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SUFFOLK.CAPCO.CO.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. Our headquarters are located at Wickham Market in Suffolk. denotes the electric supply. RIVERSIDE VIEW. Flameproof and air motors can be supplied for some machines. WICKHAM MARKET. UK. Extra costs maybe incurred where electric supplies other than A or C are required.UK 1 1 . Those shown (A or C) are the common European Single and three phase electric supplies currently in use. Our full range encompasses everything needed for today’s Civil Engineering industry. All of our products are subject to the strictest Quality Control procedures to ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained throughout. with your details.CO. both in the laboratory and on site. CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.The Company Capco Test Equipment Ltd are one of the leading manufacturers of Testing Equipment and have been associated with Quality Testing Equipment for well over half a century. The last letter of the model code No. IP13 OTA UK TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 WEB: WWW. We purchased Pascall Engineering in 2004 and continue to manufacture their whole range of products. you can phone. specify on your order. To make buying easier. so that all of your requirements are met in one easy step. Please amend the code to suit your requirements using the following suffixes: A = 230V-IPH-50Hz B = 110V-IPH-60Hz C= 400V-3PH-50Hz D = others. from where we manufacture all types of Civil Engineering Test Equipment for worldwide sale. WOODBRIDGE. Our products range from the smallest mechanical devices to the most highly sophisticated electrical devices. fax or e-mail us. and includes the full range of equipment previously manufactured by Pascall Engineering. details on request. All purchase cards and credit cards are accepted. Contacts Managing Director: Tammy Robertson Technical Director: Andrew Robertson Pascall Enquiries: Claire Robertson Civil Enquiries: Tammy Robertson Electrical Specification NB: Model code No.

CO. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW. SUFFOLK. 12 Ribbon Blade Powder Mixer 13 Sample Dividers 14. WOODBRIDGE. 16 Sieve Shakers 17. 10 Mortar and Pestle Mills 11. RIVERSIDE VIEW. WICKHAM MARKET.UK . 5. 15.CAPCO.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. 18 Sieves 19 Triple Roll Mills 20.CO.Contents Colour Section Ball Mills Page Numbers 4. 6 Conical Lab Mixer 7 Disc Grinder 8 Jaw Crusher 9. 22 Winnower & Cocoa Breaker 23 Conversion Tables 24 Conditions of Sale 25 Contact Us 26 2 2 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. 21.

RIVERSIDE VIEW. Machines Part Code BALLJARMILL 2VAR BALLJARMILL 3FIX BALLJARMILL 3VAR BALLJARMILL 4FIX BALLJARMILL 4VAR BALLJARMILL 5FIX BALLJARMILL 5VAR BALLJARMILL 6FIX BALLJARMILL 6VAR BALLJARMILL 7FIX BALLJARMILL 7VAR BALLJARMILL 8FIX BALLJARMILL 8VAR BALLJARMILL 9VAR BALLJARMILL 10FIX BALLJARMILL 10VAR BALLJARMILL 11OTF BALLJARMILL 11OTV BALLJARMILL 11TTFIX BALLJARMILL 11TTVAR BALLJARMILL 12VAR Description Model 2 Variable Speed Model 3 Fixed Speed Model 3 Variable Speed Model 4 Fixed Speed Model 4 Variable Speed Model 5 Fixed Speed Model 5 Variable Speed Model 6 Fixed Speed Model 6 Variable Speed Model 7 Fixed Speed Model 7 Variable Speed Model 8 Fixed Speed Model 8 Variable Speed Model 9 Variable Speed Model 10 Fixed Speed Model 10 Variable Speed Model 11 (One-Tier) Fixed Speed Model 11 (One-Tier) Variable Speed Model 11 (Two-Tier) Fixed Speed Model 11 (Two-Tier) Variable Speed Model 12 Variable Speed Model Code 1600-VS-A 1144-FS-C 1144-VS-A 1492-FS-A 1492-VS-A 1556-FS-C 1556-VS-A 1544-FS-C 1545-VS-A 1451-FS-A 1451-VS-A 1553-FS-A 1597-VS-A 1679-VS-A 1546-FS-A 1547-VS-A 1221-FS-1-C 1221-VS-1-C 1221-FS-2-C 1221-VS-2-C 1601-VS-A TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. The porcelain pots are made from industrial porcelain having an alumina content of approx.CO. with flameproof drive units for use in hazardous areas.Ball Mills Ball Mill No. Unless otherwise specified all models are fitted with an electrically interlocked roller guard to prevent access to the rollers whilst the mill is in operation. All models can be supplied with variable speed control and. This equipment is a useful compliment to any ball milling operation where several samples may be being processed at any one time. The steel pots are of a welded construction with lid and locking clamps similar to those fitted to the porcelain pots.CO.CAPCO. with the exception of Model 9. WICKHAM MARKET. 50% and have excellent acid and corrosion resisting properties. screens.UK 3 . WOODBRIDGE. Accessories for use with the mills include various types of grinding media. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW. The pots are fitted with flat ground tops and lids. 9 Overview Pascall laboratory ball mills provide operators with a wide choice.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. SUFFOLK. The range includes both small laboratory units to handle single containers as well as multitiered units capable of accommodating milling containers up to 35 litres nominal capacity. pourers. and tipping stands for straining the contents from the mill pots.

