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BEFORE you begin, please note:
 This brief guide is primarily for students doing assignments at Curtin University, not for those publishing using the Chicago Author-Date 15th edition style.  If you are publishing in the Chicago Author-Date 15th edition style, please consult the Chicago Manual of Style: The Chicago Manual of Style. 2003. 15th ed. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.  The Chicago Manual of Style Online (15th ed.) is also available via the library catalogue.  It is important that you check the assignment guide of your Department or School as details may vary from the guidelines on this sheet. You may be penalised for not using the referencing style that is required by your School/Department.  The Chicago referencing style has two basic systems of documentation: the humanities style (which is also known as the footnote and endnote or the notes and bibliography style), and the author-date style.  This information sheet provides a brief guide to the Chicago Author-Date referencing style.

What is Referencing?
Referencing is a standardised method of acknowledging sources of information and ideas that you have used in your assignment in a way that uniquely identifies their source. Direct quotations, facts and figures, as well as ideas and theories, from both published and unpublished works must be referenced. The Chicago Author-Date 15th edition referencing style requires citations within the text corresponding to a full bibliographic entry in the reference list at the end of the document. The in-text citations include the author’s last name, followed by the date of publication in parentheses. The bibliographic entry in the reference list includes all the other necessary publication information.

Why Reference?
Referencing is necessary to avoid plagiarism, to verify quotations, and to enable readers to follow-up and read more fully the cited author’s arguments.

Steps Involved in Referencing
1. Note down the full bibliographic details including the page number(s) from which the information is taken. In the case of a book, ‘bibliographical details’ refers to: author/editor, year of publication, title, edition, volume number, place of publication and publisher as found on the front and back of the title page. (Not all of these details will necessarily be applicable). In the case of a journal article, the details required include: author of the article, year of publication, title of the article, title of the journal, volume and issue number of the journal, and page numbers. For all electronic information, in addition to the above details you should also include the date that you accessed the information, and the name of the database or web address (URL). 2. Insert the citation at the appropriate place within the text of the document (see examples below). 3. Provide a reference list at the end of the document (see examples below).

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2009).(Hamilton. not plagiarism.  Place of publication Publisher Journal article from a database: Authors   Year Title of the journal article Journal title Marshall. include the author’s initials in the in-text citation i.e. http://library. journal articles etc. C. C. and J. 1994) or C. Study Trekk 6: Referencing. L.sciencedirect. Here are some examples in the Chicago Author-Date referencing style. 2008).g. L.html (accessed November 20. ScienceDirect http://www. What is a Reference/Citation? A reference or citation consists of elements that allow the reader to trace the original book. Anderson. The reference list is arranged alphabetically by author – at the end of your assignment.. If two or more authors are cited at the same point in the text then they are included in the same in-text citation. chapters.curtin. studytrekk/trek6. Looking at the Renaissance: Essays toward a conceptual appreciation. the relevant page number must be given and quotation marks placed around the quote. Hamilton (1994). What is a Reference List?      A reference list includes books. It is not necessary to include the page number when paraphrasing or referring to an idea from another source which is a book or lengthy text. A bibliography is a list of relevant sources for background or for further reading. (Brown 1991. Volume number (Issue number) Article page numbers Database from which you accessed the article Gateway URL for the database you found the article in (Date on which you accessed the article) Web page: Authors Year Title Dawson. article or website you have consulted and cited. Computers & Education 50(2): 463-474.. Where authors of different references have the same family (accessed July 16. Deubert. and S. When directly quoting from another source. J. The Emperor's new clothes A meta-study of education technology policies in Ireland. 2002. separated by a semicolon e. The Chicago Author-Date referencing style requires the second and subsequent lines of the reference to be indented. They are presented alphabetically by author. followed by the year of publication when citing references within the text of an assignment. URL of the web page (Date on which you viewed the web page) 2 of 11 . London: Taylor & Francis.In-Text Citations Use the name of the author. K. Smith. K. L. Where an item has no author it is cited and listed by its title. 2008. Smith 2003). North and South (1996-2006). Book: Author Year Book title Mack. that you cite in the text of your assignment.

