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1. Introduction 1.1 1.2 1.3

Vision Statement Mission statement Purpose

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2. Special Services 2.1 2.2 2.3

Sentiments Express TCS Flying Warehouses Mail Management Services

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3. Swot Analysis 3.1 3.2 3.3

Internal Assessment Strengths : Weaknesses: External Opportunities:

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4. Value chain gain by IT 4.1 Information service

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5. Business Value 6. References

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1. Introduction:
The TCS (A TRANZUM ENTERPRISE) courier service having based in Pakistan .this Company is working in Pakistan since 1983 now it is working in five countries and having 23000 locations in Pakistan. The company also has an airline which works with in Pakistan. The founder of this company is MR.KHALID NAWAZ AWAN. He is the Chairman and driving force behind the company. He was largely responsible establishing DHL Pakistan with his elder brother Brig. Sadiq Nawaz Awan. Today TCS is not just a courier company but a complete Express & Logistics services provider. Vision Statement: "TCS will be recognized and respected as professional, innovative, profitable information, and knowledge based logistics/services enterprise. TCS embeds internet based technologies into its internal operating structures and as business solutions for customers; with customer, employee and shareholder interests at the core of its operations; demonstrating a clear concern for ethical conduct and good corporate citizenship; with the objective of growing into a regional and global player, with emphasis on the Middle East and Europe. Mission statement "To direct all our organizational efforts at building upon the existing organizational strengths and brand recognition to achieve enhanced levels of profitable growth in the core business, and diversify into new areas that compliment and supplement the core business, with the diversification aimed at achieving excellence and industry leader status in the new areas. The TCS People will however be encouraged to be open to unconventional ideas and services and recognize new trends at very early stages". Purpose: The purpose of TCS is to continuously strive to achieve excellence during the job and after the job.

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2. Special Services:
The TCS courier service provide the facility to check the cargo both at airports and sea ports .swift trucking is also available most destinations in Pakistan and middle east. Sentiments Express: With over 17 years of carrying messages of joy, affection and emotions, TCS Sentiments Express takes pride in being the messenger of the most special moments of your life. Offering a range of gourmet cakes, floral bouquets, ethnic sweets, gift items and much more, Sentiments Express is the perfect way to communicate your feelings without saying anything at all.

TCS Flying Warehouses: TCS has a totally independent and self-sufficient cargo operation. This provides the added advantage of flexibility in creating products linked to a pricing strategy that can only delight the customer and enhance customer satisfaction. TCS is the first, and the only Courier Service in Pakistan to have a committed and devoted fleet of 4 aircrafts. Reinforced with the two AN-12 aircraft, TCS Air Operation ensure timely connectivity to all major hubs namely Karachi, Multan, Lahore and Islamabad, with improved material arrival timings resulting in earlier deliveries, and the flexibility to customers for late evening dispatches. TCS is also exploring the use of smaller aircraft like Twin Otter, Dornier and Cessna types with 1-2 ton capacity to operate on shorter sectors where load demands are not high at this stage. Mail Management Services: At TCS, innovation is a norm and the only objective in view is creation and delivery of business value to customers. Value is the most significant outcome expected of every business process. Mail Management is one process yet to be familiar as a source of value in local business environment. TCS promises to deliver this value through its innovative service - MMS. MMS Mail Management Solution stands upon the single largest investment in infrastructure, made by TCS for continuous delivery of value. MMS is outfitted with state of the art printing and sorting technology that has been sourced from the best suppliers across Europe and Asia Pacific. This makes TCS the only end to end solution provider in the group with the largest delivery network in Pakistan.

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Internal Assessment Strengths : TCS has a totally independent and self-reliant cargo operation beside this following are the other strengths of TCS:

The TCS courier service has large no of Branches across the country. Initial learning and benefits from DHLs systems. Having its own airplanes and operates them on their own licenses Having research and development department The TCS courier service having 55% shares in Domestic Market It is providing services in more than 200 countries in the world It has 7% shares in international market TCS holds more then 50% market share in Overland Express TCS holds more then 60% market share in Sentiments Express. TCS business operations rely on a sophisticated hub-and-spoke system. TCS has 5 major hubs in Pakistan with round the clock sorting facilities.

Weaknesses: TCS had many weaknesses during its early period which were then successfully converted into strengths, few weaknesses are as follows: TCS has no formal contracts with delivery persons. TCS has not been able to continue point of delivery I.T. Support System. TCS does not have expert I.T. Systems and support which has caused huge losses. TCS still relies on international partners for its overseas operations. TCS has been initially the victim of family issues.

