Vanessa D’souza Roll No. 657 MMS – I (2011-2012)


Busch. InBev and Heine-ken setting up their production facilities in India the race for the supremacy is going to reach seismic levels. Carlsberg. With the increasing income levels of the Indian population the popularity of beer is also increasing at a rapid speed. they are hoping to boost their profile. was produced back in 1820’s in Solan by an Englishman named Edward Dyer. In addition. Beer in India. The brand rules the market. To date. With time. This calls for a good understanding of what drives consumption patterns with existing top players through systematic & structured study.PHENOMENON & POTENTIAL FOR APPLYING RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The introduction of beer in India dates back to the pre independence era. Lion. a trend emulated by other breweries making Indian beer market predominantly lager based. The Indian beer industry has been growing at a steady rate over the last few decades. a growing economy and improved social acceptance are factors that are in favor of the beer industry. was first introduced by the British and the first Indian beer Lion. Though these new entrants are small today. These trends are expected to fuel growth in beer consumption of up to 15% a year through the end of the decade ushering in a new era of beer drinking culture. 2 . the biggest beneficiary of the surge has been Kingfisher. beer has occupied an important position in the Indian hard drinks segment. Nevertheless. closing in is SABMiller commanding 37% of the market. with a 45% share. a highly hopped ale was later switched into a lager. This can be achieved by applying Research Methodology. With major international players like Anheuser.

Preparation of the Report STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM & PURPOSE FOR STUDY The scope of the research study restricts itself to the analysis of consumer preferences. Preparing the Research Design 4. To understand the factors affecting consumer behaviour and usage of the three brands. Collecting the Data 5. • • • Find out the awareness levels of the three brands in general. perception and consumption of popular brands of beer in India. There are many brands of beer available but the study is limited to three most popular brands of beer – Kingfisher. Generalization and Interpretation 7. Formulating the Research Problem 2. Developing the research objectives 3. Seek the general perception of consumer towards them as brands. Analysis of Data 6. • To check the performance of each of the brands and reasons for popularity 3 . Hayward’s & Royal Challenge.RESEARCH PROCESS 1.

. analyzing it and making a study. Random people were selected and asked to fill the questionnaire. getting it filled by random people. Sample Size and Design A sample of 50 was taken on the basis of convenience. Opinions of only beer-drinkers were considered. which included preparing the questionnaire. Research Instrument The data was collected directly from the respondent with the help of a structured questionnaire with a combination of open-ended as well as close-ended questions. 4 .RESEARCH OBJECTIVES Objectives of the study are: • To study the attitudes and awareness of people towards the three popular brands of beer • To know the factors which affects consumer’s buying behaviour & consumption pattern RESEARCH DESIGN The descriptive research was carried for around 15-20 days using the survey method.

QUESTIONNAIRE Gender a) Male b) Female Age a) 18-25 yrs b) 25-35yrs c) 35-45yrs d) 45 & above Who introduced you to drink Beer? a) Friends b) Advertising c) Other________________ How often do you consume Beer? a) Once a week b) 3-4 times in a week c) Every day d) Occasionally Which type of Beer do you prefer? a) Mild b) Strong Rate the following Brands of beer in order of your preference a) Kingfisher_____ b) Haywards_____ c) Royal Challenge_____ How much quantity of Beer do you consume at one time? a) 1 Bottle b) 2 Bottles c) > 2 Bottles You drink Beer usually at? a) Home b) Restaurant c) Bar d) Parties e) Other_________________ What are the key factor/s that affect/s your purchasing decision? 5 .

a) Price b) Brand c) Taste d) Quality e) Packaging d) Other__________________ Your preference for packaging? a) Bottle b) Can Are you brand loyal? a) Loyal b) Switcher DATA ANALYSIS & INTEPRETATION Gender FEMAL MALE E 70% 30% 6 .

of responde nts 28 10 7 5 Brand Preference Kingfisher Haywards Royal Challenge 46 3 1 7 .Age Groups AGE GROUP 18-25 25-35 35-45 >45 No.

Key Factors affecting purchase Price Brand Taste Quality Packagi ng 7 39 10 3 1 Brand Loyalty Loyal Switcher 30 20 8 .

Therefore.CONCLUSIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS A lot of preference is being placed on the brand by the consumers of beer. concentrating on the building a good brand must also be on the agenda of the new entrants if at all they are to capture market share in any way. followed by taste and price. this could be an indicator for new entrants to focus on. Also it can be concluded that the high volume sales of Kingfisher are due to its Brand Equity. So. 9 .

economictimes.BIBLIOGRAHY • • • • • 10 .html http://articles.mapsofindia.htm http://goindia.

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