A Short “How to” Guide to the ArabBrains Dashboard & Submitting Articles

There are 2 user profile areas of ArabBrains to consider. There is this one – for members to write & contribute to the news & articles – and the networking section for innovators to connect with one another. For information on the networking section please click here. If you are not set up as a contributor and would like to write for us please click here for more information and guidelines as you will need your profile activated accordingly. Some of you may already be familiar with the WordPress platform that ArabBrains uses. If so you probably won’t need to read much more – please feel free to start writing & contribute articles to your heart’s content. If you are not familiar with the WordPress platform, here are a few pointers to help you get started. We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible but if you have any problems please email editor@arabbrains.com & we’ll do our best to help. On the left hand side of the dashboard area – where you are now – are a selection of tabs.

1. The top one is the “Dashboard” tab (1). Clicking this will bring you back to this area. 2. The one below is the “Posts” tab (2). This is for writing your articles. Clicking this will give you the options of viewing your articles (“All Posts”) or starting a new one (“Add New”). 3. Below this is the “Videos” tab (3). This is for adding any relevant videos from YouTube or Vimeo. You can “Add New” videos in a similar way to adding new articles. 4. And below this is the “Profile” tab (4). Here you can edit your writer/author profile by adding a brief biography and changing your email address and password if need be. This writer/author profile is not to be confused with your networking “member” profile.

On the top right of the dashboard where it says “Howdy,” (5) is an area where you can log out from ArabBrains or edit your networking “member” profile. It is recommended that you complete as much of this profile as possible to be able to network with likeminded individuals effectively. Please also upload an avatar or photograph of yourself here as this will appear next to your published articles and we all want to see your smile.

How to Submit an Article
Firstly click “Add New” in the Posts tab on the left of your dashboard. You will then see a page that looks like this:-

1. Write the title of your article where it says “Enter title here” (1). 2. Tick the “Feature this Post?” box (2) if you wish to have your article in the “Featured News” section of the website. 3. When writing your article, you have the option of using the visual or HTML mode of the editor (3). The visual mode lets you see your post as is, while the HTML mode shows you the code. For more information go to http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_Posts#Visual_Versus_HTML_Editor . If you are not familiar with HTML then just use the Visual mode. Either way we will make sure the article looks good before it goes live. 4. The “Save Draft” & “Preview” buttons (4) allow you to save a draft of your article and preview it before you submit it. 5. The main edit area (5) is where you add the content of your article. If at all possible please include at least one good sized image to accompany your piece. For security reasons we don’t allow anyone to upload images themselves to the website so at the end of your article please include a url link of where the image is located. Please also make sure you credit the owner of the image and have permission to use it in the first place. Wikimedia is good for these kinds of images as is Flickr (provided that the Flickr images belong to users who have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license).

6. When you are ready for your article to be published click the “Submit for Review” button (6). Our editing team will then review your work and add the image/s you have provided. If you haven’t provided any images we will just use a generic one that we feel suits the piece from our library. Your article should be live within a few hours of submitting depending on when you submitted it. For example there may be a delay if you submit it late at night or at the weekend. 7. “Post Layout” (7). The default layout is to include the right side bar. We like it that way so please do not change it. If you do then we’ll only change it back again. 8. Before you submit your article please tick which of the “Categories” (8) best suits the piece. Please do not choose more than 4 categories per post. 9. You can include additional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) information (9) if you wish. If you don’t want to just leave this part blank. 10. Another thing to do before you submit for review is to add some “Tags” (10). These are specific keywords or short phrases that relate to your article and will link it to other articles with similar tags. Make sure that each tag is separated by a comma before you click “Add”. Between 5 and 10 tags about right. 11. Please just ignore this “Sidebars” (11) section. In most cases we will publish your article as is but we reserve the right to amend or edit the piece if it does not meet our guidelines or if there are spelling or grammatical errors. If there are too many spelling or grammatical errors or the piece or in no way takes into account our guidelines we reserve the right not to publish at all. When your article has been published you will be sent an automated email with a link to the piece. If your article is not live with 48 hours of you submitting it please email editor@arabbrains.com and one of our team will get back to you.

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