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University Student Council

Committee on CULTURE and the ARTS

Proposed by: Lucho Ayala, usc councilor

Culture and the arts has been part and parcel of our lives, especially our Filipino way of life. It has become an indelible imprint in the midst of depicting our true identity as a native of this country. Culture, in hand with the arts, is an important variable through which we express our lifestyle, values, beliefs vis--vis the diversity of people - using whether material and non-material forms. It is, on the other hand, an effective tool in forwarding our advocacies and protests for the betterment of our society. Moreover, it is a channel through which we emphasize our love, respect, and appreciation, not just to the people around us but to our homeland at large. Though it is unbecoming that this area is gradually losing its foothold in the university, and our society; because our economic endeavors overshadows the distinctive creative aspirations within us. With this concern, the CCA will employ all of its potential to instill in the mindset of every individual the importance, and relevance of culture and the arts to our lives. Additionally, culture and the arts will be given prominence as it is as important as the other extents of activities inside and outside the university. And lastly, the contribution of the culture and arts in our activities will help us in a gargantuan way, in helping us remember our roots and heritage as Filipinos; and with this, it is by virtue that we, as citizens of this country should always bear the spirit of being a Filipino for others.

The CCA will be guided by these objectives as it pursues its role and realizes its goal this school year.

Unity Revival Grandeur Emphasis

2 Us 2 Rs -

& & & &

Utility Retention Growth Elevation

To exhaust all the art forms, and synthesize them into a plural expression for appreciation and recognition. To set a platform for culture and the arts to make it practicable and useful in our routinary activities, and the university activities. To revive the culture that has long been forgotten, and recover the residual culture. Furthermore, reestablish the defunct activities of the CCA and the related culture and the arts organizations in the country that is complementary to our university. To reinvigorate the dominant culture, and make it flourish further. Also, retain those successful programs from the preceding years of the CCA. To bring Culture and the Arts to great heights by providing all the means for exposure. And at the same time, to showcase the skills and talents of the students to the general public. To aid the emergent culture and furnish it to its full potential. To develop the skills and talents of the students and make them aware and knowledgeable about our culture, the different cultures, and the arts as a whole.

2 Gs -

2 Es To stress out the importance and relevance of culture and the arts to our lives. To improve the current condition of culture and the arts in the university, as well as the country.


In order to reify the objectives, the CCA will conduct the following projects and programs.

Higher Budget for the Arts (HBA) Launch a major campaign which aims to highlight the importance
and relevance of arts in the education system, that [our] ideas are harbingers of innovations in different areas of social, economic, and cultural growth of our nation. Moreover, art courses must not be given less priority; instead the government must invest in it for these courses reflect the culture of our nation - a celebration of Filipino creativity and a collection of historical victories. (Programs: Lobbying, street gathering, blog for arts, I am an Artist photo ops, etc.)

Katipunan Convene all of the Culture and Arts organizations, and the councils of arts-oriented colleges in
close coordination with UNA (Ugnayan ng Nagkakaisang Artista). Also, create a directory of these artsoriented organizations with the help of the COFS committee. This [former] program aims to better facilitate the scheme of consultation and consolidation of ideas, and [latter] for a better communication network amongst colleges, organizations; and for external purposes.

LIKHA (Linangan ng Kakayahan) Provide series of workshops that will develop students creative skills
and talents. (e.g. layout and graphic design, photography, presentations, theater, musical instruments, dance, singing, poetry, public speaking, etc.) This project targets the development and improvement of the skills and talents of every UP student that will be helpful in their everyday activity. (with the help of College of Arts and Letters, College of Music, College of Fine Arts, etc.)

Tanghalan Tanghalian Showcase the talents of UPs performing arts organizations in various college
lobbies. The launch will be AS sa AS (Arte at Sining sa AS) by strategically placing student-created pieces of art on display in high-traffic and accessible areas such as the AS lobby, this project aims to recognize and showcase students talents in the visual arts, and give them the proper exposure they need and deserve.

Sining Pahinungod Workshops for underprivileged children in the environs of UP, with the help of
student volunteers. This programs wishes to extend its arm in helping out the underprivileged children by means of instructions and workshops to hone their individual skills and talents.

Handog CCA Tap performing organizations in UP, and the dorm artists' pool to share their talents to
institutions for the underprivileged sectors such Home for the Aged, foster homes, bilibid, home for cancer patients, and home for special children.

ISKOncert A Concert/Variety Show for the Performing Arts. This project aims to give the different kinds
of performers in the university their needed venue for exposure that, in turn, would hopefully instill a greater sense of school pride in UP students.

CCA Express Maintain the website of the CCA, and make a newsfeed regarding the updates on CCA
activities and the many concerns about culture and the arts in general. Also, create a CCA Twitter and Facebook page. This project aims to inform the students about the plans and accomplishments of the CCA, and at the same time, for transparency measures.

CCA Subscribe Make an official CCA YouTube Channel. All footages of the activities of the CCA will
be uploaded in this section. Also, it will be open for submissions of videos, films, etc. from different art

organizations. This project aims to be the primary site for visual representation and awareness of the CCA and its activities on the web.

Buwan ng Wika A month-long celebration of the Filipino language. This will feature several activities and
campaigns for the awareness of the Filipino history. This project aims to establish the cultural heritage of Filipinos and give tribute to the people who have been part of the history of our country.

Ta-as (Talento Ilabas) Bringing the talents of the arts-oriented courses out of their own confines. (e.g.
theater plays in dorms and public spaces) This project gives exposure for these performing groups to different groups of audience for recognition and appreciation.

Rated PG (Pakitang Gilas) Singing and dance contests featuring the different singers, bands, dance
groups in UP. This will also be a fund-raiser for the CCA for its next projects and programs.

ISKOtoure Fashion Show (integration of the skills of Clothing Tech, Fine Arts, etc.) This project will
showcase the talents of the different arts-related courses and will tackle on a particular issue at hand (e.g. fashion and arts against discrimination)

Rhymefest Incorporate poetry in commemorating holidays, especially Philippine Holidays. Also, integrate
poetry in the campaigns of the USC and the university (e.g. poetry in jeepneys). Hiraya Compilation of submitted art and literary works of UP students which will be both published for distribution and posted in an online gallery. This program intends to give recognition to the literary works of the students by sharing it to the general public.

SUKI (SUporta sa Kapwa Iskolar) Support the performers through fund raising activities. This program
aims to support our performing groups in their endeavors, especially when representing the university and the country.

Artistang Iskolar Scholarship for the art students. Also, support the art organizations through grants.
This program aims to aid the students in their schooling, and to support the arts-oriented organizations with their activities. (from NCCA, and NGOs geared towards arts and culture)

Tanglaw UP Photography workshop and cultural tour around UP. This project aims to let the students be
aware of the cultural background of UP.

Himig Pasko, Himig UP Annual celebration of Carolfest. This program will have a better publicity this
year for a larger crowd, not just to celebrate the Christmas tradition but to carry a campaign to improve the culture and the arts. Also, the participation of CCA in the lantern parade with the same intention of uplifting the culture and the arts.

CCA Network Aid in getting the support of Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts (OICA) with the
Ways and Means Committee. Also, to build and gain networks from the other arts and culture oriented organizations outside the university like NCCA, theater organizations, film institutes, and the like.

Please Like! Facebook pages of UP National Artists, with their complete bio and all the links of their

Usaping Kultura Talks with experts vis--vis students. Forum (Culture of Filipino Time, etc.) This
program aims to give an avenue for students to learn from the experts, and learn from our culture and the different cultures; and also the arts.

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