noI wIIhouI IIs preIer:
ences. Machalow demonsIraIes supporI Ior several candI:
daIes IhaI were runnIng In IhIs semesIerŗs elecIIons, much
Io Ihe opposIIIon oI many USC members. WhIle rumors oI
ImpeachIng Machalow In her lasI days oI reIgn as EVP sur:
Iaced, oIhers became emboldened Io submII sImIlar pIec:
es, albeII, wIIh less sophIsIIcaIIon.
Ìn a leIIer Io Thc 5tctcsmcn, an anonymous wrIIer
blaIanIly chasIIsed Machalow Ior beIng a puppeImasIer
Io members oI Ihe SenaIe. The pIece was rIdden wIIh Iy:
pographIcal and grammaIIcal errors and had zero basIs Io
back up any claIms made agaInsI Machalowŗs characIer and
Ihe way she ran her oƧce. ßuI Ihe leIIer loses even more
valIdIIy In IhaI II InsulIs Machalow Ior řwearIng a mask.Ś
AI leasI she posIed her honesI edIIorIal wIIh her name aI:
Iached. ÌI Is more Ihan hypocrIIIcal Io crIIIcIze someone Ior
a Ialse Iacade whIle noI puIIIng a name Io Ihe harsh words
one Is wrIIIng.
AIIer IhaI, Esam Al-ShareƧ wroIe a leIIer Io Thc 5tctcs-
mcn crIIIcIzIng IheIr choIce Io run such a leIIer, as II com:
pleIely goes agaInsI Ihe poInI oI an LTE. Thc 5tctcsmcn
elecIed noI Io run Al-ShareƧŗs leIIer, lIkely because he es:
IablIshed hIs poInI In a jab agaInsI Ihe publIcaIIon. He Ihen
%.&-!$-!-'!Thc Prcss who has agreed Io run Ihe Ihe leIIer In
our LTE secIIon.
KenneIh Myers, a senaIor elecI and member oI Ihe
S.A.F.E parIy, senI In anoIher leIIer publIshed In IhIs Issue
abouI how dIrIy Ihe elecIIon campaIgnIng was, wIIh many
people dIsregardIng seI rules and guIdelInes Ior promo:
IIonal maIerIals Ior parIy members runnIng Ior USC posI:
IIons. He claIms IhaI unknown persons aIIempIed Io use
hIs name Io vandalIze oIher candIdaIes posIers and Ihus
blackmaIl hIm In Ihe process.
ShorIly aIIer, Mallory RoIhsIeIn, USC SenaIor elecI and
member oI Ihe Seawolves Ior Change parIy, emaIled Thc
Prcss askIng Io wrIIe an opInIonaIed pIece Io eIIher řdI:
recIly or IndIrecIly endorse AImee PomeroyŚ In regards Io
Ihe runoƤ elecIIons In whIch Pomeroy was pIIIed agaInsI
S.A.F.E parIy member, Iason SockIn.
WhIle RoIhsIeInŗs arIIcle would noI have even made
II InIo IhIs Issue In IIme Io help Pomeroy wIn her elecIIon
(noI IhaI she needed II, clearly} we here aI Thc Prcss saw
IhIs sImply as a blaIanI aIIempI Io shamelessly adverIIse
Ior her Iellow parIy member. She wenI on Io publIsh her
.&7'(%.).&-!$&!Thc 5tctcsmcn whIle convenIenIly leavIng
ouI her obvIous bIas as a Seawolves Ior Change parIy mem:
Ìdeally, an LTE Is noI ouIleI Ior people Io shamelessly
supporI or deIame oIhers, Ihey are InIended Ior readers Io
voIce IheIr opInIons, concerns and belIeIs Ior IhIngs read
wIIhIn Ihe pages oI a publIcaIIon. Ìn Ihe pasI, Thc Prcss!#*%!
receIved such leIIers basIardIzIng us Ior Ihe use oI cerIaIn
words or Ihe publIshIng oI cerIaIn, unsavory pIeces. We
wanI Io elIcII debaIe, spark IhoughI and on many, some:
IImes unInIenIIonal occasIons, Invoke conIroversy. When
Ihe campus publIcaIIons are beIng used In ways IhaI sImply
pander Io Ihe whIms oI Ihe powers IhaI be, lIke USC, II Is
noI doIng IIs communIIy any Iavors.
