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EPAM Systems Communispace CornerStone Staffing Solutions Novae Powertek Corporation CotterWeb Enterprises

Suite 210. Suite 202.ADDRESS 1341 W Mockingbird Ln. Markle. Pleasanton... MN 55120 267-759-9000 IT Services 617-607-1400 866-706-6900 260-758-9838 301-795-0400 651-289-0724 Advertising & Marketing Human Resources Manufacturing Government Services Advertising & Marketing . Dallas. MD 20850 1295 Northland Drive. Houston. 216W. Suite 300. Louisiana 70802 PHONE NO INDUSTRY 214-637-1300 Health 713-862-5250 IT Services 225-343-0525 Construction 41 University Drive. CA 94566 One Novae Parkway. Rockville. Ste. MA 02472 7041 Koll Center Pkwy. Suite 200. Mendota Heights. IN 46770 9420 Key West Avenue. PA 18940 100 Talcott Avenue. TX 25247 802 Lovett Boulevard. Newtown. Watertown. TX 77006 1048 Florida Boulevard Baton Rouge.

20% 297.9 million $22.70% PRIVATE $159.9 million $17.50% 297.4 million $18.3 million $30.80% PRIVATE 300.8 million $16.3 million 299.40% PRIVATE 298.6 million $58.70% PRIVATE PRIVATE PRIVATE PRIVATE .2 million GROWTH COMPANY TYPE 300.00% PRIVATE 299.ANNUAL SALES $28.70% 297.2 million $73.10% 296.


CEO Jack Johnson. Max Bogrestov. IT Manager. Vasily Agafonov. IT Manager. Nancy Scott. CFO. Trey Price. COO. Michael Frank. Ken Murray. Brian Harrold. CIO. VP of Operations Ivan Tabaravets. Daren Cotter. Steve Bermes. Director of Administration Larry Stewart. COO. CEO York Richards. Director of Technology Paul Davis.CONTACT PERSONS Linda Martin. CEO . CTO. Technology Engineering & IT Larry James. Vassili Makeev. President. VP. COO. CFO. Lisa Melgarejo. CFO. IT Manager. Gary Arena. CEO Dan Mintz. CTO Benji Koltai.

travel nurse and private duty assignments long Provider of database management software NA Engineering and construction consulting services NA Cognizant Technology Solutions t its . e-commerce and content services Provider of web-based software for customer relations management NA CornerStone Staffing Solutions recruits and staffs employees for long. short term.NA short-term IT. accounting and and SendEarnings. Infosys Technologies Limited.SERVICES/PRODUCTS COMPETITORS We specialize in providing qualified personnel for per-diem. Satyam Computer Services Limited Provides software development.NA term. transportatio and Data Processing/Preparation Business Consulting Services Computer NA Related Services CotterWeb Enterprises pays consumers to take online surveys throughNA websites InboxDollars.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT HOURS NA Phone & E-mail support Phone & E-mail support NA NA 8667066900 (24X7) NA NA .

MS SQL Server 2005/2008.Net NA ActionScript. JavaScript. Java. C++.0. T-SQL. vbs. 11g. PHP . Windows & Linux. JScript. C#.NET NA Visual Studio. HTML/DHTML. Java.NET.TECHNOLOGY FOOTPRINT NA SQL Server. VBScript. C++. MSSQL. Red Hat Linux Oracle 10g. Oracle C++. . Java Script. . Web 2. SQL. Java. XML/XSLT.

to Build and Operate Technology Centre NA NA Powertek Corporation Wins Contract with the U.Ventelo Hosting Announces Partnership with R1Soft Arkel International. Inc.NEW EVENTS NA BBS Technologies . LLC Wins $6. Department of Agriculture for PMB Support .S.42 Million Federal Contract Barclays Capital Selects EPAM Systems.

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