Williams. Dobson. Order chronologically in the reference list. Canberra: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. 22) OR Madden and Hogan (1997. A. D. J. 74). Madding.. The Australian film industry. J. R. Advertising in the Western Cape. Mariot. 3 of 11 . 65) claimed that…” (Madden and Hogan 1997. Rockhampton: Central Queensland University. Gibbers. 1988) has indicated that…” Multiple works by same author Brown. 3 authors 4 or more authors Leeder. London: Unwin Paperbacks. No author (Advertising in the Western Cape 1990. S. S. How to ride a pony. 1997. Examples of Referencing Books Single author In-Text Example “The theory was first propounded in 1982” (Horwood 1982. 34) OR Jones. R. Davis. 65) OR “Horwood (1982. Cape Town: ABC Publishers. Madding. R. 1996. Madding. 34) states… Leeder et al. 1998. 22) discuss this idea… (Jones. 24) Reference List Example Horwood. Patel. “University research (Brown 1982. and Davis 1998.For Reference Types to use with EndNote. List the family name first for the first author ONLY. 1982. (1996.. P. 2 authors Madden. 1982. and Davis (1998. see the EndNote X5 LibGuide. J. The effects of anchor on corals. and B. and D. 1990.. R. List the family name first for the first author ONLY. Rockhampton: Central Queensland University. Adelaide: Dominion Press. M. Corals in the Capricorn group. 1988. For successive entries by the same author the dash replaces the name. 1996. P. The definition of disability in Australia: Moving towards national consistency. Comfort. Sydney: Australian Equestrian Press. Hogan. Jones. Mathews. N. A. 24) suggest… OR (Leeder et al. List the family name first for the first author ONLY. ———. and T.

N. The publisher’s name may be abbreviated if it is also the author. Social class and health inequalities. Contesting the crusades. MA: Blackwell. In Equalities and inequalities in health. Entries in an encyclopedia or dictionary are not listed in the reference list. 12035)… OR (Blaxter 1976. Guidelines for reporting and writing about people with disabilities [Brochure]. An edition number is placed after the title of the work . 1993b. 120-35) (Solving the Y2K problem 1997. 75) suggests that… Kastenbaum. ed.) “In the section on Sleepwalking in the Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreaming (Mahowald 1993. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. N. Adult development.d.d. Peel. London: Academic Press. n. 1993. Milton: John Wiley & Sons. 55) …” Use a/b etc. No date (Housley [1806?]) OR (Housley n. In Technology today and tomorrow. Editor Different editions (Kastenbaum 1993. Phoenix: Oryx Press. 120-35. Fatal storm. ——— . 2003. For successive entries by the same author the dash replaces the name. (Research and Training Centre 2003) Encyclopedia/Dictionary Article or chapter in a book Blaxter. MA: Blackwell. 91-2) Neil Renton (2004. 4 of 11 . New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold. Reference List Example Napier.Books Multiple works published in the same year by the same author In-Text Example ‘”in recent reports (Napier 1993a. Carter and J. A. R. Order alphabetically by title in the reference list.this is not necessary for a first edition. 23-35. 23) Use the title of chapter/article. Compendium of good writing. Malden. N. Contesting the crusades. C. Melbourne: Research and Training Centre. ed. 2004. Renton. 1993a. Housley. 3rd ed. [1806?].. 578)” As discussed by Blaxter (1976. M. to differentiate between works in same year. ed. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. Malden. 1997. 1976. Bowd. OR Housley. Survival at sea. Research and Training Centre on Independent Living. Article or chapter in a book – no author Brochure Solving the Y2K problem. D.

