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Be Inquisitive, Be Interested, and Be Interesting As I was growing up, I was, for all intents and purposes, raised by my great

grandmother. She would feed me two of my three meals, help me in my studies, and teach me the value of hard work. In the summers, I would help her clean the house. In the spring, fall and winter, I would be lovingly counseled to bury myself in my schoolwork. In all seasons, I would be taught music and the arts. Through her leadership and beautiful example, I was taught three things: have a thirst for knowledge, involve yourself in the world around you, and make the world involved in you. Even after she has gone, I still do my best to practice what she preached to me all those years ago. Even now, there seems to be no shortage of natural wonders that leave me in awe. From the vibrant humanity of ancient civilizations to the miniscule lights in the murky heavens, from the vast volumes of literature that engulf the world to the gently swinging concords of harmony that caress it, Ive wanted a taste of it all. Ive done well in my scholastic endeavors because there doesnt seem to be a single subject that fails to pique my interest. This has lent me a zeal for life and a natural inquisitiveness that has, indeed, widened my spectrum of fascinations considerably. Because of my thirst for knowledge, I have received the AP Scholar with Honor Award, as well as a fairly high GPA. This interest in my world has led me to want to involve myself in it and better it in any way I can. Because of this, I have immersed myself in school politics and committed myself to helping my familys business. Ive organized dances, orchestrated blood drives, and promoted school spirit for the sake of my peers while selling computers, landscaping, and performing custodial duties for the sake of my familys livelihood. When the community has needed my aid, I try to meet that call as best I can through volunteer cleanup services and other means of directed philanthropy. Through my continued efforts, I feel I have bettered the lives of many around me while also keeping myself active and engaged. While actions speak louder than words, its impossible to consider any utterance without the proper expression. To meet these ends, I have immersed myself in the Arts and the culture around me to gain a better understanding of how to assert myself as an individual. Ive engaged in the development of Shakespeare literature groups for youths, betrothed my musical talents to a number of groups with a number of instruments, and committed myself to sports with the utmost intensity, all in the hopes that my voice may be heard and my life may be understood. Throughout my life, I have always tried to couple traditional academic learning with these artistic and physical advances. Because of these lessons my family has instilled within me, coupled with my outward determination and work ethic, I have propelled myself into the world of education. Because of the simple life truths I have discovered through my own lifes journey, I seek a higher amount of knowledge and ability of expression. Because of these accomplishments and undertakings, I believe myself worthy of this Exemplary Achievement Award. And above all, because of my love for the world around me and the people inhabiting it, I will work to better my society through the use of my education offered by your institution.
Rulon S. Wood In application for the EAA