To: John Watson August, 1916 Hamilton, Ontario From: Roosevelth Buenafe August, 1916

Dear John, It’s been long since I’ve last seen you, my friend; I hope you are doing well. My days here in the trenches have been a harsh one. Each day I wake up in the morning with the fear of death crawling inside my head. The battle has just been a couple of days and already no mercy has been shown, many of our men have died because of their sniper bullets. It saddens me to think how their families will take it upon hearing the news. Every morning, we are woken up early to guard against dawn raid by the enemy. We would clean our rifle equipment, breakfast would be served next. After breakfast, we would be inspected by a platoon commander. People would then be chosen to do chores like refilling sand bags, repair of duckboards on floor of trenches and draining the trenches. Want to hear the best part? I’ve made so many friends with all the rats here in the trenches, I even named them. There’s Tom, Jerry, Larry, Fred, Jimmy…. Oh and I forgot to mention Timmy…… You can see how crazy I’m becoming. Anyways back to

I can barely sleep and I can’t rest knowing that there’s a bullet of the Grim Reaper waiting to pierce through my soul and rip me from this bloodbath we call war. The battle still stands as of now and I’m afraid my dear friend. the constant sound of gunfire and screams has always kept me wide awake and the bright color of red splattering all over me has darkened my heart. To know that such an event like this . it had been a couple of days since the battle of Somme and already it has been a massacre. I don’t regret serving in the military. and they ran into a death hole where escape was out of the question. thus a sudden change took over my comrades and they decided to charge to the opening of the enemy’s barriers but. my comrades fell to their knees with thousands of bullets on their chest. my companions are my rifle and bayonet. it’s because I’m on the verge on falling to insanity. however. due to the sudden attack and lack of strategy. My rifle has gotten me out of a tough situation and my bayonet is great for close combat. Anyways. the calculations were incorrect and so my comrades bravely walked to the other side thinking that the enemy would retreat. Again if you’re wondering why I named them. Michelle (Rifle) and Shirley (Bayonet) are my deadly two.reality. Our plan was to destroy their barb wires in order to win and make them retreat. Each night of every day. The sight was unbearable. Piles of dead bodies of our men can be spotted here from our side. Little did they know that we were unable to destroy the enemy lines. My heart sank to the bottom of my soul knowing that I couldn’t do anything but stand and watch Jack The Ripper strike once again. my comrades didn’t stand a chance. that I’ll put you in more danger if I tell you more but know this.

could ever exist in our world…. Roosevelth Buenafe Ps: Take care my dear friend. Take care of your family as well as yourself John. If not in this world. Sincerely. We’ll meet again. I can only hope to see you once again and for this war to finally end. That’s why I joined the military.. a world full of peace and joy. . then maybe in a different world. So call me stupid but I’m going to serve our country till the bit of my blood drops to the ground. Your good friend. It’s unforgivable! I never imagine something so horrible could possibly occur. I’m going to defend our country no matter what.

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