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Mayhem in Mumbai ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 5

Terror in the
Name of God

Terrorism—and this includes terror resorted to by non-state actors as well as by the state—today poses a grave threat to the peoples
of both India and Pakistan. Islamist and Hindutva terrorism feed on each other, while posing to be each other’s most inveterate foes.
BY YOGINDER SIKAND different nations and that the latter could for autonomy in provinces increasingly a major impetus under the American-backed
“Never forget that the life of this world live in India only if they agreed to turn Hindu restive of Punjabi domination mounted, first and hugely unpopular military dictator,
is only a game and a passing delight, a or else be stripped of all civic rights—the in the erstwhile East Bengal, and then in General Zia ul-Haq, who cynically backed
show ….the life of this world is nothing but ideologues of the Pakistan movement Baluchistan and Sindh, the Pakistani state radical Islamist groups to win public support
means of deception: claimed that the Hindus and Muslims of pre- came to increasingly rely on an instrumental as well as to pursue the CIA-funded war
(The Quran, Al-Hadid: 20) Partition India were two irreconcilable use and cynical manipulation of Islam and against the Soviets in Afghanistan. It was
“There is no Hindu, there is no Muslim” nations that could not live together. On the on the bogey of Hindu or Indian domination at around this time that self-styled Islamist
(Baba Guru Nanak Sahib) basis of this specious argument, they to ensure its survival and increasingly groups began entering the political arena in
According to media reports, it is demanded a separate state for the Indian threatened legitimacy. Naturally, this a major way, setting up political parties and
possible that the recent deadly assault on Muslims. This is how Pakistan came into expanded the space and scope for groups, fighting elections. This led to all sorts of
Mumbai was masterminded by the Lashkar- being. not just the Lashkar, but scores of others as compromises, to widespread corruption and
e Tayyeba, a Pakistan-based self-styled Thus, the very basis of the Pakistan well, who claimed to speak in the name of to rapidly escalating militancy by different
Islamist terrorist outfit. Whether the attacks movement was the myth of undying hatred Islam to whip up anti-Indian and anti-Hindu Islamist groups competing with each other
were indeed the handiwork of the Lashkar, and hostility between Hindus and Muslims. sentiments. For them hatred of India and to prove to the electorate their purported
as is being alleged, or of some other agency, This so-called ‘two-nation theory’ remains the Hindus were considered as among the claims of representing and speaking for
such as the CIA and the Israseli Mossad, the official ideology of the state of Pakistan, defining features of Pakistani nationalism. Islam. The more obscurantist a group’s
as others believe, remains to be fully and is taught to every Pakistani child in The rise of the Lashkar and similar self- approach was with regard to a whole host
investigated, but there can be no doubt that school through carefully doctored styled jihadist groups thus cannot be of issues—women’s rights, the Kashmir
radical Islamism, like radical Hindutva, poses textbooks. To question the theory, as many understood in isolation from these broader question, relations with India and so on—
a major threat to peace and security in both Pakistanis privately do, is considered a political processes. These groups received Cont. on page 6
India and Pakistan. punishable crime and as
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What makes such terror-driven self-
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Mayhem in Mumbai ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 6
Terror in the Name of God
Cont. from page 5 and ethos. Efforts by the few liberal
the more ardently ‘Islamic’ it considered Islamic scholars that exist in Pakistan to
itself to be and it presented itself so to articulate progressive interpretations of
the public whose support it sought to win. Islam on a range of issues—including
Under Zia, several dozen radical women’s rights, relations with non-
Islamist groups were liberally funded Muslims and relations between India and
by the Saudis and the Americans in the Pakistan—have generally met with stern
war in Afghanistan, but soon these opposition and even violence from
went out of control. They turned Islamist outfits, with some of these
against their American patrons and scholars being forced to flee for safety
started dreaming of exporting their to the West. The sheer fear of being killed
self-styled jihad to the rest of the for publicly opposing radicals and their
world. Some of them, including the perverted brand of Islam keeps numerous
Lashkar, even went to the extent of progressive thinkers in Pakistan silent,
calling for the establishment of a global thus perpetuating a vicious circle in
so-called Islamic Caliphate and for which the radicals are allowed to go
conquering the entire world under the desperate effort to install the pro-Pakistan stani government claims to have banned
unchallenged. Furthermore, the state has
‘Islamic flag’. Whether or not the leaders Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and this also the Lashkar, to have frozen all its assets and
consistently denied space to progressive
of these groups actually believed all this received American support. The Lashkar set to have put its leaders under arrest. But
Islamic scholars, fearing their potential
bombastic rhetoric no one can say, but it up several training camps in Afghanistan ample indications exist to suggest that, in
for dissent from the official view, seeing
certainly appealed to vast numbers of and gave the Taliban considerable military actual fact, the Lashkar is being permitted
the radicals as more pliable and amenable
youth, particularly from impoverished and moral support. to operate freely after being conveniently
to manipulation. This explains, for
families, who were fed on a steady diet of It is thus the consistent assistance given allowed to change its name and re-christen
instance, the fact that despite its
fanciful tales about the luxuries they by the Pakistani state to self-styled Islamist itself as the Jamaat ud-Dawa. The Jamaat
bombastic ‘Islamic’ credentials, Pakistan
would wallow in if they died or were groups that has allowed them to flourish in ud-Dawa’s website is freely accessible on
is yet to produce any well-known Islamic
‘martyred’ in the cause of what was the country, so much so that now, when the the Internet, relaying incendiary, hate-driven
intellectual who has sought to deal
presented to them as a divine mission. Pakistani state has itself begun to face an speeches of its senior leaders, who seem to
creatively with the manifold demands
These groups went on to serve what immense threat from these very groups, it be under no control whatsoever. The
and challenges that modernity poses.
were seen as the strategic interests of the finds itself helpless. It is an indicator of how Markaz’s magazines in English, Arabic and
The status of Islamic, in addition to social
Pakistani state, as for instance in Kashmir, powerful these groups have become in Urdu continue to be published, with a
science, research in Pakistan is woeful,
where they were sent to battle Indian forces Pakistan that even though the present reported circulation of several hundred
and this can be explained, in part, by the
as well as Kashmiri nationalist groups government might want to clamp down on thousand. On a visit to Lahore three years
fear on the part of the establishment of
struggling for a sovereign Jammu and them it cannot do so. Large parts of Pakistan ago I chanced upon a bookshop in the very
voices of dissenting scholars that might
Kashmir, which would be independent of are today characterized by extreme heart of the sprawling Urdu Bazaar that
challenge ruling myths. The fact that
both India and Pakistan. Since Pakistan was lawlessness where the writ of the state does specializes in Lashkar literature that
Pakistan spends less than 2 per cent of
a crucial ally of the West, America chose to not run. Decades of cynical manipulation spews venom and hatred against India
its budget on education and that
remain mute in the face of these of Islam by the Pakistani state for the and the Hindus, but also against a whole
numerous Vice-Chancellors of Pakistani
developments. Likewise, these groups were narrowly construed ends of Pakistan’s elites host of Muslim groups that the Lashkar
universities are retired army generals are
solidly backed by the Pakistani state in its have now led to a situation where even if does not consider genuinely Islamic—
indicators of this mind-set.
the state wants including the followers of the Sufis, the
Terrorism—and this includes terror
to curb these self- Barelvis, the quietistic Deobandi-related
resorted to by non-state actors as well
styled Islamist Tablighi Jamaat and the Shias, all of
as by the state—today poses a grave
groups it finds which it brands as ‘enemies of Islam’ or
threat to the peoples of both India and
itself helpless. their ‘agents’. And, I was told, despite
Pakistan. Islamist and Hindutva terrorism
P o w e r f u l the fact that the Lashkar was officially
feed on each other, while posing to be
sections within ‘banned’, it still operated from its
each other’s most inveterate foes. I recall
the Pakistani headquarters in Muridke, not far from
65, MG Road, Blumoon Complex, Bangalore - 560 001. Ph: 25589847 reading some years ago—I cannot recall
state apparatus, Lahore, and also managed several dozens
where, though—the perverse pleasure
including in the of centres across the country under
that a senior Lashkar expressed when the
ISI and the Army, various names. Is one to imagine that the
BJP-led NDA government came to power.
are fiercely ave- Pakistani government is so weak in the
Syed Maududi, the chief ideologue of
rse to taking any face of radical groups as to be unable to
the Jamaat-e Islami, who can be
Bridal Gallery action agai-nst close all these institutions down?
considered the major architect of modern-
these groups, In this context, the question arises
No.149, Commercial Street, Bangalore - 560 001. Ph: 2558 9642. Fax: 2509 1288 day Islamism, is on record as having
and are said to be as to why Pakistani civil society has been
declared that he would prefer India to be
consistently unable to effectively challenge the
an officially Hindu country to being
u Printed & Crepe Silks providing venomous (and what I, as someone who
secular because that would further his
support to them. has studied Islam for the past two
case for the ‘Islamic state’ that he
u Chiffons & Georgettes But is the decades, regard as a wholly distorted)
dreamed of establishing in Pakistan.
Pakistani state version of Islam that is propelled by self-
Islamist outfits in Pakistan find ready
u Banaras & Summer Crepes serious in its styled Islamist groups such as the
fodder for whipping up anti-Indian and
claims of being Lashkar. This issue is particularly
u Embroidered Sarees anti-Hindu passions by pouncing on acts
determined to intriguing given the fact that radical
of terror and anti-Muslim violence
take on Islamist Islamist groups have consistently
u Salwar Kameez Suits terror groups that received only a relatively small share of
spearheaded by Hindutva groups in
India, often abetted by the state.
have mushr- the vote in successive elections,
u Gaghra Choli Sets Likewise, gruesome acts of terror
oomed across the indicating that their hate-driven vision
committed by Pakistan-based Islamist
u Exclusive Dress Material country? It app- of Islam does not appeal to the majority
groups are quickly seized upon by
ears not, just as of Pakistani people.
Hindutva forces in India to further
in Plain & Printed Silks, the Indian state There are several reasons for this,
demonise Muslims and to build their
has not taken any among the most salient being the fact
Hindu vote-bank. Hindu and Islamist
Crepes, Brocades, Tissues serious steps that the liberal, progressive middle class
terror thus enjoy a symbiotic or mutually
against Hindutva in Pakistan is very miniscule, the country
& Organzas beneficial relationship while claiming to
terror groups in still remaining largely feudal, tribalistic
India. The Paki- and extremely patriarchal in its set-up Cont. on page 15
Mayhem in Mumbai ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 7

Lies of the Lashkar
BY A STAFF WRITER and destroying India. It has gone

ot possessing a to the ridiculous extent of
television set claiming that it will not rest till
myself, I able to the ‘Islamic’ flag is hoisted atop
listen to the recording, hosted on the ramparts of the Red Fort in
Delhi and till India is absorbed The horrendous misuse and deliberate distortion of Islam by the Lashkar
the Internet, of a conversation
which took place some days ago into what it calls in its lunacy has played a major role in attracting vast numbers of would-be terrorists
between a terrorist holed up at ‘Greater Pakistan’. In order to gain in Pakistan to its fold who are fed with the poisonous propaganda that by
Nariman House in Mumbai and theological legitimacy for its participating in what it calls a holy war against India they would win a ticket
calling himself ‘Imran Babar’ and deadly project it even claims that
to heaven.
reporters of the India TV the Prophet Muhammad is said
channel. ( to have declared that Muslims
com/watch?v=QhO6rynb1C8). who participate in a war with India
It is plainly evident from the would be saved from the fires of
conversation that the terrorist hell. There can be no doubt that
was a Pakistani, most likely a this sort of horrendous misuse
Punjabi. This obvious from his and deliberate distortion of Islam
accent and the sort of Urdu he by the Lashkar has played a major
speaks. One can easily make out role in attracting vast numbers of
that he had been carefully would-be terrorists in Pakistan to
tutored by his mentors who its fold who are fed with the
masterminded the deadly terror poisonous propaganda that by
assault on Mumbai to intersperse participating in what it calls a holy
his hate-driven harangue with war against India they would win
some Hindi words (shanti, a ticket to heaven.
parivar etc.) and to use Urdu The Pakistani state, it must be
words in the typical Hindi way noted, has taken no action
(jabardasti, instead of whatsoever against this heinous
zabardasti, etc.) so as to give the propaganda, and elements of the
misleading impression that he ISI are said to be in cahoots with
and the other terrorists with him the Lashkar and other such hate-
were Indian Muslims, not driven self-styled Islamist
Pakistanis. The terrorists claimed groups in the country. In the
to belong to the ‘Deccan’, in wake of the Mumbai attacks, and
India, but it is obvious that this when asked what action Pakistan based self-styled Islamist outfits. seen as a potential asset, rather that Hindutva terror and Islamist
was not at all the case. There can had taken against the Lashkar, Deep down inside, most of them than a liability, in the struggle terror only feed on each other
be no doubt that these Pakistani the Pakistani President hurriedly lament the very creation of against terrorism. Scores of Indian must also be urgently
terrorists were trained to lie that shrugged off the question by Pakistan, based on the ulema or Islamic clerics are now acknowledged. Our very future
they were Indian Muslims who claiming that the Lashkar had discredited ‘two nation’ theory, openly castigating all forms of as a country crucially depends
were allegedly resorting to terror been ‘banned’. If that is indeed for it has left them permanently terror, organizing mass rallies and on all communities, particularly
in revenge for the atrocities the case—which it is obviously helpless in the face of Hindutva even issuing fatwas to get the Hindus and Muslims, presenting
committed on Muslims in India. not—then how does Mr. Zardari aggression. They know full well message across. The Indian a joint front to work together for
Why the Pakistan-based explain the fact that, as the that, despite its bombastic state and civil society urgently peace and security. That would
terror outfit behind the attacks Lashkar’s official Urdu website claims, Pakistan is far being from needs to realize that hounding be a fitting reply to both
would do this needs no itself announces, on the 29th of the Indian Muslims, instead of Hindutva and radical Islamist
the ‘Islamic state’ it claims to
November the Lashkar’s seeking to listen to their voices forces, whose very existence is
explanation. The aim of the be—with its problems of
supremo Hafiz Muhammad and concerns and genuinely based on the frighteningly
attacks was probably to poverty, illiteracy, mounting
Saeed addressed what it termed dialoguing with them, can only Manichaean notion of perpetual
destabilise India, fuel Hindu- inequalities, endemic violence,
a ‘mammoth’ convention at ‘New play into the hands of outfits of antagonism between Hindus and
Muslim violence, instigate and lawlessness, its corrupt
Saeedabad’ (a locality named groups like the Lashkar. The fact Muslims.■
Muslims to take to terror in American puppet politicians who
response to attacks by Hindus after him?), organized by the have reduced Islam to a
and then drown India in flames. Sindh unit of the Markaz Dawat plaything to be employed for
This, indeed, is precisely what ul-Irshad (the ‘religious’ and their own purposes, and so on.
several Pakistan-based self- political wing of the Lashkar). It They face the brunt of mounting
styled Islamist groups have been was held, of all places, in the Islamophobia stirred up by
consistently plotting to do for premises of the local Government Hindutva fascist forces that play
decades, although, mercifully, by Degree College. The Lashkar’s upon Pakistan’s dubious
and large, the Indian Muslims website is replete with news Kashmir policy and the heinous
have refused to fall into their trap. about the whirlwind tours of crimes of Pakistan-based self-
It is to the credit of the Indian Saeed and his cronies across the styled Islamist radicals to whip
Muslims that, barring some stray
exceptions, they have
country, delivering rabble-
rousing speeches, thundering
against India and non-Muslims
up violently anti-Muslim
sentiments in India. The general ADVT
consistently opposed all forms Indian Muslim’s undisguised
of terror, including that in general. And the outfit, Mr. disgust of the terror in the name
committed in the name of Islam, Zardari wants us to believe, is of Islam that groups like the
despite the growing menace of ‘banned’. Lashkar are seeking to spearhead
Hindutva-driven fascist terror Having been writing on is amply evident in the news that
across India, sometimes abetted Indian Muslim issues for years is pouring in of Muslims across
by the state, of which they are now, I can say with some the country roundly denouncing
the principal and worst-hit confidence that the general the Mumbai attacks and even
victims. Indian Muslim is completely fed insisting that the dreaded
The Lashkar-e Tayyeba has up and fiercely opposed to the terrorists not be allowed to be
never made any bones about its gross misuse of Islam by the buried on Indian soil.
dastardly plans of destabilisng Pakistani state and Pakistan- India’s Muslims need to be
Mayhem in Mumbai ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 8
Pakistanis, You left us in 1947,
Now leave us Alone!
The Indian Muslims, particularly our Urdu Press should behave
responsibly. It is no time for a blame game.
BY A.M.JAMSHEED BAHSA politicians and helplessness of the government of the

