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Sunish Kumar lakhe 11530 EMBA IV

The company selected for the project is Cage Consult Pvt. Ltd. it is current energetic professionals with a strong consulting practice in present Architectural and Engineering fields. Its team members has been actively engaged in different sectors of Architectural Field like Physical planning, Master planning Landscaping, Architectural Detail Design and Irrigation, Highways and Project Management. This Organization was set up with the objective of bringing further elegant and practical solutions to the Architectural and Engineering picture in Nepal. Current Engineering practice in Nepal tends to transfer aesthetics to a secondary position. It effects severely to our struggling national economy. it has severed different type design within Kathmandu valley as well as in outside. Some of the project done by this firm are UWTC( Tripureshwor), Trade Tower Nepal (Thapathali,), Kingsway Tower( Durbar Marg), Manmohan Hospital(Swoyambhu) and many more with contemporary concept in the field.

Cage Consult (P.) Ltd. undertakes all types of works in Architectural and Engineering sector - from inception to the project construction supervision phase. The Company is capable to providing services in most of the field e.g. Project Planning, Preparation, Design, Detailing, and related Construction Supervision with its in-house permanent staffs. The various fields of services offered are listed below: Architectural Design and Planning Structural Engineering Water Supply and Sanitary Environmental Engineering Survey and Mapping Feasibility study of the projects Electrical Engineering Property Valuation Interior Design Landscape Architecture Road Feasibility and detail design Surface and Modern irrigation system Ground Water investigation Work Water Use Inventory Study Socio-economic Study Complete Project Management Detail Range of Service Provided

Presently, Cage Consult (P.) Ltd. undertakes all types of works in Technical World. Architectural and Engineering sector is one of the major field offered by us. The Company is capable to provide special services in following field with professional and dynamic in-house directors and staffs.

Sunish Kumar lakhe 11530 EMBA IV

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Firm was established in 2053/03/20, at that time people were not effectively influence by architecture and Architects. Only engineering practice were preferable. Apart from this scenario, it has succeeded to survive till date made reputed consulting firm in Architectural and Engineering sector.

Sunish Kumar lakhe 11530 EMBA IV Why innovation needed?

Architecture is the most innovative job in the world. The strength of the company is its innovative staffs, good work environment, relationship with clients, and satisfaction to its clients. In its 12th year of operation Cage Consult (P.) Ltd is still growing in terms of work and service it provides to its customer. Number of client has been increased, company is making good profit. It is expected to grow in coming years too. The main problem faced by the company is in retention to the staffs. In 12th year of operation company has faced biggest challenge in retention of staffs. Its entire staff has resigned from the job. Company has no HR management system. It has no proper plan to recruit; managing staffs, there was no HR policy, plan. Good staffs are the backbone for every organization, to get good people in job is very hard, it is even harder to retain good people in job. To get the best staffs, to retain best staffs it has to had good HR system which could attract best people for challenging innovative job.