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TI MCU TECH-DAY April 19, 2012

All about TI products

What can we do with TI sockets?

The whole system!!!!!!!!
The Real World
Temperature Pressure Position Speed Flow Humidity Sound Light Identification


Data Converter

Low Power RF

Power Management

Embedded Processing


Data Converter



What can we do with TI embedded processors?? What ever!!!

TI Embedded Processors

Code Composer Studio IDE

Microcontrollers (MCUs) ARM-Based Processors Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

16-bit ultralow-power MCUs

32-bit real-time MCUs

32-bit ARM MCUs

32-bit ARM Safety MCUs

32-bit ARM MPUs


Multi-core DSPs

Ultra Low power DSPs

Industrys Lowest Power MCU, Precision Analog, Up to 25MHz

Delfino Piccolo Concerto
40 MHz to 300 MHz
Fixed/floating point

ARM Cortex-M3

ARM Cortex-M3 Cortex-R4F

ARM Cortex-A8 & ARM9

Advanced Connectivity Up to 80 MHz

C6000 C6000+ARM DaVinci

Video processors 300 MHz to >1Ghz + Accelerator Floating/fixed point

24,000 MMACS

Up to 300 MHz + Accelerator

Transportation Industrial & Medical Safety

80MHz to 220MHz

Value line to 500 MHz Perf. Line to 1GHz

MPUs Microprocessors

MSP430 MCU Intro

What is MSP? family The 16-bit Ultra-Low Power MCU

Slashing power with MSP430 MCUs with FRAM

Cuts the industrys lowest active power consumption in half for wireless sensors, data logging, energy harvesting and more! FRAM is 100x faster than flash microcontrollers when writing to memory

What are suitable apps?

Thousands of applications are enabled by MSP430 MCUs

Differentiation is possible with MSP430 MCUs Ultra-Low Power performance, high analog & digital peripheral integration, and easy-to-use tool chain.

How to start pick a MSP430 device

Go to:

Pick a device with your required specs

How to start - Compiler



16KB Limit on Msp430 devices

Download: orkbench_for_TI_MSP430

Tutor: Limit on MSP430X devices 16KB Limit on eZ430 devices


How to start Download & debug

Supports ALL MSP430 devices when paired with appropriate Target Board
4-wire JTAG 2-wire Spy Bi-Wire

Part number: MSP-FET430UIF Price: $99 Where:

How to start Download & debug

Only use with 2-wire Spy Bi-Wire devices (table 2-1, page 17):

Part number: MSP-EXP430G2 Price: $4.3 Where:


& for a limited time only FREE SHIPPING!

How to start Elprotronic flash programmer

How to power up the MSP430?

LM317 (1.5A linear regulator)

1.5V to 2.5V dropout voltage Good for larger Vin to Vout ratios, 12V to 5V output

TPS72501 (1A LDO)

170mV dropout voltage Good for 3.3V to 3.0V output


Battery powering:

TPS780 TPS781

150 150





130 130

2.2 5.5 2.2 - 5.5

1.5 4.2 1.5 4.2

0.5 1

What if I get stuck?

TI Vietnam forum: Collection of projects on launchpad: Sample code for msp430 MSP430 Wiki: MSP430 overview: Application Notes & User Guides:

Stellaris ARM Cortex-M Intro

What is Stellaris?
TIs 32-bit ARM Cortex-M based MCU family for HMI, motion control, smart grid, and connectivity

Announcing Stellaris ARM Cortex-M4F (MCUs)

New Blizzard MCUs deliver best-class power consumption for industrial automation, motion control, health & fitness Also includes leading analog integration & floating point technology


What are suitable apps?

Serial-to-Ethernet Bridge Data Acquisition Home Automation Medical Connectivity Automated Motor Control

Home Automation

Human Machine Interface

Security Monitoring Advanced Remotes Point of Sale Graphics Displays Touch Interface Biometric Scanning


Exercise Equipment

Networked Access Control

Electricity and Flow metering White goods

HVAC Pump inverter Compressor motor


LED Signage

How to start pick a Stellaris ARM cortex-M3 device

Go to:

Pick a device with your required specs Notes:

LM3S1nnn LM3S2nnn LM3S3nnn LM3S5nnn LM3S6nnn LM3S8nnn LM3S9nnn non-CAN, non-Ethernet CAN USB CAN + USB Ethernet Ethernet + CAN Ethernet + CAN + USB

How to start Development tools

30-day full function. Upgradeable. Stellaris ICDI (on Stellaris EVK) 32KB addresslimited. Upgradeable. J-Link, ~299 USD 32KB addresslimited. Upgradeable. U-Link, ~199 USD 90-day full function. Upgradeable. Red Probe, 150 USD Full functional; locked to board. Upgradeable. Stellaris ICDI XDS510 / XDS560

Eval Kit License

JTAG Debugger

Remember: In addition to its original use as an evaluation kit, each Stellaris evaluation kit has the built-in capability for use as a simple USB-to-20-pin JTAG debugger. Suggestion: EK-LM3S1968 ($59)

How to start - LM Flash Programmer + Bootloader

How to Power up the MCU?

Device Vin (V) Iout (A) Vout (V) Iq (mA) Min Iout for Stability Vdo (mV) TLV1117LV 2 - 5.5 (6V max) 1 1.2-3.3 (fixed only) 0.1 0 58 @100mA / 570 @ 1A ** TLV1117 2.7 - 15 0.8 1.25-13.7 (fixed and adjustable) 10 1.7 5mA 1100 @100mA / 1200 @800mA

** TLV1117LV True LDO Vdo scaling with Iout

How to fast code? - StellarisWare

All programming can be in C/C++, even interrupt service routines & startup code Includes code and royalty-free libraries for applications support
Over 250 APIs for graphical display support Over 175 APIs for USB device, USB host, or USB On-The-Go (OTG) applications Provides support for IEC 60730 Class B safety requirements Provides open source Ethernet and RTOS options Provides an extensive array of source code samples

Graphics Library

USB Library

IEC 60730 Library

Open Source Open Source RTOS Stacks

Peripheral Driver Library Boot Loader and In-System Programming Support StellarisWare Software
Over 700 APIs for peripheral initialization and control functions Provides in-field programmability

Utilities: Code Checksum Examples Security

ThirdParty Examples

Over 150 APIs providing optimized commonly used functions such as CRC checking and AES tables

Over 525 apps providing an extensive array of source code samples


What if I get stuck?

TI Vietnam forum: StellarisWare (full):

All development packages: nId=632&orphantabId=8

IAR for ARM: (32K limited):
CCS (32K limited):