WhIle Ihere Is no changIng Ihose IhaI won IheIr posI:
IIons In USC, II seems obvIous Io Ihose InIormed and aware
oI InIernal conƦIcI IhaI USC has losI several InIellIgenI
IndIvIduals Ihrough IheIr losses In Ihe elecIIons. Now Ihe
governmenI oI SßU Is under a very near Iwo-IhIrds majorIIy
by Ihe Seawolves Ior Change parIy, whose mIssIon sIaIe:
menI Is as vague as II Is clIche. WhIle II Is surely everyoneŗs
hope IhaI Ihose elecIed wIll do IheIr besI Io beneƥI Ihe
communIIy, II Is unclear wheIher a IruIIIul and sIgnIƥcanI
dIƤerence wIll be made. EIIher way, Ìŗm ouI oI here. Cood
luck, SIony ßrookʖ
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
ǫǠǤǜǪ ǣǠǢǜ ǫǟǜǪǜ ǤǘǢǜ Ǥǜ ǞǣǘǛ ǠʓǤ ǞǩǘǛǬǘǫǠǥǞ
So. LeIŗs Ialk abouI EarIhsIock.
Ì dIdnŗI go. Ì donŗI IhInk Ì even knew when II was. Was
II recenI? EarIhsIock Is usually around EarIh Day and Ì
belIeve EarIh Day was Ihe oIher day, when Coogleŗs logo
was a Ʀower garden. Was IhaI Ior EarIh Day? Maybe II was
MoIherŗs Day. Are Ihere oIher planI holIdays? Does Coogle
celebraIe ProIessor SprouIŗs bIrIhday? Ì donŗI really know.
You mIghI IhInk IhaI IhIs makes me IncredIbly
unqualIƥed Io wrIIe an edIIorIal abouI EarIhsIock. Maybe
Ì donŗI have sIrong IeelIngs abouI II. ßuI Ì do have sIrong
IeelIngs abouI Ihe envIronmenI. AIIer all, Ì worked aI a
naIure cenIer Ior 11 years, where Ì learned Ihe besI way Io
Ieed bearded dragons, Ihe compleIe IexI oI Dr. Seussŗ Thc
Lorcx, and how Io make people Ieel guIlIy Ior noI recyclIng.
Now, we could Ialk Ior hours abouI wheIher or noI
recyclIng Is ImporIanI. Ìs recyclIng goIng Io save Ihe earIh?
Well, Ìŗve read more-Ihan-enough comIc books Io have
deIermIned IhaI only Superman can do IhaI. Sure, Ior every
reason Ihe EPA cIIes abouI why recyclIng Is ImporIanI,
some kook on WIkIpedIa has posIed a cynIcal reIorI. ßuI
as Iar as Ìŗm concerned, recyclIng does a loI oI good. Why
spend hundreds oI years waIIIng Ior your plasIIc boIIle
Io decay when you could jusI Iurn II InIo anoIher plasIIc
boIIle? ÌIŗs grade-school, nay, 5cscmc 5trcct -school logIc.
Keep Ihe earIh Irom beIng ƥlIhy.
Surely youŗre IollowIng me here. So my quesIIon Io you
Is sImple: why arenŗI you all recyclIng? SIony ßrook really
wanIs you Io do so, even when IIŗs noI EarIhsIock. The
campus has a whole bunch oI recycle bIns, Iheyŗre almosI
everywhere IhaI Ihereŗs a Irash can. YeI every day, Ì see
people IossIng glass and plasIIc boIIles InIo Ihe garbage.
ÌI drIves me crazy.
ÌIŗs a sIlly IhIng Io geI IrusIraIed abouI, sure. ßuI IIŗd
be jusI as easy Ior me Io sIop complaInIng abouI II as II
would be Ior everyone Io Ihrow IhIngs where Ihey belong.
ÌI youŗve goI a genuIne Issue wIIh recyclIng, ƥne. Keep
IhrowIng boIIles away. ßuI II youŗre jusI beIng lazy, why noI
reconsIder? We donŗI need an EarIhsIock Io Iell us whaI Io
do. Ì IhInk whaI bIg evenIs lIke EarIhsIock donŗI show us Is
-#*-! 4'&%.(6*-$'&! (.*++,! &..7%! -'! 0.! 0*%$4! *&7! )5&7*&.;!
When youŗre done wIIh IhIs Issue oI Thc Prcss, jusI puI II In
a paper recyclIng bIn. Done. When you leave Ihe baIhroom,
Iurn oƤ Ihe lIghI. Done. When youŗre consIderIng drIvIng
Irom your dorm Io Ihe UnIon, maybe walk InsIead? ÌIŗs a
nIce day. And Irankly, you could use Ihe exercIse.