External Opportunities: TCS has many opportunities to expand and get advantages from governments, opportunities on which TCS can focus are as follows:

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TCS can expands its international operations and get subsidy from government in the name of foreign exchange. Industry in which TCS operates has high entry barriers for new entrants. Expanding industries of Pakistan are opening new profits streams for TCS. To expand its operations TCS can lease equipments and take advantages of tax benefited leasing in Pakistan. TCS can acquire funds for expansion by enlisting itself into Karachi Stock Exchange. TCS can start price wars to eliminate small competitors. TCS can start its own domestic passenger airline services as it has the experienced pilots, flying experience and license. TCS can establish its own terminals at ports for huge shipments via sea.

Threats : Since its inception TCS has been exploited to number of threats, threats which TCS has faced inn past and are facing currently are as follows:

Legislative barriers like Post Office Act of 1898 are threats for TCS. Government bureaucracy has been a continuous obstacle for TCS. TCS has been a wary of corruption and has been asked for favors from politicians. TCS has a host of violent competitors in Pakistan. TCS competitors are experienced and cash rich companies. Pakistan flagship carrier PIA has started its own courier services.

4.Value chain gain by IT:

TCS W&D (Warehousing & Distribution) division is a specialized 3PL setup formed in 2004 and is setting new benchmarks in providing Total logistics and Supply Chain solutions in the country. In this relatively short time span, it already had its presence felt on the supply chain canvas of the country. W&D has an envious clientele in the Telecommunication, FMCG, Pharma, I.T and other sectors and is all set to providing its customers extra-ordinary services in their respective segments anywhere in the country. W&D already has over 100,000 Sq ft multi-user Warehousing facilities in the country, which offer efficient and economical warehousing services by employing carefully thought out material storage (racks and equipments) and management (web based, in house developed Warehouse Management System WMS software). With the most modern and efficient tools in warehouse management and out-of-the-box distribution models, W&D division has achieved Key
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Performance Indicators (KPI) set by its customers.. The Inventory Management & Warehouse process has been automated with an inhouse, web-based management system WMS that provides online access and real-time information to customers for ordering and monitoring their stocks. The current range of specialized services includes: Warehousing Transportation and Distribution Value addition and Stock Repacking Barcoding & labelling Warranty Management Reverse Logistics

Information Services With the digital revolution, Information Services companies now need to process an increasing number of data sources, and a variety of unstructured content including audio/video to provide accurate actionable intelligence across multiple delivery channels quickly. Traditional publishers are moving online. Margin pressures and the need to move up the value chain are driving them to increase their operational efficiency and enter into their customers workflow. The industry is being forced to transform its technology and content operations to address the challenges. TCS understands these challenges and can help you drive this transformation. We combine our rich experience in servicing the industry with our content products, service offerings and alliances to deliver the technological solutions you need.

What TCS Provides TCS realizes that information processing is unique for each industry segment, and it blends technology solutions with industry expertise to deliver solutions. Based on our experience and tailored information solutions for each area, we have classified the Information Services industry into the following sub-segments:

Financial and Credit Information Services Scientific, Technical and Medical Information Services Legal, Tax and Regulatory Information Services Market Research Information Services Search, Aggregation and Syndication Information Services B2B Information Services

Our end-to-end offerings for Information Services cover the full content value chain from content creation to content monetization:

Content Operations: Content Digitization, Transcription Services, Web-Crawling, Entity Data Extraction, Data Verification, XML Conversion, Taxonomy Maintenance, Indexing, Tagging, Linking, Citation and Categorisation

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Information Management: Enterprise Content Management, XML Content Storage, Semantic Tagging, Multi-dimensional Data Warehouse, Editorial Systems, Search Implementation, Contextual Search, Workflows and Analytics Content Delivery: Multi-channel Distribution, Social Networking (web 2.0) and Mobile Media Infrastructure Services: Data Center Management, Desktop Management, Desktop Services

The TCS solutions are powered by the following:

Outcome-driven business consulting End-to-end IT service offerings covering IT solutions, infrastructure services and BPO Information services Coe that tracks the latest industry trends/challenges and provides solutions leveraging best practices Customer-centric innovation driven by the TCS Co-innovation Network (COIN) Alliances that leverage combined experiences in technology and business to provide successful solutions

5.Business Value:
Partnering with TCS will help you achieve the following business benefits:

Transformation of content operations using Content Agility and a realization of the full potential of your content Enabling new revenue streams from innovative and customer-centric IT solutions Reduction in time-to-market for new technology-enabled information products Streamlining and standardizing IT processes to improve operational efficiency Lowering of total cost of ownership of IT systems and allowing business to move spends to strategic initiatives Effective back-office operations that help in reaping the benefits of new products quickly Release of your key resources and assets to focus on value-added activities


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