5-10.37/ 400v/ 0.CO.0 5.5-10.0 0.CAPCO.0-35.37/ 230v/ 0.5-10.5 0.37kW 0.UK .0 10.5-2.0-35.55kW 3ph/50Hz 0.37kW 0.0 0.0 5.37kW 0. RIVERSIDE VIEW.0 15.55kW 1ph/50Hz 0.55kW 0.75kW 180W 180W 230v/ 1ph/50Hz 230v/ 1ph/50Hz 230v/ 1ph/50Hz 230v/ 1ph/50Hz 230v/ 1ph/50hz 230v/ 1ph/50hz 230v/ 1ph/50hz 230v/ 1ph/50hz 230v/ 1ph/50Hz 400v/ 3ph/50Hz 230v/ 1ph/50Hz 230v/ 1ph/50Hz * Other windings available ** Bench Top Models 4 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.37kW Electric Supply 230v/ 1ph/50Hz 230v/ 1ph/50Hz 400v/ 3ph/50Hz 230v/ 1ph/50Hz 230v/ 1ph/50Hz 230v/ 1ph/50Hz Weight Height Depth (kg) (mm) (mm) 44 47 109 109 62 68 287 287 285 295 185 185 155 155 14 195 195 562 562 47 56 327 327 1005 1005 471 471 1186 1186 1561 1561 829 829 921 921 210 1127 1127 1217 1217 278 278 376 376 625 625 427 427 716 716 514 514 808 808 514 514 250 514 514 676 676 376 376 Width (mm) 756 756 964 964 976 976 1500 1500 1498 1612 1049 1049 1498 1612 400 1498 1612 2366 2366 988 988 Roll Length (mm) 363 363 730 730 419 419 N/a N/a 3x1021 3x1021 809 809 1021 1021 190 2x1021 2x1021 4x787 4x787 595 595 Guard std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std Pot Capacity (litre) 0.5-5.55kW 0.5-5.55kW 0.5-5.5-5. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW.0 15.Ball Mills Model No 2** Var speed (option) No 3 Var speed (option) No 4** Var speed (option) No 5 Var speed (option) No 6 Var speed (option) No 7 Var speed (option) No 8 Var speed (option) No 9 var speed std** No 10 Var speed (option) No 11 Var speed (option) No 12** Var speed (option) Motor 180W 180W 0.0-35.0 10.0 0.55kW 0.5-10. SUFFOLK.5-2.0 0.0 0.37kW 0. WICKHAM MARKET.37kW 0.0-35.0 0.0-35.0 0.37kW 50W 0.0 0.37kW 0.CO.0-10.5-5.0 0.5 Flame Proof option option option option option option option option option option option option option option N/a option option option option option option Roll Speed (rpm) 244 0-420 296 0-420 285 0-400 N/a N/a 198/ 286 0-420 198 0-420 198/ 286 0-420 0-350 198/ 286 0-420 240/ 290 0-420 244 0-420 0.0 5.0 5. WOODBRIDGE.0-35.5-1.0-10.0 0.5-5.0 0.

0 21.00 Alumina Diameter Diameter 19.0 25.50 6.00 10.50 7. WOODBRIDGE.44 0.5 1.5 3.6 4.00 0.00 Total Weight 0.4 0.0 60.0 15.0 3.0 30.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.0 2.0 70.0 18.00 4. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW.0 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.0 2.5 27.0 0.22 0.45 1.00 3.0 10.7 19.1 0.0 35.0 22.0 24.50 Total Weight 0.0 5.90 2.0 0.00 Nominal Capacity Litres 0.0 54.6 41.0 Total Weight 1.00 13.0 6.0 8.1 0.75 9.0 28.0 2.0 35.0 2.4 0.0 10.CO.5 3.0 6.5 1.0 0.50 6.5 0.50 3.00 9. RIVERSIDE VIEW.0 Diameter 9.0 2.25 4.4 0.00 13.00 2.2 0.50 14.5 1.00 6.35 0.00 4.0 18.5 2.2 4.0 10. weights in kg) Nominal Steatite Capacity Diameter Diameter Diameter Diameter Litres 9.0 12.0 2. WICKHAM MARKET.50 6.0 25. weights in kg) Capacity Litres 0.8 1.0 16.3 0.5 5.0 14.0 9.7 19.5 12.CAPCO.0 12.0 O/Diameter 121 140 159 229 279 355 355 420 n/a Porcelain O/Length 147 176 270 325 368 371 517 525 n/a Weight 1.50 0.45 1.CO.5 5.4 0.0 Technical Data for Ball Charges (dimensions in mm.8 2.0 20.15 0.Ball Mills Technical Data for Ball Mill Pots (dimensions in mm.6 1.3 0.UK 5 .0 30.00 21.30 0.5 1.00 27.12 2.0 15.0 20.22 0.3 20.5 13.12 2.70 1.0 20.24 4.0 9.6 - Carbon / Stainless Steel Diameter Diameter Diameter 12.0 15.4 n/a O/Diameter 100 125 140 213 251 328 356 Steel O/Length 135 173 219 232 290 Non std 341 Non std 495 Weight 1.75 9.0 21.0 20.0 30.00 13.25 4. SUFFOLK.0 4.0 4.0 33.8 10.0 12.0 40.75 3.0 30.5 5.0 25.2 0.50 1.50 18.75 1.0 6.0 10.50 9.

CAPCO.UK .UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.Ball Mill Accessories Accessories Overview Screen type pourers and liquid pourers are available for all sizes of pots as well as tipping stands for use when draining the pots. RIVERSIDE VIEW. The tables shown are for general use but have been found to produce good results over a very wide range of materials.CO. Certain models can be fitted with vibratory motors to rapidly discharge the material. Various different types of grinding media can be used in order to obtain maximum grinding efficiency. WICKHAM MARKET. 6 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.CO. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW. For the ceramic pots steatite or high density alumina balls are generally used whilst for the steel pots either carbon or stainless steel balls are the norm. Speed. These are very useful when handling a powdered or viscous material which may tend to stick. Other media such as zirconia or glass balls can be supplied to order. material charge and size of grinding media all play an important part in milling efficiency. WOODBRIDGE. SUFFOLK.