he Mumbai terror attack has no doubt shocked day. The people’s ire would be shown elsewhere in the
the nation. It was an attack on Mumbai, an next ballot, but the mood is one of action, a firm action, a
attack on India. It is a matter of concern for all decisive message that should go across the borders and
of us Indians. But the community that has to be concerned the steps that should be taken to secure the nation and
most is that of the Muslims of India, because those who insulate it from future attacks. Yesterday it was through
came and attacked the financial capital on the fateful day land, today it was through sea and who knows tomorrow a demarche, a strongly worded message to Pakistan, to
of 26/11 were bearing Muslim names and had come from it may be through air. All these vulnerable places have to do something tangible to wipe out the remnants of terror
the so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan. be protected and secured for we should allow no outfits from their soil and hand over all those listed
It is a different thing that the Muslims would disown incursions into our land from any side. These steps are wanted criminals that are enjoying the hospitality of the
them as practising Muslims, for they were sporting guns vital for the future of this country. The prime concern of Pakistani people at the cost of Indians, including the
and ammunition and above all they were wining and the citizen today is how safe and secure we are in our infamous Don Dawood Ibrahim, the kingpin of 1993
dining, and who knows, womanising, something not own country. Bombay blasts. President Zardari, came on his knees
expected from hard-core religious elements. To a common Like me, many such Indian Muslims are equally angry virtually pleading with India to spare Pakistan and not to
man they were just Muslim mercenaries on a mission to and frustrated and unable to understand why disaster punish her as retaliation for the act of a few disgruntled
cause maximum damage as per the directions of their after disaster is staring at them all the time. What’s wrong elements..
mentors sitting across the border. They did exactly that with our community and why are we in such a position Indians demands firm action in one voice and would
and vanished from this world, a fate they deserved most. of feeling like strangers and alien in our own land. We not tolerate any more attacks on them. Muslims of India
Then what next? Pakistanis may try to put a brave face have been living here for centuries and also after we are solidly behind the Government and the people of
but they cannot deny that these evil men were their were ditched by Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Company, this great country. It is incumbent on the Muslim
countrymen, born, brought up and trained by a terrorist who partitioned India in the name of two-nation theory. intelligentsia and the Urdu Press in particular that they
organisation in their country for this day. Don’t the Muslims of today feel angry at them for they do not inflame passions in any way. Instead, they should
The Indian Muslims, particularly our Urdu Press were responsible for our present state of affairs? They send a clear cut message to all the Muslims that India is
should behave responsibly. It is no time for a blame game. left us, and still they are not leaving us alone to deal with our country, where we have to live and die. We are
It is no time for concoction of a theory of conspiracy our problems ourselves. Who are they to interfere in our Indians and Muslims and there is no distinction between
alleging complicity of the saffron brigade. It may be best internal matters? Muslims should come out in open and these two. We the Muslims of India constitute the biggest
left to the investigating agencies to unravel the real tell the people of Pakistan or any element fighting in the Muslim population of the world after Indonesia. Though
players behind this sordid drama. The whole of India name of Islam to keep off from our problems and mind we are leaderless for the time being , we are resilient
and every Indian is angry. Not for the loss of life and their own business. enough to sort out our own problems without outside
destruction caused alone, but for the attitude of the The government of India did the right thing in issuing interference as we have been doing in the last 61 years.■

No Place to Hide
BY AIJAZ ZAKA SYED believers around the world?

atching the terror nightmare I know that Muslim leaders, including
unfold in Mumbai over the those in the highest echelons of power,
past three days on TV, my have lately started speaking out against
children have repeatedly asked me: “Who the extremists. The Darul Uloom Deoband
are these terrorists and why are they Will we allow mainstream Islam to turn into a moderate in India, one of the oldest and most
doing this?” And every time I wished I fringe, while extremists take centre-stage? respected centres of learning in the
could offer them a convincing answer. I Muslim world, issued a fatwa against
was clueless why these people had taken terrorism at a large gathering of Islamic
scholars in June. Last month, nearly 5,000
over Mumbai and were targeting people
scholars backed the edict at a huge
who had nothing to do with them. I was
congregation in Hyderabad. The
also ashamed to tell them that the terrorists
Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC),
were Muslims and came from a country and Saudi Arabia have, of late, been
that was created in the name of Islam. vehement in condemning these repulsive
At work, while my colleagues went acts of violence targeting innocents. But
about covering the madness in Mumbai clearly, we need to do more to be heard.
and laying out pages with the images of The great irony of the Mumbai attacks
the Taj Hotel with its Islamic arches and is the killing of ATS chief Hemant Karkare,
domes go up in smoke, I find it hard to a brave officer trying to establish the link
look at them in the eye. between Hindu extremists and the
This happens all the time. Every time Malegaon blasts. He was killed outside
innocents are targeted in the name of the Cama hospital.Obviously, some
Islam around the world, one can’t face Muslims do not know their friends from
one’s non-Muslim friends and colleagues. their enemies.
A distraught friend who has devoted her It’s all very well for us to say Islam
life to speaking and fighting on behalf of has nothing to do with extremism and
Arabs and Muslims wrote: “I’ve had it terrorism. We can go on deluding
with the Arabs and Muslims and Islamic ourselves that these psychopaths do not
militancy. Forgive me but I am throwing represent us. However, the world finds it
in the towel.” I couldn’t write back to her. hard to accept this line of argument as it
She grew up in Mumbai and is upset. She sees the extremists increasingly assert
turn against them.” the world if it’s turning against Muslims?
went on to say: “The Muslims and Islam themselves and take the centre-stage
If this is how our most loyal friends What do you expect when not a day
have a problem and only they can solve while mainstream Islam turns into a
feel, imagine the sentiments and reactions passes without the name of our faith
it. If they do not, the whole world will moderate fringe. (The writer is Opinion
of the rest of the world. Can you blame being dragged through the mud by fellow
Editor, Khaleej Times) ■
Mayhem in Mumbai ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 9

Muslims have lost their Wisdom
he terrorists who assaulted Mumbai had done extensive planning. This made me think why these
people were so capable of negative planning, and completely lacked any inclination towards
positive planning. This sort of mentality has become endemic among many Muslims. Nobody is
doing planning for the positive task of spreading God’s message, and love and peace.

BY MAULANA WAHIDUDDIN KHAN seminaries and have participated in power was over and now they should is a reflection of a certain mind-set. The