AIIer all, you shouldnŗI need an EarIhsIock Io geI you Io
go ouIsIde. IusI geI goIng and do Ihe rIghI IhIng.
by Evan Goldaper
When youŗre done wIIh IhIs
$%%5.!'1!Thc Prcss, jusI puI II In
a paper recyclIng bIn. Done.
OPINION May 2, 2012
A Iew monIhs ago everyone on Ihe InIerneI wenI crazy
aI Ihe news IhaI Iwo pIeces oI Iederal legIslaIIon(SIop
DnlIne PIracy AcI and ProIecI ÌP AcI} were beIng broughI
beIore Congress. SDPA and PÌPA were bIlls IhaI Congress
aIIempIed Io pass wIIh Ihe sIaIed InIenIIon oI sIoppIng
reproducIIon oI copyrIghIed maIerIals. ßeIore Ihe bIlls
were Iormally consIdered, Ihe news spread around TwIIIer,
Facebook, and bloggIng sIIes, resulIIng In proIesI Irom
Ihe publIc. Everyone wenI crazy and re-blogged every
anII-SDPA and anII-PÌPA posI Ihey could ƥnd on Tumblr.
Everyone belIeved IhaI SDPA and PÌPA were Ihe UnIIed
SIaIeŗs versIon oI censorshIp.
Forbcs Mcgcz¡nc compared Ihe bIlls Io řrequIrIng Ihe
manager oI a Ʀea markeI Io shuI down Ihe enIIre markeI
because some oI Ihe merchanIs were sellIng counIerIeII
goods.Ś Many sIIes parIIcIpaIed In a blackouI In whIch
cerIaIn areas oI Ihe websIIe were censored as a proIesI.
ÌI had me IhInkIng oI whaI Ihe InIerneI would be lIke II
SDPA passed and Ì decIded IhaI lIIe would be oƧcIally
borIng. How was Ì goIng Io pass Ihe IIme? As a huge Ian oI
Korean and Iapanese musIc, Ihe InIerneI Is my only source
Ior waIchIng my IavorIIe bandsŗ musIc vIdeos and varIeIy
shows. Ì was noI pleased wIIh Ihe IhoughI oI no longer
havIng IhaI opIIon.
And oI course, who could IorgeI Ihe InIamous hackIng
oI Ihe DeparImenI oI IusIIce websIIe by a group called
řAnonymousŚ In response Io Ihe closure oI Megaupload?
NaIurally, SDPA and PÌPA dIdnŗI pass and II was a vIcIory
Ior Ihe neIIzens. DId II end Ihere? No.
Dn AprIl 26, Congress passed Ihe Cyber ÌnIellIgence
SharIng and ProIecIIng AcI (CÌSPA}. AccordIng Io, řCongress Is dIscussIng Ihe besI way
Io averI Ihe ongoIng cyber aIIacks and some legIslaIors
have puI Iorward a new acI whIch, II II passes, Congress wIll
allow Ihe governmenI access Io personal InIormaIIon oI
any person oI IheIr choosIng.Ś
AccordIng Io Ihe auIhors oI CÌSPA, Ihe purpose oI Ihe
bIll Is řIo provIde Ior Ihe sharIng oI cerIaIn cyber IhreaI
InIellIgence and cyber IhreaI InIormaIIon beIween Ihe
InIellIgence communIIy and cyber securIIy enIIIIes.Ś They
also Include Ihe broad and undeƥned lIne: řand Ior oIher
ThIs means IhaI Ihe governmenI would have Ihe rIghI
Io obIaIn personal InIormaIIon Irom socIal neIworkIng sIIes
such as Facebook and TwIIIer. ÌI appears IhaI IhIs new bIll Is
even worse Ihan SDPA and PÌPA, buI Is II really?
Some may IhInk IIŗs noI rIghI Ior Ihe governmenI Io
monIIor your InIerneI usage, as well as obIaInIng your
personal InIormaIIon Irom prIvaIe companIes, as II gIvIng
your socIal securIIy wasnŗI enough. However, when you look
aI II Irom Ihe oIher sIde, as explaIned by Pol¡t¡co, řCÌSPA Is
aImed aI combaIIIng cyber aIIacks by encouragIng prIvaIe
companIes Io share InIormaIIon abouI cyber IhreaIs wIIh
Ihe governmenI.Ś
CÌSPA really IsnŗI a IerrIble bIll. ÌI jusI asks users Io
sacrIƥce a small amounI oI prIvacy Ior Ihe sake oI securIIy.
