Friends of Walgrove Members Meeting April 10, 2012 6:10 p.m.-7:40 p.m.

Walgrove Avenue Elementary School 1630 Walgrove Avenue*Los Angeles, CA 90066 Phone (310)391-7104*Fax (310)391-9809 I. Welcome & Introductions- Sarah Reimers II. Special Thanks A. RFP Team effort- Leisle Bartley, Troy Takaki and all signature gatherers, signers, meeting attendees. B. School Tour Team C. Laura Groppe for getting the Story Pirates to come to our school. D. All volunteers! III. School/Instructional Reports A. Ms. Adams 1.Enrichment classes a. Feedback has been amazing and very positive. b. It is bringing the passion of the teachers for a subject together with the passion of the kids. c. No other schools have this kind of program. It sets us apart from other schools. d. The last early dismissal Tuesday is May 1, and after this the classes will be even longer. IV. Office and Council Reports A. School Site Council/EVTF- Liberty Conboy 1. Blue Palm Arts Education a. They are a standards based art education group that started coming into the classrooms to work with the kids in January, with 5 week sessions for each class. b. Initially got off to a rough start, including some resistance from teachers. 1. Fourth grade teacher, Ms. Laichtman attested that she was skeptical at first, but she gave them her goals for the program, and they did a great job. She feels they are really pros and know their stuff. c. We have laid the groundwork for phase 1 this year and another year would really be good to get the program going. d. The cost is $20,000 a year. B. Fundraising- Michelle Dean 1.Auction a. Online auction went live on Monday and $4,000 has already been raised. New items being added daily. b. The auction party will be April 28. Various Walgroovies, teacher outings, and class art projects will be among the things available at the party. c. Raffle tickets will be coming home with the kids in the Wednesday packet. 2. Walk-a-thon a. The event will be June 2. b. The first meeting for Room Parents will be May 2. C. Acting Treasurer Mark Sim via Sarah Reimers 1. We have $47,000 cash on hand. 2. Any questions about finances can be sent to Mark Sim at V. Old Business A. New Funding Task Force- Sarah Reimers 1. The goal is to have 10 written proposals by the end of the year. 2. Physical education and the arts are the two areas with the strongest possibility of getting outside funds. B. 2012 Yearbook Announcements- Dana Tasker 1. Dedications are low this year.

2. Every students gets a yearbook for free. To do this we really need people to support the yearbook by purchasing dedications. 3. If you are planning to make a purchase, please email Dana at to let her know. VI. New Business A. Library Committee- Lisa Haase 1. The Book Fair will be the week of April 23rd. Volunteers are needed to help out. B. Hospitality Committee- Warner Takaki 1. Volunteers needed to help out at Open House, setting up Wacky Wednesday the Tuesday afternoon before and Staff Appreciation Week. C. 2012-2013 Budget Draft-Sarah Reimers 1. It is not looking like we are going to hit our 2011-2012 fundraising targets. However, it also looks like our expenses are not going to be as high as estimated, so we will be close on everything being covered. 2. For our 2012-2013 Fundraising targets we need to look at options. Perhaps a large auction is not our best option for our largest fundraiser. 3. We will discuss the budget more at the May meeting. In the meantime, the SSC will be hashing out the budget at their meetings, which anyone is welcome to attend. 4. We may need to look into dipping into our surplus cash next year to cover things. 5. The budget vote will take place at the June meeting. D. 2012-2013 Board Re-organization and Nominations- Sarah Reimers 1. What should be the mission of Friends of Walgrove? a. It is agreed that raising money should be the number 1 priority. Other areas are up for discussion. b. Olivia feels part of her job is to do PR for and advocate for the school with the district. The SSC can also be a level of support for Olivia. 2. Should we look at re-structuring the FOW officers and making a change to the by-laws? a. When looking for people to fill the offices for next year, we want to make sure we are asking people to do the right job. VII. Happenings and Help Wanted A. Silent Auction Online- Went live on Monday! B. Silent Auction Party- April 28 C. Community Council- April 12- 3:30-4:30 PM D. Incoming Kinder Playdate- April 15- 1-3 PM in Kinder yard E. Wacky Wednesday- April 18 F. Book Fair- April 23-27 G. Open House- Tuesday, April 24 H. Teacher Appreciation Week- May 7-11 I. Walk-a-thon- June 2 J. SSC Meeting- April 19-2:45 PM

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