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Identify and explain the factors influencing the development of agriculture. 2. Account for the Agricultural success in North America and china. 3. give reasons for the failure in many Africa countries. 4. discuss the contributions of science and technology in the development of agriculture? 5. show the limiting factors facing livestock farming in Tanzania 6.Explain the advantage of palm oil production in Nigeria. 7.Identify and explain the problem facing fishing industry in East Africa. Suggest solutions to those problems. 8.Explain how fish farming is important in Kenya and japan. 9.Explain why fishing industry is referred to as a robber industry. 10.Timber is a robber industry . Explain. 11.Out line and explain the problems facing agriculture in either south Africa or Malawi. 12.Show the future prospects of timbers industry in Tanzania. 13.Explain the factors that led to the successful development of the fishing industry in; a).Japan b).Norway c).Canada and d) Russia.

Show the limitation facing these countries as far as fishing industry is concerned.

14.Despite its long coastline, Africa has less developed fishing industry, Why? 15. Account for the success tea production in: a). india b).Kenya c)Malawi.

2. ENVIROMENTAL ISSUES 1. Attempt the classification of environmental problems in Tanzania. 2. Account for the increased environmental problem in the world to day. 3. Explain the impact of environmental problems on the social and economic development in the world. 4. carefully, explain the occurrence and their associated effect of the following environmental problems: a). Air pollution b).soil pollution c).soil erosion d).Global warming e). Green house effect f).water pollution d).Drought 5.choose three environmental problems and describe the ways of mitigating or combating them. 6. account for the occurrence of:

a).famine b).Epidemic disease (AIDS, Cholera, typhoid, malaria and Diarrhoea) c).desertification POWER AND ENERGY RSOURCES. 1.With examples distinguish between renewable and non renewable energy resources. 2.account for the decline of coal as a dominant source of power in the world. 3. show the advantage and disadvantages of different power and energy sources. 4. Show the problems of facing the exploitation of energy resources in Africa. 5. Africa has a great potential for( HEP)development but it has not much developed. Why? 6. Show the role of oil extraction in Nigeria in the economic development of the country. 7.with reference from U.S.A, or China or South Africa, show the role of coal as the energy source and explain the bottlenecks hindering the production of coal in any of those countries. TOURISM

1.Identify the factors that facilitated the development of tourism industries in: a). South Africa b).USA C).Tanzania d).Kenya what are the problems facing tourism in those countries above.

2. Discuss the concept of ECO-TOURISM (GREEN TOURISM) and show the importance of this approach to the communities. 3.Show the negative impact of tourism in any country of your choice. 4. Show the role of tourism in the development of East African countries and explain the prospect of this industry in these countries. 5.Choose any one country and show how it is making effort to improve its tourism. MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES. 1. Identify and explain the factors that influence the location of manufacturing industry. 2. Account for the development of iron and steel industry in USA. 3. Show the factors limiting the development of manufacturing industry in Tanzania. 4. What is the rationale behind the establishment of steel rolling industry in the social and economic development in the country. 5. How Tanzania modernize her manufacturing industry. 6. Tanzania has great potential for the development of iron and steel industry. Substantiate. 7. Show the factors that led to the development of textile industry in china. 8. Show the impacts / effect of manufacturing industries on the environment.

9. Explain the factors that facilitated the development of ship building industry in japan. 10.Account for the development of locomotive industry in south Africa. 11.Explain the role of the following industry in the socio-economic development of these countries; (a).Air craft industry in the USA ( b).Auto mobile industry in German. (C).Shipping industry in japan.

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TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATION . Distinguish between transport and communication Account for the great advancement of road transport in germany. Show the effects of the development of transport and communication in any country of your choice. To what extent is the transport system in East Africa relate to the needs and interests of the people? Show the problems facing transport in Africa. Show the limitations of air transport in USA. Show how Kenya is been struggling to improve its communicationsystem.