n November 26, 2008, Mumbai numerous Muslim gatherings, and in concentrate their effort on some other so-called ‘god-king’ of the Japanese was
witnessed the worst kind of many of these places hatred and pride is constructive activities like education, proved wrong and therefore the concept
terror attack. Ten terrorists instilled in the minds of Muslims. They reform, dawah work etc. In Palestine, for of ‘god-king’ died. However, a mind-set
entered several buildings and are taught: ‘We are the caliphs and example, it was God’s decision to give the cannot be done away on its own. The
indiscriminately fired at people, leaving vicegerents of God on earth.” political power to somebody else. Hence, mind-set which inspires hate for others in
behind several dead and wounded. I once met an Arab whose first question Muslims should have accepted it, but many Muslims cannot be killed like an
According to a tradition, at the time to me was, “Who are we?”. He then said: they started fighting and now 60 years of individual. Nor can it cannot kill itself.
of the Prophet (Pbuh), there was a man “We are the Caliphs of God on earth.” I fighting has given them nothing. Muslims This mind-set can be replaced by de-
whose only concern was to speak conditioning alone.
negatively of the Prophet and Hirohito said “I’m not god,”
spread wrong ideas about him. and this led the Japanese to
The son of this man became very discard their unfounded notions
angry and asked the Prophet to and pave the path to progress. But
allow him to kill his father. The the case of Muslims is very
Prophet told him not to do that, different. In their case, their mind-
as then people would say that the set has to be transformed to
Prophet allowed killing among change their thinking. The
his people. The lesson which can thinking of Muslims has to be
be inferred from this incident is changed. There has to be long
that anything, which defames the process of de-conditioning.
name of Islam should not be done. There are two kinds of de-
These incidents are mentioned in conditioning: one is the Prophetic
books but people fail to infer or de-conditioning; that is the de-
draw lessons from them as they conditioning which the Prophet
do not engage in deep study. did of his companions. Then the
In the Jewish Talmud there are companions did the de-
many stories. In one incident, the conditioning of some of their
Prophet Moses prayed to God: companions. But now self-de-
“O! God, take anything away conditioning has to be done. This
from my followers but do not take away told him that this is not written anywhere should have realised that God had now is a very difficult task. Ideological de-
their wisdom.” God replied: “O! Moses, in our books. The Sahih Al- Bukhari says wanted to test some other community. conditioning has to be done among the
if We decide to take away something from that Muslims are witnesses of God. That Therefore, he gave them political power. Muslims to help them come out of hate.
a community, it is their wisdom that We is, they have to spread the message of But Muslims rose up to fight, and it was It is essential to understand the
take away.” God on earth. The same is alluded to in equivalent to fighting God’s decision and distinction between the negative
Today, many Muslims have lost their the Quran, that is, the task of Muslims is hence they attained nothing. As a result, engineering of the mind and the positive
wisdom, as is evident from the events to spread God’s message and lead a life all the Muslims got conditioned in hateful engineering of the mind. Today, minds
which have taken place recently. Those according to His instructions. However, thinking. are being negatively engineered with
Muslims who are said to be involved in Muslims have made themselves the self- Before the Second World War, the hatred and pride. Many Muslims live
terrorism in Bombay gained nothing. In appointed Caliphs, and have launched all thinking of the Japanese was same as that in this fallacy that they are a special
Palestine, the Arabs have been fighting sorts of movements that propagate the of the Muslims. Hirohito was the Emperor race, and when they are not treated
for the last 60 years and have not achieved ideology of capturing political power. This of Japan at that time. The Japanese had specially then they are frustrated and
anything. In many places Muslims have thinking emerged when the Ottoman and the concept of Imperial Divinity, that is hold others responsible for their not
resorted to suicide bombings, although Mughal empires declined, and Muslims their king – the so-called ‘god-king’— receiving the special treatment that
suicide is unlawful in Islam. This is a result started considering the rest of the world should rule the world. Consequently, they they expect.
of deterioration and lack of wisdom. as usurpers and oppressors who snatched fought with many countries. It was the The terrorists who assaulted
Those who are behind these suicide their rights and power from them. Japanese who started the concept of Mumbai had done extensive planning.
attacks are not afraid of accountability and Political power is like an examination suicide bombing known as “hara-kiri”. But This made me think why these people
the fact they will have to stand in front of paper. A test paper can never be the in 1945, America dropped two atomic were so capable of negative planning,
God after death. monopoly of one; it would change hands bombs on Japan and the Japanese army and completely lacked any inclination
What is the reason for this madness from people to people as God wants to was completely destroyed. Japan suffered towards positive planning. This sort of
and how did it originate? test every community. Hence if political a humiliating defeat. Then the Japanese mentality, unfortunately, has become
The reason for this madness is hatred. power has been taken away from you then developed second thoughts, that is, if the endemic among many Muslims.
Hate can make a man do anything. Hate you need to have patience. When king was god then he would have saved Nobody is doing planning for the
began from Satan. When God created Adam, political power was with you then it was them, but because they were severely positive task of spreading God’s
He asked the angels and Satan to bow your test paper and now, when it has been crippled due to those bombs they realised message, and love and peace. This is
before Him. Satan however, did not bow and given to someone else, it is their test that the king was not god. Hirohito then because as years passed by, this work
consequently, God said to him: “You and paper. No Muslim leader could tell this to renounced the concept of Imperial became dead in Muslims. But it alone
your followers will go to hell.” Satan had the Muslims and pacify the political Divinity and the Japanese have never can promote positive planning as it
developed such hate for man that despite shock which they received after the looked back since then. requires well-wishing for the whole of
knowing that he will be cast into hell, he did breaking up of the Muslim empires in the This makes me ponder as to why this humankind. We must therefore focus our
not obey God’s command. Hate is so face of Western colonialism. No one told hate does not get finished among energies on spreading God’s love and
blinding that it can take one to hell. them that their test paper of political Muslims? This is because Muslims’ hate restrain from any negative and destructive
I have studied in the Muslim activities.■
Bouquets and Brickbats
some good suggestions, I felt
Denial of Burial that this article advises us to be
I have learnt with concern slaves of the oppressors in the
about the decision of the Indian name of democracy. The writer’s
Muslim Council, not to allow the comments on Azan and Qurbani
burial of the nine killed Mumbai show that he is ashamed and
attackers, on an Islamic fearful to be a Muslim. (Sorry for
graveyard. As a reason, the the harsh words). What a
Council declares, that the disgusting and disheartening
attackers cannot be considered solution about Azan. If you want
Muslims because they went to guide the Muslim community,
against the teachings of Islam. guide them through the Quran
Another Council-member and Hadith and not from you
said that the attackers had own thoughts and beliefs.
defamed the religion. Akhil Ahmed Chakwa
Of course I agree that the
Mumbai attacks are contrary to
the teachings of Islam. However, Toughest
viewed from a religious Punishment
perspective, the decision of the
I appreciate the work of
Council is also a defamation of
Islamic Voice. It was sad to see
the teachings of the Islam which
the irresponsible telecasting
is based on respect for every
through TV channels, when
human being, regardless of
Mumbai was under siege
descent or committed crime
The denial of a grave is not
The spirit was absent, when
only one of the most extreme
the anchors instead of reporting,
signs of disrespect, it is also a
injected an investigation
violation of the right of every
campaign and told the details
human being on human dignity,
about the terrorists when our
confirmed in the Universal
intelligence agencies were not
Declaration of Human Rights. It
able to even recognise who the
is evident, that the killed Mumbai
terrorists were. The terrorists
attackers are guilty of very
must be subjected to the
serious crimes, for which they
toughest possible punishment,
would be held accountable on
no matter which community they
earth, in a fair and independent
belong to and thereby, not only
trial, according to international
purifying the country of the
standards. However, now they
anti-social elements, but also let
are dead, no Council or other
common people live in peace.
authority has the right to deny
But it would be possible only
them eternal peace on a
when the real culprits are
arrested and then punished.
Astrid Essed
Abdul Hameed Qasmi
Florijn 444, Amsterdam
Markazul Ma’arif
The Netherlands
Resear ch Pr
Research oject
“Mudukulathur Muslims-
Today and Tomorrow”, a
research project has been
initiated by www.mudukulathur
.com. Those who have any
information about Mudukulathur
can send it to muduvaihidayath or to M. Shanmu-
gham, 33 Maranayanar Street,
Before I began to read the
article, “Manual for Social
Harmony for Muslims,” in the
December 2008 issue of Islamic
Voice, I found the writer’s name
was a bit familiar. I am reading
Islamic Voice for the first time.
After reading this article, I have (Please email letters to
decided not to pick up Islamic editor with your full
Voice again. Though there are address and email)
Community Round Up ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 11
People Poor are getting Poorer
New Delhi: The All India Muslim Economic free system of trade and commerce. Now we have
Kishanganj DM Firaque Council (AIMEC) organised a conference on
December 2, 2008, of all Indian organisations
to take some steps in the light of Islamic banking
system based on Shari’ah.”
Ahmad to be honoured working on interest-free basis in Deoband,
Saharanpur. In his presidential address, Maulana
Expressing concern over the increase in number
of people living below the poverty line, economic
Patna: The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has Hasib Siddiqui, chairman of AIMEC, said: expert Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood said: “It is the
decided to honor Firaque Ahmad, District Magistrate (DM) of “Muslims dreamt for long to establish financial need of the hour to establish interest-free and
Kishanganj for fair execution of the annual examination of class institutions conforming to Shari’ah, but most of cooperative institutions in order to eliminate
10th in the district in March 2008. their dreams remained confined to issues like economic backwardness among Muslims.” “The
The Bihar School Examination Board conducts Secondary worship, religious education, nikah and poor are getting poorer and capitalists are gaining
School Examination twice every year, the annual and inheritance, so much progress could not be made in their capital. The Islamic economic system is
supplementary examinations. The annual examination is normally in the field of financial aspects of life and interest- the best means to prevent it,” he added. ■
conducted in the month of February/March. According to Anup
Kumar Sinha, secretary of the Board, Kishanganj has been given Hari Masjid Police Firing: Victim files PIL
grade ‘A’ for fair examinations. There were no
BY A STAFF WRITER Bombay High Court rejected the reasons given by
report of irregularities and use of unfair means in the
Mumbai: The Bombay High Court recently the CBI for declining to take up the Hari Masjid
examination from Kishanganj. Since the DM of a district is the
tightened the noose on the state and central case of the 1992-93 riots. The CBI had cited delay
controller of examination for the whole district, the Board has
governments while hearing a public interest as the first reason for refusing to take up the case.
decided to give Firaque Ahmad an award for his commitment to
litigation filed by Farooq Mapkar, a victim of firing Justice F. Rebello pointed out that this reason did
his duty. Before assuming office of the DM of Kishanganj,
at Hari Masjid on January 10, 1993. Justice B. N not hold. “A judicial commission of inquiry was
Firaque Ahmad was the chairman of Bihar Text Book Publishing
Srikrishna had indicted policeinspector Nikhil set up that gave its findings in the victims’ favour
Corporation. He is known for his honesty and punctuality. ■ in 1998. The government then set up the Special
Kapse for firing on worshippers inside Hari Masjid,
Indian Shining in China Wadala, which resulted in the death of six Muslims. Task Force which exonerated the police officer
without either examining the complainant (Mapkar),
Farooq Mapkar, injured in the firing, had filed a
Bangalore: Suraiya Tarannum, Head of the or those injured in the incident. Nobody is listening
petition asking the CBI to look into the matter.
Telecommunication Engineering, AMC Engineering College to the plea these citizens have been making since
Mapkar has urged the court to direct the police to
Bangalore was the sole representative from India to participate book assistant police inspector Nikhil Kapse for 1993. The CBI’s second reason was that this was
in the 11th IEEE International Conference on Communication murder and also hand over the probe to the CBI. “a simple matter” which could be investigated by
Systems (IEEE-ICCS 2008) held in Guangzhou, China between Kapse, then a police sub-inspector attached to the State government. Justice Mohite pointed out
November 19-21, 2008. She presented her research paper the RAK Marg police station had ordered the that the matter was far from simple. “There are
entitled,” Dynamic Hierarchical Communication Paradigm for firing in the Masjid at Sewri. “The complaint undercurrents of communal bias,” Justice Rebello
Wireless Sensor Networks: A Centralised Energy Efficient (made by Mapkar) on its own, along with the said, adding, “The complaint is not only about the
Approach. ■ (Srikrishna Commission) report, prima facie general firing at the Masjid, but also a specific

Put this under People column discloses a cognizable offence”, observed the
judges. Public prosecutor Satish Borulkar told
allegation that an injured man has been shot at
point-blank range. Despite this, all these years the
DR SHOHAB IS AIUUTA GENERAL SECRETARY the court that a Special Task Force appointed by State apparatus has been saying nothing wrong
Jammu : Dr Shohab Inayat Malik, Professor of Urdu in Jammu the state government to look into the has been done!”
University has been elected as the General Secretary of the All commission’s report that probed the 1992-93 Finally, the CBI had opined that taking up this
India University Teachers Association (AIUUTA). A decision Mumbai riots had said that no offence was made inquiry was not in “public interest”. “What is public
to this effect was taken in an Urdu teachers conference held at out. Mapkar’s complaint about the incident interest for the CBI?” asked Justice Rebello.
Kashmir University in which over 150 Urdu teachers participated. mentions one Shamsuddin, who had been injured The court was appalled by the fact that the
Dr Malik took over charge of general secretary from Dr Ali Javed, in the firing inside the mosque. As he came out statements of the injured were not recorded even
Director, National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language of the mosque, Shamsuddin bent down to tend by the STF. Senior counsel Vijay Pradhan, who is
(NCPUL). All India University Teachers Association (AIUUTA) to his injured leg. Mapkar saw Kapse shoot him appearing for Mapkar, submitted that the STF never
is a body of All India Urdu Teachers working on national level at that moment. Mapkar had also recounted this visited the mosque or met any of the injured
for the promotion of Urdu language. Dr. Malik is also the in his affidavit filed before the Srikrishna persons, including Mapkar. “This is not how a
President of Rasa Javadani Memorial Literary Society (RJMLS), Commission. criminal investigation should be carried out,”
a NGO working for the cause of Urdu language in the state. ■ Justices F. I. Rebello and R. S Mohite of the Justice Mohite said.■

Community Round Up ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 12
Mumbai first
eco-friendly Mosque
Mumbai: The Dawoodi Bohra community has decided to give
Mumbai its first eco-friendly mosque. The construction of the
mosque at the Tambawala compound in Mazgaon in south central
Mumbai is expected to be completed in two years. Architect, Esmail
Neemuchwala said the primary focus would on rainwater harvesting
and using less electricity. “We want to give the best to the
environment from which we take the most,” he said.
“In a 120-sq ft room, one fan is sufficient because there are usually
three people at a given time. But the number goes up to 30 during
prayers. And this calls for more fans,” Neemuchwala said. “We have
planned to bring down the number of fans and reduce electricity
usage by 20%.”
“Fatimi architecture will be prominent. It has typical floral
repetitive designs and conical shaped arches. It is inspired by Mughal,
Indian, and British architecture,” he said. Green lawns will border the
mosque. This would help in bringing down the air temperature as it
moves towards the mosque, according to Neemuchwala. The mosque
will not have solar panels and instead will use rainwater harvesting
as much as possible. ■
Maulana Mohammad Ali
Jauhar Awards 2008
New Delhi: Charanjeet Singh Atwal, Deputy Speaker, Lok Sabha
and Justice Mohammad Suhail Ejaz Siddiqui, Chairman, National
Commission for Minorities Educational Institutions, are among those
to be honoured this year with the Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar
Award 2008.
Others to be honoured with the award are Manorama Deevan,
Chief Editor, Press Asia International, Shahid Ali Khan (IPS),
Mohammad Ateeq Siddiqui, Editor, AlYaum, New Delhi, Dr. Haneef
Tareen and Saulat Public Library, Rampur. The Maulana Mohammad
Ali Jauhar Academy has been giving away awards in the fields of
politics, journalism and social service since 1989. ■
Community Round Up ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 13

Mayhem in Mumbai ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 14

Theories going Around
spell of military rule, we should rise above narrow religious
not do anything to push people feelings, as religious
of Pakistan again into the dark chauvinism is as ugly as
era of military rule. Perhaps that national chauvinism.
could be one of the objectives Terrorism cannot disappear
We should not spread rumors and also refrain from spreading fantastic of this barbaric attack, if simply through military or
theories about the terrorist attack in Mumbai. Lashkar-e-Tayyiba is involved. security operations. We must
Military is getting increasingly address the root causes while
pushed away from political simultaneously exhorting our
arena and this may not go down youth to imbibe highest values
well with hawkish military of our religion, culture and
officers of Pakistan.
traditions. Mere moral
Peace with Pakistan is
discourses would be as
indeed very important for the
ineffective as security
entire subcontinent and
operations. All three things go
particularly for the people of
the two countries. Chauvinistic together – namely addressing
nationalism only leads to war root causes, moral exhortation
and sober elements in both and security operation to
countries should try their best address this complex problem.
to maintain peace between these (The writer can be reached at
two neighbors. Also, we should ■

The spirit of India is stronger
than the arms of terror
alking with people who do not believe in the same
things is not easy, but as concerned citizens, we must
use all our combined skills to find a common language
BY ASGHAR ALI ENGINEER fluent Marathi and so question target Taj mahal and Oberoi of harmony and unite our country with a new inclusive vision of