au (accessed November 29.connect4. Newspaper. 2005. Shorten URL. 65) In-Text Example As mentioned by Wharton (1996. Annual report of an organisation (Department of Transport and Regional Services 2001) OR (Billabong International Ltd 2005) Image in a book Print Journals Article single author The poster Buy Australian Apples (Cowle and Walker 2005. Netlibrary. 1969.netlibrary. November 28. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Leadership 12 (4): 8-9. K. 2000. C. Cowle. Connect4. 2000: The National Trust into the new millennium. 2002. PhD diss. Canberra: DTRS. Article – no author Anorexia nervosa.. Oxford: Capstone Publishing. http:// www. http://library. 5 of 11 .com (accessed September 28. “It’s a growing problem in the UK. 2001.” (Anorexia nervosa 2006). R.. Ninth Meeting of the International National Trust. feature or magazine article (Towers 2000) Towers. Annual report 2005 – Doctor not at fault: Coroner. Hobart: Apples from Oz. January 18. Shorten URL. 1998. N. 2004). March 3-5. British Medical Journal 12 (2): 6-19. Alice Springs.Books E-book In-Text Example (Pettinger 2002) Reference List Example Pettinger. 8) For multiple authors also see the in-text examples used for books and electronic journals. Reference List Example Wharton. R. Conference proceeding (Hill 2000. 17) Use the title of the journal article. The Australian. The art of apple branding. F. Global organizations. The mechanism of Bayer residue flocculation. Curtin University of Technology. Department of Transport and Regional Services. http://www. 2006). Walker. and D. OR Billabong International Ltd. Thesis (Jones 1998. Health and safety in outdoor activity centres. 89) Jones.curtin. 1996. Shorten URL. Annual report 2001-02. NT: Australian Council of National Trusts. 112) Hill. 2005.

Internet economics and policy: An Australian perspective.. 43) have found…. 2004. feature or magazine article – no author Press release “The Sydney Morning Herald (January 21. Reading and writing: Aids to learning in the content areas. CSA. Intelligence 35 (1): (accessed October 16. and S. 2005. http://csa. Wright. Watersmith explains…” Treated like an unpublished document. J. Pafflin. Full text article from an electronic database 2 authors Walker and Taylor (2004. (accessed April 24. 562) Madden. 43) 6 of 11 . and B. http:// csa. 2000.. Intelligence and educational achievement. Wright and Konopak (2005. S. List the family name first for the first author ONLY.. Full text article from an electronic database 4 or more authors Sechzer et al. Going global: Rethinking culture teaching in ELT context. D.Print Journals In-Text Example Reference List Example Provide all the details in the in-text citation. 26) OR Bartlett. Bartlett. CSA. Economic Record 78 (2): 551-78. Newspaper. No need for an entry in the reference list. 2000) reported…” …. (2000. Konopak. A. Shorten (accessed April (accessed April 24. F. 26) state…. M. 2002. Wright and Konopak 2005. Blumenthal. http://search. 13) J. Sechzer. L. J. 13) state… OR (Walker and Taylor 2004. 2007). Shorten URL. http://csa. Taylor. BHP enters new era. and P. No need for an entry in the reference list. List the family name first for the first author ONLY. List the family name first for the first author ONLY. G.. Shorten URL. Full text article from an electronic database 3 authors (Bartlett. A. Journal of Reading 31 (2): 109-115. 2003).”in the press release on 1 March. OR (Sechzer et al. Shorten URL. Griffin. Informit Online. Journal of Teacher Education 58 (6): 43-9.informit. Demark. 2000. R. CSA. 2007). 2007). L. Electronic Journals Reference List Example Full text from an electronic database single author (Madden 2002.