CO. Bench Mounted and fitted with a hexagonal conical type polypropylene barrel with screw-on lid. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW.UK 7 . The drive is by a geared motor unit giving barrel speeds from 0-50rpm and a 0-99min timer is fitted into the facia of the unit.5 or 6.0 litres 230v / 1ph / 50 Hz 440mm (height) 445mm (width) 450mm (depth) 18kg Blue Machines Partcode MIXCONLAB Description Conical Lab Mixer Model Code 1664-00-A Accessories Partcode MIXCON BAR 1. Capacity: Electrics: Dimensions: Nett weight: Finish: Nominal 1. RIVERSIDE VIEW.5S MIXCON BAR 1.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.CO.5V MIXCON BAR 6S MIXCON BAR 6V Description 1.CAPCO. The barrel can be fitted with vanes for mixing high density materials.Conical Lab Mixer Conical Lab Mixer Overview A tumbler mixer for blending powders or liquids. WOODBRIDGE.5 litre vaned barrel 6 litre standard barrel 6 litre vaned barrel Model Code 1665-02 1665-03 1664-03 1664-04 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. SUFFOLK.5 litre standard barrel 1. WICKHAM MARKET.

WICKHAM MARKET.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. However it may be used as a separate processing unit for reducing a wide range of materials. WOODBRIDGE.Disc Grinder Disc Grinder Overview The Pascall Disc Grinder has been designed in conjunction with the Pascall Jaw Crusher to reduce crushed product to a finer particle size.UK .CO. Throughputs vary up to 50kgs/hr depending on the material being processed and the product size required. Drive is by a 2. RIVERSIDE VIEW. Machines Partcode DISCGRIND1 DISCGRINDVIB Description Model 1 disc grinder Vibratory feeder & hopper Model Code 1396-00-C 1539-00-A 8 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.2kw motor wound for 400v—3 ph—50hz (feeder single phase). SUFFOLK.CAPCO.CO. The grinding operation which takes place between two 203 mm hardened chrome steel discs is completely enclosed in an easily accessible but safety interlocked chamber. For materials which may not feed easily a vibratory feeder/hopper is available as an optional extra. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW.

CAPCO. The overall height is about 1406mm. rigid and robust stand. The main body of the Model No 2 together with motor and transmission are totally enclosed within moulded protective casings which form the drive guards and covers. WICKHAM MARKET. To maintain the gap selected the hand wheel is equipped with a locking hub. Heavy cast iron body and moving jaw stocks. The bearings are bronze. Machines Picture Partcode JAWCRUSHER1 Description Model No 1 has a jaw opening of 76mm x 51mm. Depending on the nature of the raw material. and the approximate nett weight 508kg. 1 and to about 10mm and finer on No. coke. and the sides of the crushing chambers are lined with replaceable hardened steel wear plates. The drive is by a 750W motor wound for 380/415-3-50Hz (other voltages can be supplied) with the transmission through a vee belt pulley drive Model Code 1600-VS-A JAWCRUSHER2 Model No 2 has a jaw opening of 152mm x 76mm. Incorporate feed chutes with protective grids and covers.Jaw Crushers Jaw Crushers Overview Used for laboratory and production purposes for crushing various hard.UK 9 . IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW. chemicals. oil impregnated and self oiling. semihard and soft friable material such as abrasives. minerals. the size reduction is to about 6mm and finer on No. coal. and supplementary grease lubrication through grooves in the eccentric shaft and sealing discs protect the bearings from the ingress of dirt. SUFFOLK. The drive is by a 4kW motor wound for 380/415-3-50Hz (other voltages can be supplied) with the transmission through a toothed timing belt. refractories and sintered metal powders. and the complete unit is arranged on a compact. aggregate. gravel. natural and synthetic polymers. RIVERSIDE VIEW. Model No 2 has a circular discharge outlet with a protective grid.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. 2. The moving and fixed jaws of both models are fitted with replaceable ribbed manganese steel jaw plates.CO. The gap or nip between the moving and fixed jaws on both models can be adjusted for fine or coarse crushing by means of a hand wheel located at the back of the crusher. The floor space required is approximately 1181mm x 762mm.CO. Model No 1 discharge outlet is through a delivery chute fitted with protective baffle plate below the jaws. 1144-FS-C TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. foundry sands. WOODBRIDGE. The moving jaw of each model is carried on an eccentric shaft fitted with a flywheel and a belt driven pulley. clays. The driving motor of each model is wired to a push-button motor control switch (star delta in the case of Model No 2) with no volt and overload release features which protect the machine from damage in the event of uncrushable material becoming jammed between the jaws. The moving jaw of both models can be fully retracted for ease of cleaning or to dislodge material from the crushing chamber.

WOODBRIDGE.CO. SUFFOLK. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW.CO.UK .UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.Jaw Crushers Machines Partcode JAWCRUSHER1 JAWCRUSHER2 Dimensions (mm) 464 x 479 x 1156 1181 x 762 x 1406 Model Code 1397-00C 1398-00C Weight 178 Kg 508 Kg 10 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. WICKHAM MARKET.CAPCO. RIVERSIDE VIEW.

When lifted the arm swings clear of the mortar allowing it to be removed from the turntable for emptying and cleaning. Machines Model Capacity (ml) Mortar Diameter (mm) Pestle Diameter (mm) Mortar Speed (rpm) Elec Volts Ph Hz Motor (W) Net Weight: Steel (kg) Porcelain (kg) Dimensions (mm) W x D x H (mm) 00 25 100 50 32 230 1 50 90 & 30 29 254 x 380 354 0 250 178 76 70 230 1 50 180 45 43 304 x 484 480 1 1000 254 121 60 400 3 50 550 157 144 538 x 348 1158 2 2250 381 197 40 400 3 50 750 228 685 x 452 1245 3 7000 508 248 30 400 3 50 1500 509 717 x 728 1790 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. All three may be fitted with either stainless steel or cast iron mortar and pestle.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. It is an ideal laboratory unit for small quantities of expensive materials or for routine grinding of large numbers of test samples. WICKHAM MARKET. Model 0: This model is an invaluable mill for dry or wet processing. acid resisting porcelain mortar and pestle. Model 00: Unequalled for rapid. Friction between the mortar and the pestle causes the pestle to rotate and being free to float up and down adjusts itself to take under the pestle larger particles of material. 2 & 3: These mills are all floor standing but basically of the same design as the smaller Model 0. RIVERSIDE VIEW. The model 1 is also available fitted with hard.UK 11 . SUFFOLK. The mill is portable but robust making it easy to handle by junior laboratory technicians.CAPCO. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW.CO. WOODBRIDGE. The weighted pestle which is offset in the mortar floats in the hinged arm bracket by means of a quick release set screw. micro fine particle size reduction of a variety of materials the mill is supplied complete with individually driven mortar and pestle of polished agate or tool steel.Mortar & Pestle Mills Model 2 Overview Models 1.CO. The mill contains two main sections hinged at the back and secured by quick release clamps which can be adjusted to vary the grinding pressure. A protective electrically interlocked safety guard encloses the mortar and pestle and automatically switches off the motor when removed.

