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Corporate Headquarters

4330 East-West Highway, Suite 304 Bethesda, MD 20814 ph: 301-637-6180 fax: 301-637-6199
- Our People: Our process beglns wlth the recrultment
of some of the best and brlghtest young attorneys
currently avallable. Our stan ls then provlded wlth
all of the tools and resources that are necessary to
successfully complete the tasks at hand. Our lntenslve
tralnlng program comprlses more than 600 hours
of classroom and practlcal tralnlng. Purthermore,
each month, they complete a number of contlnulng
educatlon courses.
- ¥our Proìect Management: ¥our proìect wlll be
supervlsed by an attorney wlth an average of ñve years
experlence managlng large scale document revlews
wlthln AmLawl00 ñrms. Thls lndlvldual wlll act as
your slngle polnt of contact and wlll be responslble for
managlng all aspects of your proìect and coordlnatlng
communlcatlons between our organlzatlons.
- Our value : The breadth and scope of our cllent base
ls a testament to the quallty of our servlce dellverables.
whether you are a small company that ls growlng
qulckly, or a member of the Portune 500, we can
provlde you wlth world-class quallty and cost savlngs
for whlch we are renowned.

- Our Process: Our proven methodologles and processes
lnclude multl-level checks and revlews to ensure
contlnued attalnment of Slx Slgma quallty.
At Legal Advantage, we understand your need and deslre
for a document revlew servlces partner that holds ltself to
the hlghest standards of professlonallsm and lntegrlty.
Our quallty assurance beglns wlth our lnltlal recrultment
process where less than 5% of all lntervlewed attorneys
are lnvlted to ìoln our team. Once hlred, they begln an
lntenslve 6 month tralnlng program that comblnes the
academlc rlgor of a bar exam preparatlon wlth the prac-
tlcal tralnlng and hands-on experlence galned through
prevlous document revlew asslgnments.

Our stan of proìect manager attorneys wlll oversee your
proìect team utlllzlng the lndustrles most secure and ad-
vanced hardware and software appllcatlons.
¥our proìect wlll begln wlth an ln-depth revlew of the
unlque needs and requlrements of your proìect. Once
documented, the correct mlx of resources wlll be as-
slgned to ensure your revlew proìect wlll be completed
on-tlme, and wlthln your speclñcatlons and budget.
Your Trusted Partner in Legal Document Review
Corporate Headquarters
4330 East-West Highway, Suite 304 Bethesda, MD 20814 ph: 301-637-6180 fax: 301-637-6199
Addltlonal Document Pevlew Onerlngs
Durlng a typlcal acqulsltlon or lnvestment due dlllgence revlew, large amounts of lnformatlon need to be
verlñed wlthln a very short perlod of tlme. 8y leveraglng our experlence ln performlng lltlgatlon document
revlew, comblned wlth the resources of our world-class productlon faclllty, we can oner asslstance ln help-
lng you wlth thls often overwhelmlng task. we have expertlse revlewlng the followlng document types:
Customer Contracts: we can ldentlfy revenue,
payments, contlngencles, and maìor contract
lssues such as change of control.
Lmployment Agreements: we can revlew
senlor management or sales stan contracts
to ensure that non-compete provlslons and
tlmellnes meet expectatlons.
vendor Contracts: we can revlew vendor
contracts to provlde you wlth a better un-
derstandlng of payment llabllltles, scope of
servlce, and length of contracts.
Lltlgatlon Non-Materlallty: we can revlew any
lltlgatlon-related documents that the oppos-
lng counsel has clalmed as non-materlal. Our
stan of speclally tralned attorneys can look for
lssues that may reveal a materlal llablllty.
Lltlgatlon Pevlew
After we create a secure database or utlllze the load ñles that you glve us, we wlll be able to employ
our on-llne revlew tools to qulckly and easlly cull through thousands of documents to ldentlfy the
relevant, responslve and prlvlleged documents. Durlng thls process, we can tag responslve and
prlvlleged documents as well as ldentlfy documents for subsequent processlng. A bllnd search
based on keywords and concepts wlll not help ln bulldlng the evldentlary foundatlon of your case.
we work wlth many dlnerent eDlscovery revlew appllcatlons and wlth data ln a varlety of formats.
whether you are looklng for us to asslst you ln the mlddle of the process, or at the start, we wlll
seamlessly plug lnto your current process.