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Importance of recreation

Recreation is about engaging in delightful activities that bring in glee. It is very important to understand the necessity of recreation and giving some time for it

Recreation is like a rain shower during the days of scorching heat. It is like a ray of moonlight in the dreadful darkness. Recreation is moreover the time to get together to have fun. Devoting some time for recreation on a daily basis helps in the long run in maintaining health and achieving a peace of mind. Participate in some regular physical activity, play a sport or exercise. These recreational activities serve as a means of relaxation. Research has shown that recreation on a daily basis reduces risks of diabetes and hypertension, enhances physical and mental health and improves the quality of life. Adventure activities are recommended to be made a part of recreation. Studies have made evident the fact that participation in adventure activities has a positive effect on life. Adventure motivates you, boosts your confidence and enhances self-awareness. Recreation often involves physical activities such as hiking, cycling, fishing and outdoor games. These activities make you feel fresh and relaxed. The excitement and thrill that accompanies adventure sports adds to the freshness. Sports make you feel challenged, encourage you to take risks, exhibit your skills, thus building self-confidence. These activities of recreation result in the enhancement of your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Apart from being a way of spending free time, recreation is a way to socialize; it is a way of being with the loved ones and enjoy. Recreation gives you an opportunity to meet new people, develop new friendships. Socializing implies being a team player making you feel as being a part of the community. It is largely believed that participating in recreational activities helps strengthen family relationships. A certain kind of freedom that you experience during recreation helps you feel destressed. Your enthusiastic participation in recreational activities boost positive energies, encourage a positive temperament, thus unlaxing you. Recreation brings you close to the nature. Water sports, adventure sports, visits to parks can brighten up your life. Recreation is of two types. Active recreation is about engaging in adventure sports or outdoor games while passive recreation involves activities such as taking a walk on the riverside, walking on the beach, strolling in parks or taking nature walks. Both kinds of recreation have their own set of advantages. They create a positive mood, lighten your spirits and help you gain mental peace. Recreational activities are widely popular across the globe. Some enjoy touring to beautiful places around the world while others take interest in pursuing their hobbies as a means of recreation. Be it of any sort, recreation needs to be made a vital component of the fast life of the present times!

No one would ever understand the importance of recreation till the time they experience the values and benefits of it on their own. It is more of a fun embodied in the form of activities to refresh ones body and mind. While type of recreation varies from individual to individual, spending time in something that rock your senses is an experience in itself. The forms of recreation include from simplest of listening to music to the likes of parachuting or bungee jumping. Excess of recreation is called escapism and is something that distract you from your main purpose and affects your time too. A well blended mixture of work and recreation is excellent recipe that keeps you going on the path to success. The Values and Benefits of Recreation for professionals are numerous. The charm lies in looking out something thats works out best for you. There are different types of recreation and what value and benefit you derive from it depends upon your proactiveness to try them out and incorporate them as part of working routine. Lets talk

about 10 values and benefits that work out best and should encourage you to take recreational activities from time to time 1) Helps You Relax Recreational activities help you relax and give soothing effect to your nerves. It helps you release the tension and maintain equilibrium. It is one of the best relaxation techniques to help you get back to work in full form. 2) Reduces Stress- Are you feeling stress lately. Do late hours sucks out the best in you. If tension is taking its toll on you then recreation activities are best for you. 3) Impacts Your Health- Recreational activities have a very good impact on your health. It is an excellent medicine for ailments which cannot be cured by any other manner. It is a natural way to stay fit and healthy in life. 4) Social Benefits- It helps you meet like minded people and develop a favorable rapport. People who share common interest makes a joyful group that help each other to promote themselves. Importance of recreation gets reflected in the status you build for yourself. 5) Refresh the Senses- Feeling dumb? Recreation is the important and best activity to refresh you senses and prepare you for the next battle. It rejuvenates your senses and makes you feel light again. 6) Refills the Energy- Recreation activities are best mechanism to refill your energy and make you feel alive again. It is best way to charge you up when you feel exhausted and drained out. 7) Quality of Life- Recreational activities help you build self esteem and confidence. It helps you enhance the quality of life by building a positive self image. 8) Effective Time Utilization- When your body is at the best of its form both in terms of health and energy, recreational activities helps you utilize your time effectively. The effort you put in a certain task is way below what you could have possibly put without any recreational activity. 9) Sharpen Skills- The value and benefit of recreational activities is best seen in the form of skills that gets developed and sharpened over the period of time. You not only are inclined to learn more things but are also motivated to be at your best. 10) New Avenues- It has happened to people and it can help you too. People who enjoy it to the best of its form have developed a career in one form or the other. It is important for On-the- Go Professionals to maintain a balance in their life. The value and benefit of recreational activities is important in itself to help you shape up your life in the best form. In coming series I would focus on Types of Recreation and how employees or professional can make best use of it based on availability of their time
Recreation is defined as things you do for enjoyment: play tennis volleyball, swim, walk etc.Recreation helps to build healthy minds and bodies. "All work and no play make Jack a dully boy and Jill a dull girl" to satisfy gender balance is as true today as when it was first said.

