K.M. Rashedul Bari House#176, Road#06, Block # C Boshundhara residential area,Dhaka – 1229 Mobile No.

01716 572 552 Email: rashedul.bari@gmail.com


Obtain a challenging leadership position applying creative problem solving and lean management skills with a growing organization to achieve optimum utilization of its resources follow through maximum outputs for the organization.
Academic Background: (2011-2012): Masters in Floodplain & Disaster Management (enrolled) Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). CGPA: 3.5/4 (Current) BSc in Environmental Science and Management Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). Minor: Media and Development Communication CGPA: 2.98/4 H.S.C, science Govt. Shah Sultan collage, 2004 CGPA: 3.30 S.S.C, Science Bogra Zilla School, 2001 CGPA: 3.25




Personal Information: Full Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Nationality Religion : Marital Status : : : : : : : Khondaker Md. Rashedul Bari Md. Abdul Bari Mrs. Razia akter 12 December, 1986 Bogra. Bangladeshi Islam Unmarried

Interest & Activities: Management trainee, Research in public interest, Social service, Green technology, Agro Business, Cycling, Travel, walking, swimming, listens to music, blogging & Twitter.

Work Experience: (October 03, 2010 – June 30, 2011): Outreach Supervisor

Ka-66/1, Azahar Plaza, kuril Chourasta, Badda, Dhak-1212, Bangladesh.

Position: ICX-DEV project coordinator. Peer Education and Outreach: Supportive supervision. vulnerable groups and long term effects of having STIs. Rayer Bazar. Bangladesh) House#05. Road# 35 Gulshan-2 Dhaka-1212 Extra curriculum: (2005-2007): Involved with AIESES. AIDS. Middlesex university of UK and Independent University. Road# 35 Gulshan-2 Dhaka-1212 Live In Field Experience (LFE): I have conducted a rural survey targeting the village economy. . sexual Identities. social structure and health care development. Dhaka – 1207. (Fhi. sexual orientation. environmental condition.(June 2010-July 2010): Research outreach MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) Belgium House 16. Training & Certifications: Peer Education and Outreach: How people get affected by HIV. 2010 at foundation Office. 2007. Family Health International. AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organization. Bangladesh Web: www.com. Web: www. Bogra. 2010 Family Health International. 3rd to 5th September. TMSS. 5th to 9th December. coastal cleaning workshop by collaborating local schools.jaago. 2010. Bangladesh (29th August. Bangladesh.bd (2006-2007): Campus job at library Independent University. two way communications. Course held on 6th to 15th January. Awareness buildup. Bangladesh) House#05.org (2008-2009): Education Planner & Teacher of non-formal Environmental education (primary school) JAAGO foundation H # 86/1B. Gulshan 1 Dhaka 1212. Bangladesh (fhi. to change the world. and to get experience and skills that matter today. TB & other STIs. Use of condom and family planning etc. Bangladesh. promoting Cox’s Bazaar Sea beach as an international tourist spot etc. Road 32. Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup and marine conservation: The main activities were as follows. How do STIs spread. Short course GIS.msf. Role of peer educator in behavior change. The training also covers Gender. Monitoring & evaluation 15th to 17th December. GPS and Land survey for flood pain management: Provided by Flood hazard research center. Sadek Khan Road. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development. AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens. 2008-13th September 2008).

presenting. Microsoft Word. Fellow.A (Williams College. Internet. Rashedul Bari . Haroun Er Rashid. B. Microsoft Power Point. Special Skills: Managerial Skills: A Good Listener. IUB Dhaka. Communication skills: Public speaking. Event management (Both national & international).bd K. M. Language: Fluent in speaking. 9884498 Fax: +880-2-8823959 Email: herashid@iub. School of environmental science & management. leadership. Bangladesh Plot 16 Block B. Computer Skills: PC. Dhaka. Dean.msf. negotiating. report writing.org Prof. Microsoft outlook Express. Bashundhara R/A. and writing both Bengali and English. explaining.edu.(2006-2010): General member of the environment club. USA).M. team work. A (Hons. basic understanding of writing project proposals. M. Honest and Responsible. Microsoft Excel. Aftabuddin Ahmed Road. Bangladesh Telephones: 9881917. Mass. School of Environmental Science Independent University.A (Cantab). Environmental and Economic Geography. Can speak and understand Hindi as well. Road 32 Gulshan 1 Dhaka-1212 Telephone +88(02) 8817134-6 Fax: +88(02) 8817136 E-mail: masocb-dhaka@brussels.). Royal Geographical Society. References: Sophie de Montpellier Project coordinator Kamrangirchar project MSF Belgium House 16. Adobe Acrobat. reading. documenting. photo editing.

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