Dear Soldier, Thank you for your valor while serving our country, we all owe you and

your comrades a great debt of gratitude. While you have been serving our country off abroad, there are many changes here at home. President Roosevelt created Office of Price Administration (OPA) which has frozen the prices of many goods, as well as started taxing people and businesses more. The main goal was to decrease inflation and discourage further demand. OPA has given us rations, and put limits on consumption. The effect was initially was hard to get used to, I couldn’t drink as much coffee, consume as much gas, as well as waste many other provisions like usual. But they also froze my salary which meant no raises for me. However, when taking into account the imperativeness of provisions for the army, and the necessity of keeping inflation down, I gladly made these sacrifices. The government has also played a big role in my factory as well as my life, especially War Production Board (WPB). They came and demanded that we double our output of sheet metal for you guys in the army. It only took three months for it to happen but we prevailed. WPB helped us get to that production rate by providing us with lots of raw material, which they got from practically anywhere. Each month the WPB would come down and check on things at the factory. I’ve also started helping you guys out in the war, as mentioned above we have increased our output metals, but not only that, we also have started to manufacture plastics as well as many other substances. To add to that our hours of work have somewhat lengthened and there have been more workers hired to the work. The factory itself is pretty dangerous; one time a person fell into a vat of molten lead, and died. The stuff we make is just the material, it’s sent off to other factories to actually be made into something. One of the greatest things that have changed is since the war began; women have been taking a more active role in the workforce. I like many others have embraced this fact so I have started, in my free time, to recruit any workers for the shipyard, to help the Navy fight the Japanese the Pacific. I recruited a girl, Betty Reilly, whose life was changed because of the war. Reilly lived a peaceful life on the east-coast, but it all changed on her 15th birthday, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Soon enough she wasn’t allowed to take her German class and most of her family took up jobs in the armed forces. She would eventually go on to graduate High School and become a ship builder, which as you know, was and is slightly uncommon. Yet the factory life after all doesn’t suit me, I wish to resign from my post and work as scientist. You may be thinking, “This guy ain’t got no qualifications for such an occupation,” au contraire. When I was in college I majored in Chemical engineering (mostly geared towards military use), however my father wanted me to spend time at his factory, to take up the old family business. But now that younger brother has come into his twenties I will delegate my

enough about me how are you? How’s the military? How long are you posted in the military? Please stay in touch John Doe . Anyways.current responsibilities to him. I hope to work for the military. I once again thank you for your service. but only time will what happens. which is priceless sacrifice that you given to our country. maybe manufacture new weapons or other technologies to help the war effort.