arises how Pakistanis could Trident Hotels in any case and peace and brotherhood.
any questions are
speak in Marathi. Also, one a Jewish Centre in between. We represent the moderate majority of our country who are
troubling our
who was shooting down at Also, on the other hand, convinced that no cause can be highlighted, much less served,
minds – who were
CST railway station was fair how 10 terrorists whatever through mindless violence. Terrorism is irrational and anti-life; it
these terrorists and why did they
skinned and appeared to be a amount of ammunitions, AK- can only subvert progress, undermine security and sharpen
carry out such horrific operation
foreigner. 47s and other explosives with mistrust.
resulting in death of nearly 200
Also, it has been pointed them could hold massive hotels We strongly condemn the barbaric attacks on our foreign
innocent people (nine of them
out that before this operation, like Taj and Oberoi to ransom guests and fellow citizens in Mumbai and denounce the sinister
terrorists themselves who cannot
certain Jewish religious without being overpowered in intentions underlying this cult of violence. As Indians we stand
be called innocents) in Mumbai?
personalities had come from addition to shooting at Jewish together united in our resolve to frustrate the sinister intentions
The Government of India and
Israel to meet sadhus and centre, CST (railway station) of these merchants of cruelty to wound our collective psyche
security authorities say they
religious personalities who are and Cama Hospital and our oneness as a nation. Terror may make our hearts bleed
belonged to Lakhkar-e-Tayyiba
known to be supporters of simultaneously? At different but it will not break our bonds asunder. The spirit of India is
of Pakistan and they were given
Sangh Parivar and probably times different numbers were stronger than the arms of terror.
rigorous training for more than
this operation was planned given, 15-17 or more but finally From this desperate and dastardly event, we hear an appeal
six months to carry out this
then. Mr. Mishra also claims authorities have confirmed that comes to us, and to all Indians, loud and clear. We can no
operation. It appears to be true
that Hemant Karkare was they were no more than 10. It longer afford to live the lie that religions are dividing walls. They
as one terrorist who has been
“inches away from arresting hardly stands to reason how so are brides of brotherhood. The time has come for us that we
arrested has given details and
Pravin Togadia” and some other few terrorists could kill on such shall allow none to divide us along the lines of caste or creed.
other things seized from those
high profile Hindutva a scale and hold on for 72 hours. The duties, loyalties and discipline implied in our citizenship
dead also provide some
personalities and hence It appears to be incredible. should matter to us first and foremost, if our democratic culture
Hemant Karkare had to be got In my opinion we have to be and national unity are to survive. As Indians we are brothers
However, other theories
rid of and he was got rid of very patient until the whole truth and sisters and, as such, the keepers of each other’s life and
which might appear rather
through this operation. comes out. Not only that, we liberty. We are the proud progeny of Mother India and we shall
fantastic are also circulating on
But to be frank all this does should not spread rumors and stay so, no matter what. We commiserate with those who have
internet. One Mr. Ameresh
not appear to be quite also refrain from spreading lost their loved ones in this carnage and salute those who have
Mishra writes that it was a joint
convincing. Hemant Karkare, if fantastic theories about the laid down their lives in combating the terrorists. We congratulate
operation by RSS and
at all that was the objective, incident. the security forces, especially the NSG, for a difficult job
MOSSAD of Israel to avenge
could have been eliminated It is also very important that splendidly done.
arrest of Hindutvawadi Sadhvi,
without such a massive peace in the sub-continent be Signatories
the self-proclaimed
barbaric operation. Also, maintained at any cost. If we 1. Valson Thampu - Member, National Integration Council
Sankracharya Pande, Lt. Col.
though it may be true that think of war with Pakistan as 2. Dr. G.S. Jayasree - Editor, Samyukta, Trivandrum
Purohit and others. And the
Israel and its intelligence some people are saying, it would 3. Mini Krishnan - Editor / Publisher, Chennai
ATS Chief Hemant Karkare and
agency MOSSAD is be really playing in the hands of 4. A. Faizur Rahman - executive committee member, Harmony
his team were eliminated in one
sympathetic to RSS or entire terrorists and their organisations. India, Chennai
go. One Marathi News paper
Sangh Parivar, why should it They are out to provoke war 5. Usha Jesudasan - Writer, Chennai
Maharashtra Times has
undertake such a massive between the two countries. 6. Vasantha Surya - Poet & Translator
reported that two terrorists at
barbaric operation in Mumbai? Also, Pakistan has entered into 7. Fathima Muzaffer - Vice President, Islamic
Cama Hospital were speaking
RSS and MOSSAD would not the democratic era after a long Information Centre
with to the security guard in
8. V.M. Khaleelur Rahman - freelance journalist
Free Online Health Consultation Phone: ++91-44-28481344 Email:
9. Moulana Abdul Khalique Nadwi - Khateeb,
For all types of diseases and health counseling by Unani Herbal way Masji-e-Hira, Chennai
Dr. Syed M.M. Ameen (BUMS (OSM), MD (Herbal Med), Ph.D. (Med), MNSA (IND)
10. Prof. T.M.Zackriah Badsha - Former, Joint Director,
S.K’s Herbal Medical Hospital & Research Centre, Subscribe to ‘Herbal Unani Med’ a
36, J.J.K. Road, Chennai - 14, India Monthly English Health Magazine Annual Sub Rs. 180
Collegiate Education, Chennai ■
Mayhem in Mumbai ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 15
Terror in the Name of God Terrorism is not Jihad and not the Road to Jannah
Cont. from cover page benefactors of Indian Muslims should stop
Cont. from page 6 Rano told me her story, of how 77 % of the respondents agree that these thinking on their behalf. Indian Muslims are capable
oppose each other. This obvious she was enslaved by a landlord, extremist organisations are acquiring their to take care of themselves within the
fact must be recognized when who happened to be a Muslim, ideological and religious nourishment frame work of the Indian Constitution.
conceiving responses to the and who kept her for four years in from the customized literature which There are voices amongst the
challenge of terrorism in our region. shackles. Then, after a protracted has no Quranic base or no Muslims which blames such terrorist
There are no easy solutions to legal battle, she was released substantiation from Hadith. In the acts on the Gujarat carnage,
the predicament we find ourselves through the efforts of my friend name of Islam, this literature is widely discrimination against Muslims, Babri
in today. But there is surely at least and his comrades, all of who circulated to brainwash youth. Masjid demolition and so on. They also
one thing that we must do, and happened to be Muslims. It is a documented fact that these quote the Sachar Commission report.
this was suggested to me by the She went on to enunciate a adulterated Jihadi literature was But these Muslims forget that under
noted New Delhi-based Arya simple but very compelling funded and circulated by USA and no circumstances and conditions,
Samaj scholar, Swami Agnivesh, principle thus: western agencies to fight their dirty should terrorist activities be justified.
who has consistently been ‘Live for your religion, don’t war in Afghanistan against the then Islam does not permit killing of
speaking out against all forms of die or kill for it. Express your USSR. Ironically in the process, innocent people.
terror, including in the name of religion through love and service, organizations such as Jamaat-e-Islami The revenge theory has no place
Islam and Hinduism as well as like the brothers who rescued me Pakistan, Jamiatul Ulema Pakistan in Islam. 88 % of the respondents said
state terrorism. The most effective did, not through oppression, (JUP), Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, that these terrorist attacks in India had
way to challenge terrorism in the murder and mayhem, for that is a and other organizations allowed nothing to do with the plight of Indian
name of religion, Swami Agnivesh heinous crime in God’s eyes. After themselves to be exploited by Muslims. In fact, the perpetuators of
suggested, is for Muslims to all, we are all accountable for all becoming active playesr in USA this heinous act have their own hidden
denounce and stiffly oppose terror our actions to God. To Him we sponsored Jihad for which the Indian agenda.
engaged in by self-styled Islamic shall return after we die, when He Muslims paid a very heavy price. What could be the straight forward, high impact
groups who claim to speak in the will decide our fate till eternity Are educated Indian Muslims getting trapped community initiative to neutralize and expose the
name of Islam, and for Hindus to based on our deeds in this world’. by the extremist organisations in the name of Islam? hollow faces of these so called Jihadis or Fidayeen.
do likewise with regard to terror ‘If we were to realize that this Is our community aware that our youth are been These Jihadis or Fidayeen claim that they are
spread by militant Hindu groups. world is temporary and that real, trapped by lunatic organizations such Lashkar-i- committing the terrorist acts as it is Jihad and they
eternal life starts after death,’ Rano Taiba, Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Jaish-e-Muhammad, etc will get Jannah for their sacrifice. It is very simple
Sadly, today, the approach of
continued softly, tears welling up when they are working abroad? In the name of to expose this myth. There are ample Quranic verses
many of us to the phenomenon is
in her eyes, ‘and if we were to Islam, are they being brain washed? What is the and authentic Hadith which will prove that their
selective and skewed, with many
constantly keep this in mind, modus operandi of these organisations in trapping claim is false.
Hindus denouncing only the terror Islam never tolerates unprovoked aggression
unleashed by self-styled Islamist perhaps people would dread to the Indian Muslim youth?
misuse God’s name for un-Godly There are enough substantiated reports which from its own side. Muslims are commanded in the
groups, and many Muslims Qur'an not to begin hostilities, embark on any act
denouncing only acts of terror acts’. point out that radical and extremist cadres of
And there was another thing of aggression, violate the rights of others, or harm
masterminded by Hindu groups. Lashkar-i-Taiba, Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Jaish-e-
the innocent. Even hurting or destroying animals
At the same time, many Hindus that Rano said that inspires me Muhammad etc hunt for Indian Muslims who are
or trees is forbidden. War is waged only to defend
and Muslims continue to turn a as I write these lines: working in the Gulf countries. In the name of Ijtema the religious community against oppression and
blind eye to, or even support, ‘We call Him Ishwar, and (gathering to learn Islam) these innocent Muslim persecution, because the Qur'an says "let there be
forms of terror being perpetrated Muslims call Him Allah, but He is youth are brain washed. They are exposed to no hostility except to those who practice
in the name of the very religion one and the same’, said Rano. twisted and adulterated version of Islam with all oppression" (Qur'an: 2:190-193).
which they claim to follow. ‘There are good people in every kinds of sob stories of Muslim persecution in India The need of the hour is to take the simple
And there is something else community, just as there are bad and other places. message of Islam based on the Quran, authentic
that we need to do as individuals, people, too. Just as that landlord who Lashkar-i-Taiba, Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Jaish-e- Hadith and Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) life, both
and I have found that this simple enslaved me claimed to be a Muslim, Muhammad etc claim to represent Islam, but their to Muslim and non- Muslims and clear the air of
principle works wonders even at a the brothers who freed me were also role and reaction to 26 / 11 reflects their hidden suspicion, hate and terror.
very personal level. It might sound Muslims. And there are both good agenda. Indian Muslims came out in open and (The writer can be reached at
‘unfashionable’ or even ‘purile’ for and bad people among Hindus as declared to the world that these so called ■
those who do not find any place well. Remember that, brother. It is
only when good people in every
for God in their lives, but for millions
of people in India and Pakistan who community join hands that this
Hindu-Muslim problem or the
CCIM condemns Terror Attacks
do believe in some higher force, no
problems between India and he Coordination Committee of Indian and truthful enquiry into these attacks so that
matter what they name it, it would
Pakistan can ever be resolved’. Muslims, which consists of leading the real culprits might be brought to book soon
strike an immediate chord.
That sage advice from this Muslim organisations like the All India and punished severely. The Committee calls upon
This principle I owe to Rano
impoverished Pakistani Dalit Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, Jamiat Ulama-e the Muslims of the country to come forward to help
Devi, a landless Dalit labourer from
the Bhil tribe who had been woman is, to my mind, a basic Hind, Jamaat-e Islami Hind, Jamiat Ahl-e Hadees, the victims of the incident. The leaders of the
released through the efforts of a premise we need to start from in All India Milli Council etc, condemned the recent Committee also requests Imams of mosques across
human rights’ group from slavery- our joint struggle against terror beastly terror attacks in Mumbai. While paying the country to condemn the terror attacks in their
like conditions in the estate of a in the name of religion and tribute to those killed in the attacks, the Committee Friday and Eid sermons. It also called on Muslim
powerful landlord. I Rano met national chauvinism. ■ demanded a high-level transparent, unbiased masses to celebrate Eid with simplicity this year. ■
while on a visit to Sindh in
southern Pakistan three years ago.
A powerful woman she was—dark
and tall, and walking proud and
erect. A courteous hostess, she
welcomed me into her one-roomed
hovel built on a scrawny patch of
land that a social activist friend of
mine had provided her and plied
me with milk-less tea and a roti,
which was all that she could


Nellie: India’s Forgotten Massacre
BY HARSH MANDER The Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008 has witnessed an upsurge of killings started, she tried to run

lifetime is much too understandable public anger, because a partisan and weak State leaves away but was attacked and badly
short to forget. It wounded. She was hospitalised
each of us unsafe. But States have long failed abjectly and shamefully to for two months, and her mother
was November 26,
protect ordinary citizens and uphold justice. The lives lost in Mumbai’s Taj and four siblings were murdered.
2008, the day that was to become
etched in India’s history for the Hotel are precious. But the lives extinguished in distant hamlets of Nellie “They were butchered here in the
— and indeed the streets of Delhi, Bhagalpur, Gujarat and Malegoan — are place where we are standing
audacious and traumatic
today,” she said, adding: “I have
terrorist commando attack on the no less valuable. found no peace of mind for the
country’s commercial capital
last 25 years. I need justice for
Mumbai. I happened to be on my peace. Justice is important
that day at a location as distant Enormous suffering in the world,” she concluded hands and thrown in fire. I wept
because it was such a terrible
as possible from Mumbai — On February 18, 1983, in the quietly. in terror all day. The CRPF came
crime. I feel lonely and miss my
psychologically, politically and genocidal massacre organised in Deluge of grief in the evening and rescued me.
Nellie, just 40 km from Guwahati , In his early thirties, Later we came to know that our family…” Babool Ahmad, a tailor,
socially — at Nellie in Assam, the was two years old when he lost
site of one of free India’s most 2,191 Muslim settlers originally Mohammed Monoruddin began house was torched. Nothing was
from Bangladesh were to cry inconsolably as soon as left. All our belongings and stores his parents. He was brought up
brutal forgotten massacres in by his grandparents, whereas his
1983. I had been invited by the slaughtered, leaving 370 children he sat before us. “My brothers, of rice were gone in the fire. My
orphaned and their homes in 16 sisters were all killed, hacked into elder brother, who was in Nagaon, sisters were raised in an SOS
survivors to sit with them as they
villages destroyed. As the pieces,” he recalled. “I was seven brought me up. But I feel so village.
recalled and commemorated the
survivors spoke one by one years old then. I saw my parents lonely.” And so the stories flowed,
events that had unfolded in this
before our gathering a quarter slaughtered in front of me. I saw Many others spoke of their like a deluge of muddied waters
distant impoverished corner of
the country 25 years earlier. century later, all of us who heard another woman being killed and loneliness. Noon Nahar Begum of grief — long unaddressed and
Journey into the past them — including officials, her child snatched from her was 10 years old, and when the Cont. on page 18
We gathered in the soft academics, social workers — were
sunshine of early winter in an completely stunned, and shamed,
open courtyard. A crowd quickly by the enormity and immediacy
gathered: the older men with of their suffering today, which
checked lungis and beards could retained an urgency as though
easily be distinguished as people they had only very recently
of East Bengali Muslim origin. suffered the unspeakable
The women and younger men cruelties that they gave words to,
dressed like anyone from an not 25 years earlier. The bodies
Assamese village. There were the of many were twisted and
initial courtesies of traditional deformed by inadequately treated
welcome, as they offered us injuries from the assaults by
customary white Assamese machetes and daggers; others
scarves with exquisite red pulled back their clothes to
embroidery. expose frightening scars of the
Senior officials of the State attacks of a generation earlier.
government who accompanied Hazara Khatun, with scars of
me had gently dissuaded me from a dagger attack on her face that
the visit, questioning the wisdom she survived in 1983, sat on the
of re-opening wounds of painful ground before us and pointed to
events of such a distant past. her empty lap. “I was cradling my
child here”, she said in a low
People have moved on long ago,
they assured me. What purpose voice. “They chopped him into
then would our visit serve? It two, down the middle”. Another
would only revive memories that widow Alekjaan Biwi, was far less
have long been buried. The same calm. Her body was twisted, and
advice came from many non- we could all see that she had lost
official friends who worked in her psychological equilibrium.
development organisations in the Eleven members of her family were
State. They added that the visit slaughtered in the massacre, and
would stir issues that were too she acted out for us how the mob
bitterly contested in the region. had attacked them, how she had
But the survivors persisted in cowered and hidden herself, how
their resolve that they wanted to she was discovered and
be heard. It was impossible for me wounded, and how she survived
to refuse them. even though scarred and
deformed for life. “I have no one