CO. RIVERSIDE VIEW.CO.UK . SUFFOLK. WOODBRIDGE.Mortar & Pestle Mills Machines Partcode MORTARMILL 00A MORTARMILL 00SA MORTARMILL 0P MORTARMILL 0S MORTARMILL 0SS MORTARMILL 1P MORTARMILL 1SC MORTARMILL 1SS MORTARMILL 1PH MORTARMILL 2C MORTARMILL 2SS MORTARMILL 2CH MORTARMILL 3C MORTARMILL 3SS MORTARMILL 3CH Description Agate mortar & pestle Steel mortar & pestle Porcelain mortar & pestle Cast iron mortar/steel pestle Stainless steel mortar & pestle Porcelain mortar & pestle Cast iron mortar/steel pestle Stainless steel mortar & pestle Mortar heating facility Cast iron mortar & pestle Stainless steel mortar & pestle Mortar heating facility Cast iron mortar/steel pestle Stainless steel mortar & pestle Mortar heating facility Model Code 1563-A-A 1563-S-A 1193-P-A 1193-S-A 1193-SS-A 1099-P-C 1099-S-C 1099-SS-A 1099-HM 1143-S-C 1143-SS-C 1143-HM 1145-S-C 1145-SS-C 1145-HM Weight (kg) 29 29 43 45 45 144 157 157 228 228 509 509 - 12 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.CAPCO.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW. WICKHAM MARKET.

Ribbon Blade Powder Mixer Model 6 Overview Pascall Powder Mixers are unequalled for ease of installation and maintenance. RIVERSIDE VIEW. chemical. All models are fitted with push-button starters with no volt and overload release features. and with safety switches and guards to safeguard operatives from the rotating mixer blades.CO. reliability in service and economy in operation. which is roller chain drive. IP13 OTA UK WOODBRIDGE. RIVERSIDE VIEW. The standard design of Pascall Powder Mixers is a heavy gauge steel U-Trough. all other models are fitted with geared motor units coupled direct to the mixer shaft.CAPCO. The spiral mixing blades have a contra-flow action which not only quickly produces a thorough and homogeneous blend of the powders but also directs the mixing to the discharge outlet at the base of the trough.UK COMPANY NO. and glands are fitted on the revolving shaft and end plates to effectively seal the interior of the trough.CO. they can be adapted for drying by fitting electrically heated jackets. The main shaft running through the trough and end plates is carried on outrigger bearings. The seven models available can be supplied fabricated from either heavy gauge mild steel or stainless steel. SUFFOLK. and. IP13 OTA UK FAX: 01728 747599 WEB: WWW. Flameproof or pneumatic motor drives are also available. food. set and sealed between robust steel end plates with the open top covered by a dust tight lid. CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. Model Mixing Capacity (litres) Power Required* (W) Net Weight (Kg) Floor Space (mm) Height Lid Closed (mm) Lid Open (mm) 0 21 180 80 1143 X 362 622 863 1 57 550 150 1620 X 406 1194 1575 2 113 750 215 1620 X 603 1321 1816 3 170 750 300 2062 X 603 1524 2032 4 225 1500 394 2408 X 603 1524 2032 5 283 1500 600 2743 X 603 1524 2032 6 625 4000 800 3023 X 724 1680 2413 * The power requirement quoted are for materials of average bulk density.: 2151569 13 . spiral mixing blades — a feature which greatly facilitates cleaning.CO. cosmetics. Apart from the Model 0. free flowing and of a powdery nature Machines Model 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Part Code MIXPOWRIB0MS MIXPOWRIB0SS MIXPOWRIB1MS MIXPOWRIB1SS MIXPOWRIB2MS MIXPOWRIB2SS MIXPOWRIB3MS MIXPOWRIB3SS MIXPOWRIB4MS MIXPOWRIB4SS MIXPOWRIB5MS MIXPOWRIB5SS MIXPOWRIB6MS MIXPOWRIB6SS Description Ribbon blade powder mixer model 0 mild steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 0 stainless steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 1 mild steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 1 stainless steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 2 mild steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 2 stainless steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 3 mild steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 3 stainless steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 4 mild steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 4 stainless steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 5 mild steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 5 stainless steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 6 mild steel Ribbon blade powder mixer model 6 stainless steel Model Code 1219-MS-A 1219-SS-A 1080-MS-C 1080-SS-C 1102-MS-C 1102-SS-C 1083-MS-C 1083-SS-C 1104-MS-C 1104-SS-C 1105-MS-C 1105-SS-C 1106-MS-C 1106-SS-C TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. WOODBRIDGE. WICKHAM MARKET. and the standard motor fitted is wound for 415-3-50 Hz. colours and dyestuffs. in addition to mixing and blending. but motors of other windings can be supplied.UK WEB: WWW. pharmaceutical and plastics. for processing a wide variety of powdered products. They are used in many industries. The shaft length in the trough is fitted with steel bosses carrying the specially designed flights of ribbon type. On standard models a sliding gate valve is fitted but valves to customers’ own specifications can be supplied if required. SUFFOLK. making the mixer self-emptying.CAPCO. WICKHAM MARKET. The output possible from any one depends upon the bulk density of the material.

