Here are some notes on my Who "Baba O' Riley" patch, created with Apple Logic Pro's ES2 virtual

analog synth. "baba_demo.mp3"- This is an all-singin', all dancin' demo of the intro of "Baba O' Riley", all created in Logic. I used a stock Logic drum kit (compressed like crazy with Universal Audio LA-3) and the True Pianos virtual piano. Pete, if you need a programmer, look me up... "baba_osc1.mp3" - This is approximately what the first oscillator should sound like- you may need to futz with the pulse width of the pulse wave to get it right. Note that I actually used oscillators two and three in Logic ES2, because oscillator one doesn't have a variable width pulse wave. It's running through the bandpass filter here too, so be aware of that because it changes the tone quite a bit. "baba_osc2.mp3" - Same deal as above, but an octave up and detuned a wee bit- just one cent. That tiny amount makes it a little less stiff and digital sounding, but don't go nuts with the detune, or it'll sound too much like a synth. We want organ here. "baba_osc1+2.mp3"- This is boff'um, as I like to say, mixed at about equal volume. Lean toward the lower octave it you're gonna make one a little louder. Same deal with the filter as above two examples. "baba_ampmod.mp3"- Same as above, but now with the LFO modulating the amp giving us the pulsing. Careful when creating this-since the amp mod is positive, it can jack up the overall volume of the patch, so you may eed to turn down to compensate. "baba_osc1+2_eq.mp3"- This the patch with the EQ plug-in applied. It's subtle, but it shaves off some highs and lows and bumps the mids a little. You can experiment with this to taste. I was just trying as much as possible to give it the seventies-record-sound, and minimize the digital-plug-in-computer sound. I bypassed the amp mod so you could hear the tone more clearly. I'm so nice. "baba_osc1+2_eq_verb.mp3"- Here I bring the stereo reverb trickiness. At this point, I pan the main sound almost hard left, and set up a bus send to a Logic Goldverb and pan it right. I intentionally chose a semi-cruddy sounding reverb, because I didn't want

When you get it right. Goldverb has a slider for early reflection vs. it should show up in the pop-up menu at the top of ES2. set to almost no distortion. None of these settings are particularly crucial. huh?). "baba_trills. I slid it mostly toward early reflection for more of a small room ambience. but it's more fun to play 'em live. you can record phrases in your sequencer and quantize to 32nd notes.celebusite. I threw an EQ after that too. When you get the timing just right they'll "bounce". specifically) and hold them. almost like speakers playing in a living room. it will only work for ES2. just lopping off lows and highs with shelf filters: -18db at 380 Hz and -12. just to add a wee bit more other words. "baba.mp3". As mentioned in the main article. it'll sound just like the record.pristine quality. Finally. Have fun. If you want to wimp out.This is just a little file I made in hopes of demonstrating how to play the trills. Here's where to put the file: Users/Yourusername/Library/Application Support/Logic/Plug-in Settings/ES2 Once there. main verb.just get 'em in the vicinity and mess with them until you like what you hear. (One can only imagine the amount of punching and tape-splicing it took to assemble "Baba 'O Riley" in the studio!). the idea is to hit two adjacent notes in the key of F in rapid succession (a 32nd note apart. one sounds while the other is silent and so on.5 db at 6200 Hz. Mitchell Sigman/Keyboard Magazine mitchell@celebutantemusic. I let only a little bit of the longer ringing verb www.pst". I also stuck a Logic Overdrive plug in AFTER the reverb (scary.This is the patch for Apple Logic .

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