BY YOGINDER SIKAND up Muslims whom they had accused of as being them on Muslims and then seeking to galvanise Hindu

ast month, the Rajasthan unit of the People’s ‘terrorists’, the UP police ‘wanted to show that they, support. He spoke about the large number of Muslim
Union for Civil Liberties, along with several too, were doing something.’ youths, wrongly accused of being terrorists, who
other human rights’ groups, organised a two- Nilabh Mishra, editor of the Outlook Hindi magazine, continue to languish in jails. Several incarcerated
day public hearing in Jaipur on the theme, “State echoed somewhat the same sentiments. He accused Muslims, who, when found innocent by the courts and
Responses in the Name of Countering Terrorism and sections of the media for simply parroting the police released, do not even get an apology, let alone any
Religious Conversion”. It was attended by a large version of events in cases of terror attacks for which compensation for being picked up, imprisoned and even
number of activists from various parts of Rajasthan and Muslims were invariably blamed, and remarked how the brutally tortured. For the rest of their lives these people
beyond. mounting anti-Muslim prejudices spread by this section are tainted in the eyes of society, and often even their
In his opening remarks, the noted social activist and of the media was doing irreparable harm to inter- close relatives want to have nothing to do with them for
scholar, Ram Puniyani spoke about how communal community relations in the country and communalizing fear of being suspected by the police of being ‘terrorist’-
violence in India is now being rapidly transformed into vital pillars of the state machinery, including the police sympathisers.
organised pogroms against Muslims in which key and the judiciary. Noted Delhi-based columnist Girish Nikam voiced
sections of the state and the media are playing a major Senior Supreme Court advocate Prashant Bhushan similar concerns. Reflecting on his own experience of
role. Condemning all forms of terror, including that remarked about how he believed that ‘Hindutva having worked in the ‘mainstream’ media for several
engaged in by some fringe Muslim years, he said that the attitude of large sections of the
media to the issue of terrorism was
Jaipur Public Tribunal on Terror
outfits, Puniyani opined that what
he called ‘Hindutva terrorism’ today ‘indefensible’, in particular their
threatens to take the form of full- relative silence on Hindutva terror
blown fascism, which, while Public tribunals serve a valuable purpose, enabling victims to and their sensational reporting of
ostensibly targeted against Muslims cases of Muslims being accused
articulate their voices when these continue to go unheard in the of terrorism even in cases when no
and Christians, actually aims at
corridors of power firm evidence had been brought
preserving the status quo in terms
of caste/class relations and also in promoting global against them. This reflected what he said was a deep-
imperialist forces. Lamenting the silence of the media on rooted sentiment held by many that Muslims were to be
‘Hindutva terrorism’, he claimed that it was possible that presumed guilty until proven innocent. And, he added,
several other terror attacks that India has recently any critique of this policy is often quickly branded as
witnessed other than those that occurred in Malegaon ‘anti-national’.
could also have been the handiwork of Hindutva groups. Others who testified at the tribunal included Kavita
He stressed the importance of public tribunals as this Srivastava, head of the Rajasthan unit of the PUCL,
one to articulate the voices of the victims of state terror Tej Kumar, an advocate who has taken up the case of
in a context when there was little hope for justice from some Rajasthani Muslim youth accused of as
the courts and the state machinery. terrorists, as well as several men and women from
Magsaysay Award-winner and social activist from various parts of Rajasthan whose relatives continue
Lucknow, Sandeep Pandey spoke at length about what to languish in jail and some others who had been
he saw as the deliberate hounding of innocent Muslim arrested on false charges but were later released.
youths across the country wrongly accused by the police Public tribunals like this one serve a valuable
and intelligence agencies of being involved in acts of purpose, enabling victims to articulate their voices
terror. He focused particularly on one case that he has when these continue to go unheard in the corridors
sought to intervene in—that of a Muslim youth from of power. However, given the fact that, particularly
Lucknow , Shahbaz Hussain, who continues to be in jail, in the wake of the recent Mumbai attacks, the issue
accused of being behind the deadly bomb attacks that of terrorism has assumed alarming proportions and
ripped through Jaipur some months ago. Pandey and the role of fringe radical Islamist terror in fomenting
some of his colleagues had visited Shahbaz’s house and strife in India groups cannot be ignored, it is
were convinced, so he said, that he was actually innocent. imperative that human rights groups take a broader
He cited another instance where he had personally organizations in India enjoy almost unfettered freedom and more balanced perspective. While state terror
intervened to help stop a fake encounter that had been to defy the law, to massacre people in their hundreds, and terror unleashed by Hindutva groups rightly
planned by a police officer and an army colonel involving with no action being taken by the state against them.’ deserve to be condemned, for us to turn a blind eye
a Kashmiri youth whom they had planned to shoot and And, despite this, he added, ‘they are referred to as to terror engaged by radical Islamist groups is not
then falsely brand as a terrorist. This had been plotted patriots, not as terrorists, which is what they actually just unacceptable, unfair and unethical, but also, from
soon after what Pandey called the ‘fake Batla House are.’ He pointed out that Hindutva forces are desperately the point of view of our joint struggle against all forms
encounter’. The intention, he said, was probably to seeking to export what they call the ‘Gujarat model’ all of terror, which feed on each other, extremely counter-
‘prove’ that just as the police in other states were picking over the country by resorting to terror attacks, blaming productive. ■

Nellie: India’s Forgotten Massacre and recent clashes between Bodos and had to face trial for the gruesome
Cont. from page 17 Bengali Muslims this year, which left many massacre. Some lives are clearly deemed
assured them autonomous control over dead and thousands in camps seething by the State of being of little worth
denied — gushing from a breached dam. regions where their population was in a with hate. compared to others.
The forgotten massacre in Nellie in 1983 majority. The government therefore itself The worth of lives The Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008
established a bloody trail of open State laid the foundations for ethnic cleansing. The government gave the survivors has witnessed an upsurge of
complicity in repeated traumatic bouts of Bengali Muslims were driven out of their of Nellie, compensation for each death of understandable public anger, because a
ethnic cleansing and massacres both in settlements by murderous attacks and the as little as 5,000 rupees, contrasted for partisan and weak State leaves each of us
Assam and in India. It was followed by torching of their homes in 1993, and this instance with Rs. 7 lakhs that have been unsafe. But States have long failed
similar State-enabled carnages, in Delhi scenario was repeated for Santhal and paid to survivors of the Sikh carnage of a abjectly and shamefully to protect
in 1984, Bhagalpur in 1989, Mumbai in 1993 Munda tribals (called Adivasis) — many year later in 1984. Six hundred and eighty ordinary citizens and uphold justice. The
and climaxed in Gujarat in 2002. of whom are descendants of tea garden eight criminal cases were filed in lives lost in Mumbai’s Taj Hotel are
Series of incidents labour imported by the British two connection with Nellie organised precious. But the lives extinguished in
Assam in turn has seen a series of centuries ago — in 1996. Thousands of massacre and of these 310 cases were distant hamlets of Nellie — and indeed
violent ethnic clashes between various them continue to languish today in camps, charge-sheeted. The remaining 378 cases the streets of Delhi, Bhagalpur, Gujarat
oppressed communities, each bitterly and some for 15 years, as they are still terrified were closed due to the police claim of “lack and Malegoan — are no less valuable. A
ferociously ranged against other ethnic to return home. Assam remains a tinder of evidence”. But all the 310 charge- day must come when our rage and our
groups which may be as dispossessed, if box of ethnic hatred, with recent attacks sheeted cases were dropped by the AGP compassion responds equally to each of
not more so. The accord brokered by on Bihari migrant labour, Jharkhand government as part of the Assam Accord, these tragedies. We can be safe only by
government with militant Bodos in 1993 agitators in Guwahati, bomb explosions therefore not a single person has even standing and caring together. ■
Muslims & Economy ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 19

Redefining Poverty
The total lack of a humanistic social policy to
improve the lot of the poverty-stricken majority
of this country, as seen from the laissez-faire
attitude adopted towards them, is shocking.
BY A FAIZUR RAHMAN 1999-2000 to Rs 327.56 and Rs

he government’s 452.11.
announcement of a In other words, we are
fiscal stimulus expected to believe that a
package of approximately Rs person who earns Rs 328 a
30,000 crore, including foregone month in a village and Rs 453 a
tax revenues may not help the month in a city is not poor, as
economy. A recent FICCI survey he is above the poverty line.
has warned that several One does not have be an award
manufacturing sectors may see winning economist to realise
production cuts of up to 50 per how ridiculously low these
cent and job cuts of up to 30 per estimates are.
cent in coming months. In any Astonishingly, these
case, if one goes by the new outdated values still form the
allocations, the stimulus basis of poverty calculations in
package appears to be meant our country. A case in point is
only for upper middle-class the March 2007 report of the
urban Indians, to bail out Planning Commission, which
exporters and such sectors as claimed that the number of
jewellery manufacturing, people living below the
housing and automobiles. poverty line has declined to
The total lack of a humanistic 21.8 per cent from 26.1 per cent
social policy to improve the lot in 1999-2000. But the NCEUS Alternatives, Delhi in a For instance, in the 2008-09 Maulana Azad Education
of the poverty-stricken majority report contradicts this February 2006 report, Union budget the amount Foundation (Rs 60 cr). At 70
of this country, as seen from the contention. “Redefining Poverty: A New earmarked for the Scheduled per cent of the total minority
laissez-faire attitude adopted Therefore, in order to avoid Poverty line for a New India” Castes and Scheduled Tribes is population the Muslims’ share
towards them, is shocking. The such conflicting and presented a case for fixing the Rs 7,762 crore, which is the sum in Rs 1,235 crore may be taken
enormity of this institutional misleading claims, the poverty poverty line at about Rs 840 per of a direct allotment of Rs 3,966 at Rs 865 crore or 0.1 per cent
neglect can be gauged from the line must be redefined for a capita per month after factoring crore and 20 per cent of Rs 18,983 of the total budget
“Report on Conditions of Work realistic evaluation of the in costs for nutrition (Rs 573), crore from other schemes. This expenditure.
and Promotion of Livelihoods number of poor in our country. health (Rs 30), clothing (Rs 17), works out to just 1.03 per cent So the Muslims get just 11
in the Unorganised Sector”, In this connection, the energy consumption (Rs 55), of Rs 7,50,884 crore, the per cent of what has been
released by the National methodology used by and miscellaneous expenditure estimated total budget given to the Scheduled Castes
Commission for Enterprises in Australia may be worth (Rs 164). expenditure this year. and Scheduled Tribes despite
the Unorganised Sector studying. Even this figure of Rs 840, Muslims find themselves being 55 per cent of SC-ST
(NCEUS) in August 2007. The country takes into they said, would not fully reveal even more neglected as the population (2001 census) and
The report says 77 per cent account even non-income the true state of poverty in finance minister could spare equally downtrodden. The
of the population — 836 indicators to calculate poverty India because a person just Rs 1,235 crore for all bias is obvious. If this is the
million people — subsists on and updates its poverty line spending more than Rs 840 a minorities, which included government’s attitude towards
less than Rs 20 per day per every quarter. For instance, the month does not necessarily allocations to the ministry of deprived communities, the
capita. Australian poverty line for the have access to all the minority affairs (Rs 1,000 cr), chances of India staving off
Unfortunately, the stimulus June Quarter 2008 inclusive of fundamental needs of life such post-matric scholarship (Rs recession and becoming a
package has nothing to offer housing costs was $ 714.27 per as education, health, nutritious 100 cr), National Minorities global power are bleak indeed.
these people. On the contrary, week for a family comprising food, clean water, clothing, Development and Finance (The writer can be reached at
their numbers have been two adults, one of whom is sanitation, transport, housing, Corporation (Rs 75 cr) and the ■
grossly understated to avoid working, and two dependent and access to national
tarnishing the “India Shining” children. This was an increase resources.
image, and perhaps also to of $ 7.08 over the poverty line But there seems to be no
escape censure for not for the previous quarter, March effort from the government to
addressing the concerns of 2008. initiate targeted measures to
this vulnerable group. (Source: Melbourne eliminate poverty as proved by
A study of the anachro- Institute of Applied Economic its apathy towards the Dalits and
nistic methodology adopted and Social Research). the Muslims who are the most
by the government to calculate Adopting a similar “capability deprived” (to use
poverty line of India would approach, Mohan Guruswamy Amartya Sen’s phrase) sections
expose this bias. and Ronald Joseph Abraham of of our society as per the Sachar
According to the official the Centre for Policy Committee Report.
definition, the poverty line is
the monthly cost of a “basket
of food” that gives 2,400
calories of nutrition per capita
per day in rural areas and 2,100
calories per capita per day in
urban areas. In 1973-74, the ADVT ADVT
government fixed this line at Rs
49.09 and Rs 56.64 per capita
per month for rural and urban
areas respectively. These
values were last revised in
Life & Relationships ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 20