1/6 and 1/4 of the gross sample are located on the turntable and held in position with quick release clips. Stainless steel sample collecting bins Stainless steel lever operated valve Easy cleaning of detachable valve Power requirement: 230v-1 ph-50Hz Rotary Cascade Model 2 Overview Designed specifically to meet the requirements of BS1017-1-1989 & BS1017-21994. The cone projects into the hopper throat and keeps the discharge outlet closed until the divider is ready for use. and elevates the entire hopper assembly clear of the outer cover and the distributor cone. particle size range or for chemical analysis. SUFFOLK. the travel of which can be adjusted to vary the discharge rate of the material from the hopper. The powder cascades from the hopper through a lever operated valve on to a distributor cone and into the rotating sample bins and each division is composed of the same particle size range as in the bulk example.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. • • • • • • For quickly obtaining a small representative sample of a powdered material for sieve analysis.CO. The sample collecting bins consisting of two each 1/12. turntable. The hopper assembly. but the quantity of powder that can be placed in the hopper depends upon the density of the powder to be divided. The register is obtained by means of a truncated cone situated on top of the right-hand support column and a mating recess in the hopper assembly bracket. which is supported on two steel columns projecting from the base casting. dust cover in aluminium. WOODBRIDGE. accurately registers with the outer cover surrounding the sample collecting bins to make the divider dustless in operation. a turntable driven at 52rpm by a 30W geared motor unit housed in the base.CAPCO. these sample dividers are invaluable time savers for the accurate division of gross samples of coal. two are adjustable 90W geared motor driving turntable at 59rpm Power requirements 230v-1ph-50Hz CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. and are completely surrounded by a steel. Sliding up and down within the hollow centre column is a vertical shaft topped with a distributor cone. The rise and fall of the vertical shaft is controlled by a foot pedal. coke and other powdered materials of less than 20mm initial size. The rate of discharge of the powder from the hopper is controlled by the valve and this can be varied from a trickle to the full 25mm bore of the hopper outlet. The hopper can then be swung to one side and the sample collecting bins lifted out after first removing the distributor cone. base. • • • • • • • Invaluable time savers for accurate division of gross samples of coal. The hopper capacity is 2.CO. IP13 OTA UK Rotary Cascade Model 3 14 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 WEB: WWW. WICKHAM MARKET. Hopper.5 litres.Sample Dividers Rotary Cascade Model 1 Overview An extremely useful laboratory sample divider which meets the requirements of BS3406-1-1986 for quickly obtaining a small representative sample of a powdered material for sieve analysis of the particle size range or for chemical analysis. The up and over movement of the lever operates a cam sliding on a ball bearing mounted on the top left-hand support column. coke & other powdered materials of less than 20mm initial size. Access to the sample collecting bins is a simple matter of lifting the lever on the lefthand side of the hopper assembly. The divider consists of a stationary hopper mounted on three support columns connected to the base casting. dust tight outer casing.UK . distributor cone. RIVERSIDE VIEW. The bins fit around a hollow centre column which is an integral part of the turntable. and six sample collecting bins secured on the turntable by quick release clips and covered with an easily detachable twopiece cover for dustless operation. Robust construction Set up on any reasonably flat surface Base casting fitted with spirit level indicator Three coned steel feet.

The action is extremely fast enabling the operator to obtain samples and subsamples in rapid succession until the required quantity is required. • • • • • • • • • • • Used by Official Seed Testing Station for England & Wales. WICKHAM MARKET. The unit consists of a stationary stainless steel hopper of approx. The vertical spindle carrying the spinner extends beyond the spinner into the hopper throat.CO. 4 litres capacity located immediately over a 102mm diameter spinner situated above a spiral fluted.CAPCO.CO. cast bronze two way dividing head surrounded by an outer cover to which the two outlets are attached. 450rpm by a 50W geared motor unit housed in the base. one fixed and two adjustable Power requirements 230v-1ph-50Hz Wholestream Model • • • • • • • • • Overview Extremely accurate Suitable for small and medium size samples 6 stainless steel sample collecting bins Turntable rotating at approx. The divisions are channelled through two side outlets into suitable collecting bowls placed under the spouts. 450rpm by a 50W geared motor unit Hopper easily detached for access to spinners Divider fitted with off bias push button switch Easily viewed spirit level indicator on base casting. 52rpm secured by quick release strap and detachable stainless steel clips Vibrating feeder unit mounted above bins 2. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW. The spinner is driven at approx. free flowing granular materials Stainless steel hopper of 4litres capacity Spinner driven at approx.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.Sample Dividers Centrifugal Seed Divider Overview A description of the divider and its method of use is given in the Rules for Seed Testing issued by the International Seed Testing Association. tufnol impeller which disturbs the seed and prevents blockages occurring in the hopper. & by many Seed Growers Associations & Seed Merchants Worldwide Bench mounted Suitable for all kinds of seeds except chaffy types Invaluable unit for the rapid provision of a seed sample for purity tests or for germination capacity under the specifications of the Seeds Act Can also be used for obtaining representative samples of other hard. SUFFOLK.6 litre hopper Controlled rate of feed to suit materials of varying bulk densities 60W geared motor unit Power requirement 230v-1 ph-50Hz TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. The gross seed sample for division is placed in the hopper and it flows on to a shallow. dished spinner which distributes the seed centrifugally over a two-way dividing head.UK 15 . RIVERSIDE VIEW. all mounted on a powder coated base. 3 feet. WOODBRIDGE. Mounted on top of the spindle is a hard.

UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.UK .CO.Sample Dividers Machines Partcode SAMDIV1RCAS SAMDIV2RCAS SAMDIV3RCAS SAMDIV1VRW SEEDDIVCEN Description Rotary sample divider cascade model 1 Rotary sample divider cascade model 2 Rotary sample divider cascade model 3 Rotary wholestream divider Centrifugal seed divider Dimensions (mm) Base diameter: 368 Height: 596 Base diameter: 610 Height: 1057 Base diameter: 610 Height: 1305 580 x 264 x 800 Base diameter: 324 343 (w) x 534 (h) Model Code 1189-00-A 1198-2-A 1198-3-A 1666-00-A 1200-00-A Weight (kg) 25 171 194 30 23 16 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.CO.CAPCO. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW. WOODBRIDGE. RIVERSIDE VIEW. SUFFOLK. WICKHAM MARKET.

Model 2: Heavy duty floor mounted shaker to accept 12x200mm (8” diameter) or 7x300mm (12” diameter) sieves. IP13 OTA UK Model Code 1132-1-A Weight (kg) 69 SISHINC2 1132-2-A 74 SISHINC3 1132-3-A 79 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 WEB: WWW. RIVERSIDE VIEW. Machine Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Machines Partcode SISHINC1 Description Model 1: Heavy duty floor mounted shaker to accept 12x200mm (8”) or 15x100mm (4”) diameter sieves. WOODBRIDGE. The movement is limited to the surface area of the mesh and the powder is not thrown high against the inner walls of the sieves.CO. pharmaceuticals. The table does not rotate but moves in a gyratory motion. This movement spreads the material over the entire surface area of the mesh of each sieve in turn. ores. the shaker uses two essential movements. chemicals. Indeed. At the same time the table of the Inclyno lifts and falls over a short distance at a frequency of approx. metal powders. It is essential that the maximum sieving area is available at all times to allow particles to pass through the apertures. and the simultaneous action of both movements presents the particles of the test material at all possible angles and each particle is given the optimum chance of passing through the apertures of the sieve. All models are fitted with a quick release sieve clamping mechanism which securely locks the nest of sieves in place. CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. gyratory and jolting. The Inclyno has become a standard unit in many Testing Stations. the particle size is often specified to an analysis determined by an Inclyno. The Pascall Inclyno Sieve Shaker with its double gyratory and jolting action is noted for the accuracy of the sieve analysis of powdered material. Powdered materials such as aggregates.CAPCO. To provide this.CO. 300 jolts per minute. to spread the test material over the entire surface and breaking down any agglomerates in the powder. pigments etc. coal.UK 17 . The table of the Inclyno on which the sieves are clamped is always inclined to the axis of the machine. minerals. carbides.Sieve Shakers Inclyno 2 Sieve Shaker Overview Heavy duty floor mounted sieve shaker fitted with a digital timer. eventually clearing the sieve apertures. diamonds. invariably are supplied subject to whether or not the particle size is within a specified range or a permissible maximum or minimum tolerance in terms of percentage retained on or passing through a sieve or series of recognised international standards. SUFFOLK. Model 3: Heavy duty floor mounted shaker to accept 14x200mm (8”) or 7x300mm (12”) or 5x450mm (18”) sieves. WICKHAM MARKET. The Inclyno is operated by a 180W motor and supplied complete with an electronic timer time switch which allows the unit to be used over a pre-determined period from 099 minutes. Shakers available in 230 or 110 volt.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. Government Laboratories and Research Associations due to the reliable and consistent results obtained.

IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW.CO. RIVERSIDE VIEW. SUFFOLK.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. WOODBRIDGE.Sieve Shakers Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Machines Sieve Diameter Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 100 mm or 3” 15 - 200 mm or 8” 12 14 14 300 mm or 12” 7 7 450 mm or 18” 5 18 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.UK .CAPCO. WICKHAM MARKET.CO.

WOODBRIDGE. SUFFOLK.CO. Imperial sizes.CAPCO. WICKHAM MARKET.Sieves Sieves Overview Test sieves need to be of good quality as particle sizes are an important element of many test procedures. and for those of you who are familiar with Endecott sieves. We manufacture our own Capco test sieves.CO.UK 19 . we still supply those too if you so wish. RIVERSIDE VIEW. Diameters stocked are 200mm and 300mm.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW. 100mm and 450mm diameter are available to order. Standards BS 410 EN 933-2 ISO 565 ISO 3310-1 ISO 3310-2 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.

001”) between centre and front rolls. paints and printing inks (including silk screen) and are ideal for laboratory use or for small scale production. For example.UK . RIVERSIDE VIEW. cosmetic creams and lipstick mass. The two outer rolls adjust to the centre roll by four control knobs (two for back and two for front roll adjustment) allowing roll settings to be varied from fully open to close roll contact. easy to take off renewable stainless steel scraper blade • • • • • • • • 20 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. stainless steel or porcelain rolls. SUFFOLK. such as heavy viscous inks. 2 which is free standing. 1 model is about 2 litres (1/2 gallon) and No. Machines Picture Model No. Model No. centre and back rolls 92mm long Possible output approx. The mill is fitted with mains isolator. particularly viscous media. When selected.CO. 1 is driven is by a 180W motor wound for 220/240-1-50Hz (other windings are available) through a totally enclosed transmission consisting of vee belt. Front roll 108mm long. self lubricated bearings on all rolls Spring located guide cheeks Stainless steel apron. the possible output from No. The motor is wired to an inbuilt mains inlet connector via an interlocking on-off switch carrying an anti-nip bar preventing accidental access to gap between the centre and back rolls. to thrust the rolls apart. roller chain and gear train driving the rolls at the approximate different speeds of 45rpm back roll. Front roll 152mm long. The mills process and refine a wide variety of materials such as ceramic colours. 1 • • • • • 2 Description Bench mounting Choice of hardened steel.002”) between back and centre rolls and say 25 microns (0. 2 litres per hour Bench space approx: 482 x 353 x 356 (h) mm Free standing Choice of hardened steel or stainless steel rolls either solid. with material of average viscosity and density and with the rolls set at say 50 microns (0. the gaps are positively maintained and heavy roll pressure can be applied. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW. or hollow equipped with inlet & outlet for hot or cold water supply Electrical cartridge type heaters available Possible output 7 litres per hour Rolls 89mm in diameter. The closer the rolls are set the lower the output and the wider the setting the greater the output.CO. chocolate. 1 which is bench mounting and No. centre and back rolls 127mm long Sleeve type. pharmaceutical ointments. and an electrically interlocked anti-nip guard between centre and back roll to guard against accidental access.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. The drive of this model is by a 750W motor wound for 415-3-50Hz (other windings are available) through a totally enclosed transmission consisting of vee belts and a roller chain drive to gear train driving the rolls at the approximate different speeds of 33rpm back roll. Rolls 51mm in diameter. 2 is fitted with spring-located guide cheeks locating on the end faces of the back and centre rolls. 2 model about 7 litres (1 1/2 gallons) per hour. The gaps selected are unaffected by the tendency of some materials. allowing the full width of the rolls to be used. 126rpm centre roll and 180rpm front roll. quick action cut-out button. WICKHAM MARKET.CAPCO.Triple Roll Mills Model 1 Overview Pascall Triple Roll Mills are used to wet and disperse solids in liquid media. 70rpm centre roll and 149rpm front roll. Model No. No. Pascall Triple Roll Mills are available in two models. WOODBRIDGE. The output obtainable from either mill depends upon factors such as the viscosity and density of the material to be processed and the gaps selected between the rolls. push-button starter.


