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My name is Rosie Soto and I am the Office Manager for the Firm. The Firm has put together this introductory email in response to hundreds of emails and phone calls coming into the Firm from homeowners who are inquiring about becoming a part of our New York Complaint filed on April 17, 2012. To the extent you are interested in litigation services against your Bank, here is all the information you will need to understand the background of our battle and where we stand currently. The first Mass Tort lawsuit against Bank of America was initiated by Mitchell Stein -on March 12, 2009 and is still pending and expected to go to trial. Mr. Stein is now fighting corruption against the banks, the State of California and the United States of America as he has done throughout his entire legal career. Spire Law Group was formed by Mr. Stein and lawfully holds California State Bar Certificate of Registration Number 54393. Mr. Stein holds California Bar license number 121750, however, he is currently inactive and consulting to Spire Law Group and acting as expert in behalf of the Firm and its clients. Spire Law Group is now a national law firm whose managing partner is James N. Fiedler. Mr. Fiedler was a former high ranking executive and counsel at Sony Corporation and MCA/Universal Pictures. The Firm has numerous lawyers and offices to assist you . The Firm has extensive services available to you to protect your homestead, and in the event that you qualify for these services will also speak to you about being involved directly with our Firm and what we are doing to stop governmental corruption, which the Firm believes is at the root of the banking crisis. As you undoubtedly know, there are many entities out there claiming to work for the Firm or claiming to know or work with Mr. Stein. Neither the Firm nor Mr. Stein have any agreement or understanding with any individual, attorney or company in the world -- whether it be to collect retainers from clients or provide services thereon -- and they never have had any such agreement. Quite to the contrary, in the highly publicized action of corrupt and disgraced California official Kamala Harris, she did not even sue Mitchell J. Stein & Associates LLP alleging wrongdoing, nor did she add the Firm to any lawsuit even after repeated requests to do so in open court. Please read all disclaimers at Disclaimers have existed on the Firm's website for more than one year. The website also provides updates on our cases and new information on plans and offerings we are working on in order to protect our clients and the public. We have a suite of services to provide for you, and I look forward to speaking to you about these at your convenience. A little more about what the Firm is trying to achieve: Mr. Stein is a 25-year lawyer with significant litigation and trial experience. Mr. Stein previously represented virtually every major bank as well as the FDIC and the Comptroller of the Currency. In the early 1990s, Mr. Stein began representing individuals who had been wronged by financial institutions and began what is now the only Civil Rights practice of its kind in the United States. The Firm -- with partners nationwide -- continues his work in consultation with Mr. Stein and other lawyers and whistleblowers throughout the world. Mr. Stein filed the first lawsuit of its kind after the 2008 bank meltdown, filed on March 12, 2009 and worked closely with federal authorities in obtaining release by the FDIC of its report on April 14, 2011 finding that 14-banks had been actively

conducting wrongful foreclosures. Mr. Stein predicted in open court during a hearing in 2010 that all banks were engaged in an international money laundering conspiracy in violation of the United States Patriot Act. The Firm has now sued thousands of foreign companies in its New York action: Foreign companies owned by United States banks and located in unsavory places like the Cayman Islands, the Isle of Man and Luxembourg. Mr. Stein’s prediction appears to have much more than a ring of truth to it. In the event you chose to be involved in a Mass Tort action -- which is one of the Firm's suite of products -- please be aware that such an action is different than a Class Action. This is because each plaintiff in a Mass Tort action can choose at what point they want to jump ship and settle with the Bank. The Firm has every intention of obtaining complete discharge of debt and damages for all of his clients. But those who are happy with principal reduction and other options can let that be known to the Firm and the Firm will pursue that remedy in settlement negotiations for you. The Firm has worked on numerous actions against the banks -- like the Ronald vs. Bank of America action filed three years ago in California -- and throughout that time the Firm has expanded its suite of services to keep up with the banks ever-continuing fraud. For example, when the banks began "robo-signing" foreclosure documents, the Firm began a foreclosure mitigation department in California designed to root out and discover these practices and mitigate the foreclosure conducted in this illegal and criminal bank environment. This mitigation can have the effect of temporarily stopping the Trustees from proceeding with Trustee Sales. When Mr. Stein filed the Ronald v. Bank of America case in 2009, nobody in their wildest dreams would have believed Mr. Stein when he said that the United States of America was about to fall victim to mass wrongful foreclosures and money laundering. Now, the federal government has found Mr. Stein's prediction to be on the mark. The Firm's lawyers have been and will continue to be carefully chosen to assure that they have the same passion toward this unparalleled crisis that Mr. Stein has had for more than 20-years. Trust me when I tell you that passion is the only way to defeat governmental and corporate corruption of the kind occurring here. The newest case filed in New York, styled Abeel vs. Bank of America, etc, et al, is causing quite a stir. Recently, the Wall Street Journal and the Occupy Wall Street organization have featured the lawsuit in their publications. It has become viral throughout the internet. It is the most unique legal action against the Banks to date. In fact, it is the largest complaint in terms of number of parties, in the history of the Kings County Courthouse. Based on evidence discovered this year by our Firm, this lawsuit will expose exactly how all of this country’s largest bank servicers conspired with each other as well as several hundred offshore companies to steal money from homeowners across the nation and launder this same money to avoid detection for many reasons, including the avoidance of their tax obligations. The Firm believes that through the discovery process there will be