Shut Out the Satan
Mohammed: After the first looked for a meaning to anything
day when I went home, I did find that happened around me. I
a tremendous change in myself always suffered asking
and the people who attended the questions about why me? Why
workshop. The breakthrough I now? Why this way? After the
had was on the second day when The “Discover Yourself Workshop” was conducted by A.W. Sadathullah workshop I have learnt to accept
I forgave everyone. I cannot wait life and make free choices. It made
Khan on 28, 29 and 30 November 2008 at Universal Sports Club, Harare, me realize where my beliefs,
to see the results of my daily life
Zimbabwe. Here some of the participants share their experiences. morals and practices were
after the workshop. The
workshop is brilliant and I coming from. I wish to correct
Before, I was giving in to my them and choose words that will
recommend it for everyone.
nafs, living as I pleased, not help me live the way Allah wants
Better marketing has to be done.
listening to others advice, me to live. This workshop really
Seedat: I was playing blame
getting irritated on small things. helped me open my eyes to the
game and was stuck in the box.
Now, I see a bigger picture and blindness Satan had trapped me
The workshop opened my eyes
most importantly how to think in. I shall use the tools of the
and made me a better person in positively. I feel lighter inside, workshops to shut the Satan
the eyes of my husband and knowing that I can change my and take control of my life. I
children. Brought me closer to future and accept whatever Allah wish the workshop was for a
them. The workshop was very blaming. determined to correct them. I will
has given to me and be grateful little longer period as it takes
enjoyable. Rashid: Before the members not let the whisper of Satan
for it. longer time to realize and accept
Jahanara: I had allowed of my family had attended the guide me. I am sure that this
Zaheer: I was blinded in the self deception and point of
myself to be stressed and not workshop in South Africa and I workshop will make a difference
denial of the decisions and point views we have created in our
focused. After having breast saw a big change in them and so to my life. I want to organise
of views in my life as I always lives. ■
cancer I had learnt to live in the I decided to attend. On the first the workshop in Mozambique
day I could not understand what and we need to expand this in
moment and slowly as time
it was all about and later Portuguese language. “DISCO
passed I got caught up in living
understood it. I witnessed that I Faiza: Before the workshop, 3-DAY WORKSHOP ON
in my head. This workshop was
have been living my life in the my life was full of anger and Personality Development through Self-intorspection
a reminder and wake up call for
box, living in the past. Now I am (Based on Islamic Principles)
me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It jealousy. I used to blame others
aware of it and I can change and The workshop aims to achieve self empowerment
has been a special learning for my anger and discontent.
live in the now, not judging, not through the transformation of one-self.
experience for me. I feel inspired After attending the workshop, I
assuming. I used to bottle up “Now we need a revolution, not for changing others, but to change ourselves”
and motivated.
things and now I know how to realised that all my problems are
Zubeda: My life before the because of me and not others. I
deal with it. In the first day of the workshop your anger disappears and you enter
workshop was filled with daily
Tahera: The first day I did not realised that I must forget the into a state of peace and tranquility. You feel free and light and your view of
questioning of why things
see any changes. My husband, past because it affects my life, people around you and the world transforms.
happen the way they do. I was present and future. This The next day you get rid off the burden of the past and the constrains the
less calm and often worried my son and I attended. The
workshop is an awakening in my past imposes on your view of life. You get access to live in the present and
about what may occur, even it second day I saw a change in create a new future. You have the power, freedom and self-expression to take
has not happened. My major all of us. My son for the first life and it should be conducted any challenge that life throws at you and life is no longer a burden. Your view
turning point in the workshop time hugged me and I felt he was frequently. of life alters. You create a new you, surrendering to the will of Allah. You
crying from deep inside himself. Fatima: The workshop purify your heart and truly get connected with Almighty Allah.
was finding spiritual upliftment
Now all of us talk with feelings helped me to listen to others. Third day you witness a whole new world around you by demolitioning
and calmness. When we did the (fana) your ego. You see life as simple with Truth prevailing and Falsehood
for each other. I have a lot of Not to be judgmental. Learnt to
zikr, I felt at peace and everything perishing. You experience, love, joy, peace, happiness, contentment
around me disappeared. The anger in me and I will over come care and share my experience and bliss, a gift Allah has given you to experience and share with others.
workshop helped me realize my it. I find this workshop is related with others. To be forgiving. To Unless there is individual transformation there will be no Universal
role in achieving happiness and to Islam completely. see others for what they are. To Transformation. Now we need a revolution, not for changing others,
success and life is what you Qaader: Within myself, I help my community in anyway I but to change ourselves
make of it wherever you are. On feel that I have found exactly can and help me make the right SRINAGAR
the first day of the workshop, I what I have been searching for choices and decisions in life. FOR MEN AND WOMEN
did not quite get it, but by the a long time. I can feel the change Amina: Earlier life was DATES: 19, 20 & 21 DECEMBER 2008
third day, I began to realise a lot in myself. God willing, I wish to meaningless. I did not know VENUE: B.ED COLLEGE OF EDUCATION
and I am grateful to Mr pursue with determination the what to do with my life. Now I M.A ROAD, SRINAGAR
Sadathullah Khan for path that we have discovered feel that I can face challenges (Arrangements for heating the avenue already made)
conducting this workshop. here. I have become conscious and I can handle any situation CONTACT FOR DETAILS AND REGISTRATION:
Alisha: Prior to the of my small mistakes and I am more confidently and positively. Mr. Bakkal, Mobile No. 9419032956 (10am to 5pm)
workshop, I was living in the
past, bringing the past and not
Mrs. F. Bukhari, Mobile No. 9419015411 (10am to 5pm)
wanting to see the future
because of what I experienced
could be fear and failure! I have WORKSHOPS IN JANUARY 2009
been married twice and divorced QATAR
twice. In that 30 years I always DATES : 22,23 & 24th JANUARY 2009
thought why me? What did I do CONTACT Mr. Ikram Thowfeek
to deserve this? It was blaming
and self pity etc. Even with the
members of my family I always
DATES : Friday 6th February to Sunday 8th February 2009
felt there were never there for me
in helping me to bring up my two ORGANISED BY : Islamic Womens Association, Stavanger
sons. Now after the workshop, I Contact for details:
have realized it has been me.
There is nothing wrong in me. I
ADVT Hussain Noor M. Email: :
Zerina Parker-Knapp, email:
have realized that in life YOU can Workshop Designed and Conducted by:
make the choice with the
A.W. Sadathullah Khan B.Sc, B.E (Mech),
guidance from Allah. I must start
Editor, Islamic Voice,
living my life in the moment, I
Cell: 0091-9845158996
must learn to forgive and stop
Book Review ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 21

Discourse on Discrimination
REVIEWED BY: Azamgarh, the central madrasa
ARSHAD AMANULLAH of Jama’at-i-Islami Hind,
Masud’s has an insider’s take on
“Bhai saheb! My village is
Jama’at’s realpolitik and work-
completely Pakistan which is Hindustan Mein Zaat-Paat Aur Musalman (Urdu) culture. In fact, one of the
surrounded by India”. “What do Author: Masood Alam Falahi important reasons which
you mean by India and Publisher: Al-Qazi, F-A/86, Abul Fazl Enclave, New Delhi 110025 prompted him to write the book
Pakistan?”, I asked. Only Price:Rs.250/- is the casteist behaviour of the
Sheikhs and Syeds live in the
cadres and office-bearers of the
village and on the periphery,
they do it to woo the ummat-i- location of the author and his Islam (a person whose family has Jama’at. (P373). In addition to
there are settlements of Kunjras
da’wah to embrace Islam, not to approach to the politics of been within the pale of Islam for engaging the issue in normative
(Green-grocers), Qasais
radicalize the behavioural aspect jurisprudence production. To put more than a generation), due to fashion, he quotes instances
(Butchers), Jolhas (Weavers),
of the concept of equality among the book in perspective, one the temporal distance which from real life of the predominantly
Dhuniyas (Cotton-carders), Nais
the believers. Being a narrative needs to explain briefly the comes to characterize their ashraf leadership of the Jama’at.
(Barbers),etc”, he replied.
of an Islamist alim, though the dominant discourse about association with Islam. The “Personal histories, interviews,
(An excerpt from the book,
book under-review also carries discrimination and forms of textual Islam (the Qur’an and the observations and incidents
p: 453).
some of these limitations and social exclusion among Indian Hadiths) does not conceive which the author has been a
The discourse (secular/
biases, it offers fresh information Muslims, before delving into the social organisation of the witness to”(P27-28), thus,
religious/ both) on the South
on the theme and throws a host genealogy of the volume and the Muslims in terms of these constitute a major chunk of the
Asian Muslims has been so
of questions to ruminate on. saga of its several rejections from stratifications, however majority book. On a much larger plane, he
ashraf-driven that either it hardly
In the light of the insights the publishers. of the Indian ulama have been applies the same strategy of
engages, in a pragmatic fashion,
obtained from years of Apart from social intercourse, justifying the same in the data-collection to the
the issues of social equality as a
ethnography on the caste the caste-based discriminatory jurisprudence, through outstanding ulama of all
tool to put an end to economic
demography of the Indian praxis among Muslims find interpretations of the Qur’anic denominations and prominent
and cultural exclusions, or
Muslims, the present volume expressions in at least five forms: verses which serve their purpose religious bodies of Indian
whenever it tries to address them
problematizes the social equality khilafat, imamat, kufu/kafa’at, and also with the help of Muslims. That is why potential
(the issues of social equality), it
project of textual Islam, employment and education. concocted ahadith. of his book to critique the
does so with great rhetoric.
especially when the latter Majority of the ulama consider Due to several factors like agenda and vision of the present
Mohammad Iqbal’s verse “Ek Hi
negotiates with the strong local khilafat a prerogative of the socio-democratic programmes of Muslim religious establishment
Saf Me Khade Ho Gaye
societal institutions. That descendents of the Prophet the Constitution, secular and Islamist leadership is simply
Mahmud-o-Ayaz / Na Koi Banda
process of theology while it is only ashrafs who character of the Indian polity, unmatched.
Raha Na Koi Banda Nawaz,”
manufacturing is marked by a jurisprudentially qualify for the industrialization-led-intense It is against this backdrop,
very aptly exemplifies the extent
constant reproduction of the imamat (to lead the prayer in the process of urbanisation, etc, one needs to understand why
of simplicity and rhetoric the
local societal institutions and mosque). Further, the ulama deem have reduced the occurrence of Jama’at-i-Islami Hind, after three
ulama and the Islamists have
hence their perpetuations, is the observance of ‘Kufu” other discriminatory praxis, years of dilly-dallying
reduced such a complicated
another motif of the book. What mandatory for the islamicality of however, the institution of Kufu discovered that it could not
question to. Another limitation
enhances its complexity is the a marital alliance. Literally is still violently in practice. It has publish Masud’s monograph
which categorizes their
academic and ideological meaning eligible/suitable/equal, thus continued to come under and why an Ahl-i-Hadith
narratives on the theme is that
the kufu in its hermeneutical criticism from the backward caste publisher from the city of
sense, stands for the following: ulama time and again. In this Maunath Bhanjan, Uttar Pradesh
four castes of the ashrafs (Syeds, regard, among others, Mufti demanded to remove those
Sheikhs, Mughals and Pathans) Habibur Rahman Azmi’s portions of the book which
are generally considered suitable monograph Ansaab Wa Kafa’at offered insights about the caste-
marriage partners for each other, Ki Shar‘i Haisiyat and Maualana driven writings of the Ahl-i-
making it a complete Abdul Hamid Nomani’s tract Hadith ulama and practical
endogamous affair while the ajlaf Masla-i-Kufu Aur Isha’at-i-Islam politics of the present
(communities based on as critiques of the dominant establishment of Markazi Jami’at
professions) can marry only narrative of the Kufu deserve Ahl-i-Hadith Hind. Interestingly
among themselves, not the mentioning here. Though enough, before he found his
ashrafs. The arzals (the Masud Falahi’s book comes to publisher, Jamia Asaria Darul
untouchables) form the socially signify the most recent effort in Hadith, an Ahl-i-Hadith madrasa
and physically excluded lot of this series of protest writings, it of Maunath Bhanjan, had started
the Muslim society. Moreover, marks a departure from its a serial reproduction of some
no Jadidul Islam (new converts predecessors in several ways. portions from the book in each
to Islam) can marry a Qadeemul A graduate of Jamiatul Falah, issue of its monthly magazine
Aasar-i-Jadid (from February
Divided into ten chapters,
the timeline of Masud’s narrative
starts with the Aryan invasion
ADVT on India and comes down to the
current period. His hypotheses
is that the Muslim intellectuals
(religious/secular), instead of
discouraging the caste-based
discrimination among the Indian

ADVT Muslims, have consciously or
unconsciously projected it as an
Islamic concept and tinkered
with the classical Islamic texts to
lend it a jurisprudential sanction.
Consequently, it has caused an
irreparable damage to the
Cont. on page 27
Qur’an Speaks to You ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 22
In the name of Allah the Merciful the Beneficent

elate to them in all truth the story of the two sons of Adam: earth to show him how to bury the naked corpse of his brother. He cried
how each offered a sacrifice and the offer of the one was out: “ Woe to me! Am I too weak to do what this raven has done and so
accepted while that of the other was not. (The latter) said: “I bury my brother’s naked corpse.” He was then overwhelmed by remorse.
will surely kill you.” (The other) replied: “Allah accepts only from the Because of this, we decreed to the children of Israel that whoever
righteous. Even if you lay your hand on me to kill me, I shall not lift my kills a human being, for anything other than in punishment of murder or
hand to kill you: for I fear Allah, the lord of all worlds. I would rather, you for spreading corruption on earth, it shall be as though he killed all
should add your sin against me to your other sins, and thus you will be mankind. And that who ever saves a human life , it shall be as though he
destined to the fire; for this is the just retribution of the wrongdoers.” has saved all man kind. Our messengers brought them clear proofs (on
His evil soul drove him to kill his brother: he murdered him and thus the truth), but despite all this, many of them continue to commit excesses
he became one of the lost. Allah then sent a raven which scratched the on earth. (The Repast, “Al-Maidah:” 5; 27-32)