UK .CO. RIVERSIDE VIEW.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.CAPCO. WICKHAM MARKET. SUFFOLK. WOODBRIDGE. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW.Triple Roll Mills Machines Model 1 Part Code TRIPRMILL1 TRIPRMILL1P TRIPRMILL1S Description Hardened steel rolls Porcelain rolls Stainless steel rolls Solid hardened steel rolls Solid stainless steel rolls Model Code 1086-S-A 1086-P-A 1086-SS-A 1228-S-C 1228-SS-C Weight (kg) 35 35 35 190 190 2 TRIPRMILL2S TRIPRMILL2SS With water-cooled/heated rolls Part Code TRIPRMILLWHS TRIPRMILL2WHSS Description Hollow steel rolls Hollow stainless steel rolls Model Code 1228-HSS-C 1228-HS-C Weight (kg) 190 190 With electric cartridge heaters Part Code TRIPRMILL2EHS TRIPRMILL2EHSS Description Hollow steel rolls Hollow stainless steel rolls Model Code 1228-ES-C 1228-ESS-C Weight (kg) 190 190 Accessories Part Code TRIPRMILLPHOP Description Polypropylene feed hopper Model Code 1228-019 Weight (kg) - 22 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.CO.

UK 23 . they can achieve results in a few minutes compared with the labour intensive hand cutting method that can take up to 30 minutes. RIVERSIDE VIEW.CO. Any size of sample can be treated from a few beans to a small batch run. Used together. Not only is the system much faster. WICKHAM MARKET. WOODBRIDGE. but it gives consistent results time after time.CO. Machines Partcode COCOABREAKER110-1-60 Description Limprimita Cocoa Breaker 110volt 60Hz 1 Phase Weight (kg) 36 COCOABREAKER240-1-50 Limprimita Cocoa Breaker 240volt 50Hz 1 Phase 36 COCOABREAKER415-3-50 Limprimita Cocoa Breaker 415volt 50Hz 3 Phase 36 COCOAWINNOW Cocoa Winnower 240volt 50Hz 1 Phase 7 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.CAPCO. Both units are compact and lightweight for use on a workbench or in the laboratory.Winnower & Cocoa Breaker Machines Overview The System consists of an electrically driven cocoa breaker that cracks the whole bean – raw or roasted – and a pneumatic air-flow winnower that separates the broken shells from the nibs. SUFFOLK. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.

03527 oz =1000 kg =1. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW.76455 m3 3 =28.6959 lbf/in2 =133.971 kgf =224.593 kg/m3 =27.02205 cwt =2.30795 yd3 1 m3 1 dm3 (litre) =0.80665 J =1.224809 lbf =1000 N =101.094 kgf/cm2 =107.0545 kJ =1.5038 lbf/in2 =100 Pa =0.20462 lbf 1 lbf/ft2 1 ton/ft2 1 bar 1 mbar 1 atm 1 mm Hg (torr) 1mm H2 O =0.48 cm =25. STRESS 1 Pa (N/m2) =0.885 lbf/ft2 =0.349g =1.6799 g/cm3 1 cwt 1 lb 1 oz LENGTH 1m 1 km 1 yard 1 ft 1 in 1 mile MASS 1 kg 1g 1t =0.281 ft =39.010197 kgf =0.6094 km PRESSURE.UK .78541 dm3 1 pint =0.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.Conversion Tables CAPACITY.3168 dm3 1 ft 3 =16.80665 Pa 1 MPa 1 lbf/in2 (psi) 1 kgf 24 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.2 kgf/cm2 =0.000145 lbf/in2 =0.45359 kg =28.6214 mile =0.102311 ton =45.101971 t =9.56826 dm3 1 fl oz =28.20462 lb =0.07031 kgf/cm2 =6.CO.CO.0936 yard =3.7605 pint =0. WOODBRIDGE..21997 imp gal =0.737562 ft lbf =9.89476 kPa =47.94 kg/m3 =0.01 kgf/cm2 =10 mbar =20.809 lbf =0.8803 Pa =1.35924 kg =0.80665 N =2.277778 kWh =0.322 Pa =0.06102 in3 =0.325 kPa =14.3871 cm3 1 in 1 us gal =4. SUFFOLK.686 lb/yd3 =62.370 in =0.4131 cm3 DENSITY 1 kg/m3 1 g/cm3 1 ton/yd3 1 lb/yd3 1 lb/in3 ENERGY 1 kPa (kN/m2) 1 MJ 1J 1 kgf/m 1 Btu FORCE 1N 1 kN =0.9144 m =30. VOLUME = 1.2953 in Hg2 =10.4 mm =1.4280 lb/ft3 =1328.03531 ft3 =1. RIVERSIDE VIEW.0145038 lbf/in2 =101.CAPCO. WICKHAM MARKET.2642 US gal 1 cm3 (ml) =0.54609 dm3 1 gal =3.01934 lbf/in2 =9.01 mbar =0.252 kPa =100 kPa =14.0352 fl oz 1 yd3 =0.