Neuralgia and headaches. American Family Physician 74 (12): 2087-8. Curtin University Library E-Reserve. 2007. and K. Diagnosis of migraine headache. SPELD Bulletin 32 (1): 8-9. http://search. Ebell.Electronic Journals Full text article from an electronic database no author In-Text Example “There is certainly an argument for separating some classes” (Thinking of boys 2001. International Journal of Organizational Theory and Behavior 5 (3/4): 343. The Australian. Byrne. Secondary Sources Book In-Text Example (Lewis and Carini 1984) Use ONLY the original author’s name and date. Show original and secondary author as two separate entries in the reference list. http:// global. 9) You will need to edit the in-text citation for the title of the article to appear in italics. eds. Organizational design: Two lessons to learn before re-organizing. V. A. 2006. November 13. 2004.informit. 2006. T. 7 of 11 . Page numbers are included in the reference list. newswire or magazine from an electronic database no author Full text from the Internet Article from Curtin EReserve Cup lifts Seven out of ratings blues. M. 77. It was proposed by Byrne (2004. Reference List Example Lewis. Shorten URL. The end of history: Censorship and libraries. Rockville.: (accessed November 24. 2006). 2004). Full text newspaper. G.factiva. Factiva. Andersen. Md: Aspens Systems Corp. Page numbers are included in the reference list. Shorten URL. A. http://www. E. Quoted in Thibodeau and Patton. The Australian Library Journal 53 (2). Carini. St Louis. The human body in health and 2001.alia. 343) Reference List Example Thinking of boys. A. (Cup lifts Seven out of ratings blues 2006) Use the title of the article. 2002. paragraph 5) that… (Andersen 2002. Quoted in Patton 2007. 2002. J. November 24. N. Patton. http://opac.text/byrne. Journal article (Ebell 2006) Use ONLY the original author’s name and date.curtin. 2002. 2004). Show original and secondary author as two separate entries in the reference list. H. Mo.2/full. 2006). Science 316 (5824): (accessed July 16.lis.html (accessed November 13. T. Nurse staffing and patient classification: Strategies for success. 1984.. Shorten URL. Informit Online. 597. and P.

0. Essential elements: Short title Date (Jurisdiction) e.g. The Commonwealth (1915) 20 CLR 54 (Australian Bureau of Statistics 1999) Legal authorities are included in a list of references only if they are important to an understanding of the work. Deubert and S. http://www. not plagiarism. Set the list apart from the main body of the reference under the subheading 'Legislation'. 2002). no.html (accessed February 6. Grey-Smith. http://www. 2008). seadragons/(accessed July 14. Climate change is impacting the reef. Study Trekk 6: Referencing. Image on the web The image of the bleached coral (Climate change is impacting the reef) In-Text Example The Commonwealth’s Copyright Act 1968… [future references do not include date] Government Publications Act of Parliament Cases The State of New South Wales key_issues/climate_change (accessed December 21.’. Document on WWW – No date (Royal Institute of British Architects n. 2002. 1999. L. ageing and carers: Summary of findings. Document on WWW – No author (Leafy seadragons and weedy seadragons 2001) Leafy seadragons and weedy seadragons. Australian Bureau of studytrekk/trek6. Cat.d.d. 2001). 2002. List the family name first for the first author ONLY. Smith.. J. n. J. Brooks.gbrmpa. 2001.curtin. Australian Bureau of Statistics Bulletin 8 of 11 .aspx(accessed November 3.windspeed. Shaping the future: Careers in architecture. Copyright Act 1968 (Cwlth). Set the list apart from the main body of the reference under the subheading ‘Legal Authorities’. Reference List Example Dawson. Canberra: For four or more authors use ‘et al. 2009). Reference List Example Legislation is included in a list of references only if it is important to an understanding of the work. Disability. See books and electronic journals for other in-text Becominganarchitect. 2009). Image. add a URL as for electronic journal articles.) Royal Institute of British Architects. http://library.World Wide Web Document on WWW In-Text Example “It’s essential you learn how to Reference” (Dawson et al. K. If legislation is obtained from an electronic