Killing One Life or Killing Humanity
COMMENTARY BY SAYYID QUTB happy in life. Most certainly that this remorse was not one of committed against peaceful peace treaty with the land of
TRANSLATED BY ADIL SALAHI he lost his future life as he added repentance. Otherwise, Allah and good-natured people who Islam. This legislative rule

his new sin to his earlier ones. would have accepted it from him. harbor neither grudge nor ill- should be well remembered.
n the first part of this story
The ghastliness of his crime It was the sort of remorse which feeling towards others. A We should also remember that
of the two sons of Adam,
was made to appear to him in its comes with the realization that reminder and a warning may the land of Islam is that in
one of them threatened to
most physical shape. The dead one’s action is futile and leads achieve nothing with those which the rule of Islam prevails
kill the other out of blind envy,
corpse of his brother started to to nothing but trouble. who have an evil nature. and the Islamic law is
after his own offering was not
rot and its nakedness became It may be that the burial of Adopting a peaceful attitude implemented.
accepted while that of his brother
intolerable. Murderer as he was, the dead raven by his brother is may not be sufficient to prevent Allah has decreed this
was. His threats were met by a
he was soon made to realize his something that ravens do as aggression. For all this, the principle for the children of
calm response of his brother who
powerlessness as he did not some people suggest, it may also ghastly crime of killing one Israel, because at that time,
made it clear to him that he would
know how to conceal the be something super natural person is considered so grave they were the recipients of
not lift his hand to kill him in any
nakedness of his brother’s which Allah wanted to show to and so sordid that it is equated divine revelation and as such,
situation because he feared
corpse. He was weaker than a the killer at that particular time. with the crime of killing all they represented the land of
Allah. He added a word of
raven among birds: “Allah then To us, both cases are the same. mankind. On the other hand, Islam as long as they
warning telling him that should
sent a raven which scratched the The Creator Who gives every efforts to prevent killing and to implemented the law of the
he kill him, he would add a new
earth to show him how to bury species of His creation its spare the life of one person is Torah in its fullness, without
sin to his old one and incur a
the naked corpse of his brother. nature and habits can considered a great action, equal any distortion. But the
double punishment in the life to
He cried out: “Woe to me, I am accomplish whatever He wills to saving all mankind. The law children of Israel exceeded
too weak to do what this raven through anyone of His given to the children of Israel their limits after Allah’s
He depicted to him how
has done and so bury my creatures. His power is merely included this principle which messengers came to them with
loathsome to him was the very
brother’s naked corpse. He was indicated by either course. equates the life of any human clear proofs of the truth. Since
thought of committing murder in
than overwhelmed by remorse.” The surah then makes use being with every life. The right the time of Prophet
the hope that he would help him
Some reports suggest that of the profound effect of to live is applicable to all. Muhammad (peace be on him),
thus to resist the evil thoughts
there were two ravens and one relating the story in this Hence, killing one person is an numerous among them are
towards a peaceful brother. He
of them killed the other. Other particular manner in order to aggression against the right to those who commit excesses of
explained to him that the sinful
reports suggest the that the enhance the feeling which live which is common to all. all sorts. The Quran records
burden of a murder crime was
raven found a dead raven or gives a positive response to It should be clarified here against them these excesses as
too heavy that he would do well
brought the dead one with him the legislation enacted to that this rule applies to the well as the fact that they have
to avoid it in order not to end up
and started to scratch the earth achieve the dual purpose of people in the land of Islam, no argument to justify their errors
with a double
and then buried the dead one. weakening the motive to whether Muslims or not, as after Allah’s messengers have
punishment. The only way to
The murderer expressed his commit a murder and to long as they are living under come to them: “Our messengers
rid himself of it was to fear Allah.
feelings in the way reported in establish the just punishment the protection of the Islamic brought them clear proofs (of the
In his persuasion, he went as far
the Quran and did like what he for such a crime whenever it is authority. As for those who are truth) but despite all this, many
as any man could go. But the
saw the raven do. It is clear that done: “Because of this, we in the land which is hostile to of them continue to commit
example of an evil man cannot
the murderer had never seen a decreed for the children of Islam, neither their lives nor excesses on earth.” What excess
be properly depicted until we
dead man being buried. Israel that whoever kills a their properties are protected is greater than distorting or
know what sort of response he
Otherwise he would have buried human being, for anything unless they have concluded a ignoring Allah’s law? ■
made in such a persuasion: “His
his brother. This may have been other than in punishment of
evil soul drove him to kill his
because the murdered brother murder or for spreading
brother; he murdered him and
was the first of Adam’s children corruption on earth, it shall be
thus he became one of the lost”
to die on earth or may be because as though he had killed all
After all these admonition
the killer was still young and had mankind.”
and persuasion, in a perfectly
never seen a burial before. Either This type of person does
peaceful and gentle approach,
case is probable. It also appears exist and aggression is
the evil soul prevailed and crime
was committed. His evil soul was
able to over-ride every hindrance
and made him less resistant to
the thought of killing. Thus he
killed his own brother, only to be
doomed: “Thus he became one
of the lost.” He lost all as he ADVT
brought himself into ruin, and
lost his brother who should have
been his friend and support.
He also lost his world, since
a murderer can never be

very Muslim knows tribe which was fortified, he told
that Prophet his wife and his father that he
Muhammad (Pbuh) The Prophet never made a supplication against a community of would have nothing to do with
provides the best example for us disbelievers. When he went to Taif seeking support for his cause, he them unless they accepted Islam.
to follow. Whatever he did or was given a very hostile reception. Both became Muslims without
said, should be followed by us, hesitation. At-Tufail then started
because following the Prophet’s community of disbelievers. The same applies in the case wish to see the Prophet or listen to call on his tribesmen to become
example is a duty of every Muslim When he went to Taif seeking of the tribe of Daws when they to what he said. It so happened Muslims.
and ensure rewards for him or her support for his cause, he was rejected his message. The story later that the Prophet went to At a subsequent visit to
on the day of Judgement. given a very hostile reception. of the efforts to bring Daws pray at the Kaaba when At- Makkah, At-Tufail noticed that
Moreover the Prophet teaches The chief of Thaqeef induced round to accept Islam is very Tufail was there. At first, Al- the Prophet was facing great
us only what is good for us and their teenagers, servants and interesting. A man from Daws

Always a Prayer for something Good
for human life. He was the man hardship because of the hostility
who attained perfection with of his people. He suggested to
Allah’s help. him to move out to Daws, where
We often make supplication he would have the benefit of the
for the achievement of certain fort there and would have the
objectives in the life to come or tribe of Daws defending him. The
in this life. Numerous are the prophet preferred to stay in
affairs of this life for which we Makkah. Apparently, the main
pray to Allah to accomplish our reason for the Prophet’s refusal
purpose. was the fact that Islam had not
We make a supplication to made much ground there and the
have an increase in wealth a better number of Muslims in Daws was
income, a good job, a comfortable still small. This is clear from the
life, passing exams, recovery from fact that in yet another visit to
illness, etc. All such purposes are Makkah, At-Tufail ibn Amr
legitimate. We cannot pray to
Allah to enable us to do something
PHOTO OF mentioned to the Prophet that
his efforts were not achieving
he has forbidden. It is unthinkable any great success. At-Tufail
that one makes a supplication to
Allah to help him win in gambling,
MADINA said: “Messenger of Allah, Daws
have disobeyed Allah and
because gambling is rejected your message. Pray
forbidden in Islam. Yet; some Allah to punish them.” The
people Prophet turned towards the
do that in ignorance. It is also Kaaba and lifted his arms as he
forbidden to pray to Allah to would in supplication. Most
cause harm to someone else, people thought that the Prophet
unless it is a supplication by a would pray against the tribe of
person who has been at the Daws. The Prophet, however,
receiving end of oppression or said: “My Lord, guide the tribe
injustice. The Prophet has of Daws to the truth and let them
warned us against a supplication come over to Islam.” (Related by
by someone to whom injustice Al-Bukhari and Muslim).
has been caused at our hands. At-Tufail continued his
This is in essence a warning efforts with his tribe and was able
against injustice. It is an to make better headway after the
exception Allah makes to such a Prophet’s supplication.
person because he answers his At the time when the Prophet
supplication against his fought in the battle of Khaibar
oppressor. We should not read against the Jews, At-Tufail
answering such a prayer as brought 80 men of his tribe to
causing harm to someone, but we join the Muslim army. When
should take it as the slaves to chase him out, stoning called At-Tufail ibn Amr once Tufail tried to move away. Then Makkah fell to the Prophet two
establishment of justice. him as he walked, until both his came to Makkah to visit the he thought that he was a years later, At-Tufail suggested
The Prophet had no feet were bleeding. As he sat Kaaba. That was at the time reasonable man who understood to him that he, i.e, At-Tufail be
personal grudge against people down to rest after walking some when the Prophet had only poetry and could distinguish fine sent to the idol named Thul
They were confirmed enemies of distance away from the city, recently been preaching the speech from harmful one. What Kafayn which was worshipped
Islam who treated Muslims very Allah sent him the angel in message of Islam in public. he overheard the Prophet say in by Amr ibn Hummamah, to burn
badly and persecuted those control of mountains who told Some people of Quraish met his prayer appealed to him. it. The Prophet sanctioned that
Muslims who were under their him that he was at his service. If At-Tufail and warned him Therefore, when the Prophet and At-Tufail burnt that idol
control. He prayed against a few he wished, he would make the against listening to the Prophet finished and went to his home, which was a symbol of
individuals who spared no mountains collapse over them or saying that he was a sorcerer At-Tufail followed him and polytheism in Arabia.
efforts in scheming against Islam. make the earth swallow them. The who said things which caused knocked at his door. He asked On the other hand, the
Such a supplication against the Prophet refused any such discord between a man and his him about what he preached and Prophet never hesitated to make
opponents of the cause of Islam suggestion, saying: “I hope that wife, or a man and his children the Prophet explained the supplication on behalf of any
is perfectly legitimate. Moreover, Allah will bring out of their and tribe. He was largely message of Islam. He soon individual who requested him to
the Prophet never made a offspring people who worship influenced by what they told, became a Muslim. do that or whom he felt needed
supplication against a Him alone.” to the extent that he did not When At-Tufail went to his such a supplication. ■
Our Dialogue ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 24
Extremists: Between Motivations and Justifications
any support to extremism or A Political look at today’s They present Islam as “Islamic
Question: How can Islamic extremists think they can get
terrorism. And no Muslim can Conflicts fascism” or “terrorist Islam” in order
into heaven by murdering innocent people when there is no
believe that the killing of innocent Despite the foregoing, why do to push their imperialist agenda.
justification in the Qur’an for doing so.Their motives seem to humans can earn rewards in some people in the Muslim world And the real causes of the conflicts
be more about hatred than the love of God, as they seem more Heaven, as such killings are reportedly resort to the use of are blurred out. This is the tragedy
motivated by what God can give them in paradise, as opposed to categorically prohibited in Islam. violence? Palestine, Afghanistan, of the present day world, which
any love of God. Al-Qaeda in Iraq, for example, seem to think What is more, justice is one of and Iraq can serve as good ignores the terrible massacre of
they can kill whoever they want by saying “God is Great” while the most important values (if not examples. over 600,000 Iraqis or the systematic
they murder people, which they imagine absolves them of any the most important value) the Some media reports and genocide and dispossession of the
wrongdoing. (Dieter-Germany) Qur’an wishes its adherents to presentations of events in areas Palestinian people.
cherish and honor: of conflict are biased and slanted Indeed, Islam is a religion like
COUNSELOR: SHAHUL HAMEED fighting as a last option, when all *{O you who believe, stand to such an extent that we do not Judaism and Christianity. It is the
Answer: Salam, Dieter. other avenues are closed: out firmly for justice as witnesses get a correct picture of what is third of the three Abrahamic
Thank you for your question. *{Fight in the cause of God to God, even as against happening. Modern wars are religions. Islam teaches its followers
Murdering Innocents = those who fight you, but do not yourselves or your parents or your fought on various battlefronts, not to respect all the prophets
transgress limits; for God loves not kin, and whether it be (against) rich least on the media front. mentioned in the Bible, including
Murdering Humanity. First of all, I
transgressors. And fight them or poor: For God can best protect Embedded journalists cannot Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.
would like to emphasize the Islamic
wherever you catch them and turn both. Follow not the lusts (of your know the war from the other side, It teaches that there is only One
teaching that murdering an
them out from where they have hearts), lest you swerve, and if you nor can they report it objectively, God, Who is the Creator and
innocent human is like murdering turned you out, for tumult and distort (justice) or decline to do even if they know the truth. World Sustainer of the universe — the All-
the whole of humanity. You can oppression are worse than justice, verily God is well- media is controlled by the rich and Merciful, All-Just. And Islam holds
read the meaning of the following slaughter}* (Al-Baqarah 2:190- acquainted with all that you do.}* powerful countries of the world, as holy all the precepts of mercy,
verse in the Qur’an: 191). And again, this verse (An-Nisaa’ 4:135) and it is only natural that their kindness, justice, and truth
*{If anyone slays a human stresses that permission is given And again we read what interests are safeguarded in the preached by all the Prophets of God.
being — unless it be [in for those who are being means: featuring of news stories. Hype, An American writer wrote
punishment] for murder or for oppressed to fight their *{O you who believe, stand slant, and spin are the order of the about the US attack on Iraq and
spreading corruption on earth —, oppressors: out firmly for God as witnesses to day in the media world. its “impact” on the Americans:
it shall be as though he had slain *{To those against whom war justice; and let not the hatred of a You have mentioned “Al- I noticed no signs of grief in
all humankind; whereas, if anyone is made, permission is given (to people cause you to swerve from Qaeda in Iraq.” Just think for a our supermarkets on the days
saves a life, it shall be as though fight), because they are justice; be just; that is the closest moment: Couldn’t this be a label when children’s arms were being
he had saved the lives of all wronged;— and verily, God is to piety.}* (Al-Ma’idah 5:8) invented by biased media outlets blown off, not even the day the
humankind}* (Al-Ma’idah 5:32) most powerful for their aid;— These verses mean that it is to discredit the Iraqi resistance Anglo-American forces marched
Also take note of the Qur’anic (They are) those who have been the duty of Muslims to do their against the occupation? If the into Baghdad, killing thousands of
command: expelled from their homes in utmost to see that justice is done resistance fighters are called “Al- Iraqi men, women and children all
*{Let there be no compulsion defiance of right,— (for no cause) under all circumstances, no matter Qaeda,” immediately their cause is on the same day, the vastness of
in religion}* (Al-Baqarah 2:256) except that they say, “our Lord is what the cost is. Justice should be blacked out, and they are taken for the killing shocking our own
which means that no force God.” Did not God check one set done even to the enemies who terrorists who are bent on soldiers who were THERE without
should be used to make a person of people by means of another, fight Muslims or even if they have “murdering innocent Americans”! a CNN filter. ... I could see laughing
follow the dictates of religion. This there would surely have been to act against the interests of their People who used to be victims of people hauling bags and bags of
means that no one can force pulled down monasteries, own close relatives or friends. Saddam Hussein are ruthlessly nitrate-jammed, high-fat,
anyone else to become a Muslim churches, synagogues, and Blaming Islam for the Actions of bombarded with depleted processed foods out to their cars
or follow a certain religion, as faith mosques, in which the name of Muslims uranium bombs and cluster … And a further look too often
concerns the heart. God is commemorated in abundant Muslims should never act out bombs to implement cemented the link. There it would
Fighting for Self-Defense and measure. God will certainly aid of narrow partisanship or out of “democracy.” It is interesting to be, on the bumper: God said it, I
Justice those who aid His (cause);- for selfish motives, because God says see how US forces in Iraq are believe it, and that settles it.
But the above verses do not verily God is full of Strength, that doing justice is the closest using Saddam’s own Abu Ghraib (Thomas, Lisa Walsh. The Isaiah
preclude fighting in self-defense Exalted in Might, (able to enforce action to actual piety to Him. for this “purpose.” Crowd: How Their Neo-
or fighting for justice. In fact, God His Will).}* (Al-Hajj 22:39-40) Muslims are persons who should Any groups who want to fight Christianity is Killing Us. 4 June
in the glorious Qur’an permits such The above verses do not lend live by the Qur’an and the Sunnah, against this so-called preemptive 2003.
and they should never ever try to invasion are depicted as terrorists Accessed 27 May 2007.)
flout the explicit commands of God who are “motivated by what God When Religion becomes a
in the Qur’an and the example of can give them in paradise.” Victim
the Prophet (peace be upon him). This means that they are not Sometimes religion becomes a