Many educational and child psychologists believe that there is likely to be less delinquency among young people if there is ample space and time for recreation provided for them. Educators and doctors have agreed that children need time and opportunity to play if they are to develop healthy minds and bodies. Play helps to overcome the fatigue that develops from long hours of work and play.Fresh air helps to purify the blood. Exercise helps to relieve cramped muscles. The mind relaxes in the enjoyment of a game. Recreation develops leadership. On the playing field is developed the leadership and stamina that can be very useful in later life. Boys and girls learn to cooperate, to play together and to work as a team, thus eliminating the attitude of selfishness. Experience is gained in organising groups to compete with each other. Opportunity is given to learn how to win happily and loss cheerfully. Life is sometimes called a game. Competitive sports and games have valuable lessons to teach in preparation for this game. Not everyone is a leader, but nearly everyone would like to be. On the play ground many boys and girls become leaders. Leadership depends on ability, but it can also be greatly influenced by an individual's sense of fair play and good sportsmanship. The boy or girl who is willing to be part of a team is ready for the first lesson in leadership. Coordination of mind and body are outcomes even more important than the result (scores) of the game. Co-operation in sports gives real help in preparing for "the game of life". To be successful in life, no matter what you goal is, you need well - rounded development intellectually, physically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. Recreation helps to develop all of these. In a previous article, I posited that the development of any nation to a very large extent depends on the ability of its citizens to produce materials and services which others will buy in this way individual members of a country are able to earn their living. From their earnings, they in turn are able to pay for the goods and services they need. This cannot happen if the people are unhealthy and incapacitated. If large numbers of Gambians become ill and unable to work - God forbid, the prosperity of the country would suffer. So you owe it to yourselves, your families, and country to keep physically fit and healthy. Without good health you cannot enjoy many of the good things of life no matter how rich you may be. Good health and freedom from worry are necessary if you are to be happy.

Recreation is a word that signifies the refreshment of one's mind or body after work that stimulates amusement or play. That's a fairly broad definition. The type of recreation one chooses is up to the person and what they find interesting. However, the benefits of recreation are the same for every person. The more recreation you allow yourself after work, the happier you'll be and the more you'll enjoy life.

The importance of recreation cannot be stressed enough. Without some form of stress relief or fun in your life, you'll find yourself only working and that can lead to increased stress, illness, disease or more. We weren't meant to work ourselves to death. We should have a balance of work and recreation. Our bodies need rest, relaxation and enjoyment every once in a while; and that's where the benefits of recreation come into play.

Types of Recreation

What do you like to do in your spare time? What brings you enjoyment? What takes your mind off of the stresses of work or family life? Do you have a favorite hobby? Do you like to read?

If you can't come up with an answer of what you like to do, you're probably a very stressed out person. Find something you like to do. For some people, it might be reading books or even comic books. Some people might like to sew or crochet, while others might like wood-working.

Maybe you like to write, or exercise. These are all great forms of recreation. They allow the person to escape into the enjoyment of their hobby or whatever fun thing they like doing and they will feel less stressed at the end of the day.

If you haven't realized the importance of recreation yet, try doing something you like to do. You'll soon see that all those things that are troubling you will melt away and you'll feel much more relaxed since you've found something that can take your mind off things when you need it.

There are so many forms of recreation out there that you're bound to find something you enjoy. Start searching deep inside of yourself and ask yourself what you could see yourself doing in your spare time. What hobbies might you enjoy, or what activities might you be good at? These things just might be the recreation your body's been craving so that you can finally live life and enjoy it.

Here are some other examples of indoor and outdoor recreational activities:

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Scuba diving Camping Swimming Bicycling Fishing Sightseeing Traveling Gardening Cooking Scrapbooking Mountain biking