evidence uncovered that may reach all the way to the office of the President of the United States. In order to be a candidate for any of the Firm's services, your loan must have originated between 2000 and 2009. Whether it be a purchase or a refinance does not matter. Anyone who originated a loan between 2000 and 2009 is a candidate for the Firm's services, and should probably (if securitization was involved) be on some sort of lawsuit against the banks. The Firm will review your documents and evaluate your case at no charge. Should there be a retention between you and the Firm, the Firm is charging based on a case by case basis from $5,000 to $17,500 per property (based upon mortgage amount and several other factors evaluated by lawyers at the Firm). That covers all litigation throughout the entire case. This does not cover our foreclosure mitigation services (for California Properties only), which are covered separately if you so chose. Under normal circumstances our attorneys charge anywhere from $500-$1000 per hour. So a $10,000 retainer would be eaten up in 20 days on the lower side of the scale. These cases are expected to take years to settle and are very expensive to litigate. Our newest New York complaint (Abeel vs. Bank of America, etc, et al) took approximately 15,000 man hours to create. You can imagine how expensive this was. So really, the retainer fee is to keep the lights on. The Banks have unlimited funds. We do not. It is a small amount of money compared to the cost of an individual case of this stature which would be easily in excess of $100,000. In certain instances, the Firm also offers a payment plan in the event the costs are not affordable for you to advance all at once. Please call us for details on a payment plan that works for you. Upon receiving the retainer and the signed retainer agreement, you will receive back a counter signed retention agreement only after your case is accepted by the Firm. This process takes less than one week and involves the requisite departmental review of your case. At the end of the case, if the mortgage is completely or partially discharged, the Firm will be charging at most 30% of the discharged debt but only based upon good faith negotiations with you conducted after the Firm wins your case. No other Firm in the United States leaves up to you how much to pay the Firm in the event it receives this non-monetary debt discharge. No other Firm in the United States has ever had such a provision in their retention agreement: Ever. If the case results in a monetary victory for you (as opposed to, e.g., a reduction of your mortgage amount), the Firm obviously retains 30% of such sum without negotiation and as set forth in the retention agreement. The Firm understands that most people caught in the crosshairs of the bank crisis are broke and thus it does not expect that if a $500,000 mortgage is won at trial that the home owner would just be able to come up with approx. $150,000 to pay the Firm. So what the Firm would be doing is negotiating with you and coming up with some solution, e.g., holding a Promissory Note for that amount on the property for 30-40 years. In that way, the resolution to the Firm would involve a payment that is very low. It is subject to negotiation and your approval after the victory is achieved on your behalf.

In order for your case to be considered to join one of the Firm's Mass Tort and Alternative Litigation services, we will need all of your documents relating to each property you wish to include in the process. These documents include, but are not limited to: Note, Deed of Trust, Substitution of Trustee, Assignment of Deed of Trust, Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee Sale, Trustee Deed Upon Sale, Mortgage, Mortgage Statement, ANY documents recorded post Deed of Trust or Mortgage depending what state you live in. Additionally, we will require a Retention Agreement signed initialed and executed. Further evaluation of documents or details of your case may be required as qualification. The Firm works with local lawyers in every State in the United States, and can evaluate your case on a macro and micro basis: Based upon what is happening in the federal system, as well as what modifications to the correct strategy may occur in your particular state. However, in the new New York action, the Loan Pools have been named and – if your note traveled through the Loan Pool – you may have the right to sue in New York. This is why we need to see and evaluate all of your documents: It is critical to understand exactly where your case should be placed and exactly what is the best path for you to go on. We appreciate your interest in the Firm, and we hope to talk to you in person in regards to your case in the future. If you have any other questions please feel free to call me at the Firm (877475-2448 Ext: 803) or email me at: Sincerely, Rosie Soto Spire Law Group, LLP

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