ADVT For the same reason, we cannot
blame Islam for the actions of
certain people that contravene
fighting the invaders and
occupiers, but they simply wish
to get rewards in the Islamic
cover for committing atrocities.
If the religion of Jesus Christ
is not to be blamed for the greed
Islamic precepts any more than we Paradise, eager to commit suicide and sadism of certain Christians,
can blame Christianity, for in the process! how can Islam be in the dock for
instance, for the misdeeds of Very few people seem to notice the political struggles of liberation
certain Christians in derogation of the terrible hypocrisy and double that take place in Afghanistan,
the teachings of that religion. standards followed by the leaders Iraq, or Palestine?
of “civilized world.” ( ■

BY DR. SYED LIAQATH PEERAN Friends share their deep secrets and between them, You look for friends under light and shade, to share

his is an old adage about friendship. Friendship it is closely guarded and friends do not betray the trust joys, mirth and gaiety. To seek comfort, solace and
is not mere casual contact or relationship. It is and confidence in each other. Friends rescue each other happiness. To share woes and enrich hopes. To stir the
a deep relationship and a bond thickened in troubled times and help each other to cross the barriers ship of hope and happiness to safe shores.
through true feelings of give and take which brings joy and bridges. Friendship is blessed and the proverbial Friendship renews bonds to kindle warmth, which is
and happiness in the relationship of two or more persons. friendship is of our holy Prophet(Pbuh) with his hidden in nature’s breast. It instills in mind strength of
Among friends there is no grouse or complaints and companions, particularly with his foremost companions, iron, to unfold thrill, to trickle sweet dreams, to reach the
neither they carry any heavy feelings or a baggage. The those of Hazrath Abubakar Siddique(RA), Hazrath Omar zenith of inner peace. Divinity sparkles in friendship.
hearts open up to each other and genuine feelings of Farooq(RA), Hazrath Usman(RA) and Hazrath Ali (RA). One of the attributes of Allah is ‘Wali’. Allah is a friend

Friend in Need is a Friend in Deed
Friendship is blessed and the proverbial friendship is of our holy
Prophet(Pbuh) with his companions.
concern and well being is carried by friends. The Friendship is like a white lily, its fragrance is sweet of sincere persons, who surrender to Him with all humility
relationship is gentle, light hearted and between them like honey; lasting till times endless sight. Flowing and put all their trust in Him. Thus friendship purifies the
there is laughter and true concern for each other. Truth smoothly like a river, without asking for any material gain mind, enlightens the soul and lightens the burden of
prevails between them. There is no cover up, camouflage and wealth in return. craving. The burning greed vanishes from the heart,
or trickery. There is give and take and friends do not Companions have in their bosom love aplenty and raising goodness to a Divine Path.
stand on formalities. The relationship is more for gain Sun’s generosity, shining on them, the tranquility of moon (The writer is Editor of ‘Sufi World’ He can be reached
than any loss between them. They mutually respect each and vastness of an ocean for clarity. Friendship enriches at Please visit
others feelings. The relationship is more than brotherly. the mind and the soul. ■


New Development in Islamic Studies in India
For the first time in India, distance-education learners can now do a regular course in Islamic Studies.

BY A STAFF WRITER students are allowed to take up to Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New

or the first time in India six years to finish the Bachelor’s Delhi, Maulana Waris Mazhari,
, distance-education degree course. editor of the monthly Tarjuman Dar
learners can now do a Faced with the lack of suitable ul-Ulum, the official organ of the
regular course in Islamic Studies. textbooks for the course, Nadvi Deoband Madrasa Graduates’
This three year-programme is and a team of colleagues have Assoc-iation, the noted Islamic
being offered by the Hyderabad- prepared special texts in Urdu, five scholar Maulana Khalid Saifullah
based Maulana Azad National of which have been published so Rehmani from Hyderabad,
Urdu University (MAANU). far. Work on the third year BA texts Professor Naim ur-Rehman Faruqi,
Launched in 2007, the course is in Islamic Studies is now under head of the History Dep-artment,
one of the eight optional way. ‘Unlike many texts used in Allahabad University, Professor
subjects that students enrolled most madrasas, these seek to Zafar Ahmad Nizami, former head
Academy. provide a historical perspective of the Department of Political programme. These have been
in the three-year Bachelor’s
‘MANUU’s Bachelor’s level and also reflect on contemporary Science at the Jamia Millia Islamia relayed on Doordarshan’s Urdu
degree programme in the Urdu
distance learning programme has issues. They also avoid the sharp and Professor Shahid Ali Abbasi, channel, and students will soon
medium through distance-
some 1,50,000 students, of which sectarianism and heated polemics head of the Department of Islamic be able to view them in MANUU’s
learning can opt for. Students
some 5000 have opted for Islamic that is characteristic of many books Studies at Hyderabad’s Osmania study centres, which will be
must select three out of these eight
Studies as one of their three taught in traditional madrasas, so Unive-rsity. equipped with computers and
optionals, in addition to
optional papers’, Nadvi explains. that they appeal to Muslims of Nadvi explains how the televisions. Plans are also afoot to
compulsory English.
‘Almost half of our students are different sects’, Nadvi says. ‘The programme functions. Text books launch a video conferencing
Maulana Fahim Akhtar Nadvi,
females, many of whom are books provide a general overview are sent out to the students by educational programme for
a well-known Islamic scholar,
unable, for various reasons, to of the different sects, not in a post, and they are made to write students of Islamic Studies, in
heads the Islamic Studies
attend regular colleges, and so polemical mode, but, rather, in two assignments a year for which addition to the other subjects that
programme at MANUU’s
can study through our such a way as to present them as are then graded. In addition, they MANUU’s Distance Education
Distance Education Department.
programme while being at home’, their own adherents themselves appear in an annual examination, Department offers.
Author of several books, mainly
he says. Admission is open to under-stand them.’ which is held in some 140 centres Nadvi says that he hopes to
on contemporary developments in
anyone who knows how to read The texts have been prepared of the MANUU located across be able to devise an MA
Islamic jurisprudence, he holds a
and write Urdu, no matter what by a professional and well- India . A new centre has come up programme in Islamic Studies
doctorate from the Islamic Studies
his or her educational qualified team, with separate in Jeddah and plans are afoot to through the distance education
Department at the Jamia Millia
qualifications, provided the sections being commissioned from establish another one in London mode that will start probably two
Islamia, New Delhi , and has
candidate passes an entrance renowned Islamic scholars across as well. years hence. ‘This will be of
worked for over a decade in as a
examination. To make the the country. These include With the help of the immense value to those who want
Mufti and in-charge of the
programme even more widely Professor Akhtar ul-Wasey, head MANUU’s Instructional Media to study Islam but are unable to
Academic Section of the New
accessible and convenient, of the Department of Islamic Centre, Nadvi’s department is in do so in the few universities in the
Delhi-based Islamic Fiqh
the process of preparing audio- country that have Islamic Studies
Salath Timings for Bangalore visual material for Islamic Studies
students. So far, it has produced
Departments’, he adds.
For more details, contact Dr.
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Special Report ISLAMIC VOICE, JANUARY 2009 27
Discourse on Discrimination AGENCIES
accommodative character, does not only reproduce
Cont. from page 21 COPIES AVAILABLE. Contact:
the social biases, but reinforces them as well, as is
process of proselytization of Islam in the country. evident from the advocacy of a form of social IN TUMKUR IN BANGALORE
Having realised the gravity of circumstances, some exclusion by one of the doyens of the Sufi Fazil Ahmed Ms. Aminah.
contemporary ulama and intellectuals, in their LIG 81, KHB Police Station, For Subscription, Advertisements
traditions in India. Near Mosque, Tumkur - 572101. & Matrimonial Ads
individual capacity, tried to challenge the In Masud’s narrative-design, theological insights # 37/1, Kazi Street, Basavanagudi,
islamicality of the caste discrimination. India has IN GULBARGA Bangalore - 04. Cell: 9945818152
enrich the findings of social scientists so that a wider Mr. Abu Aamir
yet to witness a movement which has had at the core picture of the dynamics of the caste praxis in the Islamic Book Centre MEHBOOB BOOK DEPOT
of its programme: struggle against caste- Station Bazaar, Gulbarga - 585102 Opp: Russel Market, Shivajinagar,
Muslim society can emerge. His borrowings from Ali Bangalore -51. Ph.: 22867138.
discriminations among Muslims. Anwar, Imtiaz Ahmad, Aijaz Ali, V.T.Rajashekhar, etc,
Masud sees the caste-system of the Muslims as are not just reproductions or para-phrasings, he No.4, Broadway Road,
Mr. Rasheedullah
a Brahmanical Conspiracy to Indianise Islam. (Islam differed from them or critiqued them on several Moulana Book Stall Bangalore-51. Ph: 25544510
Ka Bharatiyakaran) (P109). This formulation pre- occasions. Moreover, he also shows occasionally Kutchi Memon Musjid, Bunder, ISLAMIC BOOK CENTRE
supposes an egalitarian Muslim society without any Mangalore - 575001 Jamia Complex, N.R.Road,
the upfront confrontation between the ulama and the
element of social exclusion. It also assumes that all of secular intelligentsia. IN HUBLI Bangalore - 560002 Ph: 25928281
Islamic Book Centre HONESTY STORE
the Indian Muslims at a certain point of history came While surveying a couple of apex Muslim Nawab Complex, Azad Road,
from outside this land. Moreover, this reading of the 150, 30th Cross, 4th T Block, 26th Main,
organisations of contemporary India, Masud finds Bhandiwad Base, HUBLI - 580020
Jayanagar, Bangalore-41
nature and genealogy of the caste praxis among out that despite their claim to be “Islamic” in their IN GUNTAKAL
Muslims relegates its association with the power GEETHA NEWS AGENCY
social behaviour, the caste has come to categorize Mr. Ahmed Hassan
No.1, R.V.Road, South End Circle, Basavanagudi,
politics within the Muslims to the oblivion. This is a 6/77, Potterline, Guntakal - 515801
their practical politics in a very overt style. As an Anantpur Dist. A.P Bangalore-560004. Ph: 25922374
fallacious argument to say the least. insider to the Jama’at-i-Islami Hind, he informs that
As a logical extension of the Brahmanical it has been a hostage in the hands of some ashrafs Opp: Frazer Town Post Office,
Mr. S.A. Samad
Conspiracy Theory, comes Masud’s fascination with who are extremely castiest in their social outlook 29-177 E7, SBI Colony Road, Bangalore-05. Cell: 9343728824
the Pollution Theory. The latter posits a binary (P392). Likewise, content of “Compendium of Nandyal - 518501. A.P S.R.ENTERPRISES
opposition of the Arabs vs Ajams (Non-Arabs) Islamic Laws”, a volume compiled and published IN MUMBAI No.4, D.C.Compound, K.G. Road,
where Arabs get credit for all merits of Islam/ Islamic Books International Bangalore-9. Cell: 9448404570
by All India Muslim Personal Law Board recently, 54, Tandel Street, North Dongri,
Muslims while Ajams stand convicted for all S.J.BAKERY & STORE, Imamia Manzil
betrays an effort on its part to project Kufu and Mumbai - 400009. No.173/F, South Cross Street,
demerits that crept in the Muslim society. For other manifestations of the caste discrimination as IN GOA Neelasandra, Bangalore-47.
example, he considers all those Arab invaders who intrinsic sections of Muslim theology. The other Mr. Sarfaraz Cell: 9342812015
came to India and established their government in side of the coin is that this volume is full of Islamic Information Centre SHABARI (Magazine & News Paper)
the coastal regions of Sindh, as Khalis Musalman Near Musjid Ul Abrar, Sirvodem,
passages and references of jurisprudential sources, Margao, Goa - 403601.
#280, M.B.S.Building, H.Siddiah
(Pure Muslims) and personification of “Islamic but it does not have citations from the classical Road, Wilson Garden, Bangalore - 27
Ph: 9822163132 / 2734442
egalitarianism”.(P114). texts of Islam (P410). IN SRINAGAR
IN JHARKHAND M/S. Abdullah News Agency
What may really come as a shocking discovery In short, Masud’s first book makes an Mustafa Hussain, Mohalla Park, At Lalchowk, 1st Bridge,
to a reader of the book is the following line by interesting reading on the issue of the caste PO, Hazaribagh - 825301 Srinagar - 190001. Ph: 2472621.
Khwaja Syed Hasan Nizami: “Though there is a discriminations. One may differ from him on several IN CHENNAI IN PUNE
provision for equality within Islam, Allah has points he makes and conclusions he draws, but M/S. Quality Book Centre, Quality Miss. Naseem A. Omer,
created Julahas to serve the higher caste groups”. Shopping Complex. No. 31/2, Triplicane C/O. Vogue Furnishers, No. 313,
the disagreement neither undermines the utility of High Road,Chennai - 600005. Ph: 28527118
Sufism is regarded as the most liberal expression M.G. Road, Pune - 411001. Ph: 26131160
the tons of information he provides for the future
of the proselytizing Islam which has done its best scholars nor does it overshadow the relevance of Per copy Rs.15 M/S. Ravi Agencies Anisur Zaman
to accommodate local traditions, with due respect the questions he raises in the book. Annual (News Paper Agent), Agia Road,
to their autonomy, within the master-narrative of (Arshad Amanullah can be reached at Subscription Nayapara, Galpara - 783101. ASSAM
Islam. Sufism in India thus, due to its ■ Rs.150 IN G U WA H AT I
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