IusI lIke any oIher bIll, CÌSPA has IIs pros and cons.
WhaI people should look aI Is wheIher Ihe negaIIves
ouIweIgh Ihe posIIIves beIore judgIng Ihe bIll as an aIIack
on Ireedom. For now, weŗll jusI have Io waII and see.
by Caithlin Pena
The governmenI would have
Ihe rIghI Io obIaIn personal
neIworkIng sIIes
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
VoIIng Is ImporIanI, and IhIs pasI week SIony ßrook
sIudenIs showed IhaI Ihey donŗI really gIve a shII.
The UndergraduaIe SIudenI CovernmenI elecIIons
noI only Included ƥgurIng ouI who was goIng Io ƥx Ihe
problems IhaI Iormer members are leavIng behInd, buI
wheIher or noI Ihe SIudenI AcIIvIIy Fee would be volunIary
or mandaIory. SIudenIs came Ihrough, voIIng Io keep
II mandaIory, whIch wIll allow clubs Io sIIll IuncIIon on
WhaI really boggles Ihe mInd Is Ihe IacI IhaI ouI oI
Ihe abouI 2/,UUU sIudenIs enrolled aI SIony ßrook, only
around 2,UUU voIed durIng Ihe USC elecIIons.
SIony ßrook swIIched Io an onlIne elecIIon sysIem
a Iew years ago, and every sIudenI IhaI has access Io a
SDLAR accounI Is able Io voIe. WIIh IhIs convenIenI voIIng
sysIem, and Ihe sImple IacI IhaI everyone can geI onlIne
one way or anoIher, IIŗs baƨIng IhaI Ihe number oI people
IhaI voIed IsnŗI hIgher.
Yes, Ihere Is Ihe easy-Io-use voIIng sysIem Ior
elecIIons, buI are Ihe sIudenIs aware IhaI II Is, In IacI, easy?
There really IsnŗI an emphasIs on how ImporIanI USC Is and
whaI Ihey do Ior Ihe campus. The IacI IhaI Ihey conIrol Ihe
money sIudenIs pay Ihe UnIversIIy Ior Ihe SIudenI AcIIvIIy
Fee IsnŗI well-known. Above all else, sIudenIs really donŗI
Perhaps II Ihe admInIsIraIIon or USC were Io make Ihe
InIormaIIon more avaIlable Io Ihe sIudenIs on campus,
Ihere would be an awareness IhaI voIIng Ior Ihese elecIIons
Is acIually ImporIanI, creaIIng a wIllIngness Io do so. There
needs Io be more acIIon Iaken by USC and Ihe UnIversIIy
Io emphasIze Ihe ImporIance oI Ihese elecIIons. ThIs Is
sImIlar Io Ihe course evaluaIIons. Dnce Ihey were placed
onlIne, much oI Ihe sIudenI response was losI, especIally
when compared Io when Ihey were handed ouI durIng Ihe
SomeIhIng ulIImaIely needs Io be done In order Io
raIse awareness and geI sIudenIs Io voIe In Ihese elecIIons.
UnIIl Ihen, SßU sIudenIs wIll conIInue Io be surprIsed and
ouIraged when USC bylaws change and IheIr clubs have Io
Iollow new rules.
by Brianna Peterson
Illustration by Joe Donato
AA E-ZINE May 2, 2012
Dear President Stanley,
The Wang Center´s "Tower to Heaven¨ modern sculptural pagoda, meant to symbolize the uniting of
East and West, has become the University´s icon. Its holographic coating changes colors with the sun. At
solstices, Chem faculty watch the sun´s position within its poles, our own mini-Stonehenge. It graces
campus brochures, web pages, even the Alumni Association credit cards. It has made us unique. At the
Gen One Reunion you said you are not allowed to call us the "flagship¨ of the SUNY system, but many
agree with you that we are. The uniqueness of our icon is a fitting tribute to what we have become.
Last fall we had heard a rumor that two 8-story dorms were to be built behind the Wang Center. The
FSA Executive Director was asked about it and he responded, "It´s all still in the planning stages, nothing
has been decided yet, don´t worry about it.¨ This past week we saw the KSQ Architect´s plans - not two 8
-story dorms but four 6-story ones! How is that "nothing to worry about¨?
