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Suffix What can a suffix list offer as far as vocabulary building goes? A whole lot, actually.

First off, by studying the following list, you can learn how suffixes can and do change the meaning of words. In fact, included are the meaning and a common usage or two of English language suffixes below. I recommend you print out the suffix list and spend some time learning them. There aren't that many, however, they are important and you will certainly help your test scores by knowing them.

able, ible

capable of (adjective suffix) like, pertaining to full of

portable - able to be carried legible - able to be read cardiac - pertaining to heart aquatic - pertaining to water
audacious - full of daring, avaricious - full of greed maniacal - insane portal - doorway logical - pertaining to logic

ac, ic

acious, icious


pertaining to

ant, ent

full of

eloquent - pertaining to fluid, effective speech. verdant - green dictionary - book connected with words honorary - connected with honor consecrate - to make holy mitigate - make less severe irritation - that which is irritated


like, connected with

ate ation

to make (verb suffix) that which is (noun suffix)


state of being (noun suffix)

democracy - ruled by people obstinacy - obstinate state, stubbornness

mountaineer - person who climbs mountains teacher - one who teaches advisor - person who advises

eer, er, or

person who (noun suffix) becoming (adjective suffix) making, doing (adjective suffix) to make (verb suffix) producing, bearing (adjective suffix) pertaining to, capable of (adjective suffix) doctrine, belief (noun suffix) dealer, doer (noun suffix) state of being (noun suffix) like (adjective suffix) to make (verb suffix) resembling, like (adjective suffix)


evanescent - tending to vanish pubescent - arriving at puberty fantastic - arousing great wonder terrific - arousing great fear magnify - to enlarge petrify - turn to stone pestiferous - carrying disease vociferous - having a loud voice civil - polite docile - easily taught or led monotheism - belief in one God socialism - kind of governance realist - one who is realistic dentist - deals with teeth sagacity - state of being wise quantitative - concerned with number or volume harmonize - make harmonious revolutionize - make revolutionary ovoid - like an egg anthropoid - resembling a human




il, ile


ist ity ive

ize, ise



full of (adjective suffix) condition (noun suffix)

verbose - full of words

psychosis - diseased mental condition hypnosis - induced sleep


ous tude

full of (adjective suffix) state of (noun suffix)

nauseous - full of nausea ludicrous - foolish fortitude - state of strength certitude - state of certainty