Angela Abraham Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was a man who changed our nation by just some of the

few things he has invented and discovered. Benjamin Franklin was also known as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Benjamin Franklin was also the sixth President of Pennsylvania at that time. Like some of the many inventions he made including his famous bifocals, as well as the lightening rod and the Franklin Stove. These inventions were main ways of making him famous and known. Due to Franklin's amazing history changing moments, many of the things of success he did help him where he needs to be today. Such as many of the things that he had discovered and invented, like inventing the bifocals, the Franklin Stove, the lightening rod, a carriage odometer, and a glass 'ammonic' (A Quick Biography of Benjamin Franklin). Benjamin Franklin also had a wife named Deborah Reads, he was going to marry her, but due to her age it did not happen and Deborah's parents didn't let it happen. So due to the inconvenience of Benjamin Franklin not being able to get married, he went to London and started work there. Later on Benjamin went home, and went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to seek a new start in the city. Benjamin worked in many printer shops, but wasn't completely satisfied. Franklin then was convinced by a Pennsylvania Governor to go to London to make his own newspaper. He went to London and worked in another printer shop as a typesetter and was successful in doing so. In seventeen twenty-eight he was known as the news publisher for the newspaper, "The Pennsylvania Gazette". All the years Benjamin was young he got a lot done even then. Benjamin Franklin has many inventions that he has made, and they are so successful, we use most of them today. All of Benjamin's inventions are, lightning rod, bifocals, the Franklin stove, a carriage odometer, and the glass 'ammoniac' (The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin).

Temperature's effect on electrical conductivity. but he also has discovered the Wave Theory of Light. due to this observation it made a huge influence on meteorology today (The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin). Oceanography and lastly Economics. Each discovery or invention that Benjamin Franklin has figured out. Benjamin had no choice but to respect Deborah's parents decision and wait until Deborah gets older. like for example. but they came after the lunar eclipse. when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. he is the one who discovered Electricity. Benjamin Franklin decided to start publishing the new "Poor Richards Almanac" and it became .Benjamin Franklin also discovered many theories. Meteorology. who eventually took her money and went to Barbados. During this time. On October twenty-first. so in the meantime. Franklin had stayed in London for quite a long time. At the age of seventeen Benjamin Franklin proposed to Deborah Read but due to Deborah's age. he has a method for each. he went outside and stood in the middle of a wild storm with a tall iron rod and gave the rod electric sparks from the cloud and therefore discovering electricity (Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man). In seventeen thirty-three. All of these Benjamin Franklin has either discovered or invented. her parents didn't let it happen at such a young age. such a long time that Deborah Read couldn't wait for him any longer so she got married to John Rodgers. Benjamin had a trip to go to London for some business reasons. Franklin's Concept of Cooling. and on that same night he came to the conclusion that prevailing winds were supposed to come to Northeast Philadelphia and it came before the Eclipse. Franklin also knew that the storms would come to Boston. seventeen forty-three Franklin did not get to see the lunar eclipse. but because he just ran off and left Deborah stranded. For example. so Benjamin Franklin came back from London and then created a common-law marriage and together they had two children (The World of Benjamin Franklin). she could not get re-married.

He is on paper money and many other things honor him by the amazing things he has done to change and revolutionize the United States. electricity. Prints would run ten thousand copies a year. sayings and astronomical and astrological information that a typical almanac of the period would contain. . the big one. Inside "Poor Richard's Almanac". Benjamin Franklin died on April seventeenth. weather. Benjamin Franklin has done a lot of things in his lifetime to make him get where he is in honor today in life. there would contain a calendar. which was a lot for that time (Poor Richard's Almanac). So in conclusion. seventeen ninety (The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin). Benjamin Franklin has discovered electricity and we use it now in our daily lives.the best seller during that time period. Benjamin Franklin also has lived a good childhood and life to say he is a good person at heart too. poems.

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Remember do parenthetical citation & Work Cited Page .

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