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209 E 23rd Street, 3rd Floor
Doors open at 6:30pm Panels are held Fridays 7-9pm at SVA New York, NY 10010
Admission : $7 Students, Seniors & SVA Alumni:$3
Current SVA Students, faculty & ATOA Passholders: FREE (212) 779-9250

Contemporary Ceramics Erotic Art or Ponography Jump Start Your Career Turning Writing into Art The Power of Paper Curator’s Choice 2009
What does “hot” mean? The classical A discussion with New York artists ATOA’s annual artist slide competition,
definition of erotica refers to art dealing exploring the ways in which Arab, Middle winners will be announced as selected
with sexual love. Pornography, is defined Eastern and Islamic literary, poetic and by Dr. Thalia Vracopolous. Winners will
problem with this
other texts-ancient and contemporary,
as obscene art designed to excite sexual have their art work exhibited at Tenri
desire. What’s going on? entire sentence:
inform their work. Cultural Institute in The Village.
texts-ancient? Moderator: Lynne Mayocole, pres. ATOA
Moderator: Emily Stedman, painter Juror/ Curator: Thalia Vracopolous,
needs to be Panelist: Emna Zghal, artist professor, curator & critic
Panelist: Vincent Arcilisi, Painter
White Trio, Beverly Semmes painter should be Norma Greenwood
rewritten Sumayyah Samaha, artist Organizer: Margarida Guilarte,
McWillie Chambers, painter
lowercase Imagine being able to throw your career Fareen Butt, artist Flight of Warrior, Joan Giordano adm. manager, ATOA
Pet Sylvia, owner, Art-At-Large Gallery
Ceramics is looked at now as more into high gear in one night? Join local Organizer: Ayse Turgut, indp. curator
Carolyn Weltman, artist
than a craft, discussion will focus experts who can help you find the focus,
Organizer: Jacqueline Sferra-Rada Joan Giordano, Fran Kornfeld, Nancy
on the work of three contemporary the strategy and the resources to maximize
New York artists who work in clay Cohen, Lynne Sures, Mel Kendrick should not be adm,
the new year and beyond. independent?
and as a result are working to find a will reveal the hidden secrets of paper, adminstrative
means to self expression and threrby Panelists: Ethany Uttech, Brooklyn Arts its infinate possibilities and why it is
expanding the boundaries of what Council, Ginger Shulick Coahsi, Couns. Arts the major componant of their art.
constitutes the character
missing period of their art & Humanities, Bill Agardo, Broxn Council in
Bronx? Moderator: Joan Giordano, artist
the Arts, Kay Takeda, Lower Manhattan
Panelist: Ann Agee, artist Panelist: Fran Kornfeld, artist
Cultural Council, Lillian Chou, Asian
Arlene Shechet, artist Nancy Cohen, artist, Lynne Sures, artist
American Arts Counciil
Beverly Semmes, artist Mel Kendrick, artist
Moderator/ Organizer:
Moderator/ Organizer: Organizer: Lynne Mayocole, pres. ATOA Tenri Cultural Institute
Norma Greenwood, artist & ATOA board Fareen Butt. Akasa 47, 2006
Michael Klein,Talking Point Films Couple, Emily Stedman
pres. should be
Jauuary 30th February 13th February 27th March 20th
President April 3th April 24th

February 6th February 20th March 6th March 27rd April 17th
Art Log Telling Artists’s Stories Environmental works The Madness of Art Theory and Practice:
in Moving pictures This panel features short humerous films, in the The Artifice of Abjection?
The panel will discuss the benefit of making tradition of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and "The
available to the viewer the creative process
should read owner, director, no Office." Dealer-filmmaker, Jim Kempner’s
No "?". Underneath pic, it
behind the art they are viewing and the role slash. panel is about an art dealer, and the gallery world should read, Neal Tait,
that knowledge plays in the appreciation and of modern day Chelsea district, he inhabits. Procession. Procession
interpretation of it. should be in italics.
Guest Speaker: Jim Kempner, Jim Kempner
Moderator: Kevin O’Hanlon, owner/dir., Fine Arts Organizer: Ann Lydecker, visual art impresario
Panelist: Andreas Rentsch, photographer Patricia Johanson, Fair Park Lagoon, Dallas, TX
Richard Laurent, painter
Courtesy of Manish Vora Organizer: Ann Lydecker, visual art impresario description should
Double-click here toread: This
edit text.
Three stellar environmental artists whose work Courtesy of Peter Duhon
makes a difference with projects that are utilitarian
panel chaired by Peter Duhon
Artlog assembles gallery owners and dealers (Director, will This panel moderated by Peter Duhon
as well as aesthetic—that both serve and engage
from different neighborhoods in NYC to discuss (Director, will examine
the public examine the state of trauma trauma discourse in art and theory today.
the challenges facing emerging artists breaking
into the art market right now. Moderator: Mary Arnold Environmental art discourse in art and theory today. What are the implications for abject art
consultant & fmr dir. Teaneck Creek Conservancy What are the implications for during the current global economic crisis?
Moderator: Manish Vora, Panelist: Patricia Johanson, artist abject art during the current
Panelist: Dylan Fareed, Eve Mosher, artist Moderator/Organizer:
Aviva Rahmani, ecological artist
global economic crisis? Peter Duhon, executive editor,
Organizer: Manish Vora,
Organizer: Donna Marxer, chmn A. I. R. I. E. Art Comments
Courtesy of Kevin O’Hanlon Courtesy of Jim Kempner (Panelists to be announced)