Look at the photo below of the Wang center pond and garden. It is considered one of the most
beautiful spots on campus. Tranquil and serene. Imagine what this will look like with 5 stories of brick
rising up over the red trellis´ rather than trees and sky. Imagine on a warm spring day the quiet lost to
loud music emanating from dorm room windows towering overhead.
Now look at the panoramic photo of the front of the Wang Center. The University moved the main
road into campus to make the Wang Center the first thing visitors see. We wanted to impress. If these
dorms are built where planned, the Wang Center´s tower will be lost against a backdrop of red brick walls
almost half its height, swallowing up our iconic symbol.
With our offices in the decaying Student Union, we understand that to rebuild it, a dining facility is
needed to replace it first, and it would be preferable to have one on the same side of campus. But there
are better alternatives. One of the original spaces offered for the Wang Center by President Kenny was
near the tennis courts by the infirmary. If the new dorms were located there, simply at the other end of
the Stadium parking lot, they would still be within close proximity to the Union without harming the
Wang Center´s aesthetics.
There was a time when there were only two cafeterias, the Union and Humanities. The Union was
open late while Humanities, primarily for faculty/staff, was not. There was dorm cooking though with no
A Plea to President Stanley:
Please Save the
Beauty and Uniqueness
of Stony Brook's Wang Center!
Vol. XXXIII, Issue 14
7-11 and bus service once an hour, for those living in Tabler, Roosevelt and Kelly who didn´t have time to
shop, walking across campus was the norm. Now that walking would be considered a healthy lifestyle.
If a new dorm is near the infirmary, (a building also scheduled to be replaced), for H Quad residents
it would be closer than by Wang. For Mendelsohn residents, it would simply be the reverse of the FSA´s
current plans. Anyone using the Rec Center to get in shape would hardly object to another minute of
walking, or they could simply eat inside Wang rather than behind it. Who on this campus so desperately
needs a new eating facility behind Wang that it is worth destroying the aesthetics of our iconic symbol?
Your daughter´s major at Stanford is Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. Hopefully she has
learned in her classes and bi-racial life to see the world through eyes that are not oblivious to white
privilege. We wonder if she would be proud of her father if he allowed the destruction of the beauty of
the one building on campus that has brought so much pride to the Asian and Asian American community?
Nor is it only pride to those of Asian heritage. The Wang Center is the most heavily sought after event
venue on campus because of its beauty. Departments have to book a year in advance to guarantee
dates. Admissions wants students and parents to have their first formal introduction to the University in
that building. Is the campus willing to give that up to save students a one-minute walk?
Melani Tiongson, the Asian American Journal VP, wrote about her feelings to give you a sense of the
hurt that this decision will cause when it becomes known what the University intentionally did.
"I´m an overworked, stressed-out student. I have two jobs, 18 credits, multiple leadership positions.
There are countless students like me with an equal or greater workload. When I want to relax, I need a
place to retreat to-somewhere serene and pristine. For me, that´s the Wang Center.
But it´s more than just a spot of relaxation - it´s a building that represents the meeting of cultures. It
represents our school, which has one of the most diverse faculty and student bodies on the East Coast. I
chose Stony Brook because I believed that I would feel welcome within a school that wasn´t known as
Vanillanova (Villanova) or some other derogatory nickname indicative of its demographics. As an Asian
American, I believed Stony Brook would facilitate intrinsic growth without imposing on my heritage.
In my opinion, putting four six-story dorms that would pollute the harmony and pervert the
aesthetics of the Wang Center is like a slap in the face to my culture. It may be a bit of a stretch, but it´s
not too far detached from the days when people of color like me were shafted for the benefit of
something allegedly "greater.¨¨
Please Dr. Stanley, listen to her feelings. She is not atypical. Learn the cultural meanings of the Wang
Center´s architecture. Tremendous thought was put into creating something that truly represents the
Stony Brook we are and aspire to be. Please do not destroy that. The Union has been in disrepair for
many years. A delay of six months to work out an alternative to destroying Wang is worth what will be
lost by rushing to build a facility that was created without input from the community it will most hurt.
Sincerely, `Oliver´ Hao Li, AAJ Editor,-in-Chief, Chenjun Feng, AAJ Culture Editor, Wilson Jiang, AAJ
Copy Editor, BLoo, AA E-Zine VP, Adam Sue, AA E-Zine Editor-in-Chief, Ja Young, AA E-Zine Alumni