and no variation or alteration to these conditions shall be made unless expressly agreed with our written consent. cheques.The contents and arrangements of all catalogues and any other literature published by us are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or used in whole or in part without our written permission. freight.We reserve the right to correct any accidental errors or omissions on all quotations and invoices.CO. Leaflets. 7. The price shall not be deemed to be discharged in full until such a time that all funds. Prices .Every Contract of Sale and business transaction is subject solely to the following conditions. These Terms supersede any such terms previously sent by either party. Where all factors governing the price of the goods are under our direct control. we will repair or replace at our discretion any goods manufactured by ourselves in respect of defects arising solely from faulty materials or workmanship. Payment in this case will be 30 days from the date of Invoice. 9.CAPCO.Conditions of Sale 1.The goods shall remain our property until the price has been discharged in full. Quotations & Invoices . IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW. Insurance .Payment for all orders shall be either cash with order or cash on delivery unless otherwise agreed. 12.Amendments to any order will only be accepted by prior agreement.CO. 11. 8.We reserve the right to charge for the preparation of all drawings or sketches prepared for the submission of quotations or orders and all such drawings or sketches will remain our property. 6. we will unless stated hold quoted prices firm for a period of 30 days. 2. Damage or loss in transit .We are not responsible for damage occurring in transit to goods sent to us for repair or examination. and are subject to alteration without notice.UK 25 . Credit terms will only be offered to agreed credit customers. nor for delays in delivery due to circumstances beyond our control. Delivery . When no order has been placed for the repair or examination we may charge for time involved in the preliminary examination and the reassembly of any article. Acceptance .Subject to the compliance to all installation. whichever is the less. use. 10. and should include a letter detailing the work required. Claims for errors or shortages will not be entertained unless notified to us within 3 days of receipt of goods. carriage and insurance costs for both the original delivery and the return to Capco's premises.. Warranty and responsibility . storage.If requested by the purchaser or considered necessary by us we will effect insurance which will be charged on the invoice. . maintenance and operating instructions. Orders . but we shall accept no liability whatsoever to delays in delivery irrespective of the cause. descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Orders cancelled before delivery will be subject to a cancellation fee. Accounts must be kept within the agreed credit limit. SUFFOLK. TEL: 01728 747407 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD.UK WEB: WWW.CO. etc. 4. 15.No order shall be binding on us unless accepted by us in writing 5. We reserve the right to invoice goods at our prices and at the VAT rates ruling at the date of despatch. Repairs . Copyright . Amendments or cancellations . have been cleared in our bank.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. Orders cancelled after delivery will be subject to a cancellation fee and in addition the customer will be expected to pay for all packing. 14. If we effect insurance we shall be under no liability to take proceedings for recovery of any loss or damage and shall be limited to the amount received by us or the value of the goods.Illustrations and descriptions of goods in our catalogues and any other literature are believed to be correct at the time of going to press. Catalogues.CO. illustrations. Terms of payment . In the case of goods or parts not manufactured by us we will pass on to the customer the benefit of any guarantee or warranty received by us from the manufacturer in respect thereof insofar as such guarantee or warranty shall be capable of assignment.All quoted and printed prices for goods are ex-works unless specified to the contrary. and clearly labelled with the senders name and address. Prices are exclusive of installation and commissioning unless specified to the contrary. etc. from which deduction may be made for expenses. WICKHAM MARKET.Any claims for damage or loss in transit must be notified to us in writing within 3 days of receipt of the goods. 13. We shall not be liable for failure to insure unless insurance was requested by the purchaser. WOODBRIDGE.Every effort will be made to adhere to delivery dates. Property and risk . provided they are returned carriage paid to us within 12 months from the original date of despatch from our premises. RIVERSIDE VIEW. Any goods returned for repair should be sent carriage paid.CAPCO. 3. All invoice queries to be advised to Capco within 5 working days from the date of Invoice. The risk in goods shall pass on delivery to the purchaser. Drawings & Sketches . However with our policy of continuous improvement and development of our product range.

These conditions and any contract. No written notice of this will be reserve the right to charge any legal or other costs incurred in placing any outstanding accounts into the hands of our solicitors including any costs and disbursements charged to us on a solicitor and own client basis.CO.capco. and at the rate of 8% per annum above the base rate of Lloyds Bank plc. 18. WOODBRIDGE. at our discretion. IP13 OTA UK WEB: WWW. Applicable law .CO.The customer may not assign to a third party the benefit or burden of any contract without our consent in writing. Legal costs .uk 26 TEL: 01728 747407 TEL: 01728 747407 FAX: 01728 747599 FAX: 01728 747599 CAPCO TEST EQUIPMENT LTD. Capco Test Equipment Ltd – 2005 Contact Us Capco Test Equipment Riverside View Wickham Market Suffolk IP13 0TA United Kingdom +44 (0)1728 747407 +44 (0)1728 747599 sales@capco.CO.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO.UK E-MAIL: SALES@CAPCO. RIVERSIDE VIEW.Conditions of Sale (cont) 16.CAPCO. 17. WICKHAM MARKET. No assignment . SUFFOLK. relationship. 19. Interest .UK .CO.UK WEB: WWW.CAPCO. agreement or arrangement shall be subject to and construed in accordance with English Law and the purchaser hereby submits to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.In the event that an account becomes overdue we reserve the right to charge interest for any or all of the period which the account remains overdue.

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