filed November 28. Shorten URL. Curtin University of Technology. Government report (Resource Assessment Commission 1991) (Cookson 1985) Australia. H. Tape recording. B. Census information (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2001) Australian Bureau of (accessed February 8. 2009). Standards Australia Online.Government Publications Australian Bureau of Statistics from AusStats In-Text Example (Australian Bureau of Statistics 1999) Reference List Example Australian Bureau of Statistics.399. Census of population and housing: B01 selected characteristics (First release processing) postal area 6050.jhsph. Shorten URL. Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service. Perth.554. Cookson.0. ageing and carers: Summary of findings. http://www. Standards Australia. B. Forest and timber inquiry: Draft report. Volume 1. Particle trap for compressed gas insulated transmission systems. personal communication May 21. http://www. 2007) Use exact date if known.saiglobal.abs. Resource Assessment Commission. Interview with (accessed February 7. Size coding scheme for infants’ and children’s clothing – underwear and outerwear.abs. Bond. http://www. 1985. 1988. 1985. December 1. 9 of 11 . PowerPoint course. 2006). Savieri. 1991. (accessed January 10. Disability. 4430. Unpublished Interviews Lecture notes (Campbell 2006) (Brieger. 1997. 2008). and issued February 11. Lecture 3: Recruitment and involvement of trainees.ContinuingEducation/lectureNotes. Canberra: ABS. 2008). Reference List Example Not included in the reference list as they cannot be traced by the reader. e-mail and discussion lists with no web archive In-Text Example “It was confirmed that an outbreak occurred in London in 1999” (S. AS 1182-1997. Cat. 2005) Campbell.TrainingMethods. no. Retrieved from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health OpenCourseWare Web site: http://ocw. Shorten URL. (2005). 1999.cfm (accessed October 25. A. US Patent 4. Patent Standard (Standards Australia 1997) Other Sources Personal communication.

Video file.htm#mind (accessed September 16. At the corner of me and myself: Voices of multiple social identities. What are we going to do with the money? 1997. Melbourne: Australian Broadcasting Corporation. (accessed December 15.alexanderstreet.Other Sources Films and videorecordings of films DVDs and videos In-Text Example (Scorsese & Grumpy meets the orchestra. Smithson. Hollywood: Paramount Pictures. Web log comment. 10 of 11 . 1998. Television program. October 29). 2009). October 29. (2006). https://apps. M.curtin. Include full URL. You can count on me.curtin. 2010). http://www. Podcast radio program. teenagers and anxiety 2005) (Krempl 2008) Video blog posts Web streaming video Fukuyama 2006) Fukuyama. Streaming video. http://www. (Writer/Director). (Producer). 2000. S. (Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra. teenagers and anxiety. 2009). CD-ROMS (Kingsley 1998) Kingsley. DVD. 10 September. 2008. Dr Brain thinking games. CD-ROM. The beauty of story. 1992. California: Knowledge Adventure Inc.php/2009/10/29/try_the_library_s_new_catalogue_for_a_ch_50#comments (accessed December 15. (2009. (Smithson 1992) Television and radio programmes Podcasts (What are we going to do with the money? 1997) (The wings of a butterfly – children. & K.library. Sydney: ABC Radio National. Dumbell. The wings of a butterfly .com (accessed February 2. Re: Try the Library’s New Catalogue for a chance to win $ index. 2009. Include full URL. Web log Blog post and reply Dumbell (2009) suggests that. Torrance. Sydney: SBS Television. G. 2009). http://ctiv. Krempl. 2005).com/watch?v=2zSb-m25SJ4 (accessed December 15.library. http://apps. 8 August. Lonergan (Writer/Director).. Counselling and Therapy in Try the Library’s New Catalogue for a chance to win $50. 2000) Reference List Example Scorsese. 2009) Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra. Motion picture.

ERIC Document No.P. Reference List Example Davis. Lombardi. No need for an entry in the reference list.Other Sources ERIC document (microfiche) In-Text Example David and Lombardi (1996) put forward the proposal that…. 1996. Microfiche. it was determined that…… 11 of 11 . In Rural goals 2000: Building programs that work. R.K.askeric. 394765. E-mail discussion list – web archive According to John Little’s post on the ECPOLICY discussion list on April 16. 2002 (http://www. The quality of life of rural high school special education graduates.html). and T. Provide all the details in the in-text Virtual_Listserv_Archives/ ECPOLICY/2002/Apr_